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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 12, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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the millions of years in a. so. in a lot. people that. and all three defiant following yet another round of it's not sanctions battles thought exports. it expects because the state millions in revenues pyongyang's say. still ready.
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for confrontation . i think he's coming into your office from a barcelona at the. i mean it so. atlanta hawks been evacuated sarabhai catalonian police because. see terrorism operation at police that say that they have. grace is live businesses as well. they have set on who said that they have completely cordoned off the site this is so one of the most. popular. at tourists that sites in barcelona and of course and this operation comes just a few weeks of the sixteen people. were killed in an islamic states
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inspired attack in barcelona just last month at no more. information as to what exactly is going on which is hearing from me. and result because a line in the sand that an anti terrorist operation is on the right you can see that as a whole. harriet arounds add the church i wishes because bill by the famous arctic out he has been. that sealed off unknown allowed in or out at the moment will part of an anti terrorist operation will be keeping a close eye on that story. and we will bring you any developments asked when we get into that right now all we know is these identify media judges in a vacuum. as have. nearby shops businesses as part of an anti terrorism operations. all rights i will hair in across the first major challenge to emmanuel microns presidency most acidic lake. is planned to reform labels the hard left cgt. union has is that he strikes rallies today the two other big crunch unions i refuse to take part. is
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easy crimes four hundred thousand people took part in marches across the country but authorities are claiming that data was much lower. order pre is in the past the teddy in central paris out with more on the process. discrimination social dumping no we are not tissue paper taking years and throw away and the ban those are some of the slogans shouted and today's demonstration. we toasted us is worried about losing their jobs we talk to students who were worried about cuts in housing aid and we also talked to and yeah as you said that on that imagen mccall's reforms. some of the state funded jobs would be slashed now i according to the french government these reforms are absolutely necessary in a bid. to boost france's economy parents to tackle the country's that's soaring unemployment which is currently at nine point
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five percent that's double the unemployment rate in britain or in germany for example. over these protesters that isn't known since they say that the french pre there posing an r present menu microsoft the address today he's been visiting. some outside a five days off and carrying on and was devastated by heart and other. cities eleven people were killed on the french part of the island which is a largely uninhabitable french government has been criticized over its response to the disaster. including many residents who said that france fell through school and order on the island this was a house. initially excluded. days after irma made landfall. presidents has also touch down. the menu and my colon didn't
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a new place to hurricane his french caribbean territorie. with a message of hope. and of solidarity. see if you can afford it we can assume it's all moved from the entire nation that stands alongside. those who have lost everything sometimes even the love one. alongside the victims. and their families. and those who are feeling anxious and tired. of you want it. during the flight so tonight's the president was briefed in detail on the grave humanitarian situation on the grounds and on the levels of damage. also onboard two tons of much needed aid food water medicine and equipment to those affected by the storm. after a briefing in guadalupe the french president and three one to some of them to assess the damage that from here. and this was the scene that awaited him on hisis arriva. reads rips off buildingsgs torn apartrt and debris strn across the ground.
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since i'm a hit last week at cats agree five strength scores of people have been waiting by his right sidide near the apples. in the hope of being evacuated. the process is proving loan and patience is wearing thi. french governments already on the fire not doing enough to help. his off their children and then has since seven am or a hot is going on and some will touch you think that's okay. it's a shame on france announced through same zero organization. the french president says describe via little feelings as being one of the biggest since the second world war. fifty million euros worth of funds have now been freed up an eight week mark home. a return to normality as quickly as possible. he's also said he's in favor of a parliamentary inquiry into his government's handling of the disaster. which the opposition has been calling for the dates. well the more that we can go now live to the island of some of the officer who is chris moore is their anchors that we just saw that important how a lot of.
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residents all times are very angry about that. as well as how does the president received. first of all this is that he's going to get a jarring is our. office nevertheless and i go back on was i i ate what's meets. those affected is up by the heart and able to fly over this idea that witness first has. and the ashes scale of the destruction or this as you see. i made a raging debate both i here and admit it the immense posen. france over the authorities are handling all of us how could i open up this early directed specifically towards i emmanuel macrobius was at. the french administration as a whole. now i some out of the fridge because amazon is a kind of a divided island. in terms of wealth. and that we behave for five days now one thing you get. in whatever kind of
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neighborhoods are you able to this as you get it is that is this type of people lately. abandons i by the enough water is some cases all does it even via widespread insecurity in the white off out of it other. people climbing stairs offends and businesses and the hives. from losing hope is. that security threat has now a significantly diminished with the arrival of and you pass now it'll be honest anchors along with the president a lot of food. wilson medical supplies that also arriving. other supplies getting to the people that need the most how how is the relief effort going over old. well suited for houses so there has been a massive injection bithiah of
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supplies and buy food water and medical supplies. and personnel gendarmes i fire service work is an emergency path now etcetera. out on the streets things are still a little bit chaotic in terms of a getting food water house the people people have. often debated out enough information about weight distributions at that place that kind of thing. about five the last twenty four hours we see more more of food parcels are being handed out in neighborhoods like question is that in terms of those are the first necessity. elements are often the relief operation things. growth that's. will be less serious in in in the next couple of days. but i'm busy behind the head as i was absolutely ripped apart by i work in a building stock is a much it's. lying on the grounds i many people have lost everything so it's a partial at fifty . is restored the island ob tempe structures are put in
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place achieves a house a school with a twenty one by me so was. i able to friends on the island id three of them. standing up off the harkin along its advice is. of course is an item which depends heavily on on the movement of people people coming and. investment coming in so is it coming and. the fair is that some of those kids to be evacuated that might never come back to the audience. some. that we have the means to get lost elsewhere states tf course it wasn't the hardest hit millions of people are still without electricity and hundreds of thousands remain in evacuation shelters. authorities have become throughout homer news she returned to some parts
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of the florida keys were at least one in four homes were destroyed france or fever has more. flooded streets as far as the eye can see. some buildings completely flattened by the hurricane. the few roads still above water level and had the tarmac peeled off in heavy sheets. everything here is built on sand. they're all mad it was terrible it was terrible there was you know would be bad for the. search came up i mean the winds we say probably. recorder model and now you know so badly needed a water and also it was. it was very bad. irma pummeled the keys athens chain of islands off the southern tip of florida. link to the mainland by single wrote. for those who stayed behind to weather the storm. there's no running water. electricity's been c off so phones don't work and everything's cake nothing
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layer of salt and sea weed. as for the many islanders who followed evacuation orders. they've been prevented from returning home once the storm pause. here in a project that i live in one of my own caree. twenty miles from here this notion that. water i have food i had gongs. i did get. is there a water he's gradually started let him rest and through to the upper keys. but it'll be weeks maybe months until life returns to normal on these items. in other news the us president donald trump says the latest round of sanctions on north korea are nothing compared to what needs to be done to rein in that country's needs. programs you as usual capsules last night unanimously agreed on a ninth round sanctions far yeah yeah six nuclear tests. north korean textile exports and help mandates fuel
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supplies will be limited. that move prompted typically defiant response from homicide caused. the ideology. dilution of sin jin resolution. against my country. isn't extreme manifestation. of his chin yes intention i. when they could hear us suffer. the greatest pain is never experienced in its history thank you. robert i'm joined by barry because now he sees the director of defense studies at the sunset for the national interest and for being with us. here are prosperity for tonight's add now and we know you and that the united states was pushing for a much stronger sanctions including. a total oil embargo and the russians and the chinese are. the pressure to go that will sit down with the sanctions that we have goals make any
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difference to tools in his regime and its intentions. i think that well i i keep in mind the ease our knots game changing sort of sanctions or it will it will impact the north korean regime. given right north korea's economy every small only worth about fourteen billion dollars that the textile band that's going to be implemented. is worth about seven hundred million dollars or brains so that is a all barge chunk of money that will. teach in out of the north colony and we have resumed a large section of that money would go to north korea's nuclear missile programs. so yes will have an impact that these are the shows stopping sort of sanctions searches all. oil embargo or something like that but i think it will have a dramatic impact
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and that the race to pose is that that well this is the e that i don't think we can place a blame on the un. security council or the u. s. or china or russia at at the end of the day the people who are actually making that north korean suffer. if they can john regime in cuba by this is a regime that has perhaps as much as two hundred thousand people in prison camps. that get it intro older people through. starvation torture through political control that's that's really a book about stalin hitler i mean that's the level of of control that this regime impulse on its own people. so i i don't think we can blame the united states or any other countries who. i think that you just try to do is to really he's had a problem and i think why the north yushima oak so much your.
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your cat's needs paris london and tokyo is a this is a regime that has nuclear weapons back at target the united states and europe as well. so i i think we have to keep these things in mind in a broader context it is set to success itselfe have to keep in mind here in the united states is not. going to end up regime change orson served unilateral strike or something like that because keep in mind if you got seats were even consider such an operation. we would have to go in in a one eight north korea's complete nuclear program. and eliminate all of its nuclear weapons get a minute just a month ago washington post reported that north korea could have as many as sixty nuclear weapons. united states or half the knock out
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all sixty of those nuclear weapons to be successful. visit we weren't even if we missed watered she wrote those weapons i guarantee those workers are gonna come down seoul tokyo. perhaps los angeles or taught your millions of lives lost so i don't think that the shrub administration is thinking about regime but why the frt and activist j. are. his thought provoking work comes just weeks after president trump and a protection program for the children of illegal immigrants. records and has the story. turning peekaboo into a political statement. who this latest piece of the french or has he goes by the pseudonym j. our? features a photo of one year old kyoto curiously peeking over this
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your border wall into because the mexico. sixty four kilometers south of san diego. the work was coincidentally erected the same week the trouble ministration announced it would put an end to dhaka. the program that allowed immigrants brought to the u. s. illegally as children to stay in the country i think that that you know it's amazing that if you survive that a moment they create small dialogue. yeah yeah self. to raise questions i don't have the answers. and i'm actually by listening to the answers by listening on how people feel about it on on each side and from. elsewhere i get to learn about. lizzy are reluctant heroes mother says the portrait of her son couches the flurry of emotions mongers experience while trying to cross over the border. saturdays what aid migrants you see the mural interpret all that is happening the pain the sadness the desperation that they feel and that it is in a few day. and i feel that is what makes me say. while. trimble ministration is continuing to accept
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proposals to build a full wall along the nearly two thousand mile long border. an idea supported by a number of americans living on the us side. we need a bigger. bigger border fence we've had things stolen from our property and we live right next to her partner saw. megyn houses there are no rules or orders for this young boy. the installation related scott today for one month. he's even cuter in realizing that it is a business you for it cake meiji is with us in the studio because he hates. have results are right here across pulls up racists. ever a familiar riff a. theme that this is a as americans and it's cheap. uncle fringe idols right protests against the same issue really but with this new administration of course the first major challenge. that enough for administration is facing proposals were outlined by the president at the end of august his ultimate goal is
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to make it easier for companies in france for hire and fire people. ultimately reduce the unemployment rate which is remains stubbornly here ten percent. that insurgents are tracking crowds of the size that we've seen in the past is to the more moderate use hadn't joined the hardliners the fs them as a crucial step to revive the country's struggling economy. and make it more attractive to foreign investors. under the new laws small companies would be able to directly negotiate working conditions with employees rather than being subjected to industry wide agreements. compensation for unfair dismissals would also be caps. and it would be easier for foreign companies the fire staff on economic grounds even if they're turning a profit abroad. the reforms also seek to
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offer alternatives that the cd i the job for life contracts most commonly used in france. instead they want to expand and encourage the use of short term and project based contracts. in in your local hopes the business friendly measures can help tackle unemployment's and make france's labor markets more flexible. but the president's flagship reforms are already facing fierce resistance from workers and labor unions. yeah. apple has been holding its here's a media event at its new campus in the new steve jobs theater. is unveiled the latest smartphone it's the eighth iteration of the iphone a decade after jobs launched the very first one you can see him there. ehud paid tribute to oz that media that got under way. indocin ceo tim cook revealed a new high end iphone acts this is separate from the iphone eight. i will have eight what's been
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described as a super right now. why will include face id technology to unlock the screen? until retail a starting. nine hundred. knowing you know. it's also a new apple watch which will each election i've done in order to connect to a cellular network. unless you don't appear to be too impressed by this latest offerings after rising earlier on apple shares now dropped about one and a half percent on the nasdaq. nasdaq is trading flat up as one of its biggest at shares it goes struck stocks begins dropping their. wall street has been trading in green though the snp five hundred hitting a new record high. on the opening felt. it was a mixed close in europe it's one hundred sinking slightly in london as inflation in the uk rose two point nine percent in august. get counts leading games about two thirds of a percent in paris. banking sector's up about one percent overall. doctor cars were in the spotlight at the frankfurt motor show with new models from the likes of mercedes benz and jaguar land rover.
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but diesel gate is still casting a shadow over the industry francisci is a citron rejecting allegations which surfaced last week. the firm installed emissions cheating software almost two million of its cars. both sought in meanwhile is that it will begin offering electric vehicles of all electric versions of all its cars by the year twenty thirty. also showcase updated diesel technology though voting german carmaker's efforts make the engines cleaner rather than being forced to stop production all together. amanda feel i'm convinced that i will be a co existence between the combustion diesel and petrol engines alongside electric mixes many years. we need the diesel was abridging technology until we're able z. end of the next decade. all politically changed to electric. you know the french government is also trying to make diesel fuel a thing of the past it's already announced plans to phase out traditional petrol and diesel vehicles but you're twenty forty. and economy minister is raising the price of diesel fuel for drivers. each year year for the next four years a liter
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of diesel will cost two point six cents more. is traditionally cheaper than petrol about xander's face much higher levels of emissions. than traditional petrol. putting on some days other business headlines now. carries away his urged our constant surveillance traits that just threatening thousands of jobs in northern ireland. company in question is the canadian playmaker bombardier action flows for half thousand people in belfast. american rival boeing has accusesed of f receiving unr subsbsidies. us commerce department is considering sanctions. itit's been revealed he had promised her from the american president discussed the issue last week. measurement blast competition regulators for a full review twenty first century fox's bid to buy the sixty one percent a broadcaster sky. he doesn't already own. concerns of the close to fifteen million dollar takeover. talks offs costs rupert murdoch jewish influence in british media. and the us treasury secretary is that it may not
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be possible to lower the corporate tax rate from its current thirty five to fifteen percent targeted by president all from. stephen asians at disagreements in congress could make that number hard get to pick out today from the us more competitive. real social scene in the city administration is considering fact dating tax reforms is january passes legislation. she said would be included. economy. air berlin is canceled over a hundred flights is tuesday after a large number of pilots called in sick. about two hundred carriers fifteen hundred pilots said they couldn't come to work in what appeared to be an organized protest. the airline declared bankruptcy last month and is seeking new investors with airlines like lufthansa submitting bids this week. management said pilots were playing with fire and could undermine fans for its sale. turned passengers had mixed reactions to their delays take listen. yeah whatever it is harlots.
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pregnancies. so we made a lovely leave. all. mongoose you. and as hell we are being treated like a. idiots. we are waiting in line here and the fact that the pilots have called in sick is outrageous as a whistle. we should do their job and after all they're being paid accordingly solid. fury on one side and a bit of humor on the other of it certainly wouldn't want six pilot flying your plane unnao. the spade food poisoning or something. gastro hard to establish motives are yeah how to find out some does is gonna be busy summer they are that's our cities. kate adie that with business was unusual by december this amount is at odds with you including at i. disease coming off out of barcelona. adventist cigarette up a media church has been evacuated as part of an anti
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09/12/17 09/12/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacificaca, this is democracy now! >> without a hououse, i have nothing. my house is ruined. it is destroyed and over there. amy: from the u.s. virgin islands to puerto rico to florida, millions remain without power following hurricane irma. we will look at how puerto rico's economic crisis has heard the islands recovery and at how cuba has responded to the storm. eveven though renee:e:


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