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tv   DW News Live Coverage of German Election 2017  LINKTV  September 24, 2017 9:00am-1:31pm PDT

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with those examples numbers is under americas did you see s. you with thirty two and a half percent. somewhat weaker than a the polls as suggested before that.
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following suit to martin schulz social democrats the sp de currently it twenty percent so not to the dramatic the much feared to drop below the twenty percent at the moment. but just at twenty percent left party at nine percent the green party nine and a half percent so we just heard earlier that they're thinking about a possibility of entering a governing coalition. was nine and a half percent there is a chance. the free democratic party the business friendly party here in yellow with ten a knockoff posts and a very very strong comeback of to for years. out of parliament when they failed to make the five percent total and the a fdc the are far right. alternative for germany started and a half percent so pretty much with what opinion polls suggested earlier. we just briefly look at the gains and losses here clearly the cdu csu from last election four years ago very very strong
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losses he a down. nine percent of the votes s. p. d. also shedding substantial amount of votes four point seven percent. left party only slight losses green party gaining slightly. one point one percent ftp of course gaining strongly because they a while back there on their way into parliament and the a fdc with the strongest gains. at eight point eight. percent but these are just exit polls this is what people say when they leave the polling stations. the projected results in ten to fifteen minutes from now will give more clarity gran. money and still it fascinating numbers there because we're looking at the two. nega parties into this country losing hemorrhaging voters in the smaller parties right now if you can go by these exit polls the smaller parties are. coming out. in a winning position alright we wanna go down to michelle cook there she is at the headquarters of the conservative see. dean you party here in berlin good evening to you michelle so.
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we got those first exit poll numbers and. the cd you remain. a party with the most votes according to the exit poll. but it's still losing. absolutely this cd you may of one and that's why people at syrian behind me but this is not a victory by any kind of. and amounts it starts of the imagination in fact it's a slap in the face full the german chancellor angela mackel few is this icon. of the cd you parties become a leading figure in done politics is the poorest results i got the cd you has heard some fall under her leadership so. that she is likely to go into that a fourth time in office here but she by no means has the kind of support that she had before. and seat basically and house a dent in what was known as teflon mackerel and
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we can already start drawing conclusions looking. out the far right aft party that because quite clearly migra. alright mr the governor there at the headquarters for the cd you michelle thank you very much we want to go. now to the headquarters for the social democrats here in berlin thomas sparrow is standing by. there told us if it's looking not a not so good for the conservatives it's looking. really bad for the social democrats were you are. well and you should of seen brand their reaction just tear at the spd. headquarters when those first exit polls kay mean people were absolutely shocked you could hear the silence. he and no one was. talking after they saw the exit polls for the cd you for the cause of it but in particular obviously. for
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their own party the social. democrats and now the big question is what's this will mean for the social democrats. coming up it seems very unlikely that they would try and join another grand coalition that's something that many people in the pot in particular the base. of the party. do not necessarily seem very favorable when it comes to that possibility it is more likely that the spd will now try and. i'm going to a position try and rebuild from up from that perspective from a perspective in the opposition and that also has to do grant with the fact that the a hefty. got such a result because if the spd becomes a a party in opposition that would suddenly become the largest party in opposition. on that would help them on the one hand to reconstruct on the other hand to prevent that the a fdc becomes the largest paquin opposition. alright thomas pharaoh ants the headquarters for the
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social democrats here in berlin thomas thank you very much. all rights. we here at the big table with melinda yes. would list talk about these numbers i mean first of all has to a historic low for the social democrats if you believe the. the exit polls. but for the cd the conservatives. abysmal was well yeah i think we have to wait and see what kind of pulls we get. in terms of. voter issues and what was uppermost in their minds. it's always important a see what the voters say before we draw conclusions about which policies exactly drove them away but this clearly does confirm. the sense that a lot of us got in the interviews that we conducted with voters the people are just. frustrated with the grand coalition with the feeling that the country domestically is kind of in a holding pattern. yes they like the chancellor personally yes they know that she's esteemed abroad and that pleases them as well but there is a feeling. that the country is adrift that it's not really preparing for a future that
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will hold a lot of challenges demographic challenges. economic challenges as you know and i think it's been mentioned investment has been very low even under a conservative led. government so i think there is a general sense of unease even among many mainstream voters and if you look at these results new quinstreet sting to see. that all of the smaller parties have done better all of them your cross the board meeting. people are migrating away from those two big mainstream parties that used to be called folks part time in germany the parties of the masses. they are shrinking to asides particularly the spd where they hardly qualify anymore for that term that's a historic turning point for the spd and if we look at voter turnout right now the numbers that we're seeing i. subdivide percent so that's an increase from last election hype there's strong turnout and clearly the message got through too many people are this time to vote really counts because as we've said several times. west turnout would have meant probably a higher
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share of the overall vote for those highly motivated mobilized a fdc far right. or tending to be far right. votes and therefore i think there was a a strong impetus for many people to vote i talked to a couple of young people who had yet cast their vote. who definitely we're going to the polls today so i think that may be part of what explains that? dot higher figure and that is a good thing for democracy. no question about it. alright. where we going now image that's my producer? okay very good are we wanna go now back to the cd you headquarters my colleague michelle kushner is standing by. michelle a ticket. yes we. with me now is elmo. most most people know as until recently the head of the foreign affairs committee of the european parliament you're still in any peace. you also last time around help to rights got agreement between the social democrats
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on the cd you for the government you don't look that likely to have to write such an agreement this time around what's your reaction to those. first results coming in i think it. gloves again such an agreement but it depends very much hall femme. this a resolve of the magnet being involved with into sort of democratic parties. this is michael as one is thirteen percent debt. she can make it choose between the. a socialist and between of so called jamaica coalition. and in a moment looks more likely to have in jamaica queens. what did this seed you what did the damage house like it so badly wrong? lucas is an overall the disponibiliza skims from done and i think we should taken much more seriously. to fight not. to be closer to them to fight the nationalist explained what people which danger and many. the sense is i'm fine good such people and said. we have seen that this it would be the right approach. this didn't who
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the neighborhoods the clearer that did to the. earn. the greens agreements which had a much better resolve an expected. and to them for thing. elections of one. in the middle in the center. and here we have to concentrate us and our hope our friends for disease who. will understand that too it we already heard from alexander gallant the leader of the and or the the top conduct from the a fdc the far right if the party which is now entering parliament's most likely in force with. more than potentially more than thirteen percent that they world who want the government that they would chase you that they ask the cd you under. i'm gonna medical to brace themselves what's your response to tha. look we have so much going who serve confidence we have said to you that we have. more than twenty percent more than this party. a and seller this the beliefs mid that sensitive nearly three times so much votes. than this body and to even up your home to. hunted and to be viewed carried on of a policy. and mr garland view knocks.
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. celebrate jump politics in the future this will be done but a partisan it's under bridge got. eighty five percent the nationalist had fifteen. as a set eighty five so. not be. to be nervous you know the situation of the european parliament and you can live with that. am i broke thank you very much on back to the senior grant. alright michele equipment there thank you very much well there we heard it. a major. official from the cd year trying to put a positive spin on it these exit numbers i wanna take us now to. charlotta puts my court my colleague she is at the headquarters for the a fdc. and so what if any party has a real to celebrate tonight. the if de based on these exit poll numbers. well and they are the a ds getting the party started here they are making that clear we've seen a lot of happy happy faces. of members of the a fc there celebrating this. results as eight success
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for two reasons not only that's their own numbers are so high a but they also celebrating the fact that they. think that they are attribute it to themselves that they have the fractured the german political landscape. that the numbers of the conservatives are so low that attributing that to that strong anti mackel campaign and that's trump campaign against i'm glad maccoll's refugee policy. just a few. seconds ago when the results were announced today the members were chanting a fda empty. and so and the leading candidate on exxon ago announced the states here he said. and slogans like we are taking germany back now. it was the saying that they will coast a very tough opposition no matter what the government will look like they are planning. i'm being at an incredibly toss up opposition he made that clear. and so and he also said that they will fight on us so. it's going to be interesting times in
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the. in the german volume and. so what's it if. i could we have we've got a sound bite now from. is the chairman of the a off d.. mr gallon let's take a listen. a we don't well a kay i'm sorry let me ask my producer where we're going right now. okay enchilada and excuse me there i thought we had a sound bite from the fd we don't. so. where do they go from here are they are they betting on being the the leaders in the opposition? that at least i hope that's and the spd and the conservatives the social democrats and so maccoll's christian democrats will. head into another at grand coalition and that thereby as the third strongest party they could lead the opposition in parliament which comes. with a lot of a privileges like opening the debate on the budget for example. and they've already said are the leading candidate on back down and just sat in his quick speech that he gave a few minutes ago. that they are going to
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try to push the political debates to what's the rights that they are going holds the. established parties in the german parliament accountable especially on their policies to what's refugees and migrants. and that they on a gun. from the slogan a take germany back that is what he said in his speech suu expecting a few must be to us in the minutes to commen. the a fdc to outline their plans of for their time in the opposition. so either we do that we do not have that sound bite from that mr galvin the chairman of the a fdc and he was. i'm talking about people who call his party and members of his party. nazis a take a listen. i'd say they apparently don't know what nazis are. as a child i witnessed how my parents were afraid because my father was a friend of officers behind the attempt to assassinate hitler. on july twentieth nineteen forty four. i witnessed it all as a child.
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and we think to nazis its concentration camps the holocaust secret police the gestapo serious crimes. it's ridiculous to equate a democratic party that just wants different policies. with nazis so nazis. so georgia we heard mr don't speaking there but it of he this is the same gentleman who. last week said that germans should stop feeling guilty for what their soldiers did in the second world war and start being proud so. what is this this is double speak that we're getting from the leader of this party? absolutely and said that is one of the strategies of the right wing populist we cut that. numerous times in the past so basically he was referring to comments of for example by the german foreign minister was set. a that's nazis might be answering the hots off german democracy the german parliament what's it looks like they are now. and so he was referring and extend it
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out on the leading candidate of the a fdc was referring to comments such as at the east but yes you're right you what he's the one. that last week said me a should not atone for its past anymore and that those times were over it that we should be proud of. the accomplishments of the german soldiers in the first and second world war. at those are absolute no no topics in germany a usually. there is are they has been a strong consensus in done any. on on these issues and so it is a strategy of the a. f. dior and has been. to basically provoke with these comments and after what. rejected the notion that those slogans that they are saying. sounds agree sounds a as as * slogans so.
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weeks we've seen that not only with him but with a step or other members so for example she has got those fe monica and indeed i have an. exit polls in the past it was proven to be quite accurate let's see if this is the same. the case with the projected results now anda they are actually quite quite similar to those exit polls we how to the cd was the issue still at thirty two point seven percent of the vote. the spd slightly slightly gaining ground he a twenty point two percent of the vote left party eight point nine percent of the vote the greens. nine point four percent the ftp still strong still back in parliament at this rate was ten point five percent. the a fdc also still going
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strong and still for the first time a parliament with that thirteen point four percent of the votes in terms of. gains and losses it so quite clear that the biggest loser in terms off votes east and americas cd who see s. you. minus eight point eight percent quite a loss here also the spd shedding votes five point five percent of the vote tof seats in parliament a let's take a look obviously the strongest party despite the losses is still the cd you see issue. and they will have for two hundred and seventy seats so that's the most of the st the spd one hundred and thirty four
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seats of followed by the green party sixty two st flecked party fifty nine seats. the ftp whizzer seventy seats the a fdc with eighteen nine seats so more seats than those of traditional small parties. and to in terms of well coalition government because so far none of those party's does have the overall majority so we do look. at another and governing coalition here we need at least three hundred and sixteen seats starting with the cd you see is you because it is the strongest party. they could of course. join forces with the sp day that will be a repetition of the past four years that would give them a clear majority plus thirty five ao heard. is the so called in jamaica coalition that would be see do you see as you and their preferred. a coalition
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partner the ftp. they are a tried and tested team they've done it before alone they conduit not enough seats here. but with the green party yes we could actually look for the very first time at eight jamaica coalition. plus thirty three seats that looks like a stable government at that and finally just to check if this is actually a possibility. to rule out the cdu csu all together and start looking at the espy d. they would have to join forces with the left party. and with the green party. and this is the government that we have in the german capital at the moment in berlin but not enough so right now we are looking at. to real possibilities of a governing coalition given the fact that the a fdc. suggested that not really into joining any government print. monica thank you very much if you are just joining us now.
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you're watching the w. news our special coverage germany decides. and the first consequences the first repercussions of. what the voters to decide today are starting to be felt particularly at the headquarters of the social democrats that is where? my colleague toma spiro is standing by thomas we understand that the leadership of the social democrats. have decided that they will go into the opposition there will be no more grand coalition toll. that's something else i agree brenda some that we hearing here in the social. democratic headquarters that they're not interested in another version of the ground coalition we spoke to various members right here. and they all agree that the correct path for the social democratic party in the next four years is to be. in the opposition that house up to major. implications one they will be able to rebuild many of them were certainly not happy with the way things.
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occurred in the last four years the second one they would be able to prevent the alternative for germany of becoming. a the largest party in in opposition that something else but many people here have told us so on the one hand autistic people worried about their own results on the other hand. are also worried about the results of the i. if the i'm trying to see how they can prevent them from becoming the third party. in in the german parliament as it is it is an amazing a place to be right now when you consider. that reach that the a fdc is having already. on in this election not only. with did this talk about this so called jamaica coalition with the cd you and with the. ftp and with the greens but also what you're saying there thomas is that the s. p. d. says we need to go into opposition. and be the leading party because that's the only way we can keep the far right a
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if de. from becoming. leaders of the opposition i mean the the. consequences here this evening. are more than significant. they are incredibly sydney e from the s. p. d. that's why the spd particular hot. trouble also among german workers in this election right now so from that perspective it is clear that for the spd is a very doc day indeed will have to hear what martin shows the leade. of the social democrats. says soon right here at the headquarters in berlin but i can assure you he will not be very pleased. and you know thomas for our viewers watching this and at how can we best describe what the sp de. um is considering or what they may have to do i mean it's almost like the nuclear option right. they're going to. go out of the government into. the opposition but they're doing it. to be a bulwark against the far right.
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well not only brand obviously that's one element but all the state it it also is on about their own pockets also about trying t. to reconstruct after four years when they were part of the ground coalition where they did indeed managed. a push forward some of their proposals for example that when it comes to the minimum wage but when they didn't get the credit with the credit was. in no way also taken away by times and i'm gonna michael and how conservatives so that they don't help the profile of the social democrats in the last. four years and that's something that they will want to try and rebuild now a in the opposition a big question is what the leadership. will say what martin schulz will say. in this regard what the strategy will be moving forward if indeed martin short's right here confirms that the next four years the spd will be the main part in the opposition. okay toys that you stand by their. i'm linda. but we seeing happening here. out you see me scribbling notes right. one note to that particular conversation one of the
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things they need to do in opposition is start to modernize their voter base if you look at the. average s. p. d. voter here she often tends to be. a union affiliated. person living in one of the more industrial areas of germany often in the industrial north or in the populace. industrial state of north rhine westphalia. that basis is not broad enough to sustain of what i it was like the recipe brazil last party yes exactly. if. trump voters were all the republican party had then they would be in trouble in national elections so that is one very important. issue for the s. p. d. i think the other thing now is to start talking about what kind of changes could this mean. for germany's stance both domestically and internationally and just starting with the latter
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point and. the spd and the cd you were often pretty close on foreign policy martin short sometimes tried to tease out differences during the election campaig. but the fact is that the two parties were pretty much aligned on many things including for example leading in. the mark of the immigrants in twenty fifteen that was an area where in fact all of the parties in parliament supported the chancellor initially. so we may see some real changes in germany's foreign policy posture if indeed. the grand coalition gives way to what is called a this green yellow black you resee looking at now our live pictures of the headquarters of the s. p. debated can get back to those live pictures and. on were waiting for martin short's the chancellor candidate half our minutes is speak. and maybe we can show you we've got armed images video of the reaction there of the s. p. d. members in the
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leadership win. these first numbers came out maybe we can show that was just a kind of. but you visualize the impact that the numbers are having on this party. nnova. i think a lot of. yes out looking faces. and thomas barrow you were there you were watching. this happen in real time interview heard the lindesay it one thing they need to do is any defrauding their babies. and. time and time again when you talk with. people around the world about the political party system in germany. when we think of the social democrats they think of the workers party do you think of. occupations and jobs that come from the rust belt. but that's not what people are talking about when they talk about the future its of the s. p. d.. what you say about this i'm pass to broaden its base and become a party for more than just the blue collar worker?
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i couldn't really do more their brains and what with melinda said are just a few. minutes ago in fact if you look at the campaign of the social democrats. this whole year and that's something that we've covered from day one until now you can see that they a slogan the. position that they wanted to bring forward with space on social. justice and trying to reduce inequality and trying to focus on on jobs trying to focus on pensions all of those issues that are indeed very important in germany but if you look at all the statistics you will see tha. many people in germany in fact most people in germany feel that their economic situation is very good and. that's why they don't think this. i need for change in germany so i would say that one area in which the spd focus that area of social justice. it might be important but wasn't an area where they were able to really. touch the german vote to whether german voter would say this is exactly
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what we want to vote for another. aspects that to didn't play in martin soldiers favor that he wasn't able to differentiate himself. so clearly a from the johnson as he would've liked to and that is something that they will also have to do. in opposition tried to build up their profile thomn martin showed himself moving forward at is he. going to remain. head of the party were well. to me what what he wanted you hearing all kinds one and. see. well that's that's probably the big question now the some that he will probably address himself he had to have been some. top spd officials saying that there's no question that he. will remain as the leader of the party but i mean it's very difficult for him to also. do so when used when you think that this if the
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numbers are confirmed will be the one worst result. for the s. p. d. yeah ever the pma was result before that was twenty three percent in two thousand and nine. the numbers that we get here around twenty percent it would be even worse that bats twenty three percent in two thousand and and nine and it will be very difficult for martin shows. to say that he can continue as the leader of the of the spd but it's also important to say that when martin source was elected as the leader. of the spd he was done so with a hundred percent that was also a record. here for the party i think he's coming right now so we will probably want to
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this is the w. news this isd to meet as scooby. even. giving us an awesome. comments good evening. even. we can assume that awesome bit of london on florida come at. for and use of social democracy.
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thank you. thank you remains while courage saw what's the strength that you have expressed just mad. today's a difficult day it's a bit today for social democracy. i don't means my words here. we did not achieve our electoral victory. after the. now people los in the north rhine westphalian homeland where we thought we would win we must so. close not done what we wanted in the german elections as well but i want to thank you. for the wonderful campaign that we laid. that what so many who supported us and. those who voted for us it was less than we had hoped but you must meet the rest assured that we will. use. what so that number of votes that we have had to fight for our principles despite forum values of tolerance and respect? in the next term of office and the german government. guided me i want to thank.
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douglas. regular dental in the band i want to thank. all of the voters. gave us their trust. when i don't follow want to thank. all of the men and women of its time supported us all of those who were supporting us on the street. fighting for our elections late into the night. and. done waging it on the internet in a way that remember that if i want to thank everybody here at the headquarters who worked. so hide but particularly want to thank all of the candidates the young candidates know the candidates. and everyone who came to our rallies and supports it doe. really susie as my which thank. all of you and i particularly want to thank the the younger social democrats who worked all day
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all night they're out there on the streets. fights even. for. the social democrats. but within the. which ones are not exempt. please rising even. just another session on the bush transition. i know tha. it's who we all very quick to look for explanations winds. success and failure of hundreds of parties but it's clear. that. but i'm they were responsibr the success is more proud of the achievements that they managed to get we thought that it from the statue minimum wage to social house and. fostering a family by nursing care successes pension successes.
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an same sex marriages. marriage wrong. this announcement look at jones i'm towards particularly difficult for as is how strong of the all time slot germany and is that right. wing extremist answering to our parliament says. that isn't just shocking. come i know it democrat can just. continue business as usual. over one million refugees taken in talk country's continues to divide our country. and also our government mentally cotton mix that great delight of hundred and find out about. but the oldest. neighborly loud noises expressed but for many homeless was simulcast on some to be
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worried about what does not. that's what keep up. and compete so this saying democracy when st so cable company that we will continue to fight for democracy tolerant was respected done. for today means on words. with the same passion as as wagner and. i have to say when i see the right wing extremism it's not gonna be enough to have passion. you're going to have to. do everything we can to remain. stephen for democracy in the face of this right wing extremist victory. you didn't
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it and that's it the government often*. weeks and months ahead. so to noise rethink how pi to ten this position are part see. we ship fitness done by our it's cloudy us like a bit of was it's in the us. final recently elected chairman of the social democratic party i feel it is my job to lead this process. to do this it's not togethe. with. the members of the social democrats .
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we deployed economic. this evening. it's a. this on both see and about cooperation with the christian democratic union in the grand coalition. what? even. you can also do not. the biggest and primates days. leave against the. bbc news also quoted still not grounds coalition. this far scarcely any has lost his opponent in the selection there are parliamentary majorities. as the forecast show. about an artist the previous international.
9:39 am
so has expressed to us when you own preference she wants to see a green. liberal. and topple it's christian democrats a lot of us here coalition we are in opposition to this. sign a ceo who would be. a opposition service yet other clomid million the status quite clearly. i wanted to just replace the current chancellor. this is why it's been this i what i just ate a minister. and that i believe is consistent and write some them for and this is why i've recommended to the social democratic leadership that we. go into this current government's. as an opposition party. give on. their bottom lines in once i in the. we are in agreement. until was have you. that this is the right step. takes on scott to be the strongest opposition party
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in the. german size of parliament but just like we will be able to take responsibility for a parliamentary in. the system uses hits for our country and social cohesion and i country so in the weeks to come we must work hard. suit up on try to work through. laura sex in names such which define violence has gone this week you won't bite on. got real opportunities to lead text that federal state so that's the next job cuts the next. task and we must join our forces now to fight for this in the social. democratic party germany. respond a gift minutes it is of importance. that we analyze the results of this boat frankly. and clearly on and make progress in as a party. you said we're going to take the time necessary to do this as island a couple months chair of the as a
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beauty i will put all of my effort comes at the until working realise essence january more than twenty. three thousand new members have joined us israel enthug young people for our values are and goals we of the parts of progress and of social justice. social justice remains a key condition for a good future for our country. and this is the foundation on which we are going to build it and a new beginning in this the from tomorrow. we will. in the beginning is based in a guest on what needs to change. in our bodies leisen judgment call my its friends gases let me conclude decision the medical by making use of popeye the following statement let me say. that this product is he who. has experienced many bits are ours and this is set up in one of them in the history of our party but. that you german social democrats
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particularly on the. difficult days days in which the extreme right wing has reared its hoary head. shown that we know how to defend democracy in germany and we will continue to expand and build on this that remains our job. we the focus on from the leader ofs feeding martin schulz there. a bittersweet moment for the leader of the s. p. deal it's here now to thomas farrell thomas you were listening as well and. admitting that the party didn't do what it needed to do to convince the voters to give the party to give the party's candidates. support on this election da. friends i think that there are three outcomes of of what we've heard just now by martin showed someone. he will remain as leader of the pop the second he will do so from a position in the german opposition. so bad they were. chairs here you probably sold them that when
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when they said that the coalition with the cd you in the csu is over the third and it meant one that i found particularly importan. is that one of the main focus in the german parliament will try to beat to fight the a fdc the alternative for germany that's one of the goals that he himself. augmentin does now that was also one of the goals that day hot presented all along in the come paid in these last few months. and until most. let's look at this then in this move the story forward so if he is going to stay as head of the party that's what we're assuming right now and they're going in the opposition. what is that going to mean then for? the other parties the aft for example is is the spd going to be. as i as i said earlier the bulwark against. the. for right a if de in this constellation this new constellation that we're seeing emerge tonight. well the in the a fc and that's one of the a clear goals it in parliament will try to move. up the debates
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to the right of the political spectrum on one of the goals that the spd could have. leading the opposition in parliament precisely to try and move of those speeches those debates to the center at least to the left of the political. spectrum that some good martin shows will probably. trying to but that's awesome that they will have to discuss with the membership of the party doesn't mean a day. countryside only on by themselves and if they really want to discuss with all the members what they clear strategy. will be in the next before yet but from what we heard just now it does seem clear. that. they will obviously try and focus on their role in a position on the one hand to try and rebuild their own profile that we mentioned earlier on the other hand. to try and reduce the profile of the alternative for germany. thomas barrow at.
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spd headquarters on this historic election. evening here in germany thomas thank you very much. you're watching dw's wide coverage of the jet conserva comfortable lead. despite the celebrations they've taken a massive caught in support compared to the last election. miracles main challenger martin schulz of the social democrats has admitted to a crushing defeat. results indicate the party's worst ever showing in a national election. and the other big story of the night before rights alternative for germany. his own course to become the third biggest party in parliament in the buddhists talk. that's according to preliminary results only of course. these are not yet the official results recently when a high like that again these are not the official results. but things are moving quickly here. across the country here in berlin. when the grain here the big table with the so with you over what we're looking at right now is. eh a seismic shift. i'm in what where the voters
9:46 am
are willing to give their support that's rights and. i'm seeing some monitoring some german media here seeing some information on where some of this i. d. support. came from both in terms of which other parties and i think we will get some graphics on that later on but. initial a trends show that nearly a million voters drifted away from that the christian democrats from the chancellor's party to the a fdc that's a big number. and i think that very much does represent that skepticism frustration and anger about. the wave of immigration that came in twenty fifteen and a sense that to the government still hasn't dealt with it correctly and. so that's one issue another issue i'm looking at a. a graphic here in a major german newspaper that says that in the east there were returns for the a fdf up to twenty one a close to twenty two. percent twenty two percent of the vote that is
9:47 am
significantly higher than the share of the vote. there for the social democrats for what used to be a mass party in germany so again a major shift of the tables a third point very briefly. mr gala and you talked about the fact that he sometimes speaks out of both sides of his mouth well. in his own remarks now after seeing these initial numbers he said that we will hunt the chancellor and we will yeah. excuse me there. ftp okay we want to go now to the ftp headquarters. the head of that party now mister lindner it we and it was clear. opposite pull. synonyms aft. yeah i'm not.
9:48 am
dozens indulgent buddhists dominica's resonance in the german bundestag of that do you more. god if i'm kati that thinks in terms of. racism limit once spent and xena phobia. and. fortress europe and all the rest of it this is something we need to alton combat. i like i would like to thank everybody who has made this evening on possible first of all. all of are voters all my support serious. please don't hurt. page donker ones on the ones on you because i want to of the bank of risk sixty thousand members. yeah yeah i know off now
9:49 am
really demonstrated strong nerves and a strong commitment of the last four years so. thanks a lot of the. we've gone through. don't go in the mine is movies will be stronger. don't like to thank and i mean it i want to thank my friends. from the executive committee. cock thank you you're great saying it was always great to work with you. both. well not too early. for the millions najimy model for all my of also once violent miami live with my family are my friends. who had to do without me such a lot? in the run up to this election. leader plunging it right now we speak to me that was being given by the head of
9:50 am
the ftp there mister leonard heard it right there. and we are going to go over now to cd you headquarters there is a german chancellor on go americal. as we said things are moving quickly right now. on this election night here in germany. two thousand seventeen. let's listen in to what the chancellor germany has to say fundamental . when. brenda. i'm without ladies and gentlemen but all this will. be enough to. there's no need to mensa words here. again we would have liked to have had a slightly better results. that's absolutely clear like it but i think we mustn't forget as well that it's been a particularly challenging sam of office
9:51 am
that we've just concluded which is why i am so please. with you that we can pursue your the strategic. targets of our election campaign we got where we wanted to be we want to be the strongest power as you see do you see s. you it is now down to us to form a government. and with against us no government can be formed . do. those first of all i want to thank all of the voters. who put their trust in us? i want to thank all of our election helped raise.
9:52 am
i was particularly connect seventeen islands the young you know and i'm embarrasse. but everyone else involved thank you so much it was a pleasure . you know. with us village in the wind suu proving is no and i'd also like to state that after to swell of. years of being responsible for the government. result we had today is really not something you can take for granted. and sure yeah there's the challenge facing us in the future and that is the fact that the alternative for germany a has made it all into the parliament's. we will have to conduct its own. on the in depth analysis.
9:53 am
because we want to win back the voters have voted for they edited by solving their problems by taking on the holodeck concert i use that i've years in some cases to. but also by demonstrating good policy making . lindgren's. in recent months we have fought france germany that. one so if in that we live in my well. and now we know that. set the course to ensure that in five and ten years time. still the case. we need to. ensure economic prosperity on all all only
9:54 am
takes to ensure it on said lawn what we make is what we ought to have a good strong country so the european union that stock and keeping this together. having a strong europe all this is just part of it. you one and two been here since migration the must be can combat said we also need to combat the reasons that. make people leave their homes. have to find legal ways of coming to germany. and we need to ensure. internal security as well domestic security in germany people expect that if they want to live in freedom here and the next. weeks and months to come these will be issues much on our minds but today is a day where welcome started off talk and say. i mean we have a bad day to take on responsibility
9:55 am
when i see all of you here e may. i don't think we have to worry about the young people and i think. maybe just tell you. for the rest of the evening i will be. find them. in the tv debates i prime. a fifteen on with the other leaf ten minutes and then we're going to celebrate and tomorrow. we'll get down to
9:56 am
work thank you. if you're just joining us you're watching the w. news our special coverage of. irma he decides the election there we were just why pick it's from the. edu headquarters where the german chancellor ago americal saying yes. her party in sheer herself wishes that the result had been better today but at the end of the day. they remain the largest parter party in germany and they will be the ones to determine. what? comprises the next. german government let's go now to the headquarters of the. alternative for germany. eva potassium. was listening habits of the party van up. motors yeah* can dunk frank you do the smart money to for this spot agape most wonderful. not anticommunist election results. we didn't
9:57 am
expects. this result. doctrine and i lit it i'm i'm cute to all of other. volunteer helpers on the members of all this but see i'm for this and i great election campaign. and i am to five mean really that's. got the results this on a name thank you on behalf of alexander gallons. and york might send us well. yeah i'm unveiled talk because. now the voters have given us one. i mandate self talk. in bad media remains we and beyond any tends to take it on your on me not you. humility and congress millions of voters have voted for us to have you give a mouse for their storm soundbites info it could start to opposition near
9:58 am
banning the funds that. would decide and we will use it never campaign. i have traveled all through the country's apartheid among and. what does hoped so this party during this election callaham added? take meet them office you have been minutes oxides with. with all do not remember city boy that the eyes are not yes it done fast widely alternative culture minister was invited into the night. team. bundestag. he got on to me was to go home to myself. stay in but i its. you the sound i'm simply are prepared to take on movies about the safest and in nine
9:59 am
st born untyped behind sides going into the nineteen once and if you're a member has done its own. time and ability to network. for has so comfy opposition to hide muslim i guess. aboe man he first thing we're going to take him out on the mac. we got some to when i am done nodes is the novelty have not shown downs in the bunch dead don't favor put someone touching this election what we find is that the other parties are always talking about me not. me and personalities. aft deposed motel dan because of
10:00 am
that position the mouse. we represent yet and other people. who have shown us that trust? i'm going to get baptized how delivering i swear. thin what has broken the law that was part of what we hear. elected to do. is it because i'm so but i am we. can be added via to state in gaza come rubenstein. so yeah mort take talk the position that has been entrusted to year with all and dr humility and karen all future and pianists. wellbeing away. of most at all times of your responsibility aware of what we owe this country. and the voters. have given us that trust be aware what you owe them be fun religion ever on
10:01 am
our promises. until soon th. victory speech if you will from the a ftd alternative for germany. celebrating the fact that it looks like they're going to be the third largest party in. the new german. parliament's we wanna go now to shalala pots she's our correspondent there at the headquarters with the a fdc. short i. i wanna ask you million linden i have been listening to. i'm with what's being said tonight by the a fdc into one of it sounds like it's coming from. a bit a a book that could have been written by donald trump what's struck me just now is. that. we heard the a fdny's to start in a new official. inquire into and i'm quoting here to find out where the german chancellor on go americal. has broken the wall.
10:02 am
what more do you know about that done that's news to us here? that's what everybody have been saying let me. first have mentioned. yes that sounds very much like donald trump above the main leading candidate alexander gallon was saying. of we want to take our country back we want to take very many back in his victory speech that is something that of the very rich sounding of. us president donald trump's campaign and the parliamentary incretin choir re that is something that we've heard from a number of a of de members including the leading candidates tonight. in interviews that we've had with them they are saying that they wanna eat this enquiring against chance i'm gonna medical. and look into her. wild character into her policies regarding the refugee crisis that the a ds
10:03 am
been strongly campaigning against safe. ran on an anti mackel anti migration platform so they want. leaf this in creating . they the a fdc is going to be stunned out by all of the parties in parliament and it's going to be very unlikely. that they are going to find another party that is going to support such an inquiring. as so they a pretty much alone that with a with that idea and so. with that it wouldn't be possible a to leave this inquiry in parliament. and until on to. explain to us what it means if the social democrats if if they're going to go into the opposition and they would be the largest. party in. in opposition then what does that mean for the a fdc in terms of their ability to affect change in their ability. to of fake legislation in the german parliament are they going to
10:04 am
have muscle to go behind. the loud voice and they hav. the a fdc what's definitely hoping and that's it the spd would form another grand coalition with the conservative and so that they would be the strongest opposition five see. right now it doesn't look like that's it looks like it might be a a coalition of such as jamaica with the greens and the liberals and. at many members that i've talked to here are quite disappointed to a could be a of the members are quite disappointed. because they would not be looked at as they were hoping the strongest opposition party. rico the strongest opposition party brings with it privileges for example. being. the. those the beginning of the of the budget debate they can open that in hawley man. they would leaders these privileges and only would be
10:05 am
the second strongest posse so the members that i've talked to have been quite disappointed. at about the swell latest developments that we've we've colleague michelle a cautionary standing by. there good evening to you michelle. i their brands. now we just saw at the german so speak yeah and she tried to sound set up beads. to what's appears to become the second worst result of the seaview but since the end of world war two roots of modern day germany so this gritty no glossing over that. see said they'd hoped for a better results bucks on the plus side that there was now a monday to form a government and that nobody could form a government. against their will and quite clearly see earth tried
10:06 am
cements in the day of the is list los possible but sayin. that it clearly posed its talons and that the cd you now how to listen to that content analyze. and but frankly of we already know and from the polling that came in today for the reasoning why and. the a hefty comes out so strong that one of million voters appear to have. taints campus sensibly to the far right aft posse buts of just a few moments ago and the a if the. i will not be able to ten but powerful the mighty budget committee it will not have the first right of reply at when there are debates. and the social democrats will most likely hold the a nifty at bay beth and for the german chancellor at the same time and the cd you knows it's
10:07 am
has lost. daily to the a fdc and will now have to chains policy to win back those voters who clearly agape the seed you a dressing down at the ballot box today. and we should do you get the sense that. people there are a we hear of. it the gravity of the results de and there we have so far means we're talking about a million. voters. migrating away from the cd you going to the a fdc that that certainly. on that certainly not. in any stretch of the imagination on the victory for the cd you. yeah they know they want that celebrating that they want but they know that this is clearly not the victory it's the second worst results. i'm at the same time they believe in angola macro and i'm gonna medical was the big pulling power for voters that's what a lot the polling shows. and that's a much of the reason for people to actually take that box with the cd you still was on a mac at the same time. her open arms
10:08 am
migration policy quite clearly was the reason the key reason why voters decided to put that vote of with the a fdc without far right party. and and it shows us that there really is an a whole segment of voters here. who feel that the cd you didn't listen to them? many it we also sold polling that i'm. acsi hoped that they could or would welcome and the ability suu votes to for the sister party the cease you in bavaria why do i mention that while the see issue. has criticized german sausage throughout those poss to use at one point at threatening although an empty threats it was to bring her before the constitutional court over. open arms policy on migration and now we hear the a. s. d. and this is where the of where the locker off kind of. sounds from the trump campaign. starts coming in for all of us who cover those elections
10:09 am
the a if de is actively. already in obesity discuss since i in the media here looking for partners at two puts the german chancellor de at the two of facing holds her. and to the investigative power of the special committee in the german bundestag and they've already been rebuffed also by the free democrats we'd we now see that that was al. of rhetoric over the of those past two years but these will be very interesting times in these very testing times. for the germantown sat and we well t a place now after this election that is for sure worked. israeli cabinet there at the headquarters of the christian democrats here in berlin thank you very much.
10:10 am
and if you're just joining us you are watching dw's live coverage of the german elections polls have now closed. here's a reminder of what we know so far is not it is just about ten minutes after seven pm here in germany. preliminary results show on to americans conservatives with a comfortable lead. but despite the celebrations they have taken a massive cut in support. medical admitted that she had hoped for a better result. our main challenger martin schulz who you see right there of the social democrats has conceded a crushing defeat. results indicate that the parties worst ever showing in a national election. and the form right alternative for germany is on course to be the third biggest party in. the german parliament the bundestag. all of those preliminary results only one remind you that these are not yet the official results. but those are the numbers that the parties are going ahead with. alright let's go over now to the talk table my colleague peter great is standing by peter.
10:11 am
thanks brent welcome back to the talks table where. i didn't joined by a third pundits in the meantime got his toast benatar extra the global public policy institute think tank based in berlin. and the head to school of governance he's on the faculty there. judy and you're still with me all three have been joining i can tell you can hear earnings have a saying is we be listening to these. results coming in in the speeches tossed into stage is yours. thank you for for me is the biggest stress tesla think that german democracy has faced at least in my lifetime that we need just martin up. and what i've heard so far this this evening i'm not entirely sure that there were ready to deal with the fd because. most of the a of the politicians and borders and members are not nazis and we shouldn't call them nazis and mr garland is very right about this. this is also not just a copycat of trump isn't because they lack the economic protectionism. that is at the heart of trump isn't the sovereignty take our country back against islam against immigration. that's what they're they share with trump isn't and that poses a
10:12 am
big challenge to the social democrats who had a crushing defeat. but also to the christian democrats and for years you will see i think. that the challenge for mrs merkel or make that mrs merkel's party is much stronger because right now she profited from a lot of voters war kind of. liberal left leaning who supported hurt for her responsible foreign policy stance and also for her. refugee policy which syrian they share in terms of values. now it's. entirely unclear in four years when the social democrats. have a new candidate and make an offering in the city you may move to the right served with these mortars will come back to this. to the seen you. at the same time is unclear whether the scene you can vote and wing it win back the a voevoda so both parties really need two spartan up the different liberal democracy in this a. zbig stressed that it's not for just for on lemarchal the but serve for everybody who lives in the building monitoring to the very structures of chairman post will politics it's a stress test for those. exactly and
10:13 am
if you look at the results seller we mentioned it briefly before. in east germany you have an average votes probably a off about more than twenty percent for the alternative for germany there. that to that the almost twenty percent that voted for the left party both parties are not a hundred percent happy. with the system of liberal democracy that we're living and so you see the shallow roots of liberal democracy and the the discontent particularly in these. that we need to learn to address to speak to those. and that it will not be enough to call these people nazis there we also need to ask the fd what are you doing about education what do you do. about new jobs and and so on we need to kind of test the. on the on the other issues that the people care about judy it's not good enough to call the a hefty nancy's and dismiss them. yeah you want a particle hill the parties actually but as i said earlier before talking came on to the showed if he is not a monolithic party. at this the first thing and and
10:14 am
secondly what is very interesting about this election. is that the opinion polls got the cd you'd see us you wrong. right up to the very last portals hovering thirty seven thirty eight. one six six nine. the was one pulled the ball for down to thirty one thirty two. and that the last minutes. huge disaffection to the fda think because america didn't reach out this the first thing second weeks. stress test. has. been touched upon linder that if dean and and to in the fifty democrats titus. the next four years without digitalization could be. sure changing democratic challenges and these written text during the election campaign it at the director he the new challenges facing germany have yet to begin during the interesting thing is that we have to save the results. under economic conditions that couldn't be better were were just discussing about the surplus in the budget how to distribute it to. unemployment is not a major factor that people are worried about imagine. the
10:15 am
fd smarting up the economic crisis hits they become a little bit more protectionist they have the same welfare promises as missus in the pan. for example makes right now they're kind of in favor of welfare cuts actually but to imagine they. kind of took on some of this kind of left sounding economic. rhetoric that i think we're in for quite a ride. there in the coming years we saw a bizarrely delighted and relieved i'm gonna medical being heartily applauds uploaded by her party faithful it seems strange because i think fro. from this very moment from this evening on people already going to be speculating about who comes next. and the us she's already surely a lame duck facing all those challenges that you have been talking about and the a hefty. lame duck. no no no it's it's to early and. make medical is metal wants to remain chancellor for the foreseeable future he said of. a seven interviews she will seek this job through whatever how long this job loss.
10:16 am
and i she did say revealing it depends and health as well. but she now has to bring political stability to germany in the form of bringing the few democrats in and the greens. just imagine the in turn around to between things she party's forgets finance minister gets phone ministr. the end of the day things three parties want power. million they want power that to be very careful football to me to the situation meaning divorces who disaffected from to see if you. know about if i thought it was also a bit of a misplaced the happiness that the cd you showed there i mean they are to party debt lost yeah most so massive defeat december. historically and least at the at the at the espy do you could see the day to day the day lost a day really show that they los. and i think and you also know the part that if the is also so successful has also to do with. the people are be turned away from centre politics. like we see everywhere else in europe and i think to refugee crisis and you know people have the feeling i wrath i was never able to vote about is i was never part of this whole process and. m. it's not pure exceed
10:17 am
a phobia over it with maybe a of degrade but it's like a feeling that that thirty percent of the joy of the people don't even vote anymore in the gym is a political disenchantment. that's has evolved over the last twenty years and not only in germany and the netherlands and france as well. and. now we see. dis disenchanted voters of picking up there and you know their momentum and vote forty a hefty from. i think. requests americas another lame duck she's a sitting duck and she'll have a very uncomfortable time also from her competitors within our own party and a very if there elections in bavaria next year and mr zile far who kept quiet. this year on that is sure to turn up. the volume on on mrs michael but miss michael i think put on a brave face because she sees a historic mission in her fourth term she wants t. see through i think and i hope food that germany modernizes economically and in terms of digitization her team has made. plan sir plans for that and she has the most obvious lands she has plans for europe to i mean whether talked about europe at all
10:18 am
and that will be very interesting in this to make a coalition. no there someone on all three parties are generally pro your pain but when it comes down to your his own reforms and then the plans that mr mccall is said pursuing and will unveil next tuesday. there's huge disagreement to and i think there are negotiations will be protected and to protect and serve was very very aggressive potential partner if it's and so gave strong there realizes that there not be lasting one. transfer payments into heroes on a budget and it's. no banking union physics on their lives bucks you know politicians cross through nine several several times it depends i think also. and what how macoun which is how to medical over the next couple of weeks by the way this to be very long as you stay productive negotiation. secondly it depends on who's going to be the finance minister this very very important. that threat he. we have to here put mrs merkel herself once. which has been particularly candid open about what kind of europe and relationship to she does want withh
10:19 am
michael and t the other and. the other big member states about the future direction of the e. this is really important. why are we not talking more about the a fdc? earlier in the evening we were saying if they do make it into the bundestag this will be a historic moment in a negative sense for german democracy. the financial times row said earlier that it's a molotov cocktail lope to the very heart of german democracy this. strobe was altering a barracks the next coalition in negotiations for the next coalition as though it's business as usual. is partly business as it was partly business as usual for us army does that reasonable government. it can govern from the center and it's. we have a majority for that so that's the good news so this is not wrecks that this is not trump of what's happening in germany and we should. kind of food. be important on that's important the same time business as usual as mrs merkel said of mr shel set cannot continue and we need to. find a way to reach out suu to the voters the disaffected voters set off the fd. not all thirteen percent are neo nazis or extreme right wing.
10:20 am
individual says some of them were just unhappy with the things. the way things are going their culturally disaffected it's a and mrs merkel for them embodies this because not only. did you pursue the refugee policy she also said that islam. is a part of germany and it. that makes a very much a target of those we think we should have a more homogeneous germany so be it a on brave yourself a brace yourself. for some very tough cultural debates on the role of islam in germany that will be very tough and very in tune. and to. for the millions of muslims. that that live in this country and a real opening off the politics of history's mr gall on tribute this last week when he said. we should be proud of our soldiers also in the in the second. world war and we should do away with this cult of guilt. as the a fdc. tends to say all these things le will be it will be opened up so it it won't be business as usual at the same time germany as the biggest country. and their economic the
10:21 am
strongest country in europe has a responsibility to pursue a constructive for approach we can just say. we're in would looking just because we have a fifty years ago almost fifteen percent to extreme right wing in this. country yeah i'm but this victory of the a of de. this also says is that there the especially the right frame of the party who have been in the major discussion with the with the with the more moderate. bars of the party they have. dominated especially the last part of the election campaign and especially columns and now we see that in this los face the a viewers most successful. so this struggle within the party i think it is going to be in favor of the ride frank because they can so showed to their voters with this election result like look. we are a we know what our voters one this of course we going to said als. i think in the next coming months the a if they will have no struggle and what could that mean in practical terms and didn't win that darren in the fd as as as
10:22 am
judy said earlier is not a monolithic. party and there's there's so much backstabbing going on that the to raise some made boris story is for beginners compared. to what's going on in the a fdma whose see for example the leader of the fd fall capitulation was after all s an anti euro party in favor of bringing getting on monetary sovereignty back and there's. still. some some left and zero there's so much personal rivalries being fought so the fd may well implode also in the coming years but we can back on it and we need to confront it. are confronted head on one not sure what to do. at i mean i really see and. that this book for the a fdc is actually very very worrying. and if you can into the complaint macular shoes for not speaking out strongly off about his. but it does say a. turn in parts of germany's
10:23 am
postwar history five hits into chapter. unzip company by ten to the corporate anymore. thanks very much for those said observations to go me to go back now to monica who's got the latest figure. indeed i have. new projected results and to they show that. the figures we got so far begin to solidify we huff the cd was c. s. you gaining slightly from previous figures but still somewhat disappointing results here at thirty three point one percent. s. p. d. a twenty point four percent so still not not a very good results for the social democrats of martin schulz. left party and green party both hovering around nine posts and give or take the ftp still going strong ten point four percent which means that clearly above the five percent total and they will be. in the german bundestag
10:24 am
as will be the a fdc currently at thirteen point. two percent in terms of gains and losses. the biggest loser here again clearly i'm gonna medical see do you see s. you party and we already heard. that a million votes left the cdu to move to left party and gy sort of stable green party and gaining slightly more games though with the. free democrats five point six percent and again the biggest when i hear the a fdc plus eight point five percent. we look into the german bundestag and what this means in how the seats will be distributed among those parties. it's clear that the strongest party will get most seats in this case the cdu csu we have two hundred and nineteen seeds
10:25 am
followed by the spd with one hundred and thirty five seats the left party. fifty nine seeds here in pink the green party sixty two seeds. similar with the ftp sixty nine seats and the a fdc the absolute new comma with. eighty seven seats that's the blue block here at the far end so of quite a strong outing there but we will get more numbers as the evening and walls but right now. it looks like this is definitely a tendency that. we will be able to think and work with print. you very much monica. well and. if we're looking at the constellations year that is appearing. and is there any silver lining in this for democracy in germany we've been reading time and time again particularly the german media. that this is. a. challenge for german democracy. no question no question about it and. nobody should
10:26 am
be complacent and yet there are a number of factors where if if we say it's the stress test for german democracy. there are a number of factors we can look at and say. this is a test that this country's political system probably can handle many just list a few of them. starting out with the election turnout we saw today. very high compared to what many people have been concerned about with seventy five percent was the last number that we saw that's a good deal higher than last time around nearly four percent. higher than in the last national election and you know what. more than eighty six percent of the electorate did not vote for the a fdc. now over time there's been a lot of discussion is there sort of a an upper limit on the a fdc support. in. the german political system as a whole some people have thought it might play out at just about the number that we're seeing here this evening this party. isn't in power yet now the downside
10:27 am
is they're going to have a powerful platform in parliament forgetting their messages across that will also change political discourse. in parliament but the other side is. that is. a lot of might shed on them that is going to be a lot of searching criticism. of research by the media. whether it reaches some of those protest. voters or no. is an open question we don't know yet but that cuts both ways that parliamentary presence and the fact that they have a platform there. more factors economic conditions in this country right now they are good that means that many people as we said before eighty percent say conditions are good. many people are not so strongly disaffected that they are perhaps going to b. leaning toward supporting this party are on personal economic grounds there is a level of socio cultural. is concerned and.
10:28 am
perhaps since the precariousness that may of course. generate continuing support and then perhaps just a couple of other things historically. germany's experience. in the last century two world wars perpetrating perpetrator of the holocaus. has tended to inoculated against extremism i said to at the outset of the show many people like conglomerate because she's non polarizing. germans don't tend to like a lot of rhetorical bombast a lot of the polarization in politic. i think that inoculation. still does hold for a lot of voters maybe not all but i don't think we can say that that inoculation has totally worn off so i think that is out there. and then my last point would simply be. we have a pretty high level of political debate in this country if you watched some of the debates of the various representatives of the party's. they were
10:29 am
indepth they were substantive it wasn't a lot of things populistic. hooting call name calling and i think also that would argue for the fact that this system probably can master this challenge. but people need to be ready to work hard at it the a nifty for it to. survive and prosper. has to have a divided society of some sort doesn't i mean that that's that's the platform right. yes that's the platform and i think like many. . right. nationalist parties. ththey. talk a lot about. economic aspects they say immigrants are making your life harder you're not getting the support on housing you can't find an apartment because they're here. and so on but there's another level sometimes it's spoken of openly sometimes not which is all about.
10:30 am
racism and xenophobia and that's the kind of polarization that you are talking about said that obviously is going to be a part of the political bait with the debate with this party in parliament. that. is going to need to be very much. out in the open a lot of lights. shad on those sentiments and a lot of push back. among the push back. but we still cannot underestimate the shift to the right the burst that we've seen in in and all parties particularly. and the coalition partner can with the sister party in the city you the see if you. and if if you look at the numbers there if. we has been with me take the number so far as fact. it this issue come has its worst result. since nineteen forty known in bavaria. i mean that in this unbelievable so what are they going to do. out of this they are going to be. . frustrated they're going to feel insecure and they are going to go to the chancellor and say you know what. we were right we need
10:31 am
to be tougher on immigration issues our idea that we need an upper limit. on. immigrants of on a particularly. the kind of immigration that we've seen from north africa from the middle east. that idea is absolutely. corrects and we need to be pursuing that there will be a lot of pressure from the sister party it is a more conservative. version of. the chancellor's. christian democrats she's gonna have a hard time keeping the they've had a sort of a temporary ceasefire during the election campaign i think that is likely to come very much back in it which leverage then it will the german. chain slow have. in in terms of of pushing back in standing her ground. at least if they heard. and mr murray sister party but also it was let's see if this jamaican circle jamaica coalition that actually comes to pass. it's not a match made in heaven it's not a natural fit. but it's in no one's interest for to collapse in for new aung elections id.
10:32 am
right so and here's the thing first of all that's explain again what a jamaica coalition is because this is going to be no to lots of our viewers german. parties have colors automatic melinda been told now we're going to go to a if de um the attorney for germany headquarters. so a lot of parts there is going to talk with. alice vital of the a of dealers go to that right no. july. yes hi brand i'm here with and these vital she's one of the leading candidates of the a fdc and the insidious gonna be in german with the translator. call vita is yemen like the one and constructive opposite ceiling design. pick out an exact giving given was that gets bomb unseen. you can once give up has its own flushed and. d. m. all sky the well. mandates parliament is scrutiny of the government. you know the parliament.
10:33 am
the legislative house to scrutinize the executive and deny seniors was not been done. and this is why we've been elected into the parliament now. because with us it will no longer be possible to avoid this screen name which means they won't be able to just rubber stamp policy through. without having company debates them in the parliament without having of the. parliament because this kind of scrutiny. and to this site just doesn't go hand in hand with the miners idea yet emitted out now about what i'm saying is that you know so and your members have calle. is and. an investigation committee it increase committee and so i'm going to matter what you're trying to. as we've often that's i thought pot not well i need to have partners who suppor. standing of democracy of the other parties and this inquiry committee will have the clear mandate. of looking. infringements of a
10:34 am
log that i'm gonna mackel has committed twenty to one example of the refugee policy. has no legal basis it was never discussed in the pilot you'd simply can't do that sort of famous. that was another minute parliamentarian is which is why we are where we are. nobody fish things funny take i'm talking about refugee policy on not bomb in one of the things on health platform of this tha. you want to get rid of them rights indict you asylum which is you know right there so long for refugees in germany it was the last i had. the deadline is get me it we want to an opposite of com which is also not programme received you it wasn't nine. one. and to come with him to you know what happens itself party that thought right ass
10:35 am
actionable in maungdaw that means that every sided seeker who. students to get question about fruits i can go to court and i'm quite secure lapsing in thousands of new. judges who about have to rule on these cases beast badness talking minutes court there is talking about figures. now off on. that i couldn't be done. yeah playing with the first seven years of the taken seven years to get through this the courts of collapsing on dis and if we continue with this. irresponsible policy they'll be a major change and we really want find this to be an alternative for chairman of we don't want that we want to go back to my of la. still no the run up to them to decide elections we noticed that there's a very right wing extremists and radical wings to your party how you put them under control. some of my guns because i go
10:36 am
through winds up but well first of all we should say choice that i aimed at least to assert our electoral programmers i. would programme covers works at vm very confident. thank you very much alice by us on each one. of you got candidates of the newcomers in parliament of the a fdc they are a good thing for a parliamentary inquiry against and i'm actually interested. do you ground. right usual a plug there at the headquarters of the alternative for germany thought to think very much open to go now to my colleague. michela kushner. at the cd you headquarters here in berlin is that where we're going. okay are. armed pledge iceberg says is a fluid evening the linda. let's get back to this conversation ravages a little bit. earlier about. the chance was bargain detail her yes exactly her bargaining power right now i
10:37 am
mean. what can kyi do how much leverage does she have with this so called? jamaica coalition if it does actually coming to be and i was about to explain. again what the jamaica coalition is just so our viewers again is the best. ever parties have colors color for this and the christian democrats is black color for the. business friendly ftp the free democratic party but liberals. in the english parlance is yellow and the greens are great agree so that is the jamaican conflict the colors of the jamaican flag and that's why germans caught in jamaica coalition kay. the chancellor's leverage is not enormous at the moment with the spd deftly going into the opposition this is her only option if she cannot make a coalition like that work. a then barring some a
10:38 am
true still have some leverae and they're already playing their hand if you look at what their leaders are saying right both of them have said look we're not going to. be easy to get here we're gonna play hard to get. we think that this is a tough kind of a coalition to sell to our party basis and therefore we are to our core supporters and therefore we are definitely going to want to see our programs. put into place and we can perhaps talk in more detail later about what that could mean but there are some areas of potential overlap. that i see we've all been saying we need to see the german political leadership concentrate on modernizing this economy on getting it ready for some very tough test that's going to face in future so. focus on digitalization that's something both the greens and the liberal free democrats have talked about. the chancellor has sort of paid lip service to it but hasn't done much about it the past four years that could be an area where they could all. agree where it's
10:39 am
gonna be quite tough is europe. the ftp has had a lot of tough things to say about europe now. possibly that was tactics they may have been trying to get some of the eurosceptic a fd voters on to their side because the party the a hefty started out as a eurosceptic party. and made the shift to the right to become an anti migrant party still newbie that's what was behind that may be the head of the free democrats christian linda. will soften his tone but right now it would be hard to see a lot of room for agreement on the european union policy and that's very important. particularly for the christian democrats also important for the greens there are very pro europe party so that's where we're going to see days and days of muslims in the liberal have repeatedly with mister lindner amber from the ftp evening. that they've been very adamant about the fact that they do not want to pursue. it is harmonization of the
10:40 am
finances in the european union eurobonds for example is is for them a complete total. it taboo and these are not taboos necessarily for the cd would for the german chancellor she is at least willing. to explain this she has left the door open and there's been a lot of thought that once this election was over she would finally the one of the areae the ftp would say. wait a minute i we don't know that we want to go there just so you just it's not. you know the more we talk the more i i hear that we've got this lame duck. chancellor well appeal. you know she's got us some tough work to do but she is a pragmatist let's not forget that. she is very good at adapting to necessities and some of this that they may watch particularly in regards to modernization of the econom.
10:41 am
are things that she might like to do if she didn't have the finance minister of of kung scheibler. right behind her saying we need to that balanced budget maybe there's a little more room for investment if one of those two parties. gets the finance ministry another big big question mark. the liberals three democrats have almost no politicians with experienced their back bench is really really i like best is very very like. that will also be a challenge around the linda with polls now closed reactions on minor. starting to roll in it's perhaps no surprise. let me do this there we go nintendo surprise. that destroying his response is in regard to the alternative for germany's showing called austin from. our social media desk is here to tell us more. good evening to you car also how are people outside germany responding to. the showing of the a fdc today. naked evening brenda mean this is of course big news here in germany we've been
10:42 am
talking about it on air it's also now big news. internationally even are many politicians in european countries were talked about other populist politicians there's another congradulations already to the a fdc for these strong preliminary showing that we can start off. in france congradulations coming in from marine le pen she is of course the leader of the far right national front she says congratulations to our aft allies. for their historic results it's a new symbol of the awakening of the european people ha we can go to the netherlands this isn't gats of builders he's got either of the netherlands. far rights party for freedom and he of course congratulates the a fdc here as well in just. one word of we want to go to the the chairwoman of the a hefty herself franca patrie. she really is exploding with excitement brent on twitter she writes the impossible has come true germany has experience an unprecedented political. earthquake and she says let's do this in fact the a fdc is
10:43 am
doing and they're really ready to roll here take a look within minutes. of this first exit poll the party appears to already created a new twitter account it's called the aft in buddhists todd. there's no tweets there yet but. the a fdc are official count as following this new twitter account brendon top candidate alice vital is also a follower. so certainly. celebrating across europe at least in to the other far right parties and they're already congratulating even now with these first results coming. and what a balance initial reactions from voters here in germany car. yemen it seems you know everyone is kind of watching these exit polls come in there watching along with u. i'm as we heard you know many people did vote for the fd but i majority people did not and many of those are. speaking out online and there's a lot of emotions about this strong showing for the a of the one to show you a couple of them here these are voters. in germany and one says you know i feel so ashamed of being german right now what a sad day. in
10:44 am
german history of kind of echoing those sentiments here we have another voter says. you off talks to my grandparents earlier who still cannot hear the word * without flinching and now have to explain this referring to a far right party now in germany. with such a strong showing of you know a of yves supporters of course they're they're celebrating this. online as well but you know this was not a surprise the the polls in the months leading up to this vote had the a hefty i. double digits mostly i think this new political reality starting noticing again now for many voters right here in germany. cohen s. minute our social media desk thank you very much carl it if people. talked about a boring campaign they certainly cannot talk about a boring. outcome of that campaign in the bird can the money now very much what we. at predicting. what the opinion polls said? under those latest a projected results offering key dita so of solidifying what we've seen.
10:45 am
earlier this evening we have the strongest party which was expected to be the strongest party a metal cd ucs you. currently at thirty three percent of the vote so slightly slightly gaining in the course of this evening. the same goes for the still current coalition partner the sp de currently at twenty point eight has a maybe it'll even break the twenty one percent market not that it makes a big difference because much angeles already said. they no longer available in order to enter into a governing coalition they want to go into opposition. the left party at eight point seven percent the greens at nine percent so both hovering around the nine percent maku greens possibly. quite possibly in the new government because as we've heard already this is the only option. of i'm gonna mackel to into a jamaica coalition which of course includes the a tried and tested coalition partner for the cd you see as you may be the ftp currently at ten. point five percent and then
10:46 am
there is the far right a f. d. comfortably. entering parliament for the very first time at thirteen point three percent of the votes gains and losses let's have a quick look at that. and as we put already there was quite some. migration they often voters especially from the cd you see s. you both. of the cd you the big party of anglo metal and the small assist a party the csu in bavaria losing lots of votes. minus eight point five percent here. also the spd shedding quite a substantial amount of votes he a minus four point nine percent. the left party and the greens slightly gaining big gains not surely for the ftp back in parliament often being out of parliament for the last four years. and again. strong gains for the a fdc. point to a plus eight point six percent. a brief look and what this means for the seats in the new parliament
10:47 am
because there are plenty of seats. to hand out a total of six hundred and says he won. and to the most seeds go to the biggest party of course that will be the cdu csu two hundred and eighteen that is the black part melinda explained it so nicely the color scheme of our. a german political party system than we have of the rate potty of the one hundred and thirty eight seats for the spd. the pink or violent well sort of dark pink mutt magenta colored let's call them the left party. of fifty eight the seeds here the green party'. steve seeds in the. left or the ftp that's the yellow ones here in the front with the sixty nine seats on the a. f. d. the blue one at the far end out here. with the eighty eight seats so let's a a nice make sendup yeah certainly something to discuss print. alright. monica thank you very much we're in the process of digesting those
10:48 am
numbers are going to go now to. the headquarters of the left party on nicollet my colleague is standing by their good evening. to you on is there is that people have been saying very much about the left party to. and if the left party more a member of the social democrats. tonight it would be a completely different story in terms of of. results witnessed. i never in and the federal yangon grant is that nmsiis airing when their results came up because they. they gain some points but at the same time. . that joined was somehow. tainted because size they knew that they would come in los from. bodies which you know will be in the next time in the next but the stock. and they said they will put the fight up against the idea of days. they put a
10:49 am
fight up against racism a hand against anti semitism. now. they they want that the swing to the right. now to certain business that this would be held this. leader words outside of acting as one of the leads candidates so they want to put up. i. against the idea of day and they against this swing to the right. they set them up among our minority leaders anymore. but they want to be the social minority latest so. they meant trying to. find a way to to. get. left some. to to get the left strong again and they hope that but spd. will not disappear into another great could listen bad well joined the opposition so that they can strengthen. the left. and that's what i'm talking about it in terms of if if they were to join forces that's there now the natural direction for them.
10:50 am
it's ago is there a could the concern there. that the left party risks after all is said and done tonight. losing in terms of meaning and its ability to affect legislative change in parliament. i didn't. feel these concerns here now i and i think that. they believe they can still aung. it sounded to the voting is when and. within n.. . central the same of social justice this is what they were kept painting window then when i asked them. why they? thank god that they did not get any better results with the of focus on social justice. then you know said that was because of the of de dominated the the whole are campaigning with that. one subject complain the refugee crisis sat there reckoning that there is a high. . a possibility to get there's some bad things their concerns back into focus and
10:51 am
this is mainly social justice in. rights under the law there the headquarters of the left party here in berlin tonigh. i knew thank you very much. you're watching dw's live coverage of the german elections his reminder. of what we know so far it is almost eight pm here in germany preliminary results show. until americans conservatives and with a comfortable lead but despite the celebrations. the parties taken a massive cut in support medical admitted that she had hoped for a better result her main challenger martin schulz. of the social democrats. has been seen in a crushing defeat results indicate the party's worst ever children. john says that the spd will go into opposition. and the far right alternative for germany. is on course to be the third biggest party in the parliament the bundestag. all of those preliminary results only again these are not yet the official. results. we're gonna go now to the headquarters of the green party in my colleague for being from the market is standing by far beyond so.
10:52 am
if we look at how things are settling now. with even without the final results being there. it looks like the greens are coming out. in a pretty good. position in terms of being part of the next government. yeah that's absolutely the case i mean with. at the moment more than nine percent they feel the stronger they have one towards. i compared to the last election. and of course they know off the dance video said they want to go. was this. that it's also not of pressure on them to. make sure you sure that this coalition is at least. seriously scott spending when we spoke here when i talk to people with the head of the. raced up another major. but his they all say. scores this now the moment to talk we have to talk we have to. seriously discussed these issues it is of course about the contents. but it's also about a responsibility as the democrats.
10:53 am
and. well beyond the greens if it does come to coalition talks the greens much like the ft. are going to feel emboldened by this results right ended their going to make their demands clear with. the german chancellor and. worth worth seeing already in german media. the leadership of the greens a saying that they're not planning to give it. yes that's true i mean the greens in their election campaign that have death. a focus on their core issue and that is the fight against climate change. and it does. snaps a certain that they will focus also on this topic. in the co this and talks and at the end of the day that might be. not the worst for i'm gonna maccabi she also knows that. at home she has to do more and with regard to climate change there is a lot of pressure to reach the climate change all the. time for goes within germany.
10:54 am
and if she would have the greens in the coalition you could always say well. they. want me. more and social. do. that might be. uncomfortable for example for the industry with regard to americans party from the brings. all rights my colleague told me in front mark at the headquarters of the greens here in berlin called me up thank you very much. heartless go over now to the talk table. peter kreeft it. taking away been yeah thank you very much spread still here tolls and you'll burned to judy dempsey with me wasting no talking a little bit said why we would sort of in the huddle here across a console table about. said. mistakes that might have been made by people like us in the media in dealing with the a fdc what to book mistakes might have been what needs to be done better toast. i think i mentioned some the kind of ease all too easy labels we kind of smack on them like being a neo* party or* party i think we need to look at the diversity that's. within the
10:55 am
fda and take the diversity seriously and call them out for extremist views. but also report accurately and and the other hand i think we don't need to. because. fall for every little bomb they throw into the public sphere with been doing that there's always breaking news if some a if the person break some to move. and then we kind of make that so the make that the headline. we don't necessarily have to have to do that to we should kind of make it clear that. these are extremists news but we shouldn't make that the news so necessarily and. for example take the discussion mr down on been leader the last year he said that. he would like to be neighbors were so mr board saying he is a soccer player from the national team was who happens to be black. and then the media actually went out and and ask people in the real neighbors of mr port taking with it what it admissible ten was a it was a good neighbor that's of course falling into the tra. of food that was said by mr because he did frame the discussion in the discussion shouldn't be whether. mr mr
10:56 am
bought things a good neighbor but suu whether that's a crazy proposition to classify. neighbor good neighbors according to the color of their skin or their which religion to begin with so i think where we we really need to sparked up on a farm. so the question is. you'll probably going to continue throwing bombs is tolls imported because so we just heard alice vital promising constructive opposition from the a hefty what you make of that. yeah you bet they're gonna throw bombs i mean. the event if she said but he struck team opposition. that you hold us hostage any good army beginning and them. know what what the problem forty eight fifty is that now you have. this in the scene you see is what already taking over points. of the a fdc when it comes to migration when it comes to integration of a stricter and integration lawn now in germany. and the only thing left forty eight if dean is to further radicalize or to to at least to you know to be noticed and in the media left therefore you have to shock. and sometimes but it
10:57 am
to be a coming back to what did german media i think should of done better is have been so focused on the. and the de did democratic level of the party and that they have forgotten what is behind this populistic of revolution what's going on. i feel like i said the thirty percent of the disenchanted people when we actually talking about them. and m. because of this is because of the a of the mind been might be anti democratic many drives us number of those they still put doesn't quite out of which i think is was not consistent figures for week. and indeed i think months it's fair to say now saying that. eighty percent of the people in germany feel sad eyed satisfied or very satisfied with that what. that means still twenty percent or more isn't and twenty percent of the first team to send him you know and i remember the name means we had aung on. poverty for old age poverty and pensioners and so the nursing care of the deficit said it came out of the town hall meetings with the with the kind as. i think i want to add one point city in terms of for how the media should deal with the fd. a friend of mine did an interview recently was mr got on tv and he nailed him
10:58 am
on. what you do about education what's your plan on healthcare and he wants the golan was visibly agitated because he wanted to kind of be asked? hoped it would do we get all the foreigners out of our country and he wants to respond he was he was not on all happy being question on this and think. that's what we should do we should the media and to we should set the agenda much rather than. letting the inverse happened remember the the debate between mr mrs merkel and mr schultz. all the questions that through the for journalists sir pulls for almost four following the a view playbook could the first half of the holy for the first half of the whole. debates and it's. the real issues that people do care about what's happening in the nursing homes what's happening and in hospitals what's happening in schools. what's happening with decaying infrastructure and we should not just make. the a little identity politics topics of the topics we discussed in this country but to we should kind of set me it agenda and also question the fd on that on that agenda. it to it at pick up the two on two points. and it one is
10:59 am
the most immediate one that and there are. dark so many different strands post in the fd your commerce isolate this party now it's the sam. with and you have the populace party's close you up. dipped with media and i'm in the media to should also put you released done for how eager to change thi. crew how you going to finances and these are questions that are never asked it's always against but something is against it's it's nice easy news in some ways the socratic. secondly and i think more importantly for the german. a ted taking and the place that the german very much which is happening in the case a decade remember the. at. an exhibition and i think was just but these are
11:00 am
issues that. are out there now in to kind of be ignored okay i'm getting the word with those cuts apprentice go to recap for us. very much. or joining us you're watching dw's wide coverage of the german elections it is now. eight pm here in central europe here's a reminder of what we know. so far on this election night two thousand seventeen. preliminary results show ago americans conservative. a comfortable lead. but despite the celebrations they have taken a massive cut in support. metal admitted that she had hoped for a better result her main challenger seen here martin schulz of the social democrats. has conceded a crushing defeat results indicate the party's worst ever showing. so says of the s. spd will go into. opposition. and the far right alternative for germany the a fdc. is on course to be the third biggest party in paparliant's that's the bundestag. all those movies numbers in these trends
11:01 am
wanna remind you our preliminary results only they are not yet. show. results. we're gonna go now to the a of de headquarters here in berlin my colleague shalala pots is standing by. good evening to usual order. we meet again. hi friends. so garbage talk to is that a little bit about moving forward on. what i'm seeing in the the german media right now being written about the a fdc? is. obviously a lot of shoc. at the numbers in the a of de reciben also there's been a lot written about. the the language that this party is using and for example in the arm head of the party mr gallon saying. that he plans to hunt down. the german chancellor. angle americal are you getting a sense in the air. a of this type of rhetoric this type of political discourse. being accepted as normative behavior.
11:02 am
absolutely i think yeah i think some neck out on the. and that made that quite clear from the beginning. on you set things like we are going to hunt down i'm gonna mackel us talking about a parliamentary inquire you. looking into her refugee policy investigating her and her. policies and he's been using it pretty aggressive language tonight right from the start on the other hand the other leading candidate out is vital. has been trying to. he present yourself more as a. so to say moderate voice sound and see it it is always as always with the a of deep. that a guy islands. has been using the more radical rhetoric of vital is downplaying it. kind of a strategy of this cotte see. to in the and say look we are not as radical as the public might be portraying us we are quite moderate. that is what out is vital told me in an interview
11:03 am
before. you know we are going to basically keep the radical extremist pots and now a potty and check. out once we entered the bundestag of but i think from what we've heard tonight to the rhetoric. coming from the states her. that has been quite and aggressiveness and so i think. that the polyamines we'll be seeing a very polarizing very heated debates is there good evenio you again retailer we've been talking. this evening about the possibility of on to americal. not having much leverage going into coalition talks and being somewhat of a lame duck leader. the next four years are you getting a sense of that they are at party
11:04 am
headquarters. quiet activity is a sense that tough times lie ahead for still does know glossing over at that what looks to be the result if that becomes true this would be. the second worst result in the history of modern germany for the cd you. suddenly that puts a dent in the rec called more than a dent in the record of the german town so i'm gonna mackel. whose political browned so carried this party a particular in those los elections where you know me is enough was enough. at to a have a the success of forty percent plus that's something deceive you could only dream of tonight and then this do not very. appetizing looking also and of having. it to make a coalition of with those small of parties on the upside a with the
11:05 am
social democrats most likely ending up. in the opposition or they've valid to become the opposition now is whethe germantown so we'll be able a to form a coalition here. at where the prices all rising a to get those small a paci c. needs on board as we speak. yeah there is there may even be some inflation in. their the cost right now of putting a coalition together in german politics after this election usually governor. at the headquarters of the christian democrats thank you very much. well we don't even have the final numbers yet but we are getting some significant reaction to what the numbers suggest. my colleague of funny for charge joins us now from alexander plots here in berlin where we understand funny. a protest a demonstration is being put together against the a fdc.
11:06 am
exactly breath in fact the crowd behind me is getting a bigger and louder by using the whistles and they are basically and grant shock at the same time. with a look at the numbers the debt nft placed third in this democratic elections but they say this parties everything but democratic. if everything but democracy and they don't deserve to be in the german parliament. not this is the biggest crowd here right now but i can't right now from being a bundestag where small crowd gathered is about. expressing don't be sad expressing their anger at the far right party for the first time since second world war. could enter the parliament is also a lot of police presence what is quie
11:07 am
tell you is. that what these people are protesting just above them in this caused a book beyond on his high rise building. there's the alternative for germany party celebrating of course that they want that they want by of the the authority to appoint a percentage points in the third place. in the german parliament near the aids sir real image there that you just painful worse. of funny and we saw images of the growing police presence there alexander plots and i are do you get the sense that there is. concern about this for just becoming violent it anyway. well the danger here is of course at that there are also a lot of people from the far left who are mixing up enormous civilians who. the people are just simply shot who came out from and their living rooms right now but i'm leaving the tv sets coming here to simply. express their descend but then of course the question is whether this is going to turn violence on that really depends on the mixture you're of the school. i've
11:08 am
seen a lot of a five left. or people what associated with the far left as well and you see more and more police in fact you can hear right now. that is the of the sirens from ambulances from police are coming here to make sur. that this area us they think you are and that violence does not erupt. alright funny the charter there and alexander plugs in berlin that we are. we can hear the sounds of police also where it looks like a protest. demonstration is gathering against the alternative for germany political party. funny thank you very much we'll go back to her. on in a short while stay safe as well fund. alright we're gonna go now to tell us sparrow he is at the headquarters of the social democrats. ob this evening where he's been the entire evening and this is without a doubt. a dismal evening dismal results for the social democrats. i'm are you there thomas.
11:09 am
i am indeed have granted you got that goats are unimportant against. he i mr routh staking out key social democrat i want to ask him the question that you just asking. me and that is why the s. but you have such a dismal results today. but it's very difficult said just few hours after the polls have closed to really show what what's going wron. yet it was a clear. votes houses the the voters to tell us the grand tradition should not be prolonged and. that the corporation with the conservative. cd you has to and today and it will. and there we have to accept the role as the opposition leader. and there's another reason for that to of for the first time since world war two we have. rights ring extremist. in the german bundestag and they can never have le the role of a position in the they would have though. and now it's our own first of all to be opposition against the coalition from conservatives greens and reverence. probably. but also fighting back. the right wing extremists
11:10 am
that we have. by addressing the social drew a problems that people have. because in the end i think. the extremist one because there was not enough difference to be seen between conservatives and social democrats martin shows himself said that he wanted to lead that new phase of the social. democrats but what legitimacy does he have after he just scored the worst result for the spd in total or he started the renewal process. just some months ago and i think he did a really remarkable jargon the campaign. and it wasn't not that has followed at all and george karem party members ten those are two things first of all stop the grades programme coalition go. into the opposition in seconds. leave our party chairman at the place where he is leading the party in this renewal process that's necessary. and i will support him with all. of house of those i have. what will be the key goals of the s. p. d. as the main opposition party in germany or that two things first of all we have to? follow on
11:11 am
our social de agenda of more justice. number that social europe and. of social unity and. germany and addressing the. every day de problems people have with their pension with health with labor with education fees and that kind of thing a second it's our job. to achieve that the writing populace that have entered the parliament. with disappear as soon as possible what do you say focusing on on social justice will be one key elements but it was clearly something that didn't resonate. with voters in germany in the last few months or didn't resonate because we're part of a cabinet. with you under under the medical and the conservatives and read didn't really. well and able to meant to show that there are clear differences between the two of us i mea. that i'm gonna mackellar decided. not to seek that the competition as far as programs are concerned. and then it was kind of a process. that. brought to. and that was where a lot of boredom from her side. and this the president you didn't. de
11:12 am
achieve a good result either i'm injured from another. the presenters yet so. they lost more than we did and and therefore i think there must be competition between. emitted right party ceo and the middle left party spd. and every achieve that. than the right to represent have the success they had this time. and within opposition in the past they will be in the future. and hopefully not too long. thank you very much mr signify this interview back to you. brent in the studio thomas can you can you hear me can you ask mister stinger question for us. do we still have thomas there yes sure. limit witnessed one asking we we've been discussing all evening does he feel like the spd is being punished. for angle america calls. policy with migrants back in two thousand fifteen are they being for taken to task emmy in the in the studio. if you think the spd has been punished for i'm gonna michael's policies on on refugees in the last few years. well at least. the voters obvious the
11:13 am
thoughts. if one is in a position donald america should be the protest parties and so they had benefits from that. yet on the other hand you would never see. an std taking a position against humanity will on to that. thank you very much mr cign. alright you brent alright thomas berry there the headquarters for the. social democrats here in berlin thank you very much and it was interesting right wrote melinda because we but we've been discussing that this. evening i mean exactly why the social democrats did not succeed. in getting it through to at least to the to their voters that they have been doing things the past four years in that they do have accomplishments. that they can arm fall back on they just didn't come through apparently the voters did not see the sp deus owning those issues that we talked about so. minimum wage they got a raise in wages and in fact wages are going up in germany for the first time in quite awhile. they pushed through better pensions for women knew it had to children and that made a difference particularly to lower income. women of gay
11:14 am
marriage the chancellor kind of took the issue over but it originally started as an s. p. d. issue. so on many different levels there were issues that had everything to do with social. disease voted against that yes in the any yet she had her cake initiated to. essentially was perceived as having let this go through to will vote potential voted against it. make sure to has to appease her concert limits just telling distiller on the our view steve over looking at right now you can see and in the winter there and. court of your screen that is where we're going to take you in about a minute from now on for the. in germany it's called the elefante one does the elephant round table this is where the. heads of all the parties will sit down for the first time with these results coming in and. and basically they're going to be this will be the first phase of an address s. can be big political theater we have seen some amazing political theater at this elephant meeting of the. bailiff passed no one will ever forget when gerhard schroeder i thought he had won the election and
11:15 am
basically put island then i'm gonna medical into place and then later found out he had lost it. he was floating sky high about that meeting of the a with and so we'll see what happens this time around alright that's where that was bigger two thousand nine. now let's see what happens. election night two thousand and seventeen let's go now into the. room with me political elephants. good on islands on councilman evening and and you know i wouldn't have bought items into the it seems like brennan and rounds of the leads candidates or. it terrorists who will be of the party that we represented in parliament germinates because i think it votes instead what you just couldn't impact to in this election hasn't hayes going to be governing with him who's going to win. opposition in the fire that's likely to find myself want to talk about. what it means it's not chancellor and the? head chair. so do
11:16 am
you about in salutes from a social democrats lot insurance had we have to make because worst results. nineteen. for ti nine for christian democrats north and worst. result as the chair how disappointed i it had the music. that for us best look good naturally i would have liked to have seen of it that's a result but i'm not disappointed i'm grateful to all of the voters who cast their vote in our favor and we all. big see clearly the strongest part to discuss wide cto ncsu together and that was one of our most important targets another. was that no government could
11:17 am
be formed without us. which is why it is a great deal of work to be done not least i. it was clear at six pm on of than you this wasn't going to happen the worst result of the suv he. doesn't forty nine waves heard their declaration that you want to go into the opposition why. are you not shipment was again is it going to make yourself now could but obviously it's a bitter hardened result for us as well but if up just as ms marketed i would like to thank. the voters for what they the trust that they've given us obviously what we would hope to get more out of it but there's a mandate that we begin by the version of the same to ensure that
11:18 am
democracy become stabilized. dow and this is why the job that i have is the chair of the stp is to ensure that we are strong democrats. left is partially alright khai to right own for. and his refusal to just make it clear statement about have policies created a vacuum. which was it was filled by the. fifty people multimode puts him at odds with that gandhi rather. tishawn for him to and i believe died for that he got us hits is missing they will pay the price the question democrats surprise surprise they're going to have to go and think about what. kind of future israeli possible in this constellation of putting we. are in opposition to this policy and we hope to have a
11:19 am
constructive out still nothing like once. bought call next the reason i ask s harassment as you've had to file a constructive opposition. i think your question is insinuating that we've just been. incited riots and populism some something i would contradict immediately we have. offered. constructive cooperation in many states later right its isn't the way to go us all we want to be a strong opposition but i think this. the country needs it because they haven't had it so far. we want to draw attention to the infringements of. law that we've seen around a migration policy european policy. and it's quite clear that we are not going to just sit back and. let this happen a political mr many out of it often your. political aim was to get back into the top level of the bun does
11:20 am
tag in. the first he doesn't wear. it's are you happy. with your results the cost of all we had hoped to be the third. strongest part saying that wasn't aimed we didn't manage to achieve that. coughed of. we would like to have high. about all that being the third strong despite is a liberal how do european part seat we thought that would send a clear signal into the work but with the a fc. they wanna that's interested in sort of. you know and he is indeed some again for dom governors to get started thinking about them. racial purity and god knows what hits you. you might have thought about what could we do we don't this is how it is we don't to continue the election campaign mr schultz what we need to do to stabilize east germany i don't play. cominn in the opposition you can contribute to stabilizing
11:21 am
the country. but we certainly will not allow the spd to decide on its own who gets forced into government are not this is something that has to be. based on policy. but we'll talk about response many for competition in a moment but first small let's concluded this around miss keeping. once a youngish again no government opposition from you. yet so clients you are now the smallest parliamentary group have things in the had the opposition as it where before. she looked us was it a mistake log fifty you and miss vodka bottle can i just over the course. of the election campaign attacked much insurance as he was the main opponent. i see it differently i believe that my party in absolute figures has actually increased sides a we were. among the winners
11:22 am
of this election evening. the under thirties we're doing even better than. elsewhere where which belowt time since nineteen ninety which is a major challenge for all of those. and from tomorrow. the aim is to fight for other majority not got sick once this going echoed after twelve years in the on position. the mind lines with. a slight increase meekly deal and you know what kinds on my sleeves engine mounts could governing coalition causes and. do you think that the grassroots what a preview in the coalition if to be in the studio. what i said we find ourselves in a difficult and complicated sino so situation here in this
11:23 am
election evening? often i have with the social critical type of examination of what we're going to be doing. it in parliament untold with the parties that will be present their hi to. as an environmentally aware party that wants to push a climate protection for which we've got the paris agreement on climate. detection of we're going to work to implementing that and justice is a major issue and i was ninety the greens is in favor of this we want to do justice to this mandate. and that we will look. closely at the analyses of the days talks that we might have to see whether we can work together or not see if. miss hammond from linda z. as years have factors that. that is for services have lost ground so much that has to do as well
11:24 am
with freddie los. which in the cs you below forty percent you are around forty nine percent last tim. a few days ago. very different. so we need to analyze this prompted up. of course but the start to he a we had a situation in germany where we were talking about the perspectives. for social democrats whom left party and green party it was that we have to do everything we can to ensure that we don't have that. empowered we certainly succeeded in keeping that combination out to the government unless the chancellor said through the results of this election shows that without the cs you and cto germany cannot be governed. also there's a clear mandate from the. voters here. the fact that we're disappointed in bavaria by our results i. clear we need to analyze
11:25 am
this carefully because we want to ensure that in one year when have state assembly elections the situation is quite different in bavaria. and and the forecast that we saw in the analysis surprise that had so far we've seen that many of the a fdc. on the voters didn't vote because they believe in the a fc but because they're disappointed another party set something we need to think about we need to work on these issues and we need to. get in the electric back onboard could for. on this obviously they didn't all just as far as you know but i for. not from your party headquarters before that that right. because i was trying to has to be closed what does that mean to michael the cs nine. we've got after marienthal components about the very plan the specific very positions that we heart.
11:26 am
and that's what it's about. with thirty eight percent we obviously not happy but thirty eight percent. compared to to the party results and many other. top is that people as well areas is a respectable ebay dom. de de nombre and of those who voted for has we owe our responsibility to for our party programs and we will work for them. but only in that area. and of a distant past it and they have very that's where i'm voters are. there the ones who voted for us in their hands. and they trust us but i'd now as i'm sure in some of the other parties think well liked going to. deliver on our promises. that's would expect from us webify look at mr didn't know others obviously that's what you want to do them. let's ensure that the other. get a chance to speak was sure but let me just say that we're going to consist.
11:27 am
coming out of the coalition does this mean you are definitely not available for coalition. discussions in the coming weeks or months. even though some people from the war logs just christian being democratic name her. promised affected to do so. is of it and also i you certainly want to make this government. okay almost and in that his i listened to what my students had quite closely. i fumbled with it is it on the there's one party that has taken its responsibilities this country's seriously over the years than it is social democracy thank you for reminding me of that certainly we are. a party that house the responsibilities this country. a strong oppositio. in the phase that we're in at the moment is crucial. quitting or do we just want to leave opposition or it matters to the others. we will. i do not believe
11:28 am
that we are going to see the christian democrats working with the ftp and the greens and if so we will be in opposition to them. i mean. america did in was it less macklowe is going to rubber stamp anything you like don't worry is now put up with everything i know how these coalition negotiations will. happen you know ms mac will make any concessions to to stay in power and that's not hide from her. you know somebody called her. a hoover of ideas she just sucks up other people's ideas i think that's a very good. i do yeah oval holes and i'll go is this i believe that our job in germany is to ensure that there's a confrontation. country lobbied so desperately. the new double cut him mean could those on the right out on that left of end of democracy in this country needs to give citizens of this country a plan for the future irma's michael hasn't done it. we have a plan we didn't manage to achieve them majority support it so we are going to know. at what others did see as the future for this country because i think
11:29 am
they'll be a. cook contradicts on the coalition here between the green the tides. and the c. s. europe about. them i think that would paralyze germinates a. do to my thoughts here let me just finish what i'm trying to save he wouldn't. now there's going to be a big government of contradictions and we will be in a position that i said that that. cooperation between the cdu nz israel and the spdr has. finished. was its latest been able to going back my became the chairman. of the spd i said that we would stick to argue promises lots of the end of this coalition but it's going to has been. one voted out of power people don't of you wanted to be on the
11:30 am
world that we have been given is the world the opposition. antes islamists its and terms of a plan for social justice for this country. responsibility for europe contributed is islam this defending democratic principles in this country that if working together wih the ftp in the green party. you know it's like or do you think that might be at a minority government with changing majority. well first of all types i could say that i am to all bother sad. when i think that the good work that we did in the coalition has been characterized in this manner i believe we achieved. a great deal. for our country in the difficult situations and. waves works well together i think by safely state that. now in terms of the numbers there are two options performing. life his fifth video doing your and has a student coalition intruded
11:31 am
oftentimes of the numbers. it you you finish your sentence let me finish line perhaps. so in terms of the numbers it would be enough self but there and number of options and so the question that must of been to learn about who it's that of the responsibility that each was has. at this table is not with the article issue it's a very practical one dog. you will and the thing is germany needs a government live and i'm pleased that there at least two. as. seating options a book book and your little diplomat on their and amerie are. we have to opposition everybody narrow. spot for hand. that's really go with us this now i think it's a matter of course and it's all. your high to flee on job that we have as the soviet union to approach the individual parties and i have taken on board now that
11:32 am
the spd it would seem that is not available to enter into exploratory talks with. us but craps on the leaf it differently tomorrow but certainly. we have a government that is still in this position until we have. elected a new president of the. bible because that's gone thought just type and not based on the lower saxony elections. i don't think we're going to instantly have a new government these ours turbulent times that we live in the moment this is why i would like to appeal. to everyone it should be aware of their responsibility and to continue to but i have no doubt. that they will and uu can rely on. talk me not a single day longer. because
11:33 am
this government has clean elected out power in you of lost more than anyone. so in out of the bottom misato should sweat like oil even more time to talk but perhaps i could just. one thing we are talking so nicely about the ld politically party and. see do you working together perhaps we would be allowed to say something about his. nemesis shows has just said that a coalition base on the c. s. you and the green party would be a part of it would paralyze the country. seen them so that means that you. are saying quite clearly. this is going to be a bad government satcher saying. but no that's ascertain this you're saying that with you going to be growing parties together and it was funny. a coalition of that will paralyze the country so you are accepting a bad government. i mean how much
11:34 am
make it would have been ashamed of this. your the one who said it was a bad comes. them of item on drums we could proceed with business if bargain. problems counseling now it's not and chancellor and office machine you know for this ae consequences for the studio. the following cause say her father who said. that the ci the union house to go right that they left in the car to much space to the right wing. what i said they should close the right flank i didn't say we should become more? rights win one thank you for clarifying that there. and. thank you for the question that. i am the chancellor of germany. and i am therefore always our sponsors below. and i'm not trying to escape this responsibility to any degree them in the recent weeks. we've right capitulated what took place in on some twenty fifth arm
11:35 am
leg the by it and i was going to stick to my position here that all of the other options that were disgusted. with. it you know have and water cannons on the german border would just not an option and i believe the decision i made was right. it is however also right. that we. haven't fully. also when clinton via managed shortened it to get rid of all of the concerns s or how does. that not i have said courts moves are island is still much that needs to be done however all of the decisions with the decisions made in september twenty fifteen that went through europe and. of a court of justice it's all over and waste and includes conform with all of the law and i.
11:36 am
cyprian constitutional court has also looked at on of these decisions. so this accusation that we have you know not it would have to agree i do. not accident conform with the artists with the wrong. but if you want to talk about the concerns that people have. we need to talk about the fact that there isn't affordable house to face itk it was only on my party that even raise these issues. how in the talk shows that session i think that what this country needs is an opposite? that works to ensure there be more social justice and environmental justice. you know it's. two know of the love just to respond back has was a double blind pulling his hidden wouldn't this idea question myself of things about that katty the success all of. it the green party must to killing eastern germany come
11:37 am
on is the so i'm twelve miles off the a agassi rather. the i'm done east what is the explanation both friends and when you're not able to convince everyone old where do you saw the problem. stuff inside the fire is far right if i the success and it's an issue that all of us here have to think a lot of the intelligent how are you going to deal with the new part but i think. fd up ands very clear in their response to that but what i'm not prepared to. and this is something that recent weeks have shown us in of the platoon to put in our democracy really situation it isn't going to but i am not prepared to allow the a of deal to define in the debates. on but was targeting so image
11:38 am
yeah just we should talk about the concerns of the problems of the people this country and we should take responsibility. for it was that mr short welcome if of life to say that by companies come up what you're doing now is not what we did during the election campaign it's a party like . which was on the right side of the not see a machine for example and then on. national socialist time that you i must work together with the democratic forces. you've islands in it now it's a european sitting here alight bugsy on it at the table with us most of my time in people from and do not give said they want to be. constructive if a tough love physicians and party
11:39 am
but boy and many are wondering. how you want to prevent the trends that we've been seeing in out public sphere in recent weeks and i'm sorry? you know this sort of thing nationalist right wing extremist pasada down on double your colleague still said we want our country back de people. of ethnic minorities many are are very much integrated into our country they obey the law they worked here. for the have their families. on their part and parcel of our people so. if we keep hearing this nonsense nobody can seem to get out of election campaigning here will on right he extremists our worst. i'm it was supposedly racist or whatever. the* you
11:40 am
think i mean less surely you are. but i don't know where you read that. with if if this with what i mean many people say the welcome culture is the best protection against terroris. how did a good who actually go to vf does them? we do have the strongest figures you will find it de facto. it is among these. people from ethnic minorities would be who are well integrated here have not. and they can't believe what's happening here. now let me just finish this if ms mackenna says here. that everything she did was in accordance with the law and i think she. should allow and increased committed st look at whether or not it really was. officially thought in so. liners with a lot i mean there are plenty of people. differently for example of this of what to the supreme constitutional court to say.
11:41 am
that when this cop government sfr film. tendend your party that i've talked about hosted a few note right wing extremists racist statements. well you of with the muslim a bit being don't and we will not allow racist positions or xenophobia. is up but we simply don't have any in our party and in the. right now come on estimates on. have you listened to your leads candidate you have leads kind of and said we have to be proud. of the soldiers achievements in two world wars is talking about the venom out. i need although got one you have most of my time on said the same thing but your seriously going to maintain that a war of annihilation launched by germany is something we can be proud.
11:42 am
of. uses here recently saying that you don't have anyone in your. yeah i mean to come on holidays jens maya yemen this leads to my* by his own said inside all. of them out on e fellow who haven't been to a said the mid i tell you what you can is what you're saying and then i'll say something like well you because you said something to. and judgment but beth england's on land pass yet has a look at what's happening in our country. whistles going by melissa excessive you need doesn't dilution of our country because we have an illegal of the migration. in fact if you look up clear that our. country cannot some that you may have a different view of it but then let us in disputed mimi
11:43 am
democrats agreed it would exactly the out in the boondocks title and on the. off obviously people are you of that absolutely have a right to have their own opinion but i said it's the part to congress's well i seen it in the inner cities that i'm walking around the ceiling. awed german i havep or which don't whether have an ethnic background or not. now in their minds by its. i do not about twin you think that's quite enough on the to in and sold. once. you have said some of these people should be sent to anatolia yom kyaw that's come from your bank so i think we have a problem her. when. go to some hunting york i think we have tried she's under former didn't make it clear holds we understand our constitution. and we want wrath objective
11:44 am
discussion but i also think that it's going to look tough. of any just more in the fog of most at them for a bit of income socially outside of the what if i can also ask your question or have not set. a question about inquiry commission. you know what i'm not afraid of such a commission set up we just have to make sure that be still have enough time left to talk about the future. the. i think for the other topics that have been mentioned for example by miss keeping i. agree that there i'll pull onto. i understand that there are people in the east where people feel disconnected for example to make some book best pomerania. and we have to debate the economic future of our country. emmy is saying let's aung the often the most dramatic changes. that affect all humankind digitization for example. and we have to discuss what is suppose to happen and if you challenge make progress and so i didn't think we should. be home and i got a broken down into two to three times the past. because of social issues that and one off the program
11:45 am
special elections also austin bill that's all couples if my safety members waves of russian make right wing extremist comments in the bundestag he would thro. so she's and pushed all. all of up on a meant. good to you and others ob food to spoke up and then into a destructive me even when i could just look at you spent the evening telling you. what the strategy is? that always trying to push the limits of in trying to get across of red light into could you please in this go to buddhists august while i and i can only because i commend to the speaker of the next. witness talk to be very
11:46 am
consistent and has our approach sure such attack his. for those of in the. who named mention that we've right side? you know that during the national socialists period cruel. losses. our task will be to deal with this struck a clump right wing extremism. he had a so it is with. us there is such a new apartment trip group we have to make sure that we have a strong democracy because we have a strong opposition. mr linda stocking vault and socialist in fargo and it i'm with some tough words on the skin migration crisis and with a rather euro skeptic because you have tried. to get some of it a of are devoted hasn't worked my not. nope pp this is entirely the wrong. impression.
11:47 am
we are a liberal cosmopolitan policy for government. however we have seen that on the last four years some things have gone wrong. feeding. speed the in the german born a cycle the city you the aspinall and the koreans the meet and greet on many topics. on the putting do you know that word i'm very reasonable arguments put forward. off site in poland. and as i can put . and at the center of society was not addressed. by the buddhists talks. the policy. will pop this this is what we would like to work on them we want a united europe. a europe mocked by the rule of law were old the individual member states assume that responsibility. cotton audition for we want immigration policy it modeled on the canadian model which means that we can have. a qualified work is in a great idea. ftp out
11:48 am
but what's months more the to some i think the ftp. in nineteen seventy nine. the i've submitted the first draft for a new migration legislation and the a after he. islands of path you didn't even exist and i found. yeah i've the but the question is how do we deal in the a and what i. i've seen the a fdc in the north from us failure election campaign and i'm not interested in arguments. when the others a talking facts they are at the buffe. filling the stomach so i don't have any planned reading. nothing for pensions and nothing else. so we. are fifty shouldn't report br cut off too much by that provocation but we have to false them. could join a debate on the political factors because
11:49 am
yeah but you know this is what we want to do that it hopes will do in the hive disorderly out of sight is haunted truthful keeping all tough this evening. as well missiles skipping about. that the and if he has become a very strong radica. and he said things like the holocaust memorial sloan morial of shame. i quote from asuka. and out more example send taps mr might might say just a misunderstanding or you didn't mean it. but this is a debate that also happens in differing empowerment and it's important. i think. that it does. hello the mistake we made if i may say that. as not only a mistake of se. not to use is that it.
11:50 am
hasn't really to i've been the fight public debate. even the public hasn't really you just listen to arguments. the committee i'm i disagree with mister lechner i think it died noriega's not an option. but going back to a factual debate so. that it will close long and not so is it could i perhaps i didn't understand that well. but ignoring them is not the right solution defied. so i have view. i mean my task here is not to analyze some else's election results and but i think repeal respect whatever you it's would have somebody tries to copy such a party. and i say this to mr have i'm not because i think you try to copy a fifty. year was the one saying of how close up right like. yes i'm closing all this business to be closing. yes but mr hammond. the thing is. what people
11:51 am
might then say no time i prefer the original? but i would like to see especially democrats from this country that if the majority of muslim to stand surface. and if there's a party saying we want our country back. then not you say loud and clear many voters here didn't not. both for the a fdc i know we nobody can understand anything on the news clippings. you can discuss about the situation is the east europe from dressing yourself much talked about doesn't. your party doesn't have the second anymore but set. here los a to see to that place to the a fdc does not make clear is comes us adults often i'm of usefulness essences government the* about the reasons why this happened thanks to when i think people are. afraid to come the most socially and
11:52 am
economically. and this is very good breeding ground for populace propaganda and it's not look at problems fe same angle. district doesn't have anybody. you know there were differences between what happened in life and interest. even the speak not the valleys of i think always. were met with counter balance with us plan that never happened in trail spooky not be a median cut their spells while saying teams this is addressed to the media. christmas hunt if will social engineers hands it to an artist's wasn't invited the voting public on the site done nothing problem the ordinary the sme
11:53 am
people you have to hoped to often topless up. what if do is doing is just me my how they're distracting people can of the type of what god is people who don't have a job? if you don't have a whole slew of attempting to and they will be told its goal of refugees who fall ritual on from one the fonts voice. and then got up with what kind of aphasia. about for other the cans of usual start because i can make everybody has a destructive illegally selling the same for enormous prices. deal that nobody can find affordable housing and so on this christie. test points that i mean it get with we want don't want an atmosphere where race is no can grow. and we will always ask. the docking by questions about what effect. winds funded as estes the one of the top come at us and they want you to. say hi fifty billion euros out federal budget. and you know it wilt
11:54 am
but it's mostly i think about often even this in terms of. treatment in the future on please on pbs let me ask you. parliament doesn't your palm entry group stick to the current parliamentary more dissonant us all of called out of india. just like we do it and we believe state legislatures of a no provocation done for a couple could soon come no but listen to copy a comment without a personal actions of. parliament in opposition emission to but to pull would see us to dot org others in the parliament is not about. who i remember the a very? lively debate of and a decade. you know times latin but there i. understand that itf
11:55 am
a few. that miss couldn't government wanting to housing to migrant discounted it could. come on it's not on purpose. death gate. would you have i the problem at the moment is that we don't have enough house's and to a degree of so many. refugees because we come here on this and have you of gravel. and then. necessarily to like competition for houses and competency to its only give to that focus its competition of about how this is an object paperback it's winds look even of that kind i you know that's with us mid and that's. not solu. i wouldn't want any. limits on the month on you know what you seem to be fastened me let me say this
11:56 am
decided once about what is it about discussion which is very similar to what we've had been previous a. marxist knowing deutschen boon to scott this evening he's undergone brief if elected sided version you can just talk about half of the time you spend. it with the a an. a half of the time but not as we speak hundred guitars about the a has to go with who would become the keen ty out and how. we needed to do was have a future of course that means even with the a of cool but it's not. only. and a motorcycle. country about be emotional instead them tremendously debate we have to make sure.
11:57 am
de here i was in pushing that i vote doesn't work of voted for them out of disappointment some can be associated indian us a lot about how it may be handled hoped not to democratic parties. is okay blaming it on the public said on the path is a few with followint its own bar we understand. that unless god doesn't want a grand coalition. the but at plus plus in that government of do sixty the ukrainians and the ftp in me seems difficult think you'll that what about. a minority government so if us i think a lot as parliamentary comes on with that be conceivable or not at all it's from the path. of you individually
11:58 am
cable. the up. i believe that a stable german government is of value in itself i believe our entire parliamentary system. is different from countries that have must sla night. and then i hope you at least give us the chance to. have a few exploratorium's hawks in the says our plan and. xena for myself of the ranges that that's the plan then surely we don't need t. talk this evening. i'd is up some of the various options that are out there. the main thing is that we create a stable government here in germany that has been a trademark pep summer p. to myself a bit but i believe that this country. lost. has. donald. a great deal. of good things but we have an awful lot of challenges facing in the future if you look at the. situation of the steel. the workers the situation of for. to slip into cropley through and tarta and then
11:59 am
what we have to the automotive industry where. eight just a faulty valve eight hundred seventy. thousand jobs are. i'm not nearly look at the education system in this country i think we've gotte. really a great deal that we need to do and our citizens have given us a mandate to deal with these issues. and i think that is so do you would have liked to have had a better result this election but all the same we have a very clear mandate to tackle these issues to deal with the future. you know mr lit. was you might play a role in tackling this mandate under said if you want to if you do enter into a coalitition with t this see do you you want to be on an equal footing would be demanding the finance. ministry. we didn't make anything. dork slum conditions of this kind we on all. certainly if we want to mak.
12:00 pm
i don't know a contribution here and we have committed to this you know i will paul you talked about the issue of europe altamont not. anymore i'm on the automatic out to matt matt taking de. in their flawed and transfers pursuing at canadian model of integration to get party's you won't digitized ation. funding be we don't want to miss any for their time and education but at the same ts also it's important to ensure that the studio and the spd and the grain party in the last term. of office could not be distinguished in terms of their policies. and i believe the vote for the ftp was also a vote for political change. and if this political change doesn't come about. that in a new government. then i've dean i. will not leave this position to the a. f. d. on the farm right not a policy in pushing. fo.
12:01 pm
the byzantine most order. actually other interested in is racism and xenophobia an. not working with other countries need to strengthen the european union not weaken it so party like that one should not be. that the opposition. now i'm going echoed that we have a sense that this in was. date per gaps between you. double had the ftp cousins is is faustin even greater than robinson both playing in the difference between you know and i still do you. can you imagine overcoming these differences would you be interested in that. coalition of this kind will being interested isn't the issue and certainly not this evening. use of the issue is taking this thing seriously and being responsible and. these are the that you wants
12:02 pm
why not say it now. this kind of denunciation well i really noticed during the election campaign you know i was a good sport but it's over now gradually we committed to the powers that waived the difference is. that the ideological and subsidy driven and usually transformation is what we're after we're interested and a market. economy approach listed and i think we could continue discussing who's ideological i mean if you look in north rhine. westphalia. for ideological reasons you drove a continuation of lignite. cool important extraction a thief haga ups but to me that as it may the question. of whether or not we can have. serious discussions about these issues. none of that some double and that sucks about we don't look at the past but look at
12:03 pm
what needs to happen in the future if you apply that is the way. future meant you said does a great deal separate us. from the ftp it naturally we are very consistent in of the climate issue and our. electric expect us to to see how of hot exactly that and the social issue will be right in the heart of it mr schultz said this evening but. in the believes he has to go into the opposition out take that on board i don't know whether he'll state stick with that or not but i taken on board. but that means that we need to focus on social issues at the heart of the government because. this shows you can't say it's time for justice and then say what we do in florida years time vats the job now. and obviously we have to discuss all of these issues but i don't know if that's the way i florida i can't say cuba. where we can do all manner of different things but certainly not on this evening carry out coalition negotiations the ? this but if you don't denunciation encountered
12:04 pm
denunciation isn't the way forward. will go because i know york programs i know mr agnes programs i know ms magazine program and i know this is a. very in plan. bringing these things together is going to be very very difficult us on i think you'll succeed. which is good form that government go ahead. i believe this country needs a confrontation rigid a centrist right as interest. party and the opposition on. so that we don't rely on parties like that why don't when it's about shaking democracy. the flooded now before we area i mean you oy contributes to percent to the. here man wagnerian it in terms. motors.
12:05 pm
i have always said that all of these rumors about me wanting this position as minister i'm not going to get involved with and that continues this evening mba in. by the hit we were ascertain everybody's positions when we start our negotiations and discussions of that is the most important thing sas unit the end of the day at some point we reform to government. but it's not about me. and i think feud of if we might be serious here. welcome everyone. in their election campaign and pushed for their on cd would see as would programme up. and of course there's the could very a plan and then we minutes good here. and the others have their own plan and i wouldn't want people to think. that the first thing we're going to do. is. keep in touch on the set down and juan and i seem to
12:06 pm
get within arguing about all of these things i mean the issue at hand here is germany and germany stewed shop and when people ask me that that. we there's the dictator north korea what's happening there in the futul shot up look that we mustn't think. that it's just about you know a sort of haggling in a market or something like that. get dot it's about the anniversary what is not about atmospheres about whether or not we're going to have a sound government for the future and can we form that we're not we won't be able to. decide that this evening aside about atmosphere and red with we don't have a drink with one another it's about whether we can put together government. and wouldn't it then big now. this one i'm not going to give you the flowers and on towards the almost twelve hours. noble but show i would just like to to widen our. kids in income than
12:07 pm
both and in the weak side to come if we go about. a year. yes we want to talk about this witness became one question for each of you as to what must out with you should the war he you. forces in the able to force countries like poland to accept the number of refugees allocated to them mr definitely don't look ha. it was like let me correct one student just said the arabs ghana because it once again he's trying to say that we are enemies of the european union or something of that mountain. we are clearly committed to their if you know him often but i. will tell my we owe them many achievements the european single market is just one of ibm's project of peace within your been we support all of these things that they're pretty certain. really lines will not a very nice besides honeybee for eh
12:08 pm
member states that we only those things that debt with of the. art level yeah. that's our thing a visitor you mean the distribution of refugees wouldn't even be possible to be brief. if. a nation a says they want having a few are refugees. a dutch and give these land now then we might of germany that is their right. clomid nine so absolutely no the oval face on you envoy shouldn't be for deir and kind of selenium should not be able to know for some element or it could mean a czech republic because i cannot take on more. registers and they want it was shouldn't be constantly want to wrap up here and we don't this is set out in ir. i've never demanded anything
12:09 pm
i don't see. except moment on that for you not to be implemented at the moment have a situation that was made us that there are number of external states. that are not be able to protect externally boredom probably die which is why we have introduced. some williams and so will envoy no controls again visit. and this has to be continued it's not just about to get the refugees here it's about japan. he's sick and guaranteeing that. dealer amazon people but there's a warned easy for their arrests and willow's border controls it needs to be continued until. the delay you external borders are sufficiently protected that is our position albums concert in in the and i believe the chancellor has supported it in the house i'm all. that so it's moving towards him more armaments
12:10 pm
more military intervention is not. going to and has not made this world a safer place hobbits do if there is seeking a more european. cooperation it has to be in stopping. exploitive weapons not buying what tanks together we need to have more european cooperation around combat on poverty that if i owned a response to the crisis of meaning in the who is to say. are now going to copy that you as a. position of being the world's policeman. trying c. position somebody who make sure right here to what we agree financially and you want to call that person a finance minister and i think it's good yet. if you just
12:11 pm
going to manipulate this unholy absolutely no a budget for the eurozone well what's. among the member states of the eurozone that i think last night or something to think. you know we're talking about sixty billion euros like now martin and budget now this kind stops from having money flow into in france or in its favor first dames consumption court yeah. gun. if i look under. then. i am lucky will not i guess countries such as hungary i'm has a government that doesn't want to it here to two things father and rules of the head unit. not least. for the refugee
12:12 pm
issue or if into silence just the same the audience question i think it's important is that procedures be other than. untrained gun fight against these countries but if i see that there's on decision in both of these countries and that this opposition discounting. the bond them against remaining just will not standing on the other for europe and we must shut the door in their face nothing was they shouldn't have to be of your come on. we need to make sure yeah hoped fort based on some the debt you live with only be able to survive the crisis in this world if europe we are in favor. of this is your the one that we all share. germany plays important world in the garment issue in the refugee issue economic stability.
12:13 pm
it's official about you know do we can't angeles with onion mr sean's shouldn't long you don't file the year out enough truth in this two year transition period after breakfast brexit you is because with absolutely no musical. the you has made major concessions i think messina may is. trying to soothe him you will. a calm taking them down or trying to was it to gain an unfair opposition republican who's. i think we've been very generous issue about using of i am what i think i need has done a great deals because it's before but comes struggles questions ls based on love hungry does. when the hungry says wide open says bunch of one of the ruling was owned by the e. u. records one of justice not finding from the is what's not his own.
12:14 pm
and i think it's that's all this kind of mindset that may is presenting here that triggered the bricks in the first place so we mustn't let it go through provide. paul matters although to go this matter because it into jump right. catalog news president albeit it looks missiles said published on that europe we will grow together better if all member states have the year to support this idea. miles aung via among a funk phone than me out of you know what paul republic and wish you well do we need more europe do we need less you i t think we need. i wre you a we need a strong hero that is competitive that but that will by that i zero but my first a question. it is always being the name you're was and at do just thought to have winds of this century all member states spun have that this is going in currency. but then the pretended it
12:15 pm
wanted number. leaving that if a country it fills swig criteria in the future we will certainly want to have this country in the rose on. the three baltic states are already and the euro. czech republic slovenia there already. zero there actually not that many member states who don't have the airline it's obviously down to the individual countries to decide these things would they all fields in the. conditions of the by not means with the show and then and we was exactly the same if people have him. if country's have moved it all right here they can't are ya stable government by christmas slots with a fifty but i'm always optimistic. that's my nature fionnula on until a many years now. i think being com is what
12:16 pm
it'll do no one their way to having how that was the end of the berlin round. lake's judgments thank you for coming along or does it seem debates and for you thank you for watching and have a good evening. you're face talks of the les of the parties which will be in germany's new parliament. germany is just now beginning to come to terms with an election that has left both mainstream parties weaker. a smaller party somewhat stronger and for the first time in sixty years a far right party will be part of the new parliament these are seismic changes. at the end of a campaign that many labeled lackluster. well not anymore. this twenty to discuss deconstruct in deciphered tonight list head over to the top table where my colleague. peter craven is standing by peter thanks so
12:17 pm
much burned yes sir in much to talk about at the talks table had been joined by a new team in. i'm there but when there is with the house chief political correspondent she's been with the sole evening but also jumbo venice on a veteran correspondent he goes all the way back to. the government in bona if i'm. if i recall rightly a us fund alisa political strategists consultants who works on the successful launch remind people. access for campaigns of for a barrack of bomber in the united states so we're gonna be talking about the elephant render about density. that debate is a ritual in german politics after the elections every time about what was said there what we make of it but before we do that i just like to begin with amazona. introductory remarks to what you've been seeing today a correspondent targeting red earlier today said it expects the unexpected today one finger what's been the biggest surprise of surprises. well what we thought to do or you can
12:18 pm
send a sum up in in the. tom. i know michael has been reelected but you will be much weaker clean up because of the election results germany has moved to the right no doubt about it. and germany will be it less predictable in the future this is the result of these elections. germany has always striven as long as i have known martin germany to be predictable that is a big step back for germany. in that sense yes because them the real only option for a new government is the sole quota mica. a coalition and they will be phone by. the christian democrats and the greens and the the ftp. and destroying party blocks do not really fit together and. and debt and that's why i'm saying we will see a future in which germany will be less predictable. and it will take quite a mile to form this government okay nearest wonder now what do you say about so what we've seen today because germany being strengthened
12:19 pm
or weakened by today's election. well. angela merkel's part of the city you has the worst election results since nineteen forty nine the spd has the worst results in its history so. i think it is a clear shift from what we have before i think one of the things that is very clear is that martin schulz the candidate for the social democrats kmart hard saying. they're not gonna play any role in this next government so again as you just mentioned that leaves the jamaica coalition as the one the. only viable option out which of course does bring instability i think the one thing that we have to talk about is a new player in town. which is of course the a debate right wing populist set goals marched into of the german parliament hadn't been there before and they came in with thirteen percent so that's a big change for. a politics in general and it's gonna be very interesting to see how all those parties adapt as they take a up. eighty plus seats in the next parliament okay and we were all listening to what the party heavyweights had to say and how long it was quite intense melinda just give us
12:20 pm
a couple of sort of patents where we're gonna. go before i give you a couple of clips from indeed well one aspect that was interesting we saw some very lively intensive interaction of the kind we didn't see all that much sense. during the election campaign visit will know th. at loggerheads here also than some of the same parties and then. quite interesting as well to see how they interacted with the a fdc with. the representative of this. new right wing nationalist party that is coming into parliament. very tough talk there as well and so direct statements to the fda you know you have a tactic that you use we've seen it used before. you're going to try it again you say moderate stuff here but the fact is when it comes down to it you start moving the discourse
12:21 pm
up closer and closer toward. statements that are racist and or xenophobic and then the last thing that i thought was quite interesting was to see those potential coalition partners sniffing each other out. circling around each other the chance listening very intently. at her possible coalition partners were speaking and i agree it's not an easy mix those three parties the greens the business friendly free democrats. and the conservatives but i do see some areas where i think they might be able to put together cooperation and even on europe. i found mr linda sounding a little bit more pragmatic than he had been during the election campaign so does all the others point struck me. thanks so much for that's adelaide soon let's listen to just a wee little bit of what i'm gonna medical had to say and then we'll talk about it. she's talking about values by the way. the up. i believe that a stable german government is of value in itself i believe
12:22 pm
our entire parliamentary system. aren't from countries that have a long tradition of minority government is i'm not sure before i even had a single guy exploratory talk i know we've just left our. party headquarters all of a sudden rushed over here. we're going to be going back top party had stopped gorgeous muscle sleep on it for a night. and then i hope you at least. a chance to. have a few exploratorium's hawks in the says our plan and. zero for myself of arranged that that's the plan then surely we don't need to. talk this evening. i'd is up some of the various options that are out there. the main thing is that. the present chancellor presumably the future chancellor business as usual but it really toll be business as usual country's wounded. the off because she is urban but us arakan a thing tonight's like she all this is wrong and. i'm de. so will would cease to will approach showed the whole of
12:23 pm
problem. in her style. and. so but never the less she is weakened no doubt about it. and so is horror partner bavaria. would shun wouldn't that is where we see the real political disaster. i mean below forty percent that's almost unheard of in bavaria reason we haven't seen that in food we more than fifty years. so that will be all it's a very complex issue how how with the the did the to produce the cd you and the sea is who you are. reunite her again. and how will they worked together in the in the future and what does that mean in the john mica coalition laura deep rifts between the greens and the cst only just explain to the view is that you make a. coalition of the liberal free democrats that's their color yellow with the conservatives black and to my missing the greens gritty right at the us saying i think that the jamaican flag
12:24 pm
it's used widely in seven path text. to denote to the coalition the vendor is talking about will hear about that trump a log window name you want a cell mark talk that he was using that term. monaco it would if you to follow jinping politics in the next a couple of weeks and months. news from the low how wounded is under the medical what do you say osha stuff like that wounded domain i should drop eight point six percent. on the cd csu her conservative party of forty partner from a very dropped eleven points so that is of course begin him. but. i thought in this just this side of the front and one as we call it. of was interesting is to see how martin short's the social democratic candidates just came out swinging i mean. this is something that we've been meant waiting for and missing drums full debate drizzle the mount sort of just freed elect go. and i thought if that was the martin shows that we had seen during the tv debate
12:25 pm
that brand of course called a tv duet. non i think that might of been a different trajectory in the selectionm to the i a hefty on the right wing go party that's entering the ballistic. but also to this new coalition that you make a coalition you know was cars are going to hear what was kind of interesting ways and. seeing how the a fdc seems to clarify everybody's mind suddenly everybody can look very noble the spd house to go and opposition because they need to be the leaders of the opposition without. this right wing party in parliament they need a to be there and then the others as well i undoubtedly they mean that but there's also a it offers a great opportunity for all the other parties. to say you know we have to raise the standard now with democratic debate and we're going to be leading this fight and. clearly it had a major
12:26 pm
impact on the other parties. as well as we could hear that to be in that discussion facilitating observations who will three things are most want to go back to. french now tastier. much you're watching dw's live coverage of the german elections would like to say hello to all of our viewers around the world especially those in australia and the united states and those watching us on. twitter wide stream with a comfortable l. but despite their celebrations. they've taken a massive cut into port its medical admitted that she had hoped for a better result. her main challenger martin schulz of the social democrats. has conceded defeat after the party's worst ever results. and he is ruled out joining a new coalition government. and the far right alternative for germany the a fdc. his own course to be the third biggest party in the new parliament. that's according to preliminary results only
12:27 pm
these are not yet. the official results. speaking of results and numbers let's go over now to monica she has got a full breakdown of the latest. predicted. results monica and the brent because obviously it's still moving maybe the changes on to huge but here in they could. be a little bit of a surprise perhaps of the when we look at the results as a whole. at first sight not much has changed i i'm gonna mac listed you see as you still of course the strongest party with thirty three. percent of the votes the sp de follows with a twenty point seven percent of the votes. the left party and. the green party both hovering around the nine percent the business friendly ftp the free democratic party at ten point six percent so again it has to be mentioned. that definitely back in parliament now after being out of it for four years.
12:28 pm
and the a fdc the far right alternative for germany for the very first time. definitely one can say probably by now in parliament with thirteen percent in terms of gains and losses. well eat so quite obvious that the largest gains can or the largest losses rather can be found. with until americans see do you see as you down eight point five percent. spd also shape quite a substantial amount of votes you down five percent left party in greens. not much los not much gain it pretty much the same as four years ago. ftp though five point eight percent and games that's what brought them back into parliament and the a fdc here was eight point three percent while a very clear message. they're here in the german bundestag it types of seeds now this is where it's getting interesting. because obviously there are quite a lot of seats. that can be shared a total of six hundred ninety and the
12:29 pm
largest the major that the light she goes to the cdu csu. with two hundred and thirty nine seats. followed by the spd with one hundred and fifty seeds the left party. and the green party both the sixty five to seats. the free democrats with seventy seven seats and the a fdc the blue ones down there with ninety four seats and this is where it gets interesting because if we just. play a little game here we have the possible coalitions that we could build we meet three hundred and forty six seat in order. to be able to actually. government in order to have a majority now the cd you see issue alone con to do it so they need help. if they turned to the ftp which is that tried and tested coalition partner that already getting quite close actually to that majority the locking thirty seats at the moment. and things are moving still this evening if they don't joined with the greens and we have this much talked about jamaica coalition then yes. that is a clear. mandate to govern this could
12:30 pm
be a governing coalition are there up very few alternatives the spd already ruled out it doesn't want to go back into a governing coalition if. just for the sake of it the spd wanted to govern itself it would have to join forces with the left party. perhaps with the greens the two of them governed already under gatt saluda in nineteen ninety eight to two thousand five of course and if they than said alright we still need someone else let's do it with the ftp. well that would be a first but that at least would be a possibilit. a possibility at even though it would be not a very likely one. we will have more numbers as the evening goes by and things can still move print. exactly my marketing very much under the miracles is cd you. as we just heard has been badly bruised a loss of more than eight percent that's according to. the preliminary results still the cdu remains the largest party in parliament and
12:31 pm
there were cheers at their headquarters when the first exit poll was announced. and around six pm local tim. it puts miracle on course for a fourth term as german chancellor though she'll have. a tricky task forming a new coalition government. regular dresser supporters at ctu headquarters earlier here's part of what she sai. leann there's no need to mince words here. we would like to have had a slightly better result. that's absolutely clear.. above youou don't know thate mustn't forget that it's been a particularly challenging term of office that we've just concluded. and that's why i'm so pleased that with you we've reached the strategic goal of our election campaign. top. isn't we've emerged as the strongest party the cd you with the cs you. it's now up to us to form a government and no government can be formed against us. to there year the german chancellor talking about the
12:32 pm
strongest party but she herself could be. one of its weakest links list belinda michela kushner she is standing by. at the christian democrats headquarters here in berlin getting. we sailed so let's talk about this. this topic of uncle americal the wounded chancellor tonight. is it was quite interesting we just sold a defeated sounds are from the social democrats martin souls calling of the biggest loser of the evening. anthony might well be bright she's been dealt a severe blow over the past twelve years he actually managed to increase. a support base considerably and ben vince now using. is quite significantly down from those forty one percent the cdu got lost time around at this being so direct dealings. at to migration policy this party the city you has seen a million photos he most likely across over cross over that line that red line this cd you. wants to drool between them
12:33 pm
on to the far right ast party that raises and also questions. you're seeing someone on stage that you still have a lot of soul searching to do on where they went wrong. clearly she wasn't ready interest in doing that's tonight at delivering more a sofa and collected a plan on how to move forward. raw the been greedy recognizing evening o be a rather unlikely scenario a particular also because we're seeing. a broader moreover fragmentation that in german parliament and it's unlikely that the seeds. should have any kind of
12:34 pm
interest that to make it some governing coalition that it will have to form. anymore on stable ground it will already be because that let's just face it with it trying to bring the green posse on board the free democrats. and also on board for this to mike echo and listen and that will take some time that will take quite a bit of fighting. and with everybody knowing that that will probably have to be we also with the social democrats taking themselves. out of the game having taken that having a basically lost out during that ground coalition period what. many of those successes was seen as matt coles at that could be a different difficult periods indies. difficult indeed the conservatives the ftp and the greens are certainly not what we would call natural bed fellows that is for sure michelle the governor. add the cd you they've won r
12:35 pm
thirteen percent of the vot. a result that will see a far right party interpol parliament for the first time in more than sixty years. and and they did so running on an openly anti islam anti immigrant platform. i'm going forward the a of de says one of its priorities will be to launch an investigation. into legal breaches by uncle americas in relation to germany's. refugee crisis. notable in our correspondent now sumit so was gone to she is standing by in severe pain in northern. germany she's with. leaf eric home from the alternative for germany. he was trying to unseat on to america in miracles constituency. seeming good evening to you. good evening grant yet just to give you an update one of the reasons that we are here is that the fd in the process had a very strong showing in the state. a we do have the most of recent projections that the cd you is the largest most assess
12:36 pm
what successful party in the state with thirty five. percent of the vote the aft is the second largest party with a little over nineteen. percent of the vote as you mentioned a life in the column was trying to take away the direct mandate that ungrammatical had and her own district to take that district away from her. to win in that district that hasn't happened it assumes that you want a little over forty four percent of the vote in her district that means she. was able to hold onto it and like a come a little over a twenty percent we do have them here with us and we did want to speak with him since he's the leading candidate. a for the fda here end up mecklenburg west pomerania have on a zebra who get one disconsolate and did you on this one. big name to talk that i recognize name which off the chancellor via i'm if you can manage to do that on phone. the people the
12:37 pm
fetish and it would have remained enough it why was . you know she's got my miles percentage clean version on the show and i and our result is higher than the state average we not on how do yo. yes the whole question here shivering in march from the first estimations came out i so that the a fdc has more than thirteen percent nationwide. what can we expect from the of july in the opposition because you get out of it? hostage done it's not very happy warned buddhists taught. we by middle comes a said loud just party and that we live in the debate that's good for democracy. you won't is but i'm not means it also normalized he party spectrum that we have in europe. bush also view
12:38 pm
fields and i think that's important for our country and co conflict less than as conservative policies. however within it potty there also some people who make right wing comments or exit nationalist comments. what do you say about? sending what mr hechas said that there should be. a turnaround about. japanese culture of remembrance and i guess it does now offered he was highly criticized for what he said to defend to correct that what you said the new will. it's waived opted not what i think is important that we don't and only always talk about each one of the darkest. of days part german history but we should also focus what happens if but wo
12:39 pm
have to look at the positive moment in our history comes i can think about what you said i was criticized for it but still. he's a member of the a fifty is that correct. if with the figures there i. a procedure justice if sure expelling from the patio don't think that will be successful. because see legislation governing parties is very strict with my dancing to could be possible to expel him i would have expelled and i think that would have been better. see i'm above out for and conduct us however you said before. this the show voice on that right wing nationalists. some comments are made to india after the icon the count and change it angle. course you they have must has committed crimes and we have to keep talking about is really not sweeping this on the rock. but german soldiers of the calls also
12:40 pm
so major achievements just like in other nations. that's why military academies on over the welts from before including in the us. west lawman yves difference you mentioned as a children's. hunt fuel tank. was either brent as you're not you're of the party is celebrating behind us in the local office here in sweden. and this is for them deadly successful evening. alright seems was gonna they're insuring thank you very much assuming. we'd like to take you now. back here to berlin i'm joined by my colleagues usual auto parts. she is standing by at the headquarters of the alternative for germany the a fdc. and my other colleague is of forty to charge she is standing. in alexander plots here in berlin where a demonstration has amassed throughout the course of the evening against the a. f. d.. short to let me just a start with you briefly. i'm there the notion of the. the a. f. d. being. the major disruptor in the new. german parliament. is that being discussed there were you are in our our do people see that
12:41 pm
completely in a positive sense. well i mean the a fdc and presented itself for the a de members here that i. could talk to tonight presented itself clearly as a opposition party that is gonna rebel and against the established fonsi in volume and so i mean. seen many faces on the a fdc tonight alex on that ballot on one of the. canada said we are gonna hunts down i'm gonna mackel. we've seen another phase from another leading candidate others vital who said we are going to be a constructive opposition and the potty need out. got moist and trying to establish said his party as a serious opposition party in the so called elephant ground that we just saw sunday w.. so very of many faces and the big question moving fall it is what kind of opposition party is the a fdc. going to be we know that they are on the far right that they a nationalist they've been
12:42 pm
campaigning on that platform as no pluralist as well. with slogans such as new germans we are going to create them ourselves their islam does not belong to germany. and so we know that they almost certainly shaking up the political landscape one save. our in parliament yeah major disruptors the that is for sure let me pull into funny to chart now and alexander plots on. i'm and funny the protests in there meet our people there talking about what we heard earlier today that. the a fdc now that it will be in power. would white to prosecute the german chancellor and as one of its leader said tonight. maybe put her in jail. actually you don't hear people talking he our brand they run the scream and shout the same slogans and that is. nazis i'll check on that the entire studio berlin hates a after the beach is of course not the case considering the fact. that but also a lot of voters here but in voting a for a of the beach at dick'. and that making them the third largest biggest force the main opposition party basically the new parliamen.
12:43 pm
so you don't get this if conscience right now throughout you for that because these people while you are. you're behind the a cb hadn and they are shocked about this resolve. and they want to express their anger right now you c havave behind me. it's a mixed crowd right away you seven of young people you on the property through that. you all to see red they're the how do you beat glad those of people here who are. worried that. maybe that the same sex marriage may be revoked set this one brad. she had as you can hear behind me button and so on e headquarters of the a fdc here in berlin to both of you thank you very much. you're watching dw's live
12:44 pm
coverage of the german elections germany decides he is a reminder. of what we know so far as we come upon a quarter to ten pm. project result so i'm gonna miracles conservatives with a comfortable. lead but despite the celebrations they've taken a massive cut in support more than a million votes going to the a of de. michael admitted that she had hoped for a better result. her main challenger martin schulz of the social democrats. has conceded defeat after his party's worst ever results. and he has ruled out joining a new coalition government with americas in germany. and the for right alternative for germany is on course to be the third biggest party in the new parliament. that of course is according to the projection results only we still do not have. the official results just. yeah. so a disappointing evening for word the social democrats the esprit de. here you see a rather simmered crowd at the
12:45 pm
party's headquarters. when the exit polls were announced earlier this evening and based on those results. we now have as pt leader martin schulz taking his party out of the running to become a grand coalition partner. with until americans conservatives. i wanted to just replace the current chancellor. and this is why. i was not just as a ministe. and therefore i believe it is consistent and write them for and this is why i've recommended to the social democratic leadership that we. go into this current government's. as an opposition party. give on. with the spd ruling out a grand coalition repeat one party that could play a role in germany's next governmen. is the greens they increased their vote share to almost nine percent. but the parties co chairman jim us demeanor. was circumspect about the night's results.
12:46 pm
jets. are you have missed one of the ago is to become third strongest party but at the same time you were better than last time which was also go is that enough to have this. good mood her. of course i'm happy about our next result but at the same time i've stewed meats and i'm very unhappy with the election result of the. divided sky. so that's. brings along risk. for all of us to we go over. sponsored. you would debt divided society and everybody means everybody that he could the social democrats. i don't think this is the time to say that we don't talk. everybody has to be ready to take over respond. this coming back to your own party already said you have to talk. is this now a moment where the other parties have to join forces and form this jamaica could listen for the first time. depends on clinton sits the same what was said. during the election campaign and nothing has changed. we are the party and the election results. bruce me right. that is fighting against climate change so without a clear policy
12:47 pm
for de carbonization i cannot answer coalition seconds were pro european. that means no anti european policy we've the green party that's impossible for us and for. is a just society. so this is. the framework and if we see movement towards our direction we're ready to take go responsibly. i have not we're taking over our seats in a position. one was last word to the a hefty of already mentioned that. what would be the strategy of what went wrong first of all that they got that strong and what's your strategy to deal with them now? i think we have to deal with the problem said a our problems with. duration policy and our problems with islamism. but we have to do it in a way that doesn't divide our society that doesn't target people. defore it's clear democrats have to stay together i don't think we will get stay a if the smaller. we take over their language as some politicians have done that only strengthens them. thank you very much. and with the social
12:48 pm
democrats ruling themselves out of a coalition miracles most likely option for forming a new government. would be in coalition with the fdp and that you just heard with the greens. let's go now to my colleague simon young key is at the ftp headquarters here in berlin and fall means on the marquee you just saw is wit. the greens also here in berlin gentlemen good evening to you fall beyond let's start with you. i mean if you're looking at things. in point of view. bed with. the scene. server lives or the ftp. and first of all it's the ftp you generally speak king i mean. for the green so as one delegate told me here it's like fire and water for the greens traditionally the ftp the debt rose. is a neo liberal. tree friendly climate change ignoring party and for a long time. prime and the me in the pool to build arena. but then again there's also in americans party
12:49 pm
the scene you. her although part no the bavarian c. s. you. and that's maybe even a stronger opponent. has been a strong opponent the possible the greens so there are two very tough partners. in bed with for the greens and it is really hard to say america and her cd you. are probably small this problems with this. problem but the c. s. you the bavarians and the liberals will really via play. difficult road for the greens in those talks. okay simon young at the ftp headquarters simon is almost like night in the walking dead in a way isn't it the ftp. being resurrected from the it's of the i its four year. missing in action if you want from parliament it was kicked out of parliament in the last elections now it's back in. does it have the leverage that it's leader mister lindner. seems to think that in halves moving in and going into negotiations for a new government.
12:50 pm
well brenda and the ftp the free democrats a pretty relaxed here tonight they're very pleased of course that they've come back as you say they'll the comeback kids the same name. having narrowly failed to get into the bundestag four years ago they've now but i've attained to saint. and so that they're firmly that willow with the five percent hurdle to get into parliament. and and the relaxed in the sense that so you know they don't need to form a government in these. for angle a medical. now to to make that appeal to maybe make the suggestion formally that there could be a cycle jamaica coalition with conservatives. free democrats and greens that and then the. the the. ftp leader this evening this evening has been sayin. there he will approach that. tomas responsibly in the interests of his quality but also in the interests of germany as a whole. and will try to find common ground
12:51 pm
that with the conservatives that shouldn't be too much of a problem that shape coalitions. at many times in the past but also with the greens where there are lots of clear different cities. such as on cutting taxes for business such as on migration policy and pretzels so. on the whole question of europe that does of the key areas where they're out difficulties. of finding common ground with the green spread to the ftp say. they're going to look for it. yeah it's not gonna be easy that is for sure. some young info means on the mark both in the german thank you very much. alright. and the for the talking right now let's. talk numbers monica's here now let with the latest exactly let's look at some of the keen numbers their brand. the latest project is resolves here and. . not to try to make it to too exciting we still have obviously see do cs you're here in the lead to thirty three percent for i'm gonna beckles party. spd unchanged at twenty point six percent.
12:52 pm
and the left party at nine point one percent the greens it eight point nine percent so no big changes here in the last hour. of the same pretty much goes for the a business friendly free democrats party at a ten point six percent a so that back in the bundestag. idea the a fdc losing ever so slightly but still a very strong showing obviously currently twelve point eight percent. clearly they will go into the bundestag interesting so. in the east often germany the former east germany the votes for the a fdc are twice as high as in the waist so there is food for thought that print. yeah it's it's interesting how the bugs divide there among the east west axis in this country monica thank you very much. we have heard it. we have heard of whites the parties in the analysts have said about tonight's election results now was turned to what voters. have been saying and for that we're joined by our social media editor called nest court what it's the
12:53 pm
conversation online tonight. yeah germans really of talking about the selection of course it's a big one in germany one way to. take a pulse of the electorate is to look at what they are searching for on google we have some of the top questions. that germans have for google and here they are and number one they want to know who voted for the aftra to reach about the demographics of that far. right vote a number two what happens if there's no coalition maybe people look the worried about whether this german government can come together. and number three what is the jamaica coalition. the answer as we know the tears the colors of the to make a flag black for cd you green for the green party. yellow for the fdp in fact there's so much interest in a potential to make a coalition. that the only country in the world currently googling jamaica more is actually trump any cuba. a german voters there also analyzing the aftermath you they wanna know what is this all means a. at here's one is is a people you know
12:54 pm
in the next parliament. there will be some dispute says you have to make a you have s. p. d. against medical you have the right. against the left and it's going to be. exciting of one group of voters of that's that's not so excited brent. s. p. day voters a and here's one here who is speaking out and saying look. everyone in this party should finally understand that a grand coalition only leads to the marginalization. of the spd using those those terrible numbers coming in and then the polling results really low twenties. a we have one more spd voter here who says hey hey deir spd actually writing directly to the party on twitter. i hope that you use this opportunity now speaking of maybe the spd being in the opposition. a shift to the left that's over from and that's where. we belong. spd voters many other voters in germany really online just trying to make sense of these results says is coming in. yeah and it's good to carl that you are showing us that people are interested in what the jamaica coalition is melinda and i i think we
12:55 pm
spent a good. but three or four hours tonight belinda trying to explain that to people as well so yeah they're up group going as well threatens the very idea that the jamaicans are going to be very fond of the germans after tonight. right across of knowledge would as always thank you very much. and here's a reminder of the top stories that we're following for you on this election night here in germany. jess i know america look set for a fourth term in office following parliamentary elections projection server conservatives. as the biggest parting with around thirty three percent of the vote. but they've suffered heavy losses and they will be forced to form a new coalition. government. and the right wing alternative for germany has made history by entering the bundestag the german parliament. rejected results show the party is third largest in the new parliament. the a of dis lead candidate alice vital says her party will seek a parliamentary investigation into what she calls quote. legal breaches made by until america. with her open door policy for
12:56 pm
refugees. in two thousand. and fifty. one of the i.. you're watching the w. new saliva from berlin winner take a short break we come back they will be more news more coverage of this. historic election day and in about thirty minutes i'll be back to take you. the daday it's. npi own a deadly lead look at the video was unbelievable. so we. no one i in my. and. flexpay after by an enemy. on. excellent. i'm roles. rules. yeah absolutely demolished us.
12:57 pm
it wasas like by its what i. if a school. united poured bbc. yeahaht's good . the. plan. i love going. immemediately. we on this phone a lot all of them but you to miles. thatat t tells you that thee people the o other. not the point she all plus action on it. sick i them all. but said she. died of a bom. all and she. passed on a star silly debt. session.
12:58 pm
everybody. and to set up. this. yes . really. so i'm all. for de. misogyny about things. dramas voided by this bans. last week. the media suddenly a phenomenon. starting october fifteenth. the w.. online . the
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1:00 pm
. w. news coming to you live from berlin. i'm america wins a forced. s. r. but it's a chasing evening for the country's main part. it's now. governor but i wonder about putting a positive spin on what looks like heavy losses for birth party but she wasn't the only leader. left looking sheepish.
1:01 pm
i have a right to make. a speak. kuwait to the opposite. americas main challenger marching shoals concedes defeat after projected results indicate the worst ever showing for his centre left social democrats. and a triumph for the upstarts of german politics the far right alternative from germany. mandate which humility because millions o of voter. there. more on that and all the results coming up tonight with correspondents around the country. i'm sarah harmon welcome to d. w. special coverage of the german election. and america was own course her first term as chancellor spin a bruising night for the country's main parties
1:02 pm
both miracles conservatives and schultz a social democrats. rejected from big losses. meanwhile the far wider of the night's big winners a stipend now and take a detailed look at the numbers so far. so was put up some projected results here as they stand ten pm. in berlin. we can see there in black that's miracles conservatives pulling a thirty three percent. in red the s. p. d.. twenty percent. in pink the left party nine percent in green the greens eight point nine percent. the ftp polling at ten percent right now the a fdc at twelve point eight percent. other fringe parties there. on the screen engraved collectively about five percent now these are projected results are not final yet. will become final in the course of the evenin. so one of these projected
1:03 pm
results mean for germany. and the world for some answers i'm gonna head over the table now talk with dw's chief political correspondent. linda crane johnson analysis about what we can make of these numbers and what we need to wash for over the course of the evening. winter thanks for joining me in the studio a big night. medicals conservatives looking like right now they don't have the numbers to govern alone. the spd has said we're not going in a coalition with them. what are the choices she has only one choice and that is? this coalition that's been called the jamaica coalition we been explaining it all evening so i'll explain it again. jamaica refers to the colors of the jamaican flag that's green yellow and black. and in this case those of the colors of the three parties the green party. the business friendly free democrats and today would be returning out o of parliament for the first time after four years in the wilderness. and then of course the chancellor's
1:04 pm
christian. democrats and the bavarian sister party the christian social union that is the only coalition where the mouth would work. so what that means for the chancellor is that she's going to have some tough negotiating ahead because essentially those two parties will play hard to get. they will try to get there conditions. through and they indicated already this evening that it it's going to be a very tough fight very hard negotiation there was talk that possibly last until christmas or linger. becaus. they are rather incompatible in many respects we saw som. sniffing out of noticeable room for agreement. during this a meeting of the party heads this evenin. on television but it's going to be a long tough road however nobody wants new factions and medical has already given some statements on television was take a listen. to what she had to say just a few hours ago. i bear with us for travel
1:05 pm
that originally came along. the up. i believe that a stable german government is of value in itself i believe our entire parliamentary system. different from countries that have a long tradition of minority government is i'm not sure before it even had a single guy exploratory talk i know we've just left. our party headquarters all of a sudden rushed over her. we're going to be going back top party had. gorgeous muscle sleep on it for a night. and then i hope you at least. a chance to. have a few exploratorium's hawks in the says our plan and. zero for myself of the ranges that that's the plan then surely we don't need t. talk this evening. i did up some of the various options that are out there. the main thing. why heard the woman surely we don't need to talk this evening about all the various options that are out there who this seems like classic marichal this wait and see approach give me time a very calculated?
1:06 pm
patient approach that's worked for her in the past you think it's going to work for her now. well certainly as i said these negotiations will take a good deal of time there's a lot of positioning to be done a lot of sounding out yeah. so in this case she's quite right this is you know you certainly can't begin to do that in a television debate that lasts. for an hour none the less they worst sounding each other out this evening it was quite interesting they did get into details. of some aspects of policy talking to some degree about their varying opinions on where things might be going with policy toward the you. the free democrats that business friendly party i mentioned they had had some very tough things to say about the e. u. prior to the election during the campaig. they looked like they were rolling that back a bit in this case they would need to do that if they are going to form any kind of. coalition with the green party the green party is much more pro europe much more interested in european integration that's just one
1:07 pm
of many. areas where it's going to be tough but the fact is the presence of this far right party. in parliament means that all of the other parties have a new sense of responsibility perhaps or at least i like to look noble by saying so in this case what that means for the free democrats. they would've actually like to be in the opposition they're not sure i think that they are quite ready to govern nd their lead canada martin schulz who we just saw a picture of their earlier they've said. no chance for a grand coalition that's what germany currently has the not gonna do it again. and then the opposition seems like it could be a boon for the spd in many ways i want to get your take on that. but first let's take a listen to what martin schulz themselves the party's leave canada said earlier this week.
1:08 pm
i'm opposition he. in the phase that we are in at the moment is crucial. or do we just want to leave opposition or it might just to the others. we wrote. i do not believe that we are going to see the christian democrats working with the ftp and the means and if so we will be in office. i am. i mean. america dead it embarrassed not go is going to represent anything you like don't worry is now put up with everything i know how these coalition negotiations will. happen you know you could mess back would make any concessions you to stay in power and must not hide from her. you know somebody called her. hoover of ideas she just sucks up other people's ideas i think that's a very good. i do yeah. and a whole go means that i believe that our job in germany is is ensure that there's a confrontation this country. needs desperately. the the double cut hitting those on the right now is on the left of a democracy in this country needs to give citizens of
1:09 pm
this country a plan for the few. senate. medical is a hoover of ideas do you think that's a fair characterization it certainly m.. funny one he's referring to the fact that there is a major structural problem for the junior partner in any ground coalition a grand coalition that we have had for the past four years. it puts to parties together who are natural adversaries and the junior partner is at an inherent disadvantage in that kind of constellation because. if they in fact in the past four years the s. p. d. was able to get a number of it the planks of its party platform through. and yet the grand coalition takes credit for that so. that is essentially what he was referring to was quite interesting actually his whole. manner in this debate that we just saw he attacked the chancellor with the vehemence we never saw throughout the election campaign. he had said to her a number of times during the campaign you never engage in the fight but in a way he didn't either and in fact. there was a headline in one
1:10 pm
of the major german magazines. this evening saying martin schulz launches the election campaign well you know here it was finally. fiery and as you say that could be good for the spd in opposition if they can sharpen their profile once again perhaps moving more clearly to the left on some of the social justice issues that are. that are important to their voters that all might help them we'll see how it plays out but certainly we saw there an angry martin schulz. he told the chance she was the biggest loser of all tonight but in fact to some degree he was a sore loser he was angry but it gave him a lot of fire in that debate. certainly did a lot of fire and that's be that me plenty more to talk about what a great thanks for taking us through some of these initial steps as we work up is projected results. we can cross now to the senior party headquarters
1:11 pm
where my colleague michelle a kushner. standing by for us. yeah i get to see the senior user might have been quite a bit of fire. you go ahead sorry go ahead. you seem like you know what you want to tell us what that might have been a lot of. well i want is a responsibility that because we might have seen a lot of fire from boston souls tonight but we did see the diamonds on so once again for a fool icy performs best as the kind of teflon. mackel that either responds to what can only be described as a slap in the face with the voters despite coming out as the strongest party. this is by no means a victory a victory looks very different indeed while her response is. basically listing all the problems that the country faces ahead of focusing on those she didn't do impromptu soul searching. and she didn't map out some kind of round visit and that's the very criticism that she received from moss insults as well during this campaign. and it's cool map clean through its getting step by step. and it also so
1:12 pm
mawson so that once point and it's seen her. as someone who is almost dead fifteen just democracy indecisive in cutting down on democratic debate now she's improved but we also a correspondent at the s. p. d. party headquarters let's cross over now to thomas. sparrow. tom is getting a lot of that we are not opinion it it. well he was i agree with melinda what you said just a few minutes ago if we look at martin schwartz during that around a few minutes ago. that was martin shows us that a facto leader of the opposition doing what he
1:13 pm
was criticizes not doing the whole campaign. a setting that. the tone putting the chance and out on the spot differentiating his policies from those of other parties that that is something that the spd will try to do. moving forward as they present themselves now as a strong this party are in opposition that's i mean obviously the party leaders in the party members will be deciding. a in detail in the next few days what their proposals will be what they focus will be but from what we stole from martin sure today we can clearly say. that he's going to aim to attack two sets of political groups on the one hand. i'm gonna michael her conservatives on the other hand the far right a fd doesn't mean that he also said right here behind. out will be standing in the headquarters of the social democrats when his focus will be in the next few yes. alright what it what about martin shows i mean in many ways he's failed to deliver
1:14 pm
as a leader. what's the feeling towards him right now at the party headquarters or is days number do you think people here been talking about tha. well it's also be something that has been discussed. here but at least from some of the top expedia officials that we were able to talk to they seem to be behind. martin shows that seem to be behind martin shows among other things because martin phillips was chosen as the candidate of the social democrats with a hundred percent off support from the party delegates. idea this year and that's something that many people here recognize maybe martin so it is not a strong a candidate to the outside world but when it comes to talking to some of the people here to some of the. members he suddenly someone who's viewed favorably and that's something that he can. probably pay also forward when it comes to the to the negotiations within the party to what the focus will be when it comes to forming. dots at party in opposition something that martin
1:15 pm
short's wants to lead and some that he clearly said today. that he intends to present as that reorientation of the party in the next few months and yes. i that's thomas sparrow standing by at the spd party headquarters thomas thanks for sharing. the feeling there showers on the streetr alexander plots for hundreds of demonstrators and police. are gathering charlotte let's start with you the a fdc ensuring parliaments for national parliament for the very first time what's the feeling there. well the a fdc self as the clear winner of this election on the one hand because even the most optimistic members had. only counted on and really not an election result around eleven twelve percent and it looks like right now the end result will be and that's what higher than that. but on the other hand they are also seeing themselves as the winner because they
1:16 pm
attribute in the fact. that i'm glad maccoll's conservatives had to take. that badly of the los they hatch repeating the the fact of them too they apply see to that. anti medical anti migrant campaign. that they think was very successful in mobilizing voters in this election so the mood here is. quite happy at. the then we faces of the a fdc tonight's more moderates as saying they want to be a constructive opposition so. really the big question here tonight's was what kind of a position do they want to be more radical hall moderate more constructive. how they got that? be in parliament but the
1:17 pm
matter of fact is that they ran on a very nationalist thought right platform with slogans such as new germans we are going to make them ourselves and islam doesn't belong to germany. and this is the a fdc that is making it into parliament and this is probably how they are going to present. themselves as an opposition back. alright that's a feeling inside the party headquarters charlotte plus thank you funny the chars outside that building on the streets. where people are demonstrating funny what's going on? on the motion saw running really high as you can hear behind me and see beyond the fact. people. three being dutch chances. that means highest seed your ground in haiti berlin now of course if you look at the numbers that you know why. cold to people in berlin. bolted for the attorney would you party for that product quality love people give you to demonstrate to say that they completely disagree with the fact. that
1:18 pm
the far right party given human history hit enter the german parliament you wonder what the mixture is all of this crowd. it's. people from the green party but also for the left party you see a lot of younger people also party inside a y headquarters in a protest outside charlotte ponson funny for charge. following that story force thanks to both of you. room next to us over to my colleague garrick l. first now he has more. election. thank you very much as areas in historic night a slap in the face on the lan macklin's story global civil had a party. and the social democrats and a right wing party populist party. in parliament also talk about with my guess released taken
1:19 pm
a political. a lobbyist if five might say so and. consultant and. widening. senior editor at the. targets spiegel a daily broadsheet here in the in berlin much that start with you thirteen percent for fahri parties this our briggs it moment is is out trump moment to help biggest this. very sort out so no it isn't i mean the brexit referendum change the course of great britain in a dramatic way. the election of the all trump change the course of the united states and the world. now we have thirteen percent for party. that many people are dislike but with thirty five percent of thirty seven percent of people who didn't vote for them. so i don't think it will be a precedent trump moment but this is how much of a shock is this for german politics saw coming it was not expected that the better the next than than than most polls. remote spiritual them it's always a it tricky issue in germany because of the right wing speak because of the german pass and songs on. it is always a shock of the right wing in this for the first time. since the decades that there is a
1:20 pm
right wing populist party made it to the parliament. well if you deir gray as essence this not such a big deal. well i don't know whether it's a big deal but it's showing that i'm glad now c. and and that prime impetus tonnage that's yeah her parties always address that the conservative party she is no longer this party is no longer conservative. she moved the party in the direction of the social democrat that's vital for success but also bob. well and i defeat that eight percent wealthy his retouching the of one of the hard core of the party. but this vote for the a hefty philip you york political consultant a lobbyist to bring. and. generous politics an extra list and bring politics and business somete
1:21 pm
refugee problem which there the i've d. was. profiting from it is that the class politic the political class here is consistent no longer have that when the sixty to seventy in the eighties or in other countries. form all read breaches of society or profession it is a sort of political. sociologist political science people it is no no on that by presenting oval. part of the appeal population and though they feel misrepresented and a very simple a example if someone is elected to the house of commons no matter what party comes from. it is something to be a member of the house if you are elected to the but it's tough to him war. is this on a disgrace and a dis a of well. news i think just took to be the
1:22 pm
crucial point it's not so much about the leaks but that's about representation i mean the beginning percen. and it's not it's not a completely new in your about the european countries have news you know look from and and there's no. and there's no party in in in the parliament that says we're going to any kind of call this no work together. with the hefty so there their support is very limited the abilities to. influence politics as burn them. that reason why they talk about these to add jamaica coalition is. at the biggest opposition party and if it's a grand coalition has before seven democrats and christian democrats fall in the government the biggest. non bocce of there is in the a of de and then. at by general they. they put that they put in charge the chairman of our of ways and means committee which is one of the most influential political. committees and
1:23 pm
second there on the main the position speaker who want that and that's one of the reasons why one of the reasons why the grand conditions not continue. but at. the new coalitions formed. if we look at are the reasons why they rightly populace became so strong his elections. at the media has played a certain role in this mother do you think be the media has treated the a fdc family in the in the rock the elections is not just the media would say it's it's. it's. a big part of of the society demand that we have no experience if dealing with white and populism so there was. some kind of of calling the nazis or but always putting them into the right wing. history denying our corner but i'm that yes in pots. they are at least in part it's doesn't help the called the nazis in any way no because there are some people who just. are scared by a million a think maybe they're of they're afraid of the jobs of the economy. i mean legitimate fears and if you called them nazis to by supporting them then you make some kind of all the if
1:24 pm
they call me nazis maybe oval for them. so there's a kind of reaction i with some kind of of. hyperventilating anti fascists our reaction towards these groups that are not have not been helpful and the other parties used his argument all the time that fascist. put them in one corner that doesn't mean that faced very early on in the house two weeks we saw something like a combined effort for all the parties to say all biggest aim in this election is. to keep them as low as possible let me to give them a lot of strength of all the parties are united against one party that means. if i vote for the party that's the best you west way of showing some kind of protes. what is normally a very briefly about how will put the work in parliament change and how? should the fd be treated in parliament very briefly if you count as in all not party as all the others i'v. fest now i'm convinced that splits in that party i'm going to share to show up in the park because that's shown in the past. they had party congress about half of the deputies went out of party could of congress center. that's just play it
1:25 pm
by parliamentary rules. for the state and muslim thank you very much and now it's. back to sarah with new facts and figures heavily. eric they the latest projected results from the german election. here's the results as they stand. we can see there in black americans conservatives polling at thirty three percent the s. p. d.. twenty point six percent in the spd has already said they will not be entering end to a grand coalition. they're going to be the brain opposition. in pain because it left party nine point one percent the greens and their. eight point nine percent in yellow the ftp ten point six percent the idea of doing entering german parliament. for the first time on a national level twelve point eight percent the other minor parties there. taking up about five percent. in total so who's keen and
1:26 pm
who's lost since last year let's take a look at what's changed. we can say on this graph macros conservatives were the big losers of the evening there down eight and a half percentage points. based on the projected results as we have the right now nearly ten thirty in berlin. spd down five percent the left party gained ever so slightly half a percent there you see in pink the greens also up. ever so slightly half a percent the ftp is one of the big winners the evening up almost six percent there. and of course the a fdc up just over eight percent there some of the big winners of the evening. that's the results. as they changed from last year now we can take a look at the seats now germany ha. a parliamentary system is a bit complicated and the number of seats change depending on the number of votes we can see here. a senior cs you that's the conservatives. are going to take up just
1:27 pm
about two hundred. and thirty nine seats the s. p. d. slightly less so left party a small chunk of sixty six things. the greens sixty five the ftp seventy seven and the acting ninety three states. that's how things stand right now. we were watching dw's special coalition coverage. we'll be here with you throughout the evening as we get new projected results will share them with you. just as soon as we get them here's a recap of our headlines. a sour. german chancellor on juan marichal look set for a fourth term in office following parliamentary elections. projections show her conservatives as the biggest sporting with around thirty three percent of the vote
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