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to that catastrophic
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humanitarian consequences. of any use of nuclear weapons. i don't. for its groundbreaking efforts. to achieve that treated based prohibition. only sucks weapons. the committee since the peace prize sends a message to the world's nine nuclear powers. this year's peace prize is therefore. also a cool upon the states. to initiate serious negotiations with the view. to the grad shown. balanced i'm carefully monitored and women they saw. of the almost fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. the geneva based international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons is a coalition of non governmental organizations from around the world founded in two thousand and seven. it was a key player in the adoption of a historic nuclear weapons bond tree see which was signed by one hundred and
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twenty two countries in jul. despite opposition from the us russia and other nuclear powers. i can't think of a still life said with the words failing you overwhelmed pat about this is a huge honor. just important signal to everyone who's worked tirelessly for nuclear disarmament for since nineteen forty five pretty much. it's a huge tributes to the survivors of nuclear nations hypocrisy off. ththe in japn and also the the nuclear test victims. more than seventy years since that time. and with the your threats more it can. any time into. a war to steam. by campaigners. now i counts executives are rights and beatrice and we had fun in that report spoke to us are from stingy for a little on the and. she told us about the importance of the flight full. denuclearization.
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i think therere's therapists recent out the last few years we've seen noctule. at a huge investments in nuclear weaeapons as a mosqe in a bar on states out there all morning i sing upgrading their arsenals and making your arm. as one hundred weapons are increasing the cure capacity of each weapon asked so it's a very rare concerning situation. out and just this last few months we've seen a real estimation in press use it weapons w which puts us n a very danangerous situauat. so i t think thiss is really the moment where we have to act as an international community. . the biggest pat was w we made a new t to dim a have been happening in. those connections to these kind of high risk events the cuban missile crisis for sample wasas followed d by . yeah so o i really see an opportunity heree that this
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current crisis is just very dangerous. also focus attention and and we hope that that thehe cheap community need weapons wiwih really posh. states into making a choice a real came into proper orbit. it's cool that an embarrassment on the was still as a negotiated donald trump is not expected to decertify the long look international packed. to come the runs a nuclear program the us president. faces an october fifteenth deadline the confirming that several is meeting its obligations which according to the international community. it absolutely as simon hunting. winds of salacious. workplace representatives. well of. maybe is t the congo's. after meeting with his military advisors donald trump left the world guessing as to his next step in the iran deal us media
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said the president intended. i certify the iran you deal negotiate that by the u. s. u. k. france china and russia plus germany. the agreement is designed to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons and then return loosen economic sanctions which have crippled the iranian economy. donald trump has always been very critical of the deal and heavily criticized former president obama for agreeing to it. despite signing an extension lasast may trump s hihinted you may abandon the accord last month he slammed the packed at the un general assembly. there and it was one of the worst and most one sided transactions. the united states has ever. entered into. frankly that deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think you've heard the last of it. believe me. it is time for the entire world. to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death. and destruction. if trump refuses to give his seal of approval of the members of the agreement via
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a could fall apart. the international atomic energy agency have no doubts that iran is complying with the requirements. trump has never officially said that iran isn't complying with the terms but has been an advocate of taking a much tougher stance on tape around. the president's is required to certify the deal everery ninety days if he doesn't stanislaw to congress to decide what to do next. renew sanctions or malls the international community has condemned this latest twist russia and the eu said they hope this will not affect the deal. whereas iran has said the agreement is not renegotiate both. turning now to spain which is expressed regret over a violent police crackdown on catalan is independence referendum. the apology comes days after spanish police seized ballot boxes and dragged and beat people are preparing stations. injuring some nine hundred didn't mean ball the catalan government says it how submitted the final results of the disputed vote. to its original parlament.
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an apology from the spanish states to those injured during police violence polling stations during last sunday's votes on council an independence. yeah as i said very clearly before. they were following orders. they want ordered to prevent an illegal vote they would just ordered to seize ballo. if that warrants. iowa. and if people were injured evidently we're all sorry. the government's now wants regional elections and kataloniya to settle the political crisis. you could obviously away no i think it would be good to begin to heal. hello is pararlamenty worth the citizens of catalonia represent. through an autonomous selection if you miss out on. earlier the council on chief of police appeared in courts in madrid to face questions about on grass in barcelona in the run up to the votes. regional police are accused of sedition against the spanish states for failing
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to rein in protesters. after the hearing a prominent separatist leader is also being investigated said he didn't accept the jurisdiction of the spanish courts. july invoked the rights to not to make a statement. because. i do not recognize. with no the school is competent some britain in relation to the crime. we have been accused tolls who sends addition. madrid says separatists must abandoned their secessionist page before on the talks between the two sides can begin but the council on president says he intends to push ahead. with his address to the regional parliament on cheese day a day later than originally planned. spain's constitutional courts are suspended the fashion and mad speculation that the parliament's will declare independence. as can more on this a win the clan. pattern on his in barcelona. and plan the final results came out in
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the hours ago showing that ninety percent of voters sponge council on independence. was the mood like. what happens? king zoo several people today out here on the streets of baóa i know meal suitable trip. a little bit outside of the city to a neighborhood where most people that i spoke to are actually antique. independent tests and they are planning to. prop participate in a demonstration coming up this sunday there will be many people here on the streets of barcelona. should be this time protest thing not for independence but again step. and that's something that these group of people have been known lot a lot as the silent majority. and many of them is that to me that they don't really want to be silent anymore and it's time for them to get that. voice ahead and now in terms of what's happening in terms of madrid opposed we did ge. that apology a from the regional delegate hey in the kataloniya many castle lands
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you in that i spoke to said that they would rather. that apology come right from the job for mr marriott iroquois himself. but they've had to settle for the regional deadly get paving kataloniya. despite not pressure though. despite that pressure voting out now that we have these official results that. we have also had that the majority in the their government and madrid. as come out one of the spice press the command says they want the regional parlament hang castle and the kataloniya to dissolve. and to hold a fresh elections i should just say there's a a bit of a policy but a fiesta going on a. in the senate joe blasting baóa there you might be out to make how some of that music just to let you know as well the noise coming from. simply looking beyond the fiesta that your admit self can you tell us what else we can expect this weekend. was really interesting aides tomorrow on. today i we are expecting
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well they've been a poll puts out across banging atchity knowledge is hearing kataloniya. but across across pain and we are expecting people to go up to that local sound pulls up and take pot and was put in a bill i'm also protest it basically. let's talk honey i dare is it's not prime independence is not anti independence is just. let's talk please politicians get heads together kay has got to get around the table and get some dialogue going to sue putting the pressure on when it comes to the econom. and the the government in madrid pushed through a decrease today to make it easier. for banks and businesses to move the arafat outside of kataloniy. and the big news today was priced bank the biggest bank
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kataloniya has announced that it will be leaving its headquarters outside of barcelona and down the coast to. balance yeah that was a big piece of business news here today. i william's pipeline speaking tolls a from barcelona. idea spain's of foreign minister a spate to franz twenty four he told us. that his government will talk to kataloniya diz about the independence. as long as there are no preconditions. a that they are in full dialogue but then they where all only interested in talking. about how to organize a referendum and unfortunately. however much that anyone would have wanted to and discuss that. this is something that the government cannot except because it's and runs against the spanish constitution but also the spanish. for the council on laws so. we want to. and to into dialogue. without preconditions and without.
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having dialogue about something which is illegal. as i bring innocent he beto the menaces full analysis in the situation she is a professor of hispanic studies. on to joins us a from a worry. at professor menaces that of the violence that we witnessed of the weekend. was very muchescribed byy many a as an angle for spai. do you think that the apology that we've just seen is the only concession that we expect from the spanish authorities. yeah it sounds as if the government to slow likely moving towards the possibility of negotiation. well i don't expect that there will be no central madrid government apology. perhapsps or or further concessions because. the current situation economically with the flight of buying seems to suggest that hops. the target might be shififtg slslightly in the balance moving towards the madrid's end of the spectrum. no idea we had a from a reporter that a large number of companies have decided to
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move that official place out of kataloniya just how significant is that. i think it's probably on the one hand just in legal mechanism so that they arere moving of business and our actual functioning pro se. but it is a very very strong signal that there's a concern. that an independent katalonona would not be within the euro zone. are under no child th. european single bike support for instance and sort out which would disisp. business flows of people arms and upreamunde is not so so i think i p probably sending a very clear indication ass to whatat i feel is the economc future for them. attorneys think we're receiving saying mixed signals he on the one hand that moving the official base out of kataloniya. on the other the saying that. and mediation negotiation is a possibility. yeah. i i don't think smarts armed busineness wants much changi
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think the feeling the cattle on suggest is. are that they would like to votes but that doesn't mean they will vote for independence so. there's a seventy percent support they believe for a referendum itself of the the ox of having a referendum. another store hopserms clclouding the issue are around. the results of this of l lt sunday's's supposedd referem so i i think we need to disentanangle close to issu. i'm considerered a per hopos what they really want is a renegotiated settlement with madrid of serbia of renegotiating economic. i on guns. up a delegation of greater political powers. on a scenario bear the menaces thank you so much for speaking to us on the phones twenty full. thank you. my hand franz a three suspects remain in custody not to be questioned as part of an investigation. into an
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alleged terror plot. for gas canisters were discovered in the entrance hole of an apartment building. in powers is at sixteenth home the smell did with a niba. meet the discovery and three other suspects. since been released powers prosecutor from someone own. i spoke to the media ninety on friday. women be. set me be yeah a man be to disarm me be and i mean a have been referred to the public prosecutors office today. and we have opened a judicial inquiry. what is your example they're charged with attempted murder by an organized gang in league with a terrorist organization? possession and transported explosive devices by an organized gang in leader of the terrorist organization. no fun and membership of the criminal association or terrorist group shoveled up about it it comes on the conduct and to get some. infomercials. the judicial inquiry will first look to see if any other accomplices are at large. you can also try to determine why this building
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in the sixteen parodies of on was targeted he was set militants has him on these from. well said franz of radicalized women who fomented jihadism to set syria three times. has been given a ten year prison sentence christine the vietnam wg had a granny. a said she wanted to spend time with him in case he matrimony down. fifty one year old is one of thrash you women. who have been held on suspicion of links to terrorism? next week we'll see bangladesh my close to one million rohingya from burma said to be living at the moment niederhoffer of them. fled their home after the latest wave of violence on leisure across the country in august. the united nations has meanwhile acusa burmese ministry of ethnic cleansing key in the north westst the state o of our k. well suited fools a venice kataloniya explains. unacceptable the words of the un about the level of access has to the right kind state. making it very difficult for the international body to do its job.
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and the refugee crisis is far from over. with the un bracing for mor. this flow of people outside of. myanmar hasn't stopped yet and there are. and overseas as well as into the hundreds of thousands of ranges stand in myanmar. and said we want to be ready in case there is a further accidents. since the end of august more than hoffa million rengo seeking refuge have crossed into bangladesh. clean viololence back home. refugee camps jusust the otr side of the border out of the flowing uncrowded spaces like hey in the biggest cog to pull on. a making conditions precarious that is not enough. out what. pumping the water facilities as well as the. accolade facilities so that is that i possibly please do to rainier sent train the same mixing up the. ways to without without with the watater and out of. many peoeople that don't thy don't have enoughh are
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drinking people drinking water. the bangladesh health ministry has put a vaccination campaign in place. to prevent the rising risk of academics. on friday the un estimates that three hundred and seventy million minorities would be needed until february. to confront one of the worst humanitarian crises in decades. to the americas are tropical still made his expected to grow would hit the gulf coast states of this weekend pulse of alabama. mississippi and louisiana and on the case on hurricane watch sinful. nature has agreed to her leg across central america. taking the lives of at least twenty two people. not harvey weinstein the man behind hits including pulp fiction and shakespeare in love. the hollywood producer was confronted by the meal times this week with allegations that he had sexually harassed. string of women uses apologized and taking a leave of absence. he is a catholic if it with no. an apology for one of hollywood's most powerful figures award winning producer harvey weinstein
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said he be taking a leave of absence from his company. the team of therapists. to the new york times published hefty allegations actual harassment against him. i came of age in the sixties and seventies when all the rules about behavior and workplace is what differenc. that was the culture ban five since learns it's not an excuse. i appreciate the way i have behaved would colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain. and i sincerely apologize for it. despite acknowledging inappropriate behavior one scene sansi dispute some of the content and is suing the times. it reports that he weeks at least aids legal settlements with employees and actresse. after he offered to advance their careers if they agreed to his advances. actress ashley judd says she repeatedly rebuffed wine stain when he asked her to watch him take a shower. and massage him. analysts are debating whether this will saying kiss corea. sharon waxman ceo of industry
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analysis site the rap believes he can survive. hollywood is not public office you are not required to have a morality close necessarily its business and ultimately he has to run his business. which has also survived near death experiences many many times. it's embarrassing for the democratic party which has long receive donations from the top producer. and in a bizarre twist weinstein recently contributed to a three million dollar campaign to have a faculty chair named in honor of prominent feminist gloria steinem. time now for some business news wind iran not deny to seize i. starting out in the u. s. which means september most thirty three thousand jobs that's right some good evening unemployment data really of was how. to mouth off hurricanes high vn in irma. the job losses were the first the monthly decline in seven years this off to hundred and sixty nine thousand jobs were added in the month of augus. but despite the cuts for september it's not all bad news for the economy the
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unemployment rate in the united states has fallen to a sixteen year low at four point two percent. that's a look at how markets reacted to that days on over in the united states stock lips look and look set robert to and did each day winning streak on the back of that report. red across the board at this hour the snp five hundred and treating down two tenths of one percent. here in europe stocks ended the week it makes the foot see closed up two tenths of one percent attack upon. hearing paris ended down three tenths of one percent shares in spain also ending the week in negative territory. don't to spain next which has baóa decree making it easier for businesses to ship their bases out a kataloniya. sundays independence referendum in the region because the political crisis and has now had its first economic consequence. the two largest banks in the region had decided to relocate elsewhere alexandre or cooked what's. kataloniya is two largest banks preparing to relocate their head offices.
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sabadell and here announced that it would be moving to and they can today. and now the larger catia bag says it will relocate to the lyric islands. which include miaka men okay and id theft. spectacular announcements have been welcomed by the spanish markets of dishes in the banks nose dived in the immediate aftermath of the referendum. but many customers the still concerned. but i have no faith in the system anymore given the current situation that's why i have decided to withdraw all my money. on them a bit of a very worried by all these mines i'm more concerned about the self destruction that i am about the money. people's savings are under threat bececause an independent kataloniya must in theory leave the european union and therefore the eurozone. the spanish authorities are hoping the economic arguments will prevail. as they say kataloniya would be the biggest loser in the case of a divorce. they say for kuba. i am c convinced that todays no investor national or
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international. will start projects in kataloniya. that's obvious u until the situation is clarified. i think it's the cichlid heat. kataloniya is spain's main economic powerhouse accounting for nineteen centre ap and twenty five percent of all exports. while the tourist industry is closer meaning. but with political crisis shaking investor confidence this friday the spanish government approved a decre. making it easier for companies to move their official base out of the region. next ryanair has promised its pilots significant improvements in pay and working conditions in a letter the irish low cost carrier says it will boost salaries over its rivals. and strengthen job security a shortage off backup pilots and scheduling mistakes i have created a pr nightmare for ryan and. with thousanan of flights cancelled in recent weeks. french carmaker hano has come up with the five year plan the company says it wants to increase
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profitability by fifty percent. colonel wants to double a vehicle sales outside of europe it plans on doing this by coming out with a range of low cost because in emerging markets such as brazil and india. chief executive carlos ghosn says kano's because will be fully electric or hybrid by the end of the term. drives the future is about building up profitable sustainable worldwide growth that is geographically web distributed. and balanced between the different market segments it's a blend of growth. out projected global sales would increase by forty percent. to exceed five million cars by the end. of the plot. iran must says he could rebuild puerto rico's and battered electrical system test last boss took to twitter and said his technology. powers several smaller islands around the world but could be scaled up a pretty rico. very close governor meanwhile responded to the tweet and said let's talk. iran mosques a tesla
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is known for its electric cars and its solar panel firm. specializes in storing large volumes of an electricity in how banks. and finally remember the fearless girl statue the bronze statue of a young girl that stands in front of the famous bull on wallstreet. while the two and a half trilllln dollar asset managementt fan behehd the fearless goo h has justt settled a gender and race discrimination complaint. a recent audit found that st street global advisors underpaid women and people of color in senior leadadership positioions. this is their white male counterparts state street sayss it't's fy cooperated with the us labor department but disagrees with its findings. it will pay a five million dollars in back pay and interest to more than three hundred female and black employees. and i'm just some interesting points here wayne state street commission the statue they be said the girl represented the future. so if these allegations are to be true. arctic really have a lot of work to do now is a this isn't the beginning of a
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story like this we had last month that former employees sued google for bias in bot. pay promotion in women. the onus is a thank you for bringing us the latest from business days will now take a quick break do stay tuned
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10/06/17 10/06/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is demomocracy now! >> good morning, everybody. the norwegian nobel committee has decided to award thehe nobel 2017 to thefor international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, ican. amy: as the nobel peace prize


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