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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 12, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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gaza has been hit by severe electricity shortages which came as a result of sanctions imposed by facts on how much. the lifting of the sanctions is central to the new deal yes also on the debate is the handover of the israel egypt border with gaza to the palestinian authority by november the first. as well as this there is the issue of tens of thousands of civil servants puts in place by hamas in gaza. some key questions remain unanswered about the fates of hamas is twenty five thousand strong arm division which remains inin gaza.
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this is a potential red line and one that will likely define the ongoing implementation of the deal. both more and i'm joined by yossi mikel but he's the head of international relations at regents university thanks for being with us on france twenty four tonight. yeah ideas beside but a lot of questions still remained are they not least what will happen. to how mrs weapons and also to all those arms hamas militants. this is of course it's a long close this is just the beginning of something. rebellion mind it's disagreement is based on it could just ignorance they're the cairo agreement twenty eleven this is. it is six years later. which which means does sort of also says that. legs though time when they need schools. i had to be. to be implemented in in in in in the men and. in a way
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that's both sides can you can only wave so there are no guarantees that's going to succeed. but it looks the problem. not part of the solution. yeah should be there he's not only response was a big smile that what listings essays. is that made calls on. i think there'd be sponsnss so going back too work user usually reluctance almost an above rosen white. and i think theirir assumption is that usually windows and nuclear missile assignments agreement like thehese. is that the father goes crossroads in many ways thes giving up much. so witty in
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gaza and from israelili poit of view you should be oppose it usual. is also has to look about how to make gaza mecca livable place because this is not the case like now. the hamas is not giving easily. what to getting in the last tenen years it's wt it has been under a lot of pleasure? form i israel's forming jets f from the internatioional community. it's in many ways was forced into this position because it's doesn't have many choices. but i n nt is there right this would fall intoto placee to get there with wht happens between gaza and there was never a rabbit i mean how mrs w wilson down some of f the language a at use is. but it still refuses to recognize israel that's
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going to be a sticking poin. further down the line isn't it. collllect butut to the end f the day. it except that also with the council would be a gogo so it becomes for. democrats entities a institution repeal so i did. this is part of the political process yes the hamas is not a movement that like no we should help position. is susceptible to a peace process revealer but the two different it's enough if you accept. that the plo and the palestinian authority can negotiate a peaceful if. rip refusal and accept the termn landmark elections that took place on tuesday officials from the liberty party say the results shouldn't be announced jet in the have
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threatened electoral commission with legal actio. party officials haven't offered any evidence of voter fraud in this electio. was surprise to herald the festive democratic transfer of power in the west african country in more than seven decades. in france president emmanuel macron has been sitting down with the unions that trying to reach a deal on his controversial reforms to the labor laws this a week afte. he angered unionists by accusing them of stirring up trouble with protests rather than looking for work today that will size insisted. they were seeking common ground aaron a good kay has the story. labor reforms round to. french president emmanueuel michaeael is meeting with worker and employer unions and his second step into reforming social security. on the agenda first apprenticeships. michael wants to give prestige to professional training contracts. to do so he plans on strengthening the relationship between businesses and educational curriculums. vocational training the
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french president has promised to put fourteen billion euros into training the least qualified workers. critics say that the different training organizations vary in quality and do not benefit workers that need them most. should should be able to think we need to distinguish between the different training organization i see. today anyone can start their own professional training business all you have to do is register online. there are no evaluations no monitoring so we want these organizations to be better supervised. but unemployment benefits. on the campaign trail michael promise to expand unemployment benefits to independent workers farmers and merchants who go bankrupt. he wants the government have more say in deciding how much the unemployed receiving benefits all got which is now largely determined by unions and employers. unionists want to ensure that future reforms will not result in fewer protections. when it in washington. we have to give rights to those who don't have any. and as you know half of
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unemployed people don't have benefits. our aim is to increase the amount of people that receive them. prolong the period during which one can receive them. and most importantly. make sure that skills and salary from prior jobs are taken into account as a way to settle this is also a good new. president michael is expected to make official reform proposals based on the meetings in the spring. an asteroid the size of the school bus flew within the means obits this thursday it's cooled twenty twelve t. c. for and passed us by distance all get this just forty four thousand kilometers will scientists are using this unusual. event to test all planets warning systems they say that one day huge space rocks could. crash into s. allows me jojohn has the s . itit's about thehe size of g house between fourteen and thirty meters long. but thehe aststoid two thousand twewelve dc for did nott catch thehe eye of astronomers because of its size. but because of its quote a
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pretty close call withth the planet earthth. the asteroid came within arouound forty three thousad kilometers of our planet early thursday morning. now that may seem like a pretty big distance but t consideringg the vasas sayhe asteroioi was justervs next door. and they took the opportunity to hold a cosmic fire drills. scientists have long said they want to be ready in the case that a major asteroid collides with the earth one day. port has already happened meteorites like this one i in russia in two thousand thirteen. now the two thousand twelve t. c. for has made its fly by observers say they'll contininue tracking the asteroid for the next week. into that speeds out of sight again. they discovered i it five years ago and i it re ememeg july when it was alalready headed to our neighborhood. simulation drills have been tested before but this is the first time nasa has tested its warning system while a real asteroid has flown by.
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and equipment about so stories this hour the united states and israel are quitting units. iva an alleged bias against the jewish state of the un cultural agency the decision comes amid a fierce contest to replace the outgoing unit's sketchy. pressure is mounting on the us president donald trump his expert. di says to try and international nuclear agreement with iran despite pressure. from america's allies and the un nuclear watchdog to stick with it. and the move towards unity in the middle east the rival palestinian factions fatah and hamas have signed a dea. bringing gaza under the control of the palestinian authority for the first time in a decade. well as as a business use when i came eighty is with us in the studio medicaid time laura and is middle up a lot of warning. about the impact hello news independence bid on the spanish economy there has been a lot of uncertainty as in that now the i am that. is weighing into the debate what is
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upset well it's of course very worried about uncertainty no lot of this. a concern is about the number of businesses that have decided to leave catalonia and the possible impact that could have on international investment. a instability is always bad for economic development and spain's economy is just starting to emerge from the global financial crisis. our washington correspondent bill crowther's been speaking to the imf managing director christina gals her about her thoughts on the catalonian crisis. the outlook for spain from the imf is pretty positive yes three point one percent growth this year alone. but considering the a political upheaval right now in spain. and in catalonia. is a time already to maybe reassess that is there a serious risk for the spanish economy festival. and for the european economy as a whole because of what is going on in spain right now. no the of the development of the spanish economy is actually a success story. story alpha implemented reforms of determination. by the policy makers to get to the bottom of some of the issues that this economy had
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in the past. . what is happening a at the moment? is certainly something that we hope to see being resolved. between. the out the various. . participants and it is a spanish affair. that concerns out spain. the sooner it is results the better because uncertainty is never conducive to. of financial stability to growth to investment spain has been a fantastic destination for investors we've seen it investment has picked up. enormously. uncertainty is not good finally than i you calling for negotiations between the catalans and the spanish. this is us an affair that concerns spain the imf is not i in a position to make any recommendations. apart from. please resolve the uncertainty. and you can have that full interview out without crowther and christina gals
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later on here on france. for. no trees may have been trying to stay upbeat about the latest round of breads it talks with the european side is concerned there are still too many sticking points. december's now the new target to assess how much progress has been made and whether they can move on to issues like trade. for now though you can e. remain at odds over key points like citizen's rights and london's financial obligations. so called brexit bill could be as much as sixty billion euros. of uk's reportedly offering closer to twenty. with all that goes with that problem still open e. use chief negotiator says that he's not yet ready to move on to trade talks take the issues in perfect pride console don't we are the good log on this question. which is extremely disturbing for projects of business it will have no clue could pope forty. health don't apply dozens of business people on projects throughout europe and it's also disturbing for bikes
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failures. political cuba. not pounds sterling slipped on those comments because a deadlock or no deal would be very bad news for the british economy. and for companies that are based in the uk. british currency dropped about against the u. and those concerns about brexit talks have less of an effect on stock markets here in europe. london's footsie one hundred and it up one third of one percent that acts a little bit less. get counts here in paris sinking slightly into the ride. dreads ibex thirty five fairly flat thursday. one wallstreet the dow jones and nasdaq each hit fresh records before paring back they can see all three major indices now trading under neath the flatline this hou. shares the banking giants jp morgan and citibank sinking at despite reporting better than expected earnings for the third quarter. lufthansa is set to by the majority of air berlin and plans to use the new assets to expand its own low cost euro wings unit. at the. separate negotiations to continue up with easy jet
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now the deal has been long expected it's not going over smoothly. the botched carrier ryanair has said that it will ask european competition authorities to rule on whether it would disrupt t the industry own gains for has the details. sweeping to the rescue germany's biggest airline and lift hunza is buying large pots of at berlin. saving the carrier from bankruptcy. he wants to bolster its low budget headline euro wings. you will take on board three thousand employees with the idea of e expanding euro wis axis in lots of people hopefully many of the albert in employees will join us so you will also introduce a us you exile and graft. which requires an investment is not one. point four billion eurosob which was approved by all board of directors o.
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after years of losses abba lynne has been in a tailspi. the carrier filed for bankruptcy this august isn'r that's been facing financial turbulence. it's italian arrival alitalia also filed for bankruptcy this name. and british ally mona filed for insolvency early this october. the uk's biggest ever and lying cops. european airlines have been struggling to fight off competition from low cost operators. and then then might not be out of danger yet. ryan ever said to challenge the deal with live tons of. that planning to contests a bit before the european competition authorities. moving on some the day's other business headlines no. shares of the credit agencies equifax have dropped is it investigates another possible cyber attack. firm disabled one of its customer help pages on its website after it was found to be under the control of hackers trying to disperse now where. faxes faced massive
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criticism since disclosed over a hundred forty five million americans had sensitive data compromised. concluding credit card details and social security numbers. hsbc is named a long time executive to take the helm once current ceo stuart gulliver vacate his positio. john flinched the current head of retail banking and wealth management. not to go over in february. kobe steel has warned that the safety scandal affecting its clients could widen both at home and abroad. that of the japanese giant admitted that its customers could no longer trust the quality of its products. after it was revealed that quality control data had been falsified on some shipments of steel copper and aluminum. customers including car train and airplane makers around the world. been scrambling to conduct safety. that's all the business round or kay thank you very much indeed we take a short break here for us for the full much more free coming up status
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