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there's nothing to teach egypt on human rights. tillerson and pakistan he is that as the local commitments to win the war on terror u. s. sectors state land with the top message from president trum. the pakistan to stop turning a blind eye to militants. the opening of the bundestag after an election that so the far right re and to german politics. both going shirtless been appointed speaker to try to maintain political com
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indolent . you very much. with us. among all macron's says france has no less than to give egypt on the issue of human rights. the french president quoted the security concerns in egypt in the face of an islamist terror threat from the sinai desert egypt a some one thousand five hundred people. who listed as missing since? how cc seize power in a us backed coup in twenty thirteen overthrowing the elected president mohammed morsi of the now banned? muslim brotherhood. i'll see see three day visit to paris is expected to cement the franco egyptian relationship and. multi billion euro arms deals equally it's and it human rights groups. a visit marred by concern
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over human rights abuses. emmanuel macklowe in egyptian president abdel fattah cc men paris to discuss economic and security issues. but the meeting was overshadowed by controversy surrounding as he sees human rights record. human rights organizations in france expressed outrage over the visit asserting that cc is guilty of serious abuses. michael responded to suggestions by ngos that he should not cooperate without cc in the face of rights violations. dubois i guess who entities at the. you don't good i believe in the sovereignty of states and so in the same way that i went accept lessons from any other leader on how to govern my country. i do not give lessons to others. and very often despite the best intentions in the world. we've created the situation we now see in iraq the situation we see in libya. where by giving lessons without taking account the context and putting political systems that didn't sheriff ids down? we
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produce what's even more certain deaths and radical violent than it did a few months for the. our cz accuse rights groups of spreading lies about egypt implying that the focus should far more on the rights of terror victims and less on political freedoms. this in itself could missile club. less as a human rights what can we say regarding this regarding the rights of moss's of the victims of terrorism and their familie. mimi i used what about the rights of the three million people who work in the tourist sector who've been very adversely affected by terrorism in this day. were talking about a country which has a population of one hundred million people. who? we must not reduce the question about human rights it's a purely political rights would in sanford who. the. cse of. matthew. both leaders made clear that the most important aspect of their partnership remains the fight against terror. as french authorities see egypt as an essential actor and ensuring regional security. france and egypt increased security and economic ties
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in twenty fifteen. most notably through an arms dea. egypt has since spent over five billion euros on french military equipment. abdullah fattah al sisi sees three day visit to parasite continues to bring you more corsa. next prime minister shot he'd caught controversy has this tuesday reconfirmed. pakistan's commitment to the war on terror joined a meeting with the us secretary state rex tillerson. saying his country had produced results fighting the region's islamist militants. present donald trump has vowed to get tough with pakistan unless it change its behavior. with us officials threatening further reductions in eight and even talking of targeted sanctions against pakistani officials. because of the u. s. is blamed pakistan pretending a blind eye to the militants. tillerson on a tour of asia and the middle east arrived in pakistan on tuesday afternoon. met with abbas see as well as with pakistan's powerful army chief. general come out jeff at.
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boswell. russia the chief ally of russia allison at says the islamic state group not controlled it's only five percent. syrian land. but this is a massive turn around this time last year. this of course after losing major strongholds and key urban areas across syria includin. the isis self proclaimed capital of raqqa. in twenty fourteen the extremist group seized about a third of both syria and iraq before it's doubtful and.n. his in ruins. but go city. the more than five thousand bombs dropped here in just a few months. has left in a state of utter. they're still. state. wrote some. urges this trailer below. supporters.
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no one knows how it got her. all. don't come too close inside the shop there's another mind attached to emotions. it's very dangerous. because it is a good to conduct a few metersurther another improvised explosive device. it was meant to detonate upon the opening of the shop's door. joke such makeshift bombs are all over town many have already been signalled on the walls. and according to this kurdish fighters they were found by experts from western special forces. well will orders on we have bomb disposal experts the when the devices are too complex we ask for the help of the french and american. express defends you can. residents have been banned from returning to rocket for now. only a few families stayed under the eyes groups occupation. abu mohammed says it's a miracle his house is still standing. for the last three years he and his family lived holed up in his home in the city's outskirts.
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to void coming across ice militants. people after his wife says one of their neighbors was a french woma. who came every now and then to for mount? told me shipped come alone to iraq counter culture. because after husband was an atheist. and should come here to marry and i asked my teache. as not being a foreigner. following the terror attacks in france the jihadists who very happy and they said the u. s. will be next. still unclear who will bear the responsibility for rocket. when residents turning a couple of they will find no life as it the for. the city. syrian suits. tried. schools and. vote. ito at the united nations security council. use they prevented the renewal. of a mandate from mission that investigates the use of chemical weapons in syria.
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a joint investigation by the u. s. the organization for the prohibition. chemical weapons was set up in june to separate fact finding mission determined. that the band nerve agent sarin a been used in the conscious* attack. it's prompted the united states who owns missiles on the syrian at base. the un sector general antonio guterres arrived in the central african republic this tuesday to assess the countrsfragil security situation as violence between militia threatens to intensify. crowds of people breaking heavy rain lined the road from bungie at ports to the capital city to greet him. it is for a stadium in chief will hold talks with political leaders in bondi. and visit the south a east in town of baga suit and one of the worst hit regions the violence is also expected to meet victims of sexual abus. by un peacekeers par of an effort to address the damaging allegations that if it the blue helmets in several missions. the off going shirtless been named as the speaker. berlin parliament electing
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the influential former finance minister to the rol. is seen as an attempt to maintain order in the bundestag. the usual balance jim post is been blocked by the arrival of the far right. have with the band if mister chairman i accept the election. he may have easily securities we role as speaker of the bundestag germany's lower house of parliament. the former finance minister wolfgang soy blockhouses work cut out for him his most immediate challenge. taming the alternative for germany or a f. d. party. of which ninety two members made their debut in parliament on tuesday me i deployed in a very good use of the overwhelming majority of german citizens wants us to work together in a civilized way. and in turbulent times like ours there is a growing need for forms of behavior that have not been spoken about for a long time. because they were seen as self evident moments yet said first and the guns are.
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some of those looking to set a positive tone but the a ft immediately made it's disruptive force felt. acquiring a new era how the gone as its lawmakers took their seats for the first time. not since world war two house a right wing party hunt so many seats in parliament. the anti eu anti immigration party won over voters anger with merkel of the arrival of more than one million finally seekers in germany since twenty fifteen. some of the a fdc most prominent members have said the fundamental right to freedom of religion shouldn't apply to islam. while others have sought to challenge germany's culture of atonement over the second world war. outside parliament protesters gathered to challenge the a ft. now germany's third largest party. has now as he avoiding. we want to send a signal that we will not accept a situation where far right extremists and racists are represented in the german parliament. the whol. system gets fed pavings in. german law prevents parties that when less than five percent of votes from entering parliament. the measure which was
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designed to block the far right. after world war two. austria's new leader says he'll try to form a coalition with the far righ. thirty one year old sebastian kurz is on course to become europe's the youngest at the leader oct is conservatives topped. the austrian election cooks campaigned on the need for tougher immigration controls quick deportations. the some sequences requests are denied and a crackdown on radical islam. the post he founded by former nazis which once existed on the extreme fringes of austrian politic. has accepte an invitation to begin coalition talks. his widow had the mcalpin dismissed that and nobody least double chancellor kurz should believe that we're gonna make it easy for his people's party. inconceivable. we want honest. insensitive. serious productive negotiations to get probably not interested in flights or
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to make it then seen anything this hip. incoming chancellor sebastian kurz has vowed to be tough on immigration get prue emu. he concedes that his conservative people's party doesn't always see eye to eye with the anti islam freedom party. bought insists they do have enough in common to join forces. it covered a so this today secure i think austria deserves the rapid formation of a government. miles i think the country deserves a stable government with a disagree majority no holloman's yeah. implement foot the. as a precondition to entering into a coalition with cuts. the freedom party insists that austria's next interior minister must be one of that and peas. and that could prove problematic. austrian president alexander von did that and has repeatedly said that he has no desire to see the freedom party in government. especially when it comes to keep cabinet roles.
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it's his job to sweat made me ministers and he could in theory refused to give the green light to fall right candidates. and. cindy assault jack is officially now a challenge it on amid putin and russia's presidential election. she has a public profile based on a tv carry on a reputation as a rebellious campaign against. for some insight. is really a choe. sickly to make the way clear for another putin presidency will she says she's company to chang. the freedom in russia. yeah but what i'm against this corrupt system which has been built in our country over the past years worth of nash's spagna bullet power yet because i'm against any person including realize you may accused in being in power for. eighteen years. i'm definitely against glass and i'm saying this openly and repeatedly yet but them greater monroe got us yep coop. it is subject challenge it to vladimir putin and
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russia's presidential election. see jim paying is set to join the highest ranks of china's revolution leaders his status the close of the ninety. communist party congress in beijing has been raised alongside that of deng xiaoping. and even that of the most famous chinese leader mao tse tung. she's. elevation all hinged on his new socialist philosophy this now becomes a guiding principle. the chinese society and will be enshrined in the country's. constitutes. it was indeed. some of the business cate we to join the study in saudi arabia which is unveiling its vision. of the future at an international investment conference fascinating for so like so many visions of the future it does seem to include drones and under an. at driverless cars is all part of the kingdom's efforts to died versifi its economy so that it's less reliant on the oil industry. powerful powerful crown prince vowed to make saudi society more moderate and open and a predicate extremism. and he also announced plans to build a new high tech city and
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business zone along the red sea. luke shrago explains. i also approve new independent economic zone three times the size of cypress knee key maritime routes and extending into saudi neighbors jordan and egypt. that's that's the idea of a high tech niamh and the move to drool saudi arabia away from traditional dependence on oil. within a for some of the good. in jean. we have no chance to move on to the next generation in the way of life. in the cities. the technology. and health. and technology. so we worked with many companies and investors to work on this demands. and work on moving the world to the next change the food i don't but i made a. move prime. the kingdom was badly hit by the twenty fourteen downturn in the global oil markets windows faced serious budget deficits ever since. the project would create tens of thousands of jobs place small consideration given some five million
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young saudis are expected to enter the workforce. over the next decade. the saudi government has promised at least five hundred billion dollars in investments. at least three hundred billion of which could come from selling off some five percent of state oil giant aramco. and listing it on a so far undefined global exchange. everything is on track. twenty year eighteen is our target. there there is. not not go. that i know i'll box which they can take a sell off track. despite some concerns over local bureaucracy and an uncertain legal claim at. the alternative energy paladini on will be open to both local and international investments and could see its first phase complete by twenty twenty five. french and irish leaders have been meeting here in paris leo far dot byrd dried car and a menu it michael to the youngest leaders in europe they proudly pointed out during their press conference. brexit was high on their agenda with michael
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calling on the uk to come up with concrete proposals. to minimize the impact on ireland specifically the irish border. well that you have plenty in common they stand on opposite sides of the issue of corporate taxation. ireland has one of the lowest rates in the world tend is fighting in eu order for to collect thirteen billion euros in fact taxes for example. michael i mean while reading an effort to overhaul europe's taxation of tech companies. many of which have the european bases near dublin. and often very natural. as partners were also ready to discuss issues on which we don't necessarily agree. such as how best to tax internet firms. so they pay their fair shar. we both want europe to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities that the technological revolution presents. we want to see a dynamic innovative entrepreneurial climate. would vibrate european companies from start ups to continental champions. number people looking for work in mainland france dropped last month by the biggest margin since records
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began twenty years ago. sixty four thousand eight hundred fewer people were registered as unemployed in september according to the labor ministry. the data will give a welcome boost to emmanuel michael's efforts to open up and boost the labor market. even as three fronts as workstream unions voted this chief tuesday polled eight another nationwide strike against his reforms. it's coming up on november. sticking on today's trading action now some moderate gains for the major european indices business activity reflected by the pm i index dropped slightly in september. that but it's remained strong over also didn't have much of an impact on trading. wallstreet also closed upwards for the dow jones jumping into a new record high close up about a hundred sixty points. on a strong earnings from three am and caterpillar. investors also optimistic that the us congress will take steps to pass tax reform a solution. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. authorities in the uk have followed their us counterparts in opening investigation into data
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hackett the credit for equifax. police and forty five million amicans saw personal details including social security numbers birthdays and addresses stolen. financial conduct authority is looking into the into the and cyber attack plummet nearly seven hundred thousand british consumers. mcdonald's reported an increase in sales for the third quarter fast food giant said global sales were up six percent in us sales up for. its customers were one backed by one dollar sodas. personalized burger options. accidentally released its third quarter results. unicredit mistakenly sent key data to shareholders which should have been published until at least november ninth. linder said a #3 consist restructuring efforts were indeed paying off. noting the thirty four percent year on year rise in operating. global wine production is set to dropped to its lowest level in fifty years by the end of twenty seventeen. the international organization of vine and wind attributed
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the eight percent debt. on a favorable climate conditions in france italy and spain to the world's top three producers. us output is also expected to slide after the devastating wildfires in california. overall the o. iv expects about twenty nine billion fewer bottles of wine to be produced this year than las. it points out the quality of the vintage is has not been affected so far. but that smaller supply could lead to higher prices. before you get too concerned mark i have seems rather alarmist headlines. that bore running out of line that doesn't seem to be the case quite yet a supply and demand such. fairly equal this year okay on bicycles we decide to go on a binge no guzzling thank you for your advice in general shouldn't in moderation. cable business gen to the other side of a studio. contact us and we end on one line stratus the in house prices. appeal annulled during. i'm you study but the paris hilton of russia who has become it's a challenge to that uprooted sending at sub check boxers and lots of headlines bette.
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being somewhat dismissive of our market in the in the european at media. as we were saying earlier. props it's you know don't be too quick to dismiss. at reality tv sort of challenger's etcetera the can go further than you might think. about anyway and let's take a look at some headlines russian opposition candidates and is subject says she won't go after picking. he saved my father's life and i'm not going to insult me her first press conference did was today. also quotes really. . i think a good crops people's attention because her father is a former he's now deceased but former mayor of saint petersburg and a mentor to vladimir putin so. dot so the proximity historically in the family if you like is having some. raise their eyebrows some people saying she's a bit of the stooges bessie try to clear the way for britain's re election i thought since i mean some headlines are a very. a clear in that regard and puts here you thought. paris hilton reference is it's very clear here in the independent rushes. paris hilton to challenge from ripping now if if we take a look at the some of the
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french speaking price they're not mincing words at all this is this wha in belgium. and. accounted chosen by the kremlin to confront written in next march's at presidential election i don't think it's as clear as old powers. at but there is some degree of suspicion but of course the real opposition candidate other lx in the valley is bark. bright as a reason that's right but which abating annals because he's popular boxes and the kremlin has said that we have made no public objections homes her candidacy sold. and. meanwhile live that's just smell somewhat of yes lippisch at lifting daily they're calling her. a sort of de a cheap kind of please re and a tv star who is the rifle i mean this is a very dismissive headline that's very dismissive and it is seven making comments about her which things a bit. on fat like i could get a little you know and maybe meet spots small but misogyny it's on sometimes as well anti snob ism at the office at and the dream rival flight for fraud we prudently like with business. paper meanwhile if
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you go whole. calling her the night eve countless i think that hard to believe now you've i spoke that's across the board there and. now just worth pointing out she she's for example editor in chief over the french originally the french about sex on her that that's not hurt now but this is the russian. edition if you like of lucas yet which is that it. at she has four point three million followers on instagram she's a more than you and i that's definitely the case and she if the oppe final quote from the moscow times here lifted also from the press conference you can lobby. but i understand show business so my job is to rewrite the rules to bring any face to the show. she means business and understanding of show business has been useful in the world politics and of
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late and david after the leading to donald trump that distichous moves a missing that. never the moscow deaths interview it's and is subject. asap thank you. necks reactions him france to the visit of the egyptian president. abdel fattah al sisi yes that business deals prioritized but bob say human rights. less so that's right a lot of the news websites him france today such as the french edition of the have nipples were really focusing on this it was our number one story for much of the afternoon. mccall does not want to give any lessons on human rights to see seats are you had people on social media who were. doing not foreign if you like saying you want some context because michel de prison michael said that he didn't give lessons without. you know the context of something here welts women's rights i with a whole range of issues are that would be. human rights as a human rights concerns are also. a conceptual rights if you like subpoena. respected there. cartoonists let's take a look at one or two cartoons this is a. and bemoans cartoonist and culture. and
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here you have human rights been held up on some the kind of very embarrassing a telling cc on of this is just on march two. and you know what the mount sinai whatever which i think is. egypt and i will finish with this one mark this is that. firing squad it's kind of a very much dark humor at somebody there i suppose being. at sacrificed at the altar of. brown's no i don't think that's a cartoon that isn't in direct reference to. and that french business interests because of a whole lot of brands are that are not french that with the exception of plano which is not. the brand that is that the central of this because it's rafael. and fighter jets that are indeed at. and that the be of major kind of business interest up moments into data none of those pounds of any to do with farming squads in any country lies about you know stars we know it's just. cop to message that's be straight about when the case someone gets the wrong idea absolute business deals as
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you say a military deals are big news on up to see a multi billion. a year and it's been signed between
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10/24/17 10/24/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! pres. trump: i have given my blessing to congress and congress is working with you and your representatives on coming up with a plan, a payment plan, and how it is all going to be funded. amy: president trump said his administration deserves a "10 out of 10" for its response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. but over 1 million people on the island still lack clean drinking water residents say they are , suffering from eye infections


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