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in barcelona. parliament bénédicte. independence atlanta public. in the next hour we'll be asking how spain got here and what comes next in this special edition of live from paris .
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it is a day of reckoning in spain two votes. each pulling spain in a pre found lead difference direction. fast catalonia's regional parliament voted seventy to tend. to establish an independence catalan republic. the opposition boycotted the vote as cries of live it's. from independence supporters outside the parliament building. those dramatic scenes were followed less than an hour later by a second vote. this time in the spanish senate. they grew they grunted madrid powers to impose direct rule on catalonia. cabinets led by prime minister mariota rajoy it. this evening to decide colonel we will begin to implement direct rule. he spoke within the last half hour and set elections will be held in december. and the catalan parliament would be dissolved.
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but over to put his knife us now in barcelona. oral. is this phase of khan's push them on a little clearer now that we've heard from myanmar under rajoy tonight's. well from what we on this. i'm deathly demo and it will be forced to to resign. heightened. will be. to resign. could face. penny at. that is enough people gathee generalitat. and. there is a. need to protect his heart. something. for. freedom and then they really want to. enjoy this
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benson i made the most of it may be. and that is what that small claims that trying. but tha. wouldn't member of f this historic deck reports numbe. with the prime minister mariano rajoy has really susurprised peoplple by dissolving the catalanan parliament andnd setting an election d date for december the t twenty first. doesn't susurprise b because he e lt himself quite a lot of margin in the a article one five five and in what you said before he saiaid. a maximum of sixix months and most people werertalking about to februaryry electioa time thihing him to. of rerestore the institutional normrmality to catalonia ase
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put it a a time to make the news since statement down. a bitt it lookss as if he says decide to go for a fast election which would give the catatalans are the right to vote. and that would probably be the d day thahat congreress put schumannn row would havee being the are l. and s so wherere in a sensee prime mininister has movovea two and many. years our and accusations the independence camp a lotot of jobs i had said that are this would b indefinite rule from madrid this was aboutut. of the mimighty hand all the spanih imperial states are t taking
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over catalonia and death in looks as if hehe's done this to show that he really does want to restore. order and the autonomous self government in madrid and a fast election looked like it would that be the way for him to do that. okay sarah but not electionn will take place we undersndnd in decembmber. what happens in in the cash on region until then that's another thatat's so a monthr soso and four decrees into ? arare they will basically sk catalog catalan presint carlos bustamantee a and stk the restt of hisis governmet we e expect the catalan pole chief. also to go but t that is t that a not the job ownd for the c cinet that to would be. . d de interior minister in c catalonia normally are being taken over by y the i interiorr mininister in spain and so e can probably expect the head of the catalan police to go.
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and he's also been accused of running and the catan police in politic w. an so the govnmnmen is made clear that they want that a politicizized nationf the most so says that cold a to go and do that for them to be run as normal police force. are the socialists managed by the catalan parlt kobe and. a more light talk show match that could never the less i t think said. the spananish government will be looking to see thahat the radio and television in cataloloa is not politically biasased in the run up to te selection many of the opposition parties. in catalonia have complained that they call get time on the call get fat would you ends on the. i catalan state
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run media that users become need to more than a pro cat propaganda after it worked for the independence movement. okay sara morris talking to us that. at from madrid thank you very much. well the man who is at the center of the story is carles pushed him on the catalan leader. listen to him now speaking just after that vote awful catalan independence was announced earlier on today. the words that i'm about to say come from the heart. i'm very moved this moment is historic. today in parliaments. the legitimate parliament of our country. a parliaments created following the elections on the twin. this parliament has taken the decision that many people have been waiting fo. in the majority of legitimate lawmakers gave me a mandate to do this. which was validated at the ballot box but that. well because pushed him on has been the face off
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catatalonia strides toward independence but who is he. and what motivates his politics thanks him as bilkent takes a look at the man. it is now up to catalan institutions and catalan citizens to unite. we must build a people. and a society. on the twenty seventh vote to bet conoce proved to manaus catalonia's independence from spain. the move long full by secessionists and dreaded by madrid. who do not search the seeds of catalonia's divorce law? when he made holding a referendum on independence to the region. election pledge. spain tried hard to prevent the ballot to but its did go ahead. with an overwhelming majority of voters supporting the split. independence he had could jamal hasn't always been the public face of catalonia's independence movement.
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a long campaign is the catalan self rule purged all first got into activism in nineteen eighty. joining the credo movement he took part in marches with members of the young catalan nationalists. which more began his career in journalism and works for the daily newspaper el punt for more than ten years. but little by little he was drawn further into politics. in two thousand six he became a member of parliament five years later he was elected met of giron. staying out of the limelight he was the right hand mananf all to amass the then president of catalonia. box in two thousand and sixteen his party was embroiled in a corruption case and mass was forced to step down. which demo took his place and to the surprise of many he was elelected to the presidency on jajanuary the twelfth. in large part because of his pledge to ask the people if they wanted catalonia to break away from spain. yeah. pushed all kept his promise.
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plunging spain into a constitutional crisis. let's go back to barcelona now while we can rejoin or road to pre. out overall we are now getting a slightly clearer sense of what this direct rule and might look like with these fresh elections planned later on. and this year is this still a sense of jubilation out where you always the mood changing. it is starting to chat. the people that you can see behind. a high. well pro independence well it is. tell me that they. and hoxne still the breakup. dole and i didn music that. sat on their way. stage is being set up right in front of the general. the government had cortez times adn. people i.
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he . i'm government. i stammered while they simply apply. was desire drastic measures and they were not he suspected they told me they said what's. both in catalonia they sat. at one of them annnnd. independence referendum many of these pro independence supporters have told us that they were stopped by the
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images that they will me fo. awhile. voting stations and into schools to provide . random well any courts. sent off i just found out sooner had cost that. okay rule and what cold. calls pushed him on himself the catalan leader we understand that parliament has been dissolved this evening. up by the spanish prime minister . is. he's if he. now at who's to. and what what what will he do now before is election.
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my charges for rebellion me my space. so yeah. arrested by spanish authorities that we have enough. his next move is gonna be. called by one of his closest i. he. yeah i need to me that. it's not going to go in. he was going to get arrested he might of. and across and i. okay a to pre in barcelona reports. you. very much. well so a look at how the european union has. all these developments today let's talk now to france twenty four was p. had done as they who is in brussssel. yeah yeah it seems the you haven't shifted deposition muchch off to the developmes today i would be sad to say they are still staunchly pretty much behind betrays.
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well yes quiets the haven't moved in names to. as compared to on their where being beginning to say ever since mid september which is. not the european union consists of twenty eight member states and no one at a known of them none of them is going to intervene. in a you know nina i political it's very soon that's who i in short. what via eu leaders have been saying that we have had still not to sgt president of the european council? who say that nothing hasas chand for the euu that that spainn is still the sole in tele? of t the european union. fall drone i into a fights.
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these considers eyes entirely domestic. okay pierre been a sale correspondent in brussels for now thank you very much. well the council on independence movement is of course nothing new in fact it dates back centuries. the region has gone through periods of autonomy and periods of direct rule from madrid. luxury go now takes u us through a century off cast on struggle for twenty. it's an autonomous regions both it's long so much more. catalonia has its own language police false flag governments and president. the result of over a century of struggle landed on the plot to smoke. during a move small. of moss on the idea of independence began in eighteen ninety eight. spain
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loves us lots of colonies of cuba the phillipines. for the catalan police and that on the catalan public. but that's my. i think i state. it remained largely autonomous for centuries but off the packing the losing siside in a royal war of succession in the eighteenth century. barcelona suffered a year long siege that left deep scars. catalonia fell directly under the rules of madrid. but catalan pride right deep by the nineteenth century it was spain's premier industrial region. cinedigm understood fixed soon. donn. the textile industry in particular made catalonia pioneer in spanish industry. and that's one of the historical reasons for the cultural difference becoming an industrialized in modern region. a country that was otherwise declined rural.
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before them overhaul. with industrial prosperity came a movement to revive catalan culture. but the frananco dictatorship suppressed it. books and the language were banned and burned. with franco's death in nineteen seventy five and the return of democracy. catalonia again became an autonomous region. since then it's continue to push for greater control of its own affairs. in two thousand and six by in socialist goverernment expanded the region's power. and for the first time the local catalonia and nation. the conservative party challenge this in court. four years later spain's cultural courts struck down the law. said catalonia was not a nation and its language couldn't supplant castilian spanish. the routing sparked mass protests. that you will never get togethers eleven the motto of this protest is we are a nation we will decide our own future. we are telling the state and the supreme court that regardless of how many laws the adopt here in catalonia we feel we are a nation. and nobody can stop it.
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so your job at the planet. in the following years celebrations on the eleventh of september the national day of catalonia became a show of force for catalan independence. in twenty fourteen catalan people voted in a non binding independence referendum held in defiance of the madrid government. turnout was low. vote one. the begins later separatists emerged as the winners of the catalan regional elections. ever since the wave of separatist sentiments was only continued to swell. for more a analysis on the story let's talk to the former deputy ma'am off barcelona and tv's. first will let me ask you initially what's your reaction to a prime minister mariano rajoy calling for these elections. are in december. whwhat i? of that salah news or holy and those chinese governrnment. not a wordd t.
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t taking over. the catalan also to me is not so was morphphine sold they are saying we don't selleeds that they will situation for more. than one month and how that's what they're saying that it's a real sense of what they have decided so that's for sure. okay and now most most catalans the at a abstain from voting back in thatat a earlrlier well. by sitting ducks. you mightht. we haveo to s see the numbers the figures are very clear sixty six percent of the. tim. conditition i myself was heavilily wounded by ththe spanish police lik a mt of my familyy. arare i'm b . we're a ae t t books whenn
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you hahave fiftyty s six pet ofof the popopulation vototd out of the speaks a fifty six for celelebration. niney percent v votes of for in te plan earned. ii tell you we've. but police with their batons with their. with their. weapons that appointing on shooting against those. if you screwed up the will of the majority of the catalan volition is for. independence i'm for democrcracy. and disisease what the. . but. . but do you see the catalan parliament which i the weight has a very strong majority support independndence. delays you can see too. do work to the. but they he to. but now it's what w we have right now between spain italy she's a real crush of legitimacy use and we have to yves le time to time. to see what's there we're gonna
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get back to normal times in europe because we are going to see things changing in the next few days scriptura. mckay. and see viv's the former deputy mayor of boston low enough that for now thank you very much. well let's now look at the business aspect all of catalonia's out in at the ln the spanish stock markets. madrid's benchmark ibex thirty five closed down one and a half percent. with banks that he may to knox seven dallas nearly five percent and christian punk spain's third largest. dropped three percent. and the market movement can be considered fairly modest they consider in the scope of the political time off it in the fourth largest economy in the years and. catalonia home to personnel into is an economic powerhouse spain it accounts for a fifth of the country's economy. and is the number one tourist destination in the country taking in some eighteen million visitors in twenty sixteen. at the same time the region
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could take a potential hit spain's economy minister has claimed that catalonia could seats economy strength by as much as thirty percent. if it breaks away record rebecca rossman takes a look at what's at stake the pro catalan catalan and spanish economies. religion continued speaking on the parliament floor in catalonia on friday opposition number carlos corzo son did not mince words the region's. president carlos cruz tomorrow. no up a set and i lay study you will go down in history for have been ruined catalonia's economy. episode you will go down in history for having. people i still you will go down in history for her. the institution of cataloni. singers of spain's two largesest banks plunged following the motion to declare independence. they had already moved their legal headquarters to other regions of spain. following the october first referendum with more than fourteen hundred other companies following suit. for many catalonian drawiwig
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spain's economyy. the reason is by far the largest exporter of the country. and represents a fifth of spain's gross domestic product. more than madrid. and low unemployment affects a little over thirteen percent of catalans that figure is lower than the spanish average. but many now worry about the region's future. thirty five percent of all catalonian exports go to spain. beating catalonia would be subject to a new set of taxes and regulations under independence. the spanish economy minister has also seven independent catalonia would not be allowed to remain in the european union. meaning the region would be taken out of only you economic treaties. and european central bank protections. this would also mean catalonia would have to create its own currency. which could lead to a thirty percent drop in regional economic growth. and you got what are some of the biggest risks are full catalonia of spacing from spain. but there are number
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of risks and uncertainties unlike eu membership mentioned in that's package it would be difficult for because i don't catalonia. to convince all members including spain should apply independently for membership dropping out of the block would raise the cost of exporting goods from catalonia to other eu nations. it would also make it more expensive for catalonia to borrow. lost meps and the snp both downgraded the region's credit rating. further downgrades may be in store. now catalonia has amassed one of the largest public debts in spain's regions accounted for thirty five percent. of its gdp another sixteen percent of spain's tickled that. but khan economists have warned that the out the ongoing political crisis could mean that the country's national debt would rise up to hunt all te catalan crisis seems to be
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limited. toto spanish stocks and other major european markets and that the week in the green driven by robust corporate earnings. abouout the spanish turmoil has madede on the euro. coupled with the ecb's decision to prolong bond buying to keep interest rates low. at the common currency is on track for the last last week of this of this yes so far. against the dollar. that over in the united states wallstreet jazz are also in the green house why positive corporate results investors are also pleased. that the us economy grew more than more than expected in the third quarter. not that size more than one percent helped by big gains in the technology sector. shares of microsoft at the park advanced more than seven percent after it reported further gains from its cloud computing service. an amazon jumps ten percent on strong earnings reports okay you can't thank you very much that was you caruana. at with our business update this hour. we're going to take a short break now but will become will be back with you after
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the break and to have. some celebration in. salona. also knowing that declaration of independence and he wants to
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