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the format cattelan leader says he isn't seeking asylu. while in brussels. and railroading got breaks his silence ahead of the results of last week's presidential election the opposition candidate says the vote which handed little kenyatta victory should be scrapped .
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first to a developing story out of new york we're getting reports of shooting in lower manhattan. one person has been placed in custody and the public was asked to avoid the area near the west side highway. u. s. media reporting of multiple casualties. now for more on this developing story we can go across to correspondent daniel hoffman who is in new york. daniel what more can you tell us. well i'm actually at on my way to the site where and if that incident happened. as as you mentioned it a bit different improperly land hour ago and we at window that they are at. probably several casualties we don't have that had number yet but we know in the site.
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where it happened is at a parent be a high school billowed there might be also a young people involved and as we all know exactly cue? the victims might be that this is the area where we're located at according to several reports. and specially at people on site at who which we did at instantly after the incident the car that parakeet at you could buy klein and ran into you yeah which is nearby to walk right. ensuring lower manhattan. and authorities in new york generally on high alert. well at ide as you know there is obviously in international at alert at o. carries them and just a few
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months ago and there was a similar incident. at dot happening in your times square and. it in and that being parents and that and it was it that you know that that there the situation might that have been that way. that bobo but once again we don't have. enough information at as of now to know whether it's a parent in the. event at all or if it's that important te elections in twenty sixteen. the testimony from facebook twitter and google are part of congressional probes into election interference from moscow. it comes a day after robert mueller investigation into russian meddling picked up steam the u. s. president meanwhile has come out and
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called the campaign adviser george papadopoulos. who admitted to lying to the fbi a low level volunteer? now from on the story we can go across our correspondent philip crowther who is in washington philip tech giants are on capitol it hill what if they've been saying. yeah more than anything what where finding out there is the sheer size and the amount of. russian influence on social media before and during the presidential election in twenty sixteen we hearing from facebook from twitter and from google. that representatives given testimony right now and being questioned by senators i think it's probably worth a sticking with facebook for this one because. we have the figures that from the opening testimony from that representative that was leaked to the associated press we have some astounding figures eighty thousand posts all together. by one and group only the group is called the internet research agency that is a. russian based group that basically spreads fake news
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articles and. adverts and all sorts of stuff on facebook that is meant to influence people and. divide the country here in the united states which said they very much succeeded in doing so. now eighteen thousand posts might not sound like quite as much but it's when you think about how many people in the united states. had access to those posts may be sold them clicked on them actually read these posts well it's one hundred and twenty six million people in the united states. that's how the electorate in this country and of course this was about influencing the u. s. election as much as possible. now from facebook during this hearing we've already heard this they say they have ten thousand people working on safety and security in that they want to double that by twenty eighteen. that's how serious these companies are taking it in terms of solutions. not much coming out of this hearing so far this is
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something that is very very difficult to control. now philip yesterday was a busy day where y you are lots of breakthroughs in the special counsel's investigation came to light. any developments on that front because there was a white house bra press beefing just a short while ago. yeah you can pretty much mel it's looking into something very serious the possible collusion between the trump campaign and the russian government and it is fighting some very serious things that has indicted two people. including the head of the trump campaign back in the day pull manifold and it has somebody who worked with the trump campaign. who has at a plea bargain? within investigators meaning that he george stella but papadopoulos that is will be giving more information to the fbi as this continues there is a very serious breakthroughs and a serious matter. of course said the white house and the us president himself
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on twitter this morning trying to take that and his distance. to listen and george papadopoulos a foreign affairs adviser to the trump campaign at with the u. s. president tweeting this he was a young the low level volunteer. named george and a liar now his rights and when he says he was a lie that is precisely why there is that plea bargain and that is precisely why he is giving. all the information he has a to the fbi in other words there is a lot more still to come this could be just the tip of the iceberg it could be a large parts of the iceberg it could be. the beginning of the end but rather it is the end of the beginning most likely in other words they could be further indictments and further. high profile people who will be forced to speak about possible collusion the story that keeps on giving her a thank you very much for the update from washington. here in europe two men have been charged in belgium over the attack on a high speed train from brussels to paris in twenty fifteen. the pair was suspected of helping a
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moroccan gunmen who was an islamic state group extremists he shot and seriously wounded a passenger before being. overpowered by three us servicemen on vacation. now major terror attack has been foiled in germany police in the country arrested a nineteen year old syrian man who authorities say planned on killing as many people as possible. investigators aren't sure if a target had been picked authorities say the man ordered chemicals over the internet as well as radios batteries and a cell phone battery. suggesting a remote controlled explosion was being planned. i knew french anti terror law comes into effect tomorrow it was signed on monday by president emmanuel mac clone. the law gives authorities a permanent powers to search homes shut places of worship and restrict the movements of suspected extremists. it's already been criticized by some for encroaching on
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civil liliberties. no return concluded deal always missing. we're fighting against islamist terror with determination on a couple but we respect the rule of law. and the supervision of the courts. this security. guaranteeing security. state's primary mission will ya yesterday the state must protect the citizens. ms ensure the territorial security. but this mission must be accomplished in respect of human rights. we need security in order to protect our freedoms pocono need distinctness also been more. close to the equator. emmanuel macron speaking them. now for more on this storory we can bring in high fat camp and attororney at e paris by good evening thank you very much for joining his in a slow graham. now this new anti terror bill is essentially a repackaged state of emergency that's been called something else so it's funds technically. in a state of emergency once again. yes i i fleeing so
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even so. mister image on my calls that we've just seen in front of the european court of human rights. those would not say that cease so called anti troll would putting sides a criminal what has been. insides a state of emergency law for two years and so basically the seas. z. slow boots in our kamall no what tease. some some kind of extraordinary pro worlds given to. the police or as the state's. now. under this new lore police will be allowed to carry out spot checks. our rights groups a deciduous going to lead to. inc it will encourage racial profiling don't you agree that. they're right racial profiling can't actually inside he slower you have. some provisions which don't hide don't have anything to do with. so called anti terrorism for example you have a provision which extends so scope of a i. d..
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id controlled by the police and the police could for example search site and search people on us for their id's. in many more cases and many more situations and it is a case today so there is a risk exactly of russia providing. behind too slow yet because whose ideas of in a search for not yeah of course. locate now the president says france needs security to protect its freedoms does this. anti terrible protect france's freedoms i don't think so on duh in order for us to answer this question we have to do back at the last two years. on those a state of emergency low and. when we check out how it has been applied. weekend discovers that it has not worked in order to. fight against terrorism and that we must. say that to the state of emergency low for two years as be as being used notably against so called terrorists but also against political opponents for. environmental
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activists willing to take part in demonstrations which means that when you give extraordinary poor worse to the state towards the polic. subordinates was always use the cpo worse against people would not have anything to do. ways. deserves the threats we are seeing officially that we want to fight against. now majority of french people actually support. but you know the support in the state of emergency the support this anti terror bill which which essentially comes into effect tomorrow. people are fed up with more tightly terror attack something in europe in france recently been victim to so many terror attacks. do you think people are just waiting to be to forgo some freedoms to keep safe.. i don't think so either i don't hoped so i. how how to say a zoo i don't think the people have? reads. technically since states of these provisions of the low because. zeros losers social discourse from our imminent
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michael for example is to say that the slow we give you. a security. but there is no proof there is no evidence so there's no proof day there's no way that. but this new bill will actually keep france a safe country no under a as a french criminal law for example for the last. for two years we have. special forwards we char in the colonial on which can be used. the fight against terrorism montes a cisco moment criminal low is. is all always perfect and we don't need more. forwards which could. impedes basic freedoms of. citizens but it. in your opinion what report could defensive have done just common law would be sufficient how did the keep everyone in check in that case. i think criminally sufficient. and we don't need to do always something new we don't need to give always multiple worse. to was a state on to the police if
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you gives all more porous legs he's hung like which groups a. push of police to to to do more on it. a russia providing for examples. it could. impede and could so hurts i means a crewman. . . commences safe you know as a permanent a use we have known and. giving too much for words is a states. hoot. gives the people the idea that they don't have to fight for their basic freedoms and liberties. so i hope the french people would not. for grief these. see liber cheese on it would remind that. to two centuries ago the french people made a revolution. to to have basic rights and freedoms which could. which are. . a impede spicy slow. tough luck infinitely that thank you veryy much your joining us thank you very much this evening goodbye. now in other news catalystt puts to months says it would will be a long road to
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independence. the comments from catalonia's ousted regional president made at a news conference in brussels he says he isn't seeking asylum in belgium and would return to catalonia once he's given the necessary guarantees from the spanish government. put shimon adding he'd accept regional elections slated for the twenty first of december. spain's high court meanwhile has some in the catalan leader to testify on thursday did you go alone reports. he's facing up to thirty years in prison for rebellion embezzlement and sedition. but catalan separatist leader countless puigdemont seems stress free as he strolled around brussels and interacted with the locals. i am from. bulgaria now came not be somebody. spanish authorities have summoned push the mall and other members of his former cabinet to to face court on thursday. he says he'll return to catalonia only one madrid guarantees them a fair and free trial. adding that he is not seeking
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political asylum in belgium but safety and freedom. push tomorrow also called on europe to intervene in the crisis. but made up my not engaging in dialogue tolerating and not stopping the violence of the far right. imposing itself militarily and putting us in prison. the spanish government is essentially putting an end to the idea of europe. go off it's a hugee mistake. that everyone. not just us will pay for very dearly. last friday bustamante claire independence which spain's ruling government considers unconstitutional. the central government then fired him i'm called a snap regional election in december. yeah. on the streets of brussels the catalan leader was hard pressed to find support. protesters called for unity between spain and catalonia. turnout. he's a coward. and he just abandon the catalans along with all the
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troubles ahead. meanwhile belgium has found itself in the middle of a diplomatic storm. in a statement pririme ministete shawn michehels said his government didn't invitite e catalan leader but said that he would be treated like any other citizen of the eu. now idiotic kenya's incumbent president was declared the winner in last week's election a statement from the opposition candidate who boycotted the poll. rail odinga said the outcome should bee scrapped in favor of another vote. he also claimed the opposition would continue the pressure on uhuru kenyatta and hinted his supporters could challenge show results in court once again. it was kenya's second presidential election in three months but for opposition leader raila odinga it was nothing more than a sham. he wants to go back to the polls. but gained. political courses york didn't. is a boat free and fair elections.
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supreme court ordered that it peak election. head in compliance with the constititution. and the lal. order has not been complied with. it must be. a dinga successfully have the august result overturned but pulled out of the re run ended voiced his supporters to boycott given a lack of any electoral reform. with less than forty percent turnout it handed incumbent uhuru kenyatta a landslide. the wake of the vote several protesters died in scuffles with police. so the weekend was largely calm. and whether the specter of two thousand and seven supposed electoral violence in which over eleven hundred people died looms large. leading to calls for procedures to be followed from international courses. would make a recommendation here. that to. bed requests and i. p.. if anybody has any problems with it got to this french presidential election of principle for over.
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plplease let's go back to te courts and and and and days what of a sunset. kenyatta for his part indicated willingness to do precisely vassal monday night. however here likely face a campaign of civil disobedience from odinga. he's promised to turn his political coalition into a resistance movement. a reminder of a developing story we a tracking for you out of new york city. we're getting reports office shooting in lower manhattan one person has been placed in custody. and the public was asked to avoid in the area and that the west side highway. us media reporting of multiple casualties now early i spoke to our correspondent david hoffman in new york for the latest. if it if they think i've been a land hour ago and we at window that they are at. probably several casualties we don't have that had been yet but we know in the site. where it happened is at a parent be a high school billowed there might be also a young people involved and
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as we all know i got? cue the victims might be that this is the area where we. according to several reports and specially at people on site and who who tweeted at instantly after the incident that car. that parakeet at he could by klein and around in here at several people gunfire would also heard that immediately after the incident. few minutes later the police said down the whole area and right now i've been talking to yahoo progress think howard that the thought of the incident. there the us track against it extremely difficult to get their. but had the police had totally shut down at the area which is near by the wallstreet banks are in lower manhattan. and authorities in new york generally on high alert. well i i've you as you know there is obviously an international at alert at on that carries them. and yet a few months ago and it was a similar incident and that happening in near times square and.
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it in and that being parents and that and it was that bad you know that that there the situation m might that have been that way. and bed bobo once again we don't have. enough information as as of now to know whether it's at carried them related to that. at all or it's been that important at on their * but i in. no was david hoffman speaking to me that earlier andd now we are gettiting updates out of new york that a motorist. hit people on a bike path near the world trade center then apparently the person emerge from the vehicle screamed and fired something that appeared to be a gun. where expecting? police briefing out in shortly and we will be crossing to that once it gets underway. let's take a look at some of the day's business use we cate moody good evening cate upon a tax reform is center stage in washington where republicans are due to finally unveiled a proposal that's right a draft of these. long awaited at tax bills as going to be released on wednesday among
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the headline goals are tax cuts for the middle class. at a lower rate for corporations many economists are hoping for a better idea of how the government might balance one and a half trillion dollars for the tax cuts. without a rise in the public deficit. critics insist the proposals would benefit the rich far more than the average the average families. president donald trump insisted tt alall americans would be tter o off. that he was optimistic a bill could be passed before the end of the year. it's cut senate relief and it's also reform. and frankly it's also simplificatition. so we're covering everything there has never. been anything like it.. and itit's so important economy is doing very well but can do much better. letter jobobs going to come from this and a lot of companies sex stories back in united states. checking on today's trading action out was a fairly muted close on wall street for that does wrap up a strong month of trading overall. yes in the five hundred dow jones notching up their seventh straight month of gains. investors
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awaiting the announcement of the new chairperson of the federal reserve as expected to come on thursday they'll also be quite a reaction at jude proposals put forth on. tax reform. with a slight gains across the board in europe germany's dax was closed for a public holiday this tuesday. chairs in the budget airline rock ryan air outperformed rising nearly seven percent on strong profits spike a spate of rececent flight cancellations. france's economy is on pace to meet government targets one point eight percent growth this year. the national statistics office in say said gdp expanded. point five percent from july to september that's a fourth consecutive quarter of strong growth. in the longest such expansion since two thousand and eleven. the eurozone had similar success gross domestic product across nineteen countries that use the single currency group point six percent. that slightly higher than expected. unemployment across the block felt eight point nine percent the lowest level in nine years. that backs up plan by the european central
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bank to begin scaling back its stimulus program of the next year. even as inflation remains below to process target. france based aerospace giant airbus is already facing investigations in four european countries about possible corruption. now those concerns are spreading to the united states where buses admitted breaching arms trafficking rules. abbas also reported a four percent drop in operating profits and warned the latest increase could have a further impact on its bottom line. uncle has. a scandal makes its way across the atlantic. airbus europe's largest aerospace firm a admitted it may have violated united states rules on arms export. the company said it had discovered inaccuracies and past declarations to the us state department. under part one hundred and thirty of the country's international traffic in arms regulations. also known as i tar this section of u. s. law covers the use of commissions to sell weapons.
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no question now is whether airbus misled authorities willllfully. or not. if the inaccuracies are judged to be unintentional the company would likely b e finened up to five hundred thousand dollars per violation. what is the department of justice decides to investigate? and discovers the violations are criminal that find could double. more drastic penalties could see airbus temporarily blocked from buying us made goods covered by i. tart. including components that uses in small transport planes helicopters and satellites. in two t thousand and ten british defense contractor be a he systems was ordered to pay four hundred million dollars. for criminal violation of part one thirty of the i tore rules. airbus already faces corruption investigations in eueurope. related to the use of middlemen to pay bribes. the company's earnings report warns of it penalties from those investigations could have a significant effect on its finances. purging on some days other business headlines now. british o oil giant bp beat expectations is it reported
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third quarter net profit. of one point eight seven billion dollars. that would begin to buy back shares of the next three months in order to raise share prices and quality in fact it script dividend program.. which convertss cash reservs intamin shares. designer christopher bailey is leading the british luxury goods house burglary to launch his own brand. even with brett butler agrees for seventeen years he was credited with propelling it took me come a global fashion force. very stepped down as chief executive in july was replaced by more for the best. inshare isn't sports apparel from under armour plunged twenty four percent because it could export your guidance and posted a five percent decline in sales compared to a year earlier. baltimore based company said domestic demand had dropped clubs popularity was growing in europe latin america and asia. but it said it needs to reorganize its structure north keep up with a challenging market. that's all this is..
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wanna thank y you veryy much kate movie that with the business years are going to take a quick break more n ns coming up. wiwill be getting you to lead us out of new york city where the police are saying several people have been killed. after vehicle drove onto a pass for pedestrians and numerous people also reported 1010/317
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10/31/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> we have been n saying from dy one there is no evidence of truck-russia collusion. amy: president donald trump's former campaign chair paul manafort and his former business associate rick gates surrendered to the fbi after being indicted on charges that include money laundering, acting as unregistered agents of ukraine's former pro-russian government, and conspiracy against the united states. the white house says indictments


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