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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 15, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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and germany's angela merkel as they address the club twenty three climate summit currently underway in film germany .
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zimbabwe's only house place the country's long serving president robert mugabe on to how so arrests kings chelation a military coup. on the news has been confirmed i saw. resident jacobs email who says he's spoken it to mugabe earlier in the day. it's unclear what the president's wife grace is currently. soldiers though while patrolling the capital harare a. the unrest with spotlight mugabe sacking all fees that vice presidents and the thunder let's say needs mrs like ave asa husbands probable success at for more on his must use joined us and it from zimbabwe's capital. possible to get to the main airport in are are you which is star. the robert gabriel mugabe international airport was renamed that last week.
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up there are some soldiers at the airport but it's not a heavy presence as far as i know. . things just seem to be hanging in the balance. zimbabweans are talking about a polite coup are on social media. on. we'd done not of course all are of what transpired last night they were reports are as. it was mentioned earlier off of gunfire heard in in in harari. are also gunfire around the president's our house in order her ari. a. the details of that may become clearer in the next few days. but on social media love the mood. seems to be very to not between elation. people please tell that something has happened in zimbabwe's. but on the other hand this caution because. of this involves soldiers are rather than democratic elections. has sixty general over to my to my donde. she and other key members of
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the the war veterans in recent months have been sidelined. a strong the ruling sunny pf party. up b. grace mugabe and heard her political allies. and. so they. were very angry. up with her. and. . were. very keen and. to see her. climb her ascent within the party that stymied so. it's not surprising that they are not calling for full president makabe. artists to stand down. there's no love lost between them anymore even though they were allies in the nineteen seventies wore. their relationship has has definitely soured the in the last few months. a i think now what everything hinges on. this our visits by. envoys sent by president jacob zuma of
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south africa he said in his defense minister and a security minister. i think that's. a. . that's the next thing. important thing that we watching whether those invoioice will get access. toto meet withh prpresident mugabe and to to meet with zimbabwe defense forces. of course we don't know how easy that will be be understand president mugabe is under house arres. we not sure when these and voice will get in to zimbabwe day may be. on their way out maybe here are fairlyly soon.. anand. i think. it would be important to o see what reacaction i get. from thehe general's not and to sesee w seems in bob will be returun to normality and and civilian rule. the zimbabwe's millet tree how often the country's apparent to a bloodless correction what members of mugabe's any pf policy accused admitted treat off treason. on wes respond one with all these recent dismissal of his vice president seventy one year old embassy monongah. but up to exactly is the man of the
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center zimbabwe's on rest well. for sony full that night in las at home. he's known as the crocodile for his ruthless survival instincts. anderson mccain g gaga was once r robert mugugabe's mot loyal deputy. are.. i'm assusuming you don't presume none that. surveillance wellll known defector who dodoesn't but. deposed by the ailing president last week he's now at the heart of a power struggle. for who will next rules zimbabwe. the unraveling of the accepted political order in harare began last monday. when mugabe sax modin gogoi to make wife his wife grace to seem the south african nations top job. that rankled the minute tree and powerful veterans of zimbabwe's warm independenc. the storm supporters of morgan got quite a former security chief. the rivalry between meigen gogoi and grace mugabe runs
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deep. in nineteen eightyy when i'm gogonna go try t to topple e president thrhrough a a coue acactually tried too wrestle powewer from the president e have the evidence. early this year support is of milling gogoi said he was poisoned with ice cream from grace's dairy farm. and last weweek he was accused of plotting to take power through which croft. having fled the country after his sacking mccain got what is now reportedly back in the country. and is seen by some as ready to o take e reins of power. well the world news admitted escalation regional crisis the french president say multilateralism logic lebanon's prime minister it's high of hariri counties family to france. i today lebanon's president michelle i youou in accusedf saudi araraa as holding side and hariri hostage. this off to his surprise resignation twelve days s ago. well some claim on her is decicion was dictatedd by reanimatated i intensifyingd with iraq. iran back
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salaries rival the shiite militant group hezbollah. .n imimplants i is in bebeut wh small on the e lebanese prie minister. just earlier today actually had he two incidents have promisining and that he woud be back with back soon. and ii has he'd previously had said. and on the back of f s having said on sunday. that he would b be back with t te next few days a and t then n mondnday with next couple of days. and in the meantime that's for the first time today the lebanese terror of presidents at michelle a al. and said public clearly see tweeted. at you describing . everyrybo is being detained at and saudi arabia. that s. ben and now is a we hearing that actually he will travel to to p paris at the invitation a of the friends tripip presisident and. jusf
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the last hours of the bebeig careful to stress that this isis in any kind of politicl exile. at but rather just an invitation for harry and his family it's good to come hee before he does so for security reasons stuff yet that he said that he believes that his life. and it is on the threats and nobody from hihis own campus we've really able to sasay. that since authority more lights on this but just isn't background for this. we know that said french president macro was i in sai ararabia very briefly. at lt week we know that. hariri has been holding meetings with french diplomats of the course of the last twelve days and so. i was h he's been and it can react and tomorrow at the french foreign minister. and
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will hold a meeting with very in riyadh sees travelled that join it joinm the cold. micronauts thing that france will help make up the shortfall in funding for climimate science research left only america have a listen. psicosis sweats inclusion of six come of it my collective goal for us by the twelfth of december is that we can raise the money to compensate american cities. and the american private sector for the entire amount of the american government's financial commitment. but on top of that i hope the regional public and private financing together will help us provide especially the most vulnerable countries. a real financial roadmap to innovate and engage in the indispensable environmental transitions. more analysis a mortar
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president mackerel have to say the cult twenty three summit earlier i spoke to falsely fools and write down this he said. many al macro was really wearing. hearing bonn. slater but also one is the. did but discs siva representative of clay. here in europe what he indicated in his speech is that he has every intention of europe filling the gap left in the wake of the u. s. who drove but not. me from a leadership perspective but also from a financial one now he highlighted. science panel the gold standard if you will and climate reporting that they would not like a single euro as of next year. menu michael did not make many other official announcements largely because he's waiting for his very own summit he's hosting on december the twelfth in paris. to mock me two year anniversary of the paris agreement that will be entirely focused on finance and i might add it's a summit. to which the u. s. has not been invited. rate this is a huge summit
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at two hundred nation the exams overruled on the go shake shins on track. with the helping some taking to technical wins hearing bonn notably around the action required between now and twenty twenty one the paris deal goes into force. because the final weight being done here is to create a rule book that will be adopted in poland as of next year. so i guess in one way the talks are on track. one and now that we know that with all the emission reduction pledges put together the world is still on track. for a more than three degree temperature rise we also know that carbon emissions have actually jumped slightly after being passed stable victory he so on another level we are far. from reaching our objective in fighting climate change and that's why both angela merkel and emmanuel macron highlighted paris is really only the beginning. it's gonna take a whole lot of work not only at a federal level but at every
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level of the global community to really bbc's climate change problem. in other news washington's top diplomat rex to listen is cultural and independent inquiry into allegations that them is on the is committing atrocities against rohingya muslims. speaking a joint press conference with the country's it defector leader aung san suu kyi. to listen said he would however home gulf own sanctionsns. with more original correspondenent latatest kai is in n bangkok. during his visit the u. s. secretary of state rex to listen mattt with thehewo mostst powerful peoplple in burma. the army chief geneneral mean on lang and f course to fact so leader or san suu kyi in washington stressed. that it was very much still supporting the noble peace prize winner. that regarding the army chief rex to listen did not reveal the contents of discussions. that h he calld for an indedependent investigations investigation into alleged. crimes committed by us soldiers in iraq on state against a rohingya as civilians he said washington was deeply
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concerned by credible reports. of widespread atrocities committed by security forces washington will not decide for now on sanctions against the burmese nation or against individuals such as a general's. iraq's to listen once an independent investigation first rex harrison said he was shocked horrified e even. by the images of the hundreds of thousands of rohingya civilians fleeing to neighboring bangladesh washington has announced a was pledging an extra forty seven million dollars in humanitarian aid. full rohingya refugees. frances been chosen to host the twenty twenty three rugby world cup often surprisingly beating south africa and w. data secret vote. from zour fight rival south africa in the second round of icing. atonement comes just one year before paris hosts the twenty twenty four olympic games julie came reports. france.
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it was a decision no one expected. off to ireland was eliminated in the first round of the world drug he council secret ballots. phone speak south africa in the second round twenty full dates to fifteen. to one of in the xi we have the saud we'd shoot at the died under south africa that. so we do everything possible to the the caller very best in formal connection guaranteed that you will billions in beijing workout. i'm from minnesota. coming to. but the outcome is an embarrassment for world drug be off to its recommendation last month that south africa hosts the tournaments. this announcement followed the first time publication of a controversial bid evaluation reports a costly one hundred and thirty nine page document. designed to promote transparency in the haste selection process. of the three countries the report round south africa's bid as the best. based on this pretoria was more than confidence the tenth world cup was in the bag. it didn't count on the
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world rugby council to choose france. i think a lot of our friends has been depredation ships with. some of the voters and they obviously have the big stadia. they host the tournament before we have to accept that it's a. the ballot box does not lie. for some of the votes tell a different story what had been an attempt by world rugby to clean up a process stalled by allegations of thigh cream horse trading. has fallen flats. but that's not going to stop france from relishing the prospect of facing its second. rugby world cup. the annual international for amount on peace and security in dachau and it'll kyi stay in all of france24 was on in sherry a met the french minister of the on forces from most poly. in this week's exclusive interview he discusses the saw health first multinational milicz reports. the g. five. going to take a short break cat coming up.
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overall hello and welcome to the interview on france24 we are here in senegal. at the car for the fourth foreign on peace and security in africa because it also presidents from senegal mickey style. from mali ebrahim abu bakar kaita and from rwanda president paul kigami are all here. to talk about these issues of security in their countries in the region to talk a lot about the fight against terrorism. is also highly hello hello madam minister we've heard a lot about the g. five somehow in this. forum at seems to be the cornerstone of security in africa. the first operation just took place it was mali burkina faso and niger. a heading i it up. those who o you think that it was successful and is a g. five somehow i capitol step. for security in africa it's a fundamental political initiative.
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it is one that will have military consequences. or do not quite a pot to from the g. five saw had initiatives we have decided to create a joint ground force. and that joint armed forces carried out to its first operation just a few days ago. an operation that finished yesterday. also the forum in dachau was also the opportunity for isis to talk again about the reasons for which this forces useful and it is useful more than ever. eager and also to talk about how. you collectively. we can help. in ramping up the schools. today the final certain finances have been obtained but then not yet sufficient. atticus well the issue of finance is crucial because delegating security to these countries means they have to be able to finance it. but we're talking about some of the most poorest from the porch countries in the world. but you're absolutely right liza country's veteran diane needs in all sectors
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appeared security. education energy. so it is extremely important that this joint force serbia will to obtain the very strong support from a certain number contributors. but today we're far from what we neede european union. full saw and france to new truly wishes to find additional financing. is going a little bit but we were talking about a hundred million the africans are asking for four hundred million. we understand one hundred million for the moment to continue scaling up this armed force. enough me more &-rs first operation which is quite remarkable.
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the please when the president of the republic visited bamako at the beginning of july for the g. five for health summit nation. that force was still on the blueprint phase. ii and it has been setup extremely quickly. i paid a visit at the end of july to the headquarters in that miami. the headquarters of the operational center from which is this operation has been. organized just a few days ago. and it simply wasn't finalized it was still. a construction site and it we have manage to finalize it thanks to the support of germany. we've managed to stick to a schedule which is the technical prowess and it is one that should help us today to facilitate the contribution of a set number of donors. wanted level. no inappropriately understand that we need to bring african countries to take charge of their own security. does this mean then that the operation bar can that france is heading up. in the region four thousand two hundred men does this mean that they'll be pulling out and if so do
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you have a timetable. fossil mckennitt and to hold a bokken operation will last as long as it needs to last. us and the french armed forces. with human bones will be there as long as they are needed. but trans is not intended to stay with that would give often negative image. the blonde festival and we are hoping. that close about everything alphabet this fight against terrorism will end one day because one day we will win this fight. but in the meantime. it is important so that france be able to continue to. have the support of a certain number of multinational forces there are some that already exist already on the most mott the eighth molly. but as i said earlier. it is absolutely vital that has be the african countries themselves vet embrace of this issue. it we would be there. to help for the scaling out of thee joint found forces and vash is one of the missions of the bach
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and a force. record fighting against terrorism but also contributing to the training all for the mahdi and the soldiers. the soldiers who are in the g. five saw had we also training and advising. i don't of course just as you said francis fighting terrorism in the silent in africa. also in the levant region. thinking specifically of syria and iraq with recently to of major military victories and raca and mosul. because that's when can we say there's. total victory over isis. when can use that term. for us i think is all one can say for the moment is that isis is going from defeat to defeat. a coup lifted wahconah keep that the territories that isis occupied and object he food. gland whereby they wanted to face after territorial caliphate. cool well ninety percent of those the territories today have been framed. he be. e. does it and said the people who had been expelled from
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their territories i'm not coming back but you're quite right to underline the major victory over raqqa. because raqqa is set very symbolic for the french. latest from raqqa that a certain number of the terrorist attacks against franz. were actually initiated. well that's exactly why let me ask the question again. but the politically and rocka impressed a lot of people but how can we say. or can we say that we didn't isis. the fight against isis is not over and it is not of that because isis. is already beginning to redeploy ex activities and to change. into an underground terrorist organization. we know that we are far from over with the fight against terrorism and the fight against isis might change in shape. but it wants change as far as of the violin sarah activities that they do a concerned. france
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continues to be inherently invested in the coalition. in syria and in iraq. any of the nine months. both fronts as well because of bilateral cooperation is also giving support to in the shape of training the iraqi army and that's very important. it it does not mean that we need to be watchful about jihad the transfers to libya or other countries even. here in africa where we are. nick is challenging this question off the future of the jihadists is one that crops up very often. as i said earlier are you there are a certain number of these gi diseases. who? now who on the ground. and. it's and we are extremely. attentive to what they are doing and our intelligence references of playing a major role. and they're keeping a close watch on the french jihadis as well was serving food on
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parliament three shows if you know we don't make a difference use. food men and this is a war that is being waged against terrorists you know. we don't ask them for they possible wants to use his own album. we simply treat them all the same. there was there's also a subject in france will be hearing a lot about in two thousand eighteen you'll be the honorary minister. it's the military planning law. and the budget defense budget we've heard a lot about that so thirty four point five million in twenty eighteen. and. you will have a. view on that budget you have some choices to make. you talked about modernization. it's not something that's capitol for you. so he stuck it's a ministry that is already being profoundly reform too fat it lost de scaled. you shouldn't this ministry has cut its staff down by sixty thousand over the last ten years. jones we are now entering into a different phase king. this was a very strong
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decision that was made by the president of the republic which is set to scale up our armies. festival because our armies our confronted with a certain number of threat cynthia active. on the site number of international areas. group who and also. because. that is a political desire. to ensure i fact that our defense represents two percent of gdp between now and two thousand twenty fiv. because we have. made choices that show our resolve to focus on protection. the protection a gravel of the soldiers and all for the equipment that they use. now what does that actually mean. it means to accelerate to the replacement of the bullet proof vest the helmets. of the assault weapons. eat again in my and also to.
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renew. the protection for example the armor plating of vehicles. in the sci hello for example at these vehicles are extremely vulnerable given that the minds serves as our regular to be found. discovered as you mentioned modernization when they when we talk about fighting against terrorism special forces are stretched a lot in france so. whatat ababout modernizizing helicopters that's been requested is that a priority for you as well? but all news and we have two priorities clearly didn't send key because he double the first is what we call regenerating how forces. will that sees that restoring equipment to that set has been hotly used. questioned and given the intensity of our forces and to way they are. deployed here in the sky health for example. river and to enable them to prepare for the future we need to do law as
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you know. the ministry of the armed forces is the first french public investor we invested more than eighteen billion. euros any military equipment. and all
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