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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ anchor: hello and welcome. this is "live from paris." before a crowd of thousands, vowsbwe's new president democratic elections will be held next year. he declares the country is renewing itself after 27 years under mugabe. the south african court doubles term afterrius' jail
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the original sentence was found to be shockingly lenient. hopes of rescue fate in argentina. occurred in the area where one of the submarines went missing. ♪ anchor: let's begin in hariri where the minister has been sworn in as president of zimbabwe, the country's second ever leader since 1980. tens of thousands gathered to witness history any stadium in the capital. in his first official address, he voweded democratic elections would be held next year a scheduled and earned urged the country to move ahead.
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he paid tributute to robert mugabe, the man he called the founding father of the country. the mugabe resigned amid impeachment proceedings. the bitter battle for succession began earlier in the month when he sacked his vice president. let's hear from the new president. >> as president of the republic will be faithful , uphold,we and obey and defend the constitution and all other laws of zimbabwe. i will promote whatever will advance and oppose whatever may harm zimbabwe.
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promote thect and rights of the people of zimbabwe. new presidentwe's speaking earlier today at his inauguration. for more, i'm joined by our senior reporter. the new president praised his predecessor but also admitted errors were made in the past. >> there was praised for robert mugabe, unsurprisingly. the two men were close in the past. a said to him, mugabe remains father, comrade in arms, and leader. this operation to replace him was codenamed by the army "operation restore legacy." officialshis sense want to preserve elements of robert mugabe's past but perhaps wipe out more recent years in which he admitted errors had been made.
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in thee about mistakes manner in which we managed our politics. he said never again should circumstances be allowowed to pt zimbabwe in its current position. this kind of statements unthinkable in the past under robert mugabe when senior officials very much stuck to the there was and blamed on the outside world. for the first time, hearing from a senior official that errors were made is quite an event. he also said now it was time to let bygones big iphone -- bygones be bygones, reaching out to the opposition. although no actual move toward any transaction government or alliance has been made. that was not present in the speech. we did hear a commitment in the
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inauguration speech that democratic elections would be held on schedule next year. that means august of 2018. that is when robert mugabe's term as president was due to expire. that was a commitment specifically. we will have to see whether that can be met and whether they will be free and fair. anchor: he spoke about hitting the ground running with the task of rebuilding the country and economy, particularly agriculture at the heart of his pledges today. >> absolutely. agriculture historically is the backbone of zimbabwe's economy. production plummeted the land inorm introduced by mugabe 2000 when white farm owners were displaced of their land and black war veterans were given them. often it was well-connected people and political the given the land, perhaps people who did
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not have much farming prowess. production plummeted sending zimbabwe's economy into a spiral. land reform was addressed early in his speech. he said land reform was inevitable. he said the principle of possessing them cannot be read first reversed -- cannot be reversed the called on them to use it correctly. compensation would be paid to those farmers whose land was repossessed. that was one of the sticking points in the early 2000's when western sanctions were introduced on zimbabwe over the land sieges. looking to reach out to the international community. during his speech, several times, the new president said foreign investment was important, necessary, and he tried to reassure the international community saying all foreign investment will be safe in zimbabwe, really recognizing outside help needs
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to come now to stop the economy from spiraling further out of control. anchor: thank you for your analysis. let's find out more about the new president of zimbabwe. they called him the crocodile, a nickname that stuck. the 75-year-old veteran fighter is a former justice and defense minister and was a key mugabe confident for decades. despite his long association with the g government, he has promisised democraracy. >> he was robert mugabe's student. now he is zimbabwe's new president. his impact on the country began in his teens he fought against majoririty rule in what was then known as revision -- rhodesia. he spentnt several years behind bars where he met mugabe and
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later became his assistant and bodyguard. when zimbabwe became independent in 1980,0, he was appointed security minister. during that time, he fostered close ties with the military. in 1983 when he was security minister, the army set out in a bloody campaign. as 30,00000 opposition supporters and their family members were killed, but he denies any involvement in the massacres. over the years, he held many positions. in the 2008 presidential elections, he was accused of rigging votes in favor of mugabe. he was widely blamed for the election violence that swept the country. nicknamed the crocodile due to his reputation for ruthlessness, he stillll enjoys wide support n military and security communities. be south african supreme court of appeal has increased oscar pistorius' murder sentence to 14
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years and five months after the state argued the original sentence was shockingly lenient. he was found guilty on appeal of murdering his girlfriend on violence day in 2013. application for appeal is granted. the appeal against sentence is upheld. the sentence imposed by the court is set aside and substituted with the following. imprisonment for 13 years and five months. i hereby hand down the judgment. story, for more on this here is our correspondent in cape town. >> it is a 12-page document handed out from the court. says oscar pistorius
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failed to be frank with the court over what happened on the night reeva steenkamp died. he also found oscar pistorius has not shown remorse. there was a very harsh tone to the report which said oscar pistorius had on the number of occasions [indiscernible] but failed to do so and failed to give any convincing account of the night she died. because he failed to be honest about his motivations, the timeline, and confusing versions , hevents, as a result failed to demonstrate genuine because you cannot be
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remorseful over something you have yet to explain. he has now had two judgments overturned in his court. found the crime had been trivialized by the original sentence. estate appeal for 15 years. , cuttinge court agreed off the time he has already served. the sentence now stands at 13 years and five months. anchor: the argentinian navy says it has proof event consistent with an explosion happened in the area where a military submarine went missing eight days ago. some have accused the navy of line. others are blaming the government's lack of investment
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in the armed forces. >> hopes are fading for the 44 crew members on board with argentina confirming an unusual explosion noise was heard after the submarine's last communication. information shared by a nuclear watchdog. but the navy says the search goes on. >> until we have accurate information about where the submarine is, we cannot make any definitive statement. areas, we aree continuing naval and air efforts. >> more than 12 countries are helping to scour the south atlantic ocean for any sign of the missing vessel. after a series of false leads that gave family members a glimmer of hope, news of the explosion was broken to them at the naval base.
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amid the grief, anger. >> i think we came to a funeral. that is the reality. what bothers me most is they are not telling families the truth because there are still people with hope. now they cannot find the bodies and they do not want to admit it. >> summer pointing fingers at the governrnnt. it i is being accused off corruption and not putting enough money into the armed forces. has promised to improve investment in the defense ministry. the new budget calls for a 40% increase in funding. this news just coming in now. aipac -- has cap attacked a packed mosque near the provincial capital during weekly p prayers. we will follow this developing story and bring you more as we know it. capital has dropped
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them -- captain has dropped them from the doubles. they have been replaced for saturday's doubles. in friday's opening singles poille willas play. to the north of france which hosts the davis cup final opposing france and belgium. we are right on the belgian border so plenty of visiting supporters are expected. today is all about the opening singles is the first game we will see the highest french ranked player take on the belgian number one. that match will be followed by darcis.aking on
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he's a veteran of the competition with 16 wins and just six losses. simple.gainst goffin is david is an incredible form. a week ago, he beat rafael nadal and roger federer before losing in the final to grigor dimitrov. poille will have to play extremely well to beat him. tsonga is the clear favorite. he will have to work hard. he has been struggling as of late. the record is in his favor. tsonga leaves the head-to-head against goffin. it is the first of five points. each game wins five points. if needed, singles will take place on sunday. anchor: there was the latest on the davis cup. it is time for a reminder of
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some of our top stories. before a jubilant crcrowd of thousands, zimbabwe's new president vows democratic elections will be held next year. he declares the country is renewing itself after 37 years of robert mugabe. the south african court doubles oscar pistorius' jail term. the original sentence of six years for the murder of his girlfriend was found to be shockingly lenient. rescue fade in argentina. the navy now reports an explosion occurred in the same area where one of its submarines went missing. 44 people were on board. itit is time for our business update. start with the most american of concepts, something i don't mind, a holiday devoted entirely to shopping. >> that is right. black friday is finally upon us,
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the official start of the holiday shopping center when retailers supposedly bring out there is discounts of the year. export ofming another consumer culture with black friday specials throughout europe and the u.k. sales are predicted to hit $682 billion in the u.s. for november and december alone. the importance of black friday has been diluted by online shopping with only 35% of consumers who say they will shop during thanksgiving week on friday itself. some analysts think black friday maybe slowly fading toshopping t that does not mean it is not still a big day. take a listen. >> it is important for retailers because they get a sense of what consumers are interested in. it is almost too late for them to reorder things. they have already made some missteps.
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they know what they have an inventory. when you start cutting prices, it is a race to the bottom. anchor: let's turn to the tech industry. new efforts are on the way to counter the influence of russia-backed propaganda it in u.s. politics. >> facebook is launching a tool that will tell users whether or not they liked or commented on pages created by russia to sway the u.s. election. the infamous russian troll farm has been linked to political postings by tens of millions of facebook users, drawing harsh criticism from the u.s. congress. >> it is the latest step in exposing fake news. the sosocial media giant facebok hahas announced it i is creatina new tool that will tell users if they liked or commented on propaganda powered by foreign regions. the company says they are taking proactive steps to expose how russia could have swayed american voters. in a statement, the company said it is important people
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understand how foreign actors try to sow division and mistrust using facebook before and after the election. that is why we are building the tool we are announcing today. it will be launched next month. it will l not tell u users if ty viewed the c controversisial pas that were created to look like they were posted by americans but were in fact russian-backed propaganda. the pages have been deleted. facebook estimates between facebook and instagram, 140 million people saw them and 10 million users also saw fake ads . following the election, mark zuzuckerberg initially denied facebook could have influenced the election calling it a pretty crazy idea. withow facebook along google, twitter, and other firms have agreed to join forces with reputable news organizations in an effort to stop out fake news
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and fake sites. anchor: it is time to check on today's trading action. >> the continental index is climbing on expectations of black friday sales expectations. keeping a close eye on uncertainty in germany. business confidence there is at an all-time high. in paris, up nearly .7%. new data showing business -- british businesses hoarding cash as brexit uncertainty ways on the country. anchor: speaking of electric vehicles, china has one and now tesla. >> chihina is the world's larget market for electric cars thanks to government incentives. the new transport is quite a bit larger. estate run paper reporting the country has launched a 2010 all
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2000-ton all electric cargo ship with a battery capacity equal to about 240 times the tesla model. it consumes no oil and produces no waste, which is nice, except as the u.s. website points out, the ship will be used to haul coal back and forth. it is clean on one hand but not quite all the way there. anchor: elon musk may have competition on his hands. thank you for the latest. it is time for our press review. -- thanks for being with us. let's start in zimbabwe. the papers focusing on the inauguration. >> you can read about it in "newsday" which says he is
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inheriting an economy in tatters and a population that has high hopes for a quick turnaround. our country is broken, according to them, now is the time to map out a vision to look into a brighter vision. papers are continuing to focus on robert mugabe and his downfall. some are blaming his wife. >> in this article, they are wondering if grace mugabe caused robert mugabe's downfall. it is what a lot of political commentators have been saying. her thirst for power was what caused the old guard to revolt. it is not the first time people have laid the blame on the wives of african leaders for their political downfalls. you can see other names here. you have one from ivory coast. according to some commentators, the wives are responsible for the faded lyrical careers of
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their husbands. of course, that is a controversial opinion. a lot of papers are focusing on the detail that mugabe was willing to throw his wife under the bus in the final hours. he was willing to send her to a former -- foreign country in exile to retain power. anchor: papers focusing on solution tofind a the syrian crisis. saying this iss a big win for the russian president vladimir putin. it was a bold diplomatic move. he brought together or honey from iran and erdogan from turkey to try to draw out a peace plan, a move that sidelined the u.s. and e.u. it is clear the future of a post-were serialized in the hands of moscow, ankara, and tehran.
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anchor: syria was sidelined from the summit as well. >> the paper is critical of russia, iran, and turkey for searching for a solution in syria without the syrians. all of the regional powers are trying to find a solution and the syrian population is being held hostage in the negotiations . according to this paper, the russian president is pulling the strings. and he supports the syrian president. there is the mystery as to what will happen. the last thing all of these regional powers want and care about is what syrians want and care about and why the revolution happened in the first place six years ago. you can see the tank that represents the regional powers bulldozing through what is a political solution in syria. thurman hasess uma spoken out about the fall of harvey weinstein in the u.s. >> absolutely. in october, she said she was too
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angry to speak about the whole thing. she worked with weinstein on several films. she has broken her silence on instagram. she posted this yesterday on thanksgiving. she said i was too angry recently, but #metoo, in case you cannot tell. happy thanksgiving, everyone, except you, harvey. she says she is taking some pleasure in his downfall. she says i am glad it is going slowly, you don't deserve a bullet. anchor: in france, there has been a major public debate in the wake of the scandal. sounding the alarm about sexual harassment in the workplace. >> tomorrow is the international day for elimination of violence against women. they are using dedication to sound the alarm because the statistics are alarming. 1/4 of assaults happen in the workplace. it talks about 10 rapes a day in
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france. 20% of french women say they have been the victims of sexual harassment at some point during their professional careers. you can see on their front page saying, the time is now to stop violence against women. anchor: earlier this month, hundreds of women route to the french president calling on him to implement an emergency plan against sexual violence. tomorrow, he is going to be giving a big speech on the issue and outlining the government response. >> indeed. this interviews five women who will be paying close attention to what macro has to say. they have been active on social media launching petitions on various issues such as the agent consent -- age of consent. it says the five of them together have gathered 700,000 signatures and will keep the pressure on macron.
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today, they are launching a social media campaign. anchor: thank you for taking us through the papers. that is all we have time for.
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>> to many outsiders culture is something thahat begins a and es thehe movie. literature in architecture and urban l life. cityrecent yeyears, the artistic profile has grown bigger and brighter. with new ways of thinking about the landscape. join me as we hit some of the city's most important cultural centers. i'm culture writer for ththe los angeles time. this is "artbound."


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