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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 24, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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nine pm capitol you watchine from paris of france24 i'm told but just wasn't is our top stories. the ship's deadliest attack in recent memory at least two hundred and thirty five people have been killed in a calm and john attack. which struck up a mosque in north sinai. vowing to represent a full zimbabweans president emmerson admitting got what is sworn in harari. bombing to fix the economy reach out to the well. bowes of africa's supreme court doubles the sentence handed to paralympics top oscar pistorius for the killing of his gill friend into thousand fifty. resisting .
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good evening we begin on egypt's and i peninsula where at least two hundred. killed today in a bomb under john attack. a mosque around forty kilometers from city of el arish. more than one hundred others were injured in this egypt's deadliest attack in recent memory. according to witnesses gunman shot at panic worshippers as they attempt to free the mosque. and in response the egyptian president abdel fattah cc has declared three days of national mourning. is also vowing to respond to this attack with and i quote. brutal force. abdel fattah al sisi expressed his condolences to the victims. invalid a brutal response to the attack that left hundreds of people dead and northern sinai. so the whole request them somehow.
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the armed forces. and the police. will avenge our malta's. and restore security. as soon as possible eleven federal couldn't let that been. the egyptian president spoke after militants stormed the isle road the mosque in bureau a bid. in what was the deadliest attack in egypt's modern history. around forty gunman surrounded the building and set off the bomb. before opening fire on worshippers would gathered for weekly friday prayers. according to several sources the mosque was unknown gathering place for suu fees followers of a mystical branch of islam who are often considered heretic's by muslim hardliners. ambulances rushed to the scene to carry the wounded to hospital. and there were reports the attackers also fired at paramedics. egyptian authorities declared three days of national mourning following the carnage. egypt has been battling the islamic state group in northern sinai. where militants have already killed hundreds of policemen
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and soldiers and carried out attacks against local tribes and christian churches? little iran as they to egypt's ambassador to france a a diary. and i started by asking him what the perpetrators of this attack. applause we trying to achieve. as far as what they are seeking is de dividing this the egyptian of society. and having a civil war. they started by attacking the us christians. copts in their own churches. now they are attacking the muslims and their own mosques. and the as you're well aware they are attacking locals who are combating terrorism so they are attacking of police forces our army. soldiers and officers but also that i think you know what drug truth. who are the of trying to that let them pay for their deeds? nichols this region all of egypt north sinai is no
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stranger unfortunately to these. kinds all all of attack that clearly the efforts up until this point haven't necessarily. had the desired effect of stamping out the threats posed by those groups in that particular area the sinai region. of egypt why you think that is. alright but let me just because joining the sinai. peninsula because the the finite each and and we're talking about the de and any of that is six times. the size of lebanon. there and for the most of it is the quite secure. there but that that is a very very dangerous zone. that triangle de latisha for her shakes to it. and this is where the this loss attack could. happen. the we are. at this point in time and we consider that you are having something like fifteen hundred terrorists. it more or less in this area
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a ie just wish to remind you that when we. got site my her back from the muslim brotherhood. would in power to in twenty twelve. the estimate was there to use to have twenty five thousand tetanus. so. i hope that in the coming months. we would be. having guess i my back as it used to be the talk to b. secure sixty thousand square kilometers. you'll president abd in photos see ce is due to speak to the u. s. president donald trump in the next half an hour or so later. a in what ways do you think americorps did any other country the wealth can help egypt's. at this time in this battle against these extremists ambassador. solidarity and cooperation. and the i can tell you that at some point in time. egypt was combating terrorism and was in need of some equipment some military equipment that proved to be
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extremely efficient. and. it couldn't get that. the. we need to cooperate together that is the of those terrorist groups are to get think finances. and the those finance and should be stopped there are countries that are supporting terrorism more than we like it or not. whether they say it or not there is a financial support that are there the training camps. that are existing and some of the other countries and. that is definitely that they need for an international corporation and that three guards. that takes into consideration all of these elements. and that was the egyptian ambassador to france you have a dhabi speaking to me. a just a short while ago. who for more analysis we can speak now to egyptian sociologist arlie on roe who joins us from alexandria thank youu so much for speaking to us? that we just heard day from the egyptian ambassador to france
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describing. this particularly dangerous corner of north sinai andnde told me that there's only around fifteen hundred terrorists in that area so why do you think it is. that this is proving to be such a difficult problem of egyptian security forces to route house ali. well there is an information vacuum are in that region so you don't actually yeah we don't have many sources of information. except well usually comes through our official channels it's such a. bomb but. isis is will of pundits and they do have that the networks and. i even at some time some tribal loyalties which they can manipulate. other means yeah i'll come. none of this is that. you know what you have secured sources dying recently and i've had this attack. was so the question everyone is asking is that something offering done
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right if. this is one of the largest a massacre. by terrorist massacre in more modern egyptian history and cancer place. sorcery often holding dozens more and more in the mood to dance around. and then the policies and. security investments are not really all seem. bought a little it's a safety that would one one would expect. okay really wall the any militant organization is trying to do by targeting of minority religious groups namely christians and now suu fees. is the try to fracture. the egyptian society that's also will be an egyptian ambassador was just saying that. other any signs that they're having any success is is egyptian society in your view showing any signs of being. more fractured as a result of these. kinds of attacks so perhaps more resolute to more united and it won't be divided. i think i urge good solstice us so it's really irreversible special of groom. at bedroom and so when this happens it just
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adds. to the despair that already exists in society. i number lists or people although. i would say. well our. quentin against it you are united against its like it were on of the church attacks. the public discourse is gone indicating that's. also i mean the stuff united divisions of course against such horror. land also ran into sufism is not re-attempt. in in e egypt is not. about what you might see this phenomenon saudi arabia but you don't really see this. nonow in egypt. other than its out out states party will soon because it's all this rhetoric. m.. but i i think missing also a fatal logicic we've seen si. mubarak days when neededd secure becauause certain terrororist. targets sock puppets made i think whistle targets like churches. super shrines. while it because it away or not just destabilizing. wild web mistake in sociciety as
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things that charge anywhere. but also to come up fofor te leverage old city of jerusalem. cash flow. to the country. okay nichols all of this a big test for. president topped of thought that c. see this is exactly to kind of thing he. vowed he was going to stamp out what he became presiden. and thirty signs that the in patience is wearing thin in egypt's that the people are simply running out of patience. with president cc for not delivering on that promise of. stomping this problem out once and for all. bubut the proroblem is secuy that it comess an excellllet flows our. immediate concern oneople's are. more mouths is beyond. food pririces fr t the the jusust the generl rising cost t of living. was so it's not this they don't they don't concern is that out but it just doesn't seem to. wewelcome back i to a. . thl
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prprobably given that's this still a lot of egyptians or in some sort of survival mechanism. by then so but it is it is a quesestion that t is this certainly raises. of w whats happenening while two thousd seventeen are you still seeing this.. ou eyes is two thousand nineteen going to be more of this so these are quite valid questions. okay well thank you so much for sharing that with us saudi outgrow education sociologist speaking to us there. from alexander thanks agai. we will now to some of the world news police in london say that the situation in the central oxford circus area of the city has now come to an end there were no casualties reported. earlier on the scenes of panic as shoppers. who rule out in full force on this black friday dropped their bags and ran a has the nearby chief stations were evacuated and people urged heading towards? well the police have responded to this incident as if it could have been a terrorist related incident. and that included the deployments of on offices will despite earlier reports to the country police it is no evidence that any shots
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were fired. i'm always new president emmerson mnangagwa was sworn in other on today in harare just a couple of days off the country's leader thirty seven years robert mugabe to step down. plus he was congratulated by various officials and dignitaries after his inauguration. the country's new president reached out to the international community he also vowed he's going to represent all zimbabweans. tens of thousands break out into a johnson zimbabwe's national stadium as emmerson nine dot what takes the oath of office. the seventy five year old former vice president was fired from his post in early november by robert mugabe. but listen two weeks off to a political crisis broke out he holds the country's top job. early on in his first addresses president he he preys on mcgarvey who skipped the ceremony. yeah let s.. we know as well l do. for national independence.
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yeah as soon responsibilities of leaders. too many past smsmiley. needed men's a father. manyny tools already noms in married to. emmerson nine got one has promised to hit the ground running and restore democracy to zimbabwe by holding elections next august. he also sayays he wants to tacackle political corruption and in a break from other senior zanu p. f. party officials pledged to do things differently on the domestic front. to make the country an attractive place to do business. two choices would have to be a mann. so i plot disisorder directt investment.. to t talk to iron levels of unemployment. why don't of swimming michelman? zimbabwe's new president wants the country to no longer remain a hostage of its parts. he addressed the land acquisition act of twtw thouousand that drew international condemnation and said that while white farmers would be compensated for los land. the policy would be reversed.
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produced o one that i is suo foreign suu ththrown learns. what is the fundamental reason? for what you did impressions that are gooood. if you would get rid sararah will view graphphs maintaina remain. who sacrifices their l live? if we do it in says begins who have married. loony claiming a lot on. it's unclear how much emmerson nine god look at accomplish ahead of next year's elections. however there will be pressing issue staring him in the face. most notably an economy struggling with cash shortages and an unemployment rate of nearly eighteen percent. now the supreme court in south a africa has handed dn a new much longer sentence the paralympic champion oscar pistorius. many with double amputee is now in us of a total of thirteen years and five months behind bars for killing of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. in february two thousand fifteen. will see comes family has welcomed this revised sentence from some
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holes maria sophos has this report. in an announcement that took only a few minutes former paralympic runner oscar pistorius absent from the courtroom was handed an extended sensitive. that is splendid sentenced imprisonment for the people out of fifteen you. and fight from. i care about him. the sentence is double the time he received after being convicted for the murder of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp in two ththousand thirty. then you sentence comes as the results of an appeal by prosecutors who argued that the stories is original six year sentence was shockingly reunions. the sentence tokens are countless harm pistorius had already saved in prison under house arrest. the sebring court justice said that pistorius should have been given south africa's minimum sentence of fifteen years for murder. sting camp was killed on valentine's day of two thousand and thirteen after pistorius fired four shots through a closed bathroom door by his gated compound
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in pretoria. having claimed that he mistook steenkamp for an intruder pistorius was originally convicted of manslaughter but following a separate appeal this was changed to a murder conviction and two thousand fifteen. once a celebrated in record breaking paralympian pistorius is fall from grace shocked the world. the new sense since is likely to put an end to the five year legal battle surrounding him. that his lawyers will be able to raise an appeal in south africa's highest court the constitutional court. after nine days of waiting fofor news family members of the forty four crew members aboard missing auction time submarine how started heading home from the naval base. what they've been holding vigil this as hopes fade the love ones are still alive? records the latest evidence looks increasingly like that being of. splosion aboard that vessel. the options i navy is vowing however not to give up the search effort which involves some fussy. and across.
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exactly one year ago a peace deal was signed between the colombian president juan manuel santos. and the former leader of the farc rebel group rodrigo down the hall. despite slow progress on some thoughts about a cool both men said today that they remain committed to the deal which ended a fifty two year long conflict in which more than. two hundred and twenty thousand people. lost their not acceptable by you and me join a courtroom. the historic agreement putting an end to fiftyty three yeas of armed conflict. the accord signed by colombian president juan manuel santos andnd leftist guerrillas was a landmark achievement and laid out specific objectives for implementing a durable peac. chief among these the demobilization of fog fighters. in june twenty seventeen the rebels surrendered the entirety of their weapons. but despite the agreement drug trafficking and criminal activity have not completely abated. according to amnesty international of rural areas
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vacated by the fox under the deal on not being properly invested by government forces. that now write for t the pickining f f remainingng guerrilla a factions. it will get in without the government and the state have let the country down it was now while we know the far couldn't have given everything. we much more than i could take it next week what we have done in this process. in this year of implementation. is a show that we have an immense capacity to overcome obstacles right out of the. back windows. corning was yet the president feels confident in the peace building process. what worries me is that people may lose faith in the peace the people seem to have a very short memory? they don't remember what it was like before. someone to see the glass half full. others half empt. with the government we see it half full. while some ex fighters have become to rejoin civil society most still await deadly needed reintegration programs. sixty percent of them never
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even finished primary schoo. hoping to enact change from within the government the former rebels have formed into a political party still under the farc name. they intend to run rodrigo to much include london you. as that candidate in the twenty eighteen presidential election as well. i never. the care now to a like a story a beauty pageant with a bit of a difference this time is held at a prison. in rio de janeiro where the female inmates what they uniforms. is a little bit more glamorous as you can see that ten hopefuls within judged according. there to see you see and. for we had selected organizes of the event trees the self esteem of prisoners. but is also an opportunity for them to be reunited. families. normal prison the routine.
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region. it's time now for a. of well business news i'm joined by you come roy high that you can. i to that's thought in japan because another big manufacture on the five f. full supplying is safe. has seen consumer confidence there again the mitsubishi materials a maker of components for cause and across. and how plans has apologized the fate quality data by three of its subsidiaries. the company's has over two hundred and fifty customers in japan china taiwan and the united states could be affected. the phone is on the fire for delaying the announcements. the problem was the was discovered as ideas in february. allison sergeant has more. isn't this. yet another deep foul of apology from a japanese manufacturing giant. the president of mitsubishi materials and expressed his regrets to clients and shareholders after the company admitted to falsifying quality control data. his a groove foods and i
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would like to make the utmost efforts to strengthen our compliance and corporate governance. and the whole mitsubishi group goals this is newt's the with attack or. at least one mitsubishi subsidiary knew about the false data for months. it impacted products from three of the company's divisions objects like pipe gasket used to prevent leaks in airplanes and automobile. over two hundred and fifty clients used affected part. including thehe japanesese defense ministry. fixing we have very disappointed by the misconduct. we have requested as a community do is give us detailed information rico including the possible sabotage alternative treatments looks as well as a plans to prevent this from happening again. he doesn't mitsubishi affair is the latest in arowing list of q qlity control scandals that is plaguing japan's manufacturing industry. last month kobe steel admitted to falsifying data about the strength and quality of its products. well both nissan and subaruu have had to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles for
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flawed inspection. a these instances of misconduct is up the trails rescue japanese. during this week the ministry to images the eyes ruhayem on the factors industry not resigned i social trails. so far one of the main victims of mitzi is the trail has been its shareholders. on friday the firm lost over a tentnth of its market val. the sticking in the financial markets now trading was shortened wall street's duterte thanksgiving weekend's the snp and nasa both finished at another record highs as the black friday shopping bonanza. that boosted amazon and other retailers. argentina's finance minister says that the country's inflation will likely and the yet a buff twenty one percent. inflation rate has roughly hopped the in the last year and a half as present my r resume mochrie has stepped up efforts. to narrow the country's fiscal deficit and boost investment and consumption. the president who took office two yearsrs agogo aio bring inflation down to single digit figure and
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twenty nineteen. his finance minister remains confidence. the benchmark will be below twelfth the sense next year saying its debt level will also be reduced take a listen from another. nduja brownsea thousand and eighteen will probably be the last year the argentina has to find a significant amount of its financing outside of the country. the list in your from then onwards the amount of debt that we will have to take on an external finance markets will be lower and lower. and will be able to supupply moe and more of our in financing from local markets instead of from foreign markets you could ever go to valhalla golf. some other business stories recovering at this hour. luba is takaking special on various drive his status to the highest court in britai. this request appealed to the supreme court comes after a brooding by the ending. by the influence appeals tribunal as you this month. it said that the fans it's deeply drive disaster but his rights such as the minimum wage and holidays. the right hating fan has long argued that the driver
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is a self employed by union separate this shit. classified as but it's. china says it will cut imposed tariffs on the range of consumer goods starting next month. import duties will be reduced from an average of seventeen point three percent. to just seven point seven percent our products including field health products close and luxury goods. china has been refusing a full tariffs to respond surprising you on the minds. equality foreign products. a french court has suspended the license the to pesticides made by dow chemical. citing concerns over environmental risks. according needs overturned the decision by france's health and environmental agency to ground the panic for the products minutes close half. transport. gill thrice asian in september conquered environmental groups. you say they could be a factor in declining be populations confronts. now face that is building a tool that will that uses no
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if they liked or follow the brush impacts propaganda pages. the tech giant will launch the service by the end of the year. the website will show a list of facebook pages or instagram accounts as satiated with brushes infamous troll fun known as the internet research agenc. i are a box contents breach has many as a hundred and twenty six million americans on facebook during and after last year's. presidential election samaj resound explains. it is the latest stepa
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