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if reports are verified wednesday's test but the entire u. s. mainland at risk of a targeted strike. the un security council is it seems to me to discuss the situation . promising a new page in france's relation. with its former colonies an. my night michael says iris will no longer quote lecture or seek to intervene and. as and his and i'm. could you. edition the eu after. earlier he david. do you. or here's an ex. do the people explaining for paris what system if governments should be respect the plurality and
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giving lessons. small what we need to finish with it's often not very effective. what i want is for the african union to be platform which allows such ideas? forward with a lot more vega you. his uncle people don't believe us anymore because this mistrust a set in with regards to both europe and france. because we kept up our habits. we've held a big contracts and to compromise. for me because we haven't had an investment framework which benefits above all the local population. with real development for small and medium sized businesses and employment on the ground. because we sort of thee called our own interests without looking to develop this energy that already exists. donald trump has retweeted three videos that supposedly show violence being committed by muslims the original tweets belong to the deputy with deputy leader of the far right britain first group. according to white house spokeswoman trump wants to promote strong borders and strong national security.
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but civil rights groups accuse him of fanning anti muslim sentiments for more on this story let's cross you france we force philip crowther in washington. philip trump retweeted the first of those videos almost twenty four hours ago but it is still. on his feet one resolve that he would have deleted it as he has deleted other offensive retweets in the past. yeah i don't seem to be any regrets in the white house right now certainly not on behalf. of the u. s. president himself these with three retweets of a positive a early morning barrage of tweets as where you see them here in washington. local time that is from the president none of those have been deleted yes they have in the past but from what we're hearing from the white house today. there are no regrets this is not a white house that will come forward and say a mistake has been made to this is sitting on a president who will. comeme forward and say well maybe he shouldn't have retweeted something from ass somebeboy who is clelearly a racist in the uk and messageges thahae
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clearlyy racist in naturure. the white house press secretary sarah saunders as you just described c came up with somome sort of an explanation a as t to why te videdeos would r retweeted y the u u. s. presidedent to.s of millions of followers in the e first place she says it's about the issues not abouout the videos themselvs the issues being threats to. usus national security and e need for a stronger borders of course that connection between those videos and those there are no regrets n behalf o of the white house despite the fact. that even number ten downing street even the office o of t the british p prime minister has said that t the u. . s. president was wrong in
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reretweeting thehese videoes again that came from. a fall rights a racist deputy leader of a political party they might say an extremist group is probably more likely to be the right way. so what do we know about these videos to know where they came from what they are really show where have they been verified. we know the two of them are real and more alas. what happens on screen is what is described in these retweets one is from egypt serve from cairo from a just south of the egyptian? revolution that. but there is one that's has there is no very few verification of this video films in the netherlands it says this is the case all of a muslim attacking. a non muslim none of this is known these are videos that were not verified by the white house before being sent out as retweets. to again tens of millions of people white
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house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was also about this should in the white house verify videos know that they are actually. real and not fake news the original wording and the original a definition of the term fake news before posting them out to all of the u. s. presidents of fall i was. at the white house says that's actually verifying those it is is not that important it's about the message at getting out. at its is strange scenario this one but it's one that we've seen it before that have been videos retweeted e there from washington thank you. a responsible nuclear power that's how north korea is describing itself after it
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said eight successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile on wednesday. kellyanne says the new missile reached an all the tune of about four thousand four hundred seventy five kilometers. and who nine hundred fifty kilometers during its fifty three minute flight if true that puts the u. s. mainland's within reach in its entiret. the un security council has called a meeting at the request of the u. s. japan and south korea on marnell has more. young proudly announces the successful launch excited i cbm. saying it's significantly more powerful than any of his previous untested weapons. annnnd wholesome fifteen weapon system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket. ship from the super large heavy warheads which is capable of striking the whole of main runs you s.. it out the. the projectile flew nitrogen fifty columbus's in reached and altitude of nearly four thousand five hundred
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climate. outside governments in analyst admits it in north jumping missile capability. and repair wayay higher. frankly than any previvious shot a paper. the resesearch and development. efeffort on their part. streets afafter pyongyang's action us allies sououth korea f ft pinpoint missiles into thehe sea s saying it's land and naval forces simultaneouslsy if the targegets. places same distances and also watch sites. in a phone call donald trump socrates president agreed to respond soon to be announced publications. we also voiced concern over anything escalation of tension. what is the mood emphasize that if north korea complete development of missiles that can fly over confidence the us? can get out of control. he stressed that we should prevent pollution land north korea misjudges current situation and threatens us with a nuclear weapon. or a situation where the u. s. considers preemptive strike. on wednesday the kremlin also condemned north korea's missile launch laid in any
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provocative may will move all sides further away from the points where the crisis in possessing. chinese reaction struck a similar notes is the foreign ministry expressed great concern. unspoken preserving stability in the region. no wonder we that you u. n. security council has clearly regulated north korea's missile test and technology. bottle for the china is gravely concerned about and strongly opposed to north korea's missile testing. the latest test firing watch i kim jong moon breaks two and a half months of relative peace. it also comes on the heels of donald trump's toilet asia and its decisions north korea back on the lis. sponsors of terrorism. since taking office is being traded insults or pyongyang. as one to totally destroy north korea it threaten the u. s. or its allies. for more on this story our guess is scott snyder senior fellow for korea studies at the council on foreign
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relations in washington dc thank you so much for joining us. right here on france24. do we have independent verification that this is a test of place and perform the way north korea says it did. yeah i think that we've got. multiple sources of verification from. the u. us and from south korea in particular. that. the. missile. reached. it's. greatest height on this loft introductory. and. it did break up. on reentry into the atmosphere but. in terms of range. this wise a confirmation o. north korea's ability to. i think reached the united states. the only other question is really about. what serve payload it might have and whether that might limit the range and then also the? questioned whether north korea has mastered reentry into the atmosphere and it appears that they've not at this time. and is at pyongyang really
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intend to use nuclear weapons i mean is there a real threat of nuclear war at this point. well there certainly is. desire long standing desire by north korea to. d develop a nuclear deterrt sh. against the u. ounce. and. the problem early is that north korea has only one school it's toolbox. when it comes to trying to counter any perceived threat from. of the united states. and that is the nuclear a thrush. at this point. and so i don't think that. . kim jong un is irrational i think he knows that there would be massive retaliatio. if you were to use. a nuclear weapon but it's. he doesn't have many options and i think that over time. of that paparticular thread if you know where on your authorities. now france is asking for tighter sanctions against north korea do you believe that that is the way forwar.
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i i do support should. strengthened sanctions efforts i think that it is. thehe option that i don't know if will succeed but i think that it does all to distribute the costs. more fair fairly among neighboring countries. and has. last rheumatic negative consequences the possibility of military action. even though the people of that north korea are the first ones to suffer from those sanctions. it is true that kim jong un is probably the last north korea and who would be likely to be hurt. by sanctions. but at the same time i you does have a constituency within the elites. i think the real question is are we need sanctions second helped to end use cleavages among elites. and so i do worry that sanctions. me the way that they are currently being applied. is more like a hammer when what we really need is a kind of not cracker in order to.
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grab and and still. and grow cleavages that and how. can going to realize it is going in the wrong direction. thank you so much for joining us scott snyder there a senior fellow for korea studies at the council on foreign relations thank you for joining us. thank you. joining the negotiating table a delegation representing the syrian government's arrived in geneva to participate in u. n. back peace talks to end the civil war. in the run up to the discussions that began tuesday was unclear whether it would attend these are the eight rounds of talks and missiles as representatives refuse to discuss the possibility. of his ouster simon harding reports. after months of speculation. the syrian government's is a join the official peace talks in geneva. eight months since. this attempts. led by city is un ambassador paschall jaafari. the delegation arrives one day.
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starts. city in media report the delay was june to the syrian opposition who also in town. repeating demand for such as down. the issue is that's the part you will be key i is the tas progress was halted a shushh are the thought should step jones d during the transitin period. this is not written. we had long since manson that is would affect the process of f the peace talas editor nights we are most worried about situation. because of his. as sonya live damascus rushes taken a powell truck in peace talks. setting of discussions beyond the united nations told and somewhat unsuccessful efforts. damascus is long save of negotiate with apology president bashar al assad is a precondition for talks. it's something the opposition may now be willing to concede. as long as he still goes in the beginning of any political transition. one of the main issues of discussion this week along with finding a path towards u. n. the elections. i could hear a map of the
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scale agency file and a conflict john arrangement has emerged largely enabled by us the honor. and a man. who he'd emergence of international of coincidence of it we must begin to stitch? the positive into concrete river of enabling city have to determine their own future treating. well the u. s. in funds if of course the geneva negotiations. the only legitimate fallen for political solution in syria. bush's next set of powell talks and now reportedly guns in the head early next year. though the opposition still retains concerns moscow will push will settlements the fate has its ally. for the vatican pope francis is moral authority is as great as it ever was this despite the fact that he had been catholic church failed to address the rohingya crisis had on. during his visit to burma francis had previously spoke out strongly in defense of the persecuted minority that the
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u. n. and the u. s. say is the victim of an ethnic cleansing campaign. mario so close reports on the pontiff's trip a first to burma. i mean would. you show us we hoping to hear words of peace and solidarity the catholic community i in babangladesh awaits the arrival of pope francis. you need he is the symbol of peace in this world for dissidents. if anywhere has it islamist awards group announce. his spread a message of peace in his speeches. we have forty comes on november thirtieth aung woodring lessons a piece of bangladesh. you moving words of units in and. so we did what any as. catholic christians account for less than one percent of the population in the muslim majority country. and the pipes as it comes after recent attacks by radical muslims on both kristen's and hindu minorities. yeah i h hanging over the plight of these minorities is the ongoing humanitarian crisis surrounding them is
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rohingya muslims who have been driven over the border and so on but ash. with more the six hundred twenty thousand now residing in makeshift refugee camps. the year and have referred to the situation in iraq on states is an example of textbook ethnic cleansing. the rohingya crisis has been widely seen as the pope's priority for his four day visit to the region having previously spoke out strongly in defense of the muslim group. it is trip the burma has been marked by his reluctance to states tensions among sportist hardliners by not mentioning their anger by name. then upon would meet with rohingya muslims in dhaka on friday. he will arrive in the bangladeshi capital on thursday afternoon. taking advantage of favorable winds and bali's airport has reopened along stranded tourists to leave the island a shift inn wins for the sououth eastor the next three days should allow
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flights operate according to the head of the weather. agency at the airport. mount agung is sending huge clouds of smoke and ash an indonesian authorities warn of an imminent threat of major eruption. about half of the residents in the area are believed had seeking shelter. now it's time for the business news and brian quinn joins the on set welcome brian. that you're starting with the digital currency bitcoin a breaking new records today again roller coaster day for big clients. earlier wednesday the value of a single decline broke the ten thousand dollar market within twelve hours it had already cleared eleven. on a sign of its continued volatility that prices since fallen back down below ten thousand according to the coin desk price index it now stands a right around ninety eight hundred dollars. at still more than thirteen times on a single coin was worth one year ago. despite a cryptic currencies meteoric rise there's a lot of skepticism among analysts
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and investors with many calling it a bubble waiting to pop. allison sergeant has more. some say they're worth nothing. but for those who buy and sell the cryptocurrency bitcoin each one could be worth over ten thousand dollars. they queen can be thought of as digital tokens they can use to make payments internationally without seas and are even accepted by some retailers. this it was that they have no insurance you are not. elated by. authorities. value to just and so it was created by an. all of our into the. nine thousand team has been a big year fo. which has seen its. i over nine hundred percent. january. the most recent price surge was. art by an announcement it u. s. exchange operator cme group will be creating bit queen. jurors. allowing wallstreet. really on the on the currency the same way they do on come. goals. analysts are split over
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whether bitcoin throughout rise is a sort of a gold rush or a bubble waiting to. you a month whom beginning. on this no clear criteria for that because i you asia. who was in the south? by here because easy decide if the bubble move really and. some of the war if what we're seeing is even a bubble. i'm. be quite has seen major price swings before but its skyrocketing value raises the stakes. and signals that the currency once largely the domain of computer developers and libertarians is climbmbing into the mainstream. well you economic at of the u. s. as the american economy growing at its fastest pace since twenty fourteen. us commerce department revising previous figures to report that gross domestic product grew at a three point three percent rate for july through september. beating analysts' expectations have that growth is she despite setbacks from two devastating hurricanes with business investment especially driving games. a new data increases the
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likelihood that the u. s. federal reserve will raise interest rates at its next meeting. in two weeks. and speaking of the federal reserve janet yellen gave her final remarks as chief of the central bank in front of u. s. legislators wednesday. yellen recognizing the upbeat signs in the u. s. economy and reaffirming if it's planned to raise interest rates only gradually. she pointed out though that despite solid economic growth wages and inflation remained below targets. also from yellen serious concerns about levels of public debt. this as a republican tax cut bill that projected to increase the u. s. national debt by as much as one point four trillion dollars. advances in the senate here john. i'm very worried about to sustainability if the u. s. date trajectory. our current debt to gdp ratio of about seventy five percent. is not frightening but it's also not low.
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we u. s. invnvestors taking heart from that positive economic data with a hand of cards as well. the dow jones industrial average and. he five hundred both hitting record highs on wednesday led by financial stocks the as in peace since backtracking a bit. is a big sell off in tech stocks took the wind out of its in house tech heavy nasdaq really feeling the brunt of that sell off its down around one point four percent. european indexes makes on wednesday with banking and retail stocks making headway deck around here in paris finishing up i'm round a tenth of a percent of frank attacks just above the flatline. british pound hit a two month high on news of a breakthrough in price negotiations. that strong currency weighing on exporters with london's footsie one hundred closing down around nine tenths of. a u. s. ride hailing firms uber's in the midst of a financing deal with softbank that would see the japanese conglomerate take a roughly fourteen percent stake. by purchasing shares from exit existing investors. the deal comes as over is
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facing mounting challenges on multiple fronts. from losses in the third quarter chew and increasingly dramatic court battle that seen it accused of running a secret corporate espionage unit. arrogantly reports. it's been a tough past couple of months for labor. and the setbacks are mounting. uber's quarterly adjusted losses jump to seven hundred and forty three million dollars on tuesday. this comes as the japanese investment firms softbank group looks into purchasing eight billion dollars in shares from uber's shareholders. softbank group is expected to offer thirty two dollars and ninety six cents per share for a total of forty eight billion dollars. which is a thirty percent discount from the most recent valuation. but over is also in the midst of mounting legal challenges. and a growing risks associated with the company are scaring off potential investors. federal prosecutors are investigating allegations that boomer use an espionage team dedicated to stealing trade secrets from google
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self driving car unit huevo. and in early november in the taxi app suffered further difficulties in the uk. its biggest market outside of the united states. a british employment tribunal ruled that uber drivers are entitled to workers rights. the troubles come at a particularly sensitive time for the company which is preparing for a planned initial public offering in two thousand in nineteen. o let's take a look at simona today's top business headlines. the united states has begun an investigation into subsidies for aluminum production in china. u. s. commerce department examining whether government support from beijing hopes to drive down the price of aluminum. sports from china it the first titime since nineteen eighty five that the u. s. government has initiated an anti dumping case without a complaint from a private company. siemens has chosen at georgia borst stock exchange for its next public stock offering ipo for healthy years siemens forty billion euro medical imaging and diagnostics division will
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take place in frankfort. and not on wall street i if othr option team is expected to sell twenty five percent minority stake making it offering germany's biggest since nineteen ninety six. and psa peugeot citroen seeking a major refund on its purchase of opal. french carmaker completed its one point three billion euro acquisition of opal from general motors in late july. writers reportiting psa says it was misled by gm about the extent of ovals emissions liabilities. and a new you and it's coming in twenty four if you want. sources a psa seeking a refund of six hundred eight hundred million euros roughly half the acquisition price. i finally for business with every week singing seeming to bring a new a data breach individuals are constantly reminded to change their different passwords. a for some users of apple's mac computers that was still have left a major security hole. turkish developer discovered that by simply entering the username route
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and clicking log and several times in a row. user could bypass password protection on mac computers running the latest version of high sierrara. a a developer pupublished his findings onn twitterr. handlele has since published a downloadable patch for the glitz and says it will be fixed. in the next up date a little bit scary but i do feel vindicated china because every time something doesn't work on computer my solutions that. clicking clicking into paris and paddlers yeah i guess those are sometimes on. thank you very good with that business news will be back in just a few minutes with more news stay tuned there's. more coming up on france24
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11/29/17 11/29/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: f from pacifica, this is democracy now! prpres. trurump: it is going tos and it is going to be very popular. it will have lots of adjustments, but the end result will be a very, very massive -- the largest in our country's history -- tax cut. amy: in a party-line vote the senate budget committee takes a major step toward passing trump's $1.5 trillion tax plan that includes major tax cuts for the richest americans and a provision to repeal the affordable care act's individual mandate.


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