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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  November 29, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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11/29/17 11/29/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: f from pacifica, this is democracy now! prpres. trurump: it is going tos and it is going to be very popular. it will have lots of adjustments, but the end result will be a very, very massive -- the largest in our country's history -- tax cut. amy: in a party-line vote the senate budget committee takes a major step toward passing trump's $1.5 trillion tax plan that includes major tax cuts for the richest americans and a provision to repeal the affordable care act's individual mandate. a full vote in the senate could
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come as early as this week. we will talk about what's in the bill and look at how 40 graduate student walk-outs are planned around the country to protest a measure in the house budget bill that reclassify tuition waivers as taxable income, amounting to a pay cut of thousands of dollars. thenen president trump attemptso insult massachusetts senator elizabeth warren by referring to her as "pocahontas" during a white house ceremony honoring navajo code e talkers s for ther service during world w war ii. pres. trump: we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago. they call her pocahontas. but you know what? i like you because you are special. you are special people. amy: we will talk to cherokee lawyer and writer mary kathryn nagle. she will share the story of pocahontas. and we will look at the case of olivia lone bear, yet another
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native american woman who has gone missing in the oil fields of north dakota will stop then do honduras where tensions are rising as the country's electoral court refuses to release results from sunday's election that show opposition candidate they y defeat the conservatitive president. >> we've sent out an urgent alert. it is very serious. to practically carrying out a coup d'etat. amy: we will speak with an election obsbserver just back fm honduras. all of that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. republicans are rapidly pushing forwrward with their efforts to pass p president trump's tax pl, which would overhaul the code in order to shower billions of dollars in tax cuts upon the richest americans, including president trump's own family. on tuesday, the senate budget committee passed the senate version of the plan, with all republicans on the panel voting
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for it and all democrats voting against. protesters disrupted the committee hearing tuesday with chants of "kill the bill, don't kill us." several people were arrested. the plan will now go to the full senate for a vote as early as thursday. the senate bill slashes the corporate tax rate and gives further tax cuts to wealthy business owners. it would also repeal a key provision of the affordable care act -- the requirement that most americans have health insurance. experts say recalling this provision, known as the individual mandate, would cause the cost of health insurance to skyrocket. a house version of the bill would also reclassify tuition waivers for graduate students as taxable income, meaning graduate students could be saddled with massive tax bills. graduate students at dozens of universities across the country are planning walkouts today to protest the measure, which they
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say would make higher education even more unaffordable. we will have more on the tax bill after headlines. north korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile tuesday, the first missile launch in two months. the missile flew nearly 600 miles before landing in the sea of japan. defense secretary jim mattis said it was the furthest missile launch by north korea to date. this is south korean president moon jae-in. >> north k korea fired a ballisc missile today. this action does not only increased tension on the korean endangers but greatly the national peace and security. we strongly condemn north korea in continuing such reckless behavior. amy: the launch comes after president trump escalated diplomatic tensions by putting north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. ens president trump has also threatened to "totally destroy" north korea, a nation of 25 million people. as nuclear tensions between the u.s. and north korea continue to
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rise, hawaii is preparing to test i its earlyly warning systm aiaimed at warning residents abt a nuclear attack. the test, slated for friday, will be the first time hawaii has deployed the warning system since the 1990's after the cold war ended. this is hawaii's administrator of emergency management. youhe basic guidance, if hear this, get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned. simple, but when you have that short of time, about 12 minutes after we get the notification, 12 a 13 minute -- amy: "the new york times" is reporting president trump is continuing to promote a racist and discredited conspiracy theory that president barack obama was not born in the united states, and therefore not eligible to be president. president obama was born in the u.s. state of hawaii in 1961. but for years, president trump has been a leader of the so-called birther movement, a far-right-wing fringe group, mostly of white supremacists,
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who question the validity of president obama's u.s. birth certificate. tensions are rising in honduras, where the electoral court still hasn't released the full results from sunday's presidential election. on tuesday, the court released new partial results, showing the gap between opposition candidate salvador nasralla and conservative president juan orlando hernandez has narrowed, with nasralla now leading by only 2 percentage points. supporters and members of nasralla's coalition party, called the alliance against the dictatorship, are increasingly accusing the government of trying to rig the vote in favor of president hernandez, who is backed by the united states. this is guillermo valle, the head of the innovation and unity party, which is part of the coalition. an urgent sent out alert. for us, it is very serious. the situation where the conspiratorial traitors are practically carrying out a coup
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d'etat. amy: we will have more on the situation in honduras later in the broadcast. the pentagon has admitted there are thousands more u.s. troops in iraq than previously acknowledged. in its quarterly report, the pentagon said there were nearly 9000 u.s. troops in iraq -- more than 3000 more troops than the military has officially acknowledged. in new york city, lawyers with the legal aid society staged a walkout at the brooklyn criminal court tuesday a after immigratin and customs enforcement agents snatched a m man from the hallwy of the courthouse and took him into ice custody. >> ice has got to go. ll no ice has got to go. amy: immigration arrests at courthouses nationwide have surged since president trump took office. the immigrant defense project says the man, genaro rojas hernandez, is at least the 70th person arrested by ice inside or just outside a a new york city courthouse.
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the lawyers are demanding ice agents not carry out arrests inside or in the vicinity of courthouses. pope francis gave a highly anticipapated speech in burma tuesday, in which he choose not to speak publicly about the burmese military's ethnic burmese military's ethnic cleansing campaign against muslim rohingyas in the majority buddhist nation. more than 600,000 rohingyas have fled burma into neighboring bangladesh amid the military's campaign of murder, rape, and arson. on tuesday, pope francis did not even say the name "rohingya" after church leaders warned him that using the highly polarized word could a aggravate the burme military. the pope has also met in private with the head of burma's armed forces, as well as burma's de facto leader aung san suu kyi. he's slated to meet with rohingya refugees in bangladesh later in the week. back in ththunited statates, longtime nbc "today show" anchor matt lauer has been fired after
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he was accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. nbc news chairman andrew lack said "while it is the first complaint in over 20 years he has been an nbc news, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident." meanwhile, there's growing speculation that michigan democratic congress member john as hes may step down faces additional accusations of sexual harassment. several congressional black caucus members are urging him to resisign as another woman has ce forward to accuse a longtime civil rights leader of sexual harassmentnt. s said hetaff member repepeatedly made unwanted sexul advances on her, including once removing all of his clothes in front of her while there were staying in a two bedroom hotel suite while attending a three-day congressional caucus event.
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conyers also reportedly settled a harassment complaint in 2015, paying out $27,000 to a woman who alleged she was fired from his washington staff because she rejected his sexual advances. and illinois democratic congress member luis gutierrez announced tuesday he will not seek reelection because he instead plplans to focus on rebuilding puerto rico in the wake of hurricane maria. >> i love puerto rico. she is in a lot of pain. and there is a lot of people that have turned their backs on her. and she needs to be rebuilt. and i cannot be here in the fourth congressional district in rebuilding the home of my mom and my dad, where my wife was born, a place that i i love so much. and i'm going to work really
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hard until she is completely rebuilt to 21st cecentury standards. but i can't do them both. amy: congress member gutierrez's endorsed jesus chuy garcia to replace him. fema gaverted that more than $30 million in contracts to a newly created florida company which failed to deliver any aid to puerto rico. bronze star llc was supposed to provide emergency tarps and plastic sheeting for repairs, but never delivered the supplies. fema canceled the contract without paying any of the money by the month-long delay in getting turks to people in puerto rico means many homes have been further and unnecessarily damaged by rainfall after the hurricane. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now1,, the war and
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peace report. i'm amy goodman. juan: and i'm juan gonzalez. welcome to all of our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. amy: before we move on to the tax bill and speak with heather mcghee, what about this news, this doubleheader here? you have luis gutierrez saying he is stepping down and then you have got the news about puerto rico? juan: when it comes to the issue of gutierrez, it is a complete surprise. he was actually filing petitions , andn again for congress suddenly, within a day after filing this petitions, then has an announcement that he is resigning from congress and that he won't run again -- he will serve out his term, but he won't run again in 2018. and immediately then endorses jesus chuy garcia to be the successor to his seat. of course, by naming gararcia at the very last moment --
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petitions at chicago have to be in very soon for primary in march. so he basically includedes anyoe of numerous other challenges that may have decided to run for the seat. at the same time, he takes chuy garcia out of a potential run for mayor of chicago against rahm emanuel. amy: a rematch. rahm emanuel has said he is already going to run for a third term. chuy garcia was the leading candidate to run against rahm emanuel. amy: and he lost in a close race at the time, laquan mcdonald, the killing of the teenager and with the city was doing about it and covering up wasn't known. it came out right after the election. juan: that was the key issue that perhaps allowed rahm emanuel win. have the tape come out before the runoff -- i have major doubts as to whether rahm emanuel would have defeated chuy garcia. the problem is both chuy garcia and luis gutierrez have a long
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history. they were part of the young theno radicals who joined harold washington mayoral campaign. they both consider themselves sons of harold washington. somegarcia has maintained was a more progressive politics. he backed bernie sanders for president whereas lose the tears activity clinton -- luis gutierrez backed hillary clinton. they seem to have come together. chewy accepting -- chuy accepting the support. amy: and did he support rahm chuy garcia?st juan: yes. beforeck from emmanuel chuy into the race. was the president of the teachers union was supposed to be running for mayor, karen
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lewis, but that she got sick. i then luis gutierrez had are ready endorse rahm emanuel, and therefore decided not to switch. amy: this in a sense would be taking chuy garcia out of this rematch that he could very well win with rahm emanuel. rahm emanuel was not a popular person in chicago these days. amy: do you think luis gutierrez got rougher governor puerto rico? i doubt it.t. i don't thinink the people of puerto rico, as much a as luis s a puerto rican and has identified with the island, used a considered a u.s. puerto rican. i find it hard to believe the people of puerto rico would decide -- they don't have anybody on their island that can be governor except someone who comes from chicago? amy: he said he would not run for governor of illinois, but did not rule out a run for the presidency of the united states. juan: and i think that is entirely possible. certainly, we have seen from other members of congress who have run that they could at least raise key issues, even if
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they don't win. and i think luis has already staked out his identification throughout the nation as the leading voice on immigration reform. to me that was the most surprising thing, that he has worked for so many years to achieve conference of immigration reform and now is resigning when the job is not done, when the comprehensive immigration reform has not b ben won [captitioning made possibley democracy now!] . amy: and he is a great deal of power in congress. juan: and for chicago politics. amy: and this new news that ap broke about a florida company getting $30 million that they did not follow through him and this follows up on the whitefish company getting $300 million the governor puerto rico has -- well, that puerto rico has now canceled.
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whitefish, the hometown of ryan zinke. juan: what a surprise, fema hahas failed again.. i think anyone who is followed fema in these natural disastersthe agency, democratic and republican administrations, has been one that wastes money, provides contracts to friends -- are you have a company that was only formed a few days before it got a contract. how does that happen? given a multimillion dollar project to provide tarps, which is not exactly rocket science? and it failed to do so. another sad chapter in this history of not only of the federal government's failure to respond to natural disasters, but also particular problems of puerto rico as well. amy: on to the tax though. repepublicans are lookingng t o
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pass the tax plan. on tuesday come the senate budget committee passed a senate version of the plan with all republicans on the panel voting for it and all democrat it voting against. protesters disrupted the committee hearing with chants of "kill the bill, don't kill us" and several were arrested. the blame on the go to the full senate for a vote as early as thursday. the senate bill slashes the corporate tax rate and gives further tax cuts to wealthy business owners. it would also repeal the key provision of the affordable care act -- the requirement that most entrant americans have health insurance. cost of would cause the health insurance to skyrocket. the vote came after president trump met with senate republicans on capitol hill. he later told reporters he thinks the republican tax bill will be "very popular."
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pres. trump: we are in good positions in terms of the meeting we just had a the capital with the republican senatotors. i think we have tremendous support. i was just informed we had a unanimous vote from the republicic side. we had a unanimous vote on t the tax bill. and it goes now to thehe next sp , and i think we are going to get it p passed. i ththink it will pass and be vy popular. adjustments lots of before it ins. at the end result will be a very, very massive -- the largest in the history of our country -- tax cut. amy: democrats have had nearly no say in crafting the tax plan. house and senate majority leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer boboycotted a meeting on tuesday with trump and republican lawmakekers afterer e appeared to o refuse to negotiae on key issues like spending, health care, and immigration. trump then held a press conference between two empty chairs with signs for pelosi and schumer on them.
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pres. trump: they want tax increases and we want major tax decreases. so they decided not to show up. they have been all talk and no action. and now it is even worse. now it is s not even talk. they're not showing up for the meeting. amy: the image of president emptysurrounded by two chairs has appeared to backfire against him and has become a meme. meanwhile, nancy pelosi responded on twitter saying -- "@realdonaldtrump now knows that his verbal abuse will no longer be tolerated. his empty chair photo opp showed he's more interested in stunts than in addressing the needs of the american people. poor ryan and mcconnell relegated to props. sad!" this comes as a house version of the tax bill passed earlier this month would cut the corporate tax rates from 35% to 20%. as the year windnds down with no legislative achievements since trump became president, republicans say they are
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determined to pass tax reform by the end of the year. well, for more, we are joined by heather mcghee, president of demos and demos action. talk about this tax bill that was passed on what the house is also considering. >> this tax bill is an outrage. when half of american families could not pay a $400 bill without going into debt or selling something? this bill will give hundreds of billions of dollars to the wealthiest 1%. it is not for the republic -- it is an enormously unpopular bill. you canrlying, then people are not falling for the republican tax scam. the understand it is just going to the wealthy and big corporations that they think are already running away with the store. you have a bill that is historically unpopular. the only bill and pulling history more a popular has been a republican repeal of obama care. and yet they on the hill think
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this is a political imperative. why is that? and they been willing to say it because their donors, some of the wealthiest people in this country, are saying, we will turn off the spaghetti if you do not pass this tax cut for me, my businesses, and my heirs. it is disgusting. it will make it harder for working-class and middle-class families to buy a house, paid on student debt and go to college, and the cbo recently said it will raise taxes -- this massive trump tax cut, is going to cutut his taxexes and those of his children, but it will raise taxes on people making under $30,000 almost immediately. juan: and even those folks in the middle class who supposedly will get tax cuts, those tax cuts, many of them, will expire after 10 years whereas those tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations are permanent?
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>> exactly correct. within 10 years, families making under $75,000 he year will definitely see a a tax increase. we're also very aware people who live in states where their state and local governments actually invest in their communities and have higher property and income taxes, mostly blue states, are going to not be able to adopt as much of that tax -- much of that tax that they pay, and so it is going to put pressure on state and local governments to cut taxes as well. we are seeing a hollowing out of a national treasure. we are seeing the early $2 trillion added to the deficit and the debt. the big concern for us on that missedk about all of the opportunities, the way we could be investing in our infrastructure, to stop poisoning our families, to transition to a clean energy economy and creating precollege, affordable childcare and health care. we can really do so much with these funds. instead, we're giving it to
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corporations of people who have never been richer and more profitable. amy: let's go to senator bernie sanders talking about the tax bills impact on the federal budget. sen. sanders: how many times have i sat here and you sat there and we see all of the charts and all of the discussions about how terrible the deficit is, what it means leaving this burden to our kids and our grandchildren. we heard all of that rhetoric year after year, and now we have a bill that raises the deficit by one point $4 trillion. amy: so 1.4 tree and dollars. it raises the deficit and a talk about the individual mandate and what a verbal health care, what this will mean for that. >> those of us who follow this closely never believe the aboutican chicken hawking the deficit. we knew it was always about an ideological desire to shrink government so that they could cut taxes. what they're doing is cutting taxes and shrinking government and it doesn't matter.
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the ruse they are using is willg that these tax cuts grow the economy and therefore somehow pay for themselves. surveyed 42 economists by the university of chicago said that this massive tax cut would lead to no substantial economic growth. ceos agree. they say, if you give us a one fall without there being any change in the underlying dynamics, without more customers coming into our shops because working and middle-class people just don't have enough money to be fueling this consumer economy, we're just going to give that money to our investors and shareholders. so it is going to be yet anonotr aspect of the windfall. it won't create middle-class good jobs. workers just don't have the bargaining power to make that kind of a windfall to corporations translate into their pockets. juan: i would a ask you, the senate version of the bill is actually worse in some ways than the house because there were some republican senators who are
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concerned about the so-called pass-throughs? if you could talk about these llc's basically used by lawyers and real estate people and they want a better cut for those who use llc's? ,> law firms, even hedge funds lots of wealthy people who have business income that they get from various and diverse -- joint amy: 12 has like 500. -- amy: trump has like 500. >> it comes straight dress for some income. today it is taxed as personal income. because the vast majority of these people, these business owners are in the 1%, that the highest marginal tax rate. this would change it so it would be that lower corporate tax rate that they are slashing. he would be a huge windfall to a lot of the people who constitute the republican political donor base. juan: what -- a pet beaver of
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mine is the amnesty for tax dodging corporations. this repatriation of money from overseas where, basically, the plan that many democrats as well as republicans supported, was to retroactively lower the taxes that thehey haven't already paid so they can repeat three to the united states. what is happened or that in the bill? >> you put it exactly as it is. they will have a 0% tax rate on foreign profits. a lot of analysts are saying this will encourage even more companies to create operations overseas. so it would potentially make the job situation that we have a worse. amy: and the individual mandate? withpublicans are obsessed undoing president obama's legacy. so they want to go back at the incredibly unpopular attempt to repeal affordable health care in this country, so they want to get rid of the individual mandate. the effect of that will to make health insurance premiums go up for everyone.
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if you look at the different bread and butter issues that american families are struggling with, student debt, being able childcare, home, health care ---- all o of those things could go up considerably for working and middle-class class families while rich families get even more money for just opening an envelope. there are 44 graduate student walkouts planned around the country to protest a measure that is tucked away in the budget that passed the house earlier this month. that measure would amount to a pay cut of thousands of for dollars graduate students by reclassifying their tuition waivers as taxable income. amy: students say the move could diminish the number of students who will even consider graduate school and hurt the chances of finishing for current students, impacting critical research. for more, we're joined in hilliard, ohio, by jenna freudenburg, a fourth-year graduate student in astronomy at ohio state university and an organizer with the save graduate education movement.
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she is joining heather mcghee in this discussion. welcome to democracy now! explain exactly what is in the house bill. >> thank you foror having me. the e particul provisision in te housee bill that concerns graduate students the most is this provision that would reclclassify our tuition waivers and tuition reductions as taxable income. the weather graduate education, especially for those of us pursuing phdhds, has proceeded n this country for many years, we provide researchch and teaching asvicess papart of ourr work graduate students. in exchange, we receive usually quite modest stipends. we receive tuition waivers because universities recognize it is not economical for students to go into debt or to be unable to support themselves while they complete their phds. so this is the way it is been for ququite a while. under the new provisions, the
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waivers and the reductions that we receive intuition would be taxed and this would result in tax increases of hundreds a and hundreds percent even for public university studedents with a situation is even more dire at private universities where the tuition is higher. this is what we're most concerned about. however, this is just one of a number of troubling provisions in both the house and senate versions of the bill that target higher education. for example, under one of thehe versions of the bill, we would no longer be able to did act our student loan interest payments from our taxes. the lifetime learning credit will be eliminated. as you said earlier, the state and local tax elections are going to be eliminated, which are a major way that states are incentivized to provide funding for their public higher education systems. this really is an assault on her education, and something that graduate students in particiculr are finding very concerning. amy: what are your plans today? >> today we have about 50
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universities at this point that have organized their own grgrassroots actions to protect this bill. at ohio state, we'rere hosting a de-in a we willa and doing a research and hearing from our colleagues about how this tax bill will affect them. at other universities, students are staging walkouts out of their classrooms. units are holding rallies on the campus winds. students are holding phone contact local lawmakers. we have a wide right of grassroots actions. we decided to band together and hold the action is on the same day to send a message as this bill progresses through congress that it would be terrible for graduates, terrible for higher education, and we strongly oppose it and urge our lawmakers to vote against it. juan: have you been able to identify any particular lawmaker, especially let's say
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in the senate, he might be open to pressure by students across the country or in particular states? >> well, it is a bit of a tricky one in the senate. the senate version of the bill does not have this particular provision that we have been discussing that would tax our tuition waivers. the partiticular item is in house version. we haven't tried to pressure the house, foror example, the representative for the ohio 12 , on the near columbus house ways and means committee. yet a major hand in crafting major hand- he had a in crafting this bill and will be his terminal in any future changes that might have to occur as part of a reconciliation process should this bill proceed through the senate. we're seeking public commitment from him, from other local the central ohio lawmakers for my group and for other local lawmakers for the other schools who are protesting today y as wl
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as from our senators that they will publicly commit to opposing any version of the bill that attacks her education in this way. amy: heather mcghee, what is gained by this? and the profound affect this will have on education? i'm in, schools across the country could lose half their graduate students who simply cannot afford to do this anymore. past have seen over the decade, really, and increasing campaign by the right-wing media to demonize higher education. and if you think about what are the sources of progressive values and power, they are labor unions, the government itself -- the idea of a public good itself -- and they are education. republicans know that as you get more educated,d,ou are more likely to hold progressive values and vote for a democrat. i think this is very clearly part of a campaign to make college the enemy, to make higher education no longer the route to upward mobility that it
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has been. there is no reason n and in an economy where getting a bachelors degree is dodown the ticket to a middle-class job -- which it shouldn't be. working-class jobs should not be poverty jobs. we should have strong unions and high labor standards so you don't have to go to college to get a degree. but that is what the conservative economic system has created, and now they want to make a degree even more out of reach. one thing i didn't want toto sa, i think the walkouts and a protests jenna and her colleagues are organizing our amazing, and we do still have some opportunity to kill this bill. the: what can be done steamroller, despite with a public opinion is, the republican majority and the president seem determined to get a bill passed in the right -- next couple of weeks. and in the reconciliation of two bad bills. what the people who want to stop this to? >> i recommend people go to stoop> a source like indivisibl.
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you can call your senator. if you're in the states of maine, tennessee, arizona, wisconsin,d kansas, or montana. those are the places where republicans have been on the fence for various reasons. after the press conference yesterday and the meeting with donald trump, a few of them said "i might be more willing to vote for the bill, but until then actually done that local vote, people should be calling in, including to the democratic senators to make the impression very clear on the hill that the american people are watching. because they know this is a popular. amy: we're headed to oklahoma to talk about another issue come to speak with the cherokee lawyer and attorney about pocahontas, what is her life story. but he did want to briefly ask you in this last 30 seconds, this latest news matt lauer, nbc has fired him. this follows charlie rose congressman conyers, we hear he may be wholly news conference. the congressional black caucus
3:36 pm
members are calling for his regulate nation around issues of sexual harassment. harvey weinstein. your thoughts on this? >> this is a moment of reckoning. this is a moment of collective power for women who have felt they individually could not speak up because men hold so many of the cards in workplaces, and industry. they hold so mucuch of the political power in t this county and economic power. it women are disturbed -- strength inthere is numbers and they may just be believed. there are so much more accountability happening on the side of media and in private industry than at the very top in the most powerful seat in this country, which is the w white house. and the idea that roy moore, some and is so clearly a reputed child molester and pedophile could d be endorsed meaningfully by the white house -- it make sure skin n crawl. i think the rerepublican partyts a reckoning that they have to do
3:37 pm
about their morality as they take away children's health care , as they bankrupt our future, and endorse a pedophile. amy: you make a link between the tax claim of patriarchy. >> absolutely. does some groups of people are worth more than others because they have more money and more power is part of a system of racial hierarchy, patriarchy, white supremacy, and we are staying at layout very much where women, people of color, and the next generation are going to suffer from this tax plan. amy: this is all happening under president trump, who himself has been accused by at least 16 women of sexual assault. now questioning even the tape that he did not question before where he is caught on tape boasting about sexually assaulting -- >> i think he realizes from the first year of his presidency that he can lie and lie and repeat a lie defensive people will believe it.
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demos ander mcgcge of demos action, thank you for being with us, and jenna freudenburg, from hilliard, ohio, graduate student. when we come back, we had to tulsa, oklahoma. president trump attempted to insult the massachusetts congresswoman elizabeth warren ---- massachusetts senator elizabeth warren i calling her pocahontas. who was pocahontas? we will speak with a cherokee writer. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: "the world is going up in flames" by charles bradley. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. juan: president trump is winding down native american heritage month by opening the door to new drilling and mining landnd consnsidered s sacred by t tribl nanations. on monday, trump plans to travel
3:40 pm
to utah to announce plans to t the national monuments. u.s. interior secretary ryan zinke recommended both sides be reduced in order to make way for more industrial activity on n te landnd. say they will sue to stop the change. this comes after trump attempted to insult massachusetts senator elizabeth warren are referring to her as pocahontas to a white house ceremony honoring navajo code talkers, native americans who served in the marines during wwii and used the navajo language in order to transmit encoded information. pres. trump: i just want to thank you because you are very, very specialal people.e. you wewere here long before anyf us were here. althouough, we havave a representative in congress who they say was here long time ago. they call her pocahontas.
3:41 pm
but you know what? i like you. because you are special. you are special people. amy: president trump has frequently attacked senator warren by calling her "pocahontas." warren says her family is part cherokee. trump held the ceremony honoring the navajo military veterans in front of a portrait of former president andrew jackson, who was called "indian killer" by the cherokees. jackson signed the indian removal act, leading to the forced displacement and death of tens of thousands of native americans, a march that became known as the "trail of tears." this is senator elizabeth warren speaking later on monday. >> had to throw out a racial slur. he seems to think that if he keeps doing that, somehow he is going to shut me up. it hasn't worked in the past and it isn't going to work in the fututure. amy: we're going to go right now to mary kathryn nagle, a citizen of cherokekee nation and a parar at pipe-stem law, p.c., a law firm dedicateded to the restoration of tribal
3:42 pm
sovereignty and jurisdiction. thank you so much for joining us. can you respond to what took place in this navajo ceremony, honored?talkers being everything that happened there from the portrait of andrew jackson to what president trump said about senator warren? >> thank you so much for having me. first, i would just like to say i read and respect the remarks made by the navajo nation president as well as other elected leaders of navajo nation, criticizing the president for using an opportunity where he should have been commemorating and giving gratitude and thanks to the sacrifice of veterans who risked their lives to save the united states, and using the ceremony as an opportunity to antagonize a political opponent is wholly inappropriate.
3:43 pm
so i certainly stand with the folks of the navajo nation who have expressed their dismay that the president would use such an opportunity to attack one of his political opponents. i think it is not without irony in ahe made this attack moment when you should event honoring the sacrifice of the novel hope code talkers in front of a statue -- i'm sorry, a portrait of andrew jackson. being a citizen of cherokee nation, i know very -- i have a lot of experience with the legacy of andrew jackson and what he stood for. when he ran for president in 1828, his platform was the eradication of tribal nations. that is the eradication of trouble jurisdiction, sovereignty, and our indigenous linkages. ultimately, he failed. we are still here today. cherokee nation is still here, navajo nation is here. the languages are somewhat endangered, but we're still here and many of our citizens are speaking them. if andrew jackson of a
3:44 pm
completely successful in his the code talkers who assisted in world war i and world war ii would not have been able to do that. so i think it is ironic that he was standing front of a portrait of a man who tried to wipe out tribal nations and tribal languages and failed. , his mary kathryn nagle introduction of pocahontas into this ceremony and this continued repeated attempt, from his point elizabethmear senator warren by calling her pocahontas -- who was pocahontas, for those folks who see her only as a disney character? atand i think most americans this point understand her as a disney character. her real true story has been commodified and retold in a false narrative that celebrates her union with her abuser. she was a survivor. a survivor of colonial violence
3:45 pm
at a time when native women were primary targets because the colonial powers who came over passedom 1492 and even 1776 new that a primary way of destroying a tribal nation and indigenous nation is to attack the women. as data women, we give birth to the next generation of our travel citizens. if you eradicate the women, you eradicate the nation and you can colonize the area. -- shet way, pocahontas survived rape and kidnapping ended up dying some say maybe perhaps she was murdered in 1621 almost 400 years ago in england. be was never brought home to repatriated and buried with her relatives here on this side of the ocean. was ay respects, her life tragic. there are a lot we don't know. but there's a lot we do know and certainly, the stories that we andnow from her descendents
3:46 pm
her sovereign nation are not being told today. i think for many native women, when they see someone in power, especially the president of united states were cultural icon like nicki minaj misuse and , ite pocahontas' name reminds us that our stores are hardly ever shared. most of the time our stores are silent. it is not a coincidence that story is not shared. what she experienced in 1600 continues today. what began as a form of colonial con quest has now transformed into a contemporary cultural norm, where violence against data women is practiced and accepted in the united states -- and fact, our native women suffer the highest rates of domestic violence, sexual assault, and murdeder, higher tn any other popopulation in the u. today amy: monday, sarah huckabee
3:47 pm
sanders defending prpresident trump's decision to attack senator elizabeth warren at the ceremony.e talkers she was questioned by reporters. >> at the event of president just it with the navajo code talkers, he referred to ceremony. pocahontas being in the senate. why did he feel the need to say something as offensive to many people while honoring the navajo code talkers, these genuine -- >> i think what most people find offensive is senator warren lying about her heritage to advance her career. >> she said it was a racial slur. what is your response? >> i think that is a ridiculous response. amy: that was sarah huckabee sanders responding to questions about using the term "pocahontas." i want to get your response to that, mary kathryn nagle, very quickly. >> many people have said that to
3:48 pm
me, why are you so offended if you're truly cherokee you should be thankful that the president is calling out -- when to pocahontas become synonymous with fake? she was a real woman. she was a survivor. actually, shoot lost her life. so long as we think her name is synonymous for an adjective for fake it should be used and that her store should be erased to attack the political opponent of the president, we're going to lose the real story of the real message that we so desperately need to hear in the united states today. that is just a reality of what native women back then and today had to survive ann indoor just o continue to be here. amy: you are talking about violence against women. we are joined now via democracy now begun screen by matthew lone bear, brother of olivia lone be north went missing and town, dakota.
3:49 pm
in addition to mary kathryn byle, we are joined now matthew lone bear. can you tell us what you know ababout your sisister? she liked to hang out at cacasinos and barsrsnd she also really cared for children. amy: and you know where shshe i? >> noo clue. we have been searching, would be our 2929th day. video that we west. shehe is going it was taken off of her think camera. story,en you hear this
3:50 pm
mary kathryn nagle, your thoughts? certainly, olivia lone bear is that the first native american woman who has gone missing in north dakota. folks i want to say first and foremost, matthew, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family and that no one should have to go through this. unfortunately, as you point out, amy, this is all too common. we of the highest rates across the united states in indian country of violence. in particular in north dakota where the rates of oil extraction have skyrocketed since 2005 in the balkan oil boom. over 100,000 men from outside the state of north dakota have that to live in man camps the oil companies have set up. unfortunately, as senator heidi resultingas said, the rates of violence, drug, burglary, have skyrocketed but
3:51 pm
also in particular, domestic violence and sexual assault, including rape and sex trafficking. numerous leaders both at the state and federal level have now noticed that north dakota, some of the towns in north dakota and where olivia is from some have some of the highest rates of sex trafficking in the united states. can youtthew lone bear, talk about how local authorities have in dealing with the isappearance of your sister? do you feel theyey are m makings a prioiority? uh, no. i think there definitely needs place..pololicy put t in we a are all kind ofof learningg together right n now. i mean, we still haven't gotten any support from local pd. . think it is all new to us they definitely need to put a policy in place. family callingur
3:52 pm
for now, matthew? a lot ofstill need support. we need people on the ground, definitely. justeservation is over -- about one million acres. that is a lot of ground to cover. the more people we can get in before the snow falls and before the lake freezezes -- we want to get as much done as possible before then.n. amy: i want to thahank you bot for r being withth us am a m maw of olivia brorother lone bear, missing from new town, north dakota. we will continue to follow her story. and mary kathryn nagle of joinig us from oklahoma, a citizen of cherokee nation and a partner at pipe-stem law, p.c., a law firm dedicated to the restoration of tribal sovereignty and jurisdiciction. this is democracy nonow! when we come back, we will get an update of what is happening after the hundred elections.
3:53 pm
why aren't result being released? stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. juan: tensions are rising in honduras, where the electoral court still hasn't released the full results from sunday's presidential election. the u.s.-backed president juan orlando hernandez was widely expected to win the race, despite growing concerns about his authoritarian consolidation of power and his militarization of the country. but in an apparent upset, partial election results released on monday showed his main challenger, salvador nasralla, leading hernandez by five points. nasralla is the head of a newly formed coalition of center
3:55 pm
and left political parties called "the alliance against the dictatorship." the alliance includes the leftist party of former president manuel zelaya, who was ousted in a u.s.-backed coup in 2009. this is nasralla speaking tuesday. even though we are a five-point advantage, they can still try to still be from us. i'm asking the supreme election tribunal, which right now is not supreme because it obeys orders of its bososs, the president --o fill your responsibility and partial- release support. and go on tuesday, the electoral court released new partial results, showing the gap between nasralla and hernandez has narrowed, with nasralla now leading by only two percentage points. this is the head of the innovation and unity party, which is part of the coalition ththat makes up the alliance against dictatorshihip, also speaking tuesday. >> we are sent out an urgent
3:56 pm
alert. or is it is critical. the situation where the conspiratorial traitors of the government are practically carrying out a coup d'etat.. amy: for more, we're joined by suyapa portillo, assistant professor of chicano & latinino studies at pitzer college. she just returned from honduras where she was an election observer. professor, can you hear us? we were hoping -- we're having a little sound problem right now. we're going to go to a bit of a music break and go back to that music and see if we can get her on the telephone. ♪ [music break]
3:57 pm
amy: "they are afraid of us because we're not afraid."
3:58 pm
unfortunately, we are afraid to inform you we cannot get our next guest on the phone. noticed big with her tomorrow, suyapa portillo. we're having some disconnect with our studio in california. we will update folks at about the latest on the honduran elections , so close to opposition candidate actually a head of president hernandez. not clear why the election committee is not releasing the information that they have so far. we will give you more informatation at democracynow.o. that does it for our show. congratulations to democracy now! producer hany massoud and his wife ayesha on the birth of their daughter, aminah! democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
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