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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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thursday the british prime. theresa may has. pulls to. donald trump. you can. as rome to retrieve and. and i by the far right grou. first it was president for. you are the delete or apologize for the tweets. sized may directly in another to. un human rights chief is also joined the fray attacking what he calls political hit it ends you. i us so media his mates. lot who we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think united states of got it wrong. and to be very clear with them. that r retweeting from britain first was the
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wrong thing to do. well florida stroking out to london and our correspondent at duncan would sites and duncan as we so that's resumes and is cardio visit to jordan of but battle westminster and peace all furious all they about from straight and they're. even calling for his state visit to be scrapped. well city s. there was fury. parliament said today with a and he's not just from the labor party the opposition party but also the conservative party very kee. to underscore the fact that donald trump. they presidents of the united states has. crossed a red line by retweeting these propaganda videos now there are various ads it's it's used to describe him. in parliament today they included fascist stupid racist and incompetence and some the sentence outside parliament are even stronger than that even marshall for rosh the. one sign leader of the u. k. independence party himself
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not a vast sea soaking and see immigration failing as set on this issue. these retweets or rainy not scatter. and did duncan the is there a risk that they spot say could do wider loans and damage. to the cycle special relationship between britain and the united states. well s sir in order how mass honesty that over the course of this year to has been something of a deterioration in the relationship between the british governments. and stumbles donald trump's administration a began this year quite well as resume visited settled trump in washington as even that's a. video footage of them briefly holding hands as they went down some says that since then there have been a number of incidents. of mistakenly a donald trump circuses and i the social media at a you on that in london as attends to deal with an attack. in june as race and i. was very quick
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to defend the london matt on that point when china time since he was also quite skating in august about such trump's. a approach to the charlottesville atrocities she said effectively that's it was wrong to and quite those who propound fascist ideology with those who oppose fascist ideology and. he had very seven and againg and also islamist. i extremism and obviously there is a section that donald trump is focused very much on islamist extremism. while ignoring or perhaps even finding the flames of right wing. and nationalist failing side there is an issue an obviously the british governments and the united states government's a has been escalated to. the level of the formal complaints by britain's ambassador in washington city his us counterparts and
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it could cloud. at the relationship sometime to come mister like they of course this state visits are planned for next year will go ahead. at some point next year thrice tonight at pains to say that an invitation has been extended and expects its old i know dates has yet been. put in the diary alone also depends on the british a palestinian fs hamas and fatah the palestinian authority which controls the west bank and hamas which controls gaza. have been holding talks in cairo for several weeks now today hamas was supposed to you has power of the gaza strip over to the palestinian authority but that's. as being disposed islamist hamas party won elections in gaza in two thousand and six it and violently seized power. in the last ten years living
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standards in gaza have plunged jim hutchens is that the census this report. it was a much anticipated step but the transfer of power from how mass to the palestinian authority in the gaza strip has been postponed for several days. but i thought it their. thoughts are on him us of all star gyptian friends today hunting over control of the gaza strip. i was laid out in the cairo agreements. and so the first of the tenth of december feet at the fob little paul hill. the two sides stillll me to overcome key obstacles. despite the visit to gaza by an egyptian delegation tensions have been rising between the two rival palestinian factions. according to fatah hamas continues to control the gaza strip. meanwhile how has demands sanctions imposed by palestinian president mahmoud abbas he lifted. and a little on the obama w.
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at the cabin. which needed now is for the government to carry out its responsibilities to the people. bodies to help solve the electricity crisis the border closures taxes. and medical exchanges. aloha. mass italy's. since the palestinian authority refuses to pay for the electricity provided by israel. died only has three hours of power a day. she needs to use a battery to get one more our village. i'm alone goals and that's it. autonomous and no help that is just looking out for the interests and they only help a friends and supporters. plunged into darkness two million gazans are still waiting to see an effect of the unity deal on their everyday lives. i've learned i'm joined by houthi metal but he's the head of international relations social sciences and what regions universities also fellow chatham house thank you for being with us. on france24 tonight now and they sarah
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handover over goes is the palestinian authority was postpones really at the eleventh hour and know who real reason was given at are you confident that it will happen in ten days time as. both sides saying right now. we wrote what i don't think anyone can be called hundred it's going to happen weavin. solution. times in the last decade and will. i think you have really good indication from la needed lot. there could better believe. hahahaha between between between the two. they almost unheard of a separate identities along. the deal between the west bank. and .
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so this is this is a hoax. earlier full holder. i think as he is using the eleven hywel. nopal be should go. home. launcher issues and f find hundred vehicles. tokyo pop voices who is going to be completely. over the weapons apple chicago moon greenish. solutions worker consumed joke who's going how mass id wing and thousands of of foot soldiers i'm working this islamist group. at refusing to disarm is that sosomething that the two sis are just not going to be able to make a false. most certainly the of my angel someone broke. because you talking about could conviction left pane little
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news developed. along eagle for food and a lot of. it as we speak. bold who wishes between israel. and amber hop and hamas archil we reah majors criminal he conned deeper. the and the news of his handling from home. mainland. and. drove home alcohol most would. i think he's. asian and is just loong. coffeeshop. had duke first.
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papal in gaza up want this reconciliation given how living standards have a full and at so much of the past ten years and i how close there's a good meeting. three conflicts with israel. no doubt golden illegal loan because she it ruhayem god who because no unreelins lochleven conditions. and the u. in all over the. in every coal. * by twenty current ago the pope you will be live. so under these conditions here. government record when i consider changing like him government depend. coal hard. but basically basically it's not some peace and also nee.
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hywel is hello killing multiple kinds collisions would know. i called it peace and people can go home to offer coursing. and also to the commission of community college who who haven't completion so uncool hang w. he met with young people it also held talks on boosting security in the region with a good eye and president nana akufo addo. and he said that islamist terrorism remain a major threat in the region. we've had the opportunity to talk about reinforcing defense and security. we have structured our relations more clearly and a very positive exchanges. particularly in terms of cooperation from the rains. also. we like to work on reinforcing its highs they're indispensable for both regional security. on in the files on sarah. but they always. composer my
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call. has been extremely outspoke. and the need for collective acts. to defeat terrorism in our top. saipov i. i'm particularly. happy. the amount of such results. such a termination. and such french. full the peoples of west africa and head. sure find his way here toda. france24 a small palette is also in ghana and at anytim. isn't had chosen to end his trip that. one third great relationship between france and africa europe and asia and africa he solicited. and by that he meant we cannot be dealing only with friends speaking countries obviously we have privileged ties we've also had controversies. and bad memories however he said
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this is a new era this is a hero or a you have to open up. opportunities for. the use of economic. and he wanted to illustrate that and the best way to illustrate that is to become the first. president xi ever set foot on a in ghana since the independence which is celebrated. these days sixty years ago and kelley at and he wants to a high tech hub to show that he's interested in fostering new. a business ties then he wins a to a famous football and boxing academy this was more of a joyful a time that this was way for hand to illustrate that his message during all this trip. was to address the youth knots the rulers of. africa and suu. obviously try to send messages of hope clearly a it was a lot of tl discussions about how to deal with this. but today in
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honor nicole wanted to show that the days of the old french african relations are over obvious it is is all talk all show for now we'll see. if this happens in the coming years. my feller that. now investigation is underway after bosnian croats war criminal took his own life by taking poison. in a cool room in holland slobodan praljak swallowed comes. small mile in front of judges is used sentenced to twenty yearsrs in p prison e died later in hospitital and released after i find out how. he got hold of the liquid. we want a formal morals home town of mostar it wass a mixed reaction to the news of his death. unbought now has the story. this evening fellow moscow. the death is slobodan praljak jusust hours earlier so the town divided. we were all shocked to hear this news but as a former soldier i can remember general praljak in this
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light. is a moral role model for the croat people. neo national. today we lost one of the righteous ones. he is. and it was for political reasons. hundreds of local scattered for candlelight vigil and lay flowers for the general outside it for a lot national theatre. many bosnian croats you general who commanded bosnian croat forces during the bosnian war. is a hero. the fifteen to twenty year sentences handed out praljak and his fellow defendants. but a former political leaders during the war seen by these people as unjust political decisions. so many others in moscow product is a war criminal who orchestrated a campaign of terror against bosnian muslims. he could not face up to his sentence. i think this was an act of a coward. but i think the most important thing is that the verdict confirmed all allegations and slobodan praljak was in fact a war
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criminal. of all what is you know. i think you could not as the truth he had to commit suicide. i have no good opinion of him. yeah because us we civilian. reactions affect the divisions and still run deep in mostar and across the balkans over the guilt is more leaders and the actions of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia. in a certain bosnian town where the walls of fierce fighting between bosnian croats and muslims. co existence is still a fragile reality. and it has been a visiting bangladesh and to send the country granting refuge to listen spain partisan prosecution in burma. once again that he stopped short of using the sarah hanga to describe the community which according to the united nations. is being subjected to a textbook definition of ethnic cleansing tomorrow he will make members of the rohingya qc in person. and he's been calling on the
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international community today ross help. a made in recent months. the spirit of generals the solidarity. he destroys is a distinguishing mark of bangladesh society that suited that inviting engage. has been seen most vividly it humanitarian outrage to a massive influx of refugees from a kind state we have food jack the. utterly and mass. metal startled iraqi name. providing them with some free shelter and the basic necessities of life without any magma ready. reika is about what is in the studio with updates on business news now i have ryan book and is not in the united states with senate. is making progress on a bill and upholding the u. s. tax cut is a debate is underway in the senate on the package pushed heavily by president almost from. the republican majority there appearing likely to adopt a bill as senator john mccain. board
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sunday out though it does remain as to whether the fifty two republicans in the senate and stick together to pass the bill. many conservatives called by the estimated one point four trillion dollars that the package is expected at the u. s. now. that. republicans have insisted a corporate tax cuts in the bill would boost job creation and wages. despite several major companies exist on coca cola saying they're more likely to send any savings back to their shareholders before hiring or raising salaries. republican and democratic senators gave very different charities of the pill there's two of them. this is our water generation opportunity to take more money out of washington pocketbook more money in the pockets. of hard working families. votes for passage will be a vote my republican friends regret. at a time of the men's inequality. the republican tax bill makes life easier on the well off and eventually makes life more difficult on working americans. wall street fired up on news of that bill's progress the dow jones industrial average breaking the twenty four thousand point barrier for the first time ever. as mp five hundred hitting an all
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time high the open it and the nasdaq bouncing back from a big selloff in tax us on wednesday. european indexes closing lower with construction and tax are losing ground. strengthening pound continuing to weigh on london's export heavy foot the one hundred it closed down nine tenths of a percent. turning out the north korea's recent launch of its most powerful ballistic missile yet. as the u. s. calling on china to use all economic leverage available to redeem kingdom. at the heart of that strategy is oil. us is urge china to cut off aid shipments north korea because a crucial lifeline to pyongyang. but china remains extremely reluctant to do so. silliness i can find why him this report. nnova day thousands of barrels of crude oil flour across the yalu river from the chinese city of dying call not singled korea. most of it is used by pyongyang's minute sharia and its nuclear and missile program.
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north korea imports around five point five million barrels of crude oil and see point two million barrels of refined oil a year. most of which comes from china. the supply goes the country's agricultural sensation unmet free sex as. as north korea's biggest trade partner china is seen as the keys iseries in kim jong jones version. trying our house in ninety percent of north korea's trades. in the first half of two thousand seven scene it's also maybe two point two billion euros up ten percent from the same period in two thousand sixteen. beijing has gone along with a series of punitive u. n. measures against its neighbor. including agreeing to restrict its exports of refined petroleum to two million barrels a year. because it hahas refusee the shots as crude oil pipeline. china says stopping the flow of energy could provoke a violent response from north korea. or even a collapse ef
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ththe regime. and house com which could trigger a flood of refugees across its border. the u. s. has warned it will take the oil situation interests i'mands if beijing refuses. oil also needs and elsewhere in the world as the organization trolling exporting countries or opec met in vienna thursday to work on their strategy for the coming yea. member states greenstein output cuts originally slated to expire in march and extend them through twenty eighteen. because cuts roughly one point eight million barrels per day are an effort to clear a global supply glut it's driven prices down during twenty seventeen. non opec member russia which cut its output in concert with opec for the first time this year. has pushed for a shorter extension and a clear plan on how to exit cuts long ago it was like any disagreements between russia and opec have been ironed out. here's a saudi oil minister on that. ben russia has nqa have the
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right to rule where commit you did news now we see the market. unplug. jimmy in asia. bureau. they see so go over. we take that. nation as reformer labeling. largely ex. as is well president. feel the same. crude gained. corners of a. far with when. immediate coming back from earlier losses. a break even. trading o let's take a lookt smart is top business headlines. who is being sued in the uk over accusations it unlawfully gather data on five point four million british users? by circumventing privacy settings on their iphones. group calling itself ghoul you owe us led by former
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director of uk product review state which is seeing several hundred pounds for each affected user. the case will be heard in spring twenty eighteen. yeah i am s. is an internet. are to restore zimbabwe's battery because. the agency plans to send mission after the country in coming days to gather information on. finances. ambassador is however that itit won't offerer a financl aiai packagege in n killed a country peace office current that the roughly five billion d dollars to ththe d bank and others. and also to employees protest at thursday at several sites across france including the finance ministry are paris. or is it a fresh tree maker expressing their worries over the future of their jobs as a merger with german industrial giant siemens wings and twenty eighteen. finally for business robots taken our jobs. a new study by the mckinsey global institute estimates that up to eight hundred million of today's job will be automated within the next dozen years.
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particularly vulnerable markets with high labor costs in cheap tack. making the middle class in places like the u. s. in europe prime target. it's not quite time to declare war on skynet yet though the study says. on a mission may create as many jobs as it cuts. i will mass or reports. from leading vineyards to the activity mines on the frontline. verbosity more and more tasks that previously belonged exclusively to the human the main. menu report by consulting firm rakhine zetes is up to eight hundred million workers around the world. could be displaced by automation by twenty thirty. it's was like you. physical jobs and predict. such as operations. toss that can be done better and for also machines. yeah it. lower paid jobs almost lucky to be affected but not just. in sixty percent occupations
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a federal jobs activities could be automated soon. but all is not lost for workers. reports suggest that machines were just replace jobs that new technology will actually yields new types. hello i just thought maybe in the future rowboats will be able to help humans even rap lacing them difficult jobs. you need humans of this kind of task to do other things hot. i transition on the scale of the industrial revolution when much of global industry switch from farming factory work. rich nations like the u. s. and germany will fill the biggest impacts. well countries of less money to invest in automation will not be affected as much. data sailors are business for creating jobs as well yeah who is it that some of that. i think you have it since a program that was taking a short break right now on france24
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