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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: you are watching france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. catalonian's voting today in a regional election that could mark a turning point that could mark the spanish region's struggle for independence. leaders are pulling in the with parties who want to remain in spain -- leaders are polling neck and neck with parties who want to remain in spain. donald trump wants to stop giving money to countries that
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will later today on a u.n. resolution for the u.s. to withdraw its decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the israeli prime minister slammed the decision. at least nine people heard -- hurt after a car rammed into pedestrians in australia. police say he has a history of mental health issues and no direct link to terrorism. we start in catalonia where voting is underway in a very regional election. the vote was called by spain's central authorities after they seized control of the region in late october after colonial pushed through its plan for independence. many of the pro-independence candidates are either fugitives or in jail. the polls still show them running neck and that with those
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-- neck and neck with those who want to remain part of spain. >> today's an important day because it's the end of the process and we hope everything will become clearer. we have a situation where we are stuck between two sides. for more on the election in catalonia let's go live to barcelona with catherine norrison trend. you are at a polling booth right now. what has the turnout been like? we haven't got any official figures yet. we have been seeing throughout the morning and now at lunchtime large numbers of people coming to the voting centers in the center of barcelona. the one behind me has been particularly busy this morning. this polling station was the scene of some of the worst chaos and violence in the illegal
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independence referendum. we had protesters occupying the site, police seizing ballot boxes, firing rubber bullets and dragging voters away. things are running very smoothly. this election was called by the government in spain. not illegal occurring to the constitution. a way for them to try and get an end to this political crisis. a large number of voters have been turning out. they want to put an end to the political crisis. some of them on the pro-independent side say they want to send a strong message to the government in madrid that they will continue fighting for separatism for their region. parts who want to remain of spain say they are silent majority and coming forward now to make their voices heard. genie: there are a number of independent parties in the running today and they are very divided. absolutely.
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this is a bitterly contested election and there are divisions within the pro-independence camp itself. seven groups in all running in these elections. three of them are overtly pro-independence. we've got the party of carles puigdemont who is exiled in brussels. if he returns to spain, he faces arrest. party came out on top it's unclear whether he would be able to take any form of office. we've also got euskera the biggest pro-independence party and they are hoping they can come out on top in the referendum. they are not running on the same platform. they are not running united with the other main independence party. we've also got a radical far left pro-independence party. because the divisions between
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, it's uncleartter if they will be able to form a coalition even if they do get seats inity of catalan's regional parliament. genie: thank you. seats in catalan'sthe opinion polls say e left-wing independent party drc could win the most seats -- drc erc could win the most votes. but with the leader currently in jail it's up to a new face to try and leave thead the movemen. less than a month ago she was seldom a visit to radio studios. since the election campaign kicked off she's become a daily voice on the airwaves. she is now the main face of the left-wing independence movement.
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if opinion polls are right she has a real shot at becoming catalonia's president. >> on both my father and my mother's side there were always members of my family in politics. help and the desire to serve others. a vocation passed on at an early age to this former lawyer. it was her party's leader who propelled her into frontline politics and then was jailed months ago. whenstill member the day said because of the trust we have in you. she has a busy day ahead. it's time to meet the voters. several hundred people turned out to cheer her.
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her mentor casts a long shadow. >> we will turn out in droves and free him from jail and asked him to lead this country toward the republic. she's the leader now. she's got an iron will and i can see her running catalonia well. out to deliver she can -- prove she can deliver independence. proved in they last few years not to listen to parliament. the supporters all want the memory of the left-wing separatists. genie: you can get the results of the catalonian election later tonight as they come in. carolyn nicholson will be
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hosting the program tonight. milestone in yemen. the number of suspected cases of cholera has now hit one million. the red cross says more than 80% are nowopulation without food, fuel, clean water and access to health care in the country's civil war. the united nations has described it as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world right now. a u.n. is voting today on a draft resolution to reject the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. donald trump is already threatening to cut aliens of dollars in aid money to countries who vote against him. step further than the u.s. investor nikki haley who had already said the u.s. will be taking names on the vote. muslim groups have called the president's threat lack mail. doesn't care. meanwhile the israeli prime minister has slammed the u.n. in the strongest possible terms.
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towards israel of many countries on all continents is changing outside the walls of the united nations and that change will ultimately permeate into the united nations. the house of lies. the state of israel totally rejects this vote. genie: let's bring in uris mackler in jerusalem. it is the robust style we have become used to from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. especially when speaking about the united nations. it's interesting he rejects the outcome of the vote before it has even been ard. that is the style born of the fact that many israelis support him in this because they feel they don't get a fair hearing at the united nations. he went on to say however that it has taken americans forever
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asrecognize jerusalem israel's capital and it may take the united nations many more years. genie: what kind of reaction has there been from the palestinians? the israelis feel they don't get a clear -- fair hearing. what have the palestinians had to say? are they optimistic? >> it is safer ground and they are optimistic. the united nations security council vote wasare they optimi? >> moved by two of the palestinians allies. been and this vote has moved by turkey and yemen. all of the palestinian allies in the united nations are getting together to support the palestinians on this issue and they do feel supported in this forum. it's interesting the general assembly vote that we are going to see later today is not binding unlike the security
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council but it is a barometer of what the united nations is feeling and what the united nations tends to feel on this issue is support for palestinians. israelis don't have faith in the united nations in the same way although they are lobbying interestingly. they are lobbying intensely today. although the palestinians feel safe in this forum they are also lobbying. saudi arabia, russia. it is very important to this particular palestinian president to have some kind of statement from the world ideally to have this statement overturned. i don't know how you overturn a u.s. statement. it's very important for him and his lobbyists. genie: in australia at least 19 people were hurt in melbourne when a car deliberately drove into a crowd of industry and. the suspect is a 32-year-old australian man of afghan dissent who was known to police and has
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a history of drug use but no known links to terrorism. have don't at this time any evidence for any intelligence to indicate there's a connection with terrorism. i just want to reiterate that. at this time we don't have any todence or intelligence genie: indicate a connection with terrorism. inie: patrick o'neill is melbourne. more details came out on the driver of the car at the press conference we were just showing a moment ago. can you tell us about that? >> yes. as you heard earliermore detaile driver of the car at the press conference we were just there is not believed to be any terror links at this stage but they have not been ruled out. terrorism investigators are involved in the investigation but there are no signs of that moment. the man was mentally ill. it has clearly been recognized as a deliberate act. he pulled out of a lane onto the
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tram tracks and deliberately mowed down the pedestrians. obviously it's a horrible incident. it happened in one of the main streets of melbourne outside one of our most famous train stations and of course the streets are filled with people shopping for christmas and one of the injured is a four-year-old boy. a terrible incident here. genie: did the police say anymore about the second person who had been arrested? >> there was another person arrested who was filming the incident. he was found to have three knives in his backpack. at this stage police don't believe there was any link between the men. they are both still in custody and that is being investigated further. it's particularly difficult for melbourne he and his because in january this year we had a
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similar incident which may also be related to a mentally ill man who drove through and remain , killingur main mall six people. genie: are there more in place since this happened? >> actually are acting chief has said the opposite and has encouraged people to come out for christmas carols. we have a big cricket match on boxing day which is very famous in melbourne and he has encouraged people to not be afraid and they believe it was an isolated incident. they don't believe it is terror related. he has said there will be hundreds more police on the streets but that's to make people feel more secure than the threat of any further attacks. thank you, patrick
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o'neill. algeria a small christmas market has opened in the capital. algeria is a predominantly muslim country but in the traditional christmas spirit the market has been celebrating diversity and peace among religions and communities. >> the christmas spirit has come to algiers. 99% of algeria's population is --ni muslim but the first second ever christmas market is attracting locals of all backgrounds. >> everyone is entitled to their own religion. we all share different cultures and beliefs and it's fine. charityocal catholic staged the christmas market in an effort to bring communities closer together.
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a sign of continued security in the country which has seen years muslim and between christian communities up the end of the 1990's. >> the aim is to bring people together in a nice and festive atmosphere. we share different cultures and different religions. >> the proceeds from the sale of treats,hocolate, christmas ornaments and trinkets are reinvested into the local community. >> the money we are collecting today will help local women in need to teach them a skill that helps them get a job and make a decent living >. >> the christian population in algeria has grown significantly in recent years due to an influx of migrants from sub-saharan countries such as mollie, niger and burkina faso. time for our business
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update. there are some new developments in what has been a very scary story for a lot of parents out there. contamination by baby milk. a french dairy giant's rick: of their global products today because of fears that they are contaminated with salmonella. the company says they recalled all infant formula and nutritional products made in their crown factory in northwest france where they believe the contamination begin. -- began. the countries that are affected range from all over the world including britain, and china, pakistan, sudan and columbia. genie: china is calling the european union thoughtless over a report published on its economy. the report said the chinese
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sex and controls price.order to -- lower china has called the eu hypocritical and unfair. take a listen. report in question published by the eu makes irresponsible remarks about china's economic development, fabricates excuses and develops unjust restrictive measures towards china. it even doesn't mention its own actions that violate rules. our top story has been the vote in catalunya. how important is the region's economy to spain as a whole? quite important. it's the most prosperous regional economy out of all 17 regions in spain and two months of political crisis of already taken a toll on catalonia's economy. many businesses and banks have relocated outside of the region
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for fear of uncertainty. catalonia brings in 20% of spain's entire gdp. that's more than california brings in for the entire united states. region accounts for 26% of spain's total exports mostly to the european union. >> for over two months catalonia has been rocked by an identity crisis. while politicians fight over the region's future business owners find themselves caught in the middle. anxious that they may not be covered under eu laws should catalunya secede. over 3000 have moved their headlines -- their businesses outside the disputed regions. >> we've gotten calls from clients saying that because of the instability in catalunya they would rather suspend their orders. if things carry on like this we
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won't be able to pay wages. a lot of people depend on the success of this business. it would be a disaster. this portuguese wine merchant also chose to relocate its headquarters. but now he faces backlash from catalan customers who bore cut -- boycott his foreign wives. as importers of portuguese wines we are also affected here and catalonia unlike the rest of spain. our sales have dropped by 30%. the economicof crisis which stems from the political crisis and also because of catalunya's protectionism towards its own products. >> as unemployment figures edge higher and sources of income like retail and tourism dry up, businesses face an increasingly uncertain future. genie: how are the markets trading today? >> in europe we are seeing a pretty muted session.
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paris slightly below flatline despite a report from the showing a bumpce in the business climate index. how comfortable people feel with businesses. the london ftse of more than .3% and frankfort decks also slightly in the green. note you was one of the best performing stocks after announcing a new licensing agreement with china. closed up after leaders promised to reduce risks in the country's financial system. tokyo's nikkei closed lower apparently unmoved by the decision to keep ultra-loose monetary policy in place. time for the press review. let's take a look at the world headlines. lots of focus on the all-important vote in catalunya today. >> we have been browsing through
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the front pages of the catalan papers. one of the oldest and most widely read papers in spain says a vote finally for freedom. adding that the catalan go to the polls without the coalition of traps used by the referendum. a pro-independence catalan paper says they have chosen a bit of grammar for their headline. the top part is in reference to the october 1 referendum saying i voted, you voted so for in the past. they're really putting an emphasis on the need to vote. it also found editorials to expressing both points of view. the pro-independence paper says we voted under difficult road
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conditions in the october 1 referendum. hopes for a high turnout that will give legitimacy to the results and make it difficult for the losers to be tempted not to accept it. there's also a focus on the importance of voting but for different reasons. the paper says the autonomous election will give legitimacy to a new parliament in catalunya. this is a key mechanism of democracy and they say the goal of the new government is to govern for the next four years without chaos and really helping the region and the country return to normalcy. genie: it is a big day for the french president. he turns 40 today. all-powerful 40. that's what the right-wing french paper says. the president says it could have been his weakness but he has used it as a key tool of his communication.
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his adversary singing happy birthday mr. president. all of them dressed up like marilyn monroe. that's the right-wing paper. they have actually written an article talking about things they would like to offer the french president as a gift for his birthday including a christmas sweater from his .avorite football club they also suggested a weekend camping trip to diffuse tensions over that birthday party he had in a french chateau. they set a camping trip might be more palatable to french voters. results what dictionary to help him speak the linkage of youngsters now that he is hitting the 40. he might be losing touch with the youth. the best gift is coming from the opinion polls. frenchng to the right-wing paper more than one into french people are satisfied with his record in office so
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far. they are happy with the way he is dealing with international issues and representing france on a european level. on the downside he still can't seem to shake off the impression he gives off as being a president of the rich, perhaps a little hottie and aloof. someone has quit over a pay dispute. >> cap sadler has quit because of pay disputes. her contract was up for a new will. she found her younger male cohost who is pretty much doing the same job she was was earning twice as much as she. raise to equal that. they denied so she said, i'm leaving. in a blog post she said she had to leave because how can i accept an offer that shows they do not value my contributions? very brave move from her. it follows us and let moved by an australian journalist of
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double months ago who quit over salary disputes with a male cohost. perhaps the whole me too movement is moving things in the right direction. genie: the world chess championship is in london now and has gotten itself and hot water over its new logo. >> they have unveiled their new logo and before we say anything let me show you the logo. maybe you can judge for yourself. [laughter] it has drawn attention for what daily the times calls a pornographic appearance. many find the two entwined bodies playing chess is way too suggestive and looks like it's out of something from the kama sutra. hard court chess players are furious that the chessboard is actually a six by six because real chess players play on an eight by eight. so it is factually incorrect as well. the game is trying to attract more young people and this is not the way to do so.
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brilliant move because it got people talking about it. absolutely. you can get a closer l
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