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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 20, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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include tonya damascus is the highest in three years. united nations and responses saying it wants an immediate ceasefire in the region.
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says the violence that was spiraling out of control. these are extreme violations of humanitarian law and of all parties you know the one is calling on all parties to de escalate the violence in in syria witnessing. some of the worst fighting of the entire conflict and the wise for destruction of civilian infrastructure. including medical facilities. the other joe h has received reportrts of attacks on five hospitals anything on her and is working to verify these reports and the casualties. is there enough positions as a shining anything with our is a war crime. for. national grid lines. friday june. there is no law announces. with a man who is a political solution office. now that the gm has zero and it is doing a. i'm on diplomatic efforts france is calling for a humanitarian truce. the violence in eastern ghouta
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is possible why the escalation and we'll find out on several fronts in syria. as president bashar assad pushes to end the rebellion against him smacked my moscow. . and tehran jewish food will. and any battle fronts as i've been up in the war in syria with turkish troops firing on pro regime forces in the northwest province of afferent. the syrian forces have come to the aid of the cuts were under attack by tacky he's techies president believes that terrorists because. insensible see by the united states this latest development. how the words here is coming increasingly complex with multiple countries playing a role alex jennings has more? the mass is g. articles is we're moving towards african of looted when. that was carried out by the turkish military. back. polygenism arafat now. this man says is close the.
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dune getting today holds with russian. it's in iranian president hassan rouhani we had an agreement masses. unfortunately these kinds of terror organizations sometimes a growing stance with this season is a tank by themselves. for now this is a very will pay a heavy price wounded in this of others than. said one says he has the backing of both russia and iran for the offensive against because in africa iran along with russia has been propping up the regime in damascus for several years now. but with the threats to asset survival now reduced analysts say iran has long term ambitions for syria and for the region overlooking a tehran our correspondent may decide is that. reasons as to why it does iran stand on the current developments in african. why do you all oncee the is stabilizing cool down the situation and apparatus in
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an effort to strengthen its ally? in syria that seemingly the objective you want doesn't want the fighting. to intensify in africa and and the northern region in it's your job easily during the past several y years you wanant o sendnd a lot of time energy resources. to p protect the assad government and push back the opposition. fighters and the rebels does it wants. b be at an escalation in fighting possibly once again jeopardize these on government possibly re energize the rebels and popossibly even in the hands finene we intensify t t us involved meses. in s syria once again. you know that she wants decision however turkey's operation. sincece lasast monthth andf rain in northern scenenery s complicacated thehe situati. keep i in mind t the kurds e backs and armss byy the u. . it played a key role in defefeing isis. in syria at times pushing back rebel forces i in doing so the
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secure that nororthern part assyaa and in many ways thth help aside however cherokee has long seen the curse not j just in nortrthn syriria at t their own couoy in n nthernraq. is a very seriouss security threat lat month the launching operation into northern syria into offering to o puh back the kurds. income searing. backed militias i n ronnie backs of malicious to push backturkish forces so what you have herere is a very tense situation where you have states like turkey and iran we haveve diplomatic relations wants to improve relations essentially facing off in a proxy war. russia church you knonow very delicate situation and racemose ranges this scenario the us and iran in
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this case seating on the same side. both of these countries the arch rivals don't watch jerky as a continuous operation of both of themm supporting the kurs very complicated no intentig out of of spirit wants to keep it very much distururbd ininfluence. iran flatly rejects that claim they say its intentions or not toto colonizeze. thee monsters an is t that is an alllly in syria. and when syria was in jeopardy in danger when isis was there and the opposition forcrces were there you want says. invited t them too hep this is syria ideas with russia so you want doesn't see it cell is a colonizer only an ally sirius helping
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to stabilize the country. obviously countries like israel have a very. different story very different opposition on this and the more entrenched you wrongly comes in syria i think the likelelihood ananalysts say of confrontation. increases confrontation like we saw just lastt week where you hd anyone you drone allegedly infiltrate israelili airspae you that israel. attack what they call were you wrong decisions. in syria so very delegates and situation in that region rss i interrogate you very much. well the war in syria raging on the united nations a scientist on another mideast conflict is to say that between israel and the palestinians the palestinian president also i saw that yd
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then the states to recognize a state of palestine. the overall solution. i corps members who have yet to recognize the state of. to do so. people who died in the future we will intensify our efforts to achieve admission to full membership in the united nations. to guarantee international protection for our people. why you love? will come to the council. added we will come to the school for international protectionn fr our people shattered. let's get more on that now and i will go to the un headquarters in new york of course on the data often is that and daniel i have as we had that abbas says the united states could not on the media in the conflicts it is now time. for an international crisis. absolutely that with the core of the message of the palestinians at presidents you explain a palestinian as she not cannot rely on the united states as the sole. brokered peace broker in the
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region and this comes out after donald translate last year d decided to recognize jerusalem as. the state the capital of the israel into the american embassy from tel aviv to. jerusalem selling his address what. most of us try to do is to call upon. all other countries other stakeholders at to step in and it's you and to take leadership on this issue he mentioned for example that the car tax. which outside the united states gather the united nations russia and the european union and call them to take their responsibility the problem is that at this very moment none of these other. stakeholders as seems to be ready or to be even willing to step it set up the place to the plate and add to replace and the american leadership. in the
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israeli palestinian conflict and i know that's what happens had to say what did the us and israel have to say in response. well it's very very much try to show that they were not impressed by. a bass as speed by his rhetoric and actually cannot address address in directly because right after. his speech at the us decided to leave he probably didn't want to confront as along the same d today she said the american decision in the ruling was a sovereign decision at its worst. no change and she called on the bass to move forward and to add accepted in a way even if he. dislikes it so crappy much at everyone's on their* position and. it's just interesting to also add in and noticed that two men were behind nikki haley during her speech jared custer and using green glass to advisors. off track on the middle east very meeting
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this afternoon where the. you ambassadors and it will probably speak more on this issue as we're talking daniel thanks very much in the dining hall for their new york. oxfam says it's investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct the british charities come under fire as a revelation stuff used prostitutes following the earthquake in haiti in twenty ten. hold times management spoke before a parliamentary committee in london this tuesday the ceo offering his apologies that on a disease as the story. fully getting on the defensive oxfam's management appeared before parliamentary committee in london. it comes a week after britain's top development official told a charity to come clean about their handling of sexual misconduct or risk losing taxpayer funds. oxfam's chief executive apologized to moviemakers for a comment he made in a recent interview. after seeing the response to the scandal was disproportionate as oxfam had not murdered babies. because those things. it is not folks on to judge issues of proportionality all
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motivation. i repeat of sounds ruled or apology and my personal apology i am sorry we are sorry. oxfam says it's now investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct on monday the charity publish the findings of an internal investigation which found the country director in haiti admitted to u using prostitututes. before steppg down in twenty eleven oxfam has also come out that an action plan to target sexual abuse andnd improve the vetting of its star off. the charity now says it's time it's internal culture was changed this is a boat lining up people with their bodies of folksks on. some hideous man came to our organization and it gives the crust of the british people this up for us. but we knew what able to get away too good of the nation to leave. this was wrong. the scandal stemming from oxfam has shaken the
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international aid sector britain and the e. you are viewing their funding to the charity. haiti's president is calling for investigations into misconduct to be opened up across the sector. the director and two employees of a school for autistic children engine is yet haven't taken into police custody over allegations of child abuse. footage obtained by france twenty four shows children being beaten and insulted at school in arianna. a warning some viewers may find this report disturbing. what do your scenes which? hey give this. the will to stick children at a center outside of. social media a blaze countr. this author journalist.. images online of children being forced to punish. yelled at. group. the cries for help going unnoticed t the journalistso
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film the report for education website storefronts twenty four was the observers. use is not unlike those who it is systematic. everyday without exception the children a beaten it could be because they asked to go to the bathroom said they were hungry didn't understand it hostages complained. keiki was also used humiliating forms of corporal punishment like ice cold were extremely hot showers. an investigation has now opened and practices at the otis center and its future remains in question. this isn't the first time such a scandal l has. a specialized education. the capital's. it was after video showed a child is beaten aggressivel. in bangkok has awarded paternity rights to a japanese man seventeen babies he fathered three ties surrogate mothers twenty eight year old miss takeshita is now expected to pursue sole custody of the
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children. is revealed to be the center of a baby factory sandal back in twenty fourteen erin okay has the story. in other thirteen circuit children in thailand with nine different mothers. and a thai court just name him legal parent and sole guardian of all of them. the judges cited twenty eight year old mitsubishi get as professional and financial stability adding that growing up with a biological parent is in the children's best interest. debate lad. such was found that my client is not involved in human trafficking and hasn't committed criminal offenses. he's face to be a father and has appearance since you foster the children. this is what the court ordered toda. the japanese businessmen made headlines in thailand in the twenty fourteen whehn thai police raiaided his apartment and discover nine surrogate baby's twenty four hour nannies and another pregnant mother. he reportedly paid the circuits between nine and twelve thousand dollars each to carry his children.
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she gets up by the country after the scandal but leaders to thailaland's ministry of social development for custody of the children. the case brought worldwide attention to the country's so called rent a womb industry. which was one of the most unregulated in the world. faced with the outcry thailand's cracks down on surrogacy clinic. well it's time now for the latest of our special reports from poland abortion is a hot topic in this deeply catholic country and pontins examining and you build to essentially ban seven nations. in even the most extreme cases proposals fault huge protest in poland france twenty four or would you pre answer by and have been meeting with women deeply affected by the situation. one in three polish women have had an abortion. that's what this bill would reads. caroline of his get rich is behind the daring campaign and analyses catholic country where abortion remains taboo. we are so
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easy we talking about politics about law about reproductive rights about what do you and tells us what we can and cannot do. and it's just impossible to. really experience. thousands of people protested against a bill that could tighten the abortion law even further. for now the procedures only allowed if the mother's health is at risk if she's been raped or if the fetus is sick. is pro life activists managed to get more than eight hundred thousand signatures in favor of the controversial bill. for her abortion equals mud. my first pregnancy child was diagnosed with down syndrome and it was like to have an abortion straight away and i kept on hearing this from our pregnancy even as a decade birth. someone is saying it you have down syndrome you don't deserve to live. it's human rights. in the suburbs of war so we
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need to be carrying out the pro choice activists. she's without friend justina who agrees to tell us how a story desespite pressure religious and legal hurdles. for. remote you have an abortion like myself. console to the family. i don't have to say yes it happened abortion not them young a. home it's to boot. how we supposed to talk about it openly outside of home activation? justina felt ashamed but says she had no other optio. how marriage was falling apart and she already had three children to take care of? the people that they're they're they are like what happened after the abortion. because it changes that occurred in my life often get they're more important in the moment flush the toilet. advantages realized that. women hope that a full bottle of lotion won't be adopted in poland. already one of the strictest in the year.
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another report to propose the same time tomorrow as a week long series continues what is a disease where i can't really say this is you had a cake or asset in germany. with a carar just trees braced for a key code ruling that's right one of the top card courts in the country i set to decide whether diesel cars can be banned in certain cities. ruling could set a precedent which will impact the broader economy the auto industry is the largest investor sector in germany and some pretty percentage exports or vehicles or part. james brady reports. jimmy gave the world's one of the first diesel calmness but on thursday judges will decide if local authorities confound them from the streets. suit costumes also johnson city spends in porsche trying to do just lance foreign pressure by kleenex campaign is. the pollution levels in the city. many support she decided but if i have bronchitis or an infectction it just takes me
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time to heal. during the day he feels. he suddenly get headaches. these are the effects of pollutants in the air four shots of angles. hello cool cool somehow the proposal. the state of baden wuerttemberg however once that ruling that it sends and is growing sort of germany's top holes to make that happen. schools in north rhine westfalia and join the challenger for a similar ban intel's little. but states a key senses of germany's alternative industry was contributes three percent of the country's gdp. german tanks data diesel calms the runs in common in the whole* scandal. the company that's an issue w. admission september size you fifteen that he had cheated on emissions tests in the us and europe. some suspects that german rivals may have done the same. comic isn't a promising sign vance speak emissions constance technology. rule so worried about falling sales for market share
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diesel towns in germany fell to thirty eight percent last year. down from forty five and twenty sixteen. a cold judgment could trigger of the plans of the german cities. pining fans a pressure on the industry. european aerospace giant airbus is turning a page as its long serving chief operating officer fabbri's because she stepsps downn. n his last day he oversaw the delivery of a new larger a three fifty model one of the firm's biggest clients cuts our airways. last month rival gulf carrier amrit save the job super jumbo jet program airbus. new order for eighty three eighties ourr course onn jews c chris and spepeaking to airbus executives about their next. we are in the range of the four hundred the passengers. this year these. both. five hundred so it's another segment of the market and there is no. no conflicting. market do you have it in the to. catch us up in a strange position because the
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feeling of it isolated you politically. they cannot fly very many places now can they. where they can fly everywhere in the world look at the decision that this if you deny love it already how's it flies? the states and flies to asia as well as to. australia it's less to europe. and the this would be the same for this review that's one thousand. six hundred is trading action now mixed picture as corporate earnings drive trade around the world in europe you can count attacks both men shane's. london's of the two hundred was roughly flat chairs of the u. k. listed banking giant hsbc slid three percent site reporting a jump in profits. almost the nasdaq is out performing as tech stocks do did fairly well earlier on there although it has no drop below the slot line along with the rest of the major indices there. dozens you can see is turned sharply downwards it being weighed down by walmart shares in the world's largest retailer plunged nearly ten percent on weaker than expected earnings. and
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a slowdown in online sales he had been hoping to challenge economist on amazon have been investing heavily in its online shopping business. eurostar's opened its first train service from london to amsterdam. launching december twenty sixteen but was delayed because of disagreements over passport immigratition controls. passengers traveling back to the uk will still have to connect it through brussels at least for now. three hour forty minute ride could launch a price war with low cost airlines run for million people fly beteten brititi and dutctch capitals evevery year. israel has long struggled with massive inflation and shortages of basic goods. rising transport casamento some people are now skipping work because it costs too much to get there were to pick up some extra cash on the side versatile reports. hundreds of people wait for hours every morning at this station around us to try to catch one of the few buses running to get to work. but in recent weeks there have been widespread reports of people choosing to not
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turn up for their jobs tool. yeah. i work as a hairdresser and only in the mornings. my salary doesn't even cover my boss there. around horses and is whelan's live on the minimum wage equivalent of three dollars a month. with full decision facing gripping the nation unless this doesn't even cover the transport fat to take them to work. so that's a bit on the outlook as senior daily consul consul work exceeds our daily earnings. the best logical decision is not to go to work. is no yet all hadith of many skip what to do both jobs on the site or instead choose to queue for hours and shop so they can buy basic goods. but it's a problem that this bakery in the capital is yet to face. a very retro but i'm not sure yeah many of our employees coming to work is a kind of relief. because here they can have breakfast and lunch. people sometimes even
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comment on their day off. it's hyper inflation must shortages and a deep recession what already making things difficult absenteeism is set to hit services even more in places like the state run oil company and the correct subway system. further damaging unready frail economy. the chicken shortages continue at kfc in the uk fast food chain has one that some of its restaurants will remain closed throughout the week. unions are saying that they warned kentucky fried chicken not to switch its distribution contract last year a delivery service d. h. l. which is in planning operational issues for these mimissed deliveries this we. some disappointed customers have apparently been taking shortage very seriously indeed a police department east london sticky social meter mind the public that the hashtag kfc crisis is not a police matter. and people should stop calling them about it laura. it seems hard to imagine does not.
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terrible business there might. imagine there must be other fast food options around for them possibly possibly. got something in mind if you want it you don't get it it's very hard to deal with mary kate thank you much today did not say that right
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02/20/18 02/20/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> indictment charges 13 russians natationals and three rurussian companies for committg federal crimes while seeking to interferere in the unitited stas popolitical system, including te 2016 presidential election. amy: with 13 russians and data, national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster says evidence of russian meddling in the 20 16 election is in controversial


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