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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 10, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom, good to have you with1 us. here are the headlines, a reported truce between israel %pflareup in violence andt mediators looking for a long-term solution to tensions. they remaii high in gaza. friday prayers after another aftershock hurts relief efforts pnd more than 300 people killed% sincc sunday's powerful pilot stayy theirnesia.
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biggest strike in company history with 400 flights canceled in five countries during the europe week summer travel season. -- peak ssmmer travel season. >> we begin with a truce between theel and hamas, development confirmed bb palestinian officials but no confirmation from israel. this comes fter daas after cross-border violence. we have more. >> as the dust settles, hamas leaders say an agreement has been reached foror a cease-fireo end days of escalating violencn. reports of a truce have not been confirmed by israel. any cease-fire would be a short-term solution as ongoing
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tensions are in the region. thurrday, israeli airstrikes hit a building in gaza city and sent civilians in the streets. the israeli army says only hamas military ppsitions were targeted but the palestinians say the building was a cultural center. citizens expected was the buulding, the only cultural center in the gaza sttip, to be bond. what did they want to target??61 >> latest violence after a clash between israeli military and hamas snipers with israeli airstrikes tillinggat least three more people including a pregnant palestinian woman and her eight-month-old child. and israeliimilitaries folkestone blamed hamas -- spokesman lame ttomas appeared -- blamed hamas. >> hey had the attention of hitting israeli -- intervention
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-pof hitting israeli civilians d the idf cannot tolerate that. from gaza but most it unpopulated area but two fell in a border town. including near this playground. u.s. state department defended israel and said it had a right to respond to attacks on its united nations aad egyptian mediators continue to push for a long-term truce between tte feuding sidds. has more on the truce deal. >> this is a short-term truce, the egyptians brokered an end to this face of fighting but not something larger. from an israeli point of view, thaa burn the israeli fields. the palestinians want something much larger, they want pplestinians not to be killed at weekly protests by israeli fire
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and an improvement in the conditions in gaza. electricity,ty, and imppovements in the quality of life.% does that or will it possibly be what we have seen for the past you weekk. -- few weeks. we have to see what happens this aaternoon, if we go on the past 200weeks, the prognosis is not good. >> afghanistan, taliban fighters pad an overnight assault on a city in the east of the country. at l least 14 polilice officerse killed and residenns have been indoors and shops have been closee this fridayay after the inintense shelling. it is a strategic city thht lies on the main route between the capital and southern afghanistan. , emergency teams have evacuated sooe 1600 people from three regions enzi thousand the country -- in the set -- in
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the south of the country. heavy rain caused ffash flooding and one of the hardest hhttareas was a region where 100 and 19 children visiting from germany were evacuated from thhir campsite. one person has been reported monitor. >> the rain fell furiously and a flood -- wave came. friday prayers have been hhld in indonesia as survivors mourn the victims of the earthquake. pescue efforts hampered after another eaathquake on thursday, the third and justtover one week. 319 people have been killed and nearly 300,000 this pllce -- displaced.
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including hospitals and clinics which has left injuree waiting for care. jack is in jakarta and joined as early on future reccvery over, athe search is huge cleanup. or000 plus buildings damamaged dedestroyed and a lot of rubble will need to e c cleared. the e come fromoorism is s not completelyly dried up. seaeason but it i is nowwa ghosost town. fferythingnghut of shop --- millione daaages $70 but the loss f income will add th patchy y electricity and no running water, many are pessimistic they can get
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business running as normal for many months. another fight that will make it difficult and the governmmnt is ptretching a to those who have been -- aid to those who have been injured but there needs to be more poor those who need to rebuild their lives. seismologist. we have seen some 300 strong quake yesterday in an area prone to earthquakes. is this much seismic activity expected? >> this is normal with this type oo earthquake. a large magnitude, six or seven, we would expect a significant aftershock to continue for days, wweks, if not months. >> this area has been hit
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before. 2004 indian ocean earthquake that issued the devastating tsunami appeared. haae there been advances in warning systems to predict earthquakes? cannott -- hwat -- what we cannott discovever, the prece time of n earthquake. forecast -- weis look to see a particular area's earthquake history and say an earthquake of a particular magnitude is possible in he next so many years. with that innormation we can make sure pooulations may be ready and understand what to do when an earthquake of that size comes. what o you make of what we
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have seen taae place in indonesia? thousands of buildings have been destroyed. wwat was the preparedness from your vantage point of tte area? >> the problem you have in t ths area is that t the earthquakes e quite shalllw. beneath the surface of the earth. when you get a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shallow llke this, you will create a lot of damage however prepared you are. we see now the search and rescue aidation and t the ability of agencies to get food and fresh drinking wwter and things like until structures can be rebuilt. we appreciate it.joining us.
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next, ryanair has been hit t wih mass travel disruptions as they face their bigggst right ever and pilots in ffve european 400 flights have been canceled. kathy clifford has more. >> a ow-cost model which is propeeled ryanair to become the europe's most profitable airline but it offers customers minimum service for minimum price, but now the services it provides for staff is in the spotlight. rebellion from germany to ireland to sweden and the variable paychecks andnd moved with littleenotice. >> conditions at ryanair are shameful, w while on ththe job, pilots havave to orgrganize ther own trtriis and handle their own reservations. >> unions say they are not rrady
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to compromiseesomething the 309 million euros ryanair profit had in the first quarter of this year and the airline says it will look at salaries but make no major overhauls. >> we are not going to change the ryanair business model to accommodate ridiculous demands of pay increases of up to 40%. >> their ceo has angered unions by threatening to shift jjbs if walked out for business. affected,s set to be 70% of all flights. flights. all >> a strike that moves on and on can cause budget problems and i think the ryanair mooel has been >> yanair muss face up to increasing competition that did not exist when they started 30 staff attempted by better
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conditions lsewhere. borders, washington has new space force as the sixth branch oo the u.s. military. we have the details. >> a question of national security for the u.s. administration, space explorrtion goes beyond science. vice president mike pence wants to create a branch of the u.s. military. is an idea whose time has come. the space and environment hhs changed in the last generation. today, other nations re seeking to disrupt our space race systems and challenge of american supremacy in space as cited waser nations china and washington believe they pursue anti-solid weaponry and the u.s. relies on satellite
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technology for communications ann intelligence services vital to milltary ann economy. cyber attacks on the satellites could lead to american troopp stranded in war zones. the solution for the president is the so-called space force. he gave it hii full support on thursday and said 's all the way -- space force all the way while bernie sanders criticize the plan. -p>> maybe we should make sure r people are not dying because before we spend billions toe militariie outer space. -p>> the u.s. military currenn space is controlled by the air force but ttis would have space related rrsources under one command. everything from sunlight safety to tracking missile launches. and the unitedt kingdom were after weeks of undirecced sunshine, strawberry season is going strong. pith a shortage of seasonal
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workers to pick the fruit, a trend that has increased with brexit, growing fears that many may be left to rot on their stems. >> summer and england and in kent, these robert harvest is well underway. -- the strawberry harvest is well underway. year,you go bbck to last applicantsour five for every job at this year ww are having to chase people hard. there is a timing -- tightening >> some growers are struggling tt hire 30,000 is the workers they need, 95% of whom hail from eastern europp. and greater opportunities better life in bulgaria and romania a splitting the problem, brexit has amplified the issue. future relationship with .u. post brexit has seen the pound
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we can and wages are less are less attractive do workers. >> a similar picture is developing in the hospitality sector. this led in hotels had no problem hiring in the past years. it is an ordeal ow. >> being in this industry for so many years and seen wwat i've seen for the last 6, 8 months, i fear for the industry. i will work a lot harder because retention you the want. >> if the labor hortage conninues, agriculture and hospitality sectors may show strain. arecultural leaders demaading the government take special measures to open doors% for seasonal workers from
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ireland and spain. >> 15 minutes past 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. headlines this hour -- a truce between israel and hamas after the latest flareup in violence. mediators look for a long-term solution as tensions remain high in gaza. friday prayers in indonesia after another aftershock hurts relief efforts as more than 300 people have been killed in the sunday powerful earthquake. ryanair highlights states their staged theirlots biggest right in history with 400 flights canceled during the peak travel season in europe. religiousocus, a minority in france but evangelical christians are growing in numbers, some 50,000 churchgoers in 1950 and today nearly 650,000.
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look. takes a closer this pastor knows how to draw a crowd, every sunday hundreds of believers are into his convvrted superrarket. these sermons are streamed live on the internet, allowing him to reach a most -- much wider audience. natalie has been workinggfor 10 years and has seen the churcc's 2300 people and 6000 on-hand. sunday watch online. the church is developing with the help of the internet. 67 people watching on youtube wait, 325. say it seemsls pogical we communicate a message the modern meens.
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ttat simple. >> a new convert among them. baptized last december come he comes along every week with his famill. like it is as %--pworld, that is what makes it stand out, the pastors wear jeens. they like to have fun and tell jokes. we laugh aboot religion sometimes. that is important today in religion to have an pen mind. >> part of the charismatic% movement of the march of the faith that privileges miracles and the idea of divine healing. these indelible churches made up of diverse traditions which do not necessarily see eye to eye. what brings them together is the attachment to theebible and a quest to establish a direct relationship with on -- god. an approach that has become popular and created ii 2012, the
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cnes puts on an annual event o put on pastors -- to tell pastors how to do new ccurches and training new pastors is key to their expansion. statistics, a new and evangelist church opens every 10 days in france, the case for the past 20 years. for daniel, who heads up the push to establish new churches, that figure is not as impressive as he would likk. this, oneonttnue like new church every 10 days, we will never accomplish our goal 10,000 and citizens across the country. we want things to progress twice or three times as fast but the putcome depends on god's will and not just a phrase but the truth. in spain, a new church opens every three days. in france, that is what we are >> evangelical christians make
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up 1% of the french population, far bbhind catholics and muslims , but their appeal is growing. they say because more people are hearing god's message. one sociologist has another explanation. christians do not juut fall from the sky but their exppnsionncan be explained by social factors. a god wwo brings good to the people and can have a direct impact on lives. and the family aspect, evangelical churches people hold pands, hug, ou together, oo people suffering on a social level, evangelical church works1 as a surrogate family. %being there for congregants spiritualll and practically is at the heart of the mission of the arc of peace church, eight years ago after her husband died
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, she left the democratic republic of congo to live in and. her new church -- live in france. the new church was a help and even helped her with residency. >> they went aboveeand beyond, gave me money and helped me with hasek needs. -- basic needs. we prayylike we pray back home. >> african immigrants account for the largest number of new members of a pentecostal have converted by he time they% getting othere members of their own communities. >> the way the lord is praised in european countries is not the same as where we comeefrom. that is why thereeare churches of african expression and in european countries it is read to see people express their joy in% a spontaneous way, that is why african immiirants find it hard
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to go to these churches. they go to hear god preached out loud but want the opportunity to express themselves openly, that is why people go to african churches. to a pastor, a new african church springs up every week but official figures are hard to come by. 26 years afttr it opened, the and boasts 500 mmmberss it is fully funded by donations from members. to pay for direct line to god. i am joined by- allison.
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reaction to the cease-fire between israel and hamas. what have you seen? >> israel initially denied the cease-fire b but thhy quickly acknowledged it. an article on their website this morning, they say no rockets or airstrikes. they point out this truce brokereddby egypt and the most recent spate of fighting is not the long-term deal that has been in the works betteen israel and ggza. new york times suggests the most recent flareup in violence was a negotiating tactic in the long-term deal. they say israel and hamas were analysts said the long-term deal -- as it gets closer, important for hamas to send a mmssage that they are not making a deal because they cannot find another way to handle the situation. israeli analysts told the new york times israel was tryinggto send a message that they refuse to be threatened. >> a lot of focus on the
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regional powers in terms of brokering a peace deal. analysis froms of the english press, one from a in a saudi arabban ppper, heing says he is great they can eject as a negotiator -- great faith in egypt as a negotiator. other countries are competing for that role. another analysis says iran the resources and money into hamas. some accused him of tryiig to stann in the way of peace. a piece from the london-based paper which aligns itself wwth the nited arab emirates and saudi arabia when it comes to regional conflicts. they are accusing iran of trying to block the deal. >> across the united states, washington, d.c., and anniversary of the deadly white nationalists rally in charlottesville this year. >> it will be happening this
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year and washington, d.c. and authoritiee are bracing for potential violence. last year,,it counter protester was killed. charlottesvilleedenied their application this year. an interesting article about how activists in the city are tryin% to take control of the press coverage surrounding white nationalism. aaademics, clergy members,ocal educatoos, you have to go to a group thht is called the% charlottesville antiracist media place and thee will ask if they plan on interviewing a whitee6 1 supremacist for this article? not grant you an interview but but this group says in this case -pthat would createea false equivalency between white supremacists and those fighting against them. it would give white supremacist a platform. >> some journalists are calling
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make fun of donald trump nd his relationship with vladimir putin. >> no stranger to cartoons, the taking donald trump and vladimir putin having a romantic relationship. ww see it with kim jong-un. common,ages have become even in the new york times, and a writer from mother jones says theseehave homophobic and sexist undertones and we should think about that, that they use the ideaaof sexuality to emasculate the leeders and making homosexual behavior a metaphor for political weakness. food for thought as he looked through political cartoons. >> a lot of reaction to the announcement of a space horse.
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-- force. >> you ccn read bout the first message -- meeting at ,, --, picking a logo. 'axñ÷y÷=÷x'effóosów
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helen: in western c civilizatio, we have this idea of an artist. it's about a 600-year-old idea. this person is almost always considered a white man, and he is a genius, and he will do anything


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