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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 10, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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>> dw news live from berlin. the in freefall. diplomatic spat to washington. donald trump ramps up carrotstsn turkh h imports. -- tarriffs on turkish imports. thousands of terms are left going nowhere. ryan air pilots walk off the job in europe's biggest budget airline.
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skirmishes in bucharest. romanians return home to call on the government to resign. they say, they were forced out of their own country to do corruption. taking a stand against neo-nazis after swastikas appear on a sidewalk in eastern germany. the president saying, xenophobia has no place. ♪ >> welcome to the show, good to have you. he was president trump has stepped up its pressure on new tariffs sending the countries currency into freefall. apparently, over the arrest of an american christian pastor.
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nosedives on european markets. everyone is calling it an economic war. promising turkey will be victorious. >> president erdogan try to ease a nervous public. he promised turkey would ward off what he called an attack from abroad. >> if anyone has dollars, euros, or gold under ththeir pillows, they should go extended for turkish euros. this is a national domestic battle. this will be my people's response to those who have which an economic war against us. president trump imposed sanctions on turkey. trump sent -- strengthened the sanctions and eight twitter announcement. turkey accuses brunson of espionage and service
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activities. the lira has lost more than a third of its value. the turkish population is bearing the brunt. >> of course, we are afraid. prices are rising for food. that is worrying. >> the turkish finance minister promised the central bank be diminished in a bid to win back investor confidence. it is unclear whether this will have a calming effect on the markets. >> dw's stephan is covering this for us in washington. why stroke going after triggering a fresh -- is trump going after turkey a.l.. -- right now? >> the turkish leader is in freefall as he of same, the lira lost 40% in 2018 against the
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u.s. dollar. thereris a tariff back-and-forth with turkey and the u.s. and so, the timing is right for the u.s. in the white house to push a little harder because of the opportunity. it is all about andrew brunson. the invention: pastor -- evangelical pastor detained in turkey appeared the u.s. lobbied hard for his release that did not go anywhere so far and i think washington lost his patience. >> turkey and the u.s. aren't nato allies -- are nato allies. are there concerns in washington that this could damage the relations/ >> yes and no. i think washington is a little wary of where this can all and. on the other hand, the relationship between the u.s. and turkey is not good in the
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first place. specifically, after turkey decided to purchase the missile systems from russia. that obviously, did not go well with president trump in the white house. you can say, there is some limited concern. i would say, it is fair to say that the concern is not to pick it since relationships within nato and its allies are estranged anyway. >> thank you. let's get the view now from turkey. correspondent reporting from us and is some of. -- stumble -- istanbul. how much was can relations it? >> potentially, a lot worse. u.s. forces are working with
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syria jujust across the border. if they so wish, they could put all of the pressure on the u.s. forces. that would graraduate of tensios further. onon top of that, shaken is looking for ankara to enfororce new sanctions a against iran. given that giving climate, it is unlikely t to change. nato allies are on a collision course. much more difficult times are ahead. >> investors seem really concerned now. inflation is a nearly 60%. -- 16%. what choices does everyone have goingg forward -- president duda one -- erdogan have going forward? >> he releases as a sustained
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campaigngn to remove him from power. they say they filled and now they are trying to use the exchange rate to oust me from power. that is why he is taking such a tough line. that is why he is pulling the nationally people to unite. in that case, evereryone will nt take any of ththe measures suggested by the international community. that means, more pressure on the currency, , more investotors flg the turkish market. if these folks continue, they risk becoming a financial risk fofor the turkey system. that is why everyone is very concerned about the coming days ahead. >> how does russia factor into this equation? called everyone to discuss the street dispute -- p putin calld
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erdogan to discuess this trade dispute? >> thehere have beenen suggestis that it has reached a limit. now this latest rationing of does suggest that they made move even closeser to moscocow. as a way of punishing the u.s.. that will further catch up tensions with the u.s.. >> thank you. >> we will have more on turkey's economic woes coming up later in the show. first, it is estimated that a coworker -- quarter of the population works and lives up front. that did not stop them from returning on monday to march against a government that they
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say is corrupt. now, they are hoping that a grand swell of popular discontent beats to the early exit of the social democrat party they call thieves. >> thousands have come all the way back from romania to protest against the current state of their homeland. many of them left because of corruption. the problems that are gripping the country. may have got worseprotesters say . the government has been hindering with the fight and are calling for early elections. >> will like to change? first they corrupted leaders and then, the living standards. >> the government must grant us the possibility to be a normal country. i came from spain just for this protest of romanians.
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we must be united. victory for romania. >> protests like these have become regular since the governing social democrats took power in early 2017. they try to criminalize several offenses. although filled in and, the text triggered antigovernment protests. >> now, they are the latest people to join the call for a fresh book -- vote. an estimated 3 million romanians are working abroad butut it does not me thehe careless for thther homelandnd. joinininus now is s journalist diana. tellll us what the sitituation s riright nowow. >> as he s said, we have all of ththese numbers and there are 10 people injured. nsions havave increased a and i can stilill hear the ar gas and
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the spececial forces h have even used a watater cannowhich isis unprecedenented. what you see behind me are people who are leaving that there are still coming. they are detererminenot to leave. we believe that some religions hahave infiltrateded the peacefl product -- protest. rah: we can hear thehe police sirens. protesters say they are angry about the waway that roamaming s being gorned.. what are thehey subject to? >> there are two main concerns. first of all is the corruption of the leadership of the social democratic party. the president of the social democratic party was convicted for electoral fraud. people say they are fed up.
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they are being stripped of their chance for decent food and a decent life in romania. more importantly, because of the dismissal of the anticorruption chief, that angered people and they believe the anticorruption fight is being weakened. also, there is a new package of justice laws that are weakening the corruption c charges. sarah: looking at pictures from earlier in the day, we see people waiting romanian flags, how can europe step in your? >> there have been hopes the brussels would say something as we say in romania because
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romanians have been used in the past 10 years to count on brussels and to count on the european commission to step in when the corruption fight is not going on as it should be. the fact that there have been too many responses at this point disappointed the people.e. spoke with many who are expecting g that maybe they can pressure the sococial democratic party to continue e the anticorruption fight. sarah: turning to our top story, all of us back-and-forth in the u.s. and turkey. as a market spooked. >> the no side of the turkish lira and stocks have been treating across the globe.
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when putting his political agenda, president erdogan could long rely on economic growth and that could change. >> turkey's economic boom was fueled by economic standings. the upswing has come to an end. president erdogogan says western countries are waging an out a ad against turkey. alicia's with the u.s. are particularly bad. that is why he is determined to forge a good, ties -- better economic ties with russia and china. even many turks are planning the europe for the relative safety of dollars or euros. despite everyone's desperate plea, to try to s stabilize thee currency. that is taking instaed. lira has been sliding since beginning of the year.
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losing 39% of israelis since january. that is stoking inflation which recently hit 16%. the crisis also reveals turkey's underlying shortcomings. it is the lack of production, nothing else. thesesthings wouould not work without imports. when he to discuss and agricultural pololicy that wilil pay for expoporting goods. our industry is s not well developed. this type of fluctuation causes crisis in countries without a solid economy. i did not see anything like this in europe. by the determinate for 12 years. as turkey's people try to come to grips with h the crisis,s, te govevernment hasas no easy oiois when it comes to reviewing confidence of the financial markets. >> for more, let's bring in our wall street correspondent. the u.s. president is hitting the turkish economy hard.
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they offer political reasons? >> at this point, trade policy is being used completely different than any changes to the trade balance. this is not about trade. turkey is not a major trade partner of the united states. it is number 32 on the list. the actually has a good trade surplus with turkey of $1.3 billion. this is about exerting pressure in terms of american prisoners being held in turkey first and foremost, not only because of the detention of the american pastor. vice president mike pence azeri demanded his release and now the white house is just raising pressure. on top of that, it's trumps strategy on the rent and russia. -- iran and russia. turkey to join him as they are
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importing most of thee oil. sending the turkish there are further down. it is just collateral damage that trumped assad care about. -- trump does not care about. what do people -- >> what do people on wall street make of the behavior of the president? >> i would say that they consider it is pretty effective. china and russia are suffering. their financial markets are not as well as their economies. the moscow stock exchange. into a fair market. russia's gdp growth hovers between 1.8% in 2.6%. in the absence of any serious restructuring of the economy, russia is doing to steadily fall behind the rest of the world whose economies are growing at it we higher rate. looking over to china, the trade
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or cannot have come at a worse time for the country which is attempting to fix its debt situation because of the growth of the country has been seeing what the uncredited. it is really bad time for these countries. >> thank you. now, at the bit of the holiday season, ryan air pilots are wrapping up the pressure on their lawyer. the netherlands went on a 24-hour strike on saturday forcing the low-cost carrier to ask one -- axe 1/6 of it's flights. it has not been able to quell rising protests. >> is the biggest industrial action to ever hit europe's biggest budget airlines. the effect is visible here. check index or unstaffed and
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passengers are nowhere to be seen. but union representatives in frankfurt say their messages, ryan air must change. >> it is not about d defeating ryan air, it''s abt sesending a single they have to quit defending their own employees some passengers were forced to spend the night at the airport. many do not know when they will feel at a flied out. some are showing sympathy for the palestinians. -- pilots demands. >> it is not fair that pilot skipped the short end off the straw just because pasassengers want to play safe -- chiefly -- fly cheaply. i do think it is justified. >> ryan air pilots are striking across europe for 24 hours. that has led to the cancellation of 400 flights.
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affecting more than 70,000 passengers. >> effectives. -- >> residence in a small village for taking a stand after some vandalism. a swastika was painted on a sidewalk in a spot where a syrian point was killed. locals turned out to make clear that their feelings -- >> >> many people are disgusted by what happened on the sidewalk. not to a symbolism following the death of a syrian child. dozens of local say it is a disgrace and went to send a clear message to the protests. >> is absolutely hideous and totally inconceivable. i categorically reject the spirit whoever works with symbols like this knows what they mean. this type of thing to stop here. >> the nine-year-old boy was
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riding his bike here in early june. he then, lost control and was run over by a tractor. he died a few days later in the hospital. witnesses later noticed, a swastika at the accident site which the town had removed. a few weeks later, another swastika appeared. the boy's death is bad enough. then, some stupid reactionaries crawl out of their holes and draw swastikas here. it is totally unacceptable. after a tragedy like this for such a young percent, to have this kind of vandalism is unthinkable and it is so sad. there are no words to describe it. it is awful with this happens. >> intel now, this northern german town of 4000's not seeing any right-wing extremists incidents. a couple dozen refugees live here and are all well integrated. some locals reacted quickly to the graffiti and painted it --
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over it. the atmosphere here is also tinged with populism and excitement to its xenophobia. >> a huge amount is changed for the worse in this country. that also has effects on whatever neo-nazis are everywhere. who are now more easily able to emerge from the cover. the police have investigated two suspects but full gear did not want to wait for results before making clear, right-wing extremism has no place in the town. sarah: some other stories that are making news around the world. authorities in belarus are afraid of the dw correspondent detained on suspicion of gaining unauthorized access to the computer system.
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dw's russia service was one of many journalists taken into custody this week. he is still being treated as a suspect and cannot comment. zimbabwe's main opposition party is moving for democratic change and has filed a legal challenge to the election results. constitutional court appeal will delay the inauguration originally planned for this sunday. the leader has called the vote outcome fraudulent, legal, and legitimate. two palestinians were killed and dozens were injured by israeli gunfire during protests on because of ardor. -- along the gaza border. writers rolled stones -- rioters hurled stones.
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in southern france, about 1600 people have been evacuated to escape flash floods caused by heavy rain. the hardest hit region is guard. helicopters helped take 750 people to safety. >> flash floods produce campsites. >> the campsite was here, the river went right through. >> rescue workers supported by helicopters in southern france. search teams including divers clean waters for a german man who is still reported missing. it is feared that he may have swept away in his caravavan. the man was accompanied children at the campsite hardest hit by the flooding. more than 100 children were evacuated from the site. >> and started reading, then
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suddenly, a flash flood came down from the hills. everything is flooded. >> several people were hospitalized with minor injuries. >>. no another suitcases we just said what we are wearing the main thing is we are ok. >> the storms and heavy rains that cause the terms erupteded after weeks of fixing temperatures. >> turning onto some sports news. in tennis, there was a shock at the toronto masters. djokovic was dumped out of the competition by a greek teenager. the top two seeds, rafael nadal, both fared better sealing their spots in the quarterfinals. >> 13 grand slam titles to his name. djokovic is not used to be given the runaround. the upcoming greek, the one: his
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shots against his more illustrious opponents. he turns 20 on sunday. this is the biggest win to his career to date. perfect for a birthday present. djokovic is the fee certainly, makes life easier. the pair were due to meet in the next round. the defending champion here eased into the quarterfinals. rafael nadal is going for his fourth title. he is less hungry for success. this is what it means to him. nadal was push hard into his victory. the more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.
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>> a reminder of our top stories is our, to reduce currency, biller, has crushed the record lows after u.s. president donald trump announced a doubling down on tariffs. tensions have escalated over the rest of the american pastor from turkey. you are up-to-date. that is dw news. i'm in berlin you so much. -- thank you so much. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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but if anything about it. the procession on this is a twenty four twenty four welcome back in. ninety twenty one one this is our president [inaudible]


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