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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 21, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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attempted taken -- welcome back amanda funny twenty four online the losses as a nightline this hour. long documentary challenge. was creating the credibility this also. hold on here. not not a lot of the mideast peacee assets that total of sold out on washing kitchen.
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hello hells hundreds. i'm not a hundred thirty six there is a state. i rested on the comes in as a matter. don don. is ready ready challenge had availability aluminum musings lower lower some sign i should say there is a lot of money. so that we can get a date date time place now christine. says as she was with us and i've gone with and it's an issue should. be much much easier hi hi ted judge andre braugher nominal while lost his his his confirmation lock boxes
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xxl's all. public i think you should be flatterered that i did not deny. the prospect of a dramatic on it and downtown has been written by doctor christine law the law of the lord now now should. center center looking again they're going to treasury board board here here with the issue here at only on monday. try as as a week we have had on on a long long -- but then the democratic process should usually run rush. brbrands at asian women like like ours or come come.
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tell tell. right away is very very well and i don't even. need use. be heard but twenty be leased. in a letter letter the judiciary. chairman on it are sorry to have an updated you will will be there day at adding i can i can you know you want one hearing hearing in this two ha call goal so that i i clear my mind name. republicans are walking on the line. i have not firm for the military action they all they all don't don't want your daughter to the doctor for a fourth plane. over to have another nominations are and he did and i have ever supporters. dartboard worried she stated in an hill and more than labeling donald donald has
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been basically today ladies. that i read about. i think we can really that that that the president. i don't know anything. more than what many twenty four or forty eight hours and i really. do you agree biox. sexual harassment -- some some of them. sexual assault. as usual personal reasons and i think the matter matter he couldn't hold hold you could i say see here's
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here's what i want now. willow like what what what are. you doing doing his yeah lying on what we might say it is. less less. less less. how sexually which is also all work work -- very -- you. also are really very station which was. let's also.. case are rewardeded for it. our our we're going to win a ten ten deleted. we can talk. about that. that's the one thing. thirty three years ago [inaudible] that that. has [inaudible]
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he describe prize yesterday talk about somebody was prominent i in washington se it. does that that she has she told him the name. go ahead i'm sorry sir that says you know this miss miss my you know you know even more than. one ououtlook in nineteen ninety nine one one or hello hello. okay okay okay what's your name may not well the only member members certainly. we we back back straight rate.
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when it went public on [inaudible] so. yeah also says you want. and when we do we have t the idea the betting betting o n so what you're going. to don't tell me leave. west west. so -- low -- it may be aa that. he was gonna come from --
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whether whwhether living living there without withou. i think. if you see him when we i think that. we could just leave. it at that so what i have to do is. have dental call me floss ourselves because because we supreme court session should happen i'm not. i think there are. you can't kill road on i we never never got a mission war this is used to throw broken. how how the last last yeah yeah? i've got the c cy. calling all the way to your marathonon i'm'm not sure we
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to even even with. broke i would i would say that he have not always wit. we like you like me nono. i thinink i think it's bettr that. but but i i you know w you know t those kind of cut out now in. twenty one one fear. nothing on the medicine is. what about the one in? nineteen ninety this is our society to middle middle east affect for discussion of has handled on you when he was made recognized [inaudible] capital.
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and and and and and for for sports betting to negotiate [inaudible] the we know that there is an intrusion. of french french -- interest to reach a resolution. or internet all already marty's we easy [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] okay. a friend of sorts. off. french president in one moment and then with that that respect techtv whether boeing always on time and in full force or is it is it and how much. tension he says at him here on all the great great your your country and the wrong wrong he had hopeded we were gogoing to try to try.
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to common avenue we're doing in the in position issues to support the palestinians on his was was use you all sent sent via the interactions of all the us the trump administration should not have. kind of kind of unions haven't haven't been enjoying . trying to pave the way way. yeah i'm i'm my my mother but about a ten year and has
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a resident -- this is you know you know what he is he the objective he never really a football but he's a so well you know you know. indication second second it is you don't know if you could change things thirty thirty it'll -- it is the reason she should yet yet again i did find solo to google the screen within reason was one once he sees -- from what what is the
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basically just total devastation kelly told i'm. existing the seven someone pulls. one palestinian as has been okay i was isolated by. the house also would -- there's reason. sounds kind of he still serves as art rocks to regular trucial. since the minute minutes in hamas has had lady doctors tested. sense. hundred hundred and how to set a suitable tests that have been. killed. six six now how how dirty thirty saudi money has had very hard but i don't.
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later thursday. night sure show that goes with it is as actor. yes all. restaurants [inaudible] the name. get out and live more than one hundred others have die. go. to restaurants who's who's [inaudible] we got. john stossel phenomenon [inaudible] these restaurants. and i can i can. rescue operation reasons room done died i day the hope of finding what i write radiating. the book made made hearing hearings have double double has has city. regulatory area located in the north north ten ten yeah yeah. small moans often on hand because i there. in.
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nineteen ninety nine six six mainly. by five hundred one why was i was abable. nineteen niney nine i believe havave had pe ale does does if you. try to do the philippines there's also a daily and on line line story. its initial look local your jesus and bend oregon. rations seven seven gin gins collatereralized lieies. ahead remains as a does does since as political side. allied light in a canceled when i when i said something like times last night. it was it was in my house.
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i wasn't even takes a save them [inaudible] i do. this is a sing [inaudible] children. is this is an incomplete i was only. twenty nine ninety two building over the philippines franklin's i'd like okay memories. so helpful [inaudible] to solutions. most. of my time in the store. strong. nor normal hundreds theresaa may i add eighty cents and ready. to in the coastal sections of strange rate on
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the isle. the u. is still [inaudible] to captions. version would. you okay straight a regular here economical that area under construction union with the wii u.. in a late lading fish this with me we still have a little. by. the e. u. rules on montreuil radiation from you you would continue. to trade frailties we want one which outlook on the crisis. that would make a note. of the referendum we had two two years ago. the french french.
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so should his it'll still. well our our jackets truck truck. marmara printing today faces cross cross check texas the catch to participate have have red registered to vote over. i don't know how. it is a sense in twenty eleven his night out jack jack has half now with more than read returned out our people. across the world. reservations -- sort of run around issue this. one and then. today's level --
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young. this deck deck. one low well it. right right in the united i date date but the project a jazz gauge texans. the army article please have a seat in the photo booth [inaudible] away devoted. it's kind of a little in the late eighties business and is and say this even ones ones aren't i'm gonna [inaudible] out over. i mean i tried to to give some give slash jobs out on the town or something because once again shot to shot is often show she also
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found. the right foot. british prime ministerr seachange dressers really. prospect in the new deal right. sterling. one process thanks thanks for support. for zero around around a hundred and fifty but it's on yeah. eight a sense that which which school should [inaudible] i was. if there are no no. each and then we'll we'll need a high right around. nine nine thirty people but if they were there you y you liveve life. cannot canadaa we still goig on my the you had come in
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since it's a will. you're in a transitioning. because rules in place laci and what's what's like craz. office of the hearing que que sometime is also having having even. dozens in the case in the hall of hearts right so i really wish that's got currency translations and three k. temple source -- for the ease finalize always there's and the provisional
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haitian national recreation wilderness a is to make some expectation since nineteen ninety nine that's set to take place laughter freddie right close telecommunications. are expected by data benefited from change boosting the dow dow jones but tech giant i was on down down pushing version of that act right right yes it has a lot. the final final. your view anything any tv on which will hopefully put a noted and to your company.. british regugulators later n rare rare one day. markings on his right eye day so comcast has any
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twenty cents and drop off his cattle that'll [inaudible] business. meaning anything it's a saturday which which final final bills in. hold on it's been a long road to get here as i was i was transferred explains. it's lydia using the internet services and it's and it's the audio. is. running with the remote alaska. for ninety nine nine and he will be good for charts on civility today take. this time. cup in twenty seventeen disease leverage for anything that mitt find some colorful succinctly including the three three
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nine current current come come across the u us and wih its lights on foror full tie sensitive i find such as this is a successful. me it was very fun to buying buying them. for those. found added people lined up outside the i ching on hong kong although although your number. yours customers team do you want. not a states but they do they do well i think that it could do. for them. no way way down now now is not a transfer all the policies in. effect apple's wise what you don't.
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need any yes yes. it is but ifif i try. to future shows me how we haven't had much sunshine of the of the situation which my cases we'll solve [inaudible] flying. right click save a family money money money about sounds about as i change. jobs from there about about about it at all and the sam. okay gauge the policy.
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top ten had looked around around the world and i know i had to had told him as much as possible. it's hard. for world told to so says luke is an essential element image hopefuls until. receiving kind customer right right exaggerations if if i finish lush across on sunday on the luggage is condemned by nine actually rams a customer's house on close. the digital her good luck hostels is it's next. all. within dating. to six zero zero was concerned but he's back awards.
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the it's leaning why right. bound by stress arena as if this is what it's like like royce thoughtful syrup. as well as what is construction sentences nearlyw?w?ayoo'=c8q
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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is demoacy y no >> how did this happ? the american drm m is dd. stop resisng. residen's pows are beyond qstion. >> ladies and gentlemen, the last president of the united states. amy: "fahrenheit 11/9." mi


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