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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 27, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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with russia. at the present time and check. you. phones only twenty four hours on the twenty dollar dot com. i'm sorry your excel our i'. one hundred having having also so it made me [inaudible] begin again. is it is expected to to yeah before the any any minute now [inaudible]
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and only sell sell. tickets. first [inaudible] of law law. right right. now now it seems. that tend to remove a physics is ten dollars off. just just wrapped up for now was testimony. senate judiciary committee a little sometimes when she was feeding and abdominal.
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seven seven she she said she always day date. when the when the? lord said to be doing -- nominee to be to run around the end yeah said he said i. he could you tt [inaudible] automotive. broker meaning if i take off my clothes. it was a party to me please. i thought that was that was accidentally. killed me. doctor for ford. with what what. was thirty two you. have to have a social. 1100% 1100%. rob ryan exactly my my me are you alright things in judge john grant rap metal and i was hanging to take i think that that makes it easy. to stream pretty little easy is expected to see baby and now now he has
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denied those allegations made my appointment so i sold. to children and he's he's a bit more about that than i don't know. look weak weak cedi from coming up and how do you how do you think. is a different kind of sex session from from -- crystals they say with with with with with those girls have ham and kanye nice sex. for saying i will i will. that out it says so in the very very still i don't think the senate and the reason we're doing doing with this -- i suspect back will have had as an insult all right right you. sort of sort of push push the the discussion on to other things that have come out in the media -- you know you know during during half habits -- now that the x. asics
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infirmary mmhm the other the other women he's there are thirty women and it takes a little bit of come come with what i saw. my site is cool -- and and it and it was easy but if it was then. that. dick any anything he says as norris chris leslie whistling in the river in anymore -- so again when i when i quite quite easy to know why the the allegations of not just just chris lays lazy when it was a different areas. and jeez what way yeah yeah. i don't. know how it is being being easy sex sexual the senate judiciary committee may say because i said it it's it's sort of sort of right around a different. set it will close six it'll. also. they they on and you know
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that that sound why i mean i mean in this. case it's not totally pleas. and even even if what would any of those things things why why would he can he come among christine. was as i said has every reason. to confirm. thing thing he has every reason. because he's he's essentially saying that it was a private home unloading what he says there's a look so yeah yeah very very. easy have happiness and it can really do anything -- it will. is it as as we explained will simply deny everything and of course in didn't have enough to do it said this is a something that arnold on troubles you about about getting at that. point one last christmas light on it and you know you know there is a really easy- i do. in this instance until turn
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for you. this is no no a close. trial is not about about going. to i don't know she can't get enough. on this. week's expect with with you know in a second level heh heh internet thankful as but he wasn't [inaudible] yeah [inaudible] my as i would agree with that friends and into the house and i'll get a hold of the disease you have.
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to it's going to be on the road blocking adults only because they have a have george george he decide you know his his his his damn damn good deals on all i can i can have way out. the two six six some of them were very very eloquent killed us and you know the mother with that and i use a conservative judge judge in on all hold public and can thing thing when it went on to gun control the pollution mike migration. kind things things and then that still leaves things to get it going to be in it and and allow it or or once is a and it comes down to just. two as with a things easy. as i'd like to think that has a back rest at the
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feeling the home couple about our record company we lose ana's allegations were. around yeah yeah. having been an ign ign live- that that's a football museums always saying it like like brokerages is all knowing i worked hard on this and see if they win wins if republicans in congress are you feeling. like i guess them. the time has the very angry. about it didn't didn't expect as less i think it is as good as now the sensor and then right right after. the break break. at that time or energy around records these days with three three what was this is our fourth quarter
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said. we're also going to work hard money. these listings was were right right was on hand when i hear you i would only by lying or two if you lie lie conjures. as my money. learn learn the name names retreat at ten witnesses. around out to their member our request wednesday an interview. in response all thirty three limited aviation was denied. through an s. at eight tomorrow. that on dundalk forward letter letter or weak weakness in staff analysts say they legally idiot is
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whole whole highlight. to have him to follow all calls for the are the are you are you choose is incensed at agent enabled even though they had a i had him pleaded a black background. nation -- one one milo room judge judge yeah we have all. we really sucked up or down. gins derailing memory. you don't know i was on the losing all surgery. i jail jail compound and and like like. like like only. center her her daughter doctor ward. you know you can't tell what it whatever i know. they say they will hold a voice also proceed
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[inaudible] mister sherman [inaudible] right. nine members a lady. thank you for allowing me to make a statement. i wrote. yesterday i am to noon evening. no. one draft or accept a one one of mine or lord close. this is my day damon. let's let's see we we go dr. usually a unity meeting. you and and and and where they were. thirty years ago when we are working high high school [inaudible] i don't. immediately cat or more easily in on on have said they were they were also social event. her longtime friend press conference -- said on how. to me that she just you know i don't know me.
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and does not stop. here's your water mister. quote since we bought this car is not no no structure and all she is you know. have an opinion on that order. was was restaurants and win win or win now dr. word. and and what what. thinking about arafat's. the j. i. l. l. c. this yea. there are the only one of your your uses an audible. to clear my name [inaudible] i don't. for the very. unfortunately it's total commitment has has to get jealous hearing [inaudible] in those [inaudible] days. as i was horrible and his
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eyes are never did might miami anyway my my name. have been of the holy. my vote is this is a false issue nor was it easy since. the ten day it's been a little more with my my family. to the service free raymour work. into the country. when this? case first. senate f. and this. the committee may now is on no. listen your phone number. lizard point one owner -- no it with. in world war with with. with with. with with and he did it and talk and going. to enhance your yours with.
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and limitless. mrs who led lately whereas hands thirty six years ago list -- she does not know me. i was i was. hi doctor through word word. this call combination this is a common national great race. the card onto to jim give senator. or roll. in the car coming they saw us we use your voice laced advice license center which was our soldiers roared. since i know i'm not. sure why there's been up in iran ready on the land left to come home of some sort any anything. to block a lot of client combinations [inaudible] sure yeah. democratic senators are city will oppose hold me we every everything's jogar. a democratic senator
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[inaudible] published. as you were able. even able. think about about our word. it says it does some sort of wanted me world won't come come listless should in you have all [inaudible] another automatic. quote judge judge. shows your a formal. she said quote judge judge [inaudible] why? ins for decades tom. i understand have how soon the moment. but i would i would [inaudible] here's your your has any meaning. millions of listeners who listens. to what you physical ready ready i finally am way. to send. my line we mailed your what your life. to make a major.
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asian again jenny. ends up to only. entertainment down. use use so wins. for decades call hard. one country we real world warm winds [inaudible] the better. remember numbers because it. we we go was and is a merry christmas. but it will usually was it was just a little. i've been working working. those are separate more wor. when i when it is least okay on off at the? net like i like actually show confirmed a new characters needed. some of the wind wait wait and have had it ready. this first. agent was held hells equally for weeks. it would be needed --
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and we could could i take down on their merits. when it was all you needed this lg? east and publicly toward not lands came came along. of of all. here's designs is here you're only and try yeah. before any -- your record. crazy crazy stuff gains illegal. and fight [inaudible] for i want [inaudible] all. reporter forty right wrestling. and all on on really quickly that i love the idea. this is destroyed my family. and my my game a good name name what i'll tell times rejected. or or in public service at the highest level of the american government's. this whole.
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effort has been it's been alkylated orchestrated rated what [inaudible] fuel you. about a service is wrong wrong. you found out sixteen aware what is your fear your is it on on record [inaudible] rivera [inaudible] when's. a million dollars money money out. this is bruce. this is a result of this. the card one point [inaudible] four normalization. the current one point will be with those those factors is. this is robert hass incorporated. susan will do. but it includes the people of all political ways to serve our country. and enjoy a low.
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in the united states systems that are literally thousands what will go around com homeroom rounds. i am i am i don't miss this guy. are you are you alright. to be honest about about eight days ago timing. but t today i have i have to say that i did i hear your for your future. last. year i totaled. i just mentioned and not not where i ordered a little fresh pressure. i saw. such a charge and i am. i won all nine pm is imitated what's wrong is a process family will not not
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right now. you may maybe three in the final vote. but you'll never ever. never never. i'm here here a day i'll tell her is ruth it's also i was. i was i wasn't the only patience is also. our house uses essential at all was well we always take [inaudible] i always. those may now allegations always losers or be heard. at the same time. the person is not subject of the allegations also is a reserve he heard her. due process is out of day of the american wall.
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due process are you listening to me [inaudible] it's as i saw him. we we go on not only. planet in after a little. they're here to your day. when i when i was? ten my mom told local school and as an employer [inaudible] years including. this meant that so many women let me say this time instead also a*. she became a real real was - one of yes. women lawyers are trial judges she is my my*. most of all it was wrecked. she's you've honored me to be a much.
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well. you're you're. on my mind [inaudible] school she's. morning arguments [inaudible] me. as always i was overdue for a training more online was. use your common sense. what warning ring true? what wanting rings false -- triggering. is a good reminder. as we as we sit here today some southerners seniors are sent away to live event occurred. when there is no obligation in immediately was refuted by the budget for allegedly there? after an interminable. twenty six years years without. it's a long way off
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[inaudible] yes. in one point. nine nine three three more court was yes. to her or to anyone. that's not why i am. it is it is not i while i was. i i it is this darge. i am i know we'll we'll we'll see doc dr were were in her. family. the other night i added my sister terriers in your lif. all ten years old. says. we should be for april for a moment. it's a lot a lot of resumes generals. we meet me and we we we know well well well.
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first what's. going to be a rear. for the last. twenty years since ninety nine nine nine zero i've. many high profile. this is our sins for which as in the sense that it might might around around. six six times. six six separate referred. institutions over twenty twenty six years all of when a van sant's let let your here. i've been in public. rooney for trackpackages. in nine nine nine nine zero i or we also solicitor general in that in there john johnson's.
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in. nine nine nine nine three for for for just just yes yeah canidae. i spent. forty three three nine nine nine nine she's. that also is a subject of enormous. the idea in the public. during during nine nine ninety eight year of your when are are also generally and i only when they were little. and political as long. ryan are there other members and our services were [inaudible] it works. explosives on how many people. not not thing about valley. from to sound out one one
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two two six zero zero four presidents george. bush in the white house [inaudible] as as a result she was sorry for three years it was it was ross ross would eliminate nations senses easily because i travel around on airforce one on all the countries in the world. with president george bush [inaudible] i want. tax services have. from the latter. from bundling here he howls of that action. three for your last letter weighing five one and a half years later house. i was nominated yard because of the seasonal circuit. i was i was already that the white house yep yep. she just has a mini. i sat set for this.
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lady. for two zero since two thousand for the two thousand six for the past ñ
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09/27/18 09/27/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica this is democracy now! pres. trump: i had a woman sitting in an airplane and i attacked her while people were coming onto the plane and have a number one bestseller out? stotory.totalal phony there are many of them. so when you say does it affect me in terms of my thinking, with respect to judge kavanaugh, absolutely because i have had it many times. amy: president trump lashes out at the women who have accused


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