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on fronts. twenty four what about you watching live from her so fronts twenty four the headlines ththis ho. cycyclone a d die trick is the t humanitarian catastrophe in mozambique's history rescue teams are struggling to reach survivors in the devastated city of beira. you and says millions are affected across the region. the e man dubbeded the trump the tropics visits the white house brazil's jabal scenario treated to a warm welcome the u. s. president. says he would even like to see the countrtry joined nato's. and thousands of people back on the streets of algeria's capital demanding president beautifully could go immediately the agency
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to has scraps next month's election. stay on wants to end.. well we beginn with a will not welcome at ththe white house for brazil's far right presidents the us president donald trump congratulated jebel star on his election campaign. and said he was only just to hear it compared to his own victory in twenty sixteen the two latest pledging deeper cooperation on trade and security. trump said he wanted brazil to enter t the oecd group all developed economies. even said he would push for resale. to join nato forces would step aside. i also intend to designate brazil as a major non nato ally.
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or even possibly if you start the a n nato ally. have to talk to a lot of people but maybe a nato ally. which will greatly advanced sesecurity and cooperation betwn our countries. our nations are already working together to protect our people. from terrorism dress trans national crime. and drugs and weapopons trafficking. also you mean traffic in which is really become something that's come to the forefront of crime. it's time to overcome old resistance and explore the very best potential that there is between brazil and the u. s. well it's fair to say that bristol now has a president who's not anti american. and that hasn't happened in recent decades. well to tell more about that visit i'm joioined on the line y anthony pereyra a professor and director of the prison institute at king's college in london thank you for joining us. now i'm as we had today these two leaders have a similar positions on immigration on venezuela climate change and of
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course that shed and dislike of the mainstream media. did you see these are common positions translating into real deeper ties between the two coununtries. i think that's a great question and i think the verdict is still out there they clearly have ideological affinities they hav. domestic political reasons for celebrating this visit -- they can both say to their bases look on different -- you know for trump i have a i have a someone who admires me in brazil for both senado you know he's breaking the mold most resilient presidents for their first. visit to a foreign head of state theyey go a south american couny wilson i was going to the state. but whether this will lead to it rereally a substantial change in brazil us relations i think that's still an open question because they have very different interests. on some issues. a lot of talk today about trade
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and is there a lot of opportunity for them to develop. closer cooperation on trade. well i think there is it depends on the willingness to concede to make concessions on both sides for example american agriculture is fairly protected it's subsidized protected. and brazil in u. s. compete and in the production of a lot of agribusiness products. so i'm not sure that the wood there's willingness on the on the us side to to make concessions. andd i think when it comes to china -- you know brazil has a very different relationship to china than the us does it has a trait major trade surplus with china. china's itsts number one trading partner. and i also don't think it necessarily has an interest in - questioning and revising the multilateral institutions that govern the the global order in the way that the trump administration seems to to have i mean. the bolts not administration despite some of the affinities with trump is not economically nationalist it's very liberal it
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wants to attract foreign investment into brazil. and and use the current system of the current trading system rather than try to change it. what will they said meeting do for both and are standing at home he has off to rule any been in power for a few months? well it it would probably boost at least with his core supporters it will boost his standing he'll he'll just getting a good reception at the white house and so on i think -- you know in terms of where he's going in foreign policy. they will be there will be tensions so he's he's also said entry interestingly in the context of this visit that he that he intends to visit china in the second half of twenty nineteen and brazil is also hosting the bricks on it. and twenty nineteen so i think there's an interesting -- battle going on behind the scenes in the both nodded both in our administration about what this relationship with the u. s. really means in terms of the really block concrete bread and
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butter issues on our foreign policy which concert which for brazil has always been about economic development trade and ininvestment. and if f i lay out a lot of peoe quite surprised to hear trump talk about brazil joining nato would brazil even want to join the north atlantic treaty organization. even though there are some geographic well if it did they might have beens. yes they might have to change the name of nato to semedo so the south and north atlantic treaty organization because of course brazil as its main interest is in -- in the south atlantic not the north atlantic -- that might just be one of those trump isms that gets forgotten - i'm not sure -- brazil sees its strategic interests it's very much sees itself as a south a atlantic partner that has important. our relationships with our west african countries all the countries along the atlantic coast in the south atlantic and that's probably where it's where it's d did you canan just goingo remain. at any pereira thank you very
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much indeed talking to us. now moving into a algeria whethr it be more huge protests in the capital algiers today students university professors and health workers all turnened out to call on president abdelaziz pacifica to resign immediately. on monday he announced that he plans to stay on beyond his term which will run out in april he has withdrawn his bid to run for a fifth term. please also scrapped next month's elections and he hasn't set a new date. marching for change on a symbolic day. tens of thousands of students doctors andnd professors took to the streets of algiers to call for the president's resesignati. on the anniversary of the cease fire that ended the algerian wa. the vehicle is we'd like to have a health system where the president can have a condition that's treated here. instead of having to travel abroad. the current system is finished
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it has t to change. abdelaziz bouteflika announced last week he wouldn't stand for a fifth consecutive term after his decision to run again triggered a wave of unprecedented proteststs and all jijiri. butt the president stopped s sht of resigning sayingg he would stay in office until a new constitution was adopted. and that he would postpone the elections. the move was interpreted by many as a way for beautifully cut to cling to power. and still have a say in the naming of his successor. this fueled more demonstrations with protesters now calling on the ailing president to step down immediately. we have one demand no extension. only one this regime falal will be represented. afterr weeks of prorosts l lders have begun to emerge from the movement. including prominent activists and opposition figures. on monday they issued a first publix titled platform for change.
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in which they cacalled for beautifully got to step down. and for the army to remain neutral. moving out to one of the worst weather events in the s southern hemisphere the you insist that millions of people across southern africa. are affected by the fallout from cyclone he die rescue teams are still struggling t to reach survivors after the storm slanted to mozambique. zimbabwe and malawi several days ago well officials in zimbabwe say the death toll that stands at around one hundred but is expected to rise. and in mozambique is the city of bay route thatas been hit hardestt y yesterdayay mozambibs president said off disobeying. at the damamage the death toll could risese as high as thousand will we can go now. to t the ciy of beira. at we were hoping to speak to after bobby i'm just hearing that he's. ernie. unavailable so we are now going to go back to algeria and the
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price tests. their apologies lot of technical problems. i let's go back to the capital city then -- in algiers whether have been -- huge protests today people they're very angry about that president beautifully cat at refusing to step down he scrapped his bid for a fifth term but he is staying on and says he will stay on beyond. the end of his mandate which runs out next month. and most of all can you tell us about today's protests. i just heard i heard you saying people out are very. andrea of course they are but they are peaceful today at there are too many things to to trade to bear in mind first of all -- the statements of the russian federation -- minister. aware which are not well a well comes by the algerians a lot of talk about my mom. at tour of around seven capital is barely a week later after taking office today not due to its difficult actually from what
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we see on the ground -- it's difficult to understand all these we actions there is a clear denunciation of what you just described as a frame -- into friends -- thought i had a real presence -- party -- alley been fees has opened at the country to fight betweween different a powower holdersrs ai just saw on a tv to come back to what is happening in the street actually the protest is still i- to date you know that thousands of doctors and even you know protesters have doctors workers went to the streets to demonstrate. he was this morning officially announcing their at these into the popular movement against the system. and also against the extension of the fourth term. and there have been some vague promises have a net from the
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government at namely -- the blue difficult ones to oversee at a democratic transition he says he wants -- consultations at and and it's not until that is -- wraps up that he will allow -- fresh elections so there's stil. no idea reset as to when those elections my baby. because it's bececause it't's actutually toooo early to see if there is like any reaction of course there are promises from the prison but the fully covered people in the streets said -- vats do you do not accept these promises because this is not enough for them and now they are concentrated in focus in about what is going to happen we are still waiting for what is going to happen on these friday march. twenty two and at the same time government is trying to organize itself like. he can we are waiting for or in
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germany and we will see what will happen for the moment he's store continues the other members of the government have not made new statements. about what is being said is clearly already mentioned on the letter of prison but the plea cop who promises and still continue to promises. to promis- things but people do not accept what is happening today. okay most safe ice cassie in the algerian capital algiers thank you very much indeed for talking to us. well here in front city interior minister has been resisting calls to resign over his handling of last weekend's. violent rising by yet it best practices in paris chris of castor now he's been in the job for five months. was accused of incompetence as he appeared before a senate committee. he said he was unaware of why the police have held back while rice's ransackcked shops restaurants and newspaper kiosks on the show so these day. police chief has since been
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sacked his -- custom that had said. i'll say my table you know the intelligence was correct and our team of more than five thousand police forces was substantial. so that wasn't a problem with the times training. with it but is we send out clay and strict instructions. we want to or not to be punished to his old violence to be interrupted. i wanted it to be clear to we ought to have no hesitation in reestablishing order. when we look at the day's event? all you can observe the this old they were the failings of the course finance fununction more s on because it is your loss all right back to that where the disaster in southern african now the you and says millionss. of people are affected by the fallout from a cyclone he died rescue teams are battling to reach survivors after the storm slammed into mozambique zimbabwe and malawi s several days ago. the fishes in zimbabwe say the death toll that stands at around one hundndred fifty is e expecto
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rise. and in mozambique it's the city of bay areaa that has been hitit hardest at yesterdaday momozambique's presidedent saidt the d death toll that was expecd to rise and couldldo as high h s one thousand well from what we can go now to the city of beira. correspondent andrea bobbi eight is that and and yet can you tell us what is happenening i in they that has been -- so badly affected by the storm. if the list t duration here is really c complicated bececause n the cyclone hit on t thursday night. the the the siege bear i was completetely cut frorom the oute woworld that mean there was no way to reach its by road no planes obviously b because o o e storm. ththere was no electricity. and no -- phone network there is still no electricity now we out five or six days after the cyclone hit and no phone netwoworks which makekes a relief and a web of theieir humanitararians really
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really complicated. what also happen is that when days you many diane's -- into ngos -- rife chia a four day would be up 290% of the bay right has been destroyed all infnfected bye bye bye to seek cyclone. but what happened next is bad to the the cycyclone to continued hits back to using bad wait. bringing a lot of rain with it. and enter weight rain cause massive flooding and this massive flooding -- the people h here on you realize that one yet one or two days after it happens. it happens sorry that means -- people had been. stuck on trees on do roof of the house is full for many days -- anand n now they c concentraratl efforts on rescuing those people
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but they say does many many of them it's really hard to know how much -- so far the official updated and many more i jim by thank you date for t that update situation that. now the president of kazakhstan has announced he's resigning nursultan another bias has let the oil rich country since it gained independence from the soviet union thirty years ago. he's largely ruled on challenge and he made the shock announcement in a pre recorded tv address giving no reason for his decision [inaudible] you just. hello citizens and supports as shows go i'm addressing you today yes i've always done in the mostst important moments in the history of our state. which we are building together. but my address is a special where i have made the difficult
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decision to step down as president of the republic of kazakhstan president that is public it because of let's get some business news we now brian quinn is with me in the studio had that brian. starting right here in front at trade unions around happy out with the pro business policies as they see them or president back from and i've been taking action to indeed at is there was a big day of labor action here in france with thousands out on the streets to demand. more purchasing power and pushed back against planned cutso reretirement benefitits and p pc services pririson micron has mae reforming frances notoriously opaque labor market a cornerstone of his presidency. as he seeks to liberalize the country's economy was incarnate reports. it's another crowd of discontent on the streets of france thousands of people marched in paris and other french cities on tuesday after several unions called for a nationwide strike. a quarter of elementary school teachers did not report for work tuesday morning with instruction to transportation and health services also reported. sisters demands include better
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pay in an increase in purchasing power but they also want the government to take action against a trend that many countries have seen in the past few years the dismantling of public services in rural areas. we can talk about local public services on one hand and then continue to cut civil servant jobs on the other. certainly cannot tell employees face difficult conditions that they must work for several more years real talk. unions of all political leanings have expressed increasing concern with president immigrant michael's efforts to liberalize the country'y' relatively restrictive labor laws. but the anger shown by protesters is also about fiscal justice manyy french citizens sy the current minimum wage is too low. and that the government is not doing enough to counter tax avoidance which causes frances much as one hundred billion euros each year. with apple seeds will you do that you place on the concept of debates according to the president is. i'm listening to you. but you know nothing i want to sell he's playing with fire because there's a lot of anger in the country that could i like
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almost beat. many demands are similar to those expressed by the yellow vests that movement is estimated to have cost the french economy some two hundred million euros since the movememt began inin november. transfers was seen corneil next germany has opened its call for bids on the country's future five g. communications network. the process comes as the us is pushing its european allies to shut the chinese tech train qual way out of such networks washington hasas warned i it cod cut back on information sharing with berlin if while way is not excluded. saying chinese equipment could be used by beijing to spspy onn western companies and governments w wt way is not one of the main bidders in the auction for five g. frequency blocks but it does provide hardware to all for european companies in the running. german c chancellor angela merkl on tuesday it refused to block wall way but said stricter telecoms laws will be drafted to address the concerns. if any does ibm chansen game of his what not to do we give
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everyone a chance.. so in short of course without being naive. we can see that the laws in china. arare very different from ours hotline all. also. boeing says it expects to have a software update for at seven thirty seven max series jets ready by the end of march. the models been grounded by governments around the world after an ethiopian airlines crash earlier this month the second deadly disasterr in under five months. this offer update will reportedly limit the anti stole flight control system suspected as a factor in both crashes the e. you said seven thirty seven max's will stay grounded in europe until regulators have studied the software update. the us transportation department meanwhile says it's seeking an audit of how the country's top aviation authority certified the model quote as soon as possible. boeing ceo released a video statement tuesday seeking to reassure the public over safety concerns. reunited with our airline customers international regulators and government authorities in our efforts to
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supportt the most recent investigationn. undedetand t the facts of f what ppppened preventnt futuree trtragedies we regegrethe ongoig challenges the grounding his cause for our customers. and the flying public. checkingng in on the mararkets w wall street spent most of the day in positive territory is the federal reserve board meets in washington investors expecting devilish policy there. u. s. indexes see sawed near the closee of first dropping on news that beijing is resisting washington's demand amid their ongoing trade negotiationss. bent rising is us trade officials are reportedly set to travel to china next week for the quarter final phase of negotiations. the dow and the s. and p. five hundred closing just barely in the red the nasdaq just barely in positive territory. here in europe automakers led the way made a report from french paper lays eckel of a potential merger between peugeot and fiat chrysler.. one is for the one hundred and the day up a third of a percent cac around here in p paris up around quartr percent. frankfurt's dax up over one
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point 1% after the close. sterling had some swings of its own in the currency markets tuesday this as a u. k. prime minister theresa may prepares to ask brussels to approve a breaks a delay of f at least three mons and potentiallyly up to two yea. mixed reaction from p. u. countries on that front today with spain's think it's ready to approve but france saying it will veto any quote meaningless delay. with just ten days left before the march twenty ninth deadline chief e. new negotiator michel barnier said any extension from brussels would need to come with a new political process in the u. k.. extended did certain p.. without a clear plan. would have. to the economic cost for r our businesses. but could also in queue for a political cost for the year. it is for the british government and parliament to decide very quickly. what do you okay wants to do next? well let's take a look at some
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more of the day's top business headlines. netflilix's says it will not be making its content available on apple's upcoming streaming service. apple is expected to unveil a twenty f fifth that will likely reresell sububscriptions foror existing c content provividers e viacom. along with its own content netflix sting says quote we prefer to let our customers watch our content on our servic. google is launching a new strereaming platform for video games the search giant setting out to disrupt the forty three billion dollar a year indndustry with the study a system allowing users to play popular titles from any connected device. prince game maker you be soft mamaker of assassin's creed says it will be working with google on the project. in a crisis at indidia's jet airlines is deepening in new delhi has called a an emergency meetining to address grounded flights and angry customers as pilots are now threatening to strike over unpaid salaries.
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jet is struggling to avoid collapse and need a debt of over one billion dollars the airline is currently in talks with the state bank of india for a lifeline. finally it for business paris the city of light as it turns out the city of a slate wallets. a new sururvey frorom t the ecot intelligence unit puts the french capital in first place among the world's most expensive cities tied with hong kong and singapore. the survey takes into account the cost of some one hundred sixty items across one hundred thirty three cities including food transportation and rent using new york as a benchmark. the cost of personal care recreation and entertainment all run especially high with the woman's hair cut averaging one hundred years. please wait what you might pay in osaka however -- good news alcohol and tobacco are fairly cheap here by comparison as a former new yorkerer myself i f find it haro believe that paris is more expensive new york seems much more expensive to me but i cut
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my own hair so. you cut your a great idea because of the way the money yeah one hundred year as that does sound a little bit steve i have to say that i'm not surprised paris is a i prices it's it's not cheap but well worth it is. that beautiful as well what the visit alright brian thank you very much today brian quinn that we're gonna take a show right on going when using headlines coming right
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03/19/19 03/19/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! 200e are a nation of ethnicities, 160 languages. we open our doors to others as a welcome. and the only thing that must change after the events of friday is that this same door must close on all of those who espouse hate and fear. amy: new zealand remains in the state of mourning four days after a white suprema


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