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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 22, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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welcome to live from paris. let's look what is making headlines. brexit pushed back as theresa may gets extra time to get her deal through parliament. a terror attack killed 50 people at two mosques.
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a major u-turn for american foreign policy. trump says it is time to recognize sovovereignty overr gollum heights -- over gollum heights -- golun heights. we begin in brussels where the eu has given theresa may extra time to devise an alternative exit plan if her plan fails to get through. gave britain two options. past the prime minister's deal and leave in an orderly fashion, or reject her deal and leave sooner, on april 12.
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the british leader calling on fellowler mps to -- her mps to accept her deal. the french president seems to have played a central role in the summit. >> he has billed himself as being mr. europe. stage oner he came on presidential election night to join the european anthem. he is taking that leading role at this summit, which began with a session about whether to give an extension to theresa may. it does seem the french position has had influence. we knew before the summit the french were saying if there was going to be an extension, there would need to be reasons why that extension would be granted.
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theresa may would have to promise action in return. that is what we are getting here. you outlined a potential extension up to may 22, but on the condition that a third held.gful vote is if the u.k. is not going to take part in european elections, it will leave the eu on a no deal basis on may 22.
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>> with the european elections, only about 40% of europeans took part in them last time around. crucial. is absolutely there are legal ramifications of the participation of non-participation. if you are a a europeaean member state, you can allow citizens to vote in that election. if it is not clear whether the u.k. is taking part or not, it is not clear if the u.k. is going to have to put up its own members of parliaiament. there will be questions saying what happens to them. is a question about europeans residing in the u.k..
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a big legal question. leaders were concerned that it could throw the legality of the parliament into doubt. you get the idea. >> we will speak to our editor later. in the next half an hour, the presidentnt isench expepected to holold a confnfere with reporters. joining me in the studio is doug herbert. we are waiting for this press conference. this agreemement was very much s doing. the hardliner, giving britain no
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breaks, the context needs to be in there. emmanuel macron is someone who against leaving europe. he regrets the fact britain voted to leave. view of brexits as a case study of all the things that can go wrong when you have populism, false information, misinformation, innuendo, misrepresented facts hoisted on people. he thinks the referendum was faulty. let's put that aside. that is what emmanuel macron speaks about the process -- very sad they are leaving.
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referred to him as mr. europe. emmanuel macron is someone who is very pro-europe. he doesn't want this brexit debacle to pollute that process. it is not as if europe doesn't have other issues. it has a whole plate of issues. emmanuel macron is looking at the spectacle of brexit, he thinks theresa may has been incompetent in her management. he wants the brits to take responsibility.
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he has become -- so that the political failure will not cast efforts.s on europe's alloes it mean as a result, options are still on the table. the april 12 date, let's be clear.
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, -- ifdeal sales to pass the deal fails to pass, it is a safe option that the europeans came up with to try to give the time to stepiament back before march 29, to take a deep breath to decide what they want to do. they are calling for a radical overhaul and a re-think. aat i is start by seeking longer extension and move on to ask for a revocation that is canceling brexit altogether. are they likely to from where we stand today, no.
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a petition is going around, calling for article 50 to b be called off has almost 3 million signatures. that press conference begins, we will cross live to it. one week on since the government into -- thousands of people, including jacinda ardern stood silently in a park where the killings began. many war headscarves. >> in the park, thohousands gatr to pay tribute and pay.
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open firedremacist during friday's prayers. an act of hatred has been denounced worldwide. the nation's prime minister repeated calls of national unity. >> the whole body feels pain. the immam spoke to his
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congregants and they gather crowds. >> we are dependent. semiautomatic and automatic weapons went into effect. the first legislative step as the people continue to bury their dead. >> overturning decades of american policy, donald trump says it is time to recognize israel's sovereigignty over gogn heights, which it capturur from syria in 1967. trump declaring it is of critical strategic importance to israel.
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from giordano miller. timing is everything with this announcement. been the reaction locally? >> the prime minister is over the moon, thanking the american president. this i is something g he urged e white house to do. even before, with the previous administration under barack obama, he wanted to get recognitioion of israel's sovereigy.y. comes a at a time when many eyebrows are raised here.e. it appears t to be the white hoe t thet to prop up and boost election chances. behind in the polls,
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dodogged by numerous charges. he needs help. it seems the president of thee united states has delivered that byp in a surprising way tweet. >> w with the international community making it clear they see it as occccupied by israel, whwhat has been the response so fafar from governments a arounde world? >> the eu has said they wilill continue to see the golan heights as occupied territory. condemned it, saying it was an irresponsible decision and violation of law. those condemnations have been echoeded by egypt, turkey, iran.
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like we saw wiwith the movove on jerusalem, recognizing it as the capital l of israel and d the me of the embassy, it does not look like the international community is going to follow suit. >> thank you. has imposed sanctions on two chinese shipping companies that helped north korea avoid sanctions over its nuclear weapons program. officials also issued an upstate -- an upupdate that lists 67 shs transferse in illicit with north korean tankers or exported north korean cold. lashedafter cyclone idai southern africa, massive floods continue torrential rains cacaud a dam to overflow.
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workers are racing to rescue victims of the cyclone. at least 500 have been killed with hundrededs more fefeared d. our reporter has the ststory. destruction as far as the eye can see. humanitarian situation is getting worse by the hour. thousands of people have been left homeless and many have not had anything to eat in days. nothing left. we are left sleeping on the streets. whether it is raining or not, that is what is left. >> they lack resesources to pick everyone up. residents are doing what they can to save those trapped on the
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roofs or clinging to treetops.s. >> there is someone up there. i am going to help. there are many people who need help around here. i rescued my family with this canoe. >> for the w world food program, a cargoe delivered plane to deliver foototo affected areas. suit and water reserves are running low. >> these people have lost everything. be ameans there will long-term food problem. aidr plan is to provide food to between 600,000 and 1.3 million people over the next seven months. indozens have died neighboring countries, where hundreds remain stranded by flooding.
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nearly one million people have been affected by the cyclone. >> spring has finally arrived. to celebrate the occasion, hundreds of tourists and local believe the pyramids hold energy that can be transmitted to people, especially those dressed in white. let's look at what is making headlines this friday. the day from brexit has been as theresa may gets extra time to get her deal through parliament. one week after the terror attack killed 50 people at two mosques, they observed two minutes s of
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silence. jacinda ardern joining thousands in prayer. an major u-turn, trump says it costme to recognize israel sovereignty over the occupied capturedghts, which it from syria in the 1960's. time to get an update on the business news. italaly has rolled out the red carpet for the chinese president. >> xi i jinping says both italy deepen chihina want t to corporations to do trade along the silk road. he is expected to sign a memorandum of understanding. countrybe the first g-7 to join the belt and rode initiative.
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>> we agree efforts should be made to integrate the development strategies for both countries. we must focus on building infrastructure, building ships and transports in order to develop high quality and pragmatic belt road projects. expanda would like to the two-waway inststment withh aly. cononcern abobout openininup vitital sectors l lie ergy to beijijing. rome hope itt chinese investors will help revive the economy. >> the port of genoa is undergoing major changes.
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there is one surprising element of the transformation. china will finance a large part of the project. >> it will be the first lot in theargo mainland. >> italy would become a rival country for china's new silk road. while investment in italy may sound like good news, chinese investment comes with severe cost reduction methods. this worker is worried. >> this is negative. that is not a political opinion. we will lose property and identity. >> itataly is inin dire need off invevestment.. activity has grown fivefold
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since the purchase. it has not all been good news for greece. along increased activity is workplace security concerns. a deal will benefit italy. >> the deal has nothing to do with geopolitics. we want to make sure the made in italy brand can better enter the chinese market. about theis worried businessss deal. --has asksked foror >> lobby group has calalled on brain toto put onn swift andnd o excruciating uncertainty about brexit. they have agreed to give theresa may more time to pass a divorce deal. the desperate call from the federation of german industries comes as fresh data shows manufacturing outlets shrank for
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a third straight month. markets purchasing managers index fell to 51.5.5, e lowest rating sinince 201013. onata from germrmany h has weid european stocks. heavy ftsethe export 100 drops partly in reaction to the british pound rising. all down in negative territory. lolooking ahead, apple is drawig attention ahehead of an expected launch of a new streaming tv and paid news service. announcedged as they new versions of its ipad many, ipad air, imax, and air pods. it is not hardware, but software expected to take center stage.
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it will be the latest attempt by the tech giant to broaden revenue. syria and as the country recoverers, more people e gegettg baback to business. -- has returns of the soap shop and they arere producing the laurel soap.p. city, residents of this the soap is an icon and producing and here again is a source of pride. visit a aleppo to di not leave without buying the laurel soap. it is a national treasurure. >> the owners fled during the fighting. they were forced to shut the workshop down and were only able to reopen last month.
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during the worst of the fighting, they never stopped producing lalaurel soap. many people started -- many people stopped working during the crisis. only a small number managed to continue working. thankfully, i was able to continue to working. i moved my factory to continue move -- to continue working and to avoid losing my customers. renovation, hee hopes to proroduce around 400 ts of soap this yeyear. that is s half of his prewar output. before the war, they had around 100 soap factories.s. today, only 12 are in operation. businesess,,f for employees making off-color or inappropriate comments have cost them jobs and left their
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employer screamingly --- for that is it for business for now. >> stay with us. we are taking a short break. we will be back in a few minutes.
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helen: in westetern civilizatio, we have this idea of an artist. it's about a 600-year-old idea. this person is almost always considered a white man, and he is a genius, and he will
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