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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 12, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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live from paris. let's look at what is making headlines. protests continue in the wake of president al bashir's ousting. the army has planned to open dialogue with all parties. mass protests since friday. upcoming elections will not
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guarantee the regime change they are demanding. we begin in sudan where protesters are on the streets of khartoum despite the ousting of president al bashir. the autocratic leader replaced by military counsel. the men straighter say nothing has changed with the council being part of the same regime. they have announced they will talk to all parties and pledge
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the new government will be made of civilians. they will not allow the deposed leader to be extradited. war crimes >> today we can begin the dialogue with all entities. they will listen to our proposals and we will listen to theirs. we will realize our goal of moving past this crisis. annette: julia steers has more. as the council was announced yesterday by the defense minister is very open to civilian leadership. they hope to engage in dialogue
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with all political parties, and protesters and they will meet with foreign diplomats. he reiterated the leader who was overthrown yesterday, bashir is in their custody. there is an icc warrant. he will be tried in sudan by the justice system. he continues to extend a hand to all walks of life, to all political parties. conciliatory than we heard from the defense minister yesesterday. he said this twowo-year period said ththeyesterday, he military cncilil would takake or
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for two years was flexible. if there is a political committee, another civilian-led transitional government before that. is over, he is willing to step aside. >> what we heard yesterday, they are outside of milititary headquarters.. they are really perceived to be the outsiders of the bashir regime. what is left to be seen later today is whether or not they will take the invitation of the
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army chief and work with them and institute themselves as the new transitional council. they will work towarards solving the economic crisis. annette: all eyes on algeria to see if they will quell the number of mass friday protests. he has been replaced temporarily. he is simply more of the same.
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more.get what are the numbers like this friday? >> probably hundreds of thousands of people are taken to the streets. it is a little relaxed. police officers and --onstrators are discussing like previous fridays, there is a strong police presence, they -- because there had not been this before. been free toways
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take to the streets. >> there i is one thing about algeria, there is no clear leader. given the response of the government, is that starting to change? are we seeing the emergence of ?eople >> there is a probability. -- they ares remain very numerous. if they demand clearly the departure of the whole system, the interim president has rejected and the government has denounced. of thehe beginning
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apprising, many things have changed, personalities, institutions have radically changed their position. in the m message he sent, the rereoration to the people alone. >> thank you. at least 16 people have been killed and another wounded after a powerful bomb went off in quetta. it struck near a shiitite resisintial center, t targeting peopople from the e hazara community. wikileaks founder julian assange
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is in a london jail after ecuador withdrew his diplomatic asylum status. paces possible extradition to america over charges of conspiring to hack into a pentagon computer network. >> after seven years of diplomatic asylum, julian assange's time was up. of breachingg guilty bail terms. in the sights of washington since 2010, when wikileaks published material about activity in iraq and afghanistan.
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face more charges andnd it sets a dangerous precedent. >> the u.k. government needs to make assurance that a joururnalt will never b be extradited to te united states for publishing activities. publishing of documents, videos, the killing of innocent civilians, this is joururnalism. >> the lawyers will ask for the case to be reoeopened. current president has been less enamored of his embassy guest. the arrest i is in retaliaiatior exposing' role in
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information implicating the president incorruption. >> this was known. it reached an international audience. it was just a question of hours from theey took him embassy. annette: joining me is andrew, who has interviewed julian assange. thank you for your time. why should journalists be worried about his arrest? >> because julian assange showed journalism the new way, the electronic age.
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journalistsot trust to tell you the truth. we will tell you the store and the journalists need to provide the documents. this is a revolutionary thought. stories changed the way journalism worked today. the reason they should be concerned about whatat is happening is we are next. there is no way out. if the united states can take somebody on a minor computer charge, which is what this is and difficult to prove he was directing people to take these documents, if that can be a an extradited bull -- and extraditable offense.
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>> it is centered on whether he was a journalist or some of his actions could be deemed crimes unrelated to journalism. is he a journalist? >> courts in the united kingdom have deemed him to be a journalist. there is no doubt he is a journalist. he irks be one reason hemanany journalists, because exposes them for not doing their job properly. >> he is going to fight the extradition request. what do you think will happen to
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him? theoth jeremy corbyn and home secretary have called for the extradition to be stopped. jeremy corbyn on the grounds julian assange was doing his job in exposing the atrocities and should tell the home secretary on the grounds that he has suffered enough. theresa may stop extradition to the united states for somebody who was accused of doing the very sort of thing, a much vigor hack. he was in danger of committingg suicide if he went to the united
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states. she prevented that from going ahead. annette: thank you. making news this hour, as protests continue in the wake of armyshir's ousting, the says the new government will be made up of new civilians and fears they will not allow the deposition of the leader. mass protesters say upcoming elections will not guarantee the regime change. assange is behind bars. he is facing extradition to the u.s. over charges of conspiring to hack into a pentatagon compur network. the pause button appears to have been pressed on brexit with more than a six month delay. going on a holiday
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for over a week. issue has far from got away. the pause is only temporary. it is brought about because they are offering a no deal brexit. what does that actually mean? catherine nourse trentnt explai. >> a no deal brexit means the u.k. leaving the eu withoutt signgning divorce deals first. there will be no two-year transition period to smooth everything through. will there be e 20 kilometer log queues at the port of dover or was that project fear? leaves the eu, it would have to trade with europee wto r --
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the u.k. government said it will adopt most eu standards and slash tariffs on 80% of imports around the world. they would not be checking every lorry ththat comes through. the fact is, as of now, the u.k. has not got the logistics and i.t. system up and running to process all the new rates and popotential paperwork. occasional delays could cause backlogs. goods coming into europe could be subject t to inspepections fm
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day one. industry. hit british ththey self 40% of their exports and the europopn union. ththe irish border wowould becon external frorontier with europe. even though london and dublilin have said they do not want t to see the return of a hard border, they could have no choice for the european union. they could demand checks to prevent nonlegal goods from coming into their bororders. what about flights? will they be grounded between the u.k. and europe? no. there has been a mini deal signed on aviation. perioduld take off for a of one year on a limited number of flight. that could push up pricices and
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reduce choice for travelers. we have not touched on citizen'' rights. are there any upsides to a no deal brexit? ers in the u.k.t think so. theyey hope to avoid paying the9 billion pound divorce bill that would go with the deal. they hope to escape the clutches of the european court of juststice. surrendernes british -- it undermines british serenity. it might not mean armageddon,n, but t it will be complicated. brexus again for the n next -what? t time for business news. starting with a big
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announcement. disney finally launching its streaming serervice. disney'ss fororay has been highlyly anticicipated. they have announced the debate -- announce the date it will start, novembeber 12. +. wilill be called disney the monthly subscription fee is cheaper r than its biggest riva, netflix. itsisney announced streaming service on thursday. fans have a wild to wait. launch in november in north america and will be rolled out in otheher markets through 2020 and 2021. the service combinenes various franchises. you will have access
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to pixar, marvel, national geograraphic, and the e star wa. also have ththe streaming hohome of the simpmps. a study published in march said there e are more people who pay for streaming services than streaming services, but disney is stepping into a saturated market. streaminged into the business with apple tv plus. it is an ambitious move by disney and will not bear fruit in the short term. they do not expect to turn profit until 2023. they will be trying to get back there content to other streaming
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services like e netflix. > the new structure for no ws meant to replace the current headquarters. they are focusing on self-driving, kinetic cars. the former neeson chairman was ofested on suspicion misappropriating funds. annetttte: shares of renenault e trading u
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up t to .2%. pushing higher ahead d of corprporate earnings next t wee. some more business headlines for you. india's governmentnt willl investigate whether jets airways is able to keep flying. the announcement came a day after they cancel most international flights. the company has been struggling with debt and lenders are seeking a buyer to keep it afloat. softbank group has raised almost $4.5 billion from its b biggest bond sale. carriesyear retail bond a rate of 6.4%.
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they seek to continue financing its ambitious strategy. unit raised phone money fromom last year's ipo. the operator of a plant revealed highly contaminated water linked into the sea from the crippled reactors. o hadad key points of the verdict oveverturned. ipo filing.ed its seek a market valuation of u up to $100 billi. the company is likely to face a
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rough ride. eye-poppingposted numbers. people paid $41.5 billioion for overrides. huber had $3.9 million -- had -- had 3.9 million drivers. billion in $10 operations since 2016. it has had its fair share of scandals. in 2017, they forced the ceo to resign off of a number of allegations. the public filing cocomes a coue lyft startedr
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trading on nasdaq. the company has expanded into military services. they paved the way for other countless starartups. it could herald a stampede of unicorns. toor startrtups are expected join the market at the end of the year. >> from car sharing to space trevor -- two space trouble. spacex's rocket is the most popowerful in ththe world.d. the launch comes a year afteter elon musk said the tesla
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to orbit t in a demo flightht. too send vying
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