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tv   Democracy Now  LINKTV  April 30, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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04/30/19 04/30/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from washington, d.c. this is democracy now! >> this is angela davis. i am in washingngton in order to participate this afternoon in an action we are calling 100 black defense of ilhan amy: the movement for black lives is rallying today on capitol hill to defend congresswoman ilhan omar of minnesota and to urge congress
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to censure president trump for his attacks on omar, one of the first two muslim congressmembers and the first hijab wearing member of congress. >> i have people every single day on fox news and everywhere posting that i am a threat to this country. what fear looks got bombed by two domestic white terrorists. amy: then in the wake of the deadly synagogue shooting in san diego, we speak to former homeland security official on how the federal government has long ignored right-wing violence. plus, we get the latest from venezuela were opposition leader jujuan cueto is attempting to launch a coup today. all that and more, coming up.
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welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from washington, d.c. in breaking news, venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido says a coup is underway in caracas. guaido appeared in a video this mine was soldier saying he is "starting the final phase of operation liberty." this comes as jailed activist leopoldo lopez claimed he's been freed by sympathetic officers in the military. he called on venezuelans to rise up against the government of nicolas maduro. lopez also appeared in a video posted online. >> what is happening in the capital today come all venezuelans who want freedom should come here, disrupt o ord, join and encourage our soldiers, join our people. morning, venezuela, let's do it together.
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amy: the announcement was welcomed by the president of the european parliament who called it a "historic day for the return of democracy and freedom to venezuela." backing of the trump administration and many members of congress, including republican senator marco rubio florida who tweeted "after years of suffering, freedom is waiting for people of venezuela. do not let them take this opportunity from you. now is the moment to take to the streets in support of your legitimate constitutional government. do not allow this moment to slip away. it may not come again." it was not immediately clear where president nicolas maduro is. his ally, the bolivian president , said in a statement "we forcefully condemn the attempted coup in venezuela, which is being conducted by the right and backed by foreign interest." president trump has imposed new restrictions on asylum-seekers along the u.s.-mexican border, ordering them to pay fees in order to apply for work permits and refuge in the u.s.
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the new restrictions, set to take effect in 90 days, would also require already-backlogged immigration courts to settle asylumum applicacationwiwithin 0 dadays. meanwhile, the intercept reports the department of homeland security hired the private intelligence firm lookingglass cyber solutions to spy on social media accounts affiliated with protests against president trump's migrant family separation policies along the u.s.-mexico border. president trump and the trump organization are suing capital one and deutsche bank in an effort to block them from turning over financial records to congressional committees. this month, house democrats issued subpoenas for the records as part of several probes into the trump family's myriad businesses. the new york attorney general's office is also investigating trump's ties to deutsche bank. last month, "the new y york tim" reported deutsche bank loaned ovover $2 billion to tmpmp for real estate deals over nearly two decades, even when other banks refused to do so.
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trump still had over $300 million in outstanding loans from deutsche bank when he took office in 2016. the pentagon has acknowledged it's investigigating four additional military members for their ties to the white nationalist movement known as identity europa, bringing the total number of the group's members known to be under investigation by the military to 11. this comes after prosecutors in maryland revealed new details in their case against coast guard lieutenant christopher hasson, who was indicted on gun and drug charges earlier this year. they say hasson searched for the home addresses of two supreme court justices and targeted two social media company executives. he also reportedly searched for the phrase "please god let there be a race war." in christchurch, new zealand, police arrested a 33-year-old man tuesday in connection with an explosive device e and ammunition found in a vacant building. it was not immediately clear if
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the arrest was connected with last month's attack on two mosques in christchurch by a white nationalist gunman which killed 50 people and wounded 50 others. in los angeles, federal prosecutors claimed monday they foiled a terrorist like by a u.s. military veteran to bomb several southern california targets, including the multiple targets in southern california including port of long beach and the santa monica key or. this is the u.s. attorney nick can a. >> the complaint says the 26-year-old resident of reseda with a felony offense of providing an attempt to provide material support to terrorists. he is a united states army -- former united d states army soldier who served in afghanistan and is also recent convert to islam. fortunately, the ied's they plan to use were not actual bombs. they were inert devices provided by the fbi that pose no danger
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to the public. amy: critics of similar terrorism investigations conducted by the fbi joint terrorism task force say agents have repeatedly manufactured plots in order to entrap young muslims. a review of 50 murders committed thextremists in 2018 by anti-defamation league found 49 came at the hands of right-wing extremist with white supremacist alone counting for 39 of the murders. in san diego, california, friends and family of lori gilbert-kaye gathered monday for her funeral the chabad of poway synagogue, the same place where the was shot to death saturday by a white nationalist gunman after she put her body in the line of fire to save her long-time friend the synagogue's rabbi. gilbert-kaye's daughter, hannah kaye, quoted nelson mandela as she paid tribute to her murdered mother. >> no one is born hittiting another r person because of ther color of the skin or his
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background or religion. people must learn to hate. if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. to themes more naturally human heart than its opposite. [applause] amy: the trump administration is preparing to designate the muslim brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. according to "the new w york times," " the move comes after a white house meeting between president trump and egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi earlier this month. sisi came to power in 2013 through a military coup that ousted the country's first democratically elected president, mohamed morsi, a former muslim brotherhood leader. since then, sisi has designated the brotherhood a terrorist organization within egypt and his government has carried out a brutal crackdown on supporters of the political movement, including the 2013 rabaa massacre in which security forces k killed at least 1000 protesters and injured thousands more. policy experts say the designation could hurt the civil liberties of american muslims and lead to a clampdown on
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muslim civil rights groups and charities, which are routinely accused by anti-muslim groroupsf having ties to the muslim brotherhood. this comes just weeks after the trump administratition designatd iran's elitite revolutionary gud as a terrorist organization. the justice department's number two official, rod rosenstein, said monday he will resign on may 11. as deputy attornrney general, rosenstein oversaw special counsel robert mueller's into -- investigation into russia's role in the 2016 election, after former attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the investigation. although he was nominated by the president, rosenstein endured public attacks from trump, who just a few months ago retweeted an image depicting rosenstein and several trump critics behind bars, suggesting they should be jailed for treason. trump has nominated deputy transportation secretary jeffrey rosen, who previously worked with attorney general william barr, to replace rosenstein. the head of isis has appeared in a new video for the first time in five yes.s.
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it w was the firstst propaganda video showing abu bakr al-baghdadi since he was filmed in 2014 proclaiming the creation of an islamic state at the great mosque of al-nuri, in mosul, iraq. in 2017,7, russian mededia claid al-baghdadi was killed in an airstrike in syria. in mozambique, the death toll from the tropical cyclone kenneth is at 38, with aid agencieses warning of a dedespee struggle to rereach people cutff byagaging oodwdwaters. the category-4-4 storm was one f the e strongest to ever r make landndfall on mainland a africa. it came justst six weeeeks after ananother devastating ststorm cyclone aiai hit mozamambique, d as sea surface temperatures off the coast of africa continue to rise due to climate change. in western sahara, moroccan authorities have swept out across the city of laayoune in a bid to crush protests, as activists call for a referendum on the status of the territory and demand the release of
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political prisoners. video clandestinely recorded and circulated on social media sites shows activists mina bali and aziza biza being beaten by plainclothes security officers as the women protest peacefully in the streets of western sahara's capital. mina bali suffered broken bones in her hand requiring surgery. meanwhile, sultana khaya, a famed sahrawi activist who had her eye gouged out by a moroccan police officer in 2007 during a peaceful protest, was stopped by authorities trying to enter laayoune and turned around. the latest crackdown on dissent by morocco comes as the un security council is set to vote today on an extension of the 's mandate western sahara. morocco is seeking to prevent u.n. peacekeepers there from adding human rights monitoring to their mandate. morocco has occupied western sahara since 1975, and no other country on earth recognizes its sovereignty over the territory.
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to see our democracy now! special, "four days in western sahara, africa's last colony" you can visit our website at in chicago, boeing held its first annual shareholders meeting since fatal crashes of its 737 max airplanes in indonesia and ethiopia killed nearly 350 people. outside the meeting, family and friends held a silent protest demanding boeing executives be criminally prosecuted. the demonstration was organized by the family of 24-year-old samya stumo, who died march 10th when ethiopian airlines flight 302 crashed due to a faulty flight control system. stumo is the grand niece of consumer advocate ralph nader. as boeing's shareholders met, families of the crash victims held an emotional news conference to discuss their lawsuit against boeing. paul, who lost his wife and three young children in the
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ethiopian airlines crash, said he stays up at night thinking about the horror his family endured as pilots struggled to keep the plane flying for six minutes. >> those six minutes will forever be embedded in my mind. i was not there to help them. i could not save them. it was up to boeing to save them. we paid for a safe flight. but instead, my family and others suffered a loss that can never be mended. amy: in tennessee, republican governor bill lee attended a captive-audience meeting of workers at a volkswagen factory in chattanooga monday, urging them to vote against joining a union in an election scheduled for may. local media was not told about the governor's visit to the plant, and reporters were barred from the meeting. but a recording obtained by the news source labor notes reveals the governor firmly sided with volkswagen management againstt
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unionization. >> facing challenges. [indiscernible] amy: tennessee governor lee's comments drew both applause and boos from volkswagen employees. may's election could see more than 1700 chattanooga plant hourly workers join the united auto workers after a similar election drive in 2014 failed by a slim margin. filmmaker john singleton, whose directorial debut "boyz n the hood" told a gritty tale of gangs in south central los angeles during the 1980's and 1990's, died monday after suffering a stroke. he was just 51 years old. singleton was the first african american, and the youngest person ever, to be nominated for an oscar for best director, in 1992.
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in 1997, he directed rosewood, a historical drama based on the 1923 rosewood massacre, when a white mob b killed black resides and destroyed their florida town. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. two of the founders of black lives matter, as well as professor angela davis, and scores of other black women are holding a rally today on capitol hill to defend congresswoman ilhan omar of minnesota and to urge congress to censure president trump for his attacks on her. omar made history earlier this year when she and rashida tlaib of michigan became the first muslim women in congress. she is also the first member of congress to wear a hijab. omar, who was born in somalia and came to the united states as a refugee, has been at the center of numerous right-wing attacks since taking office. cocongressmember o omar recently said death threats against her have spiked in number since
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president trump tweeted a video juxtaposing her image with footage of the 9/11 attacks. in new york city, many y yemeni bodega owners are continuing to refuse to sellll "the new york post" after itit showed an image of the world trade center on fire with a headline attacking omar. the yemeni american merchants association said the cover provoked hatred and targeted people of the muslim faith. omar has also been accused of being antiti-semitic for criticizing the power of the israeli lobby in washington and questioning u.s.-israeli relations. despite the threats, omar has refused to be silent and has continued to speak out against racism, islamaphobia, right-wing violence, and anti-semitism. on saturday, she condemned the deadly shooting at a synagogue in san diego, writing -- "my heart is breaking after today's deadly shooting at chabad congregation in san diego -- on the last day of passover
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in six months to the day after the tree of life shooting. we as a nation must confront the terrifying rise of religious hate and violence. love trumps hate." we are joined now by two of the organizers of today's rally. barbara ransby, historian, author and activist advisor to the movement for black lives, and one of the planners behind black women in defense of ilhan omar. ransby's latest book is "making all black lives matter: reimagining freedom in the twenty-first century." angela davis is author, activist, and professor emeritus at the university of california, santa cruz. she is the author of many books, including "freedom is a constant struggle: ferguson, palestine, and the foundations of a movement." we welcome you both to democracy now! traveledvis, you have across the country to come to washington today. why? >> i think it is extremely important to demonstrate that there are many people,
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especially black women, but people in general who support ilhan omar, who have become -- who has become the target of the vitriol of the current president. because she is an immigrant, because she is muslim, because she is a courageous, bold black woman who speaks out in defense of palestinians. she is not afraid to criticize israel. and of course, the current president has made herer the target of many of his attacks. wesay we stand with her, support her, and we will not give up. amy: the president pinned between linking to a video of forthomar going back and
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to the world trade center bombings. can you talk about the significance of this and what it means? thef course we know since toction campaign that led the unfortunate election of usedd trump, trump has foil.s as a ofhas called for the banning muslim immigration into the u.s. logicic whereizarre -- or all represents muslims, rather, represent the worst deeds that any muslim has ever conducted.
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it is this logic a fungibility that has -- is at the heart of racism, is at the heart of islamophobia. and i think that all of us who are opposed to racism, opposed to anti-semitism, opposed t to l forms of assaults against people because of their race, their background, their religion, should stand with ilhan omar. amy: today at noon, professor barbara ransby, here in washington, you and others have organized this rally for ilhan omar that apparently she, too, will be attending? >> yes. for to show support congress member omar. talk about what motivated you to come in from chicago where you teach. >> we have invited 100 plus black women to show up at the capitol. we did not invite more. we're trying to be a where of
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our carbon footprint. that we represent organizations and sectors, safe leaders that are coming, jewish woman of color are coming to my muslim faith leaders, so it is a broad cross-section. the movement for black lives has called his gathering to getically show we will ourselves out of our lives, our busy lives, and come here to stand with ilhan omar. and she is not only being attacked, as angela said, because she is a number great woman, because you is a black woman, but also because she is a progressive voice that will not be silenced. she has spoken in venezuela -- she called elliott abrams to task for history of violent imperialistic interventions in central america. he is the point person for what is going on in terms of u.s. policy in venezuela. very progressive voice refusing
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to be silenced. these are two things for us. one, we see a growing trend of attacks on african americans who did a speak out on foreign-policy issues, particularly the question of palestine. angela davis in birmingham was denied an award and had the award reinstated. the list goes on. we are prepared to say we want progressive black voices in the spirit of black internationalism to speak out on these issues without punishment. in the second is, the targeting of black women. trump has been the to reality towards a many groups -- vitriolic towards him in a groups but i think there's s a particular venom when it comes to black women. he has attacked maxine waters, frederica wilson in florida, called his former -- amy: the congressmember. >> the congressmember. he attacked almost a, mustn't we
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don't have much political lightness to, but called her a dog. this kind of attack on black women just has to be opposed. , "weyou recently tweeted remember anita as we come together on april 30 to defend ilhan." >> absolutely. it is interesting and even hill has been in the news because joe biden's bid and is inexcusable role in humiliating her and making her vulnerable. i was part of a mobilization in 1991: african-american women in defense of ourselves. angela was also a part of it, which can to the defense of anita hill w who is being vilifd who herself suffered death threats and threats to sexual violence because of the position she was put in and so publicly humiliated. we see similarly with ilhan omar now -- these words have
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consequences. we see a rise in right-wing violence. recently, a bookstore outside of d.c. had an antiracist book event disrupted by white nationalists who literally marched true and intimidate people. the boldness kind of in this very much reminding us to pre-nazi germany. amy: and a shooting at san diego. >> and the shooting in san diego. the synagogue. >> the synagogue in san diego and the synagogue in pittsburgh, what happened in new zealand. all of these things point to the ways in which racist violence is being fueled by the words of trump and others. amy: we're going to go to break and come back to this discussion. we're talking to professor angela davis, and who have come to washington, d.c., with at least 100 other women of color to stand with congressmember ilhan omar, who
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is facing an increasing number of death threats. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: john william's theme to john singleton's critically acclaimed "rosewood." this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. i want to turn to congresswoman ilhan omar in her own words. this is omar speaking at busboys and poets here in washington, d.c., earlier this year. >> we know what hate looks like.
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we experience it every single day. i have colleagues who talk about death threats. i have colleagues who talk about death threats and sometimes -- there are cities in my state where the gas stations have written on their bathrooms "assassinate ilhan omar." i have people driving around my district looking for my home,e, for my office, causing me harm. i have people every single day on fox news and everywhere posting that, threat to this country. so i know what fear looks like. where i pray and minnesota got bombed by two domestic white terrorists. feels to beat it someone of faith that is vilified. i know what it means to be someone whose ethnicity is vilified. i know what it feels to be -- >> we love you! >> of a race -- like, i am an
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immigrant so i don't have historical drama the sum of my black sisters and brothers have in this country, but i know what it means for people to just see me as a black person and to treat me as less than a human. say, you areeople what theirte, i know intention is. their intention is to make sure that our lights are dimmed, that we walk around with our heads cewed, that we lower our fa and our voice. amy: that was congressmember ilhan omar speaking at the local restaurant and gathering place, busboys and poets. our guests are angela davis, author, professor, activist at
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university of california, santa cruz. and barbara ransby, one of the people and movements who have organized with movement for black lives, defense rally today of ilhan omar. as you listen to ilhan omar, angela davis, your thoughts? >> first of all, i am extremely proud that finally we have elected someone to congress who speaks out in such a powerful way on behalf of black women, on behalf of palestinians, on behalf of all people who are oppressed. i am also quite afraid for her. we know she has received many death threats. and we know that much of the attention that is focused on her as an individual is meant to
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also focus on all of us who are trying to speak out against the current policies of the u.s. government, particularly the policies on israel. we experienced the assassination of another elected official in the american hemisphere, maria franco, and brazil, a little more than a year ago. it pains me -- amy: the real councilmember, major lgbtq activist. >> absolutely. and wasreceived threats targeted in the same way that ilhan omar is being targeted today. amy: and it looks like one of the people involved with her killing, who has been accused of that, has a relationship with the bolsonaro family, the current right-wing president.
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>> and other former police officers. we know the government was directly involved in this attempt to eliminatete marielle franco. there is a vast movement in brazil. in memory is being defended the black women's movement in brazil has only grown in the aftermath of her assassination. it is up to us to prevent a similar set of circumstances from unfolding here in the united states. in defending ilhan omar, i have to really thank barbara ransby who is done such an amazing job helping to organize this event with the movement for black lives. barbara mentioned earlier she participated in the defense of anita hill, one of the main
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organizers of that massive movement. amy: back in 1991 when in need of help testified against clarence thomas. anita hill testified against clarenence t thomas. it has been interesting to see the changing political landscape, when it comes to israel. the current edition of newsweek has a full tech sure of ilhan omar "ilhan omar: the democrats and israel." is looking at the breaking of the consensus, particularly within the democratic party, around support for aipac. you look at the aipac meeting that just took placed. among those who did not attend were one after another democratic presidential candidates. senator bernie sanders was not there, senator kamala harris,
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elizabeth warren were not there, beto o'rourke was that there, washington governor r jay inslee was not there. beto o'rourke recently called netanyahu a racist. can you talk about this breaking of the consensus. you have an event taking place that is getting tremendous pushback that has people like marc lamont hill going, as well ,s linda sarsour, dave zirin and others. you have a number of groups protesting this, but you also have them pushing back and the university standing up for the right o of this gathering to spk about palestine, that will be taking place may 4, this saturday. so there is a breaking of consensus. ilhan omar is not out there alone, though she is the lightning rod for all of this.
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>> absolutely. >> it is so important. i think our number of variables and angela's leadership and visibility on the since the delegation in 2011 has been really remarkable. i also want to put in context, , butovement in brazil here, it is not just us. it is also some of the young leaders in the movement for black lives who in 2016, included and the reason for black lives, solidarity with palestinian human rights and caught a lot of flack for it and had funders move away from them because of it. i think this generation of latinx activists and jewish breaking the are silence around israel. it is so important. it is important ilhan is not on that question and many others. amy: you patrice c colors coming out today, the founders of the black lives matter movement
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coming out for ilhan omar happening today at noon? >> absolutely. and override range of dust and a wide range of women from all of the country coming to say we stand with delhi and in that other women stand with us. so we're telling the republicans to back off and telling the democrats to step up and have a much more vigorous defense of her. amy: if people were just watching the news, they would think that ilhan omar only speaks about israel. but in fact, she takes on many, the different issues and is forerefront on those. i i want to turn to o congress membmber ilhan omar questioning comes a special envoy to venezuela elliot abrarams on his record earlier this year. guilty that you pleaded to two counts of withholding information from congress regarding your involvement in the iran contra affair for which
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your later pardoned by president george h.w. bush. i failil to understand why membs of this committee or the american people should find any testimony that you give today to be truthful. >> if i can respond to that. >> it wasn't a question. omarthat was ilhan questioning trump's special ellioto venezuela abrams. elliot abrams, who was convicted appointedo congress, by president trump, to be the point person on venezuela. in a moment, we will be speaking more about venezuela because as this broadcast got underway, juan guaido, the head of the national assembly, is currently attempting a coup against the
4:37 pm
venezuela president. we will see how this unfnfolds throughout the day. but the significance of ilhan omar on all of these fronts, angela davis? a major omar is ongressive voice foreign-policy issues, on issues of racism, on issues of misogyny . and finally, we do have someone in congress who is not afraid to stand up and fight back. of course, not at all attempting to belittle the legacy of people like barbara lee and maxine waters who have been struggling with the democrats in congress for many years. but i think it is particularly important that she took the lead in challenging the position on
4:38 pm
.enezuela the apparent coup that is underway now, supported by the u.s. government, is an attempt to increase the effect of the move toward the right throughout the world. also narrow in brazil. philippines,e netanyahu reelected. -- netanyahu really it in israel. of the might be critical current leadership of venezuela, but he was democratically elected. what would we say in this country if another power decided to support a coup in the u.s., even though we have a president -- well, we won't get into that. you get the point i am making.
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amy: angela davis, you returned to her hometown of birmingham, alabama, in february, originally planning a visit to receive the fred l shuttlesworth award with the institute with through the award soon after the board was sent a letter reconsidering honoring you do to your support of the bds movement targeting the israeli government and israeli institutions because of the israeli occupation. facing swift and widespread outcry, the institute reversed its decision and reinstated the award but angela davis has yet to say if she will accept it. we followed you to birmingham. youas a massive welcome for as a birmingham daughter. thousands of people came out. we also interviewed the head of the civil rights museum who said she deeply hopes that you will
4:40 pm
come back to receive the award. what happened. what have you decided? was a reallyll, it remarkable moment. what impressed me so much was that especially black people, but also many white people, including jewish people, stood that support of the idea palestinians also deserve to be recognized for their human rights. it is not possible to believe in human rights, but to exclude a given population. yeah. i would like to accept the fred l shuttlesworth award because i ofply respect the legacy freight shuttlesworth.
4:41 pm
the birmingham institute is a remarkable institution. there are some issues with the leadership that were expressed in the fact the award was presented. amy: and three people on the after theyo resign rescinded the recension, after they said, please accept the award. so do you plan to return? >> i don't see this as an individual decision. -- onaking my leadership the ground organizers who recognize that it is their responsibility to assist in the transformation of the institute. so i understand there are meetings under way. of course, the mayor's office at least -- funds at least half of
4:42 pm
the budget. , a sort an organization of ad hoc or become together, birmingham truth and reconciliation committee. they are in conversation with the leadership of the civil rights -- amy: have you spoken to andrew taylor? >> i haven't spoken to her directly. i am waiting to see what the outcome of the meetings might be. i will take the leadership from those who are doing the underground work. amy: i think that is breaking news. i thank you both for being with us. we will cover the rally today in defense of ilhan omar and bring that to our viewers, listeners, and readers tomorrow on democracy now! i want to thank you, angela davis, author professor, and , activist at the university of california, santa cruz.
4:43 pm
author of many books, including "freedom is a constant struggle: ferguson, palestine, and the foundations of a movement." festering, ransby, actress, advisor, one of the planners behind black women in defense of ilhan omar. we'll be there at noon outside the capital covering this event. when we come back in breaking news, venezuelan opposition coupr juan guaido says a is underway. we will get the latest. ♪ [music break]
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amy: "if i didn't have your love" by leonard cohen. this is democracy now!, i'm amy goodman. we are broadcasting from washington, d.c. venezuelan opposition leader juan guaido says a cocoup is underway in caracas. he appeared this mororning in a vivideo posted o online ststandg heavily armed soldiers for claiming is "starting the final phase of operation liberty." guaido appeared alongside formerly chilled opposition leader the bulldog lopez who said he of an free by military officers loyal to the opposition. the klonopin as well as to rise up against the government of does she called on them to rise up against the government of nicolas maduro. >> come here, disrupt order, join and encourage our soldiers,
4:46 pm
join our p people. good morning, venezuela. let's do this together. amy: reuters reports a witness later saw venezuelan security forces fired to guess directly at juan guaido and around 70 armed men in military women were they had gathered near and air force base in caracas. the coos announcement was welcomed by the european parliament who called it "historic day for the return of democracy and freedom to venezuela." the right-wing government tweeted "will call the military the people of venezuela to place themselves on the right set of history, rejecting murderous dictatorship." the coup has a parent backing of the trump administration and many lawmakers including marco rubio of florida who tweeted "after years of suffering, ofedom is way for people venezuela. now is the moment to take to the streets in support of your legitimate constitutional government. do not allow this moment to slip away. it may not come again." the socialist party leader called on government supporters
4:47 pm
to mass at the presidential palace to defend president nicolas maduro against what he called small uprising of traders soldiers backed by the u.s. minister's defense said the maduro government remains in control and that military units repeported normality at barracks and bases across venezuela. maduro's ally evo morales said in a statement -- by anjoined right now attorney and author who served as an advisor to the former venezuela president hugo chavez. her new book is called " confidant of tyrants: the america when trusted by the u.s. against enemieses." thank you for j joining us. what do you understand is taking place right now? > there is but a lead up to this situatition -- there has bn
4:48 pm
a lead up to the situation for several months for the opposition led by 1.0 at -- - jn guaido has declarered themselves in charge of thehe country. eveven know theyey happen. eveveryone h has been waiting ge what e exactly is going to happn had been stop guaidodo calling for big marches in the on may 1, whichow is a also internationanal workes day and aa day of celebration usually in venezuela in commemoration, big marches in the street. ththat had been announced publicly. this is somewhat to what took place in february when there was humanitarian aid posted at the border from the united states -- of the border with c colombia ad evenen know the anannouncement d bebeen made that that aid woulde entering the country on a certain day, thehe operation ben the day before. it seemsms as though they arare trying to get t one foot aheada. presently, i thinknk some of t e major developments wouould be it
4:49 pm
appears come although unclear with the numbers are, some military, high-ranking come have sided with guaido and the opposition and that lopez has been freed from his house arrest -- which is major because he is one of the biggest figigures of the far right opposition. he can certainly gararner the masses more so even than guaido has done. this was unexpected for many who are waiting until tomorrow to take to the streets. i think we're seeing a triple effect of the streets right now in caracas and we have not yet heard, as of this moment, from nicolas maduro. we heard from several of his other cabinet members, calling in a programs -- [no audio] nger, servicei legal advisor to former venezuelan president hugo chavez. the latest news we have, president trump has been briefed on events in venezuela where the army says it is confronting a
4:50 pm
group of military traders. if you could expand further on the role of the united states, of elliott abrams, john bolton come the secretary of state pompeo, and the vice president who from the beginning of the reelection of nicolas maduro, has been congratulating juan guaido as the legititimate president of venezuela, though he was not elected president. interestingly, not only fox, i was watching msnbc. when guaido's wife came to be with trump, it read "first lady of venezuela." ofthere has been a sort doububle dialologue going on we the u.s. has recognized guaido as a a legitimate so-called president of venezuela, but he is not. he is not in powower of anany e inststitutions we e have had --p until today. we don't know w what is s going happen. there is no question that guaido , the opposition would d not hae
4:51 pm
got to where they are today without the very aggressive backing of the trump administration. trump has made clear, , as i hae -- as have his advisors, reports recently came out in the past hashours that erik princnce offered mercenaries to go to venezuela. that may have alreaeady happene. sometimemes the news gets out after ththe fa all u up i thinit heabsolutely clear opposition has been propped upup byby the u.s. the e u.s. has played an ongoing aggresessive role. i have been denouncing it now for 15 years. certainly, there are many in venezuela who would hope for change in the country, but they do not want a u.s. backed regime in place. they do not want a far right imposed regime that answers to foreign interest, which is what we're seeing takeke place in the country. and i do believe it is a very
4:52 pm
dangerous situation in venezuela. there could be violent conflicts ahead. and without this explicit backing of the united states, we would not be seeing the level of chaos taking place in the country today, as well as the sanctions that have been imposed that have exacerbated venezuela's humanitarian crisis and the difficulties that a majority of venezuelans are facing on an economic level in the country. amy: eva golinger, thank you for being with us. as we turn right now to our last segment. funeral services were held monday in san diego, california, for lori kaye, a 60-year-old jewish congregant who was shot dead saturday in the latest attack by a white supremacist on a house of worship. on saturday morning, a man with an assault rifle entered the chabad of poway synagogue and opened fire during a service markrking the last dayay of passover. police say the shooter fled but was arrested a shohort time lal.
4:53 pm
prosecutors are investigating as a hate crime. the latest white nationalists killing comes after the department of homeland security disbanded itits domestic terrorm unit last year, reassigning its analyst to other departments. dhs says the threat of homegrown extremism has been significantly reduced. but in a revieiew of 50 murders committed by extremists in 2018, the anti-defamation league found 49 came at the hand of right-wing extremists with white foremacist alone accounting 39 of the murders. to talk about the rise of white supremacisists islands and the trump administration's response, we're joined now by daryl johnson, former department of homeland security senior analyst. in 2009, johnson author report warning about the increasing dangers of violent right-wing
4:54 pm
extremism in the united states, sparking a political firestorm in the process. under pressure from republican lawmakers unpopular talk show host, dhs ultimately repudiated his paper. his forthcoming book is titled "hateland: a long hard look at america's extremist heart," will be out in june. it is great to have you with us in these last three minutes. can you talk about this latest attack in the attack before that, both at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, the san diego attack at the synagogue this past weekend. white supremacist violence, looking charlottesville year ago where president trump said of the white supremacist klan marchers, "there are good, fine people on both sides"? >> this has become the new normal. between a pittsbubuh synagogugue attatack and the one that we h d ththis week in california, there werere other arsrson attacks agt other places of worship. we had a mosque that was arson
4:55 pm
allegedly by the same perpetrator that conducted the same latest synagogue shooting. we have three black churches in the south that were arsoned. domestic terrorism is alive and well today. amy: talk ababout the fact that homeland security disbanded its counterterrorism unit. disbanded it last year. despite the fact that violent extremism, violent attacks are up. and the vast majority of them are being committed by white but theists, investigatioions of them by y te depapartment of homeland securi, the unit in charge, trump didisbanded. >> this was not the first time. my unit was disbanded in 2009 and they reconstituted it with a few analysts. disbanding. latest but it is not a very good sign our government is getting rid of resources that could actually be helping state and local law enforcement combat this problem.
4:56 pm
amy: so the cutting of fundsds o the groups within the government that invesestigatete white supremacists, can you talk about what this means? what were these resources used for? >> we've had state and local anti-terrorism training funding pulled last year under trump. this was thehe u.s.'s preeminent domestic terrororism training fr state and local law-enforcement. it no longer exists. we had g grant funding pulled fm organizations s that wanted to study the trends we're seeing as counteringduct violent extremism efforts to try to pull people out of these movements and reform them and acclimimate them back into society. we need all hands on deck. we need every resource to be devoted to comombat this proble. and it does not seem like as a administration is committed to doing that. johnston, even before trump came to power, you wrote a column for "the new york times google for domestic hate, play the vigor and strategy used for
4:57 pm
muslim terror. your piece began -- "national security threat whose name we dare not speak." a what i'm referring to is lot of these attacks we hear in the media as well as our politicians and even police it is aalk about how crazed g gunman or hate crime. these are t terms to kind of disguise the fact these are ideologically motivated attacks that fit the definition of terrorism. why not call it what it is? amy: finally, how has the threat of right-wing violence changed since you did the report in 2009 under president obama that the right wing so fiercely attacked the government withdrew it? standing here today in disbelief this threat is still ongoing 10 years after i wrote that report warning of t e rise of this threat. that is very disturbing. the fact our government at t the national level has not even recognized this thrhreat and
4:58 pm
called it terrrrorism is positie for concern. ay: to think there would be different responsibility muslim attacker the tree of life, muslim attacker in san diego -- which again, we know it is n no, both were about white supremacists. >> we clearly see there's a double standard when there comes to the policymakers when they call a terrorism. they apply it salute to the muslim variety. amy: we're going to continue this conversation and post it online at daryl johnson former department , of homeland security senior analyst. his forthcoming book titled, "hateland: a long hard look at america's extremist heart," will be out in june. he is the owner and founder of dt analytics, a private consultancy firm. he is also the author of "right wing resurgence: how a domestic terrorist threat is being ignored." that does it for today's broadcast. we will be bringing you the
4:59 pm
latest on venezuela throughout the day at underway.ed coup and we will be covering the ilhan omar defense rally today in washington, d.c., just outside the capital.
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