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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 8, 2019 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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brent: this is "dw news," live from berlin. tonight, european countries stuck between tehran and washington, struggling to save the iran nuclear deal. iraq's president says he is withdrawing from key areas of the 2015 deal aimed at curtailing iran's nuclear program. the announcement comes one year after the u.s. pulled out and could see tehran enriching uranium again soon. also coming up, polls have closed in a pivotal election for south africa. the ruling african national
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congress looks set to extend its 25 years in power, but voters are angry over rampant corruption and spiraling inequality. and a big day for britain's newest royal. meeting the preress, and has grt grandmother, the queen. but what have harry and meghan decided to name their little boy? the answer, coming up. ♪ brent: i'm brent goff. to our viewers on pbs in the united states and around the world, welcome. iran says it will stop complying with parts of a landmark nuclear deal struck with world powers back in 2015. president hassan rouhani made the announcement today, exactly one year after the united states threw the agreement into
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jeopardy by unilaterally withdrawing from it. the deal was designed to limit iran's ability to produce nuclear fuel. now, rouhani says iran could resume enriching and stockpiling uranium soon. reporter: patience has run out. president hassan rouhani says he is not trying to destroy, but rather to save the nuclear agreement by leveling an ultimatum to the five countries that are still signatories. >> if these five countries return to the table within 60 days and we reach agreements on oil sales and banking, then we will uphold our side of the nuclear deal. reporter: under the 2015 nuclear deal, iran agreed to let international atomic agency monitors into their nuclear facilities and only enrich uranium for civilian purposes. in return, economic sanctions in the country were lifted. the international atomic energy agency says iran has been meeting its end of the bargain,
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but that did not prevent the u.s. withdrawing from the deal last year and reinstating sanctions. now, iran is threatening to enrich its uranium closer to weapons grade levels. the moves comes as the u.s. has been stepping up its anti-iran rhetoric. secretary of state mike pompeo made an impromptu visit to iraq this week, accusing iran of posing a threat to u.s. soldiers in the country. just days s ago, the u.s. deplod a carrier to the persian gulf. the trump administration policy is to exert maximum pressure on iran, and their sanctions are hitting hard. iran's oil exports are down and their currency has taken a dive. things are getting tight for tehran. brent: so where does this leave the iranian nuclear deal? let's get the view from brussels. that is where our correspondent teri schultz is joining us tonight. good evening to you, teri. we know that the european union has spent the past year trying to rescue the iranian nuclear deal. why has it fallen so short?
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teri: well, it has rescued the iranian nuclear deal.. the deal is s not dead, despite the ununited states pullg outt and the united states wanting veryry forcefully for that deaeo be defefunct. it defies s some people's idedea that the deal l still exists. what has happened d is the u.s. put so m much preressure on the otheher signatories, on european union compmpanies doing bubusins in iran, on chinina and russisio pull outut of the agemement, spp doing businessss with i iran, tt iran has n not received the befitsts it has promised in exchange for c curtailing its nuclear enrichment activities and other actions that the rest of the world felt might be able to lead d to a nuclearar weapon. so, now iran did exercise whahat it called d strategic patitiencd it sayss our e economy isot doig as well as you p promised u us t would, you have not stood up to the u.s., and now basically
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we're going to call conditions of our own. brent: we know germany is one of the five countries which remain signatories to thihis deal. take a listen to what german foreign minister heiko maas said today. >> we do not agree with the step taken by iran today. our message is and remainins clear. we, along with our partners, unconditionally standby the nuclear agreement. and that is why we expect iran to stand by the agreement, completely and unconditionally. brent: we have got iran accusing its eu partners of not holding their part of the nuclear deal. is that a fair assessment, and what can the e.u. do now moving forward? teri: iran does have a a pointn. it's economy has not r returnedo any state of robustness as it had hoped following the deal. it has completely impmplemented
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it, according to the internatational atomomic enener- energy agency whihich is responsible e for monitoriring i thisis is because ofof.s. sanctions, the sanctioio warned woululd be put on any countntry which continued -- company which continue doing business with iran, which is completely legal under the deal. it puts eu companies in a tough position, eu governments in a toughh position,n, but iran is riright, i it has not gotten wht expectedutut of the deal. atat the samame time the e.u. hs tried so hard to keep it together. it is in the process of implementing a system that would allow payments to go to iran withthout coming undnder u.s. sanctions. that is not up and running yet, so iran has the right to be a little impatient about that. but i believe that e.u. certainly feels a bit betrayed by iran doing this, giving it 60 days to somehow turn the situation around. that is a dangerous situation. iran may not be in violation of the agreement within the next 60 days if it returns to crawling
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towards enrichment activities again, but it could get there quickly after 60 days and that worries anyone. it is not in anyone's interest for this to happen.n. iran even says itself doess not want to o pull out of ththe dl. it simply wants the eu to boost its economic activity with iran so thahat both sides are getting what was agreed. the eu is basically in a position now where it needs to work as hard as it can to fulfill the proromises in may 2 iran -- it made t tiran and h he ththey do notot move backck tows enrichmentnt activities. brbrent: rouhani said it was to save thehe deal, not desestroy . teri, as always, thank you. polls have closed in south africa in the most closely contested election since the end of apartheid. the ruling african national congress is tipped to retain power, but it could face a real
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challenge from a breakaway opposition party after its failure to improve living conditions in its quarter century in power. reporter: voting day in south africa. 25 years after the first free elections, many citizezens are w fefed up with the way the county is being run. and during that enentire time, e african national congress has been in power. people say south africa is mired in crime, corruption, and economic stagnation. even president cyril ramaphosa, who is from the anc, admits to the problems. >> corruption got into the way. patronage got into the way. and not focusing on the needs of our people got into the way. reporter: that admission may not win over voters the way the anc did at the last election five years ago when they took 62% of the vote. >> we justant t them to tatake care of us. take c care of our elderly. take care of our children. make sure that our kids are
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having j jobs. >> listen to what the people want. it is very easy to stand there and make promises, but it is another thining to actualllly implement and become the government that people vote for you. don't switch up on us because now you are in power. reporter: another possible winner could be center right demomocratic alliance leader mmi maimane, who cast his vote in the cradle of the fight against apartheid. but the biggest challenger to the anc could well be leftist leader julius malema of the economic freedom fighters. he has pushed for a redistribution of prime agricultural land, much of which is owned by the white minority. and now president ramaphosa of the anc has jumped on that bandwagon himself, wanting to accelerate that redistribution in the hope of luring votes away from malema. the results of the election are expected by saturday. brent: i am joined at the big table by south african
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journalist, author and filmmaker, a familiar face to our viewers. she joins us every time we talk about south africa and their elections. we are following these elections closely. what results are you expecting? >> it is a bit early to expect it buthe anc wilill probably get between 55% and 60% of the vote and they will be in power for another five years. i think the difficulty is whether ramaphosa takes control of the anc because he is not incompletely -- in complete control of his own party. and if he will stamp out corruption, which is the biggest issue in south africa at the moment. brent: it is hard to imagine that after 25 years we are talking about the main party in power having a leader that really it is maybe not in control and a party that is part
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and parcel of rampant corruption. that is a horrible place to be after they have had democracy for 25 years. anli: and opinion polls show more than 50% of the population of south africa is very unhappy because the ruling party is the face of corruption in the country. and he has promised and he said after the election, the rule of law -- people will be charged and all of that, but he still sits with the vice president who isis very c corrupt with his gel secretary of the anc, who is a gangster in many ways. and he does not seem to have got control of his party. in some ways very similar to mandela who never managed to get control of his own party. brent: whahat effect is time having here? we have a generation of first-time voters this year who have never known anything but a
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democratic and free south africa. what impact is that having on politics in the country? anli: i think any party that has been in power for 25 years is not a good thing. in no country at all. and i think we see a lot o of young people sort of waking up and saying, we have seen it with protests on campuses, and they are saying this is not the south africa we want. the economic freedom fighters are very popular in south africa. they control most of the university campuses. a lot of young, urban, black, intelligent voters are voting for them because they see it as the only alternative to the anc. so, they are still sort of feeling they are for values their parents fought for. but it is between parents and the next generation. brent: and you see the eff
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growing in popularity and political power? anli: yes. we are all watching whether they are going to double the votes in the election. definitely in the next election they will be the biggest challenge to the ruling party. brent: anli serfontein, as always we appreciate your time and your insights. anli: thank you very much. brent: we go now to pakistan, and asia bibi, the christian woman who spent years on death row on a blast may has left the country. according to lawyers she is now in canada where two of her daughters are thought to have been granted asylum. for bibi it starts her new life far from the islamist hard-liners in pakistan who wanted her dead. reporter: she is one of the most talked about women in pakistan. asia bibi, pictured here shortly after her conviction in 2010. the christian mother of five,
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sentenced to death for apparent remarks about islam. she was acquitted in october of 2018 and went into hiding. not on death row but still in constant fear for her life. and this is why. hard-line islamists calling for her to be hanged. the supreme court's decision triggered days of nationwide protests. >> in every corner of the country, the s sons of islam hae voiced opposition to the supreme court verdict by going on the streets. what kind of a verdict is this from the supreme court of an islamic republic, which is troubling muslims but satisfying infidels?? reporter: demonstrations were only called off when the government b agreed toar bibi from leaving -- to bar bibi from
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leaving the country pending appeal. the governor of this province was assassinated by his bodyguard in 2011 after speaking in bibi's defense. later that same year, a federal minister for minorities was killed after calling for her release. and this was a reaction in january of this year after the supreme court upheld its verdict. vast crowds demanding asia bibi 's death. brent: earlier i spoke to a chair of the muslim pakistani christian association. he has been in close contact with asia bibi's family throughout her ordeal. i asked him how she does it. >> asia bibi is elated, are her family, at this opportunity to leave pakistan. but they are terrified. they had been under threat. 90 per -- 95% of the country
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probably want them dead. it has been a real epiphany. a real cathartic moment for them. she is in poor health. she has been in isolation for 10 years. we know her mental state has been affected by that. she has been exhibiting symptoms that would be similar to dementia or depression. she will have to have adequate care she gets to canada. i am very hopeful for their future and looking forward to new freedom in canada. brent: here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world. donald trump has used presidential privilege do brought -- blocked the release of information demanded by congress. the white house wants to suppress material including redacted parts of the mueller report on russian interference in the u.s. election. a house of representatives
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committee has launched contempt proceedings against attorney general bill barr for failing to turn n over the documents. afghan forces have fought with taliban militants who killed at least five people on attack in the capital kabul. dozens more were wounded. the assault came as u.s. and taliban officials were forming peace talks in qatar. european elections are just over two weeks away. several countries are likely to see mainstream parties lose ground to populist. hungary's party is expected to capitalize on anti-immigrant sentiment and antipathy to brussels. but as dw's max zander found out, many young hungarians are looking for a different vision. max: they want to their future to be in the eu. these are the lead candidates for a young hungarian movement. they are set to challenge the
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far right party in the upcoming eu elections. >> they are destroying the unity of europe. they are fighting against our shared accomplishments. they want to create a europe which is less stable, organized and powerful. i think europe needs to be reformed in order to fight against these populists. max: a majority of young people have joined the march here today to mark the 15th anniversary of hungary joining the bloc. after all, it is them in practice who benefit the most and areess likiky to buyuy into the ananti-europnn rhetoric ofof the government. despite prominent support from a n eu commissioner, only a few hundred supporters joined the march today. there is a mood of political apathy in the country. but for those who came out
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today, the eu is a fundamental issue. >> we are against the corruption. what is in the hungarian government right now. we are 100% in support of the european union. what is going around is unacceptable. >> the european union is likike the symbol of freedom and free speech. and it is like, the last hope. max: these young hungarians are tired of the government's anti-iep policies. many have moved to other eu companany -- countntries for a betttter future. since the 2008 financncial cris, close to 500,000 mostly young hungarians have gone abroad. that is almost 5% of the population. but for the governing party, stopping this mass exodus does not seem to be a priority. they are eu campaign focuses exclusively on the alleged threat thahat immigrationn poseo the country. these campaign activists tell ls
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that youngng people leaving the country are nonot the issue. >> in my opinion, it is not only hungariansns who want to move abroad. the youth f from poland a and ge travavel abroad, g germans alsle to hungary. max: momentum's vice president blames the government for failing to provide for her generation. she says she is committed to providing a future for young hungarian's at home, regardless of the odds. >> after three elections when they won a super majority, you cannot say, ok, it is hopeless, we cannot do anything anymore. even if this election will not turn out the way we hope for, it does not mean that next time we cannot be more successful, stronger, more motivated. if you fail, then you stand up and do twice as hard. max: been last year's
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parliamentary elections, momentum failed to pass the 5% thresholold. but with a few more weeks to go and a third of hungary's young people still undecided, there is a chance they could make their dream of shaking up hungarian politics in europe a reality. brent: it is now a political tit for tat in turkey. the main opposition party the chp wants past election results which favored the ruling party overturned. that includes local as well as national results from 2018. the opposition are heading back after electoral authorities scrapped istanbul's recent mayoral election. that contest was won by the chp in a humiliating defeat for president erdogan's ak party. authorities ruled the election has to be re-run. they say they may have been proof it was right. the opposition say the take -- the same technicality disqualifies other past results.
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stan bowles ousted mayor -- istanbul's ousted mayor has vowed to win the rerun. he called the race a wider struggle for democracy. >> i am the elected mayor of istanbul. i am a winner already. as mayor, i represent the will of 16 million people, and i cannot give up this responsibility because seven members of the election authority made a wrong decision. yes, there will be a rerun, and we will fight. but if the vote count proves that we have lost the election, then we need to accept that. this is not only about istanbul and the mayor ship here. this is a larger struggle for democracy. i was elected on the 31st of march and i will be elected
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again on the 23rd of june. i am absolutely sure about that. brent: that was istanbul's ousted mayor ekrem imamoglu speaking with us earlier. uber drivers around the world have been on strike. they are trying to send a message to the right handling startup before it becomes a publicly hated -- traded company. they are striking for local -- livable incomes, job security, and regulating fairs. this is the biggest action we have seen against uber so far. reporter: he has been driving for uber sinince 2015. but today she switched off her app and went on strike. because of the low rates uber pays, she can no milk -- no longer make ends meet. >> at first it was good.
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i was able to make probably, i would say, easily over $1000 a week and still have two days off. so, it seemed to make sense at the time. reporter: but uber steadily decreased her income, so she has been on the road in los angeles every day since the beginning of the year. no weekend off and no vacation. she is demanding the same rights as employees, such as unemployment insurance and paid sick leave. but uber and lyft say their business model would be quote, adversely affected if drivers were classified as employees and not independent contractors. >> both uber and lyft have said the greatest threat for investors is drivers of satisfaction -- driver dissatisfaction. they knonow they are paying too little to keep their model
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fufunctional. both uber and lyft have been mandated debate $25 an hour in certain cities. reporter: even in the big apple there are protesters. the independent drivers guild organized a caravan of uber drivers across the brooklyn bridge. many slam uber's move to develop driviverless cars, a afraid of lolosing theheir jobs. as tokens of goodwill, uber has offered drivers cash bonuses ahead of going public. that has not been enough to appease the broader pool of drivers in new york, or in los angeles. brent: britain's prince harry and meghan, the duke and duchess of sussex, have named their newborn son. the couple's first child was born monday morning.. it is still not known exactly where he was born. archie is seventh in line to the british throne.
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he is queen elizabeth's eighth grand grandchild. the monarch and baby met today for the first time. after the photos, megan and harry took a few photos -- questions from the press. >> it is pretty amazing. i have the two best guys in the world, so i am really happy. >> the baby has changed so much over two weeks. we are monitoring how it will change over the next month. it is changing every single day. so who knows. brent: they all look good. she looks great. she just had a baby two days ago. here's a reminder of the top stories we are falling for you. iran says it is withdrawing from the -- iranian president hassan ronnie says tehran will stop some commitments and will once again enrich uranium to high levels if the deal is not renegotiated
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within 60 days. and voting has closed in south africa's parliamentary presidential elections. they are widely seen as a test of the ruling anc and its later -- is leader cyril ramaphosa after decades of corruption and economic mismanagement. you're watching "dw news." after a short break i'll be back to take you through "the day." stick around for that. we'll be right back. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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and offers. twenty four get all your news on europe and the european elections on france twenty four in france twenty four dot com. that you're watching live from paris in front twentnty four the headlines this hour. the united states s imposes more sanctions on iran targeting its metals exports this off to tehran found t to resume its nuclear prorogram within sixty days. unless europe did more to protect its economy. maybe is he went back to prime minister tells frost twenty four he hopes the paris will do more to help his government in tripoli. as heavy fast all continues his offensive from the east. and south africa's ruling party braced for a bloody nose from voters fed up with rampant


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