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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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berlin. america's secretary of state makes an unscheduled trip to brussels as tensions between the eu's -- u.s. and iran increase. mike pompeo gate crashes and meeting of eu foforeign ministes as he ies totoin supupport for washington's hardline on toronto. the eu is keen to preserve the nuclear deal. they warned him against conflict in the region. also on the program, china says it will respond to washington's doubling of tariffs on their imports, by increasing levies on
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american g goods as u.s. offffis warn that the trade e dispute is hurting bobo sideses. hohollywood vivie legendnd doriy has died at the age of 97. we will take a look back a at se of the most iconic moments of her career. >> i am phil gayle. welcome to the program. iran is at the center of a growing rift between the u.s. and its european allies. meeting in brussels today, eu countries urged the u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo, not to escalate tensions and britain and germany raise concerns over an accidental military conflict in an already unstable region. a year after the u.s. withdrew from net nuclear deal, u.s. foreign -- eu foreign ministers are fighting -- looking for a
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way to salvage it. >> the u.s. secretary of state's visit came as a surprise. mike pompeo turned up in brussels, with the message that if europeans were discussing iran, he should be there, even if he wasn't the right to. when he heard from his eu counterparts was mostly criticism. the u.s. put out of the iran nuclear deal a year ago. >> in europe, we are united in our view that this deal is vital to our security. no one wants iran to be in possession of nuclear weapons. that is the goal of this accord and that is what we have achieved so far. we will stand united for this agreement to be implemented. >> after donald trump withdrew from the deal last may, he reproduced harsh sanctions against tehran and he most recently sent warships to the gulf. iran follolod suit last week by ababandoning part of the deaeal.
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a puzzling incident in the gulf of o oh m man is an indicator of rising tension. the united arab emirates says this oil tanker was one of four commercial vessels attacked and damaged on sunday. emirates officials have not described the nature of the attack or who is responsible. what is clear is the growing unease in one of the world's most significant shipping hubs. 20% of all oil transports passes through the horn of four moods. eu foreign officials warn it could trigger a major conflict, all the more reason to restore the deal. >> we are worried about the risk of the conflict happening by accident with an exultation desk escalation that is unintended on either side. we need to make sure we do not end up pushing iran back on the path of nuclearization. if iran becomes a nuclear power, its neighbors will want to as
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well. this is already the most unstable region in the world. >> pompeo left brussels after just a few hours, without any change in washington position. no change either in eu leaders' desire to save the deal. with no concrete plan on how to do that, tensions are likely to grow. brent: phil: let's get more on this from phil: teresa, who has reported extensively. in brussels, we have rebecca as well. welcome rebecca, welcome teresa. what did mike pompeo want when he gatecrashed this meeting in brussels and did he get it? >> it's hard to say exactly what he wanted. as we just heard, it was a surprise visit. he did not announce it until he was getting on the aircraft to fly. if we assume he wanted the eu to join that the u.s. in dropping
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the nuclear deal, we can say he did not get what he wanted. the eu went into that meeting pretty united and confirmed that they want to maintain the deal. they left that meeting with the same voice, saying they do not want to abandon the deal. phil: teresa, these talks are taking place on a day when there are fresh tensions in the persian gulf. talk us through what has been happening. >> we have heard about the alleged assault on those four vessels in the persian gulf. it's not confirmed what is happened there or who has -- he was behind it, it countries to the fears of open aggression in the region. it happened days behind the u.s. announced they are moving to warships there and the number of b-52 bombers into the area where the iranian military is already active. it is basically their backyard.
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with the o2 militaries around, a tiny misunderstanding could lead to an open confrontatiti. with the lacack of f plomatic channels betweenen the two powe, that could lead to further escalation. during the obama era, the foreign ministers used to talk. right now, that is not happening. with more escalation coming, that could not only be in the persian gulf, but iraq, syria or even israel. phil: the british foreign secretary was making that point today. theresa: that's what he said. it doesn't take much for an open confrontation. both sides should be aware of that. they should be restricted in what they are doing and be careful. phil: what is iran -- what is its endgame? what is it trying to achieve about its withdrawal from the deal? theresa: it is trying to put pressure on europe. it has been a year since the u.s. withdrew from the nuclear
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agreemenent. back then,n, all the o other remainining pararties, china, ra and the european countries, s sd they wanted to keep the deal. the europeans said they would do anything they could to save it and make sure iran still gets benefits from keepeping its part of the agreement. that did not happen. all they did was talk. they could not live up to it. what rouhani is trying to do now, is say you have to act now. he is under immense pressure domestically. phil: rebecca, does the eu have a plan? will it pick a side? rebecca: it is finding itself increasingly stuck in the middle between a rock and a hard place. it really doesn't want to have to pick a side. they haven't spoken publicly about in alternative plan. they want to maintain the deal. they believe in it. just after the press conference,
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maturin eight said she wanted to stress that they have -- iran has been upholding their part of the bargain. they want to maintain doing business with them as long as they do that. the international atomic agency was the only group that could determine whether they were keeping up the end of the party -- bargain. they said they were. the eu is determined to continue doing business with them until they are not keeping up their end of the bargain. they want to maintain restraint. phil: are we likely to see further escalations? theresa: hard to tell. it is not in the interest of the iranian people. they have been suffering from the effects of sanctions that are crippling the country's economy. they don't want any further escalation. what happens from now depends on
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whether the two men in power, donald trump and the leaders in tehran, wanted to risk to bring their countries to a war they cannot win. phil: thank you. some of the othther stories makg news around the world. sudanese state media say omar al-bashir has been charged in pprotesters deathsururing last month's uprirising. bashirir rulul foror three decas until protests led to his arrest. prprotest leaderers have announa breakthrough agreememe with the country's military rulers over a transitional power structure. sri lankan police say a muslim man has died after being attacked during anti-mlim writing.g. itit is the first fatality after
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the backlash of the muslim militant attack on easter day. thousands of families in syria are fleeing after airstrikes hit rebel enclaves. syrian government forces began advancing on the region late last month. human rights observers say more than 300 people have been killed in the offensive. the u.s.-china trade war is taking on new proportion. stocks the best of everything today as washington and beijing raised the stakes and entered a new phase of tariffs. donald trump denied that u.s. consumers would pay for higher tariffs on chinese imports and warned that china would not follow suit. beijing said it would not swallow and the bitter fruit -- any bitter for that hard interest. >> china's response to>> washingtgt's latesestariffs waws as red as s it wasredidictable.
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beijijing said itt would introde additional tariffs of 20-25% on $60 billion of u.s. i imports . raising g tariffs will notot soe any problems. china will never surrender to external pressure. we have the determination and ability to safeguard our legitimate rights and interests. more than five thousand u.s. products, including american airplane parts and liquefied natural gas are monday expoports to be hihit by the tariffs from beginning of next month. washington's sanctions announced on friday activated a new 25% duty on nearly 6000 categories of products from china. after announcing his new tariffs, president donald trump took to twitter, to assure his people that china would foot the bill for them, saying, we will be taking in tens of billions of dollars in tariffs frorom china. on u.s. tv, one of trumps chief
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economic advisers was forced to admit that u.s. citizens were going to be splitting the bill with chinese consumers. despite beijing's bluster, by setting the june 1 date, rather than making the measures immediate, china appears to believe that the two economic powers can find a resolution. phil: steven beardsley can tell us more. welcome. how much do these tariffs hurt each of the countries? >> you can see some of the pain already for the markets. the renminbi, it had its biggest drop since last august. the dow jones and s&p 500 are both down 2.5%. big losses on both sides. investors feel this will spipirl out of control. in the u.s., the biggest brands that are hit our manufacturers like boeing, caterpillar, big exporters. chipmakers, those who stand to
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lose from new caps on their products. china cannot compete with u.s. dollar for dollar. they import far less than the u.s. does. they can't match the dollar for dollar on these imports. part of trumps advantage is he believes he can put more tariffs on imports than china can put on american imports. china can target important sectors. part of the u.s. economy, agriculture, as of the 5% tariffs on soybeans, for example. now natural gas, both of those areas are agricultural. these are trump traditional basis. he will hear a lot more about their pain from them. phil: to the rest of us, this sounds like a trade war. is it? steven: it's hard to define. steven:at the center of this is still a goal. a trade agreement. there is so much postuturing tht goes on. as they raise tariffs, the rest of the world is affected.
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when trade flows get diverted, they may be done in europe. they may be dumped in southeast asia. they may raise their own trade barriers. that's when you see a trade war. everyone says no more an hour area. we have to raise tariffs. it really becomes something that spirals out of control. phil: what can we expect in the coming days? steven: it will be interesting to see. one of the things investors will wait for it is another sign that there are trade talks. trump has said there might be a meeting with the president in june of the g20. we will see that takes place. the u.s. has said they are preparing for the tariffs on $300 billion worth of chinese imports. that could further inflame investors and what they see as a situation getting out of control. steven: thank you -- phil: thank you. to the philippines, where polls have closed and millions of
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people have been voting in the midterm elections. allies of dutere are expected to do well. half the seats in the country's senate are up for grabs, which means a good result could help the president change the country's constitution. he has promised to introduce the death penalty for drug related crimimes as papart of hihis widr of -- - against drugs. 's name may not even be on the ballot paper, but there is no doubt these midterm elections are all about him. this is a referendum on president rodrdrigo duterte and his controversial role. millions of filipinos followed their leader and turned out to vote, many for the candidates who have backing plate >> i want genuine change and people will really help our area i am pro-administration, butut also r a few opposition, so they would be balance.
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when president duterte him and him a -- dutere tame in, crime was cut by 70%. nonot everyone is hapappy with e man who proudly launched a brutal crackdown on illegal drugs. thousands have been killed in his war on drugs. that includes this man's nephew. he was shot by police and found here. >> we should choose a candidate who respects human lives. someone who appreciates human rights and is ready to fight for the poor like us. we have seen that the people who are killed are only the poor. >> dutere has also denounced human rights and but journalists and press freedoms on his list of enemies.
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there has been somome international condemnation, but he successfully courted other populist leaders like u.s. president donald trump. even serenading him. dutere now expects to seal h h own domemestic auto power throuh these elections for new senators and local officials. whatever the opposition, most believe it is already a done deal. phil: let's take a look now at some of the other stories makikg news around the world. antigovernment protesters in albania have taken to the streets, throwing firebombs and flares at right police outside the main government building. that was hours after the u.s. and european lawmakers urged restraint. center-right group has been staging devastation since january, accusing the government of vote rigging and calling for early elections. a swedish prosecutors say they
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will be up in a rape case against wikileaks founder julian asassange and seek his extraditn from the u.k.. he took refuge at the ecuadorian refuge in london to avoid exhibition. he is denied the allegations. police in germany have found two more bodies during their investigations into the killing of three people with crossbow bolts. hotel staff in southern germany discovered the bodies of a man and two women over the weekend. today, investigators found two more bodies. this is dw news, live from berlin. still to come, white are india's public schools failing to make the grade? we take a look at the role of education in the country''s election. i had of that, doris day, hollywood screen legendd has did at the age of 97. the singer and actress was known
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for her wholesome image and lilting voice. she passed away on monday, surrounded by close friends. doris day enjoyed the peak of her film career in the 1950's and early 60's in musicals and roromantic comedies. in her later years, she focused on animal welfare activism. let's talk through the late late his career with another great lady, dulcie smart. she was the academy of the wholesome girl next door. dulcie: this was the ideal of the woman back then. blond, blue-eyed, white, not to intellectual, not too challenging. wholesome was a synonym for chaste. in her memoirs she mocks her self, calling herself, miss chastity belt.
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one person said, i knew doris day before she was a virgin. there is some discrepancy with his image. in her films, she was rather flirtatious. she wasn't the win some innocent. she was quite titillating. let's have a look at "pillow talk, no -- "pillow talk." >> hello? >> good morning, this is rex. >> good morning, rex. >> i wonder if you can see there, they have separate bathtubs. rather coy. back in those day, rock hudson was 100% heterosexual. he came out as gay. appearances were deceptive. phil: tell us about doris day's background. how did you get to hollywood? she came from cincinnati.
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all four of her grandparents were immigrants from germany. divorced parents at the age of 14, she won a talent contest as a dancer. she wanted to go to hollywood as a dancer. there was a terrible car accident and she ended up in a wheelchair. from there, she went into singing. she had a beautiful, clear voice. i would like to play you a clip from the offered hitchcock film, "the man who knew too much," whwhere she sings he best-known song, "que sera, sera." >> ♪ que sera serera whatever will be, will be the future's not ours to see que sera sera what will be, will be que sera sera phil: she became an animal rights activist.
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dulcie: she did. she took in strays and help them survive. she was a survivor herself. let's play the clip. she was a strong, sexy -- she wears pants and carries a gun. the guardian newspaper called it up -- a proto-lesbian film. this is doris day on the more progressive side. phil: it's all going on under the surface. voters in india have been taking part in the world's against parliamentary election in nearly -- nearly 900 million people are eligible to vote. the votes take place over weeks. the penultimate phase of voting took place on sunday. the main party that controls the city hope their efforts to improve public education have convinced voters. >> this is how prema francis
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begins her day. she gets her son -- grandson ready for school. she has raised him ever since his mother, a school dropout, moved away from work. she did not get the chance to go to school either. she wants to make sure prince does. the eight-year-old studies at a prodigious -- prodigious -- prestigious school in delhi. it cosost more than 1200 euros a year. i huge financial burden for her, who works as a maid. her husband is a show for her. she has taken out loans to cover the school fees. she is determinened to make e it work. >> in this privivate school, the is a good environment for prints. he learns good values there. the teachers and pointless --- the teachersrs are good,hehe toilets are e clean. he learns to read and write in english. we want t him to have a better life. he should not have to end up doing what we do for a living.
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>> her aspirations are a familiar theme in india. many families like hers see private schools as the path to success and social mobility. getting into these schools is not easy. they are dominated by children from wealthy families. >> private schools like these are highly competitive across india. they charge exorbitant fees. the alternative, government-funded schools, are free of cost, but they suffer from teacher asked -- absences, poor infrastructure and the lack of facilities. the ruling party in delhi is try to bridge that gap. >> the party, a common man's party, is holding a rally. education is a central issue. the party says it has transformed other schools in the capital since they came to power
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in 2013, and has succeeded in creating a more level playing field. the governments work in educucation seemems to have e pd off. at this publicchool, omimissions are full -- admissioions are fu. the delhi government says it has built 8000 new classrooms and is constructing another 12,000. it has trained thousands more teachers and started special clseses for childrenen falling behind. many o of them, first t generatn lelearners.. lessons begin with happiness classes. meditation exercises, to beat stress and start the day on a positive note. delhi's desk for delhi's education minister, money is a big part of the solution. spending on -- spending on education accounts for 26% of delis budget. he admits the changing attitudes toward p public schoololing is n uphill task. >> many times people come to me
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and they want my favor to getet their kids into a good private school. at public school, they don't know what is in their future. we have to make sure quality is there. once quality is there, we can change attitudes. >> back at prema's home, that is beginning to happen. her granddaughter moved in with heher recently. shee has heard a about the imprd public schools in the city. she's considering sending her granddaughter to one of them. phil: across large parts of the world, the rickshaw is known for squeezing through heavy traffic at high speeds. a british man has taken that need for speed to a new level. he bought a 48-year-old tuk-tuk on ebay and suited up with a new engine as he tried to set the
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world record for speed, he did it, clocking 120 one liters per hour. he now has plans to because of record. here is a reminder of our top story. mike pompeo has left brussels after unscheduled talks with eu foreign minisisters. washington says there's a growing threat from iran. britain, france and germany warned the u.s. against any escalalation in the region as ty try to salvage the nuclear agreement with toronto -- tehran. up next, the day. have a good day.
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on fox twenty four entrance twenty four dot com. yeah but its use welcome to live from paris will news and analysis from from my cat i'm not going these are the headlines. omar al bashir charged with involvement in killing protesters during the uprising meanwhile the militia council says. is now an agreement on the p per ststructure for the transition o sit down. sweden is to reopen the rape case against u. s. owns the co founder of wikileaks is currently in jail in the u. k.. of the jumping bail on that charge back in. twenty twelve meeting of minds nationalist anti micro print section iss to us president donald trump hungary's prime minister viktor orban. meet the white house of trump's former right hand man steve


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