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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 14, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to o fran 2 24. it i is time for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. france pays tribute to two killed in a raid. their deaths prompting controversy over why the tourist they saved when the danger zone in the first place. and an armyers major shot dead in khartoum.
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the violence coming after protest leaders in agreement on how to run the country after the ousting of omar al-bashir. meeting the russian prpresident t today. coming up in business, the u.s. china trade war most thought was winding down, now heating up again. the biggest film festivival i ie world gets underway. a a look at the opening of cann.
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france paid its final respects today to french soldiers killed in a raid in burkina faso last week. were killed in the free four were recovered safe and sound. >> france as a nation that never abandons its childreren no mattr the circumstances. french citizen a should know our country will never give up. they will always have to face our army, elite units, and allies. we will continue to fight
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terrorism. genie: mark was at the complex where the ceremony took place.. >> it is the first time emmanuel macron pays tribute to fallen soldiers. it was special because you can see families, there was a long chat between the president, his families leaving twocourtyard behind the coffins. they were brought
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into the courtyard. in the courtyard, we could not film the faces of the other special forces soldierers they n atattendance from all kinds of military units. the e french president gave a 20 minute speech in which he placed them within a long line of heroes. and doingey had died so had saved lives of hostages. french president growing lyrical, d describing the operation, said because this was , ththey could not hihide. they had to go and attack the encampment where the hostages were held and they could not protect themselves. a result,t, two soldiers werere
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.illed by the kidnappers the french said this was what they were taught to do by the special forces, the equivalent of the u.s. navy seals. pompeo is meaning sochi.r putin today in it comes after trump voiced optimism about improving relations with moscow. pompeo and the russian president are due to talk about iran. those talks come after the secretary of state's last-minute stop in brussels. he was hoping to get the eu's backing. the u.s. has reimposed sanctions pulled one year after it out of the nuclear deal.
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amid escalating tensions between the united states and iran, mike pompeo makes a topover in brussels, hoping increase the u.s.'s standpoint towards iran. that verympeo heard clearly today from us, myself, and the other ministers of eu member states that we are living delicate moment. >> last week, tehran said it would suspend commitment to the agreement. this came one year effort donald trump pulled out of the deal a d economicosing tougher
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sanctions on the country. the u.s. responded by sending bomber planes and an aircraft carrier to the gulf. continue to rise monday after saudi arabia claimed two oil tankers had been sabotaged. trump has continued to put pressure on iran. >> if they do anything, it will be a mistake. , if they y dotories anything, they will sufferr greatly. we will see what happens. >> threats the u.s. president says he is not afraid to carry out. ministerngary's prime went for a meeting with donald trump.
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the trip is a controversial one. critics say trump's meeting with u.s. . endorsemement of authoritarianism. they have done e a tremendous job. highly respected, respected all over europe. a little controversial, but that is ok. you have done a good job and kept your country safe. in sudan, six were killed. the violence came hours after wasmilitary said progress being made over the country's future. crowds have been surrounding the military headquarters for weeks with the protest posting --
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pushing omar al-bashir from power last month. >> dozens were injured tonight. sorry about that. having technical difficulty. let's turn ourselves to month santa. it has been ordered to pay over 2 billion dollars in damages to a california couple who say they got cancer from using the pesticide on their lawn. this couple has been battling cancer for nine years. they were awarded over $2 billion inin damages against moh sancho. >> we wish month santa had oarned us -- we wish monsant
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warned us about the dangers of using monsanto. maintain an agreementnt -- they maintain an ingredient in round up remains safe for use. the sum of $1 billion per plate if -- per plaintiff sends an important message. >> they have the resources to pay for this case and the tens of thousands of other people out there who have cancer. >> thousands of lawsuits are in the works. is brewing in europe against the makers of the world's most used weedkiller.
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shady lobbying tactics were documentsat trial ass emerged that they believe scientists -- that they bullied scientist to tout safety. genie: the biggest wind salon is on in bordeaux. show from 30re on different countries as organizers try to bounce back from dipping n numbers in rerect years. wines in ones place. they have opened their door to professionals for the 20th time. have 1600 brands from 30 countries. this year's program has lots of variety.
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>> what used to be the largest wine fair has struggled to keep up in years. it is looking to reinvent itself. most> one of the sensitive to climate change is the grapevine. none of the people have been working on this for years have had a platform to share their expertise. benefitits are estimated at 85 million euros. another a advantage, the e day
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before they opened, they were allowed to come and taste. genie: tell us about the situation in khartoum that got more violent last night. and for at this city several days. it has been cheerful. that changed yesterday when we saw hours of clashes. centert a medical talking to a doctor who said he is between 50 and 60 people injured. a picture as to clashes broke out. yesterday, there was part of a the reached between
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opposition. there is not an and norma's enormous amount of information here. from whahat we understand today, one of the biggest militias here work happy with the deal. they remained loyal to the old regime. activists started attacking protesters because they were not happy with the deal. slightly calmer situation here this morning. van with some of the militia men drive past with men running afafter them. calmer than it was yesterday, but it is still tense. what have protesters been saying about the advancements in talks?
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>> it depends who you speak to. by and large, people think it doesn't go far enough. the question is, how many military members will sit on the country's rolling body. we don't have any seats out at the moment. people say they need more information before they can trust the military to be negotiating fairly. activists here who believe the military is untrustworthy that you should not be negotiating because they cannot be trusted. a lighter note back here in france. the cannes film festival is back. it opens tonight.
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year is important as the festival has responded to scrutiny a year after a large protest against gender inequality rocked its famous red steps. >> bill murray, tilda swinton, brad pitt, and leonardo dicaprio. cannes is touring the big guns. notably the film by quentin inantino, "once upon a time hollywood." a huge >> cannes is looking to remain the top cinema showcase in a field dominated by streaming sites and other festivals.
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itself on shining its light on newcomers and is under pressure to stay r relevant. protested 82 women gender inequality. this time, author of female directors are competing for the top award. >> i feel like i am never talking about cinema. i am only talking about social issues. >> thehe main selection sees the return of several veterans. open the festival tuesday, ,rove it is alive and kicking the dead don't die. >> horrifying.
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it is coming. france has paid tribute to two commandos. their death prorompting controroversy over why the tourists they saved were in the danger zone in the first place. violence coming hours after protest leaders and sudan's -- reach a breakthrough agreement on how to run the country. it is time for your business update.
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-- another 300 bibillion in chinese goods. trtrump has yet to dececide if y will be implemented despipite hs clclaim inina is s paying t taro the u.s., it is clear both sides are taking damage. who is really paying? both claiming they have the upper hand in this trade war. the economies are taking the hit. trade flows to the u.s. have reduced. >> chinese exports were down and u.s. exports to china were down. atis the governments
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loggerheads, but it is consumers and companies who pay. month in3 billion a additional tax cuts. could affect transports to the u.s. by $170 billion over a year. shipments to china alall but drd up aer beijing strapped on a 25% tariff. farmers say they would prefer a real solution. hard.have been hit we don't want to see trade packages. we want to see this resolved. back to business as usual. >> this could hit trump where it hurts.
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parties are hoping for a a resolution. asian indexes feeling the tension. here in europe, indexes are recovering. paris up over a full percent. frankfurt shares in bayer are down. volkswagen shares on the rise as it takes in truck subsidiary public. tough times for nissan as carlos ghosn remains in lelegal trtrouble. >> the annual profit for the fiscal year that ended in march was less than half of the previous year. they are forecasting the current year will be worse as earnings are hit by restructuring and development costs.
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thecle sales were down, but scandal has weighed heavily. rebuild itsmust management team after many left. step back from apple. alleges the 30% commissionon on paidid apps in s app store unfairly drives up consumer prices. the outcome could h have a major effect on how apple handles t te 2 millionn apps available for iphones and other devices. it is confronting a complaint that is expressed by apple developers. >> regardless of what we are doing and whether it violalates antitrust laws, if f we are cler about howw we construct this, consumers cannot sue us.
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the app developers are scared to sue apple because apple can cut them o off. consumers are ththe only ones wo consider. -- who can sue. someone gets to find out if apple violated antitrust laws. electric scooters are everywhere. city hall in pararis icrcracking down on ththem. they y are a bit t scary. he scooters are - -- the scscoos arare big whahat is in the freh capitatal. the mayor wants them off the sidewalks. turning a profit in the crowded sector has been a rougher ride than expected. a trendy set of startups in a quickly crowded marketplace. paris is putting regulations on
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e scooters. they will be banned on pavements as they try to come to grips with the recent boom. a fine will be slapped on those flouting the ban. u.s. companies have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in an investor frenzy. it seems the honeymoon is over. and durabilitym, problems, profitability is in question. a nuisance.em as >> sidewalks are for pedestrians. respect traffic rules. they go through red lights. is very dangerous. providingompanies are a public service as they provide officials and regulators with
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tonymous journey statistics unveil week points in the public transportation system. the number of scooters is expected to surge to 40,000 by the end of the year. .enie: coffefee in recent years, we have gotten use to how expensive a cup of coffee is. >> the most expensive coffee is available in southern california. a been from panama comes in at $1200 per pound. it is expensive. around $75 ain
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cup. it has a floral, fruity flavor. i would suggest you can save money.f genie: i will take a real coffee if you want to get me one. get a treat.s will guy's and dolls is performing. i said to myself sit-down sit down you're rockiking the boat ♪
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woman: ♪ i a am the queen chorus: of the coconcrete jungle woman: concrete jungle, concrete jungle, concrete chorus: lying on the scene is dangerous, oh ♪ eric campbell: it's a rhythm that changed music forever. woman: ♪ i am the queen of the concrete jungle... ♪ campbell: from the mellow sound of roots reggae... [reggae music playing] to the frenetic beat of dancehall... [dancehall music playing] reggae has put this tiny island at the center of the music world. woman: the culture of reggae is really the culture of jamaica, but really, reggae startrted in the inner city of kingston, the concrete jungle. man: yeah, man, bless it, man. campbell: a jungle that raised jamaica's favorite son.


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