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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> iran says it has quadrupled its production capacity of enriched uranium after president trump issues a new threat to tehran. this is al jazeera, live from london. also coming up, russian airstrikes continued to rain down on idlib in syria. despite moscow announcing a cease-fire there. tech shares fall after google
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says it is restricting huawei loss access to its android operating system on u.s. government orders. and like imitating art. this time it is for real. ♪ we begin the development out of our rant which has quadrupled its production capacity of low enriched cranium. it comes a week after iran said it was inning some of its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal which the u.s. president abandoned a year ago. under the agreement, tehran could enrich uranium at 3.67%, far below the 90% of weapons grade. this means iran would soon go beyond the stockpile limit the deal established. the announcement comes a day after u.s. president donald trump issued a direct threat to
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iran be a twitter saying if iran wants to fight, it will be the end of the country. iran's foreign minister hit back with a tweet of his own, saying iran has no problem dealing with alexander the great and genghis khan so it will not be intimidated by what is referred to as genocidal taunts. more on the uranium enrichment announcement. the atomic energy organization said the country is now producing in which uranium for times faster. it spokesman made an announcement during a press conference at a nuclear facility, iran's main nuclear site. this means iran is now producing uranium much faster than before. >> today our engineers explained to you that just by little technical change the capability of producing enriched uranium with purity of 3.67 percent
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increase by four times. right. iran's >> the spokesman also said the country would reach the 300 kilograms stockpile limit in a matter of weeks. under the 2015 nuclear deal, iran can produce enriched uranium but can only keep 300 kilograms in the country. president rouhani announced earlier this month his countries noncooperation with parts of the joint comprehensive plan of action, ignoring stockpile limits was one of his decisions. that in reaction to america nuclear sanctions targeting the framework of a nuclear agreement itself, stopping iran for being able to get its extra materials out of the country. said the action announced today was communicated in advance to the. the un's nuclear watchdog responsible for making sure iran complies.
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said iran's decision regarding the facility remains within the guidelines and iran is not seeking a military nuclear program. something iranian leaders have said over and over again. iranian leaders have repeatedly said a intent on sticking with the nuclear agreement, but experts say pressure tactics like this are designed to help iran get back some leverage and urged remaining signatories to the nuclear agreement to help iran mitigate u.s. sanctions if they want to keep the nuclear deal a live. lauren: donald trump has just said he will have talks with iran when they are ready. this as iran is urging the un's secretary-general to help facilitate a diplomatic dialogue to ease what it calls the alarming security situation in the gulf region. saying outside forces are pushing for a confrontation in the situation risk spinning out of control. the latter which has been sent to the current president and to
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the you and secretary-general talks about the alarming security situation in the gulf. it doesn't mention the u.s. by name but says currently in action is creating a lose-lose situation. proposing using a un security council resolution from more than 30 years ago to create a new mechanism for talks between the gulf states and iran. the proposal by the iranian ambassador is one that shows iran is pursuing diplomacy, is trying to be reasonable. at the same time, coming up with the procedure that would cut the u.s. out of any negotiations. it has already been welcomed by the russian ambassador. >> the need to pursue something like the security architecture
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need to discuss the regional issues. the ambassador added he thought it was likely the security council would talk about the current tension between iran and the u.s. in the near future. lauren: leaders at the palestinian authority said they will not attend a u.s. led peace conference with the israelis in bahrain next month. washington announced the conference on sunday saying it will unveil the first phase of its israel happen palestinian peace plan there. it is expected to focus on economic development in the region, including infrastructure projects. details reveal so far have failed to impress the palestinian authority which says it has not been part of the process.
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cabinet stresses that it was not consulted about the reported workshop, either about the content or the outcome or the timing. he clarified that the financial crisis with the palestinian national authority is result of the financial war being waged against us in order to win political concessions. we did not submit to blackmail we do not trade our political rights for money. lauren: more from the occupied west bank. the prime minister this morning said the palestinians were not consulted in the workshop that is expected to be held next month. we heard from him on previous occasions saying he will not trade politics for food and the solution includes a political aspect and not just an economic one. we also heard from the palestinian president spokesperson who said that they
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are not expected to be attending. there had been a previous conference in which palestinians have not attended. heard from palestinian businessmen as well who said they do not intend to join this conference. the main issue seems to be that politics should be the main issue on the table and not just economy. lauren: the role for food program may suspend aid deliveries to him and because of fighters. from huthi a convoy's have been blocked and local authorities are interfering with food distribution. the five civil war has left must of the pop -- most of the population on the brink of starvation. italian for workers have refused to load to generators ownership over protested on ththe war in
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yememen. rights camampaigners said the shipment contravavenes international law as the arms may be used against yemeni civilians. they say that refuse to be complicit in the war. civilians have been killed in air strikes in shelling in idlib province. andrew chapelle reports. reporter: in this town, syrian civil defense workers search for survivors. local activists a residential neighborhoods like this one were attacked 10 times through the night by airstrikes. russia says it targeted opposition fighters who fired rockets at an airbase. aey say these strikes took maternity hospital out of service. 18 other facilities have been damaged or destroyed since the russian backed syrian government
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offensive against idlib began last month. with daylight, people begin searching for what they could salvage, but many simply won't leave. some have little choice but to stay. >> what can i do, how will the small children live? all these women don't have anyone. where will we go? reporter: the town is meant to be in a de-escalation zone but over the past three weeks, most airstrikes extra area here. the you and says along with an increase in fighting on the ground, they have displaced at least 180,000 people. driving north into an ever smaller area, astly under the control of former affiliate of al qaeda. moved to thee nearby city have not found
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safety. both syria and russia say they and noteting hts civilians or civilian infrastructure, but on the ground, it's clear many of syria's most volatile people are being displaced again and again. it is thought this could be the beginning of a long campaign to recapture the last rebel stronghold, putting millions of lives that risk. and her chapelle, al jazeera. lauren: for people -- 32 people have been killed in does he can stand. city 10ppened in the kilometers east of the capital. the right broke out when inmate stabbed to death five fellow prisoners and three guards. isil members were shot dead by security forces as they tried to secure order. many more still to come, including -- for a drcelcome
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opposition leader as he returns home after three years in exile. and major job cuts at one of the world's largest carmakers. but they won't be coming from the production line. >> welcome back. across australia we're looking quite nice as we begin the week across much of the area. another system that robson clouds in but as we start here on tuesday, things will be quite nice across much of the area. works at tasmania expect to see more clouds on tuesday. toward the north, things are looking quite nice, maybe a few
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papassing clclouds acrososs thea but a temperature of 26 degrees, sydney with a beautiful day at 20 degrees as well. the north and south islands of new zealand will have a sunny stretch but things will change toward the south. we will pick up a few more clouds, to stay still looking nice but you can see the clouds wrapping around the island. by t the time we get totoward wednesday we pick up a few more showers in christchurch and auckland. will bebets of japan it rainy here on tuesday. we'll see some areas getting some flood conditions inin the forecastst. improvingththings are and by wednesday, 25 degrees there. lauren: a reminder of the top
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stories on al jazeera. u.s. president donald trump says iran has been very hostile but he will have talks for them when they are ready. iran announce it has quadrupled his production of low enriched uranium as part of its new fear program. leaders of the palestinian authority said they will not attend the u.s. led peace conference in bahrain . in syria, in civilians have been killed in russian airstrikes with -- and shelling in idlib province. an international cease-fire has been declared there. the u.s. government has eased some of the restrictions imposed on the chinese tech giant huawei last week, a day after google's parent company, alphabet, said it was restricting access to the android operating system on u.s. orders. to shares in technology stocks around the world to fall.
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it will maintain use of the android operating system by open-source licensing but google with anyprovide huawei technical support. the u.s. government has blacklisted the company and is trying to persuade other countries to do the same. several countries have banned mobilefrom their networks, citing security concerns. the chinese government has backed huawei in his legal struggle with the u.s.. a will further confirm this and look into it and pay attention to its development. at the same time, china supports chinese companies to use legal weapons to defend their legitimate rights. lauren: the news has left many huawei phone owners wondering what this will mean for them. could changeat it soon doesn't really bother me, but it would've been better to let us know. >> this sort of thing is unacceptable. it is the customer who has to suffer because of some argument
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the americans are having with chinese companies. i think it is totally unjustified. as soon as they're a change in the phones operating system that i do not find positive, i'm sure everyone will say goodbye. u.s. car giant ford said it will cut more than 7000 management jobs as part of a restructuring plan announced earlier this year. the company believes the move will save it $600 million a year. most of the positions will be cut in germany. it's the second major u.s. car manufacturer in six months to announce massive job losses after general motors. here is more from chicago. reporter: ford motor company is laying off 7000 white-collar workers worldwide, about 10% of its salaried workforce. the cuts at ford, and those might just be the beginning. as part of an $11 billion restructuring from the company. their sales actually went up in
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the u.s. in the past year but they have gone down in europe, asia, and latin america. as they are competing in the standard car market, they are also competing with technology companies like tesla that are making self driving and electric cars. this follows on the heels by 8000i general motors of workers are about 15% of its salaried workforce, facing similar industry pressures. those companies are re-gearing for an era in which people are not buying so many cars but perhaps hiring self driving cars to take and where they want to go on a regular basis. all this is those companies have been hit by tariffs the trump administration has set on steel and other metals -- other yes has cost for a billiony has paid dollars in terrorist for
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importing the battles it needs to make those cars. so the tariffs have been bad news on top of a rough year for the automakers. has sworn in its first-ever african-american female error. former federal prosecutor vowed to fight chicago's high crime rate. the 56-year-old told supporters public safety was no longer a commodity only available to the wealthy. u.s. government said a 15-year-old watermelon boy has died at a border patrol station in southern texas. is the fifth minor child to die in custody since december. here is more from washington d c. >> the government has not released details on what happened to the boy from guatemala but we know he was apprehended while crossing the
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border seven days ago. since that time, he spent days in two border patrol facilities and we suspect that he was either traveling alone or had been separated from his parents because the government says they were in the process of transferring him to another government agency that is in charge of the more longer-term shelters for unaccompanied minors. before they were able to do that , this morning he was discovered unresponsive and later pronounced dead. this will have been the fifth child to have died in u.s. government custody along the border in just six months. this 16 euro boy had been staying in facilities that were intended to hold children for no longer than 72 hours. these are the places where we have seen those images of children sleeping in what looks like cages without beds, laying on the concrete floor. early to say what contributed to his death, but we know that last week a toddler
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died due to pneumonia, as well as other children who are cap south of the border in mexico under trumps weight in mexico policy. last week a 10-year-old girl perished in a mexico city shelter there. lauren: president trump said he will appeal a decision -- decision by federal judge that ruled in favor of a house panel his won't his -- that want financial records released by an accountancy firm. began has been compelled to appear in front of a house judiciary committee on tuesday. he featured prominently in robert mueller's report into interference in the 2016 election. the white house says he has immunity.onal south africa's former president has appeared in court in an attempt to get corruption charges against him thrown out.
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they go back to the late 1990's when he is alleged to have received payments for a warship contract from a french company. >> his message is a familiar one. he continues to insist he is not corrupt. the first ever legal arguments to have corruption charges against him dismissed. years sinceen many this case began. i think there have been five judges who have decided to drop the charges against me, but those who think i'm guilty keep reinstating the charges. they don't want me to be free. allegationsruption go back more than a decade. while he was a senior member of the provincial government, the french weapons supplier won a
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$180 million government contract to supply four frigates to south africa's navy. state prosecutors say he agreed $54,000.ound the company denies bribery. the payment was allegedly brokered by his former financial advisor. he was jailed in 2006 for 50 years but was released four years later on medical parole. he prepared for the elections were he would become president of the african national congress feared he was charged with money laundering and racketeering and corruption. last year prosecutors had another change of mind and the charges were reinstated. that was just weeks after he was forced resign as president because of links to numerous other corruption allegations. his lawyers have begun their
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arguments and say the charges were made more than a decade ago and he should've been tried back then. according to them, the case is politically driven, something the former president forces outside agree with. >> it is not true. [indiscernible] >> if he loses this bid and stand trial later this year, he could face 25 years in prison. but if he succeeds in getting these charges thrown out, this may not be the last court appearance for him. there are other corruption scandal still under investigation. despite the severity of
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the charges, he did not seem overly worried about his corruption case. just after leaving court, he danced in front of supporters. his nine-year presidency ended in 2018 amid allegations of corruption. an opposition politician has returned home from exile to a hero's welcome in the democratic republic of congo. he's been almost three years in belgium after falling out with the then president. catherine sawyer has more. >> thousands of people came to receive him at the airport. let's see what happens when he goes to other parts of the country.
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[indiscernible] he also said he's going to use that vessel to go around the .ountry also it is important to note that last year when he was denied to first -- to participate in the election [indiscernible] he has been calling -- going around the country. [indiscernible] it will be interesting to see what he is going to do next. he is crucial in uniting the
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opposition. presidentraine's new to uses swearing-in ceremony dissolve parliament and trigger a snap election. he hopes it will help his party when his first seats in parliament. he says his priority will be reaching a cease-fire deal with pro-russian separatists in the east. an event that only months ago seemed unthinkable, the inauguration of the comedic -- comedian and actor as president of the ukraine. president.ecome his character is a schoolteacher whose improbable rise to the presidency is built on a campaign against corruption. his own rise now taking up the
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role for real was built not on clear policies that on public mistrust. little is known about hiss policies. instead, ukraine is taking a chance on a man with no political experience, protecting a political class that many voters still has failed them. corruption remains rife and war in the east that defines the country continues with no end in sight. >> the problem here is that people didn't vote for him, they ,oted against the establishment against the other candidates, the people who had been running ukraine for the last 25 years. you saw that today in various reports from the ukrainian parliament. there were massive crowds there supporting him. his popularity is not very deep in that sense. >> supporters see him as a breath of fresh air. among his first test, a pledge
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to call early parliamentary elections. he has referred to some mps as petty crooks and promise to end the war with separatists. said, to doe everything so that our heroes don't die. that's something his predecessor wasn't able to do. he did make reforms that help ukraine stave off economic collapse. voters decided he had not done enough to rid the country of corruption. a presidency that breaks with tradition got off to the most nontraditional start. , he chose tovoy walk the streets to his swearing-in ceremony. high fives and selfies, also not hallmarks of previous administrations. is clearly stalled as a fresh start for
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