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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  July 11, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ gibraltar -- olice in gibraltar arrest the captain of a tanker. ♪ this al jazeera live from london. also, the philippine president violence, anciting investigation into his war on drugs. , tax on tech giants approved perhaps opening a new front in the trade for between the u.s.
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and eu. toensic teams working identify those killed by state forces in the 1970's and 1980's. ♪ >> hello. gibraltar have arrested the captain of an iranian tanker seized by british marines. to claim is a vehicle tried impede, leading to an intervention by british warships. >> british shipping on alert. the move to maritime security level three by the u.k. after the government said the ship was approached by three iranian vessels. indon says a warship moved to warn the iranians away. >> we are very concerned.
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serious escalation of the situation, and we are proud the royal navy was there to butect the heritage tanker, we don't want to escalate tensions. we want tensions to come down. >> iran denied the incident took place with the foreign minister saying the british made the claims to create tensions. iran had warned that u.k. that would be reprisals for the seizure of an iranian tanker by british marines off the coast of gibraltar last week. ehursday, gibraltar polic arrested the captain and seized documents and devices. the ship is accused of breaking eu sanctions. like the eu, that u.k. wants to keep tensions low and save the nuclear deal, but also keep its alliance with the u.s., which
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has walked away from the deal and hit iran with sanctions. the u.s. department of defense believes the tanker incident reinforces its argument for a naval task force to protect commercial shipping. threats to freedom of navigation require an international solution says a statement from u.s. central command. tensions in one of the world's most important shipping channels have risen again. fifth fleet is working closely with the british navy to defend the free flow of commerce through the region. we have been monitoring reaction in the iranian capital. >> diplomatic relations between iran and the u.k. have been suffering for months now. the events of the last 24 hours will not help that situation. the arrest of senior officers of
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the grace one detained off the coast of gibraltar by the u.k., that is likely to bring the same level of anger here from leaders that the detention of the vessel, the caesar -- seizure of the oil tanker, was approved by senior levels of government. they call did a violation of the sanctity of international waterways, creating insecurity. many iranian leaders call the u.k. move taken at the behest of the united states an act of piracy. iran is angry about the fact that 2 million barrels of crude oil were in the vessel at the time of seizure, something iran will find difficult as it continues to sell oil in the face of economic sanctions, and iran's economy continues to
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teeter, so this is something leaders will have taken seriously and the arrest of these two officers will escalate tensions further. earlier today, iran denied reports that islamic revolutionary guard vessels tried to capture and seize of british vessel. the government denied any truth to those reports, saying in the past 24 hours there had been no encounter with any foreign vessels. iran's foreign minister cold the uk'sversions -- called version of events as another attempt to escalate tensions with iran. ♪ the use in human rights council has agreed -- un human rights council has agreed to set up an investigation into a staggering number of murders in
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the war on drugs in the philippines, inciting violence, intimidating judges, and degrading women. we have this report from manila. these thatenes like have prompted international action. more than 6000 people killed in the three years since the philippine president launched his so-called war on drugs. those are the governments own figures. the dead, all suspected drug dealers, it says, but rights groups say the number could be five times that figure. now the united nations has taken what many see as a critical first step towards accountability. it comes after years of documentation in campaigning by political and international rights groups. the u.s. human rights council has ordered a report on the philippines and will address serious violations allegedly
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committed by the government during the crackdown. againstis a campaign drugs. drug users are supposed to be behind all the crimes committed. many of thew how crimes are committed by drug users, but the justification for the campaign is not true, that we are overwhelmed by a drug problem that requires such a the murdere killing, of tens of thousands of people. >> the philippine government rejects the un vote, calling it a travesty and sing it cannot accept a politically partisan and one-sided resolution. it said it will not cooperate with any investigation. described the philippine president's campaign as a war against the poor, with the majority coming from impoverished communities.
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included in the government's watch list of users and peddlers. but rights groups say these lists are unreliable, and police have not explained how they are drawn up or verified, but the president remains committed to his war on drugs despite widespread criticism. the united nations human rights council is not the only body prepared to investigate drudgery go dutere. the court -- roderigo dutere. the un-criminal court is investigating whether his own drug policies that started when beforemayor becoming -- becoming president constitute crimes against humanity. president donald trump says he is not backing down in efforts to determine the sedition ship status of the american -- citizenship status of the american population.
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he has abandoned the quest to put a question on the census, but will pursue other ways to get the data. >> i am hereby ordering every department and agency in the government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country. they must furnish all legally accessible records in their position immediately. we have great knowledge in many of our agencies. we will leave no stone unturned. ofthere has been a lot back-and-forth on whether to include this question on the census. where do things stand now? why is it so controversial? >> that is a question donald trump wanted on the census that was simply, are you a u.s. citizen? it became controversial and political. he said he is not backing down.
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trying tostake, he is spend what is essentially a big defeat. his administration went to the supreme court to get this question put on the 20 senses. 2020upreme court said -- census. the supreme court said no. he saiaid i'm not backing down. i would just have other agencies with data collected in one place and that is how we will find out how many citizens in the u.s., but make no mistake, it was a political defeat for donald trump. it was so controversial because trump and his supporters said we have a bright as a country to know who is a u.s. citizen or not. on the other side, the aco you and democrats in advocates say you don't need to know who is a u.s. citizen because it is an
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invasion of privacy and that is not a question it asks to be asked. this is senses determines federal -- census determines the federal funding. immigrant rights advocates and democrats were saying if you ask a citizenship question, millions take partnts will not for fear of being singled out or deported if they say they are not a u.s. citizen. they say it is a keen concern right now. this is why it was so critical in controversial, but clearly that the political defeat for the president. >> thank you very much indeed. france has passed a controversial tax bill targeting tech giants, the first of its kind from the major economies. affect google,d
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twitter, and amazon. defiance,of hands and french senators passed a law taxing tech giants despite threats by the u.s. washington says the levy unfairly targets american companies and has opened an inquiry, a move condemned by francis finance minister. financenk -- france's minister. >> i think the best way of dealing with difficulties is not opening a procedure or section 301 for the first time in history between the u.s. and france, it is to compromise at have alevel, so we can concrete and effective solution on the taxation of digital activities. >> the tax targets firms with global revenue of more than $800
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million, including $30 million in france. at least 30 companies will pay 3% tax on french revenue. since companies are mostly american, washington says the levy is discriminatory. the u.s. trade representative said president trump had directly investigated the effects of this legislation and will determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable in burdens u.s. congress. the u.s. investigation could be to washington imposing retaliatory tariffs on france, something the french government would want to avoid, but there is a growing sense of frustration among french politicians with trump's approach to international agreements. >> mr. trump threatens everyone in all areas. he has become a calamity. you have a responsibility. by don't amuse yourself
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seeking to define the sort of regulation needed to address today's new economies so that there can be justice. >> the european commission has been pushing for tech firms to abide by eu rules and pay more tax. is a major step in that direction and fulfills one of the presidents promises. emmanuel macron has angered the u.s., but taxing tech companies was one of the main demands of the yellow vests. is likelylic opinion to be on emmanuel macron's side. includingill ahead, the eu condemning moscow's decision to ban flights to georgia as unjustified and disproportionate. the migrants who survived the capsizing of their boat in the mediterranean, only to be sent back home to bangladesh. ♪
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>> hello. not a bad picture across australia. we have been telling you about strong storms over the southeast. not out of the picture get. they are heading past adelaide into friday. blustery, cool day, 13 degrees celsius. brisbane at 22. it should be dry on friday. saturday, 18 degrees, but feeling cooler. a wet day in melbourne, 11 degrees celsius. cooler in adelaide as well. enjoy friday in new zealand. that is the best day out of the next two.
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all these clouds gathering will impact you by saturday. a good day on friday. the temperatures around average for this time of year, but that blanketingits way, the north and south islands, the temperatures mild. 16 degrees in both locationsns. ♪ ♪ inthe top stories, police gibraltar have arrested a captain of an iranian oil tanker amid claims iran tried to impede a british oil tanker, leading to intervention by a british
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warship. hasun human rights council agreed to begin preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders in the philippine war on drugs and accuses the president of inciting violence and intimidating judges and greeting women. notld trump says he is backing down to determine the citizenship status of the american population. he has abandoned plans to add a question, but will pursue other ways to get the data. a car bombing in benghazi has killed four people and wounded dozens. the blast targeted the funeral of a former military commander aligned with the former libyan leader muammar gaddafi. the head of libyan special forces was attending the funeral , but was unharmed. we have more from tripoli. very close to the
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headquarters of the special forces unit, which are under control of the warlord. was a funeralthis held for a former of the special forces units, and he worked under the former regime of muammar gaddafi, but in that cemetery, there were military units, including special units forces individuals, including the current commander, the major general. we know these explosions could be used as a pretext to push the special forces individual to join the military campaign to seize tripoli. especially we know many special forces individuals, including the current commander, they refused to join the military campaign to move on tripoli.
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we also know that medical sources say that the number of victims could rise, especially those who have been in critical condition. >> the ruling military counsel in sudan says it has foiled a military coup and arrested 16 officers, including the alleged ringleader. it comes as they have discussions with opposition politicians that will eventually return the country to civilian rule. the military ousted the former leader exactly three months ago. at least 11 have been killed in a car bombing in northwestern syria. 35 others including children were injured. it happened in aruba held syria in syriaebel-held city near the border with turkey.
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work is still being done to identify those killed in argentina so-called dirty war. ther the conflict ended in 1980's, a forensic team searched for hundreds of missing people. the report from buenos aires says the mission has been taken around the world. >> truth and justice have for decades been the main objective of the forensic team. that is why they work to shed light on what happened to the thousands of people disappeared during argentina's dirty war over 40 years ago. >> we are taking samples from the relatives and will create forms that we can compare with the bone samples we have. 1986e team was created in when they began the exclamations of many unmarked grave in the country, but leaving they could well contain unidentified the
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from forced disappearances. the forensic team believes they can help the relatives find justice, but also some type of closure. they are working to identify the remains in this boxes. there are allegedly 600 remains of those who went missing in the 1970's and 1980's. their expertise has taken him to 55 countries, including south africa, columbia, and mexico, where e they attempt to help relatives find remains of their loved ones. they use remote cameras -- infrared cameras to find grades in their investigations. >> the main change we introduced was to incorporate family members in our work. you sleep the medical forensic system just takes information provide aamilies to
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report back, but we have the family at the center of our activity. they are present at the examinations. they come to us. >> that is why they played a crucial role in the investigation into the dip discerns -- the disappearance of 43 students killed by a drug cartel with the complicity of the country security forces. was wantedteams involved in the search and not mexican forces. many are still trying to locate the relatives. one disappeared in 1975, a left-wing activist. trying toalways been find him and i know there are remains and maybe it is him. we have very little information but i want to find what is left. >> that is why this anthropology team is crucial for victims,
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because they help find the victims and hold those accountable in serious human rights abuses around the world. >> donald trump has been hosting what he has culled a social media summit at the white house. trump is facing criticism for of event, including a lineup online personalities from right wing media. google, facebook, and twitter officials were excluded from the gathering. criticized has russia's decision to ban flights to georgia as unjustified and disproportionate. already relations between to police he and moscow have deteriorated since the visit of a russian politician three weeks ago. we have this report. the annual gathering of east european states and the eu, russia is always irritated by
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such familiar images. what has led the kremlin to ban all direct flights to georgia are the unfamiliar images of anti-russian protests every day for more than three weeks in the capital. georgia's president did not want to talk about russia at the conference, but the eu council president did. decision to ban flights to georgia. it is unjustified and disproportionate. >> that may be the case, but george's leaders were reluctant to openly attack russia. they denied claims by protesters that george's government had become too lenient towards russia. what do you say to that? >> that is total nonsense. that is what i say to that. it doesn't require any further. >> but russia is really
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concerned about your presence here at this conference. is firmly a western country. we would like to find ourselves eventually within the european union. >> one parliamentary leader spoke of russia as an occupying force. occupier,s an occupying 10% of our territories , a permanent threat to the general security. it means a clear violation of human rights. later came the signing of financial agreements between georgia and eu states, but as the think dried on deals worth $53 million, there was no discussing the anxiety about russia's actions against this country. toconference delegates were come down to the beach here, they would get a reality check. this place is normally teeming
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with russian tourists this time of year. in authority told us that hotel occupancy rates are down 80%. if the flight band from russia continues, the georgian economy will really suffer. more than a dozen bangladeshi migrants have returned home after their boat capsized. 94 migrants on board, most from bangladesh, died were trying to cross the mediterranean to europe. this report on the dangerous journey people take and search for a better life. alone with his memories. he says most of his friends died at sea. a boat carrying 94 migrants capsized in the mediterranean off the tunisian coast after having left from libya. there were 17 who survived.
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he explains to his brother how he survived the disaster. we got into the ship from libya and they promised to drop us on european coastline, and instead they forced us on gunpoint into a small boat in the middle of the sea. >> the boat overturned due to the stormy wind, 20 to 25 people perished on the spot. >> nine other survivors are from one village in the eastern district. most have to borrow money and sell land to pay more than $10,000 each to traffickers. there are thousands of young men who are unemployed. it is hard to get a job. you have to bribe in order to get a job. it is why many who have left for europe, which is why i wanted to go to europe and improve my economic conditions, so my family can have a better future.
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>> more than one million bangladeshis live in slums like this one in dhaka. because of the political and economic challenges and climate change it is highly unlikely the desire to live will end anytime soon, so workers who remain abroad remain the perfect threat for traffickers. >> the number of citizens who drowned in the mediterranean is not known, but the international organization for migration, many have died or gone missing while trying to reach europe this year. one person is anxiously waiting at the dhaka international airport. his brother is still missing. in anyrother is not other survivor lists. we can't trace him.
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