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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  July 15, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration, all the way down. >> the four congresswomen attacked by donald trump hit back at the u.s. president after he refuses to apologize for his tweets. ♪ > this is al jazeera, live fm london. also coming up, the first case --ebola concerned and
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confirmed in what health officials are calling a potential game changer. plus -- allegedbeen vilified, to be the king of corrupt people. allegations he says were a conspiracy to remove him. and a state funeral in mournsadesh as the nation the 1980's leader with the controversy legacy. the four democratic congresswomen attacked by donald trump and comments widely condemned as racist have hit back at the u.s. president. they have accused him of using the race issue to distract from more pressing problems with his presidency and said he is promoting a white nationalist agenda. it comes after trump refused to back down and went on the attack once again. here is more from washington,
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d.c. >> these are people that come in my opinion, hate our country. >> despite widespread outrage xenophobia,ons of yes president donald trump escalated his twitter tirade against for democratic congresswomen from diverse backgrounds, arguing they should return to where they came from. the president from college if you're not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you are not happy here, you can leave. >>'s comments followed a series of tweets sent over two days attacking democratic party .epresentatives of the group, only omar's foreign born, but all are u.s. citizens. democratic house speaker nancy pelosi announced a resolution condemning trump's tweets as a congresswomen fired back.
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>> this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic, and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down. >> i'm not surprised at what he is doing. but i also know that we are focused on making it better, because we don't leave the things that we love, and when we love this country, what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it. we love all people in this country. despite pushback from democrats, congressional report -- congressional republicans have been slow to condemn. one charge, trump crossed the line. another accused him of using racially offensive language. but another top republican senator defended trump's attacks on the democratic congresswomen. >> they are socialist, they are
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anti-semitic, they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with. >> one analyst argues all this is part of trump's reelection strategy. >> the president believes that he got elected because he talked about the wall, he talked about immigration, he talked about the muslim man. so what we are seeing is donald trump 2.0. reporter: for his part, donald trump denies any racial animus and boasts of his record of lowering unemployment, particularly among people of color. despite the shock of millions who abhor donald trump's latest statement, there exists in the united states millions more who support the president's attacks. >> this route is essentially escalating now, isn't it? is, and itt really is unprecedented to see something like this president
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that has sent out such racially charged tweets, but instead of trying to back away from them, actually double down on them, which we saw monday, and having the congresswomen come out and basically defend themselves and the accusations back at the president. this is really unprecedented. we've never seen anything like this before. these four congresswomen that were at the forefront of trump's incendiary tweets, had this press conference where they said let's focus on bigger issues, let's focus on what our constituents stent us here to do, health care, china -- climate change, bringing down the cost of scription drugs. but they also had to defend themselves and say we love this country. they are having to respond to the president's tweets. omar basically said the time is now to impeach this president.
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she was very forceful on that. but impeachment of donald trump will ultimately fall to the house of representatives, speaker of the house nancy pelosi. so far she has said she does not want to go down that path. but clearly we are seeing this back-and-forth that was started by the president in his racially charged tweets on sunday. this is not something that is going away, it is just escalating even more. >> you mentioned the idea of impeachment that nancy pelosi is not too keen on. where does this go from here? if peoplee next step want to address what appears to be the phobia in the white house? impeachment path that is still open, although nancy pelosi says she does not want to go down that path. she has sent around a letter to her congressional colleagues,
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saying she is going to put vote to censor the president for xenophobia, but that's not going to really do anything to hold him accountable. it is more symbolic than anything else. so really there is nowhere for this to go beyond that or impeachment ultimately, but trump seems, as we saw a few minutes ago, this is something donald trump sees as an election issue for him and it ties into out only this, but border and migration issues that all helped get him elected president. that is essentially what you are seeing here, as this probably is going to be a campaign issue that will go on until the 2020 election. >> u.s. customs officials say 62 current and eight former border patrol employees are under investigation following a revelation of social media posts
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mocking migrants and politicians. most are under inquiry for posting in a secret facebook group. some question the authenticity of images of a dead father and child on the banks of the river. --included crude documented crude images of alexandria ocasio-cortez. the newas rejected asylum restrictions announced by the u.s. which aim to stem the flow of migrants arriving at its southern border. mexico's foreign minister said his country will not become a dumping ground for asylum-seekers. the new rule say any migrant who has passed through another country first and has not asked for asylum there will be ineligible for asylum in the u.s. the move would leave hundreds of thousands of central americans traveling through mexico unable to seek asylum in the u.s. has been jimmy rollins blocked from signing a deal with washington which would make it a
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safe third country for asylum-seekers. health led -- health officials calmngo or peeling for after the first confirmed case of ebola in the city of goma. he interacted with ebola patients. over the weekend, to ebola health workers were found murdered in their homes. the latest in a string of attacks hampering efforts to contain the outbreak, which has killed more than 1600 people since august. catherine sawyer reports. the people here are being tested for ebola. they touched or interacted with a man who is now sick with the disease. a preacher who traveled 200 kilometers north to the side of
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an outbreak to pray for those who had been infected. they are also searching for some who were traveling with him. the news has caused fear in the city of more than one million people by the border of rwanda. >> ebola is very dangerous. on.'m not sure what's going how did ebola get here from so far away? i cannot be free. in goma, we like street food. >> health workers say many people don't trust them. they have been attacked by local militia groups who have rated and burned treatment center. just days ago, to community health workers were killed in their home. they had been receiving death threats for months. the diseases returned to areas where it had been contained.
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>> it is concerning, it shows that somehow gains that had been made were lost very quickly. we need to build resilience into the system and the community so that this virus doesn't keep spreading into new locations that are clear from the virus and in a few weeks or months later, they get reinfected. >> delegating a meeting by the world health organization, the u.n. office of coordination of humanitarian affairs has called for the need for more resources on the ground to make effective gains. >> identification of the case in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic. we are confident in the measures we have put in place and hope that we will see no further .ransmission of ebola in goma >> is the 10th outbreak in 40 years and the second deadliest in the country.
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the priority now is to find everyone who has been in contact including the capital. the former south african president has told a corruption inquiry that he has been vilified by enemies plotting to bring him down. he also denied ever breaking the law in his dealings with the wealthy engine family accused of influencing him politically. here is more from johannesburg. often insn't happen africa. a former leader appearing before a corruption inquiry more than a year after he was forced to resign. responser president's to allegations he allowed people close to him to plunder state resources and influence government appointments. he says he is a victim of a conspiracy. >> up in the subject of talk in
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for more than a decade. i have been vilified, alleged to the king of corrupt people. -- i have beent given every other name, and have never responded to those issues. >> he admits the businessman at the center of the scandal our friends, but he and the does say they did nothing wrong -- guptas say they have done nothing wrong. >> there's a much broader issue of corruption that's not just around him and what was going on.
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the issue was that here was a man at the very top of government who allowed himself to be captured by these elite interests. everyoner, not believes he is guilty. [indiscernible] they believe his enemies are trying to end any remaining influence he has. expedition a fishing , hoping that somehow he says something that can used against him. if they really had real evidence of any wrongdoing, he would have been caught. >> he seems defiant and is threatening to name and shame people.
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>> many more still to come, including the iranian nuclear deal is still alive, according to a foreign policy chief, as european nations discuss how they can possibly sustain the agreement. more deaths in southern nepal as monsoon rains trigger flash floods and landslides. windys been pretty recently, stormy from tasmania of through victoria, new south wales. sydney a airport has been affected. the active frontal systems have not stopped yet. the forecast takes us beyond what the satellite show, it still cloudy with the onshore breeze keeping at 13 in melbourne.
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in perthen better during the winter. between tuesday and instead, one system goes in the next one swings in. it's mostly going to be rain but there's the potential for some storms in new zealand. it has become wet and windy there. this is one system that you can see, that's what is actually happening. a little further east, looks fairly wet and windy. there will be a brief window between systemwide and system to which come into play during wednesdaday. auckland. rain is still the story in japan.
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>> reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. the ford democratic congress women attacked by donald trump in comments widely condemned as racist say they will not be silenced, and that he is remounting a white nationalist agenda. the first case of ebola has been confirmed in the city of goma in the democratic republic of congo. and former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he was the target of a conspiracy. european foreign ministers met in brussels to discuss ways to bring the united states and iran back to the negotiating table to save the nuclear deal. after the talks, the eu foreign policy chief insisted the deal is still alive. is the latest diplomatic effort to address months of heightened tension between tehran and washington. this report from brussels.
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>> for more than a year, the e.u. has tried to resume the nuclear agreement with iran, devising schemes to help reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions. now that deal is in danger as never before. >> we are looking to find a way to reserve the nuclear deal, which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear weapon. we think there is still some closing but small window to keep the deal alive. >> one of the brokers of the original deal known as jcpoa is clear about what must happen next. >> we want to see going back to knowcompliance, but we that technically all the steps that had been taken are reversible. so we help as we invite iran to reverse the steps and go back to full compliance with the
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agreement. >> but how much sway do european voices have? although the strength of feeling here in brussels is pretty clear, no amount of words from the eu alone can compel the u.s. government to negotiate. there has to be a willingness on both sides to give ground. and on that, the view from the government in tehran is clear. a when a big power that is bully, then we have to stand up to it. it must stop being a bully. we have always believed in talks , right this hour, right this moment, if they stop the belligerence and lift sanctions and return to the table, return to logic, we are ready. quick so aranda announces the current u.s. administration while maintaining commitment to the nuclear deal it negotiated with the previous one. yet iran is also operating outside the terms of that deal in some areas. weeks, uranium
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enrichment has exceeded agreed limits, all of which has emboldened trump's administration with the u.s. president recently warning officials in tehran they were treading on very dangerous territory, which means that on it's a risk.t, all the while, iran is technically in breach of its agreements under the nuclear agreement. dominic k, al jazeera, brussels. >> emmons warning sides have -- it has been repeatedly violated in recent weeks. discussed ways to pull back their forces. the talks, which are the first in five months, were held on board a you and ship in the red sea. least 313 bodies have been unearthed in a mass grave discovered last month in the
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syrian city of rocco. they are believed to have died or killed by isil. been to 5000 bodies have uncovered since january 2018. in sudan, protesters have been back out in the street to show their anger a day after man was killed and seven were injured when security forces fired on a demonstration. high school students protested against the paramilitary forces. they were backed by sudan's ruling military counsel. people in the capital showed solidarity by gathering in the streets. headquartersthe after hearing a man had been killed. monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across several countries. in nepal, at least 67 people have been killed and flash floods and landslides.
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report from the southern plains of nepal. the family is in morning. a 16-year-old was drowned while out with his friends. he had great dreams of being an engineer and working at the nasa space agency. .is father says >> when anyone would visit, he is the one who would pull up a chair and make food. to think that he would be taken away from this world. the entirewhat southern belt of nepal looked like until sunday. swollen rivers broke their banks, forcing thousands from their homes. 48 hours of nonstop rain all over nepal triggered floods and landslides, both in the southern plains and high in the mountains too. monsoon season takes the lives of many every year.
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nepal's government has a disaster management plan which is supposed to be activated in times like these. the water has receded from this village, but people have lost all their belongings. they crowd around us to tell their stories. most of them said even in these disastrous times, they feel exploited because of their past, or positioned in nepali society. >> they are the so-called untouchables. every year they get flooded, and every year they say that they have not been getting any help from the government. and right now, they have been trying to access a low which they say has been locked, despite the fact that this entire area was flooded for at least three days. >> we went to the school and found the classrooms lot.
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>> we are organizing an investigation and will start working as soon as possible. that the flood waters have receded and they can get on with their lives. they want the government to build new infrastructure as well as improve their systems but fear they will be forgotten again on -- until disaster strikes again. >> torrential monsoon rains and flash flooding have forced millions frorom their hohomes in india.a. to northeaeast states arare amog the worst hit. the government set almost 4.3 million people have been displaced in one area alone. 14 were killed when a building collapsed on a hillside. at least 24 people are feared dead after heavy rains and flash pakistan a valley in administered kashmir. the floods damage roads and more than 250 homes. officials warn the death toll may increase as rescuers are struggling to reach the affected
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areas. a state funeral has been held in bangladesh for the former president. the 89-year-old former general rule from 1982-1990. after leading a coup, he died in a military hospital on sunday. contains, this report flash photography from the start. >> his coffin wrapped in the national flag with full military honors, the former president was given a state funeral. the president was among the thousands paying their respects. they included political party leaders and mps. one of them is his widow. , he let a the army bloodless coup in 1982. he ran the country for eight ears until unrest and a series of strikes forced him to quit in 1990. his supporters credit him with changing bangladesh for the better.
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reformer andgood took an extraordinary step in this country. the protests are still continue and are followed by others. he will be missed. >> but his critics say his regime was dictatorial and many were killed and jailed. the president suspended both the constitution and parliament and repressed his political opponents. following his rule as president, he was elected to parliament several times. once campaigning from prison. >> when someone dies, there is no politics involved in it. we are all human. he is a follower of islam and former head of state. i just came here to pay my respects to him. >> thousands of people from all walks of life have gathered here is a south plaza of the national parliament to pay their last homage to the late president.
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despite his controversial legacy as dictator, he remained a major political figure in bangladesh until the end. >> the former leader is due to be laid to rest with full state honor in the military graveyard on tuesday. viewed as a king of controversy too many, he will be remembered theillions as a friend of rural people. woman whoalvador, a had a 30 year prison sentence overturned for suspected abortion has appeared in court for a second trial. she was convicted of aggravated homicide in 2017 under also offer doors tough abortion laws. the supreme court overturned the original ruling and ordered a retrial with a new judge. that then 19-year-old insists she was unaware she was pregnant when she suffered severe abdominal pain and fainted. she was charged after a fetus
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was found in a toilet. innocent. i'm just a girl who was studying and i was raped. i know everything will turn out alright. i have a good feeling. systemope the judicial reacts positively, but it recognizes and leaves her freedom intact. and furthermore, that for young
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