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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  August 1, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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chaos and confusion in the yemen city, dozens of people die into attacks. ♪ two attacks. ♪ >> there watching al jazeera life from london. -- you are watching al jazeera live f from london. gunfire breaks out at a red light against the military. -- a rally against the military. the country marks a year since the ebola epidemic began.
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plus, the chinese army releases a video showing forces in hong kong in what appears to be a warning to protesters. ♪ welcome to the program. the escalation of violence between houthi rebels and the coalition in yemen, with two attacks, and another in the southside of the border. the biggest attack happened at a military camp used by trained forces. at least 36 people were killed. earlier, there was a bomb attack on a police station. at least 13 have been confirmed there. no group has claimed responsibility. they had fired a long-range missile across the saudi border at a military facility.
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stephanie becker has our report. reporter: it started as a military parade. it ended in this. the result of what houthi's said was a missile backed by the saudi government. is a seniorkilled military commander. seen here earlier in the week wearing the red beret. it was not the only message they sent on thursday, the hundreds ofd kilometers away. to brazen attacks with a very clear message. -- two brazen attacks with a very clear message. >> one of the things they want you to do was at the moment, the uv is withdrawing. -- ue is left on. they want to show.
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-- ue is withdrawing. the houthi are capable of hitting them quite hard. was to weakenear the houthis in yemen. there seems to be no end in sight. >> all saudi backed forces are going to come under attack, because they are working with the saudi backed forces. reporter: no political achievements on either side. the uae is pulling back its presence and even held a rare meeting with the iranian delegation on tuesday to discuss issues and the strait of hormuz. it is a political st alemate that crippled what was already one of the world's for his countries. to a earlier, i spoke
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yemen analyst. she says the houthis have been emboldened by the war. >> it is clear that their strength is growing and they are feeling fiercer and feel they should launch methods like that. it is troubling for the people of yemen, because the ramifications followed the population living under their control. they are being held hostage right now. it is a behavior that is definitely pushing for an escalation that is drifting away from peace talks. strength and they can use force when they need to. ♪ sedan's opposition -- sudan's opposition coalition says four people shot dead in the city just outside the carpet
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-- the capital, and several , whilewere injured taking part in a nationwide rally. they were calling for justice for the death of six other protesters killed during a demonstration on monday. al jazeera is banned from reporting against sudan, so we are reporting from neighboring ethiopia. protesters, responding to the cause and joining what is called a million men really to justice for those who lost their lives. at least four people have been killed and dozen others have been wanted as a result. protesters are demanding the
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hold all kinds of negotiations and there should be accountability. are the forces of freedom and change in the military council have meant thursday evening -- met thursday evening. thursday morning, the coalitions of the difference between the suicide have been ironed out -- the two sides have been ironed out. agreed on the mechanisms of the council, the powers given to the council, in addition to the reasons living to the loss of -- leading to the loss of membership. we have also agreed on the parliament and its powers. reporter: protesters are saying any deal reached to the two sides has totwo have justice and accountability.
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if justice is delivered, they will continue -- not delivered, they will continue with their protest. host: a little earlier, i spoke to a protester on the phone. we can't identify him for his own safety. he is frustrated by the lack of progress towards democracy. you actually just think, it is a facade. every single time, the end is near. then they go a few steps back. no one can give any time, no one knows. areprotesters, the protests giving them back hope, but no one can tell when this is going to end. state media says a
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cease-fire agreement has been reached in the rebel held idlib province. there has been responsible the opposition. at least two children were killed on thursday. the city shows syrian and russian the ledgers in nearby hamas. they have killed more than 400 civilians and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes. the united nations will investigate attacks on you one supporter facilities in northwest area. announcedary-general the inquiry after two thirds of the security council petitioned for it. we have more now from the you one. reporter: the focus of the inquiry will be the attacks on 14 supporters, a lot of them, hospitalized. they were aware it would be
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russia quick to condemn the decision. >> it was a mistake. we regret there was a pressure from the part of the countries that really don't want to bring peace to syria. there is a lot of fake news about this. like the recent ones. for the sake of investigation, this is for the sake of blaming syria and russia of the things we do not do. >> can fully respect the rights the russian federation to disagree with me. i also respect the position of 10 other members of the security council that have the opposite opinion. i believe this inquiry can produce an important result. i can guarantee that everything will be done to make sure that this inquiry asked with full objectivity, not to prove
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anything, but to simply say what the truth is. week,er: earlier this they raised the possibility that information provided by the you one was being misused by some parties. the you one director -- un director has not addressed that directly. , "theritten statement inquirer shall determine whether russia and syria have used coordinates provided by the un to target hospitals." --hospitals." they should make the report public. many push for transparency, another point of controversy in an already tense debate. reopened itshas theern border with democratic republic of congo
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after briefly closing at to prevent the latest ebola outbreak from spreading. two more cases have been reported. a one-year-old child and the .ife of the men who died crossing this border between rwanda and the congo has people going back and forth. 15,000 people use this crossing daily, and families visit relatives and traders take their goods to the market. millions of dollars are made in border trade every year. closed, the were rwanda government saying they wanted to evaluate the ebola situation. >> they closed the border, not a good decision. they haven't detected it here on the border. >> we crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems.
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we brought a large quantity of corn, but this morning, we came back to get our goods and they for bid us from coming into rwanda. us from coming into rwanda because of ebola. reporter: they say they are well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with ebola victims. the ebolaclared emergency as of international concern, saying people should not use and former -- and former -- should not use informal crossings with no medical attention, which could make things worse. >> it is counterproductive, because it interferes with that. secondly, people will find another way. there are more remote areas where if you cannot go across the main border, you can go another way. reporter: a vaccination campaign
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is underway in the drc, but a controversial proportion by the vaccineeploy a second is raising concerns. >> this new vaccine being discussed is one that requires two doses, but 56 days apart. that's a lot of discussion if we have an effective back thing being used and there is -- it is taking so long to get it accepted by the population, why introduce another vexing into -- vaccine into this outbreak? reporter: for now, they are relieved operations are back to normal. but many people here in this city about 2 million are afraid of the disease that arrived on their doorstep. arabia says it will now allow women in the kingdom to travel without approval from a male guardian.
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the changes are part of sweeping reforms led by bah humbug been some. -- led by mohammad bin salman. has facedia international criticism of their strict rules on pose on women. -- imposed on women. in this half hour why iran says washington's latest sanctions are childish and will have no effect. trump supporters gather to watch his reelection rally in cincinnati. we will be live in ohio. ♪ still a shortage of rain in
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new south wales and victoria. it will not change on friday. thisusly, it is warmer time of year. the wind coming in from the interior at 22 degrees. you might catch a cloud on the coast of victoria. sun and rain in tasmania. otherwise, nothing has changed. temperatures have gone up in sydney and brisbane. quite windy, wet, so and has -- snow. almosttures here remain in the teens throughout the next two days. andn has seen fairly dry warm weather. it is a little bit less hot. beijingd with rain for
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across toward north korea. that is the next two days. ♪ ♪ houthi reminder now, rebels have claimed responsibility for a major attack in yemen. 36 people were killed when a military camp was targeted. four people have been shot dead in a rally in a sudanese city during a march demanding justice for the killing of at least six protesters on monday. the united nations said they will investigate attacks on un supporter facilities in northwest area after two thirds of the security council petitioned on the investigation.
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out anorea has carried unidentified short range projectile launch from the country's eastern coast. it is the third such launch in one week. media says the leader, kim jong-un, oversaw the testfiring of a new rocket launch system on wednesday. donald trump says he is concerned by the missile tests. in less than one hours time, the president will outline his pitch for 2020 in a campaign rally in the city of cincinnati. economic strength is likely to dominate the event, even during the trade war with china. the trump administration is frustrated that talks are not progressing as fast as they want and have now announced a new set of tariffs. let's go live to cincinnati. let's start with the terrorists.
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what do we know -- the ariffs, what do we know about them? donald trump scheduled to speak in about one hour. the president said this would be a 10% tariff on an additional $300 billion of goods imported from china. he said the reasoning was because china has not fulfilled its promise to buy more american agriculture products, and also has not done enough to curb the export of fentanyl and other drugs to the u.s. this is set to take effect on september 1. tweet today puts an end to the trade war front truth, back in june, the u.s. and china said they would avoid further escalation while trade
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talks were going. -- ongoing. president trump said the talks appear to be constructive and is looking forward to more positive dialogue, but today, he had a change of heart. he explained further to reporters. president trump: china for the last 20 years has been taking billions of dollars from our country. we had a president that didn't do anything about it. for many years, china has been taking money out by the hundreds of millions of dollars a year. we have rebuilt china. now, it is time we change it around. if they don't want to trade with us anymore, that is fine with me, we save a lot of money. host: it is interesting if that issue will come up at the trump rally tonight. trump a we expect from little later when he speaks? stadium behind me
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hold more than 17,000 people. we saw a steady stream of rally goers in the last several hours. it appears they are inside. the president should be taking the stage in about one hour's time. we expect continued attacks on the democrats. democrats have dominated the u.s. headlines in the last two days because they were back to back debating, where candidates took on each other. trump, of course, was the missing voice, but he did weigh twitter. -- on he said it would make the u.s. easy to rip off. is that the candidates -- he said the candidates have --
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he said the candidates do not have what it takes. that is a message that has resonated not only with his base, but with more americans in general as the growing economy has definitely benefited people's pocketbooks. however, we do not know, this is an unpredictable president. he may go for the rhetoric of division that has been accused of being racist, as he has done in the past. host: we will see. thank you. iran and the uae have signed an agreement to strengthen and extend security cooperation on joint borders. the deal was signed by iran's border police commander and his mri counterparts on thursday. --emirate counterparts on thursday.
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iran has accused america of being childish for imposing sanctions on its foreign minister. the foreign minister says assets have been frozen. we have more from the iranian capital. reporter: iran's president, taking center stage in an event. his speech was dominated by foreign politics. attacking the united states' onision to impose sanctions the foreign minister. >> this shows they got frustrated and now they say they want to negotiate. the foreign ministers and the ministry are afraid of the interviews, showing the white house is shaken and afraid of a logical intelligent diplomat. the u.s. maximum
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pressure campaign on iran is freezing the assets in the u.s. visit theto headquarters in new york will not longer be guaranteed. the reason is that i am iran's spokesperson around the world. i have no property or interest outside of iran. thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda. now, he is fighting to keep the deal alive following the united states' withdrawal last year. john bolton says the foreign minister is -- >> we consider the foreign minister and a legitimate spokesperson for iran. it is a state sponsor of terrorism.
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the world's central banker of terrorism. reporter: the functions come at a time of heightened -- sanctions come at a time of heightened tensions with problems in the middle east. the u.s. says it does not recognize the authority and leading negotiations. many here see that as ironic given the closeness to iran's supreme leader. if anyone has the authority to engage with the west, it would be him. washington says it does not want to engage with anyone from iran's government. the foreign minister's of the latest on a long list of iranian officials under u.s. sanctions. with each new designation, any real hope of resolving the conflict gets bleaker. drug cartelse by and criminal gangs is pushing mexico's murder rate to a record by thespite a pledge
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president to make the country safer. there were 17,608 killings across mexico from january to june. that is worse than the peak of mexico's drug war in 2011. 100 people are killed every day nationwide. have thees that mexico current record at 118. a cycle of violence has gripped the mexican state of veracruz. it appears as though insecurity here has spiraled out of control. not only has there been an increase in homicides, but also other crimes like extortion and kidnappings. thehe coastal city,
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perception of insecurity many residents feel has led to a sharp economic decline forcing business owners to close shop and leave town. -- isnapping is a lot hitting hard. it has been bad for us. it has had a devastating impact in the city. reporter: the escalating just onein veracruz is example of the deteriorating security situation across much of the country. there were 17,608 murders recorded nationwide in the first half of the year. a 10% increase from 2018. it happened to be a record-setting year for homicides in new mexico. >> i worry about homicides. i worry about kidnappings and robberies against people. reporter: the mexican president's strategy to combat violence has been the creation of a national guard. it until now has failed to deliver intended results.
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>> the main strategy of this government has been the national guard, which has not even finished being established. it is difficult to evaluate if they are fulfilling their goal. reporter: in much of mexico, insecurity is rooted in the splintering of drug cartels, who fight over control of territory. the violence frequently spills into the community. where walking along the boardwalk in a part of town that would befall of people enjoying the beach and the sun, but there is hardly anyone here, afraid of becoming the next victim of extortion or kidnapping or murder. many have chosen to leave.
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