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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  August 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> classes at the airport and troops as the -- at the border as protests escalate. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, over 500 migrants are stranded as europeanan nations bigger as who should take responsibility. the rush -- the nuclear arms race and an outbreak in russia.
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protesters in hong kong have clashed with police at the and's international airport the escalating political crisis has no sign of slowing got rid thousands of demonstrators flooded the terminal. we report from hong kong. >> it was late in the evening when chaos broke out at hong kong's international airportrt. they suspected him from being an undercover agent from china. that is when the scuffles broke out even the they said their mission was not to disperse the citizens threat hundreds of flights have been canceled at
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one of the world's busiest airports. >> they continue to stand after security forces said they were facing violence. anger at what protesters say is police brutality in dealing with them have fired up the demonstrations. earlier in the day, hong kong's embattled leader carrie lam gave a press briefing of the economic damage closing the airports, but [inaudible] in sure that hong kong remains a safe and orderly and law-abiding city. that is my utmost responsibility because without the rule of law, without law and order in hong kong, it is extremely difficult to ensure that 7 million people in hong kong could continue to live in a peaceful
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[indiscernible] tuesday, airlines started clearing the backlog of flights. as theye not as much before, but enough to block immigration security areas to read by large, the protesters have left the airport and all you have is passengers trying to figure out when they contest the next fight. they wait to see whether wednesday will bring more disruption to air travelers, but more portly, when and if authorities patients will run out. meanwhile, aging preparing for military drills just across the border from hong kong. scott has more. gateway mainland china to hong kong territory or
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it behind me, there's a way for pedestrians to make their way into hong kong territory. also, what has been happening over the last couple days has been interesting. there was a state run media that put out video and stills of paramilitary forces gathering in -- city just outside jensen shenzen. there is a big military force across the border and a are here for a large exercise that will be happening the next couple days. this comes with rhetoric out of beijing: some of the protests terrorism and saying they will crack down with an iron this, but when you talk to people, they had a much different view in hong kong. they said they are frustrated, angry and scared. and theyy was going
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say they were frustrated here in mainland china. >> more than 500 migrants remained stranded after being rescued by 28 boats. the ship takes up more than 300 migrants on sunday and monday and the spanish open arms days waitingt 12 for poor entry approval. the agency appealed for them to be taken in, but so far none have asked to court and eight the boats disembarking. -- coordinate the boats disembarking. he is calling for the government to provide a safe port. >> we have four rescues and four
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days in a row. we had the first rescue at 85 people and the second rescue was again, 85 people and the last was 105 people. on the last rescue moments after he got lifejackets, part of the riverboat collapsed and people went into the water. if we would not have been there minutes before, there would have been more in the mediterranean. he had contacted the authorities and they are requesting a report -- a poor of safety, so we are relying on them. some of the people have been at andfor three to four days these rubber boats, they are severely dehydrated, showing signs of physical abuse, the onesical abuse and
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on their hands and feet speak for themselves. being tortured, seeing people next to them killed for no reason at all. winning asays it is nuclear arms race despite an accident that caused a spike in radiation levels. the blast happened thursday at an testing base. at least 500 people died. russian doctors have been taken to moscow for medical examinations. no official definition has been given for the radiation spikes up to 16 times normal levels. we have more from moscow. >> only five days after this mysterious explosion, we now
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has that the weather agency measured radiation levels up to 65 times higher than normal. measurement was actually add a garden. there's a lot of conspiracy theories going on here in russia about what exactly has happened. the government has been very tightlipped. from thething we heard spokesman was that people should trust the information that has and allveyed to them the state agencies are working to make sure people are safe. a lot of people still remember what happened. in 1986, a different scale of radiation, but also [indiscernible] that is what people are worry worried about.
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the stores by the government has changed in the last five days. initially, the ministry of defense said there was no .adiation were two, there victims. scientists died at the for and only on sunday, authorities confirmed there was a small nuclear powered engine exploded and there's a lot of speculation about what is likely was being tested and the american a newers have said missile could reach every corner of the planet because it is nuclear powered. donald trump is weighing in on boastingan incident, american superiority and the weapons industry.
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-- in the weapons industry. >> no official reaction from the state department here in washington. what we have is a tweet from donald trump. that is the only statement we got from the u.s. government through it he put out that the united states is learning much and we have similar, but more dance technologies than russia. critical those who are of what the president is seen, saying this gives russia a heads-up on what the united states is working on. if indeed that is the case, there is always doubt when it comes to donald trump's tweets, but if they working on that, i'm sure it would not be much of a surprise to the russians. wasrts believe russia working on a missile that could worlded anywhere in the because it is powered by a small
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nuclear reactor. the americans look at this technology in the 1950's and 1960's and had a number of failures. what is interesting is the timing of this. it comes just a week or so at the united holdout of a nuclear treaty with russia and that led many to say there's a real possibility of a nuclear are race, but this weapon would not be covered by that tree because this is according to the experts, a conventional weapon. that is what they believed cause the explosion. >> india's supreme court says the government needs more time to restore order in kashmir. the court has been hearing [inaudible]
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millions have been forced to without working phones, television or the internet. hundreds of people defied it during monday and the protests is against the indian government's actions. >> almost no major international news outlet has been reporting on the situation tuesday. however, the associated press is reporting a strict lockdown for the night stay in a row and some residents are running out of potential slides. most outlets have been reporting to government officials and their press conferences. for example, the press secretary said tuesday that restrictions have been relaxed in various parts of the region and here it was almost entirely restricted, but we have noticed that they remain in place. on monday, the largest indian
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city saw the tightest restrictions since the beginning of a lockdown when india economy.its they add that the whole issue was a sensitive matter. >> pakistan has asked the un security council to meet india's decision. region is split between india and pakistan, but is claimed by both. in a letter to the council, the corners of words that his country will respond militarily it india chooses to use force. pakistan says china has backed its move to hold a meeting. they say the issue will be discussed. ahead, a flood bombardment
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seven. be confronted by and, giving the gift of christmas. the u.s. president says he is delaying some tariffs on chinese imports. >> while i hesitate to say it is warming up across the southeast [indiscernible] , i think [indiscernible] up toeratures will get around six degrees celsius. cloudkies, a little more a. more cloud into w we will see some rolling through
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on wednesday. thursday, 15 celsius and they weather will creep its way, heading down towards the southeast. you can see temperatures trying to nudge out. meanwhile, we'll see dry weather across new zealand. christchurch, 14 degrees. country, its of the is dry. for north, keeping a close eye making itsical storm way across japan by thursday. ♪ your top stories here on al
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jazeera. flies have resumed at hong kong's airports after protests caused by cancellations for the second day. and than 500 refugees migrants remained stranded after being rescued by 28 votes. two eight votes -- aide boats. -- areors who treated people being taken to moscow for examination. court has refused to release in exchange for a video statement denying she was tortured in custody. she was arrested more than year
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ago along with at least a dozen other women's rights activist. s. >> yemen's rebels say they have a launched -- launched drone attacks. -- they deny the port and they say it is the latest in the past few months. >> fighting between the saudi coalition and the only the rebels will continue. before and a half year war has displaced millions in their homes. the victims are living next to a graveyard. fighting force them to move south, but now, they face a
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different threat and hunger. they don't have the money to pay for the most basic commodities. >> we consist of 11 families who have fled. between graceed -- grades -- graves. >> they collect plastic bottles from the street. >> most days we eat from leftover's food -- leftover food. we asked for blankets and regular food aid. >> they say for the 2 million families have left their homes. here, the people have been displaced from their homes.
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across the country, foreign help has failed to supply aid. years of war has led to a critical shortage of all beijing essentials. >> he and his family have taken over this long deserted house. for some, there is no money. >> i fled the world -- i fled the war because the situation has become unbearable. i also have come here to treat my son. i have ended up with no work and no hope for a business future. most are likely to be forced from their homes in search of food. the family's long journey has
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brought them to this graveyard, but they don't know how they will survive over the coming months. residents in iraq's capital are calling for conversation after a large pleasant left their homes in disrepair. the iraqi government has of these to say what caused the blast which left one person dead. explosion shook buildings far away and created a column of smoke that spread across the baghdad sky early monday evening. person was killed, a dozen injured, most of them civilians. a rocket officials say there was an explosion inside the military base, shared with a paramilitary group. there armed groups have been
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operating with the full support of the country since 2014 when they joined the fight against isil. a new law that came into effect on july 31 requires all paramilitary groups to report to iraqi security forces or put down their weapons. other than saying an investigation is underway, compensation will be given to the families of the civilians killed, the government has not offered any expiration as to what caused the explosion. he and his family were preparing to eat dinner for the holiday and they say missiles began raining down on their homes. >> a window shattered, and metal door ripped apart. one of the daughters is so traumatized, she continues to shake. stopped,the explosion all of us were not at the house.
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we were scared to >> the explosion happened here at the military base in southwest baghdad. shrapnel flew across the highway and over here into this impoverished area where more than 1000 people lived. they lost electricity and are homes had been damaged. they are demanding compensation from the government. >> tuesday morning, teenagers walked around looking for in .icking up on it was rockets despite warnings, the people are in shock, yet eager to show the damage to their homes. >> we asked the government to compensate the poor. it is dangerous to live here. we are asking security forces to remove the missiles as soon as possible. >> she says she is grateful no one in her family was entered, but the damage to their home is just another hardship in a life of struggle. >> we have suffered for a long
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time. only the poor enjoy the worst. >> most of the people living in these homes along the highway have built illegally. they say if they could afford to live somewhere out of range from a limited -- from a military base, they would. >> at former president has been charged with murder and causing unrest. arrest ended in the death of a special forces officer after violence erupted outside the home. prosecutors wanted to question corruption allegations during his time in power, but he is now being accused of plotting a coup. donald trump says he is delaying
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some tariffs on chinese imports because of christmas. earlier this month, he announced he would slap a 10% levy on chinese goods from -- from september. officials say tariffs on some products will be postponed until the 15th of december. trump says he does not want the taxes to effect the shopping season and stocks on wall street rose after the news. effects of the trade war on china being felt beyond chinese borders. american editor reports from santiago. months, they three 55-year-old has been going out every day looking. joins, hoping like the
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rest to secure work as a housemate, a job that used to be easy to find, but no longer. >> if i don't work, i cannot pay for my rent. my bills, my food. without a salary, how can i survive? >> the director says the number of chileans working -- looking for work is skyrocketing. >> [inaudible] [indiscernible] a lot more people are looking for this kind of work. >> it is just one of the consequences of the escalating trade as the between the u.s. and china. the value of the chilean peso has dropped to its lowest level
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in more than three years, making imports more expensive. >> chili's export base economy is what economists call external shock. i'm trying to it has a direct impact. >> beyond the effect of the a very slow pace, so given what has been going on, it is hurting us. oneerhaps someone -- no more impacted than the people you see here. tens of thousands of migrants have come here, just this year alone. here at the immigration department -- department hoping to get things in order. >> the economy minister cells --
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tells people he remains optimistic. >> it will allow us to confront this situation. >> but for how long is the question, especially for people who cannot afford to wait for the trade war to end. >> police found the body of an disappeareder who more than a week ago while on holiday. defendant identified the body at a local morgue. it is not yet clear what caused her death. an autopsy will be carried out on wednesday. on the greek island have been ordered to evacuate as a major wildfire rips through a nature preserve. firefighters are battling the -- nick --ck pine
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thick pine forest. to at times and it is set vote a motion of no-confidence next tuesday. last week, he pulled the
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claudette zepeda-wilkins: american is a relative term. what is american? personally i think the border is, you know, just a speed bump in between two countries. as a child, i think we took tj for granted not because it was a different country to me. to me, it was just like, "oh, it's just tj. it's where the other half of my family lives." and even if i i was in tj my entire lilife, being this far n north,u aare sort ofof removed f from te other parts of f mexico and the cultuture. youu're mexica b but you don'n't really know. my last restauranant was mexica,


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