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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  August 14, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tensions escalate over cashmere as the indian prime them to compares nazis.also coming up on the program. police fired tear gas protesters in hong kong, but flights have resumed at the airport. a warning to the united states. iran's leader says it needs no help protecting its golf. sets sailactivist
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across the atlantic, taking up the fight against climate change to the united nations in new york. welcome to the program. we begin with the crisis in kashmir. the pakistani government has compared the indian government s because of its nationalist ideology. [chanting] correspondent: it was a holiday to celebrate the end of british rule and the creation of pakistan. , in the capital of kashmiri territory administered by pakistan. there is mounting anger against the annexation of indian administered kashmir.
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>> the situation would be resolved with words. the solution is action. we stand behind the pakistani army. correspondent: the pakistani government has suspended trade and transport. >> these measures don't satisfy us. indian forces have besieged kashmiris for the last 10 days. lives are in danger. we want pakistan to take practical measures. an army can only be expelled by another army. kashmiris have made enough sacrifices. governmentnt: leaders in islamabad are being pressured by kashmiris to back their words with action. the prime minister arrived with a message of solidarity and a promise to do all he can. he compared india's ruling hindu-nationalist party with nazis and said muslims are looking to the united nations to stop india from violating basic rights.
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india of an anti-muslim demographic shift. >> we have information and we have had two national security committee meetings. the pakistani army has full knowledge india has made a plan to take action, like the action they took. according to our information, they have a more sinister plan now. not just the army, but the entire nation is prepared for the fight alongside our military. correspondent: prime minister khan says it will be his duty to take the message of kashmiris to the international community. pakistan has asked for an emergency session of the un security council. pakistanis across the country were marking independence day in solidarity with kashmiris.
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the kashmiri flag alongside pakistan's. they want tod remind the world have how india is abusing kashmiris. slogans were chanted and rallies held in areas which used to be under the control of taliban a few years ago. in what is said to be the largest pakistani flag along --h a slogan thatat says many of these are the descendents of fighters who help the military take control of what is now pakistan administered kashmir. pakistan insists diplomacy, but many pakistanis believe otherwise. >> china has called on the un security council to meet on the situation. the lockdown there is said to have eased. the phone line and the internet
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will remain cut. more from new delhi. the lockdown: remained tight in the largest city of indian administered kashmir. >> security forces are keeping most people off the streets. those who venture out when they have to complain of continued restrictions that make it hard to get around. go, there are security forces. they do not let me go through. i just want to go to the store to buy something. they will not let me go there. it feels like we are in jail. correspondent: in new delhi, social activists who returns to the capital from indian administered kashmir told reporters what they saw. by severalrtrayal indian media organizations of calm in the kashmir valley is untrue. >> the government would like us
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to make it seem like the only agents out there -- in fact they are not. theespondent: they see indian government's communications blackout is counterproductive to solving the crisis. >> it is radicalizing the population, marginalizing elements who are now in jail. prominent civil servant turned politician is now under house arrest. he was detained at new delhi's airport. he has spoken to al jazeera several times, highly critical of india's policy on kashmir, saying strong-arm policies were hurting kashmiris' faith in the government. house arrest comes as the governor of indian administered kashmir says restrictions will be lifted falling indian independence day celebrations on
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thursday, but phone lines and the internet will remain blocked meaningashmir valley, many kashmiris will remain cut off from the rest of the world. ♪ >> china says the protest movement in hong kong has reached near terrorism, calling for the law to be used to restore order. riot police have faced off with protesters, firing tear gas. >> they have gathered for the festival of the hungry goat, when offerings are made for ancestors. even this ritual could not escape the current turmoil. with pictures of hong kong's chief executive carrie lam, the police chief, and several other officials. they were near a police station
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and started beaming laser pointers at the building. they ignored warnings to stop, and police pursued on the street. first, a show of force. police advancing. but the protesters remain defiant. then came the teargas. >> these are happening on a nearly daily basis in parts of hong kong. there does not seem to be an end in sight. to be moreseemed entrenched in their positions. the confrontation in a neighborhood came as the airport
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was returning to normal after two days ofthe disruption that e cost more than 70 million dollars. airport authorities were granted a partial injunction to prevent protesters from occupying the main terminal. only travelers with valid air tickets could get into the building. some protesters were allowed to continue their sit in in a designated area of the arrivals board. condemnedficials have the confrontations that broke out tuesday night as near-terrorist act. havekong officials described the protests as radical and violent acts across the line. but she has been watching the confrontations unfolding. to see policeant hurt the teenagers and the citizens. the teargas, are they crazy?
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they did not listen to the hong kong people. this protest: fizzled out, but the political turmoil has consumed hong kong. everyone here expecting more chaos in the days to come. concerned. says it is chinese armed forces gathering near the border with hong kong, and has issued a travel advisory urging caution. many people have been affected by months of protest. the effects are being felt in mainland china, especially the city that links to hong kong. the primary gate lay -- gateway from china to hong kong, a constant outflow of arrivals and departures. many people are concerned from both sides of the border. >> hong kong is not safe
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anymore. my family was worried about my safety. the protest cost and convenience local people. >> the protest caused inconvenience to local people. this is too bad for the image of hong kong. receiveddent: shenzhen a great deal of international attention when state media aired footage of paramilitary vehicles oriented the city. deployment clearly meant to send a message to protesters. the father of china's reform and opening movement used shenzhen to launch economic reforms. it was also his idea for the one approach being tested across the border. the effect is being felt in shenzhen. as with elsewhere, the stock
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market has seen negative numbers since the protest moved to the international airport, but there was one standout. shenzhen airport shares sword. it is the closest airport to hong kong. some flights were diverted there. the continued turmoil could make shenzhen more attractive to airlines and passengers. the airport just received approval to expand, allowing it to double its yearly passenger numbers to 80 million. while the view from shenzhen into hong kong remains the same, the impact across the border is being keenly felt by the people. >> iran's president has criticized the united states for ella terry build up in the gulf. military buildup in the gulf. buildup has started in the strait of hormuz. >> all talks about establishing
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a new coalition in the persian gulf will not be practical. no doubt it will not help the security of the region. there is no need for the presence of foreign forces to provide security. >> more now from tehran. correspondent: it is the first time president rouhani has coalition in the region, which the united states says is to ensure freedom of navigation in the gulf. president rouhani said it is absurd. haslso said whatever israel a presence, it causes insecurity, terrorism, and massacre. toalso said iran is going establish relations with neighboring countries and the u.s. goal was to sow discord. he said there is no need for foreign troops. the context is that the united
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withdrew from the nuclear deal and imposed sanctions. in the past few months, there has been an increase in tensions with tankers mysteriously attacked, the united states and its golf allies blaming iran. takerlso sees a british -- tanker. the coalition only has two countries. the united kingdom and the unitited states. european countries are still trying to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. they fear any presence of troops in the region will jeopardize that. germany has refused to join this coalition because they say everything should be done to avoid escalation. >> still ahead for you on the program, the venezuelan city that has become a simple of the city's economic collapse. politicians u.s. weigh in on the brexit debate as the deadline approaches for britain's withdrawal from the eu.
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♪ >> we have some rather mobile weather across southern parts of australia. you can see this area sliding out across south australia toward the southeastern corner. some rain in the forecast pushing into southern parts of wa. it will roll across south australia. it warms up to around 19 on friday. the next system will push in for the weekend. some wet weather aching its way toward the southeastern quarter, increasing clouds, temperatures around 16 degrees, but we are struggling to get to 11 at hobart. weather in tasmania will slide across the sea to new zealand. not bad at the moment.
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that increasing cloud will make its way, so make the most of thursday. 14 celsius in auckland. somewhat or whether as we go through friday -- wet or whether we goter weather as through friday. rain over southern parts of japan. a tropicalal storm making its wy further north for friday. ♪ >> welcome back. the pakistani prime minister has compared the indian government to nazis. china has weighed in on the u.n.'s need to address the
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situation. hong kong police have fired tear gas at pro-democracy demonstrators in the residential area. china says the movement has researched debt has reached near terrorism. and iran's president rouhani has criticized the united states for military buildup in the gulf, saying foreign forces are not needed as the region can protect itself. observatory of human rights says a government warplane has crashed. according to reports, rebels have shut down the jet. the rebel-held town where government forces are advancing. there have been no reports of the incident in syrian state media so far. argentina, the leader has spoken to his presidential rival, saying he has expressed willingness to keep markets calm. he announced salary increases and tax cuts after the
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announcement of economic turmoil. less thaneft -- polls the centerleft candidate, a litmus test for the election in october. more from one of sarah's -- buenos aires. correspondent: it shocked the government. it has taken them three days to respond, mostly to the subsequent collapse of the argentine peso against the dollar on monday. value and% of its affected argentine stocks and shares on wall street and in buenos aires. saying he was sorry for his brusque reaction on monday, blaming the voters for voting for what he said was the wrong party and not having faith in his policies. he says he was still reeling from the defeat. among the measures announced are a sharp increase in pensions, the minimum wage, a freeze on
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fuel for 90 days, more measures about to be announced in the next few days. and waiting tog see how those markets respond to the government's response to what was a very convincing defeat in primaries on sunday. waiting to see what happens, if they can recover in time for the presidential elections in october. with little access to fuel, food, and electricity, residents say they have been forgotten by the government, locked in power struggle. electricity has become a luxury for most people in maracaibo. they say they only have four hours of electricity a day.
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maria's daughter died in the middle of a power cut. >> my daughter died of a heart attack because of the heat because of all the problems we are facing. the government is not doing anything to help us. we have no water or electricity. wasespondent: maracaibo once venezuela's oil hub, but now it's people are struggling in the middle of economic crisis. thecaibo was once known as coldest city in venezuela because of the number of air conditioning units. it has one of the highest temperatures in the country, and that is why people are not used to the situation. mattresses toing sleep at night. says she starts to choke. >> she starts crying like a child because she cannot breathe. all our food is going to waste. it is terrible for us. >> a few minutes later, power
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went out. experts say electricity problems are the result of lack of maintenance. it is not just electricity. ues to get petrol can go on for miles. gasoline is almost free in venezuela, but a black market exists for those who don't want to queue up. this man says it is the only way he has to make a living. >> a living off gasoline. we get it from government officials who need to make extra money because the salaries we have we cannot survive on. it is the only way we can buy food. my salary buys me only two kilos of meat. adds to political tension between the government of nicolas maduro and the opposition led by juan guaido. there are worries that an increase in u.s. sanctions could cause the situation to deteriorate even more. >> i do not think we are going
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to see political or economic change anytime soon. the conflict will increase with radicalization by the government , financialosition sanctions that are trying to break the government, but will deteriorate everyday life. correspondent: for these people, everyday life is already hard. >> i am selling these bones because it is the only thing many can buy. phones they can put in a soup and get protein. water,ondent: electricity, and oil shortages have people tired and angry. they feel the government has stopped listening. italian court, the spanish rescue ship carrying migrants should be allowed to enter italian waters despite a ban imposed by the interior minister cell meaning -- salvini. international
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maritime law meant that had a right to bring the migrants to safety. a court in rome said the boat should be allowed in for immediate assistance. senior politicians in the u.s. have been weighing in on praxis and the deadline for britain's withdrawal approaches. the u.s. house speaker says there would be no chance of congress passing a trade deal with the u.k. if brexit undermines the good friday peace agreement in northern ireland. those comments contradict those of john bolton, who held talks in london earlier this week. he said a trade deal could be fast-tracked through washington. meanwhile in london, the speaker of the house of commons says he is confident parliament can block a new deal brexit. more now from westminster. middle ofbe the august, but political intrigue at westminster rise through the fullbore because of all the controversy about boris johnson's threat to leave
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the eu with or without a deal at the end of october. there is a game of poker going on between the perdition government and the european union. some 20 leading conservative mps , including former ministers in theresa may's government, say they cannot support boris johnson's plan because it would be so destabilizing and in terms have suggested in doing that, they would vote against their own party in a confidence vote, which now looks very likely to happen when parliament reconvenes at the start of september. that could trigger a general election either immediately before or immediately after boris johnson has his way, brexit on the 31st in october. johnson has taken to facebook to ask questions about what his plans are. he has accused that group of conservatives of treachery and of taking the european union's
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side against their own government. while that is a significant rift inside the conservative party, there is another one across the atlantic, where a trade deal with the u.s. is seen as the absolute prize for brexit. john bolton came here and met boris johnson, said the u.k. queue, event in the though it has nothing to do with him because he is a security advisor. now nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, has come out and said what many people have said for months and months, which is that congress would block that trade deal if no resolution was found to the integrity of the open border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland. climate activist has set sail across the atlantic ocean, taking a message on global warming to the united nations in new york. the 16-year-old is making the
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crossing on a zero emissions yacht accompanied by her father and two crewmembers. more now from plymouth, where thunberg began her journey. >> the preparation had been tough, but greta thunberg is undertaking the journey of a lifetime. the racing yacht, a professional crew, and her father awaiting them, all the challenges of the lane to goshen for the next two weeks. despite the technology -- the atlantic ocean for the next two weeks. despite the technology, little luxury and even less privacy. this teenager, a beacon for young climate crisis activists, now prepared to brave the challenges of the open ocean in the hopes of her message being heard and understood. 's trip isberg expected to take two weeks.
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she aims to be in new york for next month's u.n. climate action summit. the crossing will not be easy. august is peak hurricane season. says new york, thunberg she will travel to canada and mexico. she plans to attend the u.n. climate crisis in chile in december. despite is doing this the criticism she has experienced from climate change deniers. >> i am not concerned about reactions. what i am concerned about is whether we will do something or not. whether people in power will react and act with necessary force. >> the determination of 116-year-old schoolgirl to spark off a global movement. greta thunberg has been urging politicians to do something more than say the right words, but put it in action as well. all over the world, her message
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has resonated with young people. like scarlett and francis. their worry is the older generations do not understand the crisis the planet is facing. control it,directly but we cannot do that. in u.k., the parliament has declared a climate emergency, but it is not binding. there is no action proposed to reach the carbon neutral by 2070 target, which is already too late. correspondent: the vessel will be collecting essential data such as measuring the temperature of the ocean to assess how much carbon is being absorbed. it is a journey fraught with risk, but for the effects of climate change already being felt across the globe, it is one this teenager believes is worth making.
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narrarator: on ththis episodedef "eaarth focus"s"... the e race to transition to sustainable solar powower is underway. in zanzibar, rural women are learning solar skills, bucking a tradition of entrenched gender roles, empowering their communities in the process, while in southernrn californini, it's genererating the e growth f grgreen jobs s and winning over skeptics. [filmlm advance clicking]


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