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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  August 19, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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rising tensions in northwest syria turkey condemns a government airstrike that narrowly misses an army convoy. ♪ alexei mary and was a, you are with al jazeera. in your police officers fired ofe years after the killing an arnon demand that led to the black lives matter movement. -- depose president omar al-bashir got $90 million from the iranian royal family.
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exiledlestinian artist since the start of the israeli occupation has gotten his wish to be buried in jerusalem. ♪ >> syrian forces say they have taken control of a checkpoint in the last rebel held province, giving them access to a strategic town. it happened after an airstrike missed a turkish military convoy a few kilometers away. most obviousf the interactions between the two during the war. issyrian or russian warplane thought to be behind this arotech. it was making its way to the opposition-controlled province. turkey says was heading to one of its posts.
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like another town a few kilometers away, it could soon come under siege as syrian government forces and their allies advance. the syrian foreign ministry is accusing turkey of trying to stop the army's advance and providing support to it because terrorist groups. the coat -- the so-called syrian national army were seen going to the front lines to fight the government's military push. put in reinforcements to the front lines. in order to establish a base region fromop that cutting the m five highway. kenexa cities under his control and revive trade. centersade population while on the road.
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the use to shut up to 100 thousand syrians before the military escalation started in april. many of them have been displaced from a nearby province. it is now empty as government troops and their allies are a few kilometers from reaching its center. regime did not and fighting and it continues in the center of the city. the turks have sent reinforcements to keep them from entering the city, and they harmed the turkish convoy. turkey is key as part of the de-escalation agreement and we do not give up. >> it may have been a message from syria to turkey. the defense ministry has condemned it as a violation of existing agreements. turkey says it will send its own message to syria not to advance any further. many are asking, are both
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posturing or will the sharp escalation intentions turn the proxy battle into a different kind of war? of the stories syrian opposition forces are saying is that a russian general has died in a long-range attack targeting an air base. a turkishshot off in port city. moscow is yet to comment. a new york city police officer choate and unarmed black man to death during an arrest five years ago. eric garner was suspected of selling loose cigarettes when police approached him. his death spotted -- sparked protests and inspire the black lives matter movement.
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moment near the exit he police officer choate -- choked unarmed black man eric garner. police say he resisted arrest. , he isas being choked heard saying his last words, i can't breathe. his death led to the black lives matter movement and launched protests throughout the country against police brutality. federal and local authorities never brought criminal charges against the police officer. an internal investigation found the chokehold did not conform with department arrest procedures. on monday, police commissioner james o'neill said the officer would be fired. >> in this case, the unintended consequence of his death must have a consequence of its own. therefore, i agree with the deputy commissioner.
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it is clear he can no longer effectively serve as a new york city police officer. >> eric garner's daughter was happy the police officer was fired, but said it is injustice her father was killed in the first place. >> i would do every thing in my power to not see another eric garner. i don't want to see another video of a person being choked. it wasn't supposed to happen to him and it was not supposed to happen to anyone. i should not be here fatherless. i should have my father, but the officer took it away from me. fraternity of police blasted the officer, saying they were trying to arrest the suspect. >> anyone that is been a police officer knows every second counts when you are getting thrown through a plate glass window. your responsibility is to yourself, the person you're trying to arrest, and everyone else. >> while there is disagreement
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the police officer should've been fired, all sides agree on one thing. five years was way too long to reach a conclusion in this case. now, the police commissioners saying that in the future, the department will decide much sooner on disciplinary actions against any police officer accused of wrongdoing. the u.s. has tested a ground launched missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers. it would have been banned under the inf treaty, but washington withdrew from the landmark 1987 pact with russia earlier this month. we have more from washington. >> the u.s. department of defense has announced it has --ted a land braced land-based cruise missile. it would have been banned under the inf treaty, but earlier this month, the u.s. says -- said they would withdraw. they said russia had been violating the terms.
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that's something russia denies. we do know this test took place on sunday in california. the military said it went more than 500 kilometers and it hit its target. that sort of testing hasn't been done. you can't test land-based cruise missiles that went further than 2500 kilometers. they will have more tests in the future. the question is where they will put these cruise missiles. the secretary of defense said he wanted to put them in asia. they said they will take time before any more placements were made. this is the next step that they have now taken.
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>> the revelation during the first court hearing on corruption and bribery charges. more reports from khartoum. >> he was once feared and guarded as the head of the country. now omar al-bashir is under different guard. he faces criminal charges, including illegal possession of foreign currency and bribery. investigators say they found more than $130 million in his house. >> presenting the head of a country to trial proves there is a rule of law and the country and no one is above the law. this message is not just for the ousted government but the incoming government. the case will resume next week. we can't tell you what the outcome will be. we can ensure the case is going in the favor of the defendant. >> the court heard that
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procedure admitted to receiving $9 million from saudi arabia. yes admitted to receiving more from the ruler of the united arab emirates. president, hee as sent soldiers to fight alongside the saudi-uae coalition in yemen. the former president said he doesn't know how the money he received was spent. he was also charged in may for inciting protesters. quickly turned into a nationwide antigovernment movement. those charges are get to be heard in court. regressed are brought up by the international criminal court, which involves war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. >> the transitioning military council that ousted them said they will wait until i transitional government is formed in an impartial judiciary is set up. that would be the one to determine whether the former president should be tried for these crimes and whether he is
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guilty or innocent. people have0,000 been killed in darfur since 2003. more than 3 million displaced. interest rational international reasons whygive they think bashir will be handed over to the icc. they do not really provide incentives for a peaceful solution to the current government come up composed by participated,ely allegedly, in the massacres. we should start asking questions whether the court that agreed to execute saddam would be justice. >> after 50 years in power with
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immunity for any kind of prosecution, for people in sudan, it's a better start to justice than none at all. >> more still had on the program. human rights concerns over injuries suffered by kashmiris at the hand of indian security forces. the u.s. government delays its ban on china's waterwaym -- huawei other companies have been penalalized. ♪ >> the storm system will be entering into the sea. we will be picking up cold air. ofare picking up parts
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victoria tuesday and wednesday. we will be seeing those temperatures during the day rebounded to 10 degrees for hobart. maybe 14 for melbourne. for perth, nice conditions. winds out of the northeast. a typical 22 degrees. for new zealand, things will be getting worse. a lot of rain and winds. as a storm approaches, high elevation snow will be a problem. you can see on the south island. toward wednesday, those colors drop toward wellington and auckland. parts of japan, quite rainy. it won't stop for many areas. tokyo, 29 degrees.
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>> just a top look at the top stories. an airstrike in syria has nearly missed a convoy. syrian forces say they have taken control of a checkpoint toch would give them access a town. and you are police officer involved in the chokehold death of eric garner in 2014 has been fired. video shows the officers wrestling him to the ground during an attempted arrest. corruption --an considering corruption charges against omar al-bashir. he has now told news agencies he received $9 million from the saudi royal family.
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in other stories, the leaders of france and russia have indicated a new round of talks maybe on the table to end the conflict in ukraine. for is there is cause optimism at president of macron's house in the south of france. tosh about the reports. macron arrived at his residence. he hopes to dissuade the russian leader to stop the fighting in eastern ukraine. they said vallarta mayor zielinski's promise to end the war was promising. russia annexed crimea in 2014. think we changed the situation. opportunity to revisit the situation and participate in
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future meetings. we have for a new format in the coming weeks. >> the two leaders seemed to make progress on ukraine. macron as cause for optimism. >> there have been several attempts. that is why we support the end threats here. >> the talks come as macron prepares host leaders from seven nations including donald trump. to be the g8 until russia was excluded over crimea. >> it was just days before the g7 summit. macron wants to highlight france's ability to talk to all sides and bolster its country standing on the international stage.
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about theo talk differences between paris and moscow. it was important to keep >> even though russia itnot in the g8, in a way, was neither totally excluded, because they realized they can't support russia's position as a world power. attempts to reach out to president putin could be arrest. the russian leader proved on compromising the past, the french president said he could lead to temporary peace in ukraine. the white house is saying u.s. president donald trump has spoken on the phone to india's prime minister and stressed the need to reduce tensions pakistan. trump and modi also discussed increasing trade and mentioned
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what they described as terrorism. despite the easing of some restrictions in indian administered kashmir, there are concerns about human rights abuses. a number of civilian say they have been targeted by indian forces. al jazeera spoke to two people who suffered life-changing injuries. we have more from the deli. hise may never regain vision in one of his eyes. he says he was hit by pallets fired by indian shoulder -- a soldier after he stepped out of his mosque. >> everything was normal. no protests. security forces chased us away and fired pallets at us. another person was injured. he was discharged from hospital yesterday. security forces in kashmir have been accused of targeting kashmiris. he is suffering from pallet injuries.
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month, people defied restrictions imposed, and a process against the indians revokeent's decision to kashmir's autonomy. this 17-year-old was one of them. to throw no intentions stones, but the police attacked us. several were injured, including me. i was hit by pallets. >> even though kashmir has been under lockdown for nearly two weeks, people have come out in protest. in some cases, the government has responded with force, even admitting a few people had been injured. >> he is a member of the biggest group of muslims, that supports the party. he says they've used minimal force in the last two weeks.
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guns, have to fire pellet then we will choose to backup. to: -- control law in order, you must use extreme force later. >> this man disagrees. gun, the use a pellet blending of children and women, is it a justifiable defense echo defense?- >> in 2014, the indian government said they would stop using pellet guns. they are still using them over thele using -- protesting government. the pallet injuries will continue if the riots do as well. >> the united states has delayed its total band on huawei's
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thems, as they will allow to buy some components from the u.s.. correspondente reports. >> an unexpected reprieve. >> companies are dependent on huawei. give them time to wean themselves. >> for now, u.s. companies cannot face penalties to do business with the u.s. telecom giant. the reprieve is temporary. >> there have been plenty of discussions with the president, and he has made clear in his if i wasent yesterday concerned about more dealings with huawei. mayhey blacklisted them in and almost immediately postponed the punishment. something done once again as u.s. businesses scramble to
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replace the agreement they depend on to provide service. >> i don't want to do business at all. it is a national security threat. thehey're pushing back on claim, arguing the decision made at this time is politically motivated and has nothing to do with national security. these actions violate the basic possibles of free-market competition. they are in no one's interest. the trumpet administration and u.s. lawmakers have long accuse them of backdoor espionage. resolving those concerns has made them a bargaining chip in the ongoing trade war. trump tweeted discussions to resolve that dispute are going well. still, trumps economic advisors say the deal between the two largest economies in the world are imminent. talks are expected next week. >> in those deputies meetings
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debt -- pan out as we hope they will, and we can have a substantive renewal of negotiations, then we are to have china come to the u.s. and meet with our principles to continue the negotiations. >> earlier this month, the u.s. labeled china a currency manipulator for the first time since 1994. last week, delayed until december, expecting tariffs made on products made in china. those that the u.s. consumers like to buy during the holiday shopping senior. -- season. >> the commerce department has announced it is adding 46 affiliates of huawei from a list of companies banned from working from u.s. businesses. democrats and republicans in congress urged the white house to maintain its hard-line stance. >> the palestinian artist has
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been laid to rest in occupied east jerusalem. the home from which he has been pushed away from a 1967. we have more. a small church outside the walls of jerusalem's old city, an old man has come home. 1942, hisrusalem in childhood spent in the streets and alleyways of the old city. his life and work as a leading palestinian artist marked by his inability to return. he was in beirut in 1957 when israel occupied jerusalem. remained in exile from the city that inspired him, using the geology and spirituality of christian and islamic art into his own abstract style. light hadanse of
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always been central to my work. perhaps it is the letter jerusalem i have been seeking to recapture all along. >> under israeli law, palestinians right outside of east jerusalem when the occupation started and were the right to come back to their homes. since his death two weeks ago, his family has worked to get permission to be. in jerusalem. it was a dying wish. >> why not? surprised, knowing it would not be allowed. througher going forth formalities and making promises and seeing all that it is. he said, why not? he was ready to try something new. >> last week, there was a memorial service in berlin, where she had been -- he had
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been working since 2012. he lived in other countries around the world. his life ended where it began. >> as much as this final journey has been full of deeply personal significance, the family statement made it clear this was a political gesture. they say his return is a sacred one, especially for jerusalem nights. throughout his absence, a small part of him had been here, in an shop, a, and a florist painting on a painting on the wall, given to the father, barbara, nearly 60 years ago by one of his customers. that one, and 18-year-old. several people hoping to be the next u.s. president will be in iowa in the next few days, focusing on native american issues. one of the speakers will be mark
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charles, who is running as an independent. alex fisher met the native american who has his eyes set on the oval office. >> mark charles hopes and 17 months, he will be working from the oval office in the white house. he is running for president. he believes america is ready to -- elect native american. >> i am running this campaign to win. >> a citizen of the navajo nation, he watched this campaign as life. campaign launch, his in native american areas, for one very good reason. >> native american has the power to put me on the ballot in all 50 states. that is incredibly empowering to our community. for somebody decades and centuries, they have been left behind into disenfranchised by this nation and said you don't have any political or voting
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power, so you will be dismissed. the principal plank of his campaign, that from the very beginning, the country marginalized many that the u.s. constitution of we the people left our people, and cap power in the hands of a few. >> i am laying out his vision of building a nation where it truly means all of the people. >> one expert says that those who feel excluded may rally around him. for 12 big parties make it hard for his voice to be heard. >> those are the constituencies he would have to win. he knows he needs all of these ourle marginalized in society and they are the majority in america. he has the right sensibility. i think his message of one we the people something people registered in. -- are interested in. the fact that he is an
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independent space to this larger ended -- issue we have that -- with people who look like non-winners. >> he is only the second native american to run. this campaign is small and his resources are tiny, but he believes he has a big mess -- good message.
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