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tv   Asia Insight  LINKTV  August 23, 2019 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ in 2015 china launched the internet plus policy aimed at
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promoting economic growth by incorporating internet use in various industries. as a result the online shopping market alone has doubled to over $1 trillion u.s. dollars in just two years. this growth was triggered by the introducti introduction. there is a cashless society and created numerous sharing businesses. these days it's difficult to live in china without a smartphone. at restaurants customers read 2d codes on the table and place orders from an online menu. the payment is processed through smart phones. some stores even refuse to accept cash now.
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online systems can quickly process large volumes of orders. but new problems s have begun t arise. initially lauded as the transportation infrastructure of the future, many companies have jumped into the bike sharing market.. bubut now millions of bicycles e being abandoned and trashed. delivery people are the base of online services, but their high stress and poor working conditions result in traffic accidents, a serious social issue. this episode depicts current and future problems of the
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internet plus initiative as china seeks technical advancement. shanghai is one of the internet plus model cities, popular among startups, bike shares was once very competitive in this city. in 2017 asia insight reported on new sharing services in china. the bike sharing service nationwide provideded a total o 16 million v vehicles of which roughly 10% were concentrated in shanghai. with more firms breaking into the bike sharing market and bikes becoming a common mode of
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transportation, their surging numbers triggered numerous problems. now the number of shared bicycles in shanghai remains at roughly 60% of its peak.. the number of bike sharing firms here fell from 12 to 4.
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>> in just one year bike sharing services have lost momentum. this man hopes to make bike sharing a part of chinese culture. to do so he spread the volunteer activity of reporting and finding illegally used bicycles. through these activities he has provided the government and corporations with fresh opinions.
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>> huang first learned about bike sharing while working at a museum. he immediately was impressed with the concept and accessibility.
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>> bike sharing was expected to reduce traffic and pollution and improve convenience. but as the days went on, huang grew disappointed. the users, the ones who were benefiting most from the service, began brbreaking, abandoning, and even stealing bicycles. >> over social media huang called on people to find illegally used bicycles and report them to companies. eventually this activity spread to all of chihina creating a volunteer group called cycle hunter. but many companies ignored their reports andontinued increasing number o of bicleses tstay competitive.
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august2017,hehanghai ty goverent banned new instaltions o shad bicycle an began forciy removi bis parke outsideesignate spaces. >> bike sharing businesses
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spread through china like wildfire. but in 2018, cities began removing many of the bicycles. the government has warned companies to pick up the abandoned bicycles, but more than half the companies have already gone bankrupt. now there are 10 million bicycles stored throughout china with noo one designanated to pi them u up. meanwhile, online service that is connect customers and stores have led to severe working conditions for some occupations. delivery staff who respond to online orders, especially food, are under intense pressure to speed up their work under deadlines. chinese people call these
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life-risking jobs. currently there are more than 3 million delivery staff nationwide. most are migrants from rural areas who need to obtain their own motorcycles and sign individual contracts with delivery companies to get work. wages depend on experience but come to about $1 per delivery. taxes and expenses are deducted from this rate.
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>> delivery personnel always wait near restaurants or cafeterias so they can respond
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ped l immediately to orders from their smartphone handing them over within 30 minutes. this is one of the branch offices that the delivery firm places in each district. depending on the location, a branchch can be responsiblele f delivery within a four kilomomer range. delivery staff download company specific applications on their smart phones so that they can easily monitor the work status. it's the manager's responsibility to assess the situation and assign jobs efficiently.
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>> every month the most deliveries in this district go to duan qidong. he left his family behind and came to shanghai five years ago for work. his monthly income exceeds the average in shanghai. he starts working at 9:00 a.m.
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on this morning, he has already made seven deliveries. he says that time slots when other delivery staff are taking breaks are a good opportunity to get more work because the manager efficiently chooses where and at what time to dispatch the limited workers. just as duan expected, he's flooded with orders within a few minutes. but he suddenly stops. he knows that if he waits here, he can get another order.
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>> just before the deadline duan arrives at his first destination with most of the remaining deliveries nearby. >> the online connection makes
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things efficient, but during lunch hour business gets hectic. lunch orders begin flooding in right at noon. more than ten companies conduct food deliveries in this district. at lunch time over 300 delivery staff drive around at once. in roughly two hours some 3,000 lunches are delivered. thee branch office gets orders nonstop. unaware of the situation, customers place orders using
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icicons on the app.
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>> food delivery has become a billion dollar industry. the number of traffic accidents gained attention when it exceeded 3,000 in the first half of the year alone. and 76 such accidents causing injury or fatality occurred in shanghai. no wonder the name is known as a hazardous one. the strain of rapid market growth is wearing down delivery staff.
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>> five lunch boxes remain undelivered. for each that is late a $4 fine will be applied. >> he ended up having to pay a total of $38. after 2:00 p.m. calm returned to the restaurant.
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>> after the break duan was the only one to continue delivering.
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this is his last chance to pick up late lunch orders. during this time period he takes orders from places slightly further away where fewer drivers will respond. at 9:00 p.m., his work day finally ends.
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>> has the internet plus policy truly made duan's life better? only the future will tell. meanwhile, one company has grown to earn $30 million in annual sales in just three years after its launch. this company offers an unprecedented online publishing media. it serves as a publisher and bookstore as well as a
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community. the founder xiaochi was a fan of online novels. >> she and her team developed an application which allows users to view novels as well as post their own, critique others works, and interact with writers. these features gained considerable support from readers.
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>> the company now has 60 employees including app development staff, administrative staff and editors who edit submitted work and interact with writers. each editor is told to read at least 50 works every d day no matter what, and also to give advice to writers. >> the company has 50,000 registered writers. most are young, aspiring writers. twice a week a promising newcomer is chosen from among
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them. >> the company has signed contracts with roughly 3,000 writers to reward them for their novels. as their first paid projects from the company. one woman signed on in 2017 as a paid writer. >> li hangiing writes novels and works as an editor.
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>> she gets paid $7 for 1,000 characters. to make a minimalal living from just novels, she'd have to write 120,000 characters a month.
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>> believing in her own future, li now spends all her free time writing novels. as the internet of things acts as a fusion between objects and the internet and ai becomes more and more prevalent within society, the work and lives of people continue to change. standing on the front lines of this advancement china's experiences may prove informative to the world.
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♪ emmanuel macron says the wildfires in the amazon rain force merit discussion at the g7 -- in the amazon rain forest merit discussion at the g7 summit. opponents of the g7 agenda are making their voices heard.


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