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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  August 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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♪ ourello, this is the new is live from london to it coming up, market fall on fears of trade between the world's two largest ecoconomies.. grows asonal alarm france threatens economic retaliation against brazil. agenda for leaders at the g summit.
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the groundbreaking procedure from extinction. bowlers ripped england's batters apart. although that coming up. -- all of that coming up. >> welcome to the program. our top story, the trade war between the united states and china deepened after the u.s. and president trump ordered companies to leave china. slumped afterket the u.s. president warned he would hit back. to come backre due in september and will target u.s. agricultural products, crude oil and cars. he will have more in a moment.
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first, let's go to heidi joe castro who is in washington. it is not clear how president trump can compel u.s. companies to in the operation in china. >> that is right and that is the most stunning part of these series of tweets is. he had a very strong reaction to beijing's reaction that these tariffs are coming and the president tweeted that u.s. companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to china, including bring your company's home and make products in the usa this speech directed towards private u.s. businesses is unprecedented in american history and there is no clear indication how the president can even begin caring forth on this order of his, but what we do
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,now is that indeed, investors the dow has had a dramatic decline and at the timing of the announcement, it is significant as well, a very sophisticated way of timing it at a time when beijing knows that the white house is hurting because over the last couple of weeks, the headlines have been dominated by fears of a recession possibly on the horizon, driven in part because trump's trade policies and they have been on major damage control over the last couple of weeks trying to change the narratives. china knows that trump is counting on a strong u.s. economy to carry him through the and presidential election if a recession becomes a reality before 2020, that could be
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extremely detrimental to trump's hopes for reelection. how has he responded? he has been blaming everyone but himself. he says the media is to blame and possibly chairman of the federal reserve, jay powell who spoke earlier this morning. he did not give any indication of further decreases in interest rates which only angered trump more. he tweeted who is our bigger enemy, chairman powell or xi jinping? he said the reserve cannot do much to counteract a trade war and is further indication that there may be negative times ahead. >> it was very unusable and remarkable. for now, thank you very much.
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front of me now from the new there are exchange growing fears of a recession and this is really being driven by ed deepening trade war between united states and china. what was the reaction in the markets today? are clearly worrying and they have been all month with concerns about a slowing economy and possible glowing recession underlying what has been a strong u.s. economy. investors reacted very strongly to the tweets that the president it out earlier, the market plunged more than 600 points than closed down more than 600 points. down morews, they are than 2.5% and the escalation of
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the trade war with china has been underlined investor concerns for some time, but the president tweeting that companies would have to relocate their supply chains clearly have investors worried with so much of their growth and profit coming from that marketplace tourist >> does the president have the authority to up and move companies? no, he doesn't. this talk was enough to send a market plumbing -- plummeting. >> blistering attack on the federal reserve which is supposed to be outside of politics in a way that they formulate policies and make their decisions. how might they handle this pressure from the white house? sorry, i had an interruption.
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the federal reserve is very undecided, very divided on the way to go forward on this meeting. he really tapped dance around the way forward for the central bank in terms of monetary policy and what it would be doing to keep the u.s. economy growing. there's talk about rate cuts. the president has come out clearly in support of strong rate cuts. some are concerned that it is not the way to go forward. that is a concern for investors as well because there is this war going on in the fed itself fed and thethe president, so all of this weighing in on investors and a
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lot of uncertainty in the markets. for the you very much latest on the story from new york. france's president has threatened to brought -- block a trade agreement between brazil and the european union if it doesn't do more to tackle the fires burning through the amazon rain forest. thousands of fires are raging. it is an 82% increase from last year. they say the crisis must be discussed at this weekend's g-7 summit. meanwhile, accusing the pair of meddling for political gain. environmentalists and conservationists blame the to clear government the land for pastor.
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we have to correspondents in brazil right now. what can you tell us about the situation? >> there is one less fire they have to worry about. this is one we have seen put out with nothing more than a few buckets. you can see the devastation behind me. the last 20 or 30's -- 20 or 30 kilometers, we have seen devastation like this on both sides of the road and we understand that fires further into the interior -- [inaudible] accessible and harder to put out. you can see smoke all around and it is something that they have begun to deal with. we understand there are still fires raging in other parts
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where i am at the moment, but also in other states around me. measures being taken by the government to try and contain the fires? irony, people are talking about measures to contain the fires as you just mentioned. for people are blaming him the situation in the first place, saying he has predicated , peopleitions here moving into protective indigenous areas, he is talked often about the need to try and develop this area and the that inus groups, so mamany ways h has given the gren light for developopers who have
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comeme in here, started t theort aing, setetting fire to land in controlled way and that is why we have seen this huge increase in the number of fires in the region over the same as last year. they feel they can do this and get away from it -- get away with it because the president has encouraged them to do so. >> thank you very much. let's pick up on some of the points being made. what reaction from the brazilian government on the accusation that the president is responsible, that he has incited certain people on the ground to start these fires for their own commercial purposes? [no audio]
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>> our apologies for that. trying to bring you a bit more on this story later on. international condemnation on the wildfires in the amazon rain forest in brazil. the president has been blamed for this, but he denies this and says t the government is takingg all measureses to try and contan all measures, but he said the country is struggling and it lacks the resources to tackle fires on this scale, but it is causing a great deal of international concern and is going to be a key issue on the upcoming g-7 summit that is taking place in france. let's bring you a bit more on that because climate change will be a key issue in that seaside
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summit. in canada, expectations are low that much can be achieved and as we have heard, they want the amazon wildfires to be part of a wider discussion of the climate crisis. there are other issues to during the well french president is hoping to be escalate tensions between the u.s. and iran. after u.s.ey issue president holdout of the iran nuclear deal. the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china also going to be key area of discussion as technologynt companies like google and facebook. genderhas made fighting and social equality a key theme this year.
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hours before the g-7 started and the iranian foreign minister was in paris, they met with president macron. the meeting behind the closed doors highlights the very different approaches of the u.s. and europe towards iran. however, there is a new face at u.s. prime g-7, minister boris johnson. some say he may want to consider a tougher position with iran. doing ist he has been , then you are going to see the u.k. pivot towards the u.s. moreou will start seeing a aggressive level of posturing of
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.orris johnson one of an increasing number of global issues for the seven liters likely to have very difficult discussions. the french president has already taken the on president except of deciding not to seek a final communique at the end of the summit because he knows there are no words that they will be able to sign up to. >> another country that has been invited, the prime minister of .ndia will be attending growing trade wars also leading to risks. the u.s. and china to further destabilize and here in france, the new digital services tax which targets big u.s. tech companies like amazon and google
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has angered president trump, who has threatened to retaliate with higher tax on french wine. >> ever since trump took office, -- it mayof climate be six versus one with the canadian and british prime minister leading calls for the fires and amazon to be treated as an international crisis. putinll ahead, vladimir orders a missile test and fears of a global arms race. they said they are tired, but will not back down in the fight , they decidednd is not safe to say -- play a match in pakistan, but open to a one-day series.
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>> the syrian army has seas pockets of rebel territory, it has prompted -- [inaudible] the escalation has killed hundreds of people. we report the event syria-turkey border. they foundught somewhere to say. this is how it has been for hundreds of thousands of syrian , travelingthe war further north to escape the fighting. >> this is never ending. never expected to be in this situation. no one knows what will happen next. the fighters don't seem to know if they should advance. >> the traffic is mostly one-way
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towards the last rebel stronghold. the syrian regime not controls all the countryside and of theds taking over last villages and towns that have been in rebel hideouts. it has happened under the nose of the purpose -- turkish turkishrs --' soldiers. [inaudible] >> our opposition -- our posts have not been besieged. i want to clarify if there are attacks in the region, the regime is active now and we are discussing this issue with russia and iran. also worried that it pushed half a million syrians to its border. >> they are giving us everything
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and forced us to leave. >> turkey's president has told his russian counterpart that syrian military attacks in northwest and syria are causing a humanitarian crisis. said what is happening threatens turkey's national security. so far, there is still no indication that turkey has agreed with the u.s. military on who will patrol the zone and how deep into syria it will go. russian president vladimir putin has ordered the russian military to respond at the united states -- after the united states launched a missile test.
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u.s. withdrew from the treaty, citing russia's violation, a claim that moscow has denied. that we developed systems of modern weapons which are unparalleled, we can say provoked by a unilateral exit by the u.s. we had to guarantee the security of our people and our country. we are doing it now and we will be doing it in the future. we are not drawn into an arms race. spending, the defense russia is a modest second-place. >> meanwhile, the russian
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opposition has been released from prison and vowed to continue his fight against president clinton. he spent a month by bars calling for free elections. he has left a wave of protests. he says the protest movement will continue to grow despite intimidation. see that it is not enough for them. they want to arrest and beat up people, smash corrupt organizations and these organizations can see they have no support. let's -- theussia is launching world's first floating nuclear power plant in order to provide energy to remote communities. environmental activists are warning there are safety concerns, claiming it has the potential to be chernobyl on
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ice. power plant sailing the seas spirit russia says it is onene of the safest and cleanest ways to provide energy to remote areas. it combines technology of a icebreaker and that of a nuclear power plant. it took 10 years to design and build. votesl be towed by three -- boats on a journey that could take up to six weeks depending on the ice. the unit is one of the key projects of president clinton's so-called modern sea route between europe and asia which has become accessible due to a mounting arctic. russia this -- russia's nuclear agency says there's no chance of a nuclear accident. there are plenty of minerals.
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at the same time, the launch will put an end to the old station which uses coal. >> greenpeace is not convinced. the environmental group protested against the project, calling get chernobyl on ice, referring to the nuclear disaster in 1986. tsunami is damaged by a , it can place -- turned upside down. a spike in radiation has also raised concerns. >> several accidents happening and people are growing increasingly suspicious and the
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authorities are trying to cover up incidents of radiation leaks even though they will travel only to sparsely populated areas, it's journey will be closely watched. >> they have also ran a long rebels -- alarm bells. [inaudible] for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste. scientists in canada say the northern white rhino is one step away from being saved from extension. there are only two of the animals left, both are female and infertile. on thursday, that's carried out a groundbreaking procedure to harvest their eggs. they are the only two
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northern white rhinos left in the world. they live under 24-hour protection in kenya and that is because of females are the last and only hope of saving the species from disappearing forever. science,help of [inaudible] he became famous when he featured on a popular dating g p to raise money for in vitro fertilization procedure. a team of international scientists have been racing against time to save them. , ong pioneering technology thursday, they extracted five eggs from each female. immediately flown to a lab in italy.
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if everything goes well, they will be fertilized and it will take about two weeks to know if we have embryos. reasons, they cannot give birth. once the embryos are fertilized, they will be implanted into a southern white rhino instead. as the poaching wiping1970's, largely out the northern white rhino population in africa. mother can create a northern white rhino, they may avoid what seems like certain extinction.
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program,ahead on the thousands of palestinians gathered in israel, demanding a right to return to their historical homes. we meet the earthquake damaged in washington. caught red-handed, a russian athlete is suspended for doping. >> very strong weather, in particular southern poland into slovakia. final stormsthese caused by severe lightning. more storms in the forecast.
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it will stay fine and dry, temperatures on the increase, but as we go through saturday, some mornings across. you can see we have more rain in the forecast where we could see those thunderstorms and two conditions over on the east. bothrain and clouds nearby. it w was a ahead of that, someme nice weather conditionons indee. by sunday, t temperatures gogoip 32 degrees celsius, about nine degrees above average. it is a must as of summer has come back and then we into the south into northern africa and we could see some showers here, particularly into tunisia.
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>> welcome back. a click -- quick look at the top stories. the u.s.-china trade war has been deepening after the u.s. president ordered american companies out of china. it follows beijing announcing planned tariffs on $75 billion worth of used -- on american goods. x-ray agreement between the european union and south american countries unless brazil does more to tackle thousands of wildfires. with pockets in the northwest. now, theur top story jeter -- the g-7 summit
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saturday. the secretary of defense joins us from washington from washington -- joins us from washington. how would you describe the president with economic downturns and growing trade war with china? >> they are horrible because not only does he have a trade war with china, but he has put a lot of tariffs on a lot of the european countries and the jeeps seven was supposed to get all these countries to work together to deal with these problems and trump is not dealing with it. last year, he refused to sign the communicate that the g-7 wanted on climate change and he's changed his mind about the wind will at the end of the conference after he left early to meet with the north koreans and he has set up -- upset all of his european counterparts with the way he handled denmark.
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>> you say it is about countries working together. there are fears of a global recession. 10 years from the financial crisis, we are in a different world with more populism and the president far more adversarial and unwilling to engage in a multilateral approach. are and hopefully you'll have another downturn. it looks like we are on our way. as question is, as powerful the united states is, they cannot deal with these things by itself and if it causes problems with the people it should be working with, it is going to make the tuition in your and in the united states and probably china even worse. we need to work together and trump seems focused on adding
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putin to the g-7 when russia's economy is too small to even get in, let alone the other things like in syria and ukraine. >> there are so many issues to discuss. you have the u.s.-china trade war, the iran nuclear deal, that is something some european countries want to see on the agenda and of course, the raging wildfires in the world's biggest rain forest in brazil. do you think it would be possible to reach anything close to consensus on these issues? going to be very difficult because we know the fires in brazil are caused by climate change. president trump denies that there is climate change, so it will be very hard to him to get thatved in dealing with and again, his agenda seems to be, he wants to add putin. he does not want to get involved
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with any of the substantive issues. what he seems to want to do is cozy up to the hard-line dictators like you see in .ungary and poland of those fires in brazil right now, we know that or mislead destructive and there will be dire consequences for the future . countries, not the u.s., but perhaps others possibly penalizing brazil? >> again, i think if you are going to do it, you need to have the world together just like we found out with the iran nuclear deal. it was not just the united states, you needed all the other
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countries and they are upset about us getting out even though iran was complying with the terms of the deal and present the european countries from trading with iran by refusing to give them access to the u.s. banking system, so no it would trumpy hard to do that if does not cooperate. >> thank you very much with the analysis. appreciate it. the new york times is reporting that israel has carried out an attack on a weapons depot in iraq and it is being used by iran. to u.s. officials say there have been at least four strikes on the iranian backed groups in an iraqi military official confirmed that three people were killed. teenager has been killed by a bomb.
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they say it is not immediately clear if the device has been planted. meanwhile, thousands of palestinians are rallying after an intense scene in israel that follows rocket fire and airstrikes. nine people have been injured so far. it is the 71st consecutive great march. harry brings us more from gaza. >> the protests is in its final stages, but at its height, it was considered the largest in recent weeks because the organizing committee called for such protests, given this is the 50th anniversary of the arson attack of the mosque in 1969. there have been calls for there to be open clashes with israeli forces. , apart fromee that and balloonss
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being sent across. what is happening in between is thursday night, they came in to gaza with $11 million worth of funding and aid for the poorest families, having gained permission to do that and after that, a call for scaling down is not in size, at least intensity of the protest from the committee which is barely -- very heavily influenced by control in the gaza strip. the question going forward is israel has not met its commitments made after the escalation in april and given the fact that we have another round of elections coming up in september, how would this situation play out? we have seen a number of attempts by armed men trying to peopleough the fence and
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being killed by israeli forces as a result. we have seen rocket fire coming out towards or into israeli territory and the israeli army is claiming that on islamic jihad, one of the major factions , but they say it is up to hamas to control the situation. >> hong kong's air force has won an injunction against protesters. two weeks ago, a sit in by a pro-democracy campaign descended into chaos, forcing hundreds of flights to be canceled. the activists staged yet another protest. >> with hong kong's iconic skyline shining brightly, the protesters stood in solidarity. they formed a human change that stretched kilometers around the city. anniversaryhe 30th when around 2 million people
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held hands to call for independence from the soviet union. this protest was not about independence, but was an attempt to show the people of hong kong are united and will continue against china's increasing influence. on.e are still going we are not giving up right now. the days ahead may be different as protesters again target hong kong's airport. they said they won't go into the terminal, but will try to disrupt transport routes to and from the airport. they say -- there's no sign that the protests are slowing down, but growing concern on the impact on the economy. the airlines are being effected. underin carrier coming increasing pressure from beijing.
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>> the chief executive resigned and at least three employees and a subsidiary has been fired after they showed support for the protest movements. among them, a former union representatives who says china is reading a culture of fear in the country. >-- creating a culture of fear n the country. aboutis not just termination or the job, but the whole issue. it has terrified all my colleagues. >> it is that fear of china's evolving influence that continues to motivate the protesters to come out week after week. fighting has been going on for decades now in central andria, fueled by ethic religious differences -- ethnic
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and religious differences. thousands have been killed and those who have skate -- who have escaped hope to find refuge. is one of several in central nigeria. thousands misplaced across the state by the ongoing violence. the camp was supposed to be a refuge for the people, most are not feel safe here anymore. as sharp increase of rape of -- in themen community. daughter's.r my the current situation is too dangerous. >> people complain that rate has women so widespread that
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can no longer live unaccompanied . [inaudible] that the victims displaced, have sent shockwaves across nigeria. the doctor helped with the delivery. [inaudible] >> the social worker was one of those that had to go to the sheital and told us that grew up in orphan and was raised tried toandmother and force her to marry a blind man.
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. despite what she has been through, the young mother has [inaudible] for her baby. >> i don't want my daughter to go do the same suffering that i did. police has the plea for families of rape victims. when family members turn to to seek money from suspects or try to prevent , let the prosecution process it. is becoming a rallying cry for all seeking action.
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case willthat her spur authorities to take action. last year, and venezuela banker was convicted of running a $1.2 billion money laundering scheme with stolen government money. most of the cash was used to buy real estate in florida. u.s. authorities have launched a crackdown on these schemes and we report from miami. >> miami is known as the gateway to the americas, a fact that has helped the city grow over the last few decades. foreign investor -- foreign major boon for the economy. specializes in
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anti-money-laundering laws. >> a socialist government that held itself out, providing for the people, everything they need in the people in charge to make sure that happens and of the being corrupted, taking the money for themselves out of the country while everything happening in venezuela is on international tv. >> the situation continues to of them ise case stacking up. it was revealed two years ago almost $100 million was paid out to venezuelan officials. thousands of people lost their jobs when the project stalled. real estate projects in the u.s. coming under bernie. -- under scrutiny. important.d is
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the brand of miami is important. reasons make us very aware. >> the problem of money-laundering problems in the u.s. isn't specific to venezuela. in 2016, the panama papers reveal network of officials using operations and real estate deals to hide cash and live luxury lifestyles. fbi a major focus for the even as tensions in venezuela escalate. florida has a reputation as a haven for money laundering. the concentration on venezuela has brought sharp focus where people are suffering serious hardships. u.s. officials say they will
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continue to monitor transactions and clamp down on the practice. the first anticorruption [inaudible] eight years ago, a 5.8 earthquake hit the usa to virginia. it was strong enough to crack the washington monument. today, stonemasons are still repairing the gothic stonework. >> my name is shawn callahan. i'm a stone carver in washington, d.c. i just knocked on the door one day and asked for a job. that is how i got a job as an apprentice. when i first came here, it was very exciting and unique and over time, it becomes who you are.
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when i came here, he was the master carver. over the years, the buildup impressive knowledge, a repertoire of shapes and skills. here, whatake happened to us wasn't too bad. -- well had a shutdown still had to shut down the damage and that took some time. i am here on the workbench hyper aware of howlways important this building is two as a culturalnd icon, i'm always aware of that. it is not just my work, it is the part of the building that becomes historic. i have a responsibility to be
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faithful to the work. it motivates me when i see the impression it leads on other people and gives me a sense of pride that i have a hand in that . it touches people everyday, something that grabs you and your soul and you want to be part of it. >> still ahead, a neck and neck race in germany. ♪
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>> australia are firmly in the driver seat in the second day of the third ashes cricket test -- leeds.ngland leads england all out for 67, their lowest score in 71 years.
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they ended some damage of their the doors toelps 161 at the close. they lead the series one-no -- one nil. thehen you wake up and see sun shining, i think it is the way we started. we did not want to give away too much. obviously pressure going from -- wasas from fantastic fantastic. >> we are disappointed through the way which we batted. it is tough to take it in when it happens. ahead.end of the day 283 what i would say is the game is not over from this position if we cannot them over, then i have
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seen test crickets put some strange endings. day two ofa reached their second test against new zealand before rain ended play. as for matches later on, the country's works minister says the team will not be playing taskmasters in pakistan. two tests had been scheduled in october, but after security concerns, they say they will now play in the uae. he says 31-day matches will be planned as part of an eight-day tour. it will be be second time official one-day matches have been played in pakistan since the sri lanka team was attacked by gunmen 10 years ago. cup has beenvis postponed because of the recent tensions over the disputed region of kashmir. the international tennis
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federation says this is an exceptional circumstance or the first priority is the idf -- idf -- itf. they will continue to monitor the situation and continue to re-examine the situation in advance of a tie. [inaudible] stronger after facing racist abuse on twitter. he suffered abuse after missing a penalty shot on wednesday. he says something must be done. >> people can hide behind fake identities. i don't think it is up to me to .hange it of course, we have to do something about it.
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the authorities have to do something about the spread of hate. you feel sorry for them. they must have problems themselves when they have to do this. >> newly promoted aston villa has their first win of the season. they lost their first two games. ensured a togoal know when on friday. manchester united will be at home against crystal palace on friday -- saturday. the blues have not one yet this season and the match of the day is a late kickoff when liverpool hosts arsenal. real speed up front and that makes it tricky to defend it all
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the time. you have to be brave and play .our own football and be direct a lot of things to consider. >> be strong. to be fit some player. >> a russian athlete who competes for an american team has been suspended for doping. the international ice hockey him foron suspended four years for testing positive for cocaine. it is only for international competitions. it will still play for the washington capitals in the nhl. a video allegedly shows him to be next to unidentified lines of white-collar -- white powder.
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it is not clear if the episodes are linked. india's national dope testing agency has been suspended for six months for not meeting global standards. will not be allowed to carry an analysis of blood and any pending samples will need to be sent elsewhere. theyhief executive says need to apply for reinstatement in three weeks. he continues his lead after seven special stages in germany. the two have shared all of the stages between them. the estonian taking five of them. he has an aggregate time of 54 minutes, 12 seconds or it that is all for sports -- 12 seconds. that is all for sports. [inaudible] you get the idea.
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playing a wide range of music from classical pieces, military marches and popular tunes. it was first held in 2007. that is the newshour. i will be back in a couple minutes.
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