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tv   DW News  LINKTV  February 17, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. tonight, the details of china's crackdown on its muslim minorities. this leaked document seems to expose the big lie that they are going voluntarily to vocational training camps. this documentation confirms what the world long suspected, uighurs are being imprisoned simply because they are muslim.
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also tonight, german police move to break up a far-right terrorist group. 12 people allegedly planning attacks on politicians and mosques across the country. and, purring their way to victory, the cats, that is. we will meet some truly fancy felines in vietnam's first annual cat show. meows included. ♪ i'm brent goff. to our viewers in the united states on pbs and our viewers around the world, welcome. a document leaked to dw news seems to expose china's mistreatment of its muslim minority uighur people. the document claims the camps house -- the chinese government claims the camps housing uighurs are giving them skills training.
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but a new document shows they are being held in the xinjiang region. the chinese authorities say they are their of their own free will and being given vocational training to help fight extremism. but german media and partners have evidence that contradict china's narrative. it seems to confirm what many have long suspected, that china is putting uighurs in prison based on their religion and their culture. naomi conrad of dw's investigative unitit has this reportrt. >> i wouldld never have found ot thatat my sisteter is in a camp without this list. > it is a detaiailed surveile document. it is extremelyly likely this is auththentic. >> yeses, it's dangerous. but someone should tell the world what's going on there.
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naomi: istanbul. these men are uighur muslims from china. at home, they could be imprisoned for the simple act of praying. i quickly come to realize that each one of them has a story of loss. >> the fascist chinesese government wants to eliminate the uighur people of xinjiang, the e entire population of xinjiang, right in front of the eyes of the world. naomi: we asked them to raise their hands if they have family members who have been imprisoned in china's xinjiang province, where most uighurs live. across xinjiang, there are dozens of camps holding up to a million uighurs. let's take a closer look at one of them. this is a reeducation camp next
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to a prison. we identified watchtotowers and high walls. there are countless camps like this one. the chinese governmenent claims they are voluntary vocational training centers designened to fight uighur extremism. but we received a document which shows that china is targeting uighurs baseded on theheir ideny and religion. it lists hundred of -- hundreds of detainees and their reason for detention. uighur academic -- this uighur
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academic received it from a source and took a huge risk sharing g it with us. >> january 8, i received a phone call, a messenger call. he said s stop doing this. and we can reach you wherever you are. yes, it's dangerorous, but somee should take the danger. someone should speak up. someone should tell the world what's going on here. naomi: the document does not have any stamp or signature. we showed it to several experts who agreed that itit is almost certainly an n official text. >> it contains an enormous amount of extremely specifific data from one very small community inin xinjianang. it would take an immense amount of effort and access to publicly
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unavailable data to fabricate a document like this. naomi: we met one woman whose sisters are mentioned on the list. it shockcked her when she found out thatt her youngest sisteters lieded in e e document.. >> i was reaeally sad. for days, i could d not sleep. i was really shohocked and sad ababout her arrest. naomi: china says it is fighting extremism, but she says her younger sister was not religious. her only crime? she had too many children. >> i heard that the condititions in prison are uninimaginably ba. they don't even have enough food
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to eat. naomi: she does not know if her relatives have been released. like countless other uighurs, they have been caught up in china's all-encompassing antiterrorism drive. brent: joining me now via skype is adrian dent, a leading xinjiang specialist in germany and a senior fellow at a think tank on communism. in washington, d.c., he has been decoding this new leak since it came to light, helping us verify documents. first, how did you verify the information in this document? it is a pdf spreadsheet without any stamp or signatures. how did you do it? adrian: it w was a lot of f wor. it was probablbly one of the mot challenging researchh projects i hahave ever done. i am in possession of a large
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cache of secondary government files. manyny of themonontain longg lit of identities with -- lists of identities with id numbers. i was able to use secondary sources to verify the identities of 337 people in this file. i was also able to authenticate the complex terminology and language used in this document for internment, surveillance, and release verdicts. brent: for the more than 300 people you were able to verify their identities, what did we learn about them? what does this document tell us in detail about these people? adrian: this document gives us unprecedented insight into the reasonons why people were interred, into how the government tries to understand, measure,e, and investigate entie family circles for three
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generations, and social c circl, neighbors, communications structures are mentioned. and it is exacactly detailed how didid a person learn? who taught t themo go t to the mosque? who taught them to pray? how did they become religious in the slightest way? and finally, the verdict of whether they should be released or not released, often a detail is repeated over several instances. brent: how do authorities putting the pieces together know, basically, what a uighur is thinking in terms of religion ? how do they know what's going on in the minds of f an individual? adrian: we all know chinana has been putting pressure on the uighurs and has been trying to
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find out everything aboutut the. this document reveveals the shocking extent to which families must havave been put ununder intense pressure in ordr to divulge personal details. a woman says i used to put a veil on between 2012-20 14, over five months, years ago. these kinds of details were gathered. one of the important new t thins this document also tells us is how labor-intensive beieijing's detective w work againinst the uighurs is, not only relying on an intense surveillance apparatus, but also over 1000 chinese officials living, eating, sleeping, talking with these families. brent: i hear you talking this way, it reminds me of what we heard about from the east german secret police, the stasi, in its
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official -- and its official associates, who basically kept tabs on people. is that what's going on there in that region of china? adririan: it is. but supercharged. fifirstly, with the latest technology, terabytes of databases compared with the paper files of the stasi. secondly, labor-intensive. the e stasi had one of the most detailed, largest security apparatuses, but xinjijiang is absolutely rivaling that now, not only in the number of security staff and police officers they have put on the streetss and recruited -- which we have published about previously -- but t the n numbef regular government contractors they are roping into spy on uighurs, having them talk to them, having mandatory conversations. the system got really ramped up. brent: adrian dent, we will be
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talking with you a little bit later in the day more about this leleaked document. we appreciate your insights tonight. thank you. and you can find out more about these leaked documents and about the work of dw's investigative team by going to, our website, where you can follow #caracaslist. china is reporting an increase in the number of new cases of the coronavirus, reversing the trend of the last two days. the government also saying the death toll now stands at 1800, and that more than 70,000 people are infected with the virus across the country. >> in the epicenter of the ououtbreak, new reported cases e again on the rise after two days of declining figures. in mainland china alone, the number of confirmed cases is over 70,000 with nearly 1800
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dehs. chinese president xi jinping is now facing criticism over why the public was not alerted sooner to the outbreaks potential severity. in an internal speech, he apparently attempted to convince communist leadership to act decisivel from the start. it proves he knew about the dangers weeks before he publicly addressed the problem. china's military has now dispatched hundreds of medical workers and extra supplies to woo hand to shore up the cities -- to wuhan to shore up the overworked health care system. brent: authorities say that gunmen have killed at least 24 civilians in the east of the country. islamist extremists have been blamed for a growing insurgency that started in neighboring mali and has extended into nice
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share. the -- niger. more than a dozen children in northwest cameroon were among the dead in a massacre among islamists and separatists. the government has denied any involvement. a suicide attack has killed at least eight people in pakistan. more than 30 people were injured in the explosion. police say the attack went off near a press club as dozens of reporters of a sunni militant group gathered outside. the european union has agreed on a new naval mission to monitor the u.n. embargo on arms shipments to libya. the country is riven by the standoff between fighters loyal to the u.n. back to government in tripoli and rebel groups that
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control much of the rest of the country. the civil war has been raging for about six years and libya is awash with weapons despite the u.n. embargo. the new military patrol will replace the current naval mission, known as sophia. >> following discord over measures to help stabilize libya, eu foreign ministers have reached an agreement. critics were outspoken. austria wanted to block the naval mission for fear it would entice more migrants. >> first, the sophia mission will be stopped. secondly, it was agreed that we want a military mission and not a humanitarian one. it will focus on the arms embargo. >> the task of t the original mission, sophia, was to fight arms traffickiking and people smuggling, but it frequently rescued migrants at sea.
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the new mission will focus primarily in the mediterranean where there is more arms trafficking and fewer refugee routes. it will be ended if naval ships continue to take in migrants. >> it is fundamentally important that the eu recognizes its responsibility to take action and ensure the arms embargo will no longer be violated. that is what is required to end the civil war in libya. >> it's not clear if the new plan will bring desired results. the details of the new mission have yet to be worked out. brent: here in germany, authorities have arrested 12 men believed to have supported a right-wing terror group that goes by the name hard-core, allegedly planning attacks on politicians and mosques across the country. >> it was here in the outdoor barbecue area close to should guard that -- stood guard that
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members of the terror group reportedly met for the first time in 2019. their aim, to provoke civil unrest. 12 suspected members of the far right terror cell have now been arrested in a series of rates across germany. but praise for the successful operation has been followed by calls for increased security at places of worship. >> i think we are all agreed here that it is the job of the state, and of course the government, to protect freedom of religion in our country, no matter the religion. >> investigators also discovered links with the extremist group sosoldiers of odin, w which was founded in finland in 2015. police also seized a number of weapons.
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the raids come just months after the killing of a regional politician. police have arrested a known far-right extremist in connection with that killing. in not over of last year, two people were killed when another far-right extremist attacked a synagogue. that incident added to growing concerns in germany over the scale and influence of far-right extremism. brent: for more now i'm joined by our correspondent, hemming. good evening to you. the group referring to itself as the hard-core is considered a particularly serious case. do we know more about who they are and what their alleged plans were? >> well, authorities are saying they have been planning attacks on six mosques within some smaller german cities and they wanted to attack asylum-seekers, politicians, and muslims as a
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whole. there are some serious allegations on the table. plus, they have been gathering rifles, armory, and authorititis are very concerned, but also very happy about taking hold of them. brent: do we know, how did german intelligence managed to arrest these 12 men? >> well, according to ard, german broadcaster, there has been a 13th man who has been infiltrating the group, transmitting information to the police, and authorities have somehow lost contact with him last week. i had a chance to talk to one of the interior experts from the eu and he suspects the 13th man is now a member of a witness protection program because he
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may be one of the key witnesses in this case. brent: the problem of far-right extremism, we hear all the time, is growing now in germany. what are the plans to contain it? >> well, there are 600 jobs being created within the security agencies not only to fight right-wing extremism in the public, but also within the agencies. there have been single cases where the interior minister is -- has said they are incidents, but there is a huge concern that local authorities, federal authorities are being infiltrated by right wing extremist. one other plan is to report hate speech within the internet community right offhand to internet giants like google or facebook to the federal
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authorities so that they can fight right wing extremism right from the root. it's a huge task and a huge concern for the german politicians and interior experts. brent: on the story for us tonight in berlin, thank you. the sudanese government and a coalition of rebel groups have extended peace talks for another three weeks after missing a deadline to reach a deal. a spokesman for the rebels said important steps have been taken for peace. at the same time, shortages of bread and fuel are hammering the countries economic development. the sudanese minister is optimistic about cooperation between civilians and the military. he spoke with dw reporter i yet abraham -- aya ibrahim.
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>> thank you for being with us. you have taken over sudan at an historic moment. the country is facing many challelenges. did you have any dououbts about taking thehe role? >> this is a wish thatat is respondiding to a callll. >> sudan is beingg run u under a unique cooperation between civilians and the military. how i is the cooperaration betwn these two sidides, because i its not always b beenn s smooth, ha? >> yes, this is another part of the e sudanese experiment. we are p proudly propagating ths andd calalling it a sudanese mo, which is a partnership between the civilian and the mililitaryo buildd democracy, a solid foundation for democracy. >> let's turn to the topic of the clearing of the city in june
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anand the people that were killd in the streets. a lot of them believe the forces were involved in the attack. when will these people see justice? so farar, some say the resesults have not been up to what happenened to prorotesters on te strereets. >> the constitution is guiding this transition. it has a very clear undertaking that we establish an investigation committee.. but let us not jump to conclusions. the investigation committee, formed from very respected people in the legal field, has started their w work. they are doing their work. let them do their work and produce their report. >> let's turn to the topic of the hour, the possibility of former president omar al-bashir
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to appear before the international cririminal court. will he be sent to the hague? >> there are four ways of addressing this. icc i is one of t them. icc has so many levels. it could be the hague, it could be an icc compliant court in sudan. compensation, individual and community. i i will not rest until the victims, those victims to be satisfied that justified, not only being perceived but actually accept. that is how we see it. brent: that was the prime minister of sudan, abdalla hamdok. you can find the full interview on our website or youtube channel.
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vietnam has hosted its first ever national cat show in the capital city, hanoi. it was a chance for cat lovers to show off their finest felines. sometimes, it was hard to tell who was preening themselves the most, the cats or their owners. take a look. ♪ >> getting fancy can feel so good. of course, onone must look pur rfect to impress the humans, from top to tail. around 60 felines are competing for vieietnam's first b best in show. but it's the judges who must keep theheir attention. >> vietnam as a country where more and m more cats a are bein- quality cats are being groomed.
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this is a chance for cat owners to show their love for theirir cats and how theyy take care of their cats. >> cat ownership is on the rise in vietnam. the communist states roaring economy has padded out a growing middle-class, letting owners spend big to keep their pets feeling fine. >> i have been getting myy cat reready since friday. i took him bathing, for a spot and grooming. -- spapa and grooming. >> seven lucky kitties earn a spot in the winners circle for their best in class. but only one can be taught cat today. -- top cat today. this bluegray beauty got the edge, but it seems just by a whisker. brent: they do have nine lives.
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here is a remininder of ththe tp story we are following for you, china's mistreatment of its muslim minority uighurs has been exposed in a document leaked to dw news. an invesestigation shohows uighs are not attending vocational training camps. they are being imprisoned simply because they are muslims. you are watching dw news. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around.
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hello and welcome to france twenty four on the lawn- to susan where life in paris the headlines this hour my compare continues his african tour with a stop expected in ethiopia the secretary of statee is the first us cabinet official to visit the continent. in eighteen months. i yes bizarre replaces fonts as health minister and she throws her hat into the race for paris mayor. a late entry coming off the bench among people dropped out over a sexting scandal. i lawmakers in france begin debating planned reforms of the country's a pension system opposition lawmakers introducing some forty thousand amendments in a bid to delay passing the text


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