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tv   DW News  LINKTV  February 18, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit anchor: this is "d.w." news live from berlin. justice in turkey, surprise and disbelief as the court acquits in a landmark case. one of them could face new charges in connection with a coup attempt in 2016. rescuing mige grants in the mediterranean despite the perils that desperate peoplee are stil trying to get to europe. we will have an exclusive report. and he killed thousands of
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people, the colombian drug lord,es cow bar is treated as a hero. the families o of his victims he found an unusual way to fight back. anchor: to our viewers in the united states and viewers around the world, welcome. new questions about the independence of the turkish justice system. a turkish philanthropist was acquitted of trying to overthrow the government could face new charges tonight. osman kavala had been one of the number of people organizing protests in 2013 against plans to redevelop an area in central istanbul. that would have destroyed the
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gezi park. the new detetention order is in connection with kavala's order with a coupe attempt in turkey in 2016. from one acquittal to maybe new charges. we are going to pull in dorian jones. good evening to you. what are we looking at here. prosecutors have issued a new detention order for kavala. what exactly is going on tonight? reporter: very dramatic events. istanbul prosecutors said that they had issued a detention order for kavala in relation to the failed coup attempt in 2016 and said they were appealing the acquittal of kavala which will be a blow to his family and supporters and they were expecting to welcome him to
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freedom after 2 1/2 years of pre-trial detention. but the announcement of these plrs, they quickly left the prison. the initial hope that these terrible trial and detention that he was suffering coming to an end, any hope of any early release is starting to fade fast. anchor: is this legal? have we seen something like this before where you have the possibility of new charges in connection with something that happened four years ago when charges should have been filed then? reporter: well, absolutely. in fact, two other high profile cases, one was released by a court and within hours, a new detention order was should and kept in prison and still remains
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in prison to this day. and also another very high profile case, the former leader of turkey's kurdish party. he was released following a ruling calling for his release and again a new detention order is released and still in prison today. i think this will be of great deal of concern for kavala because this is a pattern of very high profile cases where the president has strong views in support of the prosecutions. we have seen when they are acquitted, no orders are released. anchor: what does this tell us about the independence of the turkish justice system? >> the president always insists that the judiciary is independent, but it has to be said there has been this growing concern within turkey and human
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rights organizations and internationally and from the european union which had been in particular this case of kavala. they saw it as a key watershed moment for the turkish justice. there had been some cases in the last few months of high profile people being released and there was hope this case would be another benchmark given what has happened, it will fuel those critics that the judiciary remains under the firm control of the president. anchor: dorian, thank you very much. turkey is connected to one of the biggest challenges facing europe at the moment and that is how to manage the flow of mige grants and taking perilous journeys. rescue ships operated by charities and nongovernmental
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organizations, they patrol the coast off of libya but many are drowning. one of the rerescue ships s sens this exclusive report. reporter: from the deck of the ocean vick king, he is scanning the sea. the viking is 1 130 kilometererd it is inin international watere. >> we have alert for a possible wooden boat with people on boarard. i was wondering if you have a visual. reporter: pilots are in contact. the border patatrol is searchin the areaa witith small aircraft helicopters and they say they spottedd the boat w with 90 p p on board.
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>> i repeat. >> the boat is now clearly visible. >> starboaoard bow. rererter: rescscue boats are rey to be deployed. this gentleman is experienced and tells his colleagues about what he knows about the refugees so far and the mission begins. the two rescue boats set off for the boat along with the ship. it's important not to rush this part of the operation, to take time to assess the situation. the wooden boat is overloaded with 84 pasassengers, all young men. danger they might stand up and
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tip over the boat is a big concern. that's why the first thing they are getting are life vests. it will take three trips back and forthth to get all of t the board the ocean viking. most of them are from bangladesh, morocco and few from algeria. 21 are under 18 years old and came along without parents or relatives. >> you have a rescue kit and inside, high-energy food, water, clothes anand a a blalanket. reporter: every single person will be examined by the doctors on board. >> it was a dangerously overcrowded boat. and thank god the water was
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calm. the people are exhausted and founund it difficult to climb o the boat. reporter: they are weak but now safe and happy to be alive. anchor: our correspondent is on board the ocean viking which is off the libyan coast. good evening to you. what condition are the people in who were ress cued, can you tell us? -- rescued, can you tell us. >> i spoke to one of the medics from doctors without borders and providing medical care for the rescued people and checking to see if they are healthy. but they have been at sea for many hours, if not days. the medical team supupport reported they are in a stable
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situtuation right now. however, some e survivors were suffering from fuel intoxication and the medical team are treating them for fuel burns, which take a little while to develop after exposure. otherwise, dehydration is a concern where people have been at sea for extended periods of time with many body pain. anchor: you have been talking to these people. what stories have they been able to telll you? how did thehe end up on a rescu boat in the mediterranean? reporter: we just arrived. an hour or two ago from the last rescue operation, so i only talked to one or two o of them. we had two rescuee operations today, o one in the morning jus after sunrise and the second one
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in the afternoon. two rescue operations but totallyy different. in the morning there were no waves, no winds, 84 people on a wooden boat. 4040 of them came from bangladeshsh, algera. the second one, the weather changed, strong waves approximately and 98 survivors from subsahar and africa. and talalking to a 24-year-old n and asked him how he ended up on the b bt and said he wouldld l toto workn gerermany and hasas friends s there. anchor: what will happen to these people? >> this i is really a grereat question. i have spoken to nicholasas, wh
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is in charge of the search and rescue operations here on board. he s sd the ocean viking will continue t to patrol internatiol waters off the coast of libya and we will see more rescue operatations in the hours and ds to come. and right now no one knows how long the rescue operation is going to last. anchor: thank you. on board the ocean viking in the mediterranean off the coast of libya. here are some of the e other stories that are making headlines. afghan president has been declared the wininner of september's presidential election, that following a recount. ghani was re-elected to a second term of the vote. the jury has begun deliberating in the trial of disgraced movie
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mogul harvey weinstein and women have accused him of rape and sexual assaultlt. he said any sexual conduct was consensual. mike bloomberg has qualified to join a live television debate with other democratic presidential candidates in las vegas on wednesday. he has been rising in the opinion polls thanks to a flood of tv ads. swarms of desert locust have been ravaging the horn of africa. the u.n. is warning of a looming food crisis and needs $76 million to fight the plague but only have a third of that. we visited some farmers to find out how they have been affected by this infestation.
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>> they were there only for one day. this farm was invaded by desert locust and ate leaves and grain and watermelons. but that's not all. >> these beans normally by this time, they are ready for harvest. but the locusts have destroyed them all. the flowers, even the leaves. reporter: they eat everything in their way. in a day, one square kilometer can eat as mucuch food as 35,00 people. at this time of year, his fields are usually filled to the brim but now, practically empty. >> what i harvested is very
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little. i expect it to get sacks of green grains. 16 sacks of maze and didn't get beans at all. they have all been destroyed. reporter: his neighbor is equally devastated. without the harvest, he doesn't know what to do. >> there is nothing left to harvest, just this farm. that's where i get food and feed my family and friends, that's what i do. i'm a farmer. reporter: this is the worst look of infestation that kenya has soon in 17 years. some of them started planting again but don't know what they will do if the lobbying cufts willll return. kenya started training a youth service. while spraying is used to fight the locusts, they are being
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trained as ground sprayerers. the government believes it might be able to stop the spread of infestation but this may be the last chance. >> if the fote tall operation is not fairer in tererms of kenya,e will have breededing grounds in the country and we may become sources of fin infestation in the future. reporter: he doesn't know how he will make up for his lost crops. he only hopes he survives. anchor: the man overseeing the u.n.'s relief effort and tells "d.w. news" is time of the essence. >> we have a very short window of opportunity. we need to control the locust
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population now before the planting season starts in march, april. this is the main planting season and we have a very fruitful dialogue with the european yunnan financial supupport is critical and going to go for $76 million and received $13 million if we consider 10 million euro being announced today by the european commission. anchor: talking about the need for the aid of in africa. julian assange is due to face a hearing next week to decide whether he will be extradited to the united states. he is being held at a london prison while he awaits the hearing. the united states is seeking his extradition over his alleged role over the release of classified and diplomatic material by wikileaks in 2010.
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he has spent seven years in london inn a bid to avovoid extradition to swededen toace rape charges. the charges have been dropped. and press briefing today, wikileaks current editor-in-chief that assange is no longer being held in solitary confinement but warns of press freedom if he is handed over to the u.s. >> wikileaks is a journalist organization and the united states has no right t to start equating proper investigative journalism and journalism on national security issues with espionagage. ththat is outrageouss and allow to go ahead and sends dangerous signals to journalists around the world. anchor: wiki leaks editor-in chief was joined high assange's
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legal team. we were there and we have this assessment. reporter: his defense team claims that the defense is part of u.s. trump's war on journalism. assange was held in isolation in a high security prison in london to the extent that corridors were being emptied before he walked through. this has eased and now to be in better health. the court case starts next right. human rights lawyer expects the legal proceedings to last for several years. anchor: now to china, the could reasono virus has claimed the life of another health care worker. he was the head of a leading hospital the city of the epicenter. the death toll has almost reached 2,000. hong kong suffered badly in the
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sars virus. how many hong kongers fear that history could repeat itself as the new coronavirus spreads. reporter: exhausted but re leeved. the nightmare at an end. these residents were pulled from their beds in the middle of the niret after two people tested positive. it sparked that the virus could be traveling through the pipes and hong kong was about to watch history repeat itself. this is the gardens in 2003 it became synonomous with tragedy. 42 residents lo their lives to the sars epidemic. defecttive pipes have been carrying the virus into people's homes. >> they have come to the
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gardens. and after seven years, the images are coming to my mind. reporter: the horror of what happened here is still in people's minds and they are haunted by the scale of the tragedy and fueling fear today. lessons have been learned and additional hygiene measures introduced but have done little to calm nerves. with masks and hand sanitizer both in short supply, toilet paper is the latest. concerns so great, one online rumor is all it took to empty the shelves. >> how would they know who is infected. i could be talking to their friend that appears to be
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asymptomatic and i may die. reporter: he sees echos of past mistakes and thinks more must be done to prevent another devastating outbreak. >> i think at least the hong kong authorities is to encourage everyone to wear masks and also supply adequate equipment to protect themselves. reporter: the outbreak is particularly painful. while they are bracing for the worst, he says sars is proof that hong kong can come back from the break. >> in 2003, we spent four months time to fighght against the disease. this time we may have longer time to fight. and we should not be led by the fearar inside us. even though we have the past experience that we should be telling everyone, here we are, and came across the most difficult time in life, but we are standing here.
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reporter: authorities have given residents the all clear, but caution here was borne from experience. given hong kong's past, the spread of fear can be as challenging to contain as the virus itself. anchor: from the fear of a virus to a colombian drug lord. pablo was one of the drug lords. now as "d.w." reports, the family of his victims, they decided to take some action. >> pablo is everywherere in the streetss he grins from t-shirts key chains and oil paintings. pop culture has turned the drug cartel, an icon who was response
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i will to the deaths of thousands of people. this gentleman tells me 30 years ago, his father died in a a terr attack or chest traited by the no tore i don't remember youse drug lord. >> the people who sell these products are motivated by the desire to make money. they contribute to the hype around this of a crime boss who inflicted a lot of pain on this country. reporter: 1976 to 1993 he ruled over a kingdom of horror fueled by assassinatitions, kidnapping and terror attacks. the very colombians who lived in fear of himim now seek to profi from his legacy. >> some people come in and get mad and ask me why are you selling this. but people ask for it. this is my livelihood. if i get a request, i get it painted because i run a
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business. reporter: columbia remembers is trying to show the grim reaeali with its latest project. it's annline storere selling narco merchandise or at least that's what it looks like at first glance. >> the way it works, if you try to buy one of the products offered on the website, you will have a victim of narco terrororism, a direct vicictim pablo. >> i'm the wife of nacho, deceased in one of pablo's attacks. i would like to tell my husband that the life project we created together, i tried to do in the name of our love. and of our life project.
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we love you forever. reporter:: they aren't a alone ththeir fight against the trivialization of pablo's legacy. through the project, they found unexpected allies withh close ties too the drug lord. >> it's our intntention to prioritize the victims over r t products that glorirify the cris or the story of my father. those products a are a p perman insult to the families. reporter: alliance for peace unimaginable, 27 years after pablo's death, they haven't dismtle the drug industry hee built banning the product. it should be a far easier task. anchor: the top story we are following for you. a turkish court has acquitted
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anyone activists of trying to overthrow the government seven years ago. one of them has been kept in jail because of his alleged role in the attempted coup in 2016. you are watching "d.w. news." . after the short break, wile take you through the day. stick around for that. . hello ao
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france twenty four on the lawn of the susan b. lack in paris that lines at this hour leaked documents indicate what grounds are used to detain uighurs in china the country's muslim minority can wind up in a re educatioion camp for browsing a website. going to a moscow even growing a beard. a new study from china indicates the elderly and the sick are most at risk of dying if infected by the corona virus. this as a number of inspections surges past seventy two thousand. a russian artists and his girlfriend have been charged by authorities in france this often they're leaking offer sex video


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