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tv   DW News  LINKTV  August 17, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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anchor: this is "dw news," live from berlin. alexander lukashenko goes from defiance to total acceptance of new elections. he says he iss ready too share power after a constitutional referendum. and what about russia? will it come to his aid? also tonight, in germany, a an unprecedented pedophile case.
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alongside the defendant, more than 100 50 suspects have been identified, and in vectors -- more than 150 suspects have been identified, and they have leads. and taking on donald trump in november, the pandemic means the convention is almost entirely virtual affair for joe biden. ♪ brent: i am brent goff, on pbs to our viewe in the united states and around the world, welcome. we start in belarus, where alexander lukashenko is sending mixed message. -- messages. he had said they would have to kill him before a new vote would be allowed, and then there was a constitutional referendum.
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this would remark a reversal for lukashenko, who for 26 years has resisted any challenge to his power. today, calls for him to resign are louder than ever. lukashenko said he won the vote, but many in belarus say the vote was rigged. >> opposition once more on the streets of minsk. this time, the workers of belarus rather to outside factories. "go away,"," they chanted, at alexander lukashenko, who had come to when him over. the president walked off the stage into the crowd. in an exchange with a worker, cushioion goes said electionsnse possible but only after the country holds a referendum. >> a president should not make decisions as a result of
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pressure. the president must find a compromise. we need to approve a new constitution so the opposition will notot be a ainst it.t. itit n needs to be approved in a referendum, because our previous constitution was approved in a referendum, and based on the new constitution and if you want it, we will hold elections for the parliament, presidency, and government bodies. the protests are being fueled by new promises from the exiled opposition leader. >> i am prepared to take responsibility and act as t the nation's leader during this peperiod so the c country settls down and gets back to normality, so we can release all political prisonerers and have e a legal framework to hold anothther roud of elections in the shortest time possible. reporter: sviatlana
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tsikhanouskaya made her duress -- address from lithuania. as the internal pressuree grows, so does international concern. the eu has announced it will hold an emergency summit about belarus on wednesday. >> we have already agreed on sanctions against those responsible for these human rights violations. how the sanctions will be designed and whether further restrictive measures will be taken will depend on the future behavior of the belarus authorities. until then, protesters show no signs of relenting. brent: for more, we are joined by constantine, a russian analyst. to see you, constantine. let's talk about the president. lukashenko had said there would be no rerun of the election, on
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sunday saying he would have to die first. today, we have him saying he would be open to o fresh electis after a new constitution is passed. how do you read this? >> he is resulting to a typical tactic of an authoritarian, trying to buy his time to invnvt some kind d of solution, and ths is probably a first indication of weakness, which sviatlana tsikhanouskaya, if she saw it, and i am pretty sure she did, should read as an opening to jack up the pressure, because i think that, b basically, lukakashenko started to understd that setting the police on protesters does not work a anyme , and the fact thatat t today, l of the detained, occluding to the authorities, were released, an indndication he does not want
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more confrontation than that he feels weekend.d. this is, -- hehe feels weakened, which, as dw said, he was completely adamant he was not going. brent: over the weekend, the president said that russia is ready to provide support to belarus. do we knoww whahat form that support could take? >> right. we d do not even know if the susupport will be forthcoming. basically, a lot of people spspeculate in moscscow and thoe watching itt, russia may well lalaunch a an invasion. brotherly hehelp would be rended , to offset what was said in moscow about the western attempts to overthrew the government in belarus. the possibility is running thin
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by the hour, because the number of people on the streets who do not want anyone to help lukashenkoko means thahat invadg belalarus, that is what it would be about, would mean a bloodbath. but, and there is a but here. even if lukashenko goes, which he probably wills, mr. putin will be watching, a conditions under which he goes. he does not want him to exit like qaddafi or like happened in 1989, and secondly, fighting for belarus. he probably will not fight for lukashenko but will fight for belarus, especially if there are new elections, as promised, a ad that would mean that russian money, russian agents, russian informational warfare, russian influence, as such, russian economic incentives or probably
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disincentives will all probably be poured into belarus to secure whoever is the next president of belarus will remain pro-moscow, remain in thehe kreremlin's poc, because one t thing mr. putin cannot afford is a belarus that looks west, is a democratic progressive government in minsk. joining us from -- brent: joining us from moscow, we appreciate your insights. thank you. the european union will hold an emergency meeting on wednesday to discuss other routes, a crisis for all your. some of the past german leaders and present leaders say they see part of their own history playing out in the streets of minsk. >> on the left, east germany, 1989. on the right, belarus, 2020. in germany, where the peaceful revolution is only decades old, contrasts are being drawn
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between belarus and the gdr, which eventuallyly led to the fl of the wall. >> whether he supports lukashenko and the regime or whether he has the wisdom of micheal gorbachev and say this is no good. we have to give up this country and enable a democracy and a new partnership between russia and ali riske. reporter: some german papers are already calling the belarus protests the beginning of the end of the dictatorship, but what that may look like is the question occupying the minds of the political leaders in berlin. >> i appeal to president lukashenko to see dialogue, not to use violence but to use dialogue instead. and i appealed to the belarus military not to use violence against its own people. the people of this stricken but
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proud country deserve our solidarity and support. reporter: germany has repeatedly criticized thehe alleged electin when of lukashenko as well as the virus -- violence used against protesters, with all eyes anxiously observing moscow. in the meantime, solidarity in terms of sanctions will be the focus of the eu emergency summit on wednesday. >> the eu has to make it very, very clear, especially the eu presidency, that lukashenko is not the elected president of belarus. these elections were massively manipulated. at the same time, make it very clear that the sanctions will directly affect lukashenko. voting with the feet was a key slogan of the east german protests in 1989. now, almost 30 years later,
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those in belarus could determine with their feet the direction of their country. brent: now, here is a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. surprise visit to libya by maas. mass called the recent issue that recent -- hours are still sending arms to libya. a french cargo ship loaded with tons of humanitarian aid has docked in beirut. supplies will go to those left homeless after an explosion rocked the port earlier this month. french president emmanuel macron has called for reforms so the country can access international funding. the indian air force deployed a military helicopter on monday to rescue a man stranded for hours in rapid water. local media reported the man had
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been stuck in the floodwaters, clinging to a fallen tree, ever since the day before. well, the trial has started today of the main suspect in what could be germany's largest-ever organize child sex abuse case. more than 150 suspects are also being investigated in the case involving an online pedophile network that shared images of child pornography. critics say german is not doing enough to tackle crimes against children or the internet. >> t the defendant heaead as he entered the courtroom. evidence found in his home to the biggest investigation into organize child sex abuse in german history. it is the most recent in a series of trials against men accused of abusing their own and others'' children. he is alleged to have abused his
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child and then filmed it and shared it in chat groups. uncovering these crimes has proved deeply disturbing, even for the most serious investigators. the alleged suspect began abusing his daughter when she was just months old and is accused of belonging to a sprawlingg pedophile network. investigators found 30,000 leads and have identified suspects in germany and abroad. the wife of the defendant is a joint plaintiff. her lawyer says she was unaware of the abuse. >> everyone in this trial hopes the defendant will shed light on what happened. that is a hope that is shared by my client. >> the defendant of used to comment ahead of his trial. but it is said he will testify during the proceedings. brent: i am joined by the director of innocence in danger, an international organization fighting against sexual abuse of
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children and child pornography. it is good t to have you onn the program. this is supposed to be the largest s sex abuse trial eveven germany. what is at stake i in this tria? >> well, what we d do understand is that organizedd crime is not some sort of romantic, mafia,, thriller movie, b but very ofte, it starts in the family,oo we need to be aware that we are actually surrounded by networks of criminals working together, anand the mediaa and internet rereally changed the name of the game. brent: yes, the number of people who would leslie participated is staggering. police say up to 30,000 were involved in this online pedophile network. i want to talk about that in a moment, but first, i want to talk about how one survivor of
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abuse is dealing with that experience. >> as a child, he was sexually abused for almost 10 years by three different perpetrators in his home town nenear cologne. todaday, he has returned to the scene of the first crime. this is where a shooting gallery owner at a fun fair lured him into a caravan and raped him. >> i have this movie playing i n my head that i have not been able to stop since the trauma happened. i am lying heree as a little bo, five years old, with shoulder length blonde hair, lying naked on a bed with creased, white sheeee. >> the shooting gallelery owner was lying naked next to him. for four decades, he were pressed what happened to him. day, he drdrives his motorhome and fights for justice for victims. >> i have always had to figure out for myself what is right and
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what is wrong, because you do not believe anybody anymore. you do not trust anyone. >> thehe underaged victims in ts case are probably gogoing throuh something simimilar. one investigators are now working onon the case, the largt known sexual abuse in history. so far, they have identified many suspects, but there are thousands of leads of thohose wo are suspectedd of exchanging child abuse photos and videos on forums. >> if you read the chats, inin partrticular, you get the imprpression that byby communicg with each other, the papaicipants reinforce in e each other ththe belief thahat child abuse is a socially accepted sexual preference. >> many perpetrators have no sense of wrongdoing. it is a case of appalling dimensions and g goes far beyond germany, according to the senior prosecutor.
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markus is still not free of his trauma. with his group, thehe support other victims. they want t the statutute of limitations for sexual abuse ainst chilildren to bee removed. > a signal is nonow being set that perpetrators can no longer feel safe and that they will now be dealt with severely. >> markus sets off again, drawing attention to victims. it has become his life's work, but not one that he chose for himself. brent: you know, how do cases like this happen, involving children who are abusedd over so many years without anyonone knowing? >> w well, ihink t the problem s we all do not want to undnderstd that we do know victitims, and thatat, in turn, means we all lw
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perpetratotors. the w who consisiders that in germany alone, one million chilildren have become victims f child sexual abuse e every year, and that means we e know childr, and that in turn m means we know perpetratorsrs. we nd toto be morore aware of that. we need to look for the signs within the grown-ups, and then we need to know wherere to turnn toto. brt:t: one million children in a country of 80 million people, that is a lot. what kind of support of children , what do they need? >> well, child s sexual abuse changes the life of the childld forever. nothining will ever be the sames it was before,e, and as we hear, this is s a fake that they did t choose for themsmselves, so they need support. they need family support a and therapeutic support andnd counseling.. they need d every day followings
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well ass theherapy. the problblem iss that o once ae gogo to trial,l, they are ninied therapy, because jududges and prosecututors are afraid that therapy willll tamper with t the witness and the memories of the children, w which in turnrn meas that chihildren oftentimes s hao wait many, m many years before a case comes to triall beforee thy get the help theyey need. brenent: that is terrible that e children have to wait before they get the help. what needs to b be done, in your opinion, to stotop perpetratorso protect children? >> we, as g grown-ups, parents, aunts and uncles, teachers, whwhoever, we need t to be awaw. need to undererstand that w are being surrounded. thatss what thehese casases tell us. wewe are being surrorounded by perprpetrators of chchild sexual abuse. that m means we need to take --f
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we worry about a chihild, if we worry about a relationship between an adult and child, we need to take that certainly -- takeke that serious, and then cl the national helpline against child sexexual abuse in n whichr cocountry you live, and you migt stop the circle. brent: we knknow thehere are hundreds of thousands if not millions of photos and videos on the internet with child pornography. it sounds like it is almost insurmountable, this challenge here. prosecutors, how should they proceed against thehese networks of pedophiles?s? >> well, first of allll, we need to strengthen law enenforcement. secocond of all, we need to have global reinforcement, becauseset isis not a aational c crime. it is an internationonal crime. and d third, wee neeeed to finds to remove the imagess from the internrnet, which is something e canadian center for child
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protection i is actually d doi withth software. they are searching for images and taking them down from the networks. brent: frorom innocenents in da, thank you. you are doing valuable work. >> thank you. brent: we are just hours away from the start of the democratic national convention in the united states. the four-day event highly unconventional this year because of the pandemic. presidential nominee joe biden and his running m mate, kama harris, , will give a speech frm biden's home state of delaware. there will be speakers be in from across the country. senator bernie sanders, who finished second to biden in the elections, and former first lady michelle obama are among monday's marquee speakers.
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yes, it is a lot different tonight than it was four years ago, and somebody who was at the democratic convention is our washington bureau chief. good evening to you. so here we are, four years on. we have a coronavirus pandemic that makes it a most impossible to put the hollywood in these conventions, so how do you keep that star element when you do not have the stage to do it? correspondent: right, brent. normally, the conventions are a mixture between the party, and they kind of create this moment of energy, which then is kind of brought to this huge country from all of the delegates. this will not happen this year, and this is particularly difficult for the democrats, because they have to have so many different branches, right? they have kind of the very
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progressive, leftist leaning bernie sanders supporters, and then they have the rather conservative democrats, but at this very moment, they will not have this moment of energizing, and joe biden is not really the type who will bring that on in a zoom meeting. brent: that is a very good point, but the same thing will be true for the republicans. it is hard to get a zap when you are zooming. we know that members of congress are returning early. why is it so important to this election? ines: right. it sounds really technical, but it is not. during corona, we expected some mail-in ballot's, and the post office is basically not prepared for that. they have been having problems for many years because less and less people are writing letters, and they have competitors like amazon and other ones, but ever
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since the new postmaster was put in place, a friend of donald trump, do joy, in the summer, it is getting worse, and they are totally underfunded, and they did not prepare for the huge amount of ballots they have to develop -- deliver, and we always have to keep in mind that donald trump has been saying since months that mail-in voting leads to more voter fraud and that he might not expect the outcome of this election. brent: that is true. people are wondering if he will accept the results if they are announced. the main goal is to nominate joe biden as the presidential candidate at the convention, and there are lots of predictions this week. give us an argument as to why biden will be 12 and maybe an argument why he will not eat? ines: well, biden could be
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prompt because he is not trump. many are tired of trump' is way to do politics, of his self-centered, unrestricted personality. why might he lose? because he is not trump. i do not want to sound cynical, but you know, joe biden is part of the establishment, and many americans are tired of that. he represents an america many people do not want anymore, so he will have a hard time to really convince young, black voters, women, and also members of other minorities. brent: all right, our washington bureau treat -- bureau chief. as always, thank you. all right, football news now. barcelona has fired their coach three days after their drubbing by byron munich in the quarterfinals.
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things simply did not work out. first, the team was eliminated from one event, and then they lost a title to real madrid, and now, they have crashed out of the champions league in devastating fashion. spanish media says they have another who is set to be named as the successor. well, severalre lucky to be alive after a high-speed crash in austria. a world champion and a banished rival came within a whisker of being hit. watch this, two cartwheeling bikes. a high-speed collision resulted in the terrifying scenes here. remarkably, all of you are were left relatively unscathed. later, there was an accusation
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of being almost a murderer from what was called aggressive writing -- riding. all right, a reminder for you of the top stories we are followiwi this hour. the president of belarus, alexander lukashenko, says he is open to new e elections andnd sharing power but only aftfter a constitutional referendum. his disputed election victory is fueling widespread unrest. you are watching dw news. after a short break, i will be back to take you through "the day." stay with us. we will be right back. ♪
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