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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 3, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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to their website. i think what makes america great, even in the relatively cuff times for us, is that we are still the world's most generous country. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. more politics ahead with al sharpton. well, the republicans finally have a jobs bill. they kill the jobs and then stick us with the bill. tonight, the gop is risking 74,000 jobs and more than a billion dollars, congressman donna edwards on the republicans cruel ideology. and sarah palin and her pals, bad language, worse policy. plus, mitt romney has been found. but he's still a very weak front-runner. how does the 2012 field standing
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now. and does rick perry have a prayer in this election? this cowboy needs to stay home, home on the range. welcome to the show. i'm al sharpton. tonight's lead, republicans putting 74,000 jobs at risk. folks, this is incredible. house republicans have skipped town for vacation. but not before putting thousands out of work. before they left. they refuse to fund the federal aviation administration unless it includes a provision that makes it harder for employees to unionize. the results of their stubbornness, 74,000 construction workers and faa employees, have had to stop working. airline safety inspectors are working without pay. the government is losing more than $28 million a day.
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and stands to lose $1.3 billion by the time congress gets back in session. president obama talked about it today, almost like a repeat of the debt fight. >> this is a lose, lose, lose situation. i'm urging the house and senate to take care of this. this is s an exam of a self-inflicted wound that is unnecessary. >> the worst part is this should be routine. congress has passed 20 faa funding bills since 2007. even transportation secretary ray lahood, former seven-term republican congressman, says just get it done. >> when it comes to creeicreati members of congress give a lost great speeches. we've heard a lost great speeches from members of congress about creating jobs. they talk the talk. but they have not walked the walk.
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>> before speaker boehner left town on tuesday, he talked a big game about jobs. >> fixing our fiscal problems will in fact provide more confidence for employers in america, the people we expect to reinvest in our economy and create jobs. >> but the truth is, actions speak louter than worse r words. is 74,000 people out of work boehner's idea of job creation? let me tell you, it's time for us to really look not at the theatrics, but at what is really done. here we go with all of these weeks of arguing and posturing and walking out. and when it comes down to it, the republicans go on vacation before they can vote with they've done routinely, 20 times, since 2007. that is making sure, construction workers at faa workers can continue working.
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that is just plain mean. and irresponsibility. joining me now is don gentleman yesterday wards democrat from maryland. congresswoman, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. it seems unbelievable. >> i mean, it is unreal because how can the republicans say they are for jobs but then do this and secondly, literally putting people out of work at a time that we need for industry and for job creation, people to be able to travel without worrying about what's going on with the faa? >> well, first of all, they had the nerve to get on planes to leave washington, d.c. while they put aviation workers out of a job. 4,000 aeration workers. 75,000 to 90,000 construction and contractors workers out of a job. and costing the american
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taxpayer there are 3 million every single day that this goes on. you know, that's about the amount that they had to put into pel grants. $30 million. every single day. while they claim to be doing deficit reduction. it is so unbelievable. these workers and i know some of these workers. actually a couple of them mir friends and they told me today, i'm unemployed today and got to make my mortgage people. >> i'm in plant tonight, traveling today. people could not believe it, but when you look at people that wanted to put social security and medicaid and medicare on the block and then now you see what they would do to faa employees and construction workers, only because they want to make it more difficult for these workers to unionize. this is the same thing we saw in wisconsin, indiana, ohio. it is about breaking workers
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rights and unions. >> let me tell you how ridiculous the rule is. i mean, i'm on the transportation committee. and the rule is they want to rule in place that says if you don't know up to vote for election, it counts as a no vote. what i would like for the americans not voting is that that counts as a no vote so we can get rid of some of these guys. i think this outoutrage what is being done to the faa. and this is a time it call, tweet and e-mail and everything else, your members of congress, and tell them to get themselves back here to washington, get back into session, pasz the faa bill, then good on vacation. >> what is on the creating jobs? let's look at a lot of the ideas put on the table about jobs? trade deals. extend federal highway program. create infrastructure bank. extend payroll tax break. fund job training for vets.
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green energy jobs et cetera. how hard is it going to be to deal with any of these matters and actually get americans back to work, congresswoman? >> well, i tell you. it is difficult because republicans have basically starved government and now the very things that we actually need to do to create jobs are going to be incredibly difficult. but you know what, tomorrow, we can say, you know what, we will pass a stimulus package or regular authorization package so that we can rebuild our roads, our bridges, our water and sewer systems. putting people back to work today. we can make sure that we are extending a research and development tax credit. so if you design it here and innovate it here, you got to also build it here in the united states. that will create jobs. but these members of congress have actually basically gone away, gone away on vacation, well workers across this country, one, the ones who want to work and others who are worried about losing their jobs.
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it does seem insane. you know, this w this debt package passed -- >> let me listen to one thing. congresswoman edwards, speaker boehner said about this whole faa shut down, because it is very interesting, he said all it will take to end this crisis, while he was on his way out of town, by the way, is for the senate it pass the house approved faa extension. the only reason so many jobs are at stake is the senate democratic party will not -- leaders chose to play politics rather than pass the house bill. now the interesting part about that, and you remember the house swb that house bill strategically had cut out certain states where there were key, very prominent, democratic senators, like nevada et cetera. so it blatantly and openly
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unashamedly playing politics and handed to you and said, pass this. >> well and what they are saying is that if you are a in a rural community, you don't deserve to have assistance from the federal government for the rural airports. if you're an faa worker, you don't deserve to work for a month while we figure out the politics of it. this is crass 37. then the idea to bust up the federal aviation workers unions because they don't like organizing and they don't like organized workers. so if anybody is playing politics, it is the republicanis here in the house who are not just playing politics but once again an idea that you can just blackmail and bully your way into lemgs legislation instead of doing what is required insaid of coming to a compromise and getting workers back to work. >> well, i tell you, this is the anniversary of mr. reagan and air traffic controllers.
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it seems like some people want to go back rather than forward in terms of where we have protection for workers and their writes in this country. but thank god for you congresswoman. and others. we can turn back the clock but some of us won't let us turn back time. thank you congresswoman donna edwards. thanks you for your time this evening. >> thank you reverend al. make no mistake about it, to some it just seems personal. >> domestic terrorists, shoot, president obama would be wanting to pal around with us, wouldn't he? he didn't have a problem palling out with bill when he back in the day when he kicked off his political career in bill airs apartment. >> joining me now is sirius radio. also with me, washington post dana millbank. thanks for being here tonight.
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bill, given all these personal attacks, i mean very personal, vicious attacked on the president, could this get to the point where it is actually influencing the policy of washington or do you think it is already at the stage that tm is doing that? >> i think it is already badly influenced the policy and politics in washington. first out, we have to remind everybody that this story has been so discredited for so long. it has as much validity as the birth certificate story. for sarah palin to bring it back, as michele bachmann might say, she has a lot of chitzpuh. when she was accusing president obama of hanging around with a terrorist, even though he was five years old when bill airs did whatever he did with the weathermen, there were people at the rallies calling out, terrorist and calling president obama a terrorist. that's where the obama hate machine got started.
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it is colored every single policy since then. >> dana, what is interesting is they really play the intelligence of the public very cheaply because we're not 24 hours way from when they were saying, on a rumor that abouts has been discredited, that vice president was talking about it, here comes sarah talking about the bill airs story and terrorists in the living room and president obama starting his presidency there. they don't even wait 24 hours, they step on each other's stories. >> it's true, reverend. i shouldn't be giving religious advice it a minister but i think sarah palin needs your prayers right now. what she is bridging down is repleasing her 2k3wr5eest hits from 2008. she's been passed over by michele bachmann. she is no longer in the public eye.
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i think she is bringing back some of her great lines. we may soon hear about hockey moms and pitbulles with lipstick and all that. but this is based on a conversation, stan standing outside the room when they were calling the people terrorists supposedly. now they are not terrorists, they are hostage takers. in any event don't know what was said -- >> you notice they didn't deny it. >> they are concerned about being called terrorists, not being concerned about being called host hostage takers. >> no, that was more legitimate to what was actually occurring there. here is a threat, if you don't do as we say, the hostage under this case, the american economy, gets it. >> let me give you a quote by senator mcconnell. that was a very interesting statement that he made. he said, what we did learn is this, it's a hostage that's
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worth ransoming. and it folks us the congress on something that must be done. now, that shows you, a, they don't deny the hostage taking part. and then they say, it's worth the ransom. i mean, this is amazing statements made by so-called responsible elected officials. >> let me tell you, reverend, what that shows is, they admit they were willing to hold this entire country hostage and destroy this country and it doesn't matter how many innocent people suffer because of their actions. now, i don't know whether that's a definition after terrorist or not. but i don't think it is a definition of someone who loves his country wean nts this to continue to be a great country and do what they were willing to do and now bragging about it. >> dana talked about me being a minister. i don't know how any way you justify at all taking a hostage and taking about ransom and put
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love in the same sentence pip don't know how you do that. thanks very much. >> all right reverend al. >> remember, the paul ryan kill medicare plan that sent republicans heading for the hills? now the tea party's trying to bring it back. pel, we'll find out why. plus, sarah palin is the latest republican to pile on mitt romney. and something is certain in life but death, taxes and a fox news questioning obama's religion. their latest con job is coming up. ♪ yes! ha ha! [ clicking ] ♪ what happened? power went out, want a hot dog? [ female announcer ] oscar mayer selects are made with 100% beef and have no artificial preservatives. ♪ let me make you smile
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president obama left the white house about an hour ago on his way to 2012 fund-raiser in chicago. and republicans are gearing up for the iowa poll next weekend. all except mitt romney. someone needs to wake this guy up and tell him he's running for president. the man who was johnny come lately to the debt debate is hiding out this week at his lakeside mansion in new hampshire. it's an 11-acre, $10 million, 10,000 square foot estate.
3:20 pm
the perfect place for trying to figure out how to connect with the average joe hit hard by this economy. while he is off the campaign trail, he is slammed by fellow republicans for his lack of leadership. >> bless his heart, i have respect pour mitt romney but i do not have respect for what he has done through this debt increase debate. he did this, he waited until it was done deal. then he came out and he made a staple that he didn't like the deal after all. >> joining me is now former dnc chairman and pennsylvania governor ed rendell. now an nbc news political analyst. and michael steele, msnbc analyst and former rnc chair. nice to see you two chairmen together tonight. >> good to be here reverend. >> lets let me start with you michael. president obama now gone on a bus tour august 15 through the midwest. are you going on a bus tour
3:21 pm
through the mansion of mitt romney and tell him he is running for president? >> al, you're such a funny man. >> i wish i was joking. and you wish i was joking too. >> yeah. that's the sad part. i know you're not. the reality of it is -- >> you 234know it is hard to la at the mansion. you could get the bus from one side of the mansion to the other. >> you guys kill me. you guys sit there and begrudge those who work hard and provide for themselves however they want and then you say there something bad like he's god a big house. >> think he's great that he has a big house that he lifted himself up. that's why he aught to be out here with the american people trying to lift them up. >> rev, let me make the point. >> looking at lake -- >> he is and -- >> he is waiting on a message from the lake? >> well, look, can you continue that talking point all day long. the fact of the matter is, mitt romney, you know, has decided
3:22 pm
his campaign decided to take whatever strategy they think will best preserve their opportunity to capture the nomination. clearly that did not involve heavy-handed effort in iowa and the beginning of this. he is focused more on new hampshire and nevada. >> governor relnedll you have been in politics, very successful. can you explain to the american people what strategy it is to sit out the debt fight, sit out the iowa caucus, sit by the lake. i mean, they are either political geniuses or all of us have lost our minds. >> here is what i think is going on, reverend al. i think that the romney folks have decided they will play the
3:23 pm
front-runner card. and the front-runner card is to stay a little bit above the fray, to not get involved and get your hands dirty. and i think their theory is the rest of the field is so untenable, with the possible exception of jon huntsman who cannot get elected as a republican primaries because jon huntsman was the only one who had the guts to support the debt deal. so they think the rest of the field so untenable that if they just don't make any mistakes they will get the nomination. and that might be a good strategy given the way romney has campaigned. on the short time he has been on the campaign trail he contrad t contradicted himself two or three times. first saying obama was responsible for the economic downturn. then saying, he is not really responsible for making it worse. but he didn't make it any better. what he said in his announcement speech that president obama was responsible for making the economy worse. so i think the way he campaigns, this may be his best strategy. >> i'll tell you something else,
3:24 pm
in that line, governor ren dell, and you might want to respond to this, michael steele, the daily caller, a conservative website, put up this whole thing about the romney -- i mean, look at how they are projecting about how he is just depressing. it just reminds them of what they say is jimmy carter. i mean, you are supposed to inspire people. you are supposed to give them hope. you are supposed to wake them up. listen to this -- >> what you see now is neighborhood after neighborhood where people have left. where homes have been boarded up. millions of americans out of work. home values collapsing. foreclosures at record levels. as you look around and see the weeds growing and windows boarded up. the foreclosures is a real burden this this state.
3:25 pm
>> does that give you hope, michael? does that really have you humming to yourself that better days are coming? i mean, what is he doing? >> well be i mean, that is a good question. eern and i would take it up one more notch, reverend, and ask that of the entire field. i have said several times of sitting in the shadows and waiting for the right strategy to emerge is an good one. i agree with the governor. i believe sitting on lead if you will, is not smart in this cycle. you have to get out there, engage people and bring them to your cause. this debt fight was a good opportunity to begin to shape that debate that will be raging next year between the president and our nominee about the structure of government, its impact on people's lives and what that cost is. and i think this is a missed opportunity by a lot of our candidates who are running. sarah palin is right, you can't just put your finger up to the wind and wait. you have to engage right now because obama and his team will
3:26 pm
be formidable without doubter hesitation. >> governor, you ran the state of pennsylvania, state government. you ran for governor and won several times. there's a pennsylvania poll out that has governor romney slightly ahead of president obama. do do you feel that right-winger is making a lot about this. do you feel that this poll is real and will hold up or do you feel that is just early polling and result of the of the debt fight? >> irs of all, look. let's warrant the fact that governor romney has certain things about him that are very appealing to voters. he looks the part, he has a good record as governor of massachusetts. but a good record. and he is well known. i think people can close their eyes and envision him as a president. but he is not going to get there the way he is campaigning. the way he is campaigning is a
3:27 pm
high water mark and going down. when you look at the pennsylvania poll, it was 42 romney, 40 obama. that was taken a day or two before the debt limit crisis was ended. when the american people were discussing it with everybody in washington. if you only have a two poifrnlt lead at that time, probably the lowest debt for the president and anybody in washington. it won't be an11-point win like last time. but if the republican party keeps acting the way they are, i think he will win. i think michael's overall point about these guys gearing up, he's right, they've got to. but the point i would make is that republican candidates are making a mistake saying they won't sign the debt limit bill. >> you're right. got to go. >> people are looking for leadership and the president has to dead and do what's right for the country at that moment.
3:28 pm
>> thank you. mi michael, make romney can invite palin to the house. ahead, the morning folks at fox, calling president obama a muslim. i'm shocked, shocked. that's our con job of the day. and rick perry is gearing up for presidential run. but first, he has his ultra scary religious rally this weekend. hey ind pendsents, hope you're watching. what governor perry does. not just what he says. what he does. stay with us. [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market
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thats time of year again when fox news questions president obama's faith. that's our con job of the day. it started when the president released this statement. quote, as ramadan begins, michelle and i would like to send our best wishes to the muslim community in the united states and around the world. of course, that sentiment is red meat for fox and friends. >> the white house yesterday issued an absolutely lovely statement regarding ramadan. >> he didn't issue a proclamation for easter. so some people are saying, is this an outreach to the muslim world and why isn't there an outreach to the christian world. >> some people are saying that? or you're saying it? and it didn't end there.
3:33 pm
>> he did mention briefly in that weekend address briefly, easter in passing. but still, nothing big. >> i think coming easter you will see a statement. >> oh, during the election year. >> coming out of the white house. >> clearly it was terrible, terrible error. >> the fox and friends crowd doesn't mention that george w. bush never issued easter proclamations either and president obama didn't ignore easter. he hosted the annual easter egg roll on the white house grounds. just as president bush did. he took his family to church on easter sunday, and he hosted an easter praid prayer breakfast. i was there, where he said this. >> there is something about the resurrection, something about the resurrection of our savior jesus christ that puts everything else in perspective.
3:34 pm
>> what's really set fox off is that president obama paid tribute to a muslim holy month. even though president bush did too. bush's 2008 statement began, quote, i send greetings to muslims observing ramadan in america and around the globe. bush also hosted eight ramadan dinners while he was in office. a blatant double standard and a right wing cheap shot. courtesy of fox and friends. that's our con job of the day.
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welcome back. we are just three days away from texas governor's rick perry's public prayer val rally called, the response. he wanted it to be as big a national event to restore faith in america. but it turns out, perry's having trouble filling seats. organizers say only 8,000 people
3:38 pm
are signed up. that barely fills one section of the 71,000 seat reliant stadium where the event's being held. it is about half the people expected at the hunter's extravaganza expo going on in the reliant center right next door. the low turn out might just be because of all of the extreme and haitful endorsers who signed on to the event. just listen to them preach. >> the homosexual agenda will become to intense that before the lord returns, marriage will be outlawed in various parts of the earth. >> one of the good example says minimum wage. party's been fighting about that for about 60 years. is jesus for or against the minimum wage. just as a hint, jesus did not like the minimum wage. >> there is statue in new york harbor called the statue of liberty. you know where we got from from? french free masons. listen folks, that's an idol, a
3:39 pm
demonic idol right there in the middle of new york harbor. >> joining me now, reverend welton, president of the interfaith alliance. a group that's come out in opposition to the response. and msnbc political analyst richard wolffe. reverend, let me start with you. what do you make of the reports that people won't be flocking to this event this weekend. >> you no he, al, i tell you that i'm very pleased from what i'm hearing because it does not mean that american people are not interested in prayer. maybe it means that the american people are tired of seeing politicians try to prostitute religion for their own partisan gain and when they look at the people that are sponsoring this and listen to the voices, they don't hear anybody talking about religion, they are talking about
3:40 pm
politics. and i'm pleased that maybe the american public has had enough as religion as a political strategy. >> now when i look at the fact that you guys have fans like hague or even john mccain had to -- remember wh hagee said about tra trina? he said i believe that new orleans add level of sin offensive to god and they were recipients of the judgment are endorsing this. i mean, referee gaddy, it is certainly you and i have your beliefs, but this level of hatred and bias, and to use god to push this kind of partisan political kind of bringing together of these kinds of people is just beyond believe to me. >> i don't think this ever started out to be a real prayer meeting. as you know, well, the most
3:41 pm
authentic kind of prayer commended is when one gets alone and prays very quietly and very sincerely about their interest. the whole announcement of this event was tied to rumors about governor perry casting himself into the run for the presidency. the invitation about not go to religious people in houses of worship, it went to the governors. and so, i think the intent all along was to use prayer as a tool for attracting attention to a man that wanted to win a political office. >> and i think is clear, we both believe in prayer and we both have certain values we believe in. we just believe it should be the political law of the land, the political law of the land should be free to any belief and those that don't believe in god.
3:42 pm
let me ask you this, richard. not only do you have the inconsistency on the religious side, in my opinion. on the political side, this governor rick perry, that has been running around touting states rights. the question was raised to him about same-sex marriage. he said the states ought to handle it. it aught to be decided there. but then he was press bed it on christian broadcasting and he gave this response. >> i support the federal marriage amendment. and i also support the same with the issue of abortion. and i also support that same process for a balanced budget amendment to the united states constitution. >> so, you believe in a strong federal government about abortion. you believe in a federal strong federal government about marriage. and about a balanced budgement
3:43 pm
amendment. but if you get down civil liberties, civil rights and distribution of education, all states rights, sounds a little like talking out of both sides of your mouth to me. >> it is not consistent and the christian conservative voters will be picking up on this kind of thing just as they have with mitt romney but that contrast with romney is what sets perry apart. there is that historical between the christian evangelical and the mormon faith. that will play out if he gets into the race, indeed. it and tens of thousands may not show up for the so-called prayer event but they do show up in significant numbers when other members do. like iowa and south carolina and those two early stalts alone would be enough for rick perry to make a big impact on the republican race. not the general election but the republican nomination could be decided by these kind of voters. >> if rick perry jumps into the
3:44 pm
race, richard, you are saying he could shake it up a and all too aware of the republican primaries and ultimately the republican imnominee where and who it might be. >> i think he runs as a very strong candidate. and not just because of the christian conservative thing but because he is outside of washington. voters are looking for a popular figure who many be there tea party. but the bigger worry, the big number is that in the recent poll he was losing his own state of tom president obama. if you are trailing as texas governor to a couple of points to a sittering democrat in texas, that's a more worrying number than the 8 thourz or so who may not fill out that stadium. >> don't fik on them about the 8,000. i have an idea for you governor perry. why don't you get the 8,000 and have the meeting up at mitt romney's house in new hampshire. they've got the room.
3:45 pm
rest rand gaddy and richard wolffe, thanks. >> thank you. ahead, tea partiers have a new information. it could mean more of this. p. >> they do tax the -- >> no, no pb. >> oh, yeah, the ryan plan is back in the spotlight, next. one little smile, one little laugh. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on legalzoom. it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at exxon and mobil, we engineer smart gasoline that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits
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welcome back to the show. let's talk about some of the hot topics of the day. joining me tonight, joe madison, a sirius xm radio host. staff writer for roll call. and heidi harris, show host of the heidi harris show on kdwn las vegas. okay, first topic. will there be a ryan revival? some of the tea party groups are planning to resell ryan's radical plan that would end medicare as we know it. they are planning to bring it back up in town halls this month. >> did they forget what happened last time? >> the ryan budget proposes to turn medicare -- >> no, it doesn't.
3:50 pm
>> well, that's -- >> yes it does. >> you capital run on this. there. ways to pay for it. >> okay if you will let me answer it -- >> and it is wrong do this. >> joe, can you believe this one. >> the voucher program is not going to work. they are going to get the same reaction. let me give a personal point of view. if the ryan plan existed at my age when i found out last year that i had prostate cancer and the treatment, the treatment was well over $40,000 to get rid of that prostate cancer, that would have done away with that voucher. that is what you will find people saying. does medicare have to be adjusted? do we have to worry about corruption in medicare? of course. and that's what i hope is super committee will do. i don't have a lot of faith in them but at least i think that
3:51 pm
what they are going to find and this is a direct answer it your question, they will find the same exact thing. no question about it. >> heidi, don't they realize that we have been there, done this. and that the ryan plan is already rejecteded? why bring it back? >> well because the reality is, medicare, as we know it, is not going to by the time i need it. there is no question about it. either you make major modifications, or have the cindy lou hoo plan. remember when the grinch told cindy lou hoo everything was okay, put her back it bed and stuffed the tree back up the chimney? it and that everything will be okay? it is not okay. medicare won't be available by the time i even need it. >> we hear that over and over
3:52 pm
again, the question is whab do you do about it? joe madison said yes it needs to be reformed bp but we have rejected the ryan plan. isn't it just trying to ram it down the american public's throat even they they said, there is not the reform we want? >> i like a lot of as spefkts ryan plan. the tea party has everybody back in d.c. insane. they call us arsonists, suicide bombers, terrorists, jihadists because they -- >> they are not. >> they sure are. >> let me get -- david -- >> nobody is calling a jihadist or terrorist -- >> oh, yes they have. >> no, they haven't. >> i'm sure heidi will denounce sarah palin saying the president started in a terrorist living room. let me ask you david, give me the political landscape of 24. tea party goes back out. starts doing these town hall meetings after this whole
3:53 pm
devicive polarizing. are they going to help or hurt in doing this. >> i think you're right, american people weren't too excited about the reform plan when it was first introduced. it doesn't seem to get a lot of grass roots ground swell support from conserve ranks. they were a little bit but to my point of view relatively silent. they want to talk during summer recess and support this plan tp p is not a bad thing politically under that it is already out there. seniors are already aware of it. the deficit and debt issues are out there. they are not going away. we will be talking about this as joe said. when the super committee gets together and starts to hash out the next phase of the deficit reduction plan just sign need law. so if the issue is 0u9 there and
3:54 pm
there is you port on the right and they are vocal, it can only help the issue. >> all right. let me let joe step in in go ahead, joe. >> i want to say something about what heidi said about this terrorist and bomb flowing and all this stuff. let me make a deal with you heidi. you tell your side to stop calling the president tar bashy and boy and maybe you won't hear that other rhetoric on the other side. it kills me when i hear people say, oh, you're calling us names, jihadists be a calling us names. then we have to listen to the racially insensitive connotation everyday in this country. so if you want somebody to stop doing that on your side then i say put the tar baby to rest. but the boy to rest. call the man a president and make sure you give him the same repekt and maybe you will get a little respect. i wanted to throw that in. >> heidi, we will let you respond next time wp we are out
3:55 pm
of time. >> thanks, guys. >> news flash. republicans ignore the golden rule in a major way. next. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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growing up, we are all taught the golden rule, right? you remember. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. republican law makers in alabama overruled that with their immigration law. now, church leaders are calling them out, saying they can't do god's work without breaking the law. officials from the episcopal methodist and roman catholic churches filed a federal lawsuit challenging the legislation saying, quote, if enforced, alabama's anti-immigration law will make it a crime to follow . the leaders arg the law would almost completely stop them from helping undock meanted immigrants. they couldn't preach to them or
3:59 pm
encourage them to attend mass. they con marry or baptize them. they couldn't even give them food or money or counsel. i'm in atlanta tonight, where just a few weeks ago, i led and spoke at an immigration rally here. i believe in fair immigration policy. i see a pattern all over this country, in many states where they are using immigration laws and playing on the fear of american people to bring back states rights. but what is troubling is when you interfere with people who have a religious belief, to help people no matter what their status, i do not believe that church and state aught to be together. it aught to be separate. that's why i've supported things that i may even, as a minister, disagree with. because people have the right to do things even if i think it's sinful. but do we have the right to do


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