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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 12, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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anthony america's most hated person. not only did he deny the defense's request to altogether kill the request from judge strictland, the order from judge strictland that would force casey anthony to return for probation, but he also blames the defense of playing the system, and i read, he says that casey anthony, the defendant, and her attorneys knew that she was about to start her probation, and set to start her probation upon release from the orange county jail, and despite this fact they took advantage of a skribner's error, and so he is saying that the defense team and casey anthony, herself, knew what judge strictland intended which is to start the probation upon release and not while in jail and they stayed quiet. so now she has to go back to orange county august 26th or before that to serve one year's probation and of course, the details of where she will be living will be consealed. >> thank you, lilia.
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ander joining me is an attorney from "huffington post," and you have been writing about this case and talking about the celebrity or the notoriety of casey anthony, but here we are, and she has to go back there and there are death threats against her, and the state will have to pay for her to have bodyguards and protection which means that taxpayers would have to foot the bill for this. >> right. i think that there is going to be -- and if 12that is the case there is going to be tremendous outrage of the public, because the public feels that the taxpayers have gone above and beyond to protect casey anthony, and this is an example of where this may be the case, but at the same time judge belvin perry, as we saw in the trial, he wants to follow the letter of the law and seek justice and this is where justice must be served. >> this was not avoidable then to bring justice to follow the letter of the law then? >> well, to serve probation, it is about integrating this person back into society, having them
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become a better citizen, and as judge belvin perry believes, this is is the only way that the law says it should be done is for her to come back and serve her probation. >> it was just this week that caylee's grandparents, george and cindy, and among other people had a memorial and it would have been caylee's sixth birthday and people were turning out. the emotions are raw, and maybe died down in the national headlines, but this story, that is the memorial that took place, and still very raw for those people in orlando. with that said, could casey anthony perhaps negotiate something where she does not serve the probation in that city? are you required to serve your probation in the city that this crime was committed? >> well, it is up to the court, and up to the judge to determine that. i mean, usually the judge will have the person, the probation person serve in the actual city that the crime was committed. her defense lawyers have tried everything and they could try
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something, again, to say that she is in risk of being harmed and that she shouldn't have to be in orlando even though her address is not disclosed. >> and does the probation require you to have a job and you have to pay your fees and what not? >> well, it requires you the become a normal citizen again, and that may be to start taking a job or refraining from doing the activities that you were doing that got you into trouble in the first place, so it is putting the person on the straight and narrow, and that is what the probation officer is going to try to do to the extent they can with someone who has this type of notoriety. >> and thank you, matt, for joining was the breaking news. in two weeks casey anthony must return to orlando. thank you, matt. we are following breaking news out of atlanta where a federal court has ruled against the mandate portion of president obama's health care law, and a divided three-judge panel from the 11th circuit court of appeals sided with 22 states which wanted to block the law. the suit went as far as saying that the whole law was
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unconstitutionali unconstitutional, but today's ruling is that all americans must carry health insurance, and so far, an appeals court and three federal judges have upheld the law, and two have validated it and they say that ultimately, it will be decided by the u.s. supreme court. and now the iowa where the straw poll is less than 24 hours away and the candidates are recouping after an intense debate last night. in a breakfast time this morning, tim pawlenty continued to attack michele bachmann and her record in congress. >> if you look at the record in congress, the results are nonexistence and she says she wants to fight againstm ycare m care, and we have that. >> well, this morning the congresswoman defend her actions saying she is the leading voice in the party.
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>> i have been the voice in washington, and almost the lone voice against the raising of the debt ceiling and people paid attention. >> and mark, i guess that the fumes after the flames, because it was an interesting night, and some people predicted status quo but it was not the case. >> well, it actually marked the turn when all of the kand dacan had been going up against president obama, and president obama had been the target of the first two debates and almost all about him. what was a significant departure last night is that finally we saw some verbal fisticuffs with tim pawlen lewlenty and michele bachmann and ron paul and rick santorum in the scuffle over iran, and now the candidates have to draw a contrast against themselves, and it is not to be enough to say they are against obama. they have the say why they should be nominated in the process for next year. >> and the strategy of going
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straight on with congresswoman bachmann by tim pawlenty, and the interesting of the opinions of whether he is a winner or loser for the action, but several people have noted that the real winner from this chance that pawlenty took is mitt romney and the governor of texas rick perry who plans to an nuance he is r -- plns to an nne is running for president. >> and fairly or unfairly, the straw polls and the caucus in iowa next year is a winnowing process. you have all of the candidates and 8 to 10 depending upon who you count as a potential presidential candidate, and these processes in depth, you narrow it down some way, and the most important thing though has to do with the amount of fund-raising and why it is important for tim pawlenty to show some juice in the ames straw poll, and again, the ames
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is not a big predictor of things, but it sends a message to donors that i can be the person who can take on mitt romney if he is not your guy, but rick perry is somebody who is automatically eating up oxygen and 14th going to make it official saturday, and he is going to be vying for the mantle to go toe-to-toe with mitt romney once you get to the two candidates. >> i have to ask you about sarah palin. she, of course, is not in the race, but she was asked earlier today where she stands, and i'm not sure if we have the sound, but the bottom line, she says that she's still not decided whether she is going to run. it is so interesting, mark, because i was watching the "daily show with jon stewart" and he did a parody of the vortex that swirls around when sarah palin comes into the room, and everybody is sucked in for right or wrong, because she does get so much attention when she steps on the scene. and it doesn't seem to be as intense as we have seen it in the past. has she, you used the word juice with tim pawlenty, and is she
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losing the juice as it is now exciting with the candidates who have announced? >> well, intensity is a good word, tamron. huge media draw and tons of reporters following her around the des moines state fair here, and intensity, and remember when she went on memorial day weekend with the bus tour across the northeast and a huge several day news story and now every time she is not participating in the debate or airing tv ads in the states the intensity is less where this might be a one-day story. of course, it looks like the bus tour will take her to other places besides iowa, but until she gets on and gets on to the stage, she is not treated like the pawlentys or the bachmanns or the romneys and now are rick perry who will make it official tomorrow. >> thank you, mark murray, and we will see what governor perry has to say when he makes the big announcement as expected. thank you, mark. msnbc will have complete coverage of the ames straw poll tomorrow starting at 7:00 a.m., and if you get up early on the
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weekend with special edition of the "daily rundown" with chuck todd, and "andrea mitchell reports." and now for wall street where the wild week is ending with another dizzying day. right now, the dow is up over 100 points, and 179 points, and, in fact, that is after four straight days where the dow was either gained or lost more than 400 points. that has never by the way happened before. the co-host of cnbc's power lunch sue herera joins me live, and sue, i bet that a lot of people on wall street cannot wait for saturday and maybe they won't wake up to see the ames straw poll coverage, but they need to decompress from the week on wall street. >> yes, a lot of analysts need to decompress and individual investors do, too, because it is extremely stressful to watch the market moving the way it has, and an old trading friend of mine on wall street said if you look at the chart of the dow
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jones industrial average looks like a bad ekg. he said it best, because the volatility was unnerving and unsettling and i'm not sure it is over yet, although i don't think that next week will be as bad as this week especially if we can hold on to the gain that we have until the close of business. >> thank you, sue. i cannot say that i don't enjoy seeing you, but i wish it was a better circumstance as of late. thank you. >> have a good weekend. >> absolutely. coming up with the search for an american woman searching to a missing woman in aruba and why prosecutor wasn't to keep the man she was traveling with behind bars for a longer period of time. and this case is intriguing and thousandings of police are manning the streets of london as the uk faces the first weekend since the deadly outbreak of riots there. plus -- ♪ we could have had it all >> okay. that gives me goosebumps, and
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welcome back the "newsnation." right now authorities are trying to keep a man last seen with a missing american woman in aruba behind bars. investigators say that robyn gardner is no longer alive and they are looking for witnesses the build their case. the fbi is now involved in the search for the 35-year-old from maryland. robyn was traveling with gary giordano giordano, a man she met online, and he says she never returned after they went snorkeling. robyn flew to aruba with him
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after she told her boyfriend she was visiting family in florida. >> i'm not angry at her, and if she is found and brought back to me, yeah, i will be angry then, but right now, this is not a factor. >> and nowsigona, and i know you have been in touch with the fbi, and one report says they believe she is no longer alive and the boyfriend said that the search is apparently still on, and they are holding out hope. >> well, in any of these cases where someone is missing they hold out hope unless they prove otherwise and a body is found. i think that at this point, aruba is doing what they can to locate her with the information they were provided. you have to take into consideration they are going off of the fact that this was this man who last saw her, andp he said that she was in a particular location, and that may not have been the location that she was last seen. so, it is tracking down those people up to the point to where
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she went missing to figure out exactly where they were prior to going snorkeling if they even went snorkeling and move back from that point. i did speak to the fbi, and within the last 20 minutes and richard wolffe specifically from the baltimore office, and they have been assigned this case here in the united states. to be able to go out to interview people throughout the maryland area to try to track down some of the interviews and some of the leads and to help with putting together some of the pieces here in america for aruban authority, and the fbi agents are not in aruba yet, but if they need to go, they may be something to look forward to in the future possibly. >> what do we know about this man's background, michelle, and how can the aruban officials hold him there if he has not been charged? >> well, how they can hold him there right now is for a short period of time unfortunately until monday where another hearing will take place, and then a judge will determine if they can possibly extend it to another eight days. at that point the eight days
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pass, and if he is held, and of course, that is the fear that he is going to be released. there are some cases in the past that we can look back on and one specifically where, you know, i don't think that people want to be able to look at it and say, hey, we don't want that to happen again, but if 60 days could possibly another portion after those eight days, but there has to be more evidence that comes forward against him to be able to hold him behind bar bars. so, i think that at this point, the aruban authorities are doing the best they can and they don't want the negative publicity like in the natalee holloway case, but they are handling it more delicately, but not as organized and up to speed with the investigative methods as folks, especially the fbi here in the united states. >> all right. well i know you will keep us up to date on this story, and the investigative report michelle si go nashgs a, and thank you for update on that story.
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and nowlondon now, london i to calm the rioting in britain, and william bratton said that he was called today to become a police consultant. the mayor is asking for the harshest possible punishment for those people responsible for the rioting. 1,700 people are arrested with 600 of them formally charged. >> the courts are working very, very well. and some very significant sentences are now handed down, and that is frankly what londoners want to see. >> and we are learning more about who the rioters are. one of them 18-year-old chelsea odds is a london olympics ambassador accuse of wrecking a police car, and recognized by police when they saw their daughter on television.
11:19 am
this is surveillance video of witnesses after they say police quote pounded a homeless man to death, and there are calling to resign today, and the victim's father continues to fight for justice on his son's death. we will have more details. and plus, a man is kicked off of the team after boarding the plane drunk and doing something absolutely disgusting to a young girl on the plane. details are next. [ shapiro ] at legalzoom, you can take care of virtually all your important legal matters in just minutes.
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welcome back to "newsnation." an olympic hopeful and member of the u.s. national ski team has gotten the boot today after allegedly getting drunk and relieving himself on a young girl on board of a flight from oregon to new york. 18-year-old robert sandyvitzy relieved himself on a young girm, and he admitted to drinking six rums and cocktails
11:23 am
before getting on the flight. and it is great to have you on, and you have handled clients who have had to get themselves out of a sticky situation, and this is a gross situation and witnesses say they saw it all go down. how does someone recover from this? this guy wants to go to the olympics and like any other athlete, he wants endorsements? >> well, this is sticky. and it is very sticky because of the combative posture of the incident took place. there should have been a swift apology and not an absence or negative result or comment from his parents or his family. i think that this is not only shameful, but it is certainly not reflecting the moral character and standing that we would want a person representing this country. so, it is a very sticky situation for a young man who clearly had a, took a wrong turn, and really did something that i'm sure today he regrets. >> and u.s. ski and snowboard association executive vice
11:24 am
president of athletics e-mailed a statement friday to the associated press saying that he had been dismissed from thete for conduct violations. this is -- i don't think i have heard anything like this in my life, marvet, but at a time when people have a low regard for athletes and some of the behavior from nfl to of course, we know golf all too well as of late, and it really does make you wonder, if the these people are cotled too much and live in the insular world of the sport and to not have the social sense to know this is not acceptable to me is amazing drunk or not. >> not only not acceptable, but he did not accept responsible for the act. >> he said in the "new york pos post", i was drunk and i didn't realize and he didn't use urinating, but used the p-slang for on the leg of what he said of this incident on the child. >> and regardless of the child and he never apologize nod td t child or the family, and for us
11:25 am
to continue to celebrate this athlete to be an olympian to represent the country is not the best way to honor this child's life. >> thank you, marvet, and thank you for coming on the discuss that one, because it is not easy one to discuss. and education secretary arne duncan says that 82% of u.s. schools could be labeled failures if next year the no child left behind is not changed. my interview with secretary duncan, and why he says that politics is hurting education in this country next. and plus, the duchess of alba is one of spain's most wealthy women, and she is worth billions, and she is giving all of the cash away. can you guess why? we will have the answer next on "newsnation." i love that my daughter's part fish.
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welcome back to "newsnation." fighting for justice and the father of a homeless man who was allegedly beaten to death by police is taking legal action against the city. train wreck, and that is what education secretary arne duncan calls the no child left behind. i will talk to him about the comments and why he says some lawmakers are hurting education. and white house welcomed the super bowl champions the green bay packers, and live photo-op with the president. and the united states post office is so financially strapped it is considering getting rid of cxx,000 jobs. and a special hearing ended moments ago in the brutal death of a homeless man that is sparking outrage in the city of
11:30 am
fullerton. 37-year-old kelly thomas died fife days after six police officers beat and tasered him july 5th, according to witnesses who saw this happen. police got a call that someone was trying to break into vehicles at a bus station. several people saw what happened, and some even captured it on tape, and horrified witnesses told a bus driver at the scene what was happening. >> they tried to get him, and then they caught him, and put his face toward the curb, and they beat him up. and two cops tasered him six times. >> two cops were holding him down. >> and they hog tied him. he was like, please god, please god, and they killed him. >> there was with a huge puddle of blood there. >> joining me now is nbc's george lewis, and he was taken off of life support july 10th,
11:31 am
and his father has been fighting ever since, and there are calling for the resignation of the police chief, and what is the latest on the possible lawsuit i understand? >> well, we will have a news conference later on this afternoon with ron thomas' attorney. ron thomas has let it be known that he is going to sue the city, and probably for millions and millions of dollars over the death of his son, 37-year-old kelly thomas, who was homeless and schizophrenic. and the father has been vocale and many demonstrations in front of city hall, and calling for the resignation of the police chief. they are trying to recall three of the city council members that the city is bracing for this lawsuit, and in an emergency city council meeting this morning, they have talked about hiring an outside consultant who will conduct his own independent investigation of what the police did. kelly thomas' father, ron, wants the police charged with murder, but he had a meeting today with
11:32 am
the district attorney, and he tells us that he didn't get much satisfaction out of the meeting and that that the district attorney didn't hold out much hope that there would be murder charges filed. there is a surveillance video of the beating incident that has not been released by the district attorney or the fbi, and the fbi looking into the possible civil rights violations in this case. the community and ron thomas would like that video released so that everybody could see exactly what the police did. but the district attorney says that would interfere with the pending investigation, and might prejudice a criminal case that might arise out of this. so fullerton is very much up in arms, and the city council will meet next tuesday, probably with a lot of of angry people there, and still calling for the resignation of the police chief who is on administrative leave for health reasons right now. so, the city isn't going to take any action on that pending his return. >> all right. we will as you pointed out the attorney for kelly's father is
11:33 am
going to have a press conference coming up later this afternoon, and we will have that for you. break news, the white house is responding to the the federal court ruling against the so-called individual mandate portion of the health care law. and a white house official says that quote, we are reading the opinion, but we strongly disagree with the finding that the individual responsibility provision is unconstitutional. experts say that the debate ultimately will be decided by the supreme court. and efforts to reform the decades' old no child left behind act are stalled in congress so that the obama administration is take matters into its own hands. this week education secretary arne duncan says that the white house will override the central requirement of the no child left behind that all students must be proficient in reading and math by 2014 and it will grant waivers to states with their own alternate plans to fix their school system ises. >> joining us now is secretary of education arne duncan.
11:34 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you for the opportunity, tamron. >> you made big headlines this week when you referred to no child left behind as a slow-moving train wreck and you felt it was necessary to provide waivers to some nearly 80,000 schools who could potentially be deemed failures as a result of the law. you say that congress has not acted, and what does congress immediate to do here? >> well, the law is four years overdue for modernization, and we can't have a law that is so punitive, so prescriptive and led to a dumbing down of the standards and led to a narrowing of the faculty, and we have to move up the standards like never before and we need more incentives for progress we want to see, and we are seeing discouragements from the districts around the country, and we want a high bar, and give responsibility to those with great districts and areas in the country, and partner with them. >> we need a way to measure if
11:35 am
students no matter where they live are meeting certain core standards, and that is what no child left behind in their eyes was supposed to do, so that the waiver in shou gisomehow gives route in measuring what students are learning? >> far from the escape route. unfortunately what happened in the no child left behind, many states dummied down the standards and reduced the standards to make it seem as if they were hitting the benchmarks, b benchmarks, but they were lying to the parents and the children and bad for the education and bad for the states but made the politicians look good. one quick example. in tennessee yesterday, they had dummied down standards and raised them. they are one of 45 states with college and career-ready standards and a huge breakdowns. they went from 91% students proficient in math to 34% proficient in math, but for the first time they are telling the truth. what we want to do is to give
11:36 am
those states like tennessee who are showing great courage, who are raising the bar and not lowering the bar, we want to give them more flexibility, and hold them accountable and give them more room to move and get washington off of their back. >> and you have been taking a washington to task and in fact, a speech that schools are hurt by politipolitics, and we know the credit rating was u hurt by politics, and the s&p said we watched with the debt ceiling debate and downgraded us. i want to read you something that senator jeff sessions said recently talking about the obama administration, and he went on to say, that the administration is basically delusional when you have the secretary of education demanding a 13% increase in the department of education's next fiscal year beginning october 1st. his quote was that you are in denial. >> well, tamron, fundamentally as a country, we have to invest in education. it is an investment. it is no int an expense. we need more children with
11:37 am
access to quality education, and more students with pell grants and scholarship opportunities to go to college and those folks who reduce pell grabnts is not way to baerta better economy. we are not investing today, but where we need to go. but anyone who thinks we need less students to graduate from high school and go to college and fulfill the dreams and go to college and be a productive citizen, i will challenge it everyday. >> and education secretary arne duncan, it is nice to talk to you. thank you very much. >> have a great day. >> and that was of course a portion of my conversation with arne duncan, and joining me from the msnbc,, jeff johnson will be alongside me sunday when we host from detroit a stronger america making the grade, jeff, it is great to see you, and we have a big weekend ahead of us and we have the easy part to talk to the brightest
11:38 am
minds and the passionate parents on the subject that affects everyone and certainly what to do with education. and what are you looking forward to sunday? >> well, i think that we will cover a great deal of ground. i mean from talking about early childhood education to innovation to what it really take takes in a local community to make a school work. we are going to cover a lot of ground, but i'm encouraged by and i think that you and i have a difficult job in making sure that we are pushing people to give solutions. you and i both know that in the discussions so often we pontificate on the problem, but we have the kind of panel who can show and a example of solutions working in certain parts of the country, and people out there want to hear that. >> and you know, we have, again, a conversation starting off strong and we are actually live in the debate and going to detro detroit.
11:39 am
so we will talk about having the teachers and the students and the parents involved to get the omost data gathered to turn the schools around and not changing the schools into charter schools, but tackling the problem head on and if it works in detroit, and they are modeling after what we saw in new orleans and if it can improve new orleans we know how often that school system was before katrina, and if it can work there and they can make their own version for it in detroit, other cities and states hopefully can do the same thing, so we have a great starting point in detroit alone. >> absolutely. and you know, i'm in new orleans right now and just in cleveland with the cbc with the jobs tour and a city like cleveland in the same situation, and people know what is happening in atlanta, and the mess happening there, and having these kind of models and whether it is what is happening in detroit or what is happening in other parts of the country to all of the way down to some of the small things that we are going to show on sunday. some local people that are doing just small things to make a huge difference. all of these best practices need to be seen if across the
11:40 am
country, we are going the do what arne duncan was talking about which is turning the tide and making education work for the future. >> all right. jeff, i look forward to seeing you sunday. safe travels. >> you, as well. >> and be sure to tune in this sunday to our msnbc special "a stronger america, making the grade" and jeff johnson will be there with me live from detroit. it airs sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. and i love this part of the program, because yu can join us online and find us on facebook and twitter, and you can jump into the conversation by using the hash tag making the grade, and a lot of you have sent me notes on questions that you'd like for us to ask and we have tickets available for the live audience if you are in detroit, and either way, you can participate and you don't have to sit back and say nothing is happening. a potential bankruptcy for alabama's largest county tops the stories around the nation. county officials will vote today on whether to accept a
11:41 am
bankruptcy over the area's $4 billion debt which stems from the county's sewer bonds, and for the last three years the county has been fighting to avoid bankruptcy. the grandsons of california congressman gary miller have been found alive after they were abduct abducted nearly four years ago. the three boys were found in the border city of tijuana with their mother. she is held on $500,000 bail and due in court today. miller says he is extremely relieved that the boys were found unharmed. the u.s. postal service is proposing to cut the staff by 20% and withdrawing from the federal health and retirement plans and the post office says it thinks it can offer the workers the same benefits at lower cost, and they first will need congressional approval and the service lost $20 billion over the past four years. up next -- all for love, a billionaire spanish duchess is giving her entire fortune away so that she can be with the man she loves. we will show you the man not
11:42 am
that is showing him would mean he is not worth it, but show you pictures, and firsts -- there is a lot going on here, and some things you should know. elizabeth war ven making a another step to a potential senate run. she has hired the man behind governor deval patrick's successful campaign. she helped to form the newly formed consumer financial protection agency if she runs. warren would challenge republican senator scott brown, and sheis ex pegted to make an announcement after labor day. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you have heard. i'm you. >> former candidate christine o'donnell says that was the low point for her senatorial campaign and new book by the delaware republican goes on sale next week and in it, o'donnell says she did not want to make that ad, but blaming a media assistant consultant. ♪ we could've had it all
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11:47 am
there is something for everybody. i have an idea for what you should do this weekend at the movie theaters and plus another bridget jones diary? are you kidding? and a billionaire duchess chooses love over money and this is not a hollywood fantasy, but this happened. let's get the scoop from pop culture scoop columnist filling in for courtney hazlett, and let's talking about the "rise of the apes." >> well, they are grossing $73 million and they are doing well. >> well, it is one of the best movies i have seen in a long time, but what could give it competition? "the help"? >> well, "final destination" will give it competition, but "the help" made $5 million wednesday and predicted to make $20 million this weekend and you have to know there were so many fans of the book, and there were so much controversy with black maids and i went in with
11:48 am
trepidation, and it was amazing. emma stone is in everything, and holds her own. >> i interviewed viola and octavia and one of the things that the viola said is that the character of the maid here a had more depth than lawyers and doctors she played so when people say she degrade herself for the role, it was an insult, because she thought this out very well for her career. she was fantastic. >> she said something similar to me when i wrote about her. she is a smart woman and very amazing. i predict an oscar nomination. >> that is not a risk taker. >> i'm out on the limb. >> and i would go out on the limb and say, bridget jones, the fifth one? >> no, the third one. >> they were great, but. >> no, they are not sure when they are in theaters just yet, but it is in the works. >> renee zellweger will be back? >> yes, in the first two, but you have to remember that the first one did phenomenally well $280 million worldwide and the
11:49 am
second one was slaughtered by the critics, but it also did well with $260 million worldwide so it is a cash cow and makes sense to bring it back. >> and speaking of cash -- >> speaking of money. >> and this story is the buzz story around here about pop culture and this woman is a 85-year-old duchess of alba and one of spain's most richest and titled women of the world, a nd she is worth $1 billion and now she is willing to give all of the cash up for a guy, a fellow, a man? >> a 60-year-old man. she is an old cougar. she's 85, and she is dating a 60-year-old, and her kids are outraged. they think that this guy is some gigolo who is after mama's money. >> but she is giving up the money. >> and she is doing it to assuage them, and she says if the money will make you happy and allow me to marry the man i love, then, fine. >> and she has castles. >> and rembrandts and fine works
11:50 am
of art and she has enough for the kids and the grand kids and let grandma have some fun. >> well, if he loves her. i would hate for her to be 85 and that be the last memory of love being a fraud. i don't know, but i am wondering about it, but i want him to love her. >> well, at that age -- >> i don't care. >> have some fun. >> and have somebody to take you out. >> and show grandma a good time. >> and she loves to go out on the town with all of the pictures. and that is when she was, and you should go on line and see, people used to be fascinated with her, and her many looks over the years, because people have commented on her physical appearance, and now she is 85, but over the years, this woman was actually a beauty and a jet setter over the years, and she has lived the life, and maybe she is saying, i don't need the money now. >> she looks like the woman who keeps having all of the plastic surgeries, but she is quite the figure to talk about in spain. >> for many reasons. >> i i think it is going to make a greattelenovella.
11:51 am
in. and for the, you can logon and thank you, lola, we will see what happens at the box office. can't wait. and the gut check is up next on "newsnation." the details on the controversy allowing apple and others to yank itunes and others have left the prescription website and why are they all leaving? we will hear what you have to think about it. ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog.
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11:54 am
developing now, there you have it. the world champion green bay packers preparing for their meeting with president obama. look, i think that should be looking more reserved, and there is a cheesehead on the lawn if you look on the bottom of the screen above the word developing now, and someone in front of the white house wearing the cheesehead. god bless, wisconsin. anyway, the green bay packers are there, and they won super bowl xlv in february beating the
11:55 am
steelers 31-25, so they are getting the do now, and their opportunity like so many championship teams to meet the president on the lawn on a friday. and apple itunes is the biggest name to remove itself from the christian values network. and many of the organizations that they support are labeled active hate groups by the southern poverty law center. this is a shopping network where portion of the money goes to the shoppers' chosen charity or faith-based organization and the website lists 700 companies, and you can buy everything from pet supplies to software to toys and games, but by removing itself from the christian value network, itunes is joining macy's and delta air lines and fargo and others who have left the website. and they say they are not going to support hate groups that are valued by the southern poverty
11:56 am
hate center. go to to cast your vote if they should do this. and earlier we brought you the story of a new york bus driver who was fired for helping rescue three police officers. george drove through a hailstorm last week and came across a police car with three stalled police officers, and he drove through the water to help the officers and violated the company policy and now he has been rehired with backpay, because the employers said they understand his decision and applaud the instinct, but it took them a few days to get to that conclusion. that does it for this friday's edition of "newsnation." and jonathan capehart is for martin bashir. enjoy your weekend. there's another way to help eliminate
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