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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 16, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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participating in what the white house calls a rural economic forum at northeast iowa community college in piosta, iowa, and it is to bring together rural organizations and investors to bring together economic jobs. the president made formal remarks an hour ago repeating the common theme lately. >> the only thing holding us back is our politics. the only thing that is preventing us from passing the bills that i mentioned is the refusal of a faction of congress to push back, and that has to stop. our economy cannotf aed for it. >> joining me live now is nbc news chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd who is also the host of msnbc's "daily rundown." and chuck, the criticism out there that the president has not had a unifying vision and moved on to jobs and the economy right now, and what are some of the details of the plan that you
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have heard? >> well, that is the problem. we don't have too many details. with know what the president is talk about in terms of some of the bills that have been pending before congress, that he has been pushing the free trade agreement tas he talks about, h, panama and colombia and the payroll tax cut and a couple of the patent reform, and a tax incentive and the creation of his infrastructure bank that would create a way to privately help finance some transportation projects. then today, it is like another day of a lot of the little items that some that he needs congress to do, but it is not rolled up into one big package, and that sounds like what is likely to come in september is that it was last night in the town hall where he was declarative that he will have a detailed plan about the job creation and deficit reduction, and that is a high bar that he's throwing out there for him to cross over when he unveils something in september.
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>> as he has been speaking, he has been laying out the bad guys say sheg fring he is frustratede gridlock in washington and the gop candidates and congress and how is the message being received by the crowds out there in iowa? >> well, with some supporters and bunch of of the town halls yesterday, and it is reticent in many ways that they are going to want to channel his frustration to it, and so that they say similar things. but, you do get a sense from some of the folks that i talked to in the audience, well, i wish he would lead more and be a little less compromising or i thought he would go there and get everybody working together. i wish he could figure out a way to get that done more. i want him to reassure me about my investments and i'm worried about my kids' college plans and 529 and i had one person saying she had lost a lot of money, there and they are being more honest, and these were supporters and then of course,
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he got confronted with the tea party activists and he was greeted with a scathing editorial inç the dubuque pay r where they said that the money that went to organizing the speech went to flood relief. >> practical concerns for what they are facing there in the midwest. chuck todd, thank you. and now let's bring in washington post white house reporter david nokamaura. is he saying the right things? >> well, i was not on the bus tour, but i was with him last week in michigan to a factory when he hammered home the message of bringing home jobs and at least the ideas of new proposals for folks in the midwest who are in communities who need jobs. he has been more aggressive in the last week or so than he was probably in the weeks leading up to this in sort of getting the message across. he was criticized as chuck todd said from some of his own
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supporters that he was not strong enough, and he is aggressive for not blaming congress for this and some are calling for him to call congress back in the middle of summer to get the jobs bills going once he has some for them toer can, but he said, no, he told the folks on the road that he wants them to tell their congressmen directly that they are tired of sort of the bickering and the partisan gridlock, and that they want congress and senate to get together to pass something. >> and you published an article 2 1/2 hours ago about his vacation plans and you put out the problem he faces. he is heading towards a part of the country that not everyone in america can afford and this as many americans are struggling with unemployment and facing many economic issues at home. what is some of the dynamics that you were discussing in the article? sdwl >> well, for the third summerçn a row, the president is renting a farm out in the martha's vineyard called the playground for the rich, and the price tag on this rental is $50,000 a
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week, and the president said he will pick up the -- >> $50,000! >> $50,000 a week and it is a 28-acre farm and a golff tee and it has a basketball court, and the president last year went golfing and biking and this is not uncommon for presidents, but this year, because of the climate that we are in, the president is getting a lot of grief and probably more than in past years from even folks who are on his side of the political aisle saying it is not the right tone. >> cancel it, right. >> and yes, cancel it and tone it down to go to chicago where you are from or go to camp david, the president's regular retreat. you know, just send a different message and tone, and they say no, he is planning to go with his wife and two daughters and he is working while on vacation and getting the briefings and he can respond to any disasters and in last presidential vacations, we have had disasters and hurricane katrina was a famous
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one for president bush, and so until jobs are out there, and unemployment going down, and taking a ten-day vacation in the mid of ill, people will be watching what sort of ideas he brings after that. >> and as john adams did it about 200 years ago, he took eight months vacation, but that is not the situation today. david nakamura of the "washington post" thank you. and now there is governor rick perry is getting lash bash from therd wor r fromç the words he spoke about ben bernanke. >> if this guy prints more money between now and the election, i don't know what you would do to him in iowa, but i know what we would do in texas, but printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american
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history, it is almost treacherous or tre sasontreasony opinion. >> and joining us is nationally syndicated talk radio talk show host michael smerconish, and we are hearing the word treasonness again there. what are you hearing? >> well, it is the concept to help you win a republican primary and also, richard, the kind of statement that costs you a general election. and you put that statement together with discussion that he initiated about texas seceding from the country or social security being a ponzi scheme, great sound bites for the very hard core gop types and they come out in primaries, and they come out in straw polls, and that is why michele bachmann had that victory, but in a general election where the 20% who are in the middle who are calling the shot, that is a loser. >> so maybe a long trip back to the center is what you are saying? well, already, we are hearing
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some critics from the right, and some republicans taking offense, and for instance tony fratto the former deputy press secretary for president bush who appointed ben bernanke says that governor rick perry's comments about ben bernanke are inappropriate and un-presidential, and white house spokesman jay carney says, threatening the fed chair is not appropriate and tough talk. >> and you said that bernanke was a bush appointee, and so he is accu#r'g a appointee of a fellow texanasonness and if he had said, we have to stop printing money, and that is an applause line, but in so many of these comments that are going to be categorized, they will cost you a general election if you
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survive the primary process. >> and memories in washington are long. >> and with videotape. >> and now on wall street, a jittery look where one of the three credit rating agencies are reaffirming the united states' aaa rating. we have seen the dow seesawing after gains yesterday erasing the losses that the dow suffered last week when standard and poor lowered the credit rating for the u.s. and hampton pearson joins us from washington. hampton, you have been watching this and with the downgrade and now fitch reaffirmation here, and it doesn't seem to make sense when you put those two pieces of reasoning together from the two rating agencies? >> and the s&p's is out there on an island by itself. fitch looked at the same set of circumstances as you said, and they have reaffirmed the credit rating, and they say that the u.s. is still a leader of the
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global economy even after the debt and deficit reduction debate that didn't come up with a big long-term deal, and they say that the enreasons are that the dollar is the global reserve currency of choice, and the u.s. has a diversified economy with strong underlying fundamentals, but fitch is taking a wait and see attitude as far as what this 12-member joint senate and house committee come up with this sfaul as far as the plan to cut the deficit by an additional $1.2 trillion. failure to strike a deal, fitch said would be viewed as a negative. >> hampton pearson with the latest than. thank you, çsir. and now former world of the news reporter discussing the hacking cover-up. and we will talk about the arrest of a man who attached a fake bomb to a teenager's neck. >> plus -- an 11-year-old boy making unbelievable hockey shot as you saw there for a chance to
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and welcome back. media mogulle rupert murdoch may be called to testify before parliament in light of new details of the phone hacking scandal. clive goodman says that phone hacking was talked about freely in editorial meetings and supported by other senior journalists. he made the allegation in a letter written to human resources four years ago after he was fired for hacking voice mails of three royal family members. jay gray joining me live from
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london, and good day to you, jay. how come we have not heard about this development, this letter before? >> good afternoon, richard. it is just coming out with evidence in this case, and now just being released. look, the new allegations center on that letter that you talked about apparently written four years ago with embattled "news of the world" editor clive goodman. he spent time in the jail for a scandal he wrote about prince william's knee that was not publicly known. he was said he was a rogue reporter, but today, he indicates that phone hacking was widely discussed in editorial meetings and carried out with the full knowledge and support of superiors and that the practice was widespread among the reporters there. there are also new questions of whether goodman was paid to keep quiet about the hacking. they say they paid him no more than $98,000 when he was fired burk new paperwork says he
11:16 am
received a full year's salary and another 140 pounds in compensation and at least 13 pounds to cover the legal fees, and in all a total payout of almost ç$400,000. now, just as troubling as the newly released letter is testimony from the seener seni managers who seem to contradict rupert murdoch and his son. they say it is hard to credit and self-serving and misleading and labor party mp tom watson calls this devastating and the most significant piece of evidence released so far. that is the very late st in wha is the continuing hacking scandal here, richard. >> jay gray in london. thank you. now, to the major break in a case of a masked intruder who police say taped a fake bomb to a teen acre. police arrested paul doug peters half a world away here in louisville, kentucky.
11:17 am
he is charged with breaking into an 18-year-old's home in sydney and strapping a bomb around her neck and leaving a note behind demanding money. the father says that the family still can't comprehend the terrifying ordeal. >> our priority as a family has been to provide a loving and supportive environment for mattie, a bright and happy young woman who for reasons we don't understand had her life turned upsidedown through this dreadful experience. >> joining me is msnbc's justice correspondent pete williams. how did they track him down halfway across the globe. >> well, it is quite a detective story. the australian police say that on the device chained on to her neck was a note attached which the police have characterized as extortion attempt, but there was an e-mail address on the note, so that was the beginning of this whole investigative chain. the australian police discovered
11:18 am
that the e-mailç address had bn used within a couple of hours of the device being attached to the neck. and near the house where the girl was studying somebody had gone in and gone through the e-mail addresses, and they got surveillance video from one of the public libraries where one of the access e-mails was found, and on that video they could see a range rover suv coming into the frame, and then a man getting out and going into the library to use the computer. they could not see the license plate on the suvs, but they determined they were made between 1996 and 2001, and they got the record for every land rover registered in that part of australia in those years and from that, they got the driver's license and looked at the pictures on the driver's license and compared that to the surveillance video and police say that is what led them to paul douglas peters. they also discovered that the e-mail account had been set up at the chicago airport in may of
11:19 am
2011, this year, and they determined that peters had been in the airport on that day. and then there are other things connecting him to the case, and the young woman said when the man came in to attach the bomb to his neck, he was carrying a baseball bat and they found out where he bought the baseball bat and a lot of the forensic details that the australian police say connect him to the crime, and they say in newly released court documents that he had a connection to a company that this young girl's father was once involved with. so, they have not specified exactly what his motive was, but they say that they believe that he is the man, and they have asked that he is extradited and a court hearing coming up in a couple of months to decide whether he will be sent back to australia to face the rnlg chaps, richard. >> amazing investigation with all of the details there for us. pete williams, thank you. and still, a teacher saying she lost her job because she was taking time out of the school day to pump milk for her baby. was the termination fair? she joins us live straight ahead. and plus the fight over the budget that washington leaves
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now, this past weekend i was part of a town hall event in detroit called stronger america, making the grade. it examined the importance of educating america's youth at an early age, and the town hall focussed on solutions for getting children prepared for the classroom and here is a portion of it. >> there is a technology gap, and if up to 25% of our children don't have access to computers at home, don't expect them to get to school and be able to play on the same level playing field. if you cannot have access to 21st century, don't criticize those children and their parents for not being part of the 21st century when they get to school.
11:24 am
>> let's further this subject. a new program aimed at boosting literacy is using book donations as a way to clog the gap. this summer, a million books, launched by the nonprofit literacy groups to put 1 million new brand new books in hands of children across the country by september 8th. now a new report from the group shows that the single most effective way to prepare young children for success in schools is to simply read to them out loud everyday. i'm joined by reach out and read's ceo earl martin fphalin, and i was reading through this earlier, and it is interesting the simplicity of just reading to children. >> yes, thank you, richard. reach out and read addresses the issue that 35% of the young people in the united states show up to kindergarten with significantly below grade level meaning that they don't know the
11:25 am
letters of the alphabet. they don't know that you read from left to right, and oftentimes don't know how to hold a book, and through our model, we leverage our partnership with 28,000 pediatricians in all 50 states to make sure that the children from birth are receiving a brand new developmentally appropriate book at every visit and the parents are getting the simple message that one of the most important thing that you can do for your child's long term health is to read to them daily. >> you make a distinction between the low and middle income student, because you say that low income students can only recognize nine letters of the alphabet, but middle can recognize far more than that? >> yes. so the middle income students can arrive at kindergarten and recognize 20 compared to 9. you know the main problem is exposure and resources to buy the books. a lot of the families don't know when they hear it from the
11:26 am
pediatrician that they should be reading to the child from birth. they think that is something that happens when the children get to school, but we all know that the most important years for brain development are zero to 3 and that is the beauty of the model. >> okay. earl, thank you so much, ceo, earl martin falin, reach out and read. >> so good to be here, richard. thank you so much. you can join the conversation on line at and on twitter at stronger america and you can jump into the conversation which is going on many weeks by using the hash tag making the grade. and also, a foiled plot of deadly riots with details ahead. and also "rolling stone" crowns eminem taking over jay z and kayne west. many are outraged. finish comes with a story built-in. it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?"
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welcome back to "newsnation." tough times. the pentagon considers the largest overhaul of the military retirement system in 50 years putting another sacred program on the line here. some lingering questions. was the stage that collapsed at the indiana state fair killing five people ever inspected by safety officials? fired for breastfeeding. a new mom says she lost the job as a teacher, because she was taking time out of the day to pump milk. she joins us live to talk about that, and plus, real life tragedy, the husband one of the "real housewives of beverly hills" takes his own life and how bravo is responding the that. and now the american tourist held in custody for another 16 days sus pekded of possibly drowning a woman he was traveling with in aruba. 25-year-old robyn gardner has not been seen in five weeks.
11:31 am
we have janet shamlyian with the latest on this. >> the judge said that gary giordano be held for another two weeks because he was somehow involved in the missing of robyn gardner as the two were snorkeling in an area called baby beach. yesterday after the hearing giordano was moved from the he had been held for ten days to aruba's prison which gives the prosecutors additional time to seek more evidence against him, because frankly, they admit, they don't have anything firm that ties him to the disappearance of robyn gardner, and beyond the fact that they say that his story does not make sense. he has said that they were snorkeling, and that the waters were becoming rough, and that he signaled her to come back to shore, and when he arrived at shore, he know longer saw her there. people in thatter a ya tell us that this is unusual place to go snorkeling and unusual time of day, sundown, so there are
11:32 am
doubts on his story, but in 16 days prosecutors will have to find something solid to come back with or it is very feasible that gary giordano could be set free. they will ask at that point for another 60 days time to prepare for the case, but it all turns on the evidence that they find. so, for now, he will not be allowed to return to maryland. the search for robyn continues and the authorities are looking for her still. richard, that is the latest from here, and back to you. >> janet shamlian, thank you for that. and now the pentagon's response to cutting ballooning pension benefits. right now, benefits are given to veterans with 20 years service, and now a new panel says to change it to a 401(k)-type plan with the government making the contributions, and it would give benefits to those with less than 20 years of service. and it would also grant higher
11:33 am
contributions to those in combat and higher risk positions. now, earlier today, defense secretary leon panetta warned that cut morgue than $400 billion set aside in the debt deal would be disastrous but with a deficit of this size,ç everything has to be on the table. >> it is the kind of thing that you have to consider in terms of the retirement reforms in the broad form. >> when is the decision -- >> well, you have to do it, frank, in a way that does not break faith with thep troops and the families. >> and joining me now is u.s. military analyst jenb ral barry mccaffery. should this be on the table? >> yes. every agency of government has to get a zero base look and this is a $526 billion a year program and the department of defense has 23.2 million people and 45% of the costs are people. now having said that, richard, we are right in the middle of a war. a lot of the mid-career
11:34 am
sergeants and captains and majors trying to determine if they are going to stay for the fourth or fifth combat tour minus family with 50,000 killed and wounded so far. so i think that the timing of the conversation is really bad judgment. they ought to look at a this in 2014 or '15 when the army and the marine corps are not fighting for their lives. >> and general, retirees can receive 50% of the salary from the last three years on the job, and the defense business board took a look at it and they say that the system is out of date and unfair and unaffordable, and so who does the current system help and not help? >> well, i think that it is an awful lot of this is poor logic. what we are trying to do is to keep the sergeants and petty officers and the majors we need. from six years of service and keep them for another 15 and exploit their technical skills and their dedication, and that
11:35 am
$12 billion a year to pay the retirees and it is not a significant number of the people in the armed forces that we get or want to keep for 20 years. so, again, i think that they can look at it, but this is the conversation, itself, will cause enormous chagrin in the mid-career noncommissioned officer corps and the young officers of the armed forces. >> and this as so much focus on the armed forces as we are operating in three fronts around the world. thank you, general. appreciate your time. >> good to be with you, richard. >> thank you. the riots around london tops our news around the nation. today, officers were sent to protect major shopping centers of the city and as well as sites of the 2012 olympic games after intercepting phone messages
11:36 am
because those sites were targeted by rioters for looting sprees. police presne nesence kept thos targets safe. and now police are trying to drudge a river today to find the body of breeann rodriguez who was last seen riding her bike. police say that a neighbor admitted to suffocating the little girl with a plastic bag. the neighbor has been charged with first-degree murder. and now people are questioning if officials did enough to prepare for the bad weather when high winds knocked over the stage that you see there killing five people at the state fair. they have not said if the rigging and the stage inspected before the show. and the fair reopened with a tribute to the victims.ó0@r(t&h% and one teacher may be going to court instead of back to school. heather beerbaker said that her contract was not renewed because
11:37 am
she needed time during her day to pump breast milk for the baby. the american civil liberties union is in the process of files suit against the rocky mountain river green, and joining me is heather wallace, and her attorney. now you say that first the school was okay with the arrangement to have somebody supervise the class while you pumped three times a week for about 20 minutes and did you get a sense that this process was not working out? >> when i approached my director in august, it was a amendable to him, and the three times a week that is just when i needed the class coverage. i was pumping other times during my lunch and after school and planning time. >> and the school has responded. they issued a statement to msnbc saying quote the reason that ms. burgbacher was not invited back
11:38 am
to teach at rocky mountain academy of ever greene for the upcoming school year is not as is stated, but it is a personnel issue and it is a pending legal issue, so the rocky mountain academy is not able to comment because of the pending legal situation. when were you informed that you would not be renewed your contract? >> in february, the director said it had nothing to do with performance and qualification, but due to the conflict i caused. the statement that they issued now was new to me as of just recently. >> and certainly the aclu's view of colorado says that is anyp r% after the fact pretext that the school has made up since. >> and rebecca, you filed a claim yesterday against the school and we look at state law, it already requires time for pumping, so as you go forward what is your goal behind doing this? are you making this a broader
11:39 am
message for employers across the country? >> absolutely. colorado is one of states that have passed a law that explicitly protecting nursing moms who want the return to the workplace and say they don't have to choose between breastfeeding their baby and returning to work, but that is what the school asked heather to do. we are trying to teach the employers in colorado and around the country, that this violates many state laws and also federal anti-discrimination laws like sex discrimination and pregnancy discrimination laws. >> and as the school goes forward for the impending lawsuit if it were to happen, if they say come on back and you were to go on back to the pumping schedule, would you accept? >> i will say that the school has never made an offer like that to mrs. burgbatcher, and it is unfair to put her in that position like that. >> so, heather you would not do
11:40 am
that? >> it is something that if it should happen, i would take time to think over. >> okay. very good. heather and rebecca, thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. thank you. coming up, he is being called one of the greatest oscar hosts of all time, and will billy crystal return to the stage to host the academy awards for a ninth time. he says he as the itch again, and courtney hazlett has that scoop. first, there is a lot going on today and here are some things that we thought you should know. two more recall elections going on right now in wisconsin. two democratic state senators are in jeopardy of losing their jobs because they opposed governor scott walker's controversial bill to cut collective bargaining rights for public opinions. and last week, democrats wonç o of four republican recalls. and the president advanced his media horizons and joined foursquare to allow people to follow the president around the
11:41 am
globe. and you can check in at the same location in the most times over 60 days so he could be the mayor of the white house. and hard at work, covering the campaign in iowa, the news embeds did some work. look at what happened when our reporter sunk his teeth into fried butter at the state fair. >> that is a heart attack. >> look at that. >> ew! >> that is a stick of butter. but i did. they said i couldn't get elected to congress. but i did. now i'm trying to make it in music. ♪ sometimes when we touch ha ha! millions of hits! [ male announcer ] the new hp touchpad starting at $399.99. ♪
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i'm ezra klein in for martin bashir and coming up at the top of the year, jobs fair in september? why wait, mr. president. we could use some right now. and campaign indigestion,
11:45 am
literally. and you are looking at holiday windows upscale clothing store barney's and this year, they are sure to have a different look, because according to the hollywood reporter, they will be decorated by lady gaga and saying that the singer and the creative team will be given free rein to give their interpretations to have the holiday come to light. i feel shoes coming on. and the money for the decorations will be given to charity. and billy crystal is tapped to host the oscars again. and let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. a lot to cover. >> yes, a busy day, and first start with sad news of the estranged husband of "real housewives of beverly hills" taylor armstrong was found dead of an apparent suicide and the lapd believes it was suicide we should say, but no note.
11:46 am
we are talking about russell armstrong and there is a picture of him right there reportedly found hanging in his bedroom. and russell and taylor had filed for divorce last month and had a tumultuous relationship that played out on the "real housewives of beverlyç hills" d bravo released a statement saying that all of us are deeply saddened of the news and our thoughts are with the armstrong family during this time of difficulty, and that goes for everybody. >> yes. >> and on a much, much different tone, billy crystal says he is itchy, and his words and not mine, and he made a cameo at last year's oscars and that is enough of a taste for him to say, maybe i do want to get back into this. he was speaking in front of people at a screening for "city slickers" the 20th anniversary of that and if you have not felt old today, the 20th anniversary of that screening of "city slickers." >> thank you, courtney.
11:47 am
>> yes, and he said that i'm up to it, and the director of next year's oscars said, i don't have to make a decision quite yet, and september the earliest, so, i think that we have a while to wait to see if he will do it. >> and he said one or two more times would be nice, and yeah, who knows. >> who knows. >> and eminem. >> this is causing a lot of con tr trover si today. em anyoinem was crowned "rollin stone" king of hip-hop. they look at things like youtube downloads and the record sales, and also solo artists so no beastie boys considered here, and solo artists for the first seven months of 2011 to get to the formula of king of hip-hop, and eminem is number one and many people are saying, are you serious? >> i don't know. jay-z and other big names? >> well, jay-z and drake in
11:48 am
there, too, and part of it was to stir up controversy and part of ytç was to cause a discussio that lady gaga was crowned the queen of pop a few months ago so that follows in the footsteps. >> and i'm waiting for number four to say something, kayne west. >> what would you like to say about him? >> well, i am waiting to hear from him. >> oh, you won't hear from him on this one, because he is busy with jay-z and the new album. >> and cancellation? >> yes, "kate plus 8" and canceled. when things are put up about kate gosselin, they get snarky comments on the internet at the very least about her and the choices and putting her kids at the spotlight, but surprising a lot, a lot of the fans took to internet yesterday saying they were upset that tlc would be canceling after the next episode which is their 150th episode of "kate plus 8" and we have seen
11:49 am
these kids since they were infants and now they are a little bit older, but i think that we will see her in the future, because she has made a living out of reality television and her niche, and definitely the bread and butter up to this point, but you and i were talking before that the danger of this is when you get to know the people too well, they are less interesting, and the ratings have been dropping off, and that is kind of what culminated here. >> we know enough is what you are saying. >> yes, enough for now, but maybe when they go to college. and send them to the "jersey shore." >> yes, move them to another reality tv show. courtney hazlett, thank you. for the latest entertainment news go to or be a fan on thescoop as well. an 11-year-old boy makes a $50,000 goal at a charity hockey game. the only problem here, he was
11:50 am
pretending to be his twin brother, and now that huge cash prize is up in the çair. it is today's "newsnation" gut check. rage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. good choice. launch me fellas. [ male announcer ] ooh, bad choice. capri sun 100% juice. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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okay. time for "newsnation" gut check for you. an 11-year-old boy in minnesota has won $50,000 after nailing a hockey shot from center ice. a really great shot, but now he may need to give all of it back. reporter david berggren from our affiliate in minneapolis has the story. >> reporter: the people in minnesota could not believe it who witnessed it. >> i said, oh, my gosh, it went in. >> the crowd went crazy and we were all screaming. >> reporter: the incredible shot happened in between periods at a celebrity hockey game. fans had a chance to shoot a three inch puckç into a 3 1/2-inch opening. nick smith was the lucky name drawn and from center ice, the
11:54 am
unbelievable shot went in. >> the crowd went nuts. >> reporter: but wait, it turns out this was not nick smith at all, it was his twin brother, nate. nick was outside of the building when his name was called, so their dad told nate to take the shot. >> i know how the shoot and stuff, so, i lined up, and yeah. >> so what was your reaction when you heard that your brother made it? >> i went in the arena and my friend who was like, nathan just won $50,000, and i'm like, yeah, right. and i walked in and nathan is sitting, or standing on the ice. >> reporter: but after making the shot, the boy's father decided that honesty was the best policy and came clean with the charity officials about the sibling switch and who really made the shot. and while officials decide whether the smiths will get the $50,000, the twins already know what they will do if they get to keep the money. >> put most of it in the bank for college. >> for college? okay. maybe give some away.
11:55 am
>> yeah, for our school, maybe buy some stuff and donate some stuff. >> what does your gut tell you about that one? should the minnesota family still get the $50,000 prize after the identical twins there and the brothers confessing to the switch a roo in the hockey contest and the dad, too. go to to vote on that. and now here is what the "newsnation" is saying about yesterday's gut check. we asked if the san francisco transit agency went too far to disconnect passenger cell service to avoid a protest. 86% said, yes, and 14% said no, they did not.ç meanwhile, protesters took to the platforms at four san francisco transit stations yesterday denouncing the practice of cutting cell service, but this time, the cell service was not cut off by the transit agency, and the transmissions did briefly close the station and delay trains there. and that does it for "newsnation" today. i'm richard lui in for tamron
11:56 am
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sign up for free to save at least 50% on the best of your town. >> good afternoon, i'm ezra klein in for martin bashir and it is tuesday august 16th, and here is what is happening. not all doom and gloom. the president says we will see his jobs plan in september. we are not waitingç until then. today, we will add the three big opportunities that should pass congress tomorrow. oh, and they will cut the debt, too. i like that applause there in the open. you know, the old saying about how the chinese character of a crisis compares the character of da danger and opportunity, it is not true, and now you know that. but the character actually is danger and turning point. but there is a reason that this invented bit of eastern wisdom has currency in western management books and corporate seminars.


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