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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 17, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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florida failed, but we have not seen the last of diana naiad. she's going to join me. president obama is back in a familiar area. he will deliver the people nest month. meanwhile, the president calling for compromise while on his bus tour, while trying to avoid more verbal slipups. president obama gave perry a pass during an interview yesterday. >> mr. perry just got into the presidential race, i think that everybody who runs for president, it probably takes them time before they start realizing this as soon as like running for governor or senator or congress action and you have
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to be more careful on what to say. i'll cut him some slack. he's only been at it for a few days now. . >> mike viqueira, the president president was kind to per by, but he's not been holding back criticism of the republicans as a whole. how much more of that can we expect today. >> it's interesting on the rick perry front, obviously rick perry making a big slash, trying to run and the conservative base vote. this was clear this morning on our political block, that the president would rather run against perry than romney, why is that? perry is to the right of romney, at least thus far. the further he goes to the right, the more difficulty he'll have coming back to the middle to win those crucial mittle
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voters. when rural potential opponent makes a gaffe like rick perry made, about ben bernanke, originally appointed by republicans, you let it hang out there. that may draw the focus away in rick perry and give him an opportunities to pick a fight. on the other hand, the president taking off after congress, part of that is because there's a perception out there, particularly among the base voters that republicans got the best in hinl, and we can expect to hear the president take off after congress time and time again, and a major speech planned after labor day on the jobs and the economy. mike viqueira at the white house, mike, thanks. we will super the president's town hall live right here on
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msnbc in our next hour. well, the president's dodging attacks from the right, he's also facing critics in his own party. many say he's not doing enough for jobs. in particular some leaders say it's time for the president to step up. here is maxine waters. >> our people are hurting. the unemployment is unconsciousable. we don't know what the strategy is. we don't know would i on this trip he's in the united states now, he's not in any black communities. we don't know that. >> reverend al sharpton, i want to get your reaction to maxine waters. she seems genuinely upset with president obama. >> i don't know if she's upset or what. i know all of us are upset about the numbers. there are many people that i
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talked to that had wished that the congress, when we had the majority democrat, including the caucus, they stepped up and pressed a bill. i don't know that we can get into who's -- i know that congresswoman waters expressed her feelings. she supported hillary clinton against president obama. i no el that others have expressed that feelings. i think people want answers and solution, not just a bunch the finger pointing. >> do you think what we just saw there from congresswoman waters, do you think that is just the beginning of what we are going to start to see? >> again, i think patients has warn thing. you must remember, most of the congressional black caucus didn't support president obama, so a lot of them come to the table, there's nothing new about you questions president obama. the question is where are you all in terms of providing jobs and the president?
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>> you don't discount their concerns? >> of course, but i don't discount concerns on all of us. when you look at the fact that in '08, we not only elected president obama, we elected a democratic congress and senate, and none of them came out with a jobs bill. many in the congress set let us get past the midterm election, we don't want to look like we're going to change -- >> so there's enough blame to go around. >> exact. >> i'm sure you sea "wall street journal" report this morning on the obama administration specifically trying to keep white voters on board. it shows the unemployment averaging, in the african-american community, it's close to 16%, also higher in the his spain community as well. this, of course, is what folks like maxine waters and other
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folks who have been very critical of the president, this is what they are talking about. >> what more should all of them be doing right now? >> which you talk about fast, the immediate rebuilding of schools and infrastructure, that is immediate, that we ought to put our weight behind that. and i think that rather than getting into an internal fight where i'm one that says that everything all to be doing more, we need to say the answer is we need immediate movement. mass march for jobs later this month. i'm ooh i know you're taking the message, what is that message? >> jobs. we want to see jobs and justice. we want to see them make job
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create a priority. dr. king died addressing the issue of poor people and lair this is in -- we want to see the congress come back after that weekend. we don't want the rhetoric and the blame game. we want to hear jobs, concretely how do we get jobs? >> always a pleasure, sir. of course, make sure to catch the reverend al. thank you, sure. it's going to be a long day for you. >> every day is a long day. >> this week billionaire investor warren buffett made headlines saying we were race talkses a group called the
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patriotic millionaires has been saying the same thing. the group sent another pet tigds to capitol hill arguing that a h is an ethical acrifice on thec decision, joining mess from burlington vermont, is one of the members. he's cofounder and vice chairman of ben & jerry's as well. thank you for joining us. >> how are you doing? >> i'm well, sir. >> tell me about this petition that you and dozens of other business leaders signed here? >> all we are saying is the burden of government hats to be paid for by something. it ought to be paid for by those most able to afford it. it doesn't make sense to raise taxes on people who are struggling financials when
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people have some of the lowest tax rates that we've ever had. at the don't, donald trump said it as well. why is this message not catching on? why has it not picked up traction just yet. >> you know, i think there must be other people that are making political contributions to their congress people who are asking to get their taxes lowered. let's not forget that, you know a large percentage of the people in congress are in those upper tax brackets themselves. >> howard shultz, ceo of starbucks, he actually had an idea that was picked up and written about. he's calls on the nation's leaders to stop contributing to campaigns until congress and
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other lawmakers change that ways. is that something the patriotic millionaires would support as well? >> well, speaking for myself as an individual, i think that the big problem with our democrat sick is money and politics. and political contributions, especially political contributions from corporations. and, you know, i think our democracy was dealt a serious blow with the recent supreme court decision that allowed for unlimited corp political campaign contributions so i think we have to put a stop to the way we finance elections. what shultz is recommending is a temporary boycott i don't think matters one ways or the other. if they get the money a few months later.
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>> ben cohen, thank you for your time. i appreciate that. let's get a quick check on the markets. stocks solidly in the green this morning, down is up about 82 points each report it had strong quarterly results. >> a missing 3-year-old's girl's body has been found. police in the small town in missouri say they have found what they believe are the remains of little breeann rodriguez. police say a neighbor, 43 years old shawn morgan has admitted to suffocating her after finding her near his pool. morgan faces first degree murder charges. aruban authorities are planning an extensive search for missing maryland woman robyn gardner. aruban prosecutors say the man she was traveling with had a
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travel insurance policy that covered garner. at this point it's not clear whether it covered accident death. giordano is being held while police investigate what they say are, quote, serious inconsistencies with his story. will the texas governor's tough talk get him in trouble? is that forcing republicans to quietly look for someone else to run? we'll talk about that on the other side of this brake. it comr that shows you all your finances at once. it lets you know when your money's going out. and when it's coming in. it even tells you when you're running low. we call that danger days. it's built to help you see your money in a whole new light. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. ♪
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. oy fight for the people. that's what people are longing for in the white house. they want a president who's going to stand for them and not cave, and do what they say they're going to do when they campaign. that's why people are so profoundly disappointed with
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president obama. >> my record spans not just four years as governor, but the 25 years i've lived in the private sector. i think understanding house business works by having worked in the real economy is finally essential in the white house. >> you have to ask yourself, what is the president's idea to fix the economy? >> apparently it's to create a new jobs agency. >> cry kiz me as you want, but unless we have a pro-business president in the white house, then i fear for the future of this country. the gop candidates are on the attack this week, but the candidate garnishing the most attention is rick perry. joining me is wayne slater at the dallas morning news, and co-author much "bush's brain."
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and jonathan martin of politico is joining us. thank you for joining us this morning, gentlemen. rick perry hasn't stopped there, going after the fed. he's only been in the race since saturday. is he tough talk too extreme? there are two different shultz. there's the nomination and the general election. as far as gop activists, i think thinks words aren't going to scare them off at all. they're in a radicalized moment right now. this is the where the challenge is for perry, especially on the comments for the fed. the donor class of the party really wants to beat obama. a lot of them have been sitting out this race so far. that reinforces the cowboy persona, and could keep them on the sidelines for that much longer and potentially enable a
8:18 am
chris christie or paul ryan to jump in. what he really wants is amano a mano race, and it freezes the donors enabling someone else to get into this context. >> wayne, no secret that karl rove and the bush clans not big fans of rick perfectly. quote, it was a very unfortunate statement. you don't accuse the chairman of the federal reserve of business a traitor and suggesting that we street him pretty you willy in it can it can, you know? that's not a presidential statement. and there are a lot of reasons for it.
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there's a gen, in texas there having two groups. in 1990s, more recently it's been perry. right now i believe the james gang is coming back. but really -- when you see this criticism of perry, a lot of them are bushies who are not happy with bush, anyway, but there is this, on the one hand they christian conservatives who rick perry is clearly appealing to, he's giving some pause to the establishment when you sought the "wall street journal" today raise questions about perry, that's what rove is talking about. if we lurch too far to the right, we'll never win in 2012.
8:20 am
>> on the surface, you mention this rivalry, but there are quite a few similar between george w. bush and rick perry, both have been governors, both from west texas, they both have this cowboy swagger, served in the military, both born-again christians, but what about policy? are they similar at all? or how similar are they? jonathan? >> if you look at when george w. bush were in for president, craig, in 1999, 20 on 00, pell expressly ran as a compassionate conservative. he was not newt gingrich, he was not goinging to the angry white guy. he represented a break from that, and it works effectively. he was obviously a two-term president. rick perry is not modifying his version of conservatism at
8:21 am
always. so i there there are definite differences. perry is much more unapologetic on his views. a this moment i think that plays well. the question is how would that play in swing states where perry has a great message on jobs, but would voters even get to that point in the conversation, because they are so overwhelmed by his sort of cowboy booted persona, craig? >> thank you solve so much. we have some breaking news we want to get to right now. breaking news in tampa, florida. police have revealed details there about a 17-year-old boy, a 17-year-old boy who was allegedly planning to blow up his high school on the first day of school. that plan, according to police there in tampa was to set up an explosive dice at freedom high
8:22 am
school, the school that had expelled him, we're told. police described the plot as having the potential to do a lot of harm there. that mucha police said they found a journal, they say they found materials to make pipe bombs, a fuel source, shrapnel, plastic tubing and timing devices as well. we'll continue to following it as pass along the latest. announ] anan the netwo. a living, breathing intelligence that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪
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8:26 am
statements. we're also learning of the 17-year-old's prior record. he's been charged in the past, and we have also found out that authorities have look at his facebook page, where according to them on tuesday morning, he posted, quote, i just did the dumbest thing ever. we have to bring in clint van zandt, a former fbi profile others. basiced a what you heard, the information that we've gathered so far, what do you make of this initially? >> when we see they threats against school, because we've found bomb-making materials, many of these threats are guess the very start first week or two of school, where the incidents are planned, so i think it's good that the authorities were
8:27 am
able to illustrate fill this one, unfortunately across the country there may be young men and women who think about something like this. i think what's significant is what you just shared with us, the priority juvenile charge of carries a concealed weapon, changing the serial numbers, and it is drug possession will be significant. as you know, they found drug paraphernalia in his room that he had also, so this combination of his age, the drugs and whatever he head against his school in his plan to once again so many young men or women are not necessarily original thinkers. in his mind, when he starts talking about mass casualties, he's again thinks of some type of incident where bombs were used, every timely such as columbine, that set the low bar
8:28 am
for young men when they want to act out, and this is kind of the master plan that they use when they consider what they're going to do. >> clint van zandt, and we should let folks know we're just gathering information in here. freedom high school is the school in question in tampa, florida. he had just been expelled. he was in court a short timal, and we'll continue to update the story, right after this. all of the 2012 activity today is in new hampshire where rick perry and mitt romney are making to be. are they going to finally start acknowledging each other? and diana naiad, she is going to join us, and talk about that swim, and the different decision she had to make. to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to
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safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. the campaign trail is heating up along the east coast.
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rick perry is entering mitt romney territory, while the bachmann campaign has another gaffe on their hands. our team of embedding has it all covered. let's start in new hampshire where governor rick perry is trying to stay on a jobs message and away from any more slipups. >> i got in trouble talking about the federal reserve yesterday. so i -- i got lectured about that yesterday. >> reporter: this is his second stop in new mexico. the problem here is we didn't
8:33 am
see many specifics. he did not comment on ben bernanke's leadership. he focused heavily on job crazy staying on the offensive again obama. he looks pretty tired, and he took a climate change pass, where he says he doesn't buy into the ideas that it's -- he didn't take any shots at mitt romney, but he's got a long way to go. he's on a packed schedule, with with you more stop today and three more tomorrow. thank you so much. hoping the perry campaign doesn't tame too much winter. garrett haake, what's happen there, garrett? >> not too many with the campaign today. they had one stop in berlin new hampshire.
8:34 am
the governor toured a steel plant here that's been struggling in the economy recently, and then marking to employees, and answered a couple confession from the media. once again he definitely declined to engage. but some criticism for the president and the president's economy plan. he basically said the plan was too many too late. >> garrett haake, thanks. to michele bachmann who had explaining to after mistaking the king of rock and roll's birthday for the day he died. listen. >> let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today. happy birthday. we played you a bit of promised land when we pulled up. we thought we would celebrate
8:35 am
his birthday as we get started the celebrating take our country back tour. >> jamie is in columbia, south carolina, another slip-up caught on camera. >> i'm glad to hear i'm in your hometown. >> say hello to my mom. >> i will, system i'm done. the campaign is saying this was a simple slip-up. no question that michele bachmann is a huge elvis fan, as you saw, she asked the crowd to celebrate his birthday, and directly after the event, she clarified and said that well all honor him on the date of his death. >> the campaign says she's a huge elvis fan, something that
8:36 am
is interesting is the -- the critical mass gathers, the bus pulls in, they cue an elvis song. after she's down they could you soothe, and the campaign says she chose both those songs personally. >> jamie, one of, if not the most socially conservative state, how is she plays there so far? i'm going to have a crack at looking at how crowds react to her on thursday, but i know that what she's doing in this state is interesting. yes, she's trying to -- she's trying to gather business-time support, but she's also on a fund-raising swing. she's meeting with private donors, and what the campaign
8:37 am
calls high-dollar donors. >> appreciate it, jamie. when long distance swimmer diana naiad tried to swim, wind and rain blew her off-course, then at the tender age of 61, after 18 months of training, she decided to jump back into the shark-infested waters to try to make the 103-mile ocean trek to key west convince again. after 29 hours, forces of both nature and human frailty ended her journey. earlier today i talked with her. thanks so much for joining us. things started fine on that sunday. >> great. >> at what point during you were in trouble? >> you know what? things started more than fine. they started great, like glass. two hours later, wind and waves, and i thought this isn't going to be pretty. but that's okay, you've got to accept what you get.
8:38 am
17th hour, i start in this with this a anaphylactic shock. that lasted for 11 hours. have you ever had asthma? >> no, but eve seen it up close. >> just the gasping. >> but your doctor jumping in the water at one point. the whole 11 hours. he was giving oxygen, breath aliesers, trying everything he could. when you're exerting like that. it's one thing to deal with asthma here, but out there, it just drained and you have life force out of me. what a shame. i was so ready for this thing. i knew i was going to be proud and strong and get across like the swimmer i am. >> when you realized it wasn't going to happen, were you angry? disappoint disappointed? >> yeah, all those things. at first just crushing disappointment. you could say, you know, i stand
8:39 am
tall, i did everything that was that could be done, so did the whole team, but today sitting with you right now, you brought up did you you must be an athlete, because you know, i'm -- i know the swim is in me. >> you know you said this was about a lot more than the 103-mile trek. what else was it about for you? >> when i turned 60, i wanted to feel empowered. i didn't want to think, did i do it right? am i filled with regrets? should i have shown my strength? well, the involve in this swim over the last two years, we can look back and say you can't live life any larger than that. that's what i want to feel at the end of every day. you don't have to be doing something epic. i want to go to sleep every night saying i am living life
8:40 am
large. that's what this swit taught me. live with dignity, with power. >> i want to put something you said on the screen, and we're going to record this and send you a copy. this is what you said shortly after you didn't make it, you said, quote, you don't beat mother nature. i think i'm going to have to go to my grave without swimming from cuba to florida. r that's a little bleak. tell me now that you've changed your mind and you'll give it another shot. >> it's a week later. when the boxer has pummeled, and you reach over and say when are you going to fight again? they say, don't ask me that now. it takes a lot it put this together. it's a heck of a passion to put together for a whole year, but, um, it would be a shame to leave the story as-is. can i put it that way? >> you're going to go for it
8:41 am
again. >> i don't notify. i'm still healing. i'm like the wounded animal that tried her best, but angry that it didn't work out. >> the attempt itself was an inspiration. >> i appreciate it, craig, very much. >> good luck to you. >> thanks for your time. let's update you on the breaking news in tampa florida this morning. police say they have stopped a not to blow up a high school. they have arrested a 17-year-old quhofs expelled from freedom high school. police say yesterday even they found a journal. a few source, shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing, fusing devices as well. they also found drawings of rooms inside the school and disturbing statements about the 17-year-old's sbhend to kill. he was in court this morning with his parents, we're told. we have also checked his facebook page, where at last
8:42 am
check, the 17 years old whose name we're not mentioning just yet, he said, quote, i just did the dumbest thing ever, 17-year-old arrested in tampa, florida, accused of blowing up his high school on the first day of school. we'll continue to follow the story and pow on information is not it becomes available. ♪ [ male announcer ] mio. a revolutionary water enhancer. add a little...or a lot. for a drink that's just the way you like it. make it yours. make it mio. for a drink that's just the way you like it. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo. i'm jon haber of alto music. i've been around music my entire life. this is the first alto music i opened when i was 24. my business is all about getting music into people's hands. letting someone discover how great music is, is just an awesome thing. and the plum card from american express open helps me do that. i use it for as much inventory as i possibly can.
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now i get the star treatment everywhere i go. ♪ suprise yourself at sign up for free to save at least 50% on the best of your town. senior administration official tells nbc news that president obama will offer a deficit reduction plan that exceeds the $1.5 trillion benchmark. the 12-member supercommittee is being charged with meeting. the official says the president will unveil that plan during a speech after labor day. meanwhile, the debt reduction committee has until november 23rd to broker a deal. otherwise there will be substantial cuts to defense and social programs. i'm joined by democratic congressman from maryland, chris van hollen, a member of that so-called committee. thanks for joining me. the white house said this
8:46 am
morning they would like to see more than that, and there's also talk of job creation measures, are both of those feasible? >> yes, i think they are, first, the most effective way to reduce our deficits in the short term is to get america back to work, to help small businesses create those jobs, so that has to be priority number one. it should be coupled with a long-term plan to reduce the deficit. i agree that the more we do in terms of deficit reduction, the better off we'll be. that will help create long-term sustainable economic growth. it has to be done in a balanced way, a fairway. the many has layed out ideas in that regards, and the committee will be looking -- >> will you support medicare and medicaid to fund that money? >> i will certainly not support
8:47 am
the kind of plan that the house republicans put forward, and just get the program. we've made it clear we're prepared to modernize the program, and the afterable carable. we do need to move the incentives away from the volume of care and the quantity of care more toward value and quantity, so there are things we can do in that area, and in fact we've put ideas on the stable already in that regard. >> if the six republicans on that so-called super committee, called the antitax plan, as they all have, what makes you think that there is even a remote possibility that the 12 of you are going to be able to generate some type of compromise here in late november? >> well, cray, first of all i think the american people are
8:48 am
sending a message lout and clear that it's time for people to work together for the good of the country. i hope our colleagues with come to the take in that proficient. every bipartisan group that's look at this challenge has said we need to do it in a bagged way. in fact, cuts were already made, but you can cut the loophopes and the subs duties, cut loophopes for other special interests as part of reducing the deficit as well. clearly the overwhelming majority of the millennium people sort that -- >> what's the support -- when 12 of you sit down, guys start where? >> well, i think we begin to look at the challenge in front of us, and try and reach some kind of consensus, some kind of agreement on the framework, i
8:49 am
hope we will all agree that focusing on jobs is the best way to get the economy moves in the short term. for example, when it comes to infrastructure, the current house rep budget would cut our invest by 33%. this year compared to just last year, when it was already too low. we need to fund our infrastructure investment, tries to repair broken roots, bridges, and you think that will come out of the commit aye? >> sect, i hope that -- in the exactly how we get there is something is committee will have to discuss. we're getting input from our colleagues. i hope that people agree that taking the balanced approach is the right way to go. >> ten seconds, when you guys
8:50 am
use the phrase balanced approach, is that code for tax increases? >> that's code for reducing corporate tax leap holes and asking the folks at the top to pay the rates they were paying during the clinton administration when the economy was booming and 20 million jobs were created. >> thank you so much, congressman. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. a major clothing company offering the situation of "the jersey shore" they're offering money to stop wearing its clothes. plus, not every crowd the presidential encount sers a friendly one. presidential hecklers is our would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network...
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calling it a win-win situation for everyone. abercrombie and fitch is offering the situation money. cold hard cash to actually stop wearing its clothing. the clothing maker says that it's concerned that he and his "jersey shore" cast mates when
8:54 am
those guys wear their clothes, it could cause significant damage to the company's image. they've offered a substantial payment to the situation and the producers of the mtv show as well so that he will wear something else. and now the flip side. our look behind the headlines. not even is laying out the welcome mat for president obama's midwest bus tour. mr. obama got into quite the exchange with a tea party activist at an event in iowa yesterday. it's not the first -- it's not the president's first run-in with hecklers. who could forget what happened at his 2009 joint session of congress. remember this? >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are
8:55 am
here illegally. >> that was the outburst that earned republican representative joe wilson from carolina congressional sen sur. george wvp bush avoided hecklers until a shoe thrower. other presidents have used their oral skills to shut down hecklers. bill clinton did it on the campaign trail in 1992. >> you just calm down. >> just calm down. some hecklers back in 1980 got owned by then candidate ronald regan. >> oh, shut up. >> presidential hecklers a political fact of life. that is it. that is all. that does it for me. contessa brewer standing by. >> why in the world do they have
8:56 am
black and white video of regan. we had color video. >> that was the best we could find. >> black and white 1980. welcome to the future now. i've mentioned it already, we're staying on top of the breaking news out of florida. police say they have busted a major school bomb plot that could have caused mass casualties. more on that. plus the shocking twist in the case of a woman who police say went on facebook trying to find someone to kill her baby's father. we'll talk to her lawyer live. and should pediatricians be allowed to turn away your kids if you haven't had them vas nated. a lot of parents are refusing vaccinations because they think they're unsafe. how unsafe is it if you can't go to the doctor? more on that ahead. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine.
8:57 am
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good wednesday, everybody. i'm contessa brewer following the big news coast to coast. right now breaking news out of


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