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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 25, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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coast. and this, the news that stunned the tech world. steve jobs, the man behind some of the coolest gage either ever invented is stepping down from the multiple billion dollar company. what will it mean for the millions of fans out there? we'll employer that this morning. hi, everybody. nice to have you with us. i'm thomas roberts. the fury of hurricane irene is florida bound, bringing with it everything from damages 115-mile-per-hour winds to dangerous flooding. now, the entire eastern seaboard of the u.s. is now in the path of this huge storm. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is here with an update. i understand it just came out moments ago. >> the first thing that you look at when you see this storm is the size of it.
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not the intense, but the size of it. you look at the size of florida, and look at the size of irene next to it. it just dwarfing florida. this is a big storm, so well from the center we are going to see impacts. that's why almost everyone on the east coast will get something out of this. the storm is all the way out in the bahamas. we're still a category 3 hurricane, 115-mile-per-hour winds. we don't think it's going to grow too big. it may peak a bit here, but for the most part, it's peaking in intensity. there is what everyone has been waiting for. the new forecast track, we're taking the storm up to 120 miles per hour, and then it goes a little bit weaker. it's not significant weakening, only about 115 from saturday morning just off the north carolina coast. that means if you live in north carolina, your prep time is today and friday. daylight hours on saturday will not be good, so if you live in
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north carolina u. yew prep time is today and tomorrow, and then that's it. now, what's interesting is the hurricane center still has this storm just along the coast of virginia with 100-mile-per-hour winds. they were talking a serious category 2 hurricane that rides right over the top of the norfolk and virginia beach areas. we're talking about a pretty devastating blow. right along the virginia coastline. from there we take the storm northwards. let me get a closer view with a little zoomed-in map here. this is the track. there's the 100-mile-per-hour winds right along the maryland coastline. it's going to get hit by probably one of the strongest hurricanes you've ever been hit by. the storm weakens, the water is colder, but now this track has shifted further west. we're looking at it going right up the coast of new jersey, right over the land areas, as a category 1 hurricane, so it is weakening as it heads to new
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england, but still 80-mile-per-hour winds, a storm surge now to deal with, all of long island will have a storm surge to deal with. then the storm will weaken as it heads into connecticut and massachusetts, mostly damaging trees and power outages. as far as the forecast goes, we're watching the squiggly lines, think of them as different opinions. these are eight different opinions, all coming closer and closer together. it's the furthest to the left. the furthest to the right is eastern connecticut. not even talking providence or boston anymore. you notice a majority of the lines right over the top of new jersey into new york city. >> bill, i just learned that virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency, so everyone needs to pay attention, because this will be quickly changing. >> later in the show we'll talk about what people should be doing now. i know a lot of people are worried and concerned. they haven't been through this before. >> a lot of people affected.
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bill, we'll talk to you later in the hour. residents are steeling themselves for the worst. as thousands board up their windows, they stock up on supplies, they flee the seafront, a few say they plan to wait this out, white others are not taking chances and pulling out of port. >> they tell us, we do. that's it. we're half a block from the ocean. >> i'm not going nowhere, unless i see an 80-feet wave coming. >> eventually even if it's not this one, it will be one someday. >> nbc's kerry sanders is live for us in atlantic beach, north carolina. we're seeing some people there obviously getting the last minutes out of their vacation, but people are paying attention or not? >> reporter: people are paying attention. it's mostly deserted today. i kicked my shoes off for a reason, to walk down to the water. that hurricane irene, as it's churning out there in the open water, well, this temperature
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here, it's 80 degrees. this is very warm water. in fact at some point even warmer than 80 degrees. that's the energy, the fuel for the hurricane that makes it powerful. unfortunately the waters here are not that cold. i'm thinking, about the folks who are further north and are wondering what to do. first of all, don't get duct tape and put it across your window in an x. that does absolutely nothing. some wives' tale about how it keeps a window from falling in, that's not going to happen. second of all, as this hurricane is approaching where you live, you went out and bought water,
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you filled up bottles, you put them in your freezer so when you lose electricity, don't open the fridge until you need something. in those bottling, the water will eventually melt, you have cold water, but also go into your bathroom, plug up the bathtub, fill it with water. that's water you can use to drink, but you'll have a bucket, and you pick that bucket up and turn it into the toilet, and if your silt is not working, pouring that budget in will allow it to flush. thomas? >> we'll take all the tips we can get. stay safe. we're just learning that president obama will not be making any changes to his planned vacation that's going on right now in martha's vineyard. we understand people from the white house discussed that with fema administrator craig fchblt
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ugate this morning. you can go to and click on the "weather" icon, and you can tweet me. we want to hear what you are doing to prepare and keep your family safe. casey anthony has started her one-year probation in the check fraud case. we're expecting more from officials in tallahassee within the next few minutes. anthony, who was acquitted last month of murdering her daughter, reported to officials last night. aditi roy joins us. they won't get hurricane irene, but they are getting casey anthony back. >> reporter: all of this stems from the check fraud case. in that case she pleaded guilty to stealing her beth friend's checkbook and going on a shopping spree during the time that her young daughter caylee was reported missing. the judge in that check fraud case sentenced her to time
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served in jail, which ended up being 473 days, as well as probation, which was supposed to begin after she served her jail time if she did get out of jail. there's a discrepancy between what he said in court and the written order. in the written order, it said her probation could begin during the time when she was in jail. so when she was acquitted her defense lawyers argued that she indeed has served her probation during her jail time, which is according to that written order. the case ended up at an appellate court which earlier this week ruled that she indeed had to check into a probation and i have, gave her a deadline until friday, 10:00 a.m. she did check in here in florida last night between 5:00 and 10:00, after hours. thomas? >> aditi roy in orlando, thanks so much. investors and the tech community are bracing for a world without steve jobs as the ceo of apple. jobs' health has been an issue.
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he took a leave of absence earlier this year. in a state to the board of directors, he said, quote, i've always said if there came a day when i could no longer immediate my duties and expectations as ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately that day has come. jason tans is the senior editor for "wired" magazine. jason, it was a big shock to get this news i think for a lot of people who have been following his health, maybe they aren't that surprised, as we've seen his appearance looking a bit more frail, but always at the helm of this super-strong company. what does it really mean? >> it's almost a historical moment. it was a shock and not a shock, as you say. people saw this coming, and it had been forecast for years, but still when it happens, you still feel a bit like the wind got knocked out of your sails. >> when it comes to the brand of apple, it's reshaped the electric conof the world
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culture, and how we talk about how technology affects our daily lives now. what does it mean, though, to the millions of apple fans, and who is tim cook? who is this person who will be taking his place? >> sure. tim cook was brought on some time ago, about 6 years ago, and brought on to be an operations guy. he was brought on to work on things like the supply chain, inventory systems, things like that, but he has grown during his time there. he as grown as acting ceo when jobs has taken leaves, and by all accounts, he's been running things for the last one to two years. at the same time steve jobs is irreplaceable, and tim cook has said this. jobs unique not only in his vision and micromanagement, but in the deals he was able to pull off. the ipod was such an amazing device, not just because of the device, but steve josh could sit down with records labels and i'm i'm going to sell these tracks
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for 99 cents and together we're going to change the world. whether tim can wrangle those deals remains to be seen. >> where does he fall, then? where will we see the apple brand go from here? >> sure. tim cook is not generally thought of as a huge innovation guy. johnny ive is still on board, still works closely. what i think we'll see is the pipeline is already stacked for the next couple years. you may not see many differences. the question is it won't go from the ipad 1 to 2, will they go from the iphone to the ipad? are they going to be able to come up with a total any new device that we didn't think we needed before and suddenly we do? >> and steve jobs will still be around? >> yes, as chairman of the board. >> thank you for your time, jason. right now libyan rebels say they have the man surrounded moammar gadhafi says gadhafi
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breaking news on hurricane irene, a hurricane watch is in effect for north carolina up to virginia's border, where virginia's governor just issued a state of emergency. and in new jersey's outer banks officials have begun a mandatory evacuation with residents up and down the coast making precautions in advance of this monster storm. the u.s. navy has ordered dozens of its ships to move away from
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their base in -- and we'll have bill karins coming your way. new developments in libya. there are rumors that rebels have an apartment surrounded, but gadhafi spokesman just told the a.p., the dictator is in libya, leading the fight against the rebels. stephanie gosk joins us from tripoli. what more do we know about this heavy fighting reported? >> well, thomas, what we know is this is a rumor. it seems like a report that was overblown. as we go forward in the next few days, weeks, you can probably expect a lot of these rumors. there's such urgency to find gadhafi, it's of such importance at this point that it's that kind of enthusiasm that probably will generate false leads. there has been some fighting around -- some gun battles, a
8:17 am
fierce gun battle near the corinthia hotel. there have been sporadic fights around the city, and we expect that because there are pockets of loyalists still moving around this city. >> stephanie, you talk about this sporadic fighting, what else is the city like for the residents not involved in this. is it calm for them? or is it sporadic looting along with the violence and the those loyal to gadhafi. >> reporter: the city isself has clamped down. people are staying inside their homes. there are checkpoints everywhere. it's pretty remarkable how quickly the rebels moved into the city and started organizing themselves. you can't really go more than 40, 50 yards without being stopped by a checkpoint.
8:18 am
you see rebel pickup trucks going back and forth with heavy weapons on the back. every night in green square, there's a kind of party atmosphere, but there's celebratory fire with antiam extra guns. this is not a city that's thriving as it normally does with people living a normal existence. obviously the rebels are doing their best to try and secure it. >> stephanie gosk in tripoli, thank you very much. we're going to have the newest contender to the gop 2012 race. he's catapulting to the head of the pack. is rick perry capturing the top spot with a double lead, and can the lead last? announcer ] anan the netwo. a living, breathing intelligence
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glue all right, so as we track hurricane irene, am track just announcing they have canceled planes operating south of washington. it's going to impact trains that are operating today, tomorrow, and on sunday. and north carolina's governor has just declared a state of emergency for counties east of interstate 95. of course we're going to keep our eyes on what's taking place for the east coast surrounding irene. we'll bring you the latest here on msnbc. there's a new front-runner in the race for face barack obama. can you guess who it is? the latest poll gives governor rick perry a sizable edge with republican voters, double digits after just a few weeks on the trail. he not only leads in the south, but nationally. steep forbes is chairman and editor in cheer of forbes media.
8:23 am
and he ran for president twice. so it's great stove you, steve. this is more than a bump we've seen from other gop candidates that get in the race. do you think he's ready for the scrutiny that comes with being the front-runner and with such a commanding lead? >> i think he got the taste of it when he was perhaps overexuberant in criticizing the federal research, so he is getting his footings in terms of the national stage. one thing candidates always have to learn is what worked locally will not work nationally. it's a whole different experience. that's why you would do this now instead of decent or january when you've got the caucuses coming. but the fact he's a governor, had a good record there, where some of the candidates haven't had executive experience is one reason why he's now on top. >> as we observe all of this,
8:24 am
this is a republican field as vast as you can get. mitt romney is a wealthy businessman. are you behind any of these candidates yet? >> i'm looking closely. i think in the next few weeks we'll see if any candidates come in. there's pressure on chris christie in new jersey, airlina palin. i am impressed with what rick perry has done, looking at the field and will make a decision fairly soon. >> they are the favorites, the leaders right now. someone maybe out there hasn't jumped into this race yet. is there a uniter, someone that can bring without alienating the independent voters? >> this is what the whole
8:25 am
process is about, defining your message, slarpening your message in the weeks and months ago, others will put out mower details on proposals. you have to demonstrates your skills. a classic example is ron reagan. he proved fob a formidable force when he got the nomination against jimmy carter. steve, real quickly i want to switch topics about steve jobs and resignation from apple? >> people have been anticipating given his illnesses that something like this was going to happen. when it actually happens, it always is a shock and a jolt. steve jobs was a true genius in
8:26 am
being able to combine vision with attention to detail. thomas edison says it's 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. steve jobs exemplified that. changed things for generations to come. steve, thanks for your time. >> thanks, tom. this book will make a lot of people angry. >> heads will be exploding all over washington. former vice president dick cheney certainly not hiding anything. whether his bombshell revelations will have any impact political politically. and we're keeping an eye on irene. a potentially-day-oldly storm. authorities say everyone from coastal south carolina all the way up to maine should be prepared.
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all right. so here's a shot you don't normally see every day as snapped and posted on twitter from an astronaut. look at that thing. by all forecast accounts, as evacuation and they get under way on the east coast there's concern that the storm's path could switch up. we want to check in with bill karins. we know a new forecast was just issued giving a little more direction. >> not a lot of change quite yet with the watches and worngs. i assume later on today the watches will continue up the coast. those will soon go over to hurricane warnings. we'll also start getting more on
8:31 am
evacuation orders. we've already heard about visitors leading the outer banks. a lot of people are wondering if it will cancel their beach weekend. sunday new england south, if you don't belong on the beach, you don't have property there, you shouldn't be there. the people that do live there, it's time to be boarding up. now, here's kind of what you need to know right now. the prep ties is the next two days. today, tomorrow, maybe portions of saturday, but if you're in north carolina, saturday is too late. if you're in new england, you still have time on saturday to get things done. we're talking about a huge rain storms on the west side, but the wind and storm surge will be along the coast. tom, what's interesting, we have two sides, the beach areas that will deal with the damage from the winds and the surge, and
8:32 am
millions that live in the burbs. you have to deal with falling trees and fallen power lines. you need to get batteries, you need water, and be prepared to be with your family in the house for three days, no power. a small notch, a small change could impact things by miles. >> one that goes parallel to the coast is a forecasting nightmare. it can go towards dc, or if it's off the coast, new england gets harder, the mid-atlantic less. >> kerry sanders was telling you how warm the water is. >> from north carolina south, the storm shouldn't weaken much. that's when we'll start the low weakening trend. we still should be a hurricane under it gets to new york city. >> let's talk more about virginia, bill, because the u.s. navy is moving its entire 2nd
8:33 am
fleet to saekd. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon with this. i used to work in norfolk and i know how important that base is. where are they going? >> this is pretty much standard operating procedures. any time there's a threat of a hurricane moving into the area, because it's much safer for the huge navy vessels to be out riding out the storm in the open sea than it is to be banging against each other or the pier if they're tied up. all 64 ships from that part of the 2nd fleet, which are still in port, have been ordered out to sea. that process has been going on now for about 24 hours, including the u.s. acraft carrier "enterprise" and its entire battle group. and so by the end of today we expect that all those ships will be safely out to sea.
8:34 am
but other aspects are kicking into high gear. 59 ft. bragg, north carolina, where special operations forces are located, they're stocking up on critical storm supplies, like food, water, blankets and the like in case they're needed. there are 98,000 national guardsmen that would be ready to respond if needed. >> people are taking this seriously. mick, thanks very much. here's what else we are watching. starting with this. the pilot and one passengers from an american airlines flight were injured last night when part of a jetway collapsed at los angeles international airport. they felt about ten feet. the flight had just come in from boston. the big quake that rocked the east coast tuesday left several aftershocks in its wake. a 4.5 in the washington monument may have had more damage than originally thought. the national parks service says the 555-foot structure may have
8:35 am
as many as four significant cracks, so it is closed indefinitely. warren buffett, the oracle of omaha is investing $5 billion in beleaguered bank of america. he believes it's a strong company with good leadership and backed it up with big money. this is a great news for a corporation that has seen stock slide in the recent weeks. shares of up now around 15% this morning. not the case with the dow as we are seeing red arrows across the dow. the dow down over by 100 points. there's missing photos of robyn gardner on the day she was reported missing. it shows her with gary giordano leaving a restaurant. giordano reported her missing later that day. dick cheney wants to clear the report about the busch 43 presidency and do so in his own
8:36 am
words. he's telling all in any new book "in my time" to his own secret letter of resignation, with an exclusive interview, cheney made sure not to lower expectation. >> this book is going to make a lot of people angry. >> there will be heads exploding all over washington, jane. >> you know that? >> yes. let's bring in msnbc contributor karen hunter and robert trainham, washington bureau chief for the comcast network. this was a fantastic interview, just to bring everybody in on this, here he is discussing how worried his old boss would be about what's in those pages? >> do you think president bush will feel the trade that you revealed the private conversations? >> i don't know why he should. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> you have always said that you believed the president deserves
8:37 am
to be able to truth 9 people around him. by revealing thinks differences, you don't believe you're betraying the truth trust? >> no. >> how important do you think they are in the political world today? >> even if the president doesn't feel betrayed, i as an american citizen feel betrayed by some of the things that were released recently out of this book. i don't think he cleared the air. i think he left a tremendous stink bomb. we elected george w. bush to run this country, and the fact that he's taking credit for what happened after 9/11, and he overrode congress, putting through the terrorist surveillance program without congress even have to vote on it, and a host of other things, i think it's very disturbing, very disturbing. >> technically we elected both, because he was on the ticket -- >> well, we really didn't elect bush, either. so let's get that straight. >> when we hear about what's in this book, do we think he is?
8:38 am
>> i'm not sure if it's settling scores, but it's definitely transparent. for the eight years when the vice president was vice president, people would credit him for being too secretive. he was called the prince of darkness. he didn't speak to the press, wasn't transparents and finally becoming completely transparent? also he differences with colin powell and condoleezza rise. he's indicating there was a robust conversation almost every single day on issues such as katrina, iraq, and also what's interesting, according to the excerpts i read, the vice president specifically recommended to the president that we bomb syria as it relates to the nuclear power plant. the president then ended the meeting and sets we're not going to do that. what i find very telling, is
8:39 am
that the president seemed to be very much in control, very much conciliatory and very much open to ideas, but will to push back when appropriate. >> it seems that cheney was also forth coming when he talked about where he stands today on certainly tactics. take a listen to this. >> in your view, we should still be using enhanced interrogation? >> yes. >> mo regrets? >> no regrets. >> should we still be waterboarding terror suspects? >> i would strongly support using it again if circumstances arose where we had a high-value detainee and that was the only way we could get him to talk. >> even though so many people have condemned it, people call it torture, you think it should still be a tool? >> yes. >> so we also discuss the differences, robert, that you brought up with colin powell and condoleezza rice, he still remainz defiant today, and in that example you bring up,
8:40 am
president bush going around the room seeing if people agree with dick cheney, do you think no hand went up because there was so much flack given -- it became such a big scandal internationally? >> personal. i wasn't in the room, wasn't in the head of what people were thinking at the time, but i think it was frankly the president setting a tone by saying i want you to disagree with me. we're talking about people's lives, we're talking about and quite frankly, if you don't disagree with the vice president or agree with them, say something. it just seems that the dynamics in the room lends itself to the fact that they were trying to be transparent and trying to have a robust conversation. not once did the vice president say that everyone agreed with him on every single thing or
8:41 am
that. >> do you agree? >> i totally disagree. >> do you think it had be fodder for saturday night live? >> i they this is an ego mani maniacal tone and he's shifting blame to obama like for iraq. >> i want to get straight to this information about moammar gadhafi. thanks to both of you. this is breaking news coming in. he's reportedly broadcasting in an audio-only speech, calling on all tribes to fight foreign intervention. there are rumors in tripoli that rebel forces have moammar gadhafi surrounded while we've been unable to confirm the reports, there has been pretty heavy fighting in the libyan capital. bobby goshe wrote the cover
8:42 am
story. as we hear about the fighting that's taking place, and that gadhafi is going down fighting. to remain fighting, what does it say about the fact that he can't grasp he is out of power? >> well, he's had a very loose grasp of reality for quite some time now, and we've seen with other megalomaniac dictator as they go down that understanding sort of deserts them completely, so it doesn't surprise me that he still thinks he has enough forces and they can drive out the so-called foreigners, when clearly it's his own people rising up against him. >> what do the events mean for the transitional government that's going to be coming in and how the world will be recognizing that transitional government. >> many government, including the u.s. have essentially give
8:43 am
the transitional national council recognition. there's moves to unfrees and give that money to the new administration so that it can start using it. there's a lot of challenges ahead. this country has been ruled by one man for 42 years that doesn't have real institutions, but on the other hand there are reasons to be hopeful. there is an organized transitional congress already, which is something to be said for that. you were speaking earlier to your correspondent in stephanie in tripoli. she made the point, there's no looting. that's quite remarkablerable. it suggests that the rebels have an organization, they've set up checkpoints, making sure there's no looting, a certainly amount of law and order, and if you remember the scenes we saw in iraq there was looting in london a week ago. so i take some positives from
8:44 am
the fact that the rebels have already begun to impose a certain amount of. >> we're getting more about the speech being distributed by one of the loyalist tv channels to gadhafi, saying that gadhafi calls on tribes in all part of libya to fight foreign intervention, to bring women and children to purify tripoli, that he says libyans must fight and destroy rebels in tripoli. with speeches going on like this and he's trying to reach people he still thinks supports him, but he's not showing his face, not coming out of hiding. what mixed signal is that sending to the people there? libya? it must be confusing for people trying to live through this. >> i suspect if he has any followers left, every one of these speeches loses more, because that's exactly what's going through their minds. they're thinking our world is changing around us, our leader has disappeared, making these
8:45 am
faceless speeches, and i suspect this is recorded rather than a live one, and he isn't showing that he's leading the fight. the credibility such as it was is vanishes by the minute. >> we continue to watch. bobby, nice to see you. thanks for your time. states of emergency declared in north carolina and virginia. fema has dispatched teams all the way up to maine, stressing they want supplies in place before this colossal storm hits. an important lesson from katrina. keep it right here on msnbc. woman: day care can be expensive. so to save some money, i found one that uses robots instead of real people. 'cuz robots work for free. robot 1:good morning... robot 1:...female child. sfx: modem dial-up noise
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now, here comes video from one of our msnbc producers who is now on paradise island on the bahamas. she was on vacation, and then we put her to work. fema cautions this would not be just a coastal storm, but expects power outages to go several miles inland. so we're going to keep a close eye on that one. this is all going on as so many kids around the country are preparing to go back to school. the battle against anti-bullies continues for the lbgt community. a cease and desist order was delivered to the family research counc council. there's no word yet on an official lawsuit. the frc has yet to comment on this. so where do we stand right now
8:50 am
on that front when we're talking about the bullying in this country of our young children. one young man promoted a website promoting tolerance, but offers others to make pledges to fight bad. hudson taylor is the wrestling coach and known as a straight ally to the lbgt, and found of athlete, and also a friend. hudson, good to have you back. i want to talk to you about where we've come over the last year. how many people have you seen signing onto your website, taking on the pledge that they want to be respectful and tolerant as they come back to schools? >> i think we've really reached a tipping point of awareness in our schools. a lot more athletes are comfortable of being vocal and supportive of the lgbt community. i've just crossed the 4,000 mark. so we're getting athletes from all across the country willing to take a stand in every community. so it's really exciting. >> and it's not just the fact that the students can take this
8:51 am
pledge, but school administrators, coaches -- they're all encouraged. i hate to remind everybody that we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of tyler clemente's death. he was a freshman at rutgers. what has this taught you about tolerance issues in this country as you've taken op the campaign with your website? do you think you've opened yourself up tore a target for intolerance? >> sure. i mean, everywhere you go, there's always going to be those who want to degrade and divide. i'm on a mission to unify people, to bring people together for respect for everyone. and, yeah, i've opened -- i've put a bit of a target on my back, but with people like tyler clemente being put into a place where they feel their only option is to take their own life, i feel a responsibility to do something about that and to not only tell kids that it gets better but actually to make it better. >> for everyone that wants to check it out, they can fw to your website at
8:52 am
they can take the pledge and give it to everyone else going back to school this semester. so precautions are being made up and down the east coast. north carolina telling thousands to leave as irene is barrelling toward the outer banks. bring you much more on the track of irene. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
8:53 am
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just minutes ago on a conference call with reporters, the head of fema urged east coast residents living within evacuation zones to leave the area and follow the evacuations. send me some tweets at thomasaroberts. first tweet, "first an earthquake and now a hurricane? all we need is some raining frogs and four headless horsemen, and we got ourselves an apocalypse."
8:56 am
and cheri says "stocking up on wine, cheese, and fuel to run my generator. should be a good time." make sure you're not operating the generator with wine. contessa brewer is now here to pick things up. i don't know about the wine and the generator combo. >> she made it sound like she was going to use the wine and cheese to fuel the generator as well as during the fuel. what about you, are you making preparations? >> i need to make plans later today. >> if you're in the path of irene anywhere on the eastern coastline, don't forget too about your paperwork action the documents you have, deed to your house, rental agreements, things like that, all very important to have. >> birth certificates, all very important. so 50 million people affected by this historic storm. we have you covered from the carolina coastline to new england. by the way, coming up next hour, rick perry catapulting to the top of the gop polls in just a week. does that put mitt romney on alert? just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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