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tv   My Dad is Pregnant  MSNBC  October 15, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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bring him, the man that has brought us all togher today, the reverend dr. al sharpton! [ applause ] >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> no justice -- >> no peace! >> what do we want? [ inaudible ] >> when do we want it? >> now! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> when do we want it? >> now! are you ready to march? >> yes! >> are you ready to march? >> yes! >> are you ready to march? >> yes! >> all right.
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let me say, love you. to all of our labor leaders, george gresham, randy winegarden, our brother lee sanders, brother norman, all of those that have come joining hillary shelton and all of us, we come today because this country has ignored the plight of unemployed and people that are chronically unemployed. on monday, in this the capital, they had the audacity to turn
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down a jobs bill. so if you won't get the jobs bill done in the suite, then we will get the jobs bill done in the street. [ applause ] we cannot sit here with 14 million people unemployed while you get ready for an election. we cannot sit here with 1% of this country controlling 30% to 40% of the wealth. and you tell us our problem is each other. our problem is not each other. you played the games of blacks against latinos, latinos against whites. it's time for us to occupy wall street, occupy washington, occupy alabama.
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we come to take our country back to the people! martin luther king is not a dead monument. martin luther king is a live testimony. they shot down the dreamer. but they didn't shoot down the dream. before he died, he had children and his children is in washington today. he taught us to stand up and we come to stand up in his name. there are those that have tried to act like we had gone asleep. and there's no reason that we could not understand the
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confusion. when you look at the fact that people are talking about states rights again, they want to take away our vote in 34 states. talking about voter i.d., talking about ending early registration, ending early voting. they want to honor dr. king and revoke the voting rights act at the same time. you can't kill the voting rights act and honor dr. king. you can't unemploy people and honor dr. king. we will not let you make a mockery of what dr. king stood for. dr. king did not stand for the high and mighty. he stood for those of us that were cast out and cast back and we are coming up front today to tell you, just like dr. king, to
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put the wind behind the backs of president kennedy and president johnson to get a civil rights act and we come to put the wind behind the back of president obama to get a jobs act for the people of this country. a reporter said to me, reverend al, is this about the election? no, this is about our survival. when you are talking about you got to cut medicare and cut medicaid, when you're talking about in order to balance a budget you created the deficit by giving tax cuts to the rich, you created the deficit by giving loopholes to the wealthy. you created the deficits by
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letting people outsource jobs. now you want us to pay for the jobs that you sent abroad. you want us to pay for your loopholes. you want to go into our parent's social security. when you mess with our social security, this is not about obama, this is about my momma. so we come today to begin a winter of struggle. we are going to call on 25 cities to march on the same day, and we're going to march to the
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legislators in 25 cities to let them know that we will not allow you to vote against these jobs bills, or we vote to put you out of office. we want those in the senate and those on the sidelines, even some of these bull dog democrats, to understand if you can't stand up for the unemployed, we're going to vote to make sure you join the unemployed. [ applause ] somebody said the occupy wall
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street was a mob. they're not a mob. they're saying what we're saying, that you cannot act like this country is your playground, while single mothers can't take care of their families. while you send us to schools that don't have enough money to give us the teachers that can teach us. then you want to demonize teachers and act like teachers that try to help our children. something that have to go to school with no breakfast in their bellies and the only one with a smile in their face is the teachers at the front of the room. you want to cut the teachers. you want to cut the firemen, you want to cut the policemen, you want to cut the municipal workers while you take care of your tycoons. we are telling you look at the mob today. we're just getting started! we're getting ready to organize! [ applause ]
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so we're going to march. there are many of our leaders that will speak to us when we come back. i want us to march orderly. don't bunch up on each other. stretch the line out. let all them helicopter newsmen see us stretch from lincoln and washington all the way to martin luther king. we come to put the world on notice. there's a new address in town. we used to march to the lincoln memorial. but as of tomorrow, we got a new address. we got a new monument. a man that was born in the back of the bus, but he kept on marching until he brought us
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from the outhouse to the white house. we got a new monument. we have a new address. we don't bow our heads. we don't bow our heads. we ain't scratching where we ain't itching. we about laughing at where it ain't funny. pull your shoulders back. lift your head up high. we're dr. king's children. we're coretta king's children. we're not going to bow down. we're not going to bend. we're not going to buckle. stand up, america. stand up, america! stand up, america! [ applause ] are you ready to march! >> yes! >> are you ready to march! >> yes! >> helping to lead us to the
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king monument today, you that study scripture know that it goes from one generation to another. that every time god called one, there was always the next wave coming. it can't stop with abraham, it went to isaac. it didn't stop with moses, it went to joshua. from generation to generation. [ inaudible ] until we get to the promised land. t we're not there until every american has equal protection
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under the law. and has equal opportunity. we're not there as long as you can execute men like troy davis on no evidence that would stand up in a sane court. we're not there as long as 1% control the most. but we're still going to keep fighting. and that next generation is going to help us do that. to help lead this march with us. i bring you to say a few words. as we line up and head to the king monument, i bring you the -- >> all right, everybody. there we have been living to the reverend al sharpton. of course, he's making his statement right there that it's a march all about jobs and justice, talking about the injustice as he sees it, the fact that there's the 99%, all of these occupy different locations rallying against wall street. that is an injustice there. the injustice he mentioned about
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trying to prevent the execution of troy davis. it's all about jobs. let's go to todd johnson who has been follow thing group as this rally is going to be culminating within the next couple of minutes. the move is on. talk about what is the next step, where do they go from here, todd? >> they're going to be marching all together after all the comments and remarks coming to a close, they're going to be marching straight to the mlk monument. you heard in reverend sharpton's remarks that this monument doesn't just represent a man but a vision. they shot down the dreamer but did not shoot down the dream. that's a message they want to get across is that the man may not be here in dr. king, but he's alive today in the causes that still persist from 1968 to current today in 2011. talking about rights for the
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working class, talking about recognition of the middle class and not focusing on the 1%. but again you've seen many protest signs today that talk about the 99%. this is something that the occupy wall street protesters across the country have been shouting and holding up, as well. >> it is a message of relative uniformity there. as we take a look back at the podium, we want to go back to reverend al sharpton who has been speaking to marting luther king jr. iii. so we'll listen for a moment. >> ronald reagan, that's when the policies began. i don't know what they may tell you, but that's the truth. we have bailed out the auto industry, and we should have. we bailed out wall street. now it's time to bail out working americans.
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that's what this is about. that's what the occupy wall street campaign is about. that's why we're all here today. yes, we're marching to celebrate the monument opening tomorrow. but we've got work to do. i believe that if my father was alive, he would be right here with all of us involved in this demonstration today. let me thank reverend sharpton for convening us. thank each of us for coming. thank all of america that gave to that monument. it was not just corporations. thank god for the corporations. but it was individuals from all of america that gave for that monument to be here. let us begin this march. thank you and god bless each of you always. >> let me say this. when we come back, many of us, we have congresswoman sheila jackson -- >> all right, as we live to the
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reverend al sharpton who is wrapping things up. i couldn't help but thing about martin luther king iii there. can you imagine carrying that mantle all of your life? interesting he says his father would be there were he still alive today and there's no doubt he would be. todd johnson, in about the minute we have remaining, tell me about the mood of the crowd there. they have to be fired up. i got fired up listening to reverend al when he took to that podium. this is a man who is born for the podium. he has a way of taking things and taking a crowd of and having them eat out of the palm of his hands. >> reporter: reverend sharpton was at home, you're exactly right, right there at the podium. it's a very exciting and very chilling moment for many of the people gathered around. just talking about how excited they are that even though things are hard, they are proud to be part of such a progressive movement.
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we talked about the frustrations earlier today, about the jobs bill getting obstructed and that's one part of it. but today is more of a celebration of dr. king and his entire legacy. as they move towards the monument and march towards the monument, that's what they're going to be keeping on their minds. i talked to several people here and that's what they want this day to be. they want it to be about the man and about the realities that they're experiencing in their hometown. >> it's going to be a weekend of a lot of memories and moving forward, as well as we'll be gathering tomorrow again for the official dedication of martin luther king memorial. that, everyone, is a wrap of our live coverage. now stay tuned for another docu mystery. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a great saturday, everyone. . it's all in the wrap. covergirl introduces new lashperfection mascara.
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♪ ♪ jingle bells jingle all the
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way jingle bells jingle all the way oh, what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ scott and tom moore move their family to new mexico after a devastating house fire. >> awesome. >> thank you, lord, for the food we are about to receive. amen. >> now can you slow down and do it right? >> thank you oh, lord for this food we are about to receive and the bounty, our lord, amen. >> moving back to california is a long-term goal but it's one we're going to have to be strategic about. we can't be just like we're sick of it here, let's pack up our stuff and go. >> scott's mom's here and scott's dad is here. i mean, although the people that we love back home are not here, family is important to us.
10:22 am
>> for scott, being a pregnant man in their small hometown of weed, california, was easy. here in new mexico, they're forced to be more secretive about where baby miles came from. but now the moores are about to make their bravest decision yet. >> we walk the trails out behind scott's mom's house and just popped off with i really think i want to have another one. and i remember i had to sit down. i was like, what? because from the very beginning he was like, i'll have one, one only, and i'm done. three is enough. >> choosing the right time for a new baby is always tricky. but for a transgender man, timing is everything. >> i mean, honestly, i would say if you were a biological woman, then i would say, let's wait a year. let's let miles get a little bit more mature before we make another one. but i don't want you off your hormones forever because it is affecting you as a person and
10:23 am
your emotions and your physical needs, so in that case, i would just prefer to get it done. >> do you think it's going to bring on any more negative press? >> oh, most definitely. it was really our choice that it got out. the story wasn't something that we were looking for, but once it did happen, we knew that we were going to have negative feedback from people. if i went around every day my whole life doing only what i thought everybody would agree with, i'd be the most miserable human being in the universe. >> it's the morning of thanksgiving at scott's mother's house. the moore family are trying their best to forget the reality and stresses of living in new mexico. >> anyone who thinks that we are different or strange can go jump off a cliff for all i care.
10:24 am
>> i mean, i know it might be hard but just because i'm transgender doesn't change since i've had a baby. that's not constantly all i think about. i don't think about how different i am. >> too much of our time in life is focused on negative things. and i think when you focus on the negative, you're giving the meg tiff the power because it's these memories that kids will hold with them forever. >> you're missing the this and the that. >> being transgendered can put enormous pressure on family relationships. although scott's parents are separated, his dad's popped in briefly to say hello before dinner.
10:25 am
>> my dad is kind of like -- it's just like an awkward communication gap there, i guess. i have to go to work tonight. >> you do? >> yes. >> scott thinks of himself as a man and wants to live as a man. i am totally willing to address him as scott even though it's difficult to say that. it would be a whole lot easier if he changed his name to jesse than to something totally different. so that was hard to get to call him a totally different name, but i'm more of a realist. he still has all the organs of a female. so he lives as a man but he's still biologically a female. that's the way i see him.
10:26 am
>> you smell so good. >> scott's mom has fully embraced his transition, but it wasn't easy. >> i did a lot of soul-searching on this, so now i'm just revisiting it. i feel like i went through i don't know how many stages there are of grief, like if someone dies because she was an adorable, adorable little girl. >> oh. don't cry. you always make me cry when you cry. >> sorry. i haven't talked about it in a long time. >> yeah. says remember >> i remember when i was like in that guilty stage. i was like, what did i do? what could tiff done differently in raising you and i remember
10:27 am
even thinking, you know, this is kind of funny but not funny. i breast-fed you for two years. >> and you thought that might have had something to do with it? >> because people were like, you know, i think he's ready to drink from a sippy cup. >> no, i don't know. >> as a mother of teenagers, you talk with other moms and they brag about how well their kids are doing and it was like, how do you say, you know, my son is actually -- my daughter is actually my son, but then i thought i want scott to be happy. >> tom's family weren't so accepting of his sex change. this year has been especially hard for him since he recently lost his mother.
10:28 am
>> it's just really hard because my mom spent so much time fighting me becoming myself that we lost time being together and being close. when we were able to get beyond the fact i was no longer her daughter and was now the son, there wasn't enough time. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> i think it's cool scott has a family that supports him. that's the other thing that's hard being around your mom and your dad. you don't always get along with your dad but your dad loves you whether you're gay, straight, trans or pregnant man. he doesn't care. it's just like, you're my kid i love you and i'll do what i can to help you however i can. and my dad does not recognize that i exist anymore. >> yeah. >> despite their doubts, scott has decided that if he's going to have another baby now is the time. his clock is ticking. what we did today:
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al sharpton just spoke at the march in washington, d.c. organizers say they want to bring a voice to those who haven't been heard in the jobs debate. several protest scheduled in manhattan as the demonstrations continue. organizers say they will converge on the new york public library today. and in rome, 100,000 people filled the streets. more news later as we see you in one hour. of having a baby in northern california, transgender couple scott and tom moore are about to try for another one in las cruces, new mexico. they even found a local midwife, cammi shaw, who specializes in female-to-male transsexuals.
10:33 am
tom can't produce sperm so they need to find a sperm donor. scott still has a vagina and working reproductive system. so the rest is pretty straightforward. she has devised a unique trick increasing the chance of conception through artificial insemination. >> what we do is put the sperm inside. it goes right in here, this goes inside and then it sits -- it's like a suction cup and it sits up against the uterus so the cervix would be centrally located. this would be suctioned up against the uterus. our agenda here is to keep the sperm as close to the cervix as possible to increase the chances for conception. >> she's well versed in the minefield of the unique problems transgender men face in trying to get pregnant.
10:34 am
>> the last thing i can imagine is a transman having a baby would have to endure is somebody referring to him with female pronounce and female body parts as though he wasn't man at all. >> i remember when you asked me what do you prefer to be called and i had never been asked that question before. >> the other transmen i work with don't want to be reminded that they have female parts. and so it's a real sensitive question to be able to ask and refer to them the way that they want their bodies to be referred to as. >> in terms of talking about a pregnancy, i can handle the word ovary or like uterus because it's medical. >> i'll put pro-nouns in front of them, like your man ovaries. i get a lot of referrals based on the idea of sensitivity, it really -- i'm not doing anything different for them really than i'm doing for anyone else except my language.
10:35 am
>> it'll now be at least two weeks before scott can know for sure whether their insemination efforts have succeeded. >> you didn't tell me anything. >> most transgender men take testosterone once a week. >> i've been taking testosterone for ten years, so since 2000. i just go for the meaty part here. you get used to it, i think. >> you just put that whole needle right in your arm? >> mm-hmm. >> in order to conceive, scott has stopped his male hormones, it means the pressure is on to
10:36 am
get pregnant. going without testosterone is causing his beard to grow thinner and his voice is pitched higher. >> it was difficult for me because i had the female puberty when i was a teenager and i went on hormones, i had a second puberty and then i came off the hormones and i had another puberty and then i got pregnant the and had all the pregnancy hormones so my body was just, you know, i was a roller coaster ride. >> for a transgender man, the most stressful part of being in a woman's body is having breasts. they both had mastectomies. >> i didn't want to see them. to see them would make me cry. the process of binding is toxic. it got to the point where it caused gangrene and so when i
10:37 am
did have my breasts removed it was a massive mastectomy. i lost my nipples, i wasn't able too much those rebuilt. but to the same extent it saved my life. >> a lack of acceptance is something many transsexuals learn to deal with but now their children are about to face it, too. wlñkñ0k9%"@nkgg@ $$,@ but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. i go in peace. yes, you do my little alien. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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after attracting notoriety of a pregnant man in california, scott moore was about to do it again. this time in bible belt, new mexico. but the moores' attempts for another baby must fit in with everything else a normal family of five has to cope with.
10:41 am
>> you need to clean your room. what happened? >> 13-year-old gregg needs special attention because of his asperger's so they're careful to make sure logan doesn't feel overlooked. >> when he starts acting a little low, then i get concerned, so a little one-on-one time, even if it's just running errands, makes a huge difference. i think it is hard because gregg does have special needs and so even at school he's got more one-on-one care and after school care. >> i love you. >> today tom's taking logan to the barber. >> let's go get a haircut. >> what kind of haircut, do you think? >> i don't know. >> whatever dad makes him get. >> yeah. >> are you sure? >> i'm okay with you keeping some length on the top and the
10:42 am
front but i want that stuff off the back of your head. >> connecting with strangers in new communities is something most transgender parents find difficult. >> do you think boys should have short hair? >> yeah. it's like one of those things boys have short hair, girls have long hair. i don't get the whole long hair on a guy thing. look at you. you look so good. >> unlike their former hometown of weed, las cruces, new mexico, would not be described as open or accepting. >> first today i have to make sure it's okay with my pastor and once he gives me the okay then i go talk to a girl, her pastor and her dad to make sure it's all right, it's okay to start dating.
10:43 am
>> what religion is that? >> we're christian denomination called cedar hills tabernacle. >> i've been by there. >> really? you are welcome anytime to go visit. >> it seems tom was right not to discuss his family situation with the barber. where do you want to go? >> i'm not so for homosexuality, the way i believe is that god is not mad at the people but he's mad at the fact that there is homosexuality. >> so you think it's not a good thing? >> i don't think it's a good thing at all. it's horrible to see especially in the public or around young kids. it's a bad influence on them. >> what would you say if i said
10:44 am
that the man's hair you just cut is a gay parent and that kid has two gay dads? >> i'm willing to work with them, whatever, as long as no crazy thing goes on. >> the other thing is they're transgenders, they used to be women. tom used to be a woman. >> really? i would have never guessed that part. that's crazy. i don't know what to say to that part. no, i mean, hey, that's his business. it's not the way it's supposed to be, of course, but can't do anything about it now. he's so far into it. it's a man's decision that he made, the woman, whatever. whatever he is. his decision. may god be with him, i say. >> worrying for scott and tom, members of another other churches hold similar views. >> if they came to us before having a child, i would advise them not to. i would say there are things in
10:45 am
their life that need to change, that need to be brought within the conformity of scripture. >> god created women to be women and men to be men. based on christian values it's not the right thing to do. >> i think it's not god's choice nor should it be the church's choice. however, it's better than to have a child on the street nobody is taking care of. >> that type of decision that someone would make would be on par with adultery or lying or any other sin. >> like most transsexuals, tom would argue their transition from one gender to another was unavoidable. >> i choose to be harassed, i choose to be called names, i choose to be different. no. you don't make a choice. it's simply who you are. and it's not an easy life.
10:46 am
i've stopped trying to figure out what people think. if you spent -- it doesn't matter if you're guy, straight, bi, white, black, purple. if you spent your time trying to figure out what people think or worrying about what people think, you'd go crazy. you'd go absolutely crazy. >> the following day there's an unexpected phone call from gregg and logan's school. in a session with a teacher gregg innocently mentioned for the first time that one of his two dads had recently given birth. >> come here. you're angry with me, i know. i know. >> the teacher assumed that on top of his asperger's gregg was delusional and suggested to tom that he may not be right for the school. tom said it led to an argument. >> i'm sorry, i was seething.
10:47 am
>> i've never seen you drink a beer before, tom. >> i try not to. >> did you say a really bad thing today? >> in the confusion that followed, tom believed both boys had been removed from the school. the school believed that it had been tom who asked for his sons to be removed. >> you need to remember it's not your fault, okay? >> i want to go to school tomorrow. i want to be with my friends and my teachers. >> how do you go from him being a wonderful student and everybody loves him to he's not fit for the school because you find out some extra details? you know, it's not us that's the problem. it's the people that don't understand us. >> they didn't say anything to logan or gregg, we had to let them know that today was their last day of school and they didn't get a chance to say good-bye to anybody or to have any knowledge of what was going on at all until they got home.
10:48 am
>> everything is going to be okay, okay? >> we'll work it out and it will be better in the end because if the school feels that way, they're not very nice. >> we don't want you going there. >> the teacher is very nice. >> yeah, you have some nice teachers. >> i miss them. >> it's okay to miss them. it's okay to cry, too. >> still under the impression that it was the school who excluded the boys, the moores are insisting on seeking legal advice. >> they pissed off the wrong tranys. >> we need to find an attorney now. >> everyone says i'll call you back in a few days. i tried a lot of people.
10:49 am
>> can we move out of here? >> out of where? >> out of this house, this city preferably, the state would be fine. >> we cannot run away from a place every time we have a problem. we have to fight. logan, if this has happened to you and gregg, it's going to happen to somebody else, right? take a deep breath, go for a walk if you need to. do what you need to do to take care of you a little bit. now let the adults handle the adult stuff, because this is adult stuff. unbelievable. unbelievable. now what?
10:50 am
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♪ ♪ scott and tom moore are still reeling from their disappearance from greg and logan's school. >> i'm tired. >> having been up every night with miles who is teething, tom is now at the end of his rope. >> it's not fair. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in an attempt to destress, they're taking the kids on a family day to the desert. >> i'm king of the world! >> hey, greg, go get my zoom, would you? >> wow! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let's seek out isolated areas
10:54 am
where we don't have to be around people. >> why? >> because we don't have to pretend we're not something we are. >> food. before we go to your mother's. >> it's already 2:00. >> i'll just go to the store and grab stuff for sandwiches. i don't care. >> i'm telling you i have to go to work tonight. >> the double pressures of dealing with the boys' school and trying to get pregnant is taking a toll on their own relationship. >> you guys, you know what? i'll walk. i don't care. i'm so done with your drama today. never can do anything. it's always got to be drama. >> no, i'm not going to stop for a minute. i haven't slept in five days. five days, scott. >> stop yelling at me. >> no, i'm just done with today with you. >> okay. then be done. ♪ ♪
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> later that day, tom's beginning to realize the enormity of their decision to get pregnant outside of a safe environment. >> this is not my idea of a day off. >> it was a nice trip out. >> that's true, but scott was just in a really bad mood. the school proved all his fears correct. >> it's gone really badly. >> yeah, it has. now he's even more terrified just because he's, like, what am i am pregnant, you know? he's definitely going through it right now. i don't know how to really make it better for him, either. >> although the school makes it clear that they don't discriminate, tom's not yet
10:56 am
ready to accept this. >> i'm not going to let one person's opinion of me destroy my family. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's nearly two weeks since scott's insemination and he's decided that today is the day to take a pregnancy test. >> chances are it's going to be negative and it doesn't mean that i'm not, you know? it just means i did it too early and i wasn't patient enough. >> i want to surprise tom. last time when we took the test and it was positive he was here, so we, like, you know, but i kind of want to wait until he comes home and like, we need to talk and make him think he's in trouble and then tell him. we need to leave now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:57 am
>> can i ask you something, just to see if i'm crazy? do you see an extremely, extremely faint line right now. where's the light? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i think it's positive. i don't know. it's probably, like, so faint because it's so early, but i think there's another line there. you saw it, right? yeah? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> in spite of everything, scott and tom are still determined to extend their family. >> so i took a pregnancy test. actually, i took three pregnancy tests today and it's not for sure yet, but i might be pregnant, and if you look at it because we did -- on i did it so early, like, really, really,
10:58 am
really early, that you could see, like a really, really faint line. >> okay. yeah. >> can you see it? >> yeah. upon. >> you can? so i'm not crazy? >> you're not crazy. >> okay. >> wow! >> i still don't want to get my hopes up. >> i think your dad's going to kill us. >> yeah. it will be worth it, though. but it's not for sure positive. it's most likely positive. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> are you ready for this again? >> i know, it's, like -- >> we need a bigger car. >> are you ready to be a pregnant man again? >> it's not about being a pregnant man. i don't wake up in the morning and -- i don't wake up in the morning and think, oh, yeah,
10:59 am
great day to be a pregnant man, you know? it's just -- it's just life, you know? and it's not as exotic to me as it seems to other people, you know? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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