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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 19, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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dugout during games. the question is, how did those pitchers respond to the latest allegations. it's way too early for this. good morning. this is "way too early," the show that shot the guns three beers in every commercial break. glad you're up with us this morning. shoot me an e-mail or tweet me. let me know why you're awake. or you can do what josh beckett does and text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this wednesday, october the 19th. a lot going on today, including the impact and meaning of a big quarterly loss for goldman sachs. plus, bill clinton assembles ben stiller, kevin spacey, sean penn
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matt damon for a video that i think you'll enjoy. but first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock here in new york city. last night the gloves did come off and seven republican president shial hopefuls square off. all eyes were on herman cain at least at the beginning of the night. his republican rivals took turns slamming the 9-9-9 plan to reform the american tax code. >> 84% of americans would pay more taxes under his plan. >> i love you, brother, but you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this this thing out. go to new hampshire where they don't have a sales tax and you're fix to go give them one. they're not interested in 9-9-9. >> the state tax is an anticipa apple we're replacing the current tax code with oranges. >> are you saying that the state sales tax will also go away?
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>> no, that's an apple. we're replacing a bunch of oranges. >> and i'll be getting a bush she will basket with apples aed and oranges because i'll have to pay both taxes. >> you've said the plan would be a harder sell than he lets on. how so? >> well, you just watched it. >> despite the attacks, herman cain still holds a narrow lead taken before the debate. cain beats mitt romney by four points just barely outside the margin of error. in florida, cain is in a statistical tie with romney with rick perry following in third, but he's only got 8%. recent poll numbers have not affected the bad blood between romney and perry. last night the texas governor sparred with mitt romney over immigration. perry citing a "boston globe" piece that romney had hired a
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land caping company that employed illegal immigrants. >> mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> rick, i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life. and so i'm afraid -- i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i'll tell whaut facts are -- >> rick, i'm speaking. i'm speaking you you get 30 seconds. this is the way the rules work here is that i get 60 seconds to -- >> now, but the manner people -- >> and then you get 30 seconds to respond. anderson -- >> you say you knew you had illegals -- >> are you going to keep talk something. >> yes, sir. >> are you going to let me finish? look, rick -- this has been a
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tough couple debates for rick, and i understand that. so you're going to get testy. we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn and they had illegal immigrants working this. and when that was pointed out to us, we let them go. and we went to them -- >> are you -- >> you have a problem with allowing swon to finish speaking. and if you want to become president, you have to let both people speak. >> romney also took shots from rick is santorum. >> you you just don't have credibility when it comes to appealing obama care. your plan was the basis for obama care. your consultants helped obama craft obama care and to say that you would repeal it, you have no track record on that that we can trust you that you you're going to do that. >> i was asked is this something that you would have the whole nation do. and i said no. is this something that was crafted for massachusetts. it would be wrong to adapt this as a nation. >> that's pot what you said.
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>> you're shaking your head. >> it's in your book. >> you ook it took it out of your book. let's be honest. >> why don't you let me speak -- >> you're allowed to change your -- >> you had your chance. let me speak. >> you're out of time. >> he a te into your time. >> mark halperin always sends us his grades. romney getting an a minus, followed pie herman cain. rick perry with a b plus. michele bachmann and newt gingrich both with bs. santorum with a c. let's hash out the key moments of last night's debate. sam stein joins us from phone.
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did dough anything to mohe do a meter? >> yeah, he affirmed he wasn't in a cat take tonic state. but rick perry i thought he had a pretty good debate for himself and a lot of it had to do with just taking swipes really at mitt romney. and the issue of mitt romney employing this landscaping company which in turn employed illegal immigrants is a sensitive one because romney has been on the stump talking about how he wants to crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants. so it gets to what rick perry called the height of hypocrisy. >> this came up in the last preside presidential campaign. do american people say yes he should be held accountable for every vendor that he he hireses and their hiring practices? >> that's not the issue. the issue here is whether mitt
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romney says one thing and does another or will conveniently take the side of an issue because it even helps him politically. no one will say, yeah, mitt romney should have been on the lawn checking the papers of every worker. >> that's what i mean. let's talk herman cain. they opened the debate, he's been the talk of the campaign the last week and the 9-9-9 plan has been dissected by many people. how did you defend himself? >> it's tough because the 9-9-9 plan is sort of ridiculous because it's completely aggressive. and you have a slate of presidential candidates pointing out the obvious which is that it will be a tax increase on poor people and a boone for the wealthy. but it's the truth and the numbers come in and the 9-9-9 plan didn't really add up. so cain put a good face on it, but i think at some point, it
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will expose him as more of a person on a book tour than someone running for presidency. >> mitt romney has liked where he's sat over the last several debates. do you think he feels as good this morning as he did after the last few, does he like where he is still? >> i think your show is indicative of the fact that the main video clip coming out of the debate is that him losing his cool, putting his hand on rick perry, getting upset about being interrupted. i'm not sure that's the best visual for him. that said, all he has to do is just prove that he's the best debater or just make it through unscathed and the nomination is his. i don't think rick perry did enough to prove that he could steal it from him. >> and we want to reveal to our viewers that sam stein is calling from his bunker. and by bunker i mean the green room which is about 30 feet from where i'm standing. we'll see you on "morning joe." he will be of course on "morning
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joe" to discuss presidential candidates abusing campaign cash for personal gains. we'll get into that with him on "morning joe." the man republicans hope he'll replace in the white house continued yesterday to make his case for jobs. this time in the key re-election state of virginia. in an interview, the president spoke can can diddidly about th on the economy. >> i guarantee you it will be a close election because the fact is that the economy is not where it wants to be. and even though i believe that all the choices we've made have been the right ones, we're still going through difficult circumstances. and that means people who may be sympathetic to my point of view still kind of feel like, but it hasn't gotten done yet. >> president obama also weighed in on the occupy wall street protests that continue to gain momentum across the country. the president said the demonstrations how in their
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second month remind him of another grass roots movement. >> what i've said is that i understand the frustrations that are being expressed in those protests. in some ways they're not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the tea party. both on the left and the right. i think people feel separated from their government. they feel that their institutions aren't looking out for them. >> that interview with jake tapper. while on his bus our, the president has paep drawing contrast from his plan and that of republicans claiming the republican plan protects wall street. back in washington, mitch mcconnell criticized the president for blaming others for what senator mcconnell says are his own failed policies. >> he's trying to convinces american people that it's anybody else's fault but his that we're where we are. it must be the fault of those republicans in congress, it must
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be the fault of those rich people, it must be the fault of those people on wall street. i don't think the american people will fall for it. he's been president now for three years. he owned the congress for the first two years. they did everything he wanted. i know he's desperately interested in trying to plain anybody else, but he's the president of the united states. he got everything he wanted. and it didn't work. >> they've blasted the trip saying it's more about campaigning thand jobs. a charge the white house denied. but vice president biden speaking in pennsylvania suggested the administration's efforts to get the jobs bill through congress does involve a bit of politics. >> right now our children are paying the price for this recession more than any other group of americans. and that's simply unacceptable because we can do something about it. and that's why the president and
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i are going all across the country. people say we're campaigning. we sure the heck are campaigning, we're campaign to go change this environment, change this environment. >> by the way, vice president biden will formally file re-election paperwork for himself and for president obama tomorrow in the state of new hampshire. we turn how to the markets and some surprising news for two titans of the financial world. the headline in the wall street journal this morning, pain spreads to biggest banks. spotlighting the quarterly results for goldman sachs and bank of america. we bring in geoff cutmore live for us this morning in london. geoff, good morning. >> good morning to you. only the second ever quarterly loss for goldman sachs since it went public 12 years ago. $428 million loss for the third quarter. a lot of that came from failings in the trading a rein a in terms of underwriting equities and bonds. bank of america end of an era for that bank, knocked from the
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number one position. it now has to sit behind jpmorgan in terms of the size of this business. they reported a net profit in at $6.2 billion for the third quarter. but that helped greatly by the sales of shares in china construction banks. so not a great day at the office. >> as you say, they posted a profit, but they fall behind jpmorgan chase. geoff, thanks so much. still ahead, red sox players admitted it drinking in the clubhouse during games. what do they have to say about new allegations that they drank in the dugout? sports just ahead. plus more from last night's republican debate where the candidates spent large portions of the evening simply talking over each other and asking ross perot styleky finish?
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if you opened general motor, your loss was $16. east mman kodak, down $27. a shattering 6 1/2 hourses on wall street. the dow off more than 500 points. paper losses more than $500 billion. october 19th, 1987. wall street's black monday. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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5:47 in the morning here in new york city. 2:47 in las vegas where rick santorum was just now getting to bed after a long life of partying at tao. let's get a check on the weather from bill karins. >> you'd be right there with him. >> santorum and i, don't get me started. >> a little party boys. good morning, every. we are watching things in florida carefully. last night we had three reported
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tornadoes, some damage away sunrise, roofs taken off houses. not looking at any tornados right now, but we still have heavy rain that has to go through. it's raining in new york city. been raining in philly, baltimore and d.c., so a slow morning commute today. and the forecast will keep it dreary, cloudy, cool. the winds will pick up, it will be a raw day out there. and that rain will slide up in to hartford and boston during your morning, also. so be prepared. today is the worst weather of the week. also in chicago, it is going to be very windy. a high wind warning. winds up to 60 miles per hour, blowing out of the north. so that will send the large waves down into the lake shore. they're expecting 20 tfoot wave along the waterfront. probably amazing pictures later today. >> ugly day over a large portion of the country. in boston, a blame game seems to take a new turn every day. so how about this one?
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according to whdh tv, park employees are alleging that josh beckett, jon lester, john lackey sometimes drank beer in the dugout during games when they weren't pitching. according to the employees at fenway, the three would head back to the clubhouse around the 6th inning and return to the dug out with cups full of bud light. one unidentified employee described it like this. beckett would come down the stairs from the dug out walking through the corridor to the clubhouse and say it's about that i'm. beckett was the in-city gate tore, but lester and lackey were right behind him. it was hard pnot to notice what was going on. the red sox released statements from all three denying the report. we c beckett saying must have is enough. i admit i made mistakes, but this has gone too far.
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it's not through. and this from jon lester, the accusation that we were drinking in the dugout is completely false. you'll remember the firestorm began last week when a front page article in the "boston globe" claimed that the same three drank beer, ate fried chicken and played video games in the clubhouse during games. lester admit this had week in a separate interview that they did have the occasional what he called rally beer in the clubhouse. but, again, the pitchers deny the new story that they actually drank in the dugout during games. on the field game one of the world series is tonight in st. louis. the cardinals hosting the texas rangers at busch stadium. c.j. wilson goes against chris carpenter. coming up on "morning joe," somebody got into the red bull it at the republican debate in vegas as rick perry perks up, goes after mitt romney as they all but slug each other.
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they went after herman cain, too. highlights with with our "morning joe" crew. and when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to watch bill clinton assemble his hollywood super friends for a pun any or die clip. [ inner voice ] establish connection. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice. dependability. yeah. activate dog. a bigger dog. [ male announcer ] introducing the reinvented 2012 toyota camry. it's ready. are you? ♪ like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent.
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herman cain took a lot of heat over his 9-9-9 plan which
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he says he now admits will raise taxeses on some americans. but according to just about every study you can find, the majority of taxpayers will feel the pinch. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends 84% of u.s. households would pay mornl they do under current policies according to the research group tax policy center which said the impact would be felt most heavily by low income groups. the center said households making under $30,000 would add 16% less in after tax income than they do today. let's gather around the water cooler and head back to vegas where the candidates got together last night to poke hole in the 9-9-9 play, but mostly just to talk over each other like bitter drunken relatives. >> this is one night when i hope what happens in vegas doesn't
2:55 am
stay in vegas. >> you're shaking your -- >> no, that's not what you said. >> yeah, we got it from you. you got it from the heritage foundation. >> what you just said is not true. >> i tell you what, why don't you let me speak. >> you're allowed to change your -- >> rick, again, i'm speaking. >> the newspaper -- time for tu to tell the truth. sglu get >> you get 30 seconds. >> you're out of time. >> anderson, anderson -- >> let me finish. >> you say you you knew you had illegal -- >> would you please wait some are you just going to keep talking? >> yes, sir. >> are you going to let me finish? >> this reminds me of something i was watching on bravo not long ago. >> i'm going to be really raw with you. you're weird. >> you're weird. >> so you are so weird. >> then stop talking about me.
2:56 am
>> listen, you actually are -- >> i never talk but, darling. you've gciven me so much stuff. >> you're not a mice person. you're just not. >> ooh. >> you think -- >> you're not a nice person. >> that's my man, andy cohen, exs as per rated. kind of like the republican field. one more thing to show you. bill clinton assembling his hollywood pals. >> president krin top called on us to brainstorm new initiatives to help the foundation do even more good. >> i have an idea. >> finally somebody comes prepared. >> it's a very simple initiative whereby people do not steal my lunch from the break room fridge. that's specifically why i put my name on the bag. simple initiative.
2:57 am
>> who is taking sean's sandwiches? the fact that he has to make up a flyer saying stop stealing my sandwiches -- >> my water, see? same thing. on my lunch bag, same thing. simple initiative. actionable, clear, let's do it. >> can you all hear me in that room over there? >> hello, sir, president clinton, hi, sir. we didn't realize you were on the line. >> do i not want any of you to leave that office until you have all those great initiatives fully mapped out and worked out. do you understand me? >> there's a lock on the door. we're not going anywhere. we're on it. we have on it, sir. >> well, listen, i got to run and give this speech, but i'll check back and see how you're doing. you're my celebrity army. >> thank you, mr. president. god bless you. god bless america. >> kevin, what i can tell you about making crank calls in my office? >> not to do it about. >> not to do it without me. are you hungry?
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