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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  October 20, 2011 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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in a one-run game? it's "way too early" for this. good morning, aisle willie geist and this is "way too early," the show that's withholding its endorsement until alan keyes decides whether or not he will run for president. i'm glad you're watching or listen live on sirius xm e-mail. shoot me an e. mail at waytooearly @msn@msnbc. hillary clinton in afghanistan, which plans to hop over to pakistan in what should ab intense meeting with government officials there. plus, the only endorsement that really matters in american politics, wayne newton throws his supertan weight and
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glistening white teeth behind michele bachmann and last night he sealed it with a kiss. a can't miss clip later in the show. later at 5:30, and a terrible story out of ohio yesterday. police armed with high-powered rifles hunten and killing 48 exotic animals let loose. their owner, police say, released them from his private exotic animal park before taking his own life. six animals including three leopa leopard, a grizzly bear and two monkeys were safely captured and taken to the columbus zoo. the rest some endangered had to be destroyed. john yang has more. >> reporter: by the time the sun came up in zanesville most that escaped from terry thompson's farm were gone. >> six black bear, two grizzly bear, nine male lion, eight lion
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esses. and 18 tigers. >> reporter: a nerve-racking night as local broad wases warned residents. >> reporter: thompson, the owner of an animal farm, apparently set most of his animals free then took his own life. fred polk saw many of the animals on his property. >> i seen some mountain lions and african lions and i think three bears. one of the bears charged a deputy and the deputy shot it. >> we don't go to the academy and get trained on how to deal with 300-pound bengal tigers. >> reporter: danielle and her two children live next door. for her it was a terrifying night. >> gunfire was very close to the house. i almost felt at one point it may have been right in the backyard. >> that is a bear. >> reporter: today schools were
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closed as a precaution amid new questions about the animals' owner. neighbors and others called him eccentric. he was released after a year in prison on gun charges. six of his animals have been safely taken to the columbus zoo but scores of other has to be killed to protect a community. >> tragedy for the animal world is what it is. it could have been a bigger tragedy for the human world. >> reporter: most of the animals have been returned to terry thompson's property and buried there. >> that was john yang reporting from zanesville, ohio. among the animals killed, 18 bengal tigers. that's even more tragic considering there are own 1400 estimated to be left in all the world. according to the humane society, state laws vary concerning the ownership of exotic animals. 12 states ban the private possession of exotic pets. 12 states have almost no rules,
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ohio is one of those states and you can bet they'll take a close look at that now going forward. now to 2012 politics. president obama's recent push to sympathize with the occupy wall street protesters has yet to impact his relationship with the banking sector. today "the washington post" with a story out, obama flush with financial sector cash. "the post" is reporting the fund-raising combined with money raised by the democrat national committee brought in far more money from wall street than all the other candidates combined. this is different from a "new york times" report earlier this week that said romney had far outraised the president. that report focused only on president obama's personal campaign cash leaving out the dnc numbers. new fund-raising data show the president receiving more campaign cash than romney from bane capital. it's a boston based private equity firm co-founded by mitt
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romney. a recent poll shows the president's re-election campaign will be an uphill battle as he knows. 50% of those polled says he does not deserve to be re-elected with 46% saying he does. it shows mitt romney leading the gop field with 30% support among likely republican voters. herman cain in second place, 26% just there on the edge of the margin of error almost tied with it. rick perry down at third place with 13%. despite that polling romney is focusing on rick perry after their feuding during tuesday night's debate the romney released this ad an youtube yesterday. >> was it before he was before the social programs from the standpoint of he was for -- >> do or die for him. >> it's not whether we'll have this policy or -- >> he did throw up all over himself in the debate. >> the fact is americans
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understand faith. >> rick perry plunging in the polls, rolling the dice. >> he would just calm down. he seemed very agitated. >> the romney camp removed that ad late last night. neither campaign has commented. earlier a senior adviser commented on the vegas debate saying the texas governor was too aggressive. >> what we saw last night with rick perry was -- it reminded me of an legality who has had bad performances and goes in deliberately looking to pick a fight. people don't like that. what mitt romney was doing was standing up to a bully and i think rick perry was acting like a bully. it was unpresidential of him to come on to that stage and start taking roundhouse swings at mitt romney and some of the other candidates up there. >> governor perry meanwhile, is previewing his new economic plan he's expected to unveil in south carolina. speaking to a las vegas crowd he said he would scrap the current tax co-and replace it with a
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flat tax. perry joking said "i want to make the tax code so simple even timothy geithner can file his taxes on time." president obama wrapped up his three-day, two-state bus tour at a virginia firehouse yesterday where he touted the first piece of his jobs act. the proposal which would give $35 billion to states would be used to prevent layoffs of police and firefighters. a plan the president said makes his ideas for job growth the right ones. dirtier air, dirtier water, fewer people on health care, less accountability on wall street. that is not a jobs plan. keeping first responders on the job, that's a jobs plan. putting more teachers in the classroom, that's a jobs plan. what we decided to do since 100% of republicans in the senate voted against this plan the first time is we're going to give them another chance. we're going to let them vote on each of these ideas separately.
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and we'll see if they fight just as hard for your jobs as they fight for their own jobs. >> the president's plan will be paid for by a half percent tax increase. senator mitch mcconnell had this to say. >> i think it's time democrats realize they were lucky to lead not to choreograph political theater. it's completely preposterous at a time when 14 million americans are looking for a job in this country for the president to be riding around on a bus saying we should raise taxes. we've got 14 million people out of work and two self-identified conservatives for every liberal in this country and the president is out there doing his best howard dean impersonation. he's completely out of touch. >> meanwhile, the rally on capitol hill, vice president joe biden reiterated his claims that
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public safety could be at risk. this is drawing some fire. he says if the jobs bill is not passed. >> police departments, as i said in some cases literally cut in half like camden, new jersey, and flint, michigan, in many cities, the result has been that it's not unique murder rates are up, robberies are up, rapes are up. consequences of these losses are real and they're now. but the interesting thing is why i said this is simple and say to the press this is very, very simple, man. there's a solution. we can do something about it right now. it's not rocket science. >> in response to the vice president, the republican national committee put out a statement that read to link well-justified bipartisan opposition to the president's latest stimulus proposal to violent crime is intellectually dishonest and reeks of the kind of gutter politics the obama administration purports to be
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above. back in the senate harry reid said the top priority for his party is to create jobs and offered this explanation regarding of obama administration's focus on city and state workers. >> massive layoffs we've had in america today have -- of course, are rooted in the last administration and it's very clear that private sector jobs have been doing just fine. it's the public sector where we lost huge numbers and that's what it's all about. >> reid says he will schedule a vote on the first piece for tomorrow. overseas secretary of state hillary clinton is making a surprise visit to afghanistan. secretary clinton met with afghan president hamid karzai calling for a reality check. on the way forward in afghanistan and encouraging the country's leadership to once again reach out to the taliban for reconciliation. secretary clinton's trip comes just a month after the assassination of former president rabbani by taliban
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bombers. the secretary of state is drawing a harder line on peace efforts between afghanistan and pakistan calling for a partnership with the u.s. against insurgents. clinton will travel to pakistan later today where she's expected to put pressure on the government there to help in the fight. another key vote on budget cuts is scheduled for today in greece as protesters vow to bring the country to a standstill in the second day of a strike that has already shut down schools and disrupted public transportation. let's take an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business. steve sedgwick is live in london. good morning. >> very good morning to you. the protests part of a rolling series of measures from people who are up in arms against the government's latest austerity measures. it's the final vote as you said today. a cabinet meeting and after that a final vote. it is expected to get through. the government has a majority of 354 seats but it's real severe
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cuts for the public sector. that same international community is still looking at the euro zone debt as a whole looking for a bigger scheme. they are set to work on this how to get the levels right, 2 trillion euros worth and canceled out a whole series of problems we're seeing. >> athens continues to burn. still ahead on "way too early." rick perry's texas rangers begin the world series against the cardinals in st. louis. it's a tight one. cardinals had their man on the hill. highlights ahead in sports. president pda, not the obscene kind. just the president and first lady flirting a bit in public. that clip and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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5:46 in the morning, beautiful picture of rockefeller plaza. nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> have we had enough rain lately? >> let it out. move it out, bill. >> i know. cleveland just by the way yesterday with 2 inches. you had your rainiest year ever and we still have 11 weeks left in the year so you get the general gist. another mild day but it's very damp out there. drizzle from d.c. all the way up to boston and heavier rain continues. a batch will head to chicago, detroit, you're on and off, and the winds were up in chicago. now they're right about 37-mile-per-hour winds up around
2:47 am
saginaw at 40, green bay, 30. the worst is near chicago and some of the high-rise windows blow out. quite the scene on the southern portions of lake michigan. look at that ferry ride as waves were running 8 to 10 feet. that will continue this morning. the forecast today, the worst is over with. it will slowly improve at least it's mild out there. thought that cold, the colder air is back in the middle of the country where today only in the 50s for highs in areas like kansas city, atlanta, only 59. you know, fall is like this. if we can get these days like this, weekend looks fantastic >> that's all that matter, bill, thanks so much. to sports now, game one in the world series in st. louis. the two organizations, almost complete strangers to one another, three-game series in 2004 the only other time the two teams met. chris carpenter on the mound and first gets elvis andrus to ground to pujols.
2:48 am
carpenter has to dive to make the play, his glove touches the back who barely avoids stepping on the pitcher. they escape with his pitching hand intact. runners on sick and third. lance berkman bloops one into right field off c.j. wilson. cardinals out to a 2-0 lead and mike napoli ties the game with a two-run shot, only two he allowed. went six innings striking out four before tony la russa went to the bull pen. la russa as allen craig come in to pinch hit on a one, two count he can't make the play and david freese scores easily. over the next two innings la raus see shows why he's one of the best in the game. la russa burns through his bull
2:49 am
pen changes pitchers four times and the relievers hold them at bay in the ninth, a bit of controversy, adrian beltre at the plate with one out hits a grounder off his foot but the umpire rules it's a clean ground ball. he says it should have been ruled a foul. the replay shows it did, dine nick his foot and cardinals get a free one, cruz pops out to left center to end the game. cardinals take game one by the score of 3-2. game two back in st. louis tonight. at the top of the hour on "morning joe." president obama finishes his bus tour selling the jobs bill. lust a new report in "the washington post" shows he is still the king of wall street campaign cash. and when we come back here we'll huddle around the water cooler to see michele bachmann getting some well perhaps unwanted love from the great wayne newton. "way too early" coming right
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harry reid says job creation is "the number one priority for president obama and his party." the unemployment stats show they have their work cut out for them. 14 million americans are currently unemployed with 44% of
2:53 am
those people job less for 27 weeks or longer. all right. enough with the real news. let's huddle up around the water cooler. to watch wayne newton in all his tanned, dyed, bleached, surgically reconstructed vegas glory showing his affection for michele bachmann. newton was naturally in the front row for tuesday night's debate in las vegas and he was taken with the minnesota congresswoman. so much so he joined bachmann on fox news last night. >> wayne newton, tell me, it looks like you're on a date. so tell me where did you find wayne newton? >> i will support this beautiful lady as long as she wants to go. >> that's pretty good, don't you think, greta. >> that's pretty hot. that's pretty good. thank you to both and good luck to both of you. >> thank you very much and thank you for allowing me this.
2:54 am
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> wow. leave that that up. i want to make sure i am right. i don't think the congresswoman was expecting that debate. the kiss or a threat of a kiss. okay. no, we're not going to see it. t.j., have i ever told you you are the best in the best. the very, very best in the business. let's move on to "the daily show." jon stewart's take. >> let's get ready to romney. >> you're allowed to change -- >> you had your chance. we got it from you -- you got it from the heritage foundation. >> it's not true. it was in your book -- go guys. >> took it out of your book. >> his turn. >> the big states of illegal immigrants. >> you see, do you see that woman's look of shock? do you know how hard it is to
2:55 am
get a look of shock from someone in las vegas? >> i love you, brother, but you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this out. i'll bump plans -- >> i don't think you want to be all brother -- a couple of weeks ago there was this disclosure you leased a ranch called -- >> this is an example of mixing apples and oranges. the state tax is an apple. we are replacing the current tax code with oranges. >> and i am going to get a bushel basket that has apples and oranges in it because i'm going to pay both taxes. >> herman cain, you like apples? because you just got wicked schools from the famaa-gamma of -- >> the president and first lady were in hampton, virginia, they
2:56 am
did a little -- what did they do? went to a pumpkin patch. a couple pretty hideous and will sit outside and went on stage in hampton, virginia, and a little bit of flirting. >> i'm very thrilled, very honored to be here, number one i never get to do anything with my husband. i haven't seen him in three days. this is a nice date. it's good to see -- you're looking good. >> she does all this and she looks cute. that's right. she's so good. how lucky am i to be married to michelle obama? see, for you pen out there who are not yet married let me explain the whole goal is to marry up. to try to improve your gene
2:57 am
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