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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 21, 2011 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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your beef is with me. so let's do this face to face right here any time. we would love to have you. an end to tyranny. the world hails news former libyan dictator moammar gadhafi has been killed. republican roadblock, president obama blasts gop senators for blocking a bill aimed at avoiding teacher an firefighter lay-offs. and baby on board. surveillance video shows a horrific convenient store crash in australia. good morning. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead on msnbc. we ginn begin with the death
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of a dictator. a new chapter begins for libya now that moammar gadhafi is dead. how was he taken down and what was the united states' role in his killing. steve handelsman has the details. first we want to warn you, some of the video in this report may be disturbing. >> reporter: outside the whus libyans an libyan americans staged a thank you rally. moammar gadhafi is dead after 42 years of murder rouse rule. outside the white house, president obama is pleased, his plan worked. >> there's no doubt we did exactly what we said we were going to do in libya. >> reporter: it was a limited u.s. role when the rebels faced massacre and pushing other nato nations to take over. rebels say he was shot in the head in a cross fire. this is closure to the loved ones of americans remembered at
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this monument in syracuse, new york, killed when the libyan dictator allegedly had their u.s. jetliner blown up in 1988. >> to finally get the man that ordered the bombing of pan am 103 is justice. u.s. officials worry any aircraft missiles are unaccounted for here, islamic radicals could capitalize on the chaos. the revolution has won said president obama, but there's more to do. >> to secure dangerous materials andh) of all libians. >> reporter: two things libya has to learn with gadhafi dead. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. early this morning secretary of state hillary clinton who had just been to tripoli just days ago responded to gadhafi's killing saying it was a new era for libya. speaking from islamabad she also turned up the heat on pakistan
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saying there would be a very big price if pakistan doesn't do something about militants staging attacks in afghanistan. meanwhile former pakistani president pervez musharraf said u.s.-pakistani relations are at their lowest point with both sides to blame. else where in washington, after turning back president's overall jobs bill, republicans have once again rejected piecemeal portions of the plan to get americans back to work. tracie potts joins us more from washington with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. it was a 50-50 vote where lober man voting against the president's plan that the white house says would have saved the jobs of more than 400,000 teachers, firefighters, police officers and first responders in this country. president obama in a statement said this is unacceptable, that
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americans, quote, deserve an explanation on why republicans refuse, in his words, to step up to the plate. by the way, there were also democrats who said they wanted to see changes in this plan even though they voted for it. republicans say that we cannot afford another bail out of states. they're calling this stimulus 2.0. of course, they were against that half percent tax on millionaires to pay for it. a recent a.p. poll showed americans supported that tax by 62%. >> is there any chance republicans will give in to pressure from democrats to push this jobs bill for ward? last night democratic senator barbara boxer spoke with politician nation host reverend al sharpton about whether there's any potential for that. >> i think it's the same old, same old, reverend. if they wanted to work was, they wouldn't be filibustering this mini jobs bill, which is 400,000
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jobs for our first responders, firefighters and teachers. they're forcing us to get 60 votes just to take up the measure. if they were going to work with us, they said a few of them, they would work with us on pieces of the obama jobs package. they're not. i don't know whether you're aware of this, but they have offered up their plan tonight which we're also going to vote on. you know what that particular plan does? >> tell us. >> it cuts $30 billion in the next 60 days that has to be identified and cut not out of defense, domestic discretionary. if that $30 billion were to be taken out of personnel, that would be a loss of 200,000 jobs. >> lean forward with reverend all sharpton and "politics nation" weekdays at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. here is your look at other news going on around the
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country. a surveillance camera was going when a braze zen thief swiped an iphone from a restaurant. the 6-year-old had it in his hands when the suspect swooped in to snatch the phone and take off. no arrests have been made. in indiana the plumber played a hero when he came to the aid of the kid den stuck in a storm drain. the plumber created a massive hole where he was able to reach in and pull out the kitten. finally, the greatest gourd of them all is on display right here in new york. the gigantic pumpkin, the world's largest, weighs in at close to a ton. those who want to see it better hurry and get here to the big apple. it is scheduled to be carved up tomorrow. for a look at your national weather, we turn to nbc
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meteorologist bill karins. >> a lot of pressure for the pumpkin carving. >> why? >> i always overcook the seeds. you can't have them raw. >> you can do what lynn berry does, just head to the store and buy the little bag, perfectly salted and perfectly cooked. >> that would be zero fun, but yummy. let's take you through what we'll deal with this weekend. the weather pattern is very tranquil, a quiet, beautiful fall weekend. it's probably the peak weekend to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in many areas of the country. here is the latest updated map. the darkest colors is where we're past the peak. that's northern minnesota and wisconsin. even now a lot of mountainous areas of northern new england are past their peak. this is the peak weekend for many areas of new england, including the southern adirondacks and appalachians.
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we're starting to get the color going in the lower great lakes, too. the winds this week did remove some of the leaves. if you're traveling out west, we're past the peak in many areas of utah and even colorado now. as far as the weather goes, we had the horrible winds the last couple days. it's not as bad this morning. that storm system is beginning to leave us. we still have a little bit of breezy conditions. over the lakes we have lake effect rain showers. yes, we can get rain showers, too. in the winter we get the lake-effect snows. that's what we have from cleveland to ashtabula, erie, dunn dirk and buffalo. you need the heater on in the car from kansas city to st. louis and temperatures dipping from alabama and mississippi, down near 40. today's forecast, it looks splendid and gorgeous. a chilly start and a really enjoyable forecast in so many areas. i'll bring you the weekend forecast coming up. the smiles will continue. >> we like that. thanks so much. euro fears ease again.
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at&t has iphone withdrawal and the all american bar by like you've never seen her before. your look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. coming up, game two of the world series. a referee and bench-clearing brawl. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] nature valley sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible,
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. there has been a second day of rioting in athens over austerity measures and higher taxes. the violence between rival demonstrators has left one person dead and more than 100 wounded. an attack targeting the nasdaq's computer systems last year is more serious than previously thought. sources tell reuters hackers installed malicious software that allowed them to spy on the directors of publicly held companies. fbi and national security agency investigations are on going. the american civil liberties
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union is accusing the fbi of abusing its post 9/11 powers by targeting innocent americans based on widespread stereotyping in ethnic communities. the allegations are based on documents obtained through the freedom of information act. the fbi denies the claim. never-before-seen photos and letters from two survivors of the ill-fated titanic are about to go on the auction block. photos taken from a rescuing ship show life boats in icy waters while letters give accounts of the night it sank. this is an out-of-control car this slammed into a convenient store sending a bibby stroller flying. amazingly the 15-month-old baby boy escaped unharmed. here is your first look at wall street. the dow opens at 11,541 after
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gaining 37 points yesterday. the s&p added five points, but the nasdaq lost five. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo the nikkei was down three points, but in hong kong the hang seng nudged up 42. as european leaders worked on a debt crisis solution thursday, stocks shifted up and down with every development ending with slight gains. ultimately jrm any and france announced two upcoming summits promising a solution by the second meeting next wednesday. that calmed investors who, thanks to europe, have seen the volatility index rise 11% in the last two days. u.s. economic data helped drive the seesaw, mid atlantic activity rebounded in october and jobless claims fell last week, but existing home sales fell last month. poly come dragged the nasdaq 25% on low revenue. enger sol rands sank on low
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earnings and its forecast. at&t fell on a steep drop on the number of iphones activated last quarter. southwest airlines rose on slightly better income than anticipated. "the new york times" soared on higher-than-expected profit. and watch microsoft today. it fell after the bell on weak quarterly window sales. elsewhere, a fed official wants the bank to purchase mortgage bonds to stimulate economic growth. after years of debate and despite strong teamster opposition, today the first mexican free trade truck rolls into the nation through laredo texas. here she is. the new barbie, drawing lots of criticism for neck and shoulder tattoos as well as her pet named bastardino. this is a limited edition, adult
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collector barbie. it's the third barbie with a little ink. the grape ape comes up big for the caps. a pen going swings and scores, plus truly bizarre episodes in college football. and with their glove work keeping them in the game early, the texas rangers' bats won them the world series game too late. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. like crest pro-health multi-protection. it helps you get a better dental check-up. so be ready for your next dental check-up. try any crest pro-health rinse. [ inner voice ] establish connection. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags. ten of 'em. perfect. add blind spot monitor. 43 mpg, nice.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. in sports last nightstanding one inning away from a commanding two-game lead in the world series, the st. louis cardinals will instead limp into texas all tied up with the rangers. here is nbc's fred roggin. if you love defense, game two of the world series definitely for you. in st. louis, defense the key for the rangers. one on, matt holliday grounded to andrus, bare handed grab. won't see a better play than that. we go to the fifth and it's andrus again, a diving stop, to kinsler for the final out. another great play ends the cardinal threat. the rangers got on the board down to the final three outs. josh hamilton a sac fly to right. the next batter, michael young another fly ball and run. texas grabbed the lead. that's how it ended.
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rangers even the series with a 2-1 win. tomorrow night losch and harrison are the probables. college football in the ucla game, a fan ran onto the field and ran off. the distraction started everything. during that time a group of players got into it, benches cleared, two players ejected. apparently that was all the fight ucla had, arizona won big. alex ovechkin scored a pair of goals. washington remains undefeated with a 5-1 win. the penguins aaron asham batted it out of mid air and into the net. great hand eye coordination. they could have used a home run swing last night. it took 700 games to score the prettiest goal of his career. that's your first look at sports.
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i'm fred roggin. with another look at the weather here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> time for the weekend forecast. >> this is the time of year you really want these beautiful weekends. a lot of people getting their halloween costumes, final preps for the big day. we're watching temperatures, the weekend forecast looks just like today. in most areas of the country it's not going to change. today good from albany, boston, d.c. a cold start for the rest of the country, beautiful start and finish from little rock, new orleans. florida good. 66 and partly cloudy in new york. chicago near hi 60. kansas city a nice mild 71 for you. dallas, 78. so many areas look just gorgeous. even as we head into sunday, nothing really changes, maybe a little wet weather in miami. overall i think 99% of the country is looking at a very
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good weekend. >> love it. bill, thanks so much. coming up a scary situation is shaping up at the box office this weekend. plus a day after promising to get her act together, she messes up all over again. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. for unlimited mobile to mobile minutes. you're kidding. no. where's that money coming from, steve? did it even cross your mind to ask your wife before signing us up for something so expensive? my mother was right; i should have married john clarke. they were free. i got them when i signed us up for unlimited messaging. [ male announcer ] get more value from at&t. buy an unlimited messaging plan, and call any u.s. mobile phone free. at&t.
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. a political firestorm is building down under after the australian prime minister decided not to courtesy for queen elizabeth. >> reporter: the queen was taken
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by golf buggy to look at kangaroos living in the gardens of the official residence where she's staying. she has found herself unwittingly at the center of a row over protocol that has left some australians hopping mad. in the dock in prime minister julia gillard who neither bowed nor courtesies when she welcomed the queen and fount herself suddenly on the defensive after criticism in the media. >> the advice to me was very clear that you could make a choice with what you feel most comfortable. >> reporter: no offense was taken say palace officials. greeting the queen is a matter of personal choice. governor brist here chose the old-fashioned way, none of which has detracted from the public response to the queen who was being carried on a wooden barge. security men on jet skis followed as she was taken across
2:27 am
the lake to visit her flower show. the british monarchy has not lacked for opponents in australia over the years. the royal family is on a role at the moment. it seems the queen has never been more popular. the reception committee here included 5-year-old madison spora who had a special greeting card. >> did you make that? >> it was a picture of the queen with her palace dress and my mommy write it for me last night. >> reporter: as australians argued about protocol, the queen was simply happy to smell the flowers along the way. tim yurt, itb news, cam rafrnlths time for your first look at entertainment news. with halloween around the corner it is appropriate this weekend's expected box office champ is said to be terrifying. the third installment of "paranormal activity" horror franchise should finish number
2:28 am
one with around $35 million. also new this weekend, "three musketeers," this one headlining a woman, mila jovovich is filled with special effects and new twists, expected to take second with about $15 million. fans of mr. bean will head to johnny english reborn, a see call to 2003 spy cahl8e johnny english, expected to finish fifth with around $7 million. finally maybe you saw this coming, wednesday with her probation revoked and facing fresh jail time, lindsay lohan promised to impress the judge presiding over her case and work at the county morgue every day until her next hearing. well, yesterday was her first day on the job. lohan showed up 40 minutes late. she was denied entry. >> don't you have to try at this point to be this bad? can you purposely mess up this
2:29 am
much? >> look at your watch and just wait to actually make it. exactly. hot mess, that's what we call it. i'm lynn berry "way too early" starts now. moammar gadhafi eel lewded capture until yesterday when his rain and life ended in a concrete drainpipe. the question is what were gadhafi's final minutes like? richard engel brings us that story. the senate votes down the portion of president obama's jobs bill that would have provided billions to hire cops, firefighters and teachers. the question is, if republicans won't vote for that, is there anything the president proposes on jobs they will support. if you're not watching the world series, you ought to be. another great one-run game between the rangers and cardinals. this one decided in the ninth inning. the question is when did these low profile pitchers suddenly


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