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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  October 27, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm chris jansing. the president is trying to pull the country out of an economic slump. he's willing to go it alone. >> i intend to do everything in my power to act on behalf of the american people with or without congress.
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we can't wait for congress to do its job. so where they won't act, i will. >> now, over the last three days he's announced exit have orders to help students pay their college loan, help homeowners underwater pay their mortgages and to help veterans find jobs. kristin walker is live at the white house for us. tell as you little more about the administration's strategy here. >> good morning to you, chris. this new strategy comes with a new mtr which is we can't wait. the idea here is really to turn up the heat on congress to get something done on that jobs bill the president proposed and it's also to show the president can act without congress, to show he can do something to try to steer this economy in the right direction. as you know, some of his critics have accused the president of not doing enough to get the economy back on track. here the president taking these executive actions and saying if congress won't act, i will. one of president obama's
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advisors said they felt the need to act right now because of the obstructionism in congress. one senior advisor told me we can expect to see this as a big, major push here at the white house. in other words, we're going to see more of these initiatives unveiled over the coming days and weeks. the president this week unveiling help for homeowners, help for vets putting them back to work and help for folks who have student loan debt. idea is to free up cash, get people spending given and to increase the security that they have. so we expect to see some of these initiatives unveiled over the coming days and weeks, although the white house right now being fairly mum about what exactly those initiatives are going to lk like. >> kristen welker. >> let's bring in the director of uva center for politics.
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good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> can president obama win with this strategy we just heard about from crikristen? >> that can happen. i think it is bowing to liberals who have been wanting him to do this for a long time, which is act on your own. he did say going in i have this jobs plan but i can't get it through because of the obstructionists, the republicans in con. thatng on in in
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country with frustration around income and quite frankly frustration around wall street. look at what every one of the republican candidates wants to roll back wall street reform. barack obama is out fighting for the middle class and making sure we can send our children to college. >> larry, is that a good contrast? is he right? >> el worklet's put it this way. president obama loses often in polls to a generic republican candidate but when you get a specific republican can't attached to specific republican policies, i think he's do better. the strategy is probably the best the white house has, unless the better thing happens, which is for them if the economy improves. >> let's talk about that election. something that might be helping the presidency is actually rick perry, at least if you believe it in politico, the ig headline that rick perry is barack
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obama's secret ally in beating up mitt romney. my question is this, would that make romney a stronger nominee if he wins because he's been through battle or an easier target for obama? >> it's always both. thank goodness we have two hands. on the one hand and on the other hand. i think both are true. this is a traditional technique that can work. it goes back many, many decades i think for example of lyndon johnson's famous ad against barry goldwater where he used photos of governor scranton of pennsylvania, republican, government rockefeller of new york, a republican and, yes, governor romney of michigan, george romney, mitt romney's father, a republican. they had heavily criticized barry goldwater and johnson just recycled their criticisms in the general election. that's exactly what the obama people will do if romney is the nominee or for that matter any of the republican nominees will have been heavily criticized by their opponents. >> it's been said many times
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that he is the nominee that they think would be strongest against the president, and now in four early state polls done by "time" and cnn, mitt romney is leading in every state. do you think it was just a matter of time before we saw him rise backs to the top, nia? >> i think there was a quiet coalescing around mitt romney when chris christy decided not to get in, perry imploded around some of these day bates. you've soon him come to d.c. and meet with congressional leaders flp is slow walk but a steady walk to romney over these many weeks. it's not a surprise the polls show him ahead. cain is slipping. he was ahead in some of these polls early on but he seems to be stumbling. surprise for some that he's leading or close in south carolina.ç that was supposed to be prime country for perry. but even there it going to be hard for perry to climb back into this in some of these states. >> if the republican nomination
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does get dragged out a bit longer, is that better for barack obama? >> it is. i think probably a bloodied romney probably helps the democrats probably a bit. but it also makes romney a stronger candidate. as we've seen over these last six, seven weeks that perry's been in this race, romney has become a better candidate. he's become a better debater, he's become better on the stump. so i think this back and forth he'll have over these next many, many months will in some ways make him a stronger can't. you will see the democrats recycle some of these ads, not om from perry, perry calling him a fat cat, calling him a flip-flopper, but even from people look huntsman who is probably a better messenger and appeals to the reagan democrats better than perry would, you'll see republicans criticizing a romney and amplifying this message we've been hearing out of the white house and democrats. >> given this flip-flopper
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message and the problems it's caused four years ago and now given, is this republican nomination going to go for a while, or do you think it's all going to settle pretty early in this voting season? >> you know, the voters usually have surprises for us, particularly in the early states. it rarely goes according to script. and you can think back four years, eight years, 12 years. there's always a surprise. we get new polling numbers every day. they're all written in sand, they're not carved in stone. so i would expect a surprise at some point in that early process, in that january 1st big four. it was essentially a tie in iowa, it was a tie in south carolina, a modest lead in florida. we have a long way to go yet and most of the republicans are going to aim their fire squarely at romney from now on. he's the one they have to fear.
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now there's an up side for romney from that because the attacks are going to be mainly from the right. it actually positions romney better, closer to the middle for the general election. >> larry, good point. nia, thanks to you as well. >> thank you. >> there's a new story in the "washington post" that says senator marco rubeo could be a liable with hispanic voters. >> did you hear about the bom shell from the wife of bernie madoff, a man who ruined the lives hundreds people with his ponzi scheme? they made claims they tried to commit suicide after bernie's house of cards came tumbling down. he said ne popped the sleeping pill and klonopin and expected
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not to wake up. she said she's glad they did. the occupy movement in california is continuing to grow. starting last night and going into early this morning, more than a thousand protestors gathered in san francisco bracing for a clash with police, although so far it's been peaceful. in oakland, new video shows the chaos when police fired tear gas at demjpáu)ators. one man, a 24-year-old marine and iraq war vet is in critical condition after being struck in the head bay flying object. you can see and here in this video falling to the ground. oakland police say they'll investigate the incident as if it were a police shooting. >> the death toll in turkey has risen to 534. relief efforts have been hampered by rain and sleet. meantime there are in pictures
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michelle obama is spending her day in the crucial election state of florida, alternating between events with kids to further her "let's move" campaign. this week we've seen a lot of the 2012 candidates graping a photo-op in new hampshire. newt gingrich filing his paper on tuesday, the day before mitt romney posed for a similar picture in new hampshire. but michele bachmann is
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literally mailing it in. she saw most of her new hampshire campaign staff resign last week. and then there's this memo sent to staff about traveling in the car with cain. quote, do not speak to him unless you are spoken to. and we've got yet another spoof of herman cain's controversial smoking ad. ♪ i am america one voice united ♪ ♪ i am america >> the gift that just keeps on giving. more evidence this morning that that florida story marcio rubeo has long told about coming to america is contradicted by ç facts. documents show his parents applied to come to america using immigrant visas to stay in the u.s. permanently.
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rubeo has lon insists they planned to return to florida. peter good morning. >> in your piece today you quote the senator at a gop campaign event. we're going to put it up on the screen. nothing against immigrants but my parents are exiles. that comment would suggest that marcio understands the difference between exile and immigrant but the evidence is pretty clear at this point his parents were not exiles, is it not? >> it would seem that way. they came in 1956 as we learned in the "washington post" last week. the "saint pete times" shows despite the senator's argument they all intended to return, his parent had told the u.s. government they wanted to stay perm nngtly. so the question i guess is can he call himself the son of exiles when his parents arrived here in a very conventional -- with a very conventional -- for a conventional reason, as millions of immigrants have done
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for decades since, which is for a job, for economic reasons. >> and he defended himself by saying that his family planned to move back to cuba, writing just lack week and this is a quote, "my mother took my older siblings to cuba with the intention of moving back. my father was wrapping up family matters in miami and was sent to join them. but in 2009, he said that trib was to take care of a sick grandfather. take a listen. >> back with my sister and brother to take care of her father in 1960 and my dad stayed behind working.  seemed rking. to be just point after point after point contradicting him? >> i think he would say and i'm not here to speak to him but i think he would say those two stories are not necessarily mutually exclusive. maybe they returned because the grandfather was sick and also intended to stay. the problem is he said one thing and then said another thing and
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it sounds different and it's not just a matter of, as he put it on the first day that he was dealing with this, of some mistaken dates. that's what he said at first. so this seems like that he's had ample opportunity now to answer what the true story is and yet he's -- it's continuing to sound contradictory. that's just a problem for him. at a mon is this a case of a politician wanting to embellish his story in frankly being in exile is a lot sexier than the typical immigrant story if you're running for office in miami, which is a huge exile community. >> and it speaks to whether he might be somebody recruited on the republican ticket. he has been talked about, he is from florida, you have the huge latino vote. is there any clear indication about how this is impacting his popularity in the latino
7:19 am
community, in florida and more broadly what it might mean for his vice presidential prospects? >> i spent a couple of days talking to a lot of latino republicans and others who are experts on the politics of hispanic communities, which is of extreme interest to the candidates. that is theç fastes growing blk of voters and they will decide these very important states, not just florida but nevada, colorado, new mexico, arizona that is correct really will decide the election in many ways for president obama and whoever is running against him. so the republican party sees opportunities to make gains with his sppanic voters and they see ma marcio as the best possibility to do that. the problem is he is drawing distinction now between the exile story and the immigrant story and all of those voters out in those western states, the
7:20 am
vast majority of them, they're not cubans. they're mexican americans, they're from other places. and their relatives, their friends are more traditional immigrants. if they feel like this cuban american, son of exiles as he says, somehow is elevating that story above the conventional immigrant story, that create as lot of tngs there. keep in mind also there's an existing tension because cubans have a special immigration status. if they make it to this country, it's an almost instant legal status they get. no other group gets that. that's why being exiled is so important because you're fleeing a political situation as opposed to just seeking a better life for you and your family but it now seems senator rubio's family was just seeking a better life. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. people from around the globe
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i can keep my own doctor and choose my own hospital. and i don't need a referral to see a specialist. as with all medicare supplement plans, and help pay for what medicare doesn't. call this toll-free number now... breaking news just in here. we have information that that u.s. district judge has denied all five motions to dismiss the indictment against former u.s. senator john edwards. he was trying to do a hail mary and not go to court at all. he's been accused of misusing funds and insteadç of using hi campaign, using them to cover up an affair he was having with a woman who eventually had his child. his attempt to keep that case out of court has failed. mexico's bloody drug war is hitting frightening close to
7:25 am
home. parents in texas are being warned mexican drug cartels are recruiting american school kids to do their dirty work as drug runners. mark potter joins us now with this nbc exclusive and it literally makes you sick to your stomach, mark. this is shocking stuff. >> absolutely, chris. good morning to you. with the mexican cartels continuing to push tons of illicit drugs into the united states every day, there's an increasing need for workers on the american side of the border and kids are an attractive target. they work cheap, poor kids can easily be lured by the money and if arrested, the penalties are into the too severe because they are juveniles. and they're getting younger and younger. after a high-speed chase by police, a pickup truck crashes in alamo, texas spilling nearly a half ton of mexican marijuana bales. officers say when they and handed the lone driver of the truck, they discovered he was a
7:26 am
mere 12-year-old boy. >> it's shocking because it's not what we expect a 12-year-old to be doing. >> for years drug traffickers lured thousands of kids in mexico to do their dirty work. body carrying drug loads and spying on police. this boy from san diego says he was kidnapped in mexico and forced to execute four people. when asked howe he did it he said "i decapitated them." now police say with more drugs then of coming into the u.s. fromç mexico, traffickers are recruiting kids on the american side of the border. >> they can be just lured with the promise of drive this vehicle from point a to point b for a couple hundred dollars of cash, which seems a lot for a young person. >> in this county where 25 juveniles were arrested on trafficking charges, the sheriff says the problem is getting worse. >> now they're recruiting levoc
7:27 am
kids from high school and even elementary. >> fewer then 10% of the population live along the border here but nearly 20% of jewel nile -- juvenile drug cases are filed here. >> the cartel don't care about our children. they'll use them till they can't use them anymore. >> they'll go after you, they'll kidnap you. >> u.s. border patrol agents are going into classrooms, warning students against joining the cartel, showing films about drug trade violence. it's an uphill battle against cartel recruiters, who have now set their sights on american kids. police and educators that we talk to say that while it's good to talk to kids in the middle school and the high school classes, they also believe actions should start at the elementary level because those kids are also targeted.
7:28 am
>> that's unbelievable. great reporting, mark potter. attorneys for michael jackson's director preparing to put their final witness on the stand today. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪ but if you take away the dramatic score... take away the dizzying 360-degree camera move... [ tires screech ] ...and take away the over-the-top stunt, you're still left with a pretty remarkable tale. but, okay, maybe keep the indulgent supermodel cameo... thank you. [ male announcer ] innovative medical solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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offer applies with enrollment in™. welcome back. a lot of rain today along the 95 corridor. it's going to be showers and a cool day today. that's all along a frent that, tends across much of the middle of the country. and snow coming down in the panhandle. what a turn around after that long, hot summer that we had. so for today, scattered showers along that boundary in the northeast. very quiet along the west coast. we are still watching hurricane rina just a tropical storm, will certainly be downgraded and tropical storm force conditions coming into cancun but this system is notç going to come t florida. so good news there. chris, back to you. >> thanks very much, carl. let's bring you breaking news
7:32 am
now. the u.n. has just approved a resolution to end the no-fly zone over libya. military action willnd there october 31st. moammar gadhafi's son is now on the run. reportedly he wants to turn himself in. he once vowed to die on libya soil. >> thousands of fleeing bangkok, thailand today as flooding threatens that city. while three districts of 50 are being ordered to evacuate, floods could affect the entire city. >> attorneys for dr. conrad murray are calling their final two witnesses today. one is an addiction specialist. the other is a propofol expert. closing arguments are expected to again next week. attorneys for the parents of missing missouri toddler lisa
7:33 am
irwin are holding a news conference today, one day after police claim the couple declined to be interviewed separately. their lawyers deny those claims. meantime baby lisa's two half brothers will be interviewed by a specialist on friday. >> nba owners and players plan to resume talks to after more than 15 hours of negotiations yesterday, the second longest bargaining session since the lockout began. both sides say some progress was made and they may still be playing an 82-game schedule if a deal is reached by the weekend. the first two weeks of the season have already been cancelled. a 5-year-old ohio girl who came home to an decided to try to find mom on her own. so amelia kegley climbed behind the wheel of the family's suv and backed it down the driveway, across the veet and into the neighbor's front yard. that's when she called 911. >> 911, your emergency. >> my mom's car backed out on
7:34 am
accident and i need the police to pull my mom's car back in. she's gone and i miss her so much. >> turns out amelia's mom was taken to the hospital for an unspecified illness. her dad was asked to pick her up but didn't get the message. neither parent is facing any charges. we now know whether we should be buying beyonce pink or blue for her little bundle of joy. we'll tell when you we go down to the wire in 20. >> stocks have been surging on news our 401(k)s and retirement accounts have been waiting for this. after a marathon meeting, european leaders have hammered out an agreement to contain the greek debt threat. and check out the cover of this morning's "new york times." a lot of us noticed angela ameri merckel, the indication is they're going to get a deal done.
7:35 am
what do we know about this tentative deal? >> this is at least in theory what we have been waiting for. many cynics said it wouldn't got done but after eight hours of hard talk, it looks like leaders have agreed to boost the region's rescue fund and they also struck a deal with banks and insurers to accept 50% losses on greekç bonds. but, wait, there is more. there is also a $106 euro bank recap plan. the skeptics say this is good for now and the market is believing it's good for now but the problem is and there is always going to be a catch, it's not going to strn strengthen th banks if there is further attack to italy and spain. also adding to the feel good isn'tment is data at home after two quarters in a low averaging less than 1% growth, the u.s. economy grew 2.5% annualized in
7:36 am
the third quarter. it was in line with expectations but it's better than what we've had in the past. >> neiman marcus, always so upscale, you either have their card or american express, they're changing their tune to the plastic of the masses. >> that's a good way to put it, chris. neiman marcus would only accept cash or amex, thank you very much or of course your neiman card. but now they're getting less picky. starting november 1st customers are going to be able to pay with east visa or mastercard if they choose. this is the latest move by the company to make the stores just more accessible to younger, maybe even slightly less affluent shoppers. let's be honest, the prior card policy apparently led to lost sales sometimes. you might be a shopper who is unaware of the policy, you go in and you can imagine how annoyed you'd get if suddenly you couldn't get what you wanted because you didn't have your neiman card or cash. >> you've been trying on clothes for two and a half hours and you
7:37 am
can't buy them. >> there you go. >> is there a crisis of confidence for working women? now we know that women make up half the workforce but less than 15% have those executive corner officeâ㧠an analysis by three harvard business bloggers says it bus women have lower self-confidence and are more lik good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> this kind of i think makes a lot of women angry, whether it's true or not is the question. as a manager, do you find that women, for example, are less likely to take credit for something that they do? >> well, i have to say we all know women who don't stand up and perhaps go for it as much as men do. there's also a sense that women because they're trying to balance a lot often work family responsibility, are more likely to try and fire wall their work.
7:38 am
i'm going to be a little bit of a contrarian here and say i think we're at the beginning of a sea change. we have women coming into the workforce that are more educated than men and you see a lot of women ceos taking over hp, ibm. >> still such a minute percent and, though. >> true enough. but there's research to show when you have women on board, thos types of companies do better. i think as this johnson racial of men at the top of these companies is retiring and you see this economic change where women are going to earn the majority of the world's new income, you're going to see a shift. >> let's talk about this crisis of confidence, joanna. the analysis showed that men seemed to be more willing to take credit for success or maybe take credit that isn't theirs. do you think women see tooting their own horn as bragging, that there's a negative connotation if you say look what i did? >> we have a supplement about
7:39 am
this veryç issue in our novemb edition. you could argue that would wla would have been helpful certainly to the american economy is much more self-doubt, much more self-reflection on behalf of managers given the chaos that we're in thanks to male bosses. i think that corporate america is largely set up for men, even down to the fact the air conditioning in offices is set at 68 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for a man with a shirt and tie on. >> it is a constant battle here in our office. >> but i think that you're right that this is a generational thing, that older women find it harder. i reason an office of extremely confident young woman who is no trouble come being in and telling me what they think their worth and the raise they'd like. the economy is developing in areas that women are good at. i think women are better at sharing the credit and we've all see men doing that kind of pimp role around the office where they're looking for acclaim from everybody else.
7:40 am
women are better at not doing that, they're better at sharing and they make great, great colleagues. >> do you think it is generational? part of this survey that these women did was that half of women managers, this is self-described, say they felt self-doubt versus 31% of men. >> i think it is generational. women are balancing a lot and particularly women of older generations that didn't have a lot of support, coming into the workplaces, trying to have family and balance all these things. some the young men that work for me have the same issues with i've got two young children, i need to work from home a day. i cease those questions across genders now. i do think it's changing. >> i don't think that self-doubt is necessarily a bad thing. the way it's beingç phrased suggests it's bad but one man's self-doubt is another person's reflection. if you're managing people and managing millions and billions of dollars, you need to reflect what you're doing.
7:41 am
>> i always have young women ask me about sexism. especially i talk to a lot of college students. they say is it still a man's world out there. how would you answer that question? >> i have to say as a woman covering economics, i've found it only an advantage probably because i'm one of a few covering this field. so in a way there it if anything a bit of reverse discrimination. i this it can be an issue. i think the fact that women are where the money is is going to make a difference. >> you're beginning to see women outearning men in unparalleled numbers you're going to see women becoming the chief bread winner in the household. >> do you really think that's going to happen? >> it's already happening. you have to look at the statistics. 62% of college intake is feel male, there are more women postfwranl wapos postgraduate students than men. >> a lot of the young women i
7:42 am
talk to say they feel to be successful they have to, and this is their phrase, act like a man. >> the point about collaboration is an interesting one. economists will tell you to solve the problems of the future and get the job growth that we're looking for, you're going to have to have kbs that are a lot more collaborative. >> there are all kinds of stoods that show when you put people in a group, when you have women involved in a group, they get more done. >> exactly. top managers are starting to cotton on to that. i talk to a lot of ceos who tell meç they can't wait to hire working mothers because they're the most efficient, they're good at solving problems. >> ranna, joanna, i have a feeling men or women are lucky to work for both of you. thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us. >> gun ownership in the u.s. is open. 47% of adults say they have a gun in their home or on their property, up from 41% just a year ago.
7:43 am
it's the highest gallup has recorded since 1993. how about the number of women who own gun, a new high as well, 43% and republicans more likely to own a gun than democrats. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪ see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day, gummies for grown-ups.
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she's supporting breast cancer programs for her neighbour's tennis instructor's daughter's 1st grade teacher
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who's also her mom. help fund breast cancer programs in your community. redeem your lids today a common supplement could potentially prevent colon cancer. researchers at the university of michigan tested the effects of ginger root on colon inflammation, which can be a precursor to colon cancer. patients who took 2 grams of ginger a day for 28 days had significant reduction in inflammation compared to those who took a placebo. >> good morning, i'm thomas roberts. in the next hour of msnbc, they like him, they really like him.
7:47 am
mitt montana takes the lead in early states polling but can he remain on top? and the family roots of senator marco rubio. why is there any doubt about why his family immigrated to cuba and why it matters? and get the confetti ready. rosie o'donnell is my guest. just minutes from now the white house is hosting a summit in the battle ground state of new mexico targeting latinos who have grown frustrated with the president over record deportations and a stalled immigration plan. republicans meantime smell blood and they're mobilizing state by state to win back the growing hispanic voting block.ç jose joining me from washington. good morning, jose. >> good morning, chris. >> we know the numbers, 2004 george bush won about 40% of the latino vote, an unusually high showing for a republican but it changed in 2008.
7:48 am
two-thirds of latinos went for obama. we were taking earlier in a segment about marco rubio about how this is not just sort of a block that you take and they all vote together. so what's important besides the economy? how does obama win them back? >> well, i think you're right to say other than the economy because the economy continues to be for all americans and the hispanic community has been affected by unemployment even more than the average number. we're talking just over 9% for the entire country. for the hispanic community it's 11.3%. so the economy, the lack of jobs, the problem with home mortgages and those issues are huge concerns for the community. but -- but also the issue of immigration reform. and i think that issue is going to affect both president obama and the gop in next year's elections. >> and we're talking about, what, more than 50 million
7:49 am
latinos living e in america? >> 50,000 latinos born in the united states turn 18 years of age every month in this country. >> that's an unbelievable statistic. let's talk a little bit about some the republican candidates. you've got, for example, herman cain talking about an electrified fence. i mean, it is true that there have been a record number of deportations under the obama administration. on the other hand, they put out some pretty strong statistics about trying to be careful about who those fgljs are, that they're keeping the bad guys out essentially. let's talk about the nuance of those kinds of conversation and how closely the latino community is watching it. >> let's split it and talk democrats and republicans. democrats. president obama has deported more than a people. 55% of those deportees have been
7:50 am
either criminals or just arrived. that means 45% of a million people didn't have any real criminal record in this country. so that's -- you know, we're tacking about hundreds of thousands of people. the other issue is immigration reform. the president promised as a candidate if he won the presidency, in his first year he would propose immigration reform. that didn't happen in the first year. that's an issue for the hispanic community that overwhelmingly supported him. now the gop problem is in many ways even more serious among the hispanic community. little jokes, quotin quote, about electrifying the fence and killing people trying to get across the border is not real funny in a lot of latino families. we tried to talk about this at the nbc debate in simi valley, california that i was honored to be a part of. when republican candidates say the first and most important thing is to strengthen the
7:51 am
border and then later don't talk about what happens if the border is no longer porous, what do do you with the 11 million undoubd in this country, they refuse to even talk about that issue, that is a sticking point for a lot of latinos. we're talking aboutç latinos tt have been here, born here but see for the grace of god go i when they're talking about other illegals in the country. >> of course you can catch jose every week night. today's tweet of the day from herman cain who tweeted this along with a photo. "it was great being presented the keys to the city on the in corpus cristi." we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school...
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celebrity babies. justin gets quizzed and texting champ. let's go down to the wire.
7:55 am
bruce willis and his wife announced they are expecting. will wris is 56. and could it be a little destiny's child for beyonce? a couple of reports on the internet claim she's being a girl. justin timber lake was on the "today" show today to promote his new sci-fi. >> one of instinct's biggest album was "no strings attached." how many weeks did it spend on bill board's charts? >> i have no idea. >> 82. continue with 'n sync one of the big songs, finish this tune "baby, why can't we just be lovers." >> matt, don't give up your day job. speaking of a guy who has all the right moves, check thought traffic cop in nigeria, loves dancing in the streets.
7:56 am
he's stationed at the busiest intersection at the nigerian capital and his favorite song "thriller." >> this rider only makes it for 2.31 seconds. and watch this bull then go a little crazy. >>and how fast can you text? a wisconsin teen-ager has proved he is the fastest and has the fastest thumbs in america at the texting championship in new york city. what we don't know is how many words ament he can text. i don't know. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & çcompany." thomas roberts is up next. see you here tomorrow. i needed more customers,
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wind at his back? president obama gets a slight uptick in the polls. is he on a roll? madoff suicide pack. and he survived two tours of duty in iraq only


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