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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 28, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> reporter: hey, there, craig. that's right. the administration just announced two memorandas is what they are calling them. the first one would essentially get research and development from the lab to the market place at a much faster pace, so what exactly does that mean? it means that small businesses, start ups, would have access to technology at a much faster pace than they have right now. they are arguing we spend $147 billion on r and d, they say this will be a more efficient use of the money. the second part of the plan would set up a website called business usa, it would allow small businesses, large businesses, to log on and look at the services available to them, including the federal services that would help them to grow and expand their companies, to increase exports.
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they are aiming to set this up within about 90 days, so there's always a big bottom line question. what exactly does this mean, the white house at this point not saying how many jobs this could create or the exact impact on the economy except to say these initiatives would help businesses grow and expand at a much faster pace. >> besides the executive actions, how else is the white house planning to capitalize on some of this good economic news? >> reporter: craig, it's interesting. the white house is being very cautious. they don't want to make too much of the positive economic indicators that we've seen. of course, the unemployment rate remains above 9%, so they are being incredibly cautious but make the point they are going to be rolling out these initiatives in the coming days and weeks, because as you know, president obama proposed that jobs bill, which has now stalled in
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congress, so the white house's position is saying if congress is not going to act, we will act. they'll be watching closely to make sure they are, in fact, operating in their power. >> what the heck is going on behind you? >> halloween is coming up, i don't know how much you can see, but they are setting up, getting ready for halloween. see the pumpkins out. it's very elaborate. in the past few years they've had trick or treating parties for local school kids at the white house. they haven't announced exactly what's going to happen on monday, but my guess is something similar to the past two years. >> kristen welker from the newly-decorated white house, thank you, appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you, happy halloween. >> happy halloween to you as well. stocks edging lower after thursday's surge. let's look at where things stand right now. dow, s&p, nasdaq, all down just
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slightly. jackie joining me now. jackie, markets doing what we expect today? >> good morning, craig, i think they are doing what we expect. we had nice global rallies and saw a nice day here in the united states yesterday with the dow surging. in terms of today, selling pressure and some of the analysts and traders are sitting back and looking at the deal in europe and asking themselves if there are still challenges left ahead, and definitely the answer to that question is yes. >> jackie, economy up 2.5%, we talked about that. both the dow and s&p on track to have the best month since january of 1987, consumer spending up in september, three times the august increase. unemployment still above 9% as kristen just mentioned. is the danger of a double-dip
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recession fading? >> some of the data coming out is positive, but the unemployment number is still sort of the dark cloud that's hanging over us. i think the important key is look at the growth number, 2.5% gdp, and the question is what that does in the coming quarters. >> where's this growth specifically coming from? >> the emerging markets. everybody is looking globally right now, to china and other britt countries as well. >> jackie, thank you so much, appreciate that. hillary clinton is one member of team obama for whom the last three years have been very, very good image-wise. case in point, a new "time" magazine poll showing if the secretary of state ran for president this year, she would trump the competition. joining me now, michael crowley, good day to you, sir.
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>> thank you. >> hillary clinton, the presumptive favorite to win, but she, of course, lost. she seems to be more popular than ever in an administration that's unpopular as it's ever been. >> she's done what she does best, put her head down and go to work. she's projected a sense of diligence, hard work, seriousness. i recommend people to the new issue of "time." some of the photos capture it, these giant briefing books in front of her that she's pouring through. she's working hard, she's serious, also obama's foreign policy has been a bright spot. there were big problem areas like afghanistan and iran, but we've had successes in terrorist leaders, arab spring has gone well, i think hillary might be getting credit for that. >> michael, is hillary clinton,
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right now, safe to say the most popular, prominent democrat in this country? >> i think she might be, and i think -- look, i don't buy the talk she's going to join the ticket or somehow she would, you know, run with obama, but i do think, looking ahead to 2016 and you wonder who are the democrats that can step up to either succeed obama or take on any republican that might beat him, she's definitely in that mix. she will still be under 70 years old by the time two inaugurations from now, after the next presidential election after 2012, she's got plenty of time, and i think she's got to be thinking about it. particularly the way she sees the public has this high opinion of her. >> how much longer do you think hillary clinton sticks around the obama white house? >> it does sound she's in her last year as secretary of state.
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she's been working really hard, she wants to catch her breath and maybe she wants to start thinking about laying groundwork for 2016. that's pure speculation, but the numbers suggest she could do it if she wanted to. >> let's talk about some speculation here. from time to time we like to do that here. chelsea clinton, of course, daughter of bill and hillary. there's talk and whispers chelsea clinton may be considering a run for office. any truth for that, if so, which office? >> i just don't know. i think that it would make a lot of sense for chelsea to go into politics. she has really -- she really appears to be poised, smart, confident, increasingly comfortable in the public stage, whether she's really seen both her parents go through the meat grinder of national politics, whether she wants to subject herself to that, i don't know.
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i don't know what's on her mind. i don't want to speculate too wildly, but i wouldn't be shocked at all and she seems to have the talent, poise, and ability to do if she wants to. >> there's the look at the cover, hillary clinton and the rise of smart power. michael, your opinion is biassed but we'll take it anyway. appreciate you. clinton's boss, on the other hand, not having as good of a three years as the secretary of state. joining me now, director and msnbc political analyst and joe watkins, good day to you both. karen, i want to note here you and hillary go way back, you worked for the senate campaign as well, we want to make sure we get that out there. but i want to start with you, let's continue our conversation with hillary clinton. is she the most popular democrat
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in america right now? >> certainly one of the most popular democrats in america, but here's the thing, when i look at these stories, it makes me smile and feel good for her, what i can tell you, time and again people have miscalculated and counted her out. i remember when she ran for the senate the first time, people were shocked to see how hard she was working, and to those of us who worked with her, that's who she is. she actually really cares about issues. she will read those briefings books. >> do you think she runs in '16? >> i don't know. my sense from hillary has been, when i've seen her, she seems she's ready for whatever that next chapter may be. who knows if that's going to be coming back in 2016, but whatever she does, i imagine it's serving this country. that is at the core of what she cares about. >> charlie cook has a new piece
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out on the president's chances next year, he notes president obama's average approval rating was about 41%. cook calls the president's numbers, quote, under water, and says for the president to win he has to boost the approval rating 7 so 9 points. how doable is that? >> it is doable. anyone who underestimates president barack obama is foolish. he's a very strong candidate, great public speaker, excellent campaigner. he raised more money than anybody last time, will probably do the same this time, and what everybody knows, especially republicans know, is that at this same point in the presidencies of bill clinton and ronald reagan, they were in the low 40s as well in terms of approval rating and won a second term. anyone who takes the president likely is going to be mistaken. >> who's going to be the
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republican nominee? >> if i had to guess, i'm not a guessing or betting man. i'm a minister, i don't bet. i'm a praying man, but i would say mitt romney has the best shot right now of winning the nomination. you have great candidates in rick perry and herman cain, newt gingrich, a lot of excellent candidates out there, but i think if i had to guess, it looks like mitt romney. >> joe just mentioned herman cain, and several weeks ago, there was the surge that started for herman cain, people thought it would pass, herman cain is still around, how much longer is he going to be on the tips of our tongues? >> he's going to be around for awhile. he's doing a good job raising money, even though rick perry is falling in polls, he has money. in this game, money means staying power. once we get to primary contests, that's when one or the other
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candidate will start to gain momentum, but, again, the numbers we've seen continue to show a lack of a resolve on the part of republicans in terms of being able to coalesce around one person. mitt romney can't seem -- he's kind of where he is as opposed to where he was a year ago. >> joe, what were you going to say? >> if you look at some of the polling data, mitt romney is doing very, very well in iowa, new hampshire. a lot of the early states he's doing well right now. >> i think at the end of the day, though, it's going to come down to in the early states, these head-to-heads are the most interesting things to watch with regard to the general election, none of this really matters until we have a republican nominee going head-to-head with president obama. >> that's right. that's right. >> what i have gathered from this discussion is at night joe watkins prays for mitt romney's campaign.
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>> that's the question, does he pray for mitt romney? >> i pray for everybody. i pray for everybody. >> karen finney does not think hillary clinton runs in '16. karen and joe, thanks so much, as always. appreciate it. we continue to follow a developing story here, two people have died separately abroad a norwegian cruise ship docked in boston. it appears one of the two deaths at this point looks like it is suspicious. police are searching a cabin of a 23-year-old man who has died. the cause of death hasn't been released yet. mean while, a 76-year-old passenger appears to have died of natural causes. coming up, one tea party leader wants congresswoman bachmann to move on. what that could mean for her campaign. plus, why the judge in the conrad murray trial is concerned jurors could start leaving. plus, surprise celebrity
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some breaking news right now in south carolina. ten schools, ten schools on lockdown at this hour while police search for a man who fired at an officer earlier this morning. those schools are on lockdown in the upstate in the greenville area of south carolina. several dozen other officers are involved in the man hunt for the suspect. again, all of this happening in the upstate of south carolina. a number of elementary schools, high schools, and greenville technical college, a branch of greenville tech on lockdown in south carolina. we'll continue to monitor the story, and should something happen, we will, of course, pass it along to you. a potential glitch could prolong the involuntary
9:18 am
manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. on the stand right now, the defense's propofol expert, dr. paul white. he is expected to continue to show how jackson was responsible for his own death by injecting himself with propofol according to the defense. in side bar discussions yesterday, the judge expressed, quote, great concern of delaying the case so the prosecutors could review new evidence by the defense. the judge went on to say he's worried jurors might start leaving. also yesterday the defense tried to paint jackson as a drug addict. >> court instruct the witness to answer the very simple question. doctor, would you diagnose michael jackson as addicted to
9:19 am
demerol rp based strictly on these documents in my hand, yes or no? >> probably not. >> ricky cleman, let's talk about it. let's start with this glitch. first of all, why would the judge even give the jury a fixed end date? >> judges like to let jurors know what to expect and he'd always said the trial would last a certain number of weeks and hoped it would be done by october 28, which was today. having covered cases in california for many, many years, one of the things i know is california cases, particularly in l.a., seem to take three times longer than anywhere else in the country. i never thought it would be done on october 28, but the jurors are not leaving, it should go to the jury next week. >> how did the defense do yesterday? >> great day for the defense yesterday, and i think that's good also for all of the viewers who really want to take a look
9:20 am
inside what happens in the criminal justice system. it is not over until it's over. this has been a strong case for the prosecution since the beginning, but it's not as simple as it sounds, they had two experts on the stand yesterday and they were both quite good and convincing. >> let's take a listen. this is the defense's final witness, dr. paul white. let's take a listen to what he said and talk about it on the other side. >> if, in fact, murray had administered the drugs he had described in his conversations with the police department and the doses he subscribed, i would not have expected michael jackson to have died. >> how far does this go in discrediting the prosecution's theory that dr. murray injected the fatal dose of propofol? >> the defense is looking for one juror here. they don't really expect an acquittal of 12 jurors voting not guilty, but if they get one
9:21 am
juror, they get a hung jury, so the idea is to inject reasonable doubt into this case, and dr. white has the potential to inject such doubt. >> you called us a few weeks ago and said it would come down to a battle of the experts. how are jurors going to be able to determine which expert is the most credible? >> well, the jurors are always told they bring their common sense into the jury room and must assess the credibility of experts in the same way they would do with other witnesses. you have many experts on the side of the prosecution, each of whom seem very credible. now you have the addiction expert and dr. white. it's going to come down to dr. schafer versus dr. white and in many cases they might cancel each other out, which is not good news for the defense. >> thank you so much. nashville police arrested 30
9:22 am
occupy wall street protestors last night. meanwhile, in oakland, california, about 1,000 protestors held a vigil. 24-year-old scott olson suffered a fractured skull. doctors have upgraded his condition to fair. meanwhile, oakland's mayor has taken heat. she was booed last night as she tried to speak in front of the city's general assembly. she then posted a statement on her facebook page. >> i started an investigation into the use of tear gas and potential violations of our use of force policy. i can't change the past, but i want to speak to you about what we could do together to change the future. >> mayor quan also went on to say she was deeply saddened and apologized for what happened. in america, we believe in a future
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seven people were killed when a tractor trailer slammed into a packed mini van on the michigan border. three survivors in the van, along with the driver of the tractor trailer were taken to the hospital. witnesses say the van may have hit a deer. a former high school teacher in ohio will be spending the next four years in prison for having sex with teenage boys. she was convicted thursday of sexual battery. five former students testified they had sexual encounters with her at her house. she pled not guilty by reason of insanity. also in ohio, a group of six exotic animals are staying put at the columbus zoo for now. they were among the dozens released by an ohio man last week before he committed
9:27 am
suicide. officials were forced to kill most of the animals to protect the community. the man's wife now wants possession of the surviving animals, but the department of agriculture in ohio has ordered them quarantined. and it is being called one of the greatest games in world series history. >> freese hits it in the air in center. we will see you tomorrow night. >> joe buck there channelling his father's famous home run call of the game six '91 home run call. the walk off in the 11th inning forcing tonight's decisive game. twice in the game, twice, the rangers, one strike of winning their first-ever world championship. now goes back to st. louis. no home team has lost a game seven in a world series since 1979.
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many americans already taking daily doses ofs aspirin, but now a study says it could prevent a certain type of cancer. we'll tell you about that. plus, northeast, are you ready for snow? we're going to show you how much of the snow we can all expect. i'm not a number.
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i'm not a line item on a budget. and i'm definitely not a pushover. but i am a voter. so washington... before you even think about cutting my medicare and social security benefits... here's a number you should remember. 50 million. we are 50 million seniors who earned our benefits... and you will be hearing from us... today and on election day. ♪ welcome back to msnbc, in turkey today, another dramatic rescue. a 13-year-old boy was pulled alive from a collapsed apartment building nearly five days after that devastating earthquake there, but the death toll still stands at 570. researchers say taking two aspirin a day could reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by 60%
9:32 am
with people with a family history of the disease. a pre-dawn launch lit up the skies of central california this morning. the delta 2 rocket is carrying a satellite used to improve weather forecast and monitor climate change. happy birthday lady liberty. the statue of liberty was dedicated 125 years ago today. she's relied on their support since announcing her candidacy, but now one tea party group wants michele bachmann to drop out of the presidential race, and calls her a, quote, back bencher, and her presidential campaign is not serious. joining me live here in the studio, jamie, first of all, any response from camp bachmann? >> yes, got off the phone with the campaign, they say the group's charges is ridiculous.
9:33 am
the group is charging she has moved away from economics, moved away from her argument over the summer we need to keep the debt down in the midst of the debt debate and she's mired herself with issues that don't have to do with the tea party. >> has she started to lose some favor with those tea party folks? >> you know, it's hard to tell. the most interesting thing i've discovered while out there on the trail is how different each member of the tea party is and how resistant the tea party is to having a national brand. >> yeah. >> so frankly, it's hard to tell, but the tea party members that care about social issues tend to really like her. she's a values candidate. >> it's a large group, the one we're talking about here, we should note. >> yes. >> thanks, appreciate you. >> nice to see you. meanwhile, herman cain meeting with folks in alabama today. a rally going on right now in
9:34 am
talladega, and the west alabama straw poll is this weekend. andrew raferty joining me now. what's cain's focus as he meets with voters? >> reporter: the cain train behind me, as they call it. and throughout alabama today and also in texas where we heard a couple days ago from herman cain, a subtle shift in his message. before when he was campaigning throughout the month of september, we heard it was 9-9-9. now he's focusing on foreign policy, criticizing the president from withdrawing troops by the end of the year and being critical of foreign policy, so you're hearing more focus on ideas and issues that aren't involving the 9-9-9 plan. >> andrew, we are seeing several new articles in major newspapers
9:35 am
that continue to question herman cain's stainability, will his popularity continue or is this a bump that will fade for him? what's herman cain's campaign saying about that? >> they are trying to embrace it as best they can. earlier today, herman cain said he wasn't wearing a suit jacket because he was so busy pulling arrows out of the one he had because he's such a big target. they are using it as an advantage, people are coming at me because i am the frontrunner, but as scrutiny wears on, we'll see if this is a bubble or something that has longevity. >> with the cain train as it is called there in alabama for us this afternoon. thank you, andrew. >> thanks, craig. new developments in the search of baby lisa irwin, missing in missouri for more than three weeks now. the family has cancelled today's
9:36 am
scheduled interviews, meanwhile, the local attorney for lisa's parents is reportedly off the case and detectives with cadaver dogs conducted another search in a small lake near the irwin house. michelle, let's start with the cancelling of the interviews. what's the significance of that? >> about 25 minutes ago, craig, i spoke with investigators, and what they said was they received a call from the lead attorney in this case, who is based out of new york, and asked yesterday if they could postpone those until next week. there weren't specifics given as to why, but one could assume maybe the children are maxed out, exhausted, this has been extremely difficult for them as well, so they are, you know, looking for their best interest in this. what i was told earlier today, no reason to believe the interviews and dna samples will not happen next week and investigators are waiting for that. >> for folks who haven't been following this thing as close as
9:37 am
we have, how old are the two half brothers? >> younger, under the ages of 10, so, you know, of course, this is going to be extremely -- a very sensitive topic for them, a child service specialist, who is trained, will sit down and have a conversation, organic kind of conversation, there will not be investigators present when these questions take place. >> earlier this month our peter alexander asked lisa's mom if the boys could be potential witnesses. take a listen to what she said. >> no. absolutely not. they said they heard noises, but i don't know if that was before we went to sleep or after. i have not sat down and talked to them about it specifically to not have to put them through anything else. >> what do you think happened to make the parents change their mind? >> you know, this is what i think, i think a lot of time
9:38 am
investigations, there are witnesses and sometimes they don't know they are witnesses. there are things that happen that people, not just children, but adults, remember later on that can spark something, they could remember something, so i think it is important to sit down with these children, sort of like in the susan powell case when she went missing and the father took them to washington state and wouldn't let them be interviewed. there could have been information to help the investigation, so they will cooperate, it will happen later on this week. more than 1,000 leads have come in, 900 of those leads have had substantial information for authorities to follow up on. >> michelle, last question before i let you go. now the sole attorney representing the family, what's that about? >> you know, i did reach out to him two times this morning over e-mail, once over television and also to the local attorney, i did not hear back. there's all different kinds of strategies when it comes to these type of investigations,
9:39 am
for some reason he decided at this point he was going to be the main source of contact. >> michelle sigona, thank you so much for your reporting of the. >> have a good day. it's friday, a few days before halloween, and there's snow in the forecast, in some places, a lot of it. many are gearing up for trick or treat day, starting to look a lot like christmas in parts of new england especially, including parts of massachusetts and connecticut as well. weather channel's nick walker with more now on what could be a historic storm. nick, who's going to get hit, how much are we talking about? >> talking about inches of snow that we have not seen historically in the month of october anyway for washington, d. d.c., new york, boston, inland areas of pennsylvania and new york. millions of people are going to see a lot more snow than they are used to this time of year. high pressure settling in. the wind around the high bringing in northerly winds, so that's cooler air. it's setting the stage for this
9:40 am
storm, because we have rain developing southward here throughout the afternoon and evening. that area of low pressure will intensify and move up the coast as we get through the day on saturday. so we're going to see more snow coming into the inland areas, mountain areas, saturday, mixture of rain and snow, could see accumulation. philadelphia on up towards new york city and boston, saturday night is going to be the big, big time for the snow, and the wind is going to be on the increase. we're talking not only heavy, wet snow weighting down the trees and power lines, wind could be a problem too. so lots of tree damage and power line damage is possible. 2 to 4 inches in new york, 6 to 10 inches up towards springfield, 1 to 2 inches in boston. doesn't seem like much, and it will be a wet snow, but it's quite a bit for october. >> quite a bit. thank you so much. appreciate that. coming up, why one group is
9:41 am
turning up the heat on a white house official over immigration. plus, we're still about a year away from the presidential election, but the campaign adds, they are already pretty interesting, but are they resinating with voters? we'll talk about that right after this. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile and start rewarding yourself now. just go to to join. hertz gold plus rewards. journey on. or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community.
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to serve. fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. eating more protein may be the key to consuming fewer calories. researchers fed a group of 22 adult volunteers a variety of diets for four days. those who consumed more protein had a lower calorie intake than participants given less protein. those on the lower protein diet snacked more often. >> political air time eaten up
9:45 am
this week by herman cain's now infamous smoking ad. >> we've run a campaign unlike we've ever seen. together we can do this. we can take this country back. >> joining me now, public relations expert, howard bragman, howard, you've seen the ad probably a number of times by now. how does it strike you? >> it's very bizarre. i think what they were trying to do was sort of have an every mankind of speaking. >> have man doesn't smoke cigarettes. >> every man isn't your political operative. herman cain's a great president while shaking his head no, got the dialogue going, but the wrong dialogue. >> seems every cycle these ads
9:46 am
become more and more outlandish. why is that? >> because every cycle is more congested. more people running, less people are watching tv, and if you have an ad nobody pays attention to, nobody knows. but the job is not to get noticed, it's to get noticed and move the ball in the right direction. i don't think this did anything for herman cain. >> talking about the cain ad, but we could sit here for the next six hours and talk about bizarre political ads, for instance, the sheep ad, the demon sheep ad from california. for folks who don't remember it, take a quick look. >> hi. >> that's one of my all-time favorites. >> you can see how well it worked, i think she spent about $12,000 a vote when she was running for the senate. >> but whatever your politics, whatever your politics, you look
9:47 am
at some of these ads and wonder how does this even get out of committee, how does this make it out of a room? >> there are a couple of guy s behind it. well, he must know what he's talking about because he created this ad. it did work in the primary to get her on the ballot, but certainly didn't move her in the right direction for the general election and she got beat handedly. >> some of the ads have the consequence of alienating voters. there was one in the primary battle in alabama, take a look at this one. >> i took an oath to defend that with my life. you, gentlemen, revolted over a tea tax, a tea tax, now look at us. are you with me? >> gather your armies. >> rick barber didn't win that
9:48 am
primary, but a lot of people know who rick barber is now as a result of that. for some of these candidates, is it more about raising their name i.d., increasing name recognition, more about that than being a legitimate contender? >> it's about winning. it's about an ad that takes you where you need to go, and i think smart advertising can do both. we remember hillary clinton's 3:00 a.m. alarm clock ad, that was a great ad, built confidence in her. ultimately didn't win, but the ad wasn't the reason she didn't win. >> the reagan ad, morning in america. >> go back to lyndon johnson with the daisy flower. >> sure, sure. >> and that fear. they can work. these just didn't. >> howard bragman, thank you so much. thank you so much. side bar now, more people consider themselves republican today than they did back in 2008. gallop says 40% of people they
9:49 am
polled identify or lean republican. that compares to 37% just three years ago. and would you pay $1,000 to hear newt gingrich and herman cain debate? well, you'll have a chance to do it november 5th. "wall street journal" says the pair will debate in a modified version of lincoln/douglas debate. if you don't have $1,000, fear not, cheap seats go for $250. bottle of wine for leon panetta. when he was cia director, he was having drinks, people kept asking the owner when he was finally going to open a 141-year old bottle of win, leon cracked, when he catches bin laden. ecausy riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know,
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secure communities, escom,
9:53 am
as it's known. it's one that is meeting with protests from many hispanic communities. it's supposed to deport the most violent of illegal immigrants, but many critics say that is not how it's working. joining me now to talk about it is mario solis. how are you? >> i'm well, how are you? >> you called the white house director of inter government affairs after she defended this program. tell us about the problem you have with the program and the white house official that supported it? >> keep in mind, it's not just my problem with escom, governors, state legislatures found the secure communities program that the obama administration has put on steroids is absolutely dangerous and harmful to police
9:54 am
activities, and so there is -- the problem is that this problem is effectively created a wedge between latino communities -- >> folks on the other end of the spectrum, mario, they would say the executive branch of the united states is charged with enforcing the law, regardless of the law. that's the branch charged with executing the law. are you angry the white house appears to be executing the law more effectively, perhaps, than its predecessor? >> it's not a law, this is a program. >> excuse me. >> there's a big difference there, because under a program, the administration has a lot of leeway in the way they implement it. a year ago, two years ago, they said they had a lot of leeway, then they had none, turns out they are currently making administrative changes. >> we should note -- >> they have a lot of leeway, they have the ability to make
9:55 am
the program so it's targeted at the people they initially promised it would be targeted to. >> i want to make sure we get in the white house response here. let's take a look at what the white house response is. we've implemented common sense guidelines for discretion, we are beginning a case-by-case and making improvements to the program, all of which strengthen the government's ability to target criminals even more effectively. do you foresee changes in the implementation of the program? >> first of all, we were told there couldn't be changes, then a couple of months ago after i called for the resignation of munos, we were told within 24 hours there would be changes. we are hearing from all over the country where young college students are still being deported under this program, and this was clearly a group of people the administration said
9:56 am
would no longer be targeted, yet today we know for a fact they are still being targeted. what the administration is currently saying and doing are two different things. >> mario, thank you so much for your time. this is something we want to continue to follow closely and keep our eye on, keep in touch with us, sir. that's it for me, up next, "andrea mitchell reports." see you back here on monday. ♪
9:57 am
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