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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 6, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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surge. showing mitt romney and rick santorum gaining double-digits two weeks before the primary. can either sustain the momentum? plus -- >> we are moving in the right direction and made real progress. now is not the time to stop. >> president obama reacting to the latest jobs numbers showing the u.s. economy continuing to rebound. how will it affect the 2012 presidential race. our panel will join me live. coming home, a texas run away accidentally deported to south america on a plane back to the u.s. we will have a live report from dfw airport that. is straight ahead. brain back slide. mental decline beginning much earlier than we previously thought. the actual age may surprise and frighten you.
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following two big developments in the world of politics. showing two republican candidates surming in south carolina. among likely voter, mitt romney is in first place with 37% and rick santorum is in second with 19% and newt gingrich is in third place with 18%. for romney it's a 17% jump. for santorum it's a 15% jump. for newt gingrich who was in first place it's a 25-point drop. meanwhile another number out this morning grabbed the attention of the political world. the labor department reporting that employers added 200,000 jobs in december, pushing the unemployment rate down to 8.5%, the lowest point total in almost three years. joining me now from manchester, new hampshire is john harwood. starting with the politics, no
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republican candidate won iowa and then new hampshire. romney poised to do that and take south carolina as well. what is the romney camp saying? >> first of all, you are scaring that with that brain decline story, but i will do my best. >> you have plenty of time. >> mitt romney is poised to win here in new hampshire and that could be a big step for the, but the tightening polls show that rick santorum has a shot. not a great shot. he needs to finish second and get a push and show that nude gingrich and rick perry are not not the viability alternative and santorum is and he has a chance to do that. mitt romney is in a powerful position. >> let's turn our attention to the economy as well. the new jobs numbers are out. unemployment is down again. where are we seeing the job
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growth? >> growth in manufacturing and how permanent yours will be. overall this is continued good news for president obama. what he needs to show is that he's got the economy moving in the right direction to make the argument that his policies are working. you can see the advantage he had in the defensive criticism that republicaning were offering. he is not out of the woods by any means. i was at a diner in new hampshire where rick santorum was campaigning and people were saying still the number one issue is jobs. they are not good with where we are. >> we have sound here from the president talking about these jobs. take a listen. >> so we are making progress. we are moving in the right direction. one of the reasons for this is the tax cut for working americans that we put in place last year. >> i'm gratified to see in spite of president obama's policies
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the job market is picking up. there might be optimism that maybe republicans are going to take the white house and maybe that's spurring people to start taking risks. >> today's unemployment numbers are a good indicator. we are a long way from being a healthy economy. it's unlike lie that the president will solve it. >> what point do the republicans lose steam with comments like that regarding the economy? >> when you talk about the argument rick santorum made, he is a skilled campaigner and that is say ridiculous argument. there is nothing related to optimism that is causing jobs to grow. republicans have a strong argument to make, unemployment is higher than it was when president obama took office, but when you are the incumbent, you live with the results. as long as americans are feeling as pessimistic about our economic future, that is bad news for mid-romney. he has a good profile for an
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economic and a jobs focus campaign. the question is whether the mood lifts. we are looking at 3.5% growth. that's robust and will slow down. if you get self-sustaining momentum, that's what president obama is hoping for. >> appreciate your time. >> you bet. >> let's bring in our political panel. michael smerconish is a talk show host and msnbc contributor. holly baily and albert martinez. let's start with the cnn time poll. put the numbers back up if we can. for a lot of folks, this is somewhat surprising. mitt romney on top of the poll in south carolina where evangelical primary voters tend to rule the roost. romney at 37% and santorum at 19%.
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i will start with you. how big of a deal is this for mitt romney in south carolina right now? >> it's enormous. if he wins here in new hampshire on tuesday, by all accounts he will. it's a function of who will play second and third. what happens in south carolina. if he defeats the candidate fist south carolina, it will be very hard to see a bath by which he denied the nomination. it's very big. >> let's talk here quickly about the evangelical vote. in south carolina, 60% of voters four years ago were self-professed born agains and christians. we have a candidate that in the past has not necessarily appealed to voters like that. what can we make of that in south carolina? >> i think governor romney has been effective in explaining how he is pro life and he is strong on the issue of traditional marriage. i think also he saw it in the
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previous mention. jobs is the number one issue and voters are starting to gravitate towards the message on jobs and the economy and the contrast he draws with the president and the disastrous economic policies. >> holly, let's talk about the jobless numbers i was talking to john about. 8.5% is the unemployment rate right now when the president took office was 7.8%. >> come november, do we think the president will be able to make the argument successfully that you know what, things may not be great, but they are not as bad as they were three or four years ago. how effective will that be? >> it's too soon to tell. you have seen what the republican candidates and how they responded to the jobless numbers. they are better than they were last year, but mitt romney put out a release saying it could be better. that's how you will see
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republicans attacking president obama. it could be better and we could be in a better place. in a way it's too soon to say how the white house will be running six or seven months from now. >> even on the ground for new hampshire, talk to me about the enthusiasm. i was reading something earlier and they talked about mitt romney has a commanding lead in the granite state that folks are starting to wonder whether there is an enthusiasm problem in new hampshire. >> just going to governor romney's events, i was struck by how small the crowds were. they were not as big as you expect for someone who narrowly won iowa and campaigning with john mccain who is a beloved candidate here. then going and watching rick santorum at the events yesterday, there was a lot more media and people there. so there is a question of whether people are taking a second look. at the same time people argue
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they know mitt romney and they don't have to show up and see him all the time on the road. >> they have been seeing him for years now. >> yes. >> let's talk about the boston globe endorsement. in some circles and i mean circles like ours and political circles as well, this was a big deal. i want to read an excerpt and talk to you on the other side. the boston globe and the endorsement saying huntsman governed utah that put the interest of his state ahead of ideology without personal experience to guide him. romney is catering to the most vocal constituencies in the national security wing of the gop. how stinging of an endorsement was this for mitt romney? >> to hear jon huntsman tell it because he was on my radio program an hour ago, it's awfully stinging of mitt romney. the response is that is that more liberal boston globe. it's an embarrassment. it is the largest and most
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prestigious newspaper in the state governed by mitt romney. jon huntsman laid is all on the line and is hoping this will give a little wind in the sails of his campaign that is needed right now. it's a major plus. >> he needs a hurricane in the sales right now. polling at 1% in the poll that just came out. if huntsman loses, did he tell you that he will pack it up? >> the way he worded it, we will exceed expectations. what they have to be are ill-defined. my mantra has been there two distinct elections and one that is taking place now and that which comes in the fall. a guy like huntsman well suited to stand on the stage with obama. all the reasons she being discounted. it makes him a stronger general election candidate. >> let's talk about this weekend in new hampshire. two debates in 16 hours. mitt romney is the clear
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front-runner ahead in south carolina according to that new poll. is this going to be as one publication called it, a weekend from hell from mitt romney? >> his opponents are going to try to make it that way. it's a good thing that they are competing with nfl football and other things that are taking the attention away from it. no question that you will see santorum and newt gingrich pile on. in some cases that backfires when you go to a negative. that will be an interesting contest. >> it didn't backfire in iowa. a lot of folks say what happened to newt gingrich's surge is the borage of negative ads. >> i think there people who would say that newt gingrich came off too angry and that's what propelled rick santorum ahead of him. we will see. a lot of people will be under the lights including rick santorum. he is getting it now and it's starting to wear on him and we
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know going in what the game plan will be for the people who are trying to oppose mitt romney. i don't think it will work. i think what the other people have talked about on this panel is true. you are starting to see a coming home for governor romney. >> all right. we will leave it there. always a pleasure. thank you, folks. >> thank you. >> i want to remind you that david gregory will moderate the final debate before the new hampshire primary. the facebook debate will air on a special edition of "meet the press" and on msnbc, 9:00 a.m. eastern sunday after the debate. chris matthews will host a post debate special. also live from new hampshire. remembering the tragedy in tucson. it's nearly one year since the deadly shooting rampage. how gabby giffords plans to mark the somber anniversary.
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>> in a few hours, the texas teen mistakenly deported will return home to the united states. shocking new studies here. the new study finds that memory loss may start much earlier than we original thought. not good news. we will be back in three. what makes scottrade your smartphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start.
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officers and a congressman will attend the candlelight vigil. it will mark the painful anniversary of the shooting rampage that left six people dead. she and 12 others were wounded. gina kim is in tucson and the vigil will be held at the
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university of arizona? >> that's right. just one of many events taking place officially beginning today. yes, the majority of major events will be on sunday. everyone remembers one year ago this weekend, 19 people were gunned down allegedly by a mentally ill man named jarrett lee loughner. her remarkable recovery the nation has been captivated by and she will be here to mark the anniversary. her husband mark kelly plans to be here. there is a community-wide bell ringing and a vigil occurring on sunday, the anniversary date. 13 of those survived and many plan to be here. some of them just say they can't make it. it's too emotionally tough for them. the families of the six people
11:18 am
whose family members did not make it will be attending. >> do you know if gabrielle giffords will run for reelection this year? >> i have not heard that announcement and she was not planning to give introduce or anything other than the candlelight vigil on the bell ringing on sunday. we are not sure that we will hear that news as well. it may not be the most appropriate place to make the announcement. >> hard to believe it's been a year. thank you, gina. >> thank you, craig. joran van der sloot in court and had a surprising answer when the judge asked how he would plead. that's coming up. >> plus -- >> people support a candidate. if you don't have signs and don't have bumper sticker, you will hear from reporters. >> mitt romney's campaign
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the obama administration announced an aim at keeping families together as undocumented relatives try to gain legal residency. they apply for permanent
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resident status before people living in the u.s. had to leave the count tree apply. observers say easing deportation rules is likely to shore up support among latino voters. now to the texas teen mistakenly deported to south america. she is now on a plane headed back to the united states. the 15-year-old dallas run away was arrested in houston last year and deported to columbia after immigration officials say she provided a fake name. she is expected to land in dallas later this evening as her grandmother questions why she was deported in the first place. live in the airport where turner is expected to land in a few hours. good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon, craig. how are you? >> doing well. what else is the grandmother saying down there? >> she is actually really upset that she was in fact deported
11:24 am
when she said she looks like a kid, acts like a kid, and doesn't have any identification that proves she is not an american citizen. she is really upset. she didn't want to talk a lot with the media anymore. she is not working through a lawyer, but she said she being not believe that her grandbaby, 14 years old was deported when she was 14 years old. now she is 15. >> for folks who have not been following the story, how exactly did all of this happen? >> all of this happened after the girl was 14 at the time ran away from home. she was caught in houston allegedly stealing and charged with theft. when she was with the houston police, she told the officials that she was not an american citizen. she gave them the identity of a person who was actually a columbian immigrant with that legal status. she was put on an ice hold and
11:25 am
ice came and took over the investigation and determined she was not a legal citizen of the united states and then deported to columbia. she actually went in front of an immigration judge and sustained her identity was that of a columbian citizen. >> did ice not take fingerprints? did ice take fingerprints? >> they actually did. they did take fingerprints and could not corroborate that she was not who she was saying. there was nothing to track her back to the fingerprints. there was no criminal record or any identity on the fingerprints. >> we have a statement we want to put up from ice as well. it reads in part, ice takes these allegations very seriously at the direction of the department of homeland security. ice is pully and immediately investigating to expeditiously determine the facts of the case. they are looking into it. how did the grandmother find her
11:26 am
granddaughter? >> can you say that again? >> how was the grandmother able to find her? how was she able to track her down? >> they were able to track her down through facebook. her grandmother somehow found her on facebook where she has a different identity. a different name. she actually said she said she was living in columbia and found her through those pictures on facebook and thou how the columbian authorities which were aware of the situation back in early december investigated and found her and took custody of the girl to bring her back to the united states. >> facebook, of course, of course. jasmine, thank you so much. coming up, rick santorum surging to second place in a poll was just released today. i will talk about that new survey straight ahead.
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yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside. here's what the "news nation" is following right now. south carolina surge. rick santorum soaring to second place while they are cut in half. michael crowley will join me live. three air force act cadets are accused of central assault. mind matters. a startling new study finds our mental decline starts well before the age of 60 like many of us previously thought. plus -- the oscar trailer is out and it's packed with celebrity
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cameos. we have the scoop on that. all that and more straight ahead. more now on the poll of a likely republican primary votener south caroline a. good news for mitt romney. he's the front-runner now surging 17 points in the past month to 37%. also good news for rick santorum as well. he surged 15 points in the skt place. the big loser? newt gingrich. he dropped 25 points in the past month and falling from the top of the pack to 30 place. joining me now to talk about all of this and make sense as well, deputy washington bureau chief michael crowley. let's put up that new cover here. looks like south carolina republicans are -- how do you like me now? >> they sure are and striking numbers. the conventional wisdom held
11:32 am
that south carolina is not going to be a natural state for mitt romney. he didn't do well and gave up on it. he didn't stand a fighting chance. it's a strong showing. i am surprised and i thought the race might have been closer and shows that his performance in iowa is making people feel like he's the front runner and there is a rallying effect. >> let's talk about how deep that support is. we should note here that we like mitt romney and rick santorum, but there is a chance we could change our mind. >> we saw this in iowa going into caucus day and a very large percentage of voters have not committed. i really think that this number is interesting, but let's see what the number is after new hampshire votes. rick santorum may have surge and he's got momentum.
11:33 am
surprisingly strong showing in new hampshire and generate more free media and more sense that he has the ability to take romney down. they see the numbers in south carolina move. i will say this does suggest that there is a rallying and that the establishment is pushing for the nominee. >> you want to wonder if mitt romney is able to with stand the evangelical presence in the state like south carolina, you have to wonder whether there is another state and another primary that will be able to stop him. >> who knows what will happen. we had a big surprise in new hampshire, but if romney will win and doesn't stumble, if he wins that, train has a lot of momentum. i would not want to be standing in front of it. south carolina has been a place where the nominee soiledified and george w. bush knocked out general and bob dole knocked it
11:34 am
out. there is a history of the establishment. >> no republican candidate has gone on to get the nomination since 1960. thank you, sir. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> it was a dramatic scene in a courtroom in lima, peru at the murder trial of joran van der sloot, but shortly after it started, the trial was postponed until january 11th to give van der sloot more time to decide how to plead. he is accused of killing a 21-year-old woman he was in the casino with. he was the prime suspect in the unsolved 2005 presumed killing of american natalee holloway in aruba. nbc was in the courtroom and join us live from lima, peru. >> after a much-awaited day in court. he appeared in court, but he asked for more time to consider
11:35 am
the charges that weigh against him. this in a pe reefian courtroom where van der sloot admitted to killing the student he met in lima, but indicated he may fight the additional charges they are trying to impose upon him. if convicted would mean a lengthier time in prison. for his appearance, he looked healthy and strong and drew attention to himself by yawning and rolled his eyes with an attitude that some, including the victim's family described as arrogant. at one point the judge ordered him to sit up straight and tuck in his shirt and dress accordingly and act according to the court decor um. while prosecutors were presenting the case, he shook his head and acted like he did not agree with the charges. his attorney did tell us he has been advising van der sloot over and over to plea guilty. he should just -- that would mean a shorter sentence and listen to his advice now.
11:36 am
we will only learn this on wednesday when he appears in court once again. other legal experts learned if he pleads guilty and takes the charges as they are and doesn't prolong trial further, he could walk in as little as years. eight years. >> thank you. >> the new sex assault charges against cadets to whiches our look around the nation. three have been changed in separate cases that happened over the past 15 months. in two of those cases, cadets are accused of assaulting women who were intoxicated. the charges will be referred to a hearing officer who will review the evidence and decide whether they should be court-martialed. the u.s. navy rescued 13 iranians held hostage by pirates. 15 all believed to be from somalia are in custody. the carrier is part of a group
11:37 am
of ships iran warned never to return. a vital waterway where 1/6 of the world's oil passes through. a judge is listening to a plea from former presidential candidate john edwards to delay his federal trial. edwards is accused of using campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress in the 2008 white house run. his lawyers say his confidential medical condition will make it hard to attend the trial when it is scheduled to start january 30th. a new study is gruning the attention of a lot of folks in their 40s and has to do with mental function. a study just published suggests that memory and other brain functions start to wane as young as 45. that's much earlier, much,much earlier than many of us thought. researchers are trying to figure out what the results could mean. nbc news's robert bizell is
11:38 am
joinings and you this could be a big deal to a lot of folks. >> it's not a surprise for those of us north of 45. it may be a surprise to those of us who are younger or in that age range. you know that you start to lose proper names and things on a much more frequent time, much more often when you get older. it's a natural process of aging. that is not a surprise. the changes were greatest in people who were in their 40s and it went about 3.6% decline and in their late 60s about 7%. this was a study of 7,000. >> over years. >> this is real. >> extensive. >> you have to understand that this is an average of people. this doesn't mean that when you reach such an age, you will lose that much of your mental
11:39 am
function. some people among these thousands were losing a lot and others were probably not losing much at all. it has to do with our worries about the on set of dementia and science is starting to realize that dementia is say process that takes place over many decades and doesn't begin when somebody is in their 60s, 70s and 80s. >> studies are important because as we all live longer, there is going to be a great deal of attention paid to the way doctors treat cognitive issues like this. >> yes, but the thing is and this paper makes a point of this. the biggest realization about cognitive function is the saying that is what is good for your heart is good for your brain. the more that people stay in shape and exercise and watch their weight, the better brain function is. the take home message is that things do start to change in your 40s, but you can do something about it. stay in shape which is good for
11:40 am
a lot of your and not just your brain. >> bob bizell whose cognitive function has never been called into question. appreciate your time. coming up. seacrest out? we will have the "american idol" host who may not be returning after season 11. we have the scoop next. first up, there is a lot going on and here's a few of the things we thought you should know. there could be another kennedy running for the house of representatives. joe kennedy iii, the grandson of the late kennedy is considering running for congressman barney frank's seat in massachusetts. frank of course announced retirement last november after 16 terms in congress. herman cain is promoting his upcoming bus tour with his new website speaking on msnbc, cain answered the question when he might endorse.
11:41 am
>> i'm going to make an endorsement on thursday before the south carolina primary, but let me warn you it will be an unconventional endorsement. underscore the word unconventional. >> consider yourselves warned. white house press secretary jay carney joined millions by announcing his new year's resolution to lose more weight. he added spend more time with my kids and not end the sentence with a prep sigz in a press briefing. >> even the man who is a heartbeat away from the presidency gets to see a movie once in a while. a victim of vice president and dr. joe bidin seen in a movie theater last night. they went to see the girl with the dragon tattoo. haven't gotten a review yet. we'll pass it along if we do. a few things we thought you should know. and still smoke,e while it built up in my system.
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. coming up, newt gingrich dusts off the old playbook and sets his sights on the americans most in need. plus, is rick son tor um literally melting under the bright lights of increased scrutiny from college kids? how about releasing the tax returns already? aren't you prout of your self-made millions? >> after spenting two days campaigning where the primary is two weeks away, mitt romney returned to new hampshire and appears confident in his 20-point lead there. does the former governor have new hampshire in the bag as his new surrogate john mccain claims? nbc campaign reporter garrett hang talked to the chief strategist for this behind-the-scenes look leading up to tuesday's primary. >> frrt street, the old manchester storefront doesn't look like much. step inside and you find yourself in the story of a years long effort.
11:46 am
to win the new hampshire primary for mitt romney. >> this is a nerve center for activity where we stage our staff and volunteers. >> jim merle is the senior strategist who runs the show. >> the reaching out to voters and the likely primary voters and make the case that governor romney is the best choice. >> the romney campaign uses the same space and they were not the first. >> he is only the latest to use this for the campaign headquarters. according to owners, joe biden in 1988. >> the day nbc visits, christmas was on the horizon. the effort to identify voters and provide them with the tools they needed to convince their friends was well under way. in new hampshire, that means yard signs. >> we have the classics. >> lots of yard signs. >> new hampshire people want to have a sign on their lawn f. you don't have bumper sticker, you
11:47 am
will hear from the supporters. they want signs. it's part of the tradition in the state. >> the other tradition here, the coffee. staffers guzzle at all hours. >> the romney com pain runs on dunkin? >> yes, we do. >> anything to keep the energy level high. >> prince william's bride will celebrate her 30th birthday with a massive bash. kate, the duchess of cambridge will cell brit at a party planned for months by prince harry and her sister, pippa. all of this according to a magazine. dinner will be held at a secret place with an 80s theme cocktail and karaoke party afterward. the magazine reports that david and victoria beckham will attend and whatever is planned will be "low key." kate turns 30 on monday.
11:48 am
>> is ryan seacrest leaving "american idol"? the golden globes will be no holds barred. the trailer for the academy awards is out. "us weekly's" erica cuter is there. seacrest out? >> seacrest could be out. the parent company said he may be coming with too big of a price tag. he gets 15 million a year and they can get someone way cheaper and they are not scared to make the cut. >> worry the judges who left, seacrest is kind of one of the few folks left, one of the die-har die-hards. >> the fact that they left made the company more confident that the show can survive without seacrest. it has done about with jennifer and a ratings hit and they think they can move on without him. >> we should note our transition from this story to our accident one is accidentally. we don't want to lead folks to
11:49 am
believe this. let's talk about matt lauer's interview. >> he is being brought back for the golden globes to host it and here's what he told matt. >> you are free to do whatever you want no matter the consequences? >> and they don't know what i'm going to say. they don't know until i sea it. >> nothing good will come from this. >> i cannot wait to see what he is going to say. he doesn't understand what he did wrong. last year he talked about robert downey jr. and people partying and crazy. >> it seemed to be one of the things where it was awkward for the people in the room. for folks at home, can't turn away television. >> it was awkward and they were shocked they would bring him back. people will tune in to see what he says. >> just to seat train wreck. >> yes. >> from the goldens to the oscars and the trailers out. >> the trailer is out. it looks cool and it's going to
11:50 am
set tone for an amazing night. a lot of problems finding a host and the trailer lets you know that billy crystal is back and in effect. >> we come to you on behalf -- >> you could have just texted. >> you gotta love the guy. he hosted times and will do an amazing job. >> there other folks. >> josh did you >> we go from the golden globes to the oscars because in terms of the type of show, the oscars generally tend to be very -- >> more formal and people are drinking and hugging and getting up in between speeches and having a good time. >> arz demonstrated by the host
11:51 am
choices. >> exactly. >> have a great weekend. >> for the very latest entertainment news, all you have to do is go to or become a fan on facebook as well. coming up, the unemployment rate dropped to 8.5%, but is it enough to help president obama's chances of reelection. it's our gut check next. you can join the "news nation." we are on the book as well. facebook that is. facebook/"news nation." [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition.
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could've had a v8.
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join the "news nation" on twitter. time for the gut check. we told you about the december jobs report that shows the creation of 200,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate is at 8.5%, the lowest in almost three years. that is welcome news for
11:55 am
president obama as he eyes a second term in the white house. it's still likely that he will have the highest unemployment rate of any sitting president heading into election day e december marking the 35th consecutive mark where unemployment is above 8% in the country. what does your gut tell you? is the unemployment rate falling fast enough to help the president's reelection campaign? take a look at what the "news nation" is saying. the question was do you agree with the decision by oklahoma police not to charge a mother who shot and killed an intruder who broke into her home? an overwhelming number of you said yes. 98%, just 2% said no. that does it for this friday edition of "news nation." you can catch "news nation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here at msnbc. martin bashir is up next. have a great weekend.
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>> per good afternoon. it's friday, january sixth and here's what's happening. >> got to have faith. >> we're are starting to rebound. >> not in newt's world. >> president obama is the most effective food stamp president in american history. >> and -- >> the african-american community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps. >> newt is not the only culture warrior. >> anyone can marry anybody else. okay. anybody can marry anybody else. so anybody can marry several people. >> as god is his witness. >> we always need a jesus candidate, someone who believes in this. >> we begin with a feel good friday. another month of positive job numbers and economic recovery showing real trends in the right direction. in december, employers adding


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